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(966.96 KB 2400x1800 Coal_Pick.jpg)
Coal and Energy Thread Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 14:44:25 ID:bbcb24 No. 11074
Right now we don't have much of an energy bases for an emerging ethnostate in the US. How could we allocate coal for our movement? What other energy sources are feasable? Maybe bio energy could be involved? Please don't give me the solar meme.
safe nuclear or ethanol would need to be in the mix if no ample coal mines or oil was available. that would leave an energy trade advantage off the table. also permanent food independence is crucial for any isolationist regime as trade can be a difficulty.
The Whitest state has a fuck load of coal. There could be other benefits to having miles and miles of underground tunnels with the ability to create more. Between that and the hills it would be a nightmare to conquer.
We do have some skilled farmers albeit scattered. I need to learn how to farm definitely.
You mean Wyoming?
>no coal burning

there is literally nothing wrong with solar
>for an emerging ethnostate in the US
Which emerging ethnostate in the US?
Like in your brain. Do something. Form a community and get a different lifestyle.
Be like the Amish. They are independent and multiplying.
Some use generators, some are connected to the power grid.
How are you going to turn on the lights when it's dark?
And don't give me >batteries because they are inefficient as fuck for storage and they don't last forever either.
Thorium reactors
You do know how they make solar panels right? Lots of coal.

You need lots of infrastructure and development time for that.
Vague and pretentious advice. Why did you come to this thread just to shill against it?
Solar is shit in northern climates, I live in Florida and it's isn't ideal here neither because it's to far north. ideally solar works the best near the equator because strong uv rays and long daylight hours and with solar dependence a cloudy day ruin your day.
west virginia
fracing is one way but it requires shit tons of resources and expensive equipment already.
That destroys the land and water table everywhere it's done. We need to steer clear of dependence on natural resources like gas and oil. If our energy demand isn't at bread and circus level alcohol and regular vegetable oil can go really far. Alcohol can be made anywhere and veggie oil, and other oils like it, can be used in diesel engines.
No we just need to whatever it takes to form and empower an independent nation or you are just larping and should go live in the forest so you won't be a hypocrite. Excessive amounts of nonWhites and Jews promoting them (to use as slaves) is the problem and has always and will remain to be the main issue we are focusing on. Independent nationhood even if industrial is much better than globalization and what you are promoting is what Jews have been pushing on us to make us pussy out on exploiting our resources to make a nation for ourselves.
West Virginia is interesting, especially sitting next to DC it could allow us to employ aggressive tactics.
It would be better to just take or destroy existing infrastructure for fracking.
When did I say we shouldn't do anything necessary to form an independent nation, or promote using niggers lol? Yes this theoretical nation would probably still use these forms of power, at least to start, but it would be hard to aquire these things without a globohomo hook up which we would lack. I suggested quick and easy forms of power for essentials that don't require dependence of trade or a focus on industry to utilize. Now if we are talking long after establishing this nation and using industrial effort for power I agree with thorium anon. I just don't think we would have this massive demand for power like we do in a white society. So anon what is your suggestion then for powering a nation?
You are outright lying. You declared that we should actively steer away from natural resources and now you pretend like you were just making a suggestion. I already mentioned the use of bio fuel as an included option, not taking the exclusive attitude that you did. Get your mind away from the (((environmentalist))) propaganda and stop shilling especially in threads about nationalism and energy resources because that means your literally just biased to detract from the conversation.
I declared to steer away from natural resources because I don't think they will be plentiful enough to power an isolated nation, which undoubtedly would happen if an ethnostate was established. I never said to not use them at all.
I'm not influenced in this opinion by propaganda. I believe that alcohol and reproducible oils are far more realistic and less destructive than fracking which is a terrible idea on a massive scale. Generators, cars, and small power stations for small towns would easily be powered by these. To change whatever engine, generator, car to use alcohol or vegetable oil would be easier or no more difficult than making them use natural gas.
Now if we look at your contribution to the discussion nearly all you have done is attack people's ideas. That and suggesting fracking, which is probably the worst idea in the thread. So tell me who is biased to detract from the conversion? The guy just attacking people and not defending his one liner suggestion? Oh no, it is the guy who actually has an opinion to discuss. Go back to cuck you shit poster.
Lel just realized you are op.
Ok so seriously diesel engines can readily run on vegetable oil, and the man that made diesel engines actually more or less intended for fuel like that to be used in those engines.
Alcohol is easily made and could be a viable source of power. Will these two alone power a whole nation? Perhaps not, but if we don't have to power billboards and huge nigger cities it will be close for 90% of situations unless I'm overlooking something. For industrial manufacturing needs, which we will need that, is the big question for me. I'm not sure what it would take to fit that bill since power not derived from globohomo hasn't really been tried for that purpose, it is possible that big diesel generators would be enough until thorium it's figured out. It is also possible that other resources would have to be acquired.
I will give you that since you rightfully discredited solar energy. Now tell me seriously what do you think is so unrealistic about my suggestions?
Forgot to mention the bio fuel you suggested. Tell me your opinion on that. From my understanding it is basically an alternative diesel, using crops as the source mostly. So I am curious what you think the huge difference is between something like vegetable oil and bio fuel?
>to shill against it
How did you reach that conclusion?
That solar doesn't make you very independent is simply true.
And to claim soil you require a community which claims it with you.
It's like with white flight but the opposite. Form a nigger free community with like-minded people and don't let any niggers in.
>using crops as the source mostly
Crops you could have fed animals with or eaten depending on what exactly you're talking about.
E10 also only contains 10% and makes old engines puke. Rest is just usual gasoline.
Have I already mentioned that it's used up faster, so you need MORE?
What I'm saying is that it's completely pointless. If you put those facts together you realise that the ethanol is actually totally pointless and it's just a scam.
>If our energy demand isn't at bread and circus level alcohol and regular vegetable oil can go really far.
If that is the case for you, you can use a carriage, like the Amish (most independent, high birthrate, white group in the USA) do.
It's probably a lot cheaper than alcohol and vegetable oil too.
I'm referring to using some crops for making fuel like vegetable oil. Some can be relatively high yield for the purpose. Also as I said earlier diesel engines can run on vegetable oil with 0 modification, if one was to filter used oils there is a massive supply already available.

It would be the case for a newly established ethnostate. For myself I would gladly voulenter massive unnecessary energy consumption for this purpose. What exactly do you think is going to use so much power that diesel engines and alcohol can't power it? Also I am still waiting for a better suggestion.

It's not about what is cheaper, this is about viable sources of energy to power a new nation. Your main point seems to be about transportation, do you think most people are going to be traveling a lot when there would be a nation to build?
Maybe you forget that horses also eat, and that alcohol is super cheap and easy to make.
This thread is both unintentionally funny and sad.
They aren't even trying, why do mods allow for shills like this? Hide and ignore since mods allow them to fill up posts with just empty negative shilling.
"not about what's cheaper" it's about what is most efficient. Transportation and manufacturing are part of nation building. Yes I think people would be traveling a lot to attack or supply resources.

-I have nothing against bio fuel-

-for its availability but fossil fuels are too efficient to ignore and even with a thorium reactor down the line it is still good to be able to secure fossil fuels just in case the reactor is sabotaged. We must think in terms of availability, independence, security, and overall efficiency. Also, the Amish are not a nation they are a commune.
Ok I will try one more time to explain this one point after addressing your response.
You pick the most insignificant point of that whole post to argue against. On the topic of efficiency who knows how efficient alternatives can be? So are you trying to tell me that diesel engines are inefficient? That diesel engines fueled by oils used for transportation would be inefficient when they require 0 modification to run on it?
Yes both transportation and manufacturing are part of nation building, both of which I have addressed. As far as people traveling I disagree, longer distance travel would be mostly military and few people needed to travel for their job. Again transportation is perhaps the easiest of our energy question to answer.
I'm not going through the effort to respond to you with exact numbers of power requirements for manufacturing things necessary to this theoretical nation which is still undefined.
I have also stated why I don't think fossil fuels will be available, independent, secure, and efficient. In a nation that international jewry will hate you believe we will still have the capacity for nearly utter reliance on fossil fuels as it appears you are supporting. Yes we are a large oil producer but it takes much processing to produce gasoline. Therefore it is not efficient, especially when compared to something like veggie oil that is going to be made any way.
On the topic of security, it is just as easy to sabotage gasoline production as anything else. And independence, what is independent about gasoline? Are we also going to produce all the chemicals to process raw material into gasoline? What is more independent than two products any man can make compared to gasoline, and natural gas that you have already admitted would be difficult.
Again I have also said fossil fuels aren't "banned" from use, I simply don't think relying on them entirely is a good idea, also that their availability would almost certainly be less than you are imagining. These are viable alternatives is the main point I've tried to make, which in itself has not been discussed.
(308.66 KB 1920x1200 54tyregh.jpg)
(101.84 KB 1280x720 Idaho_Brotherhood_of_Steel.jpg)
(173.41 KB 1200x675 546ydryh54.jpg)
(1.38 MB 1900x1425 45y4h.png)
>I declared to steer away from natural resources
Question what do you understand under "natural resources"?
> use alcohol or vegetable oil
>Alcohol is easily made and could
Anon this is not how energy works.
These things are not energy sources if you wanted you can extract the CO2 from the atmosphere and turn it into oil for your car, only you lose energy doing it.

Why is fracking bad?
You need to destroyed habitats to make farmlands and this is what humans did for centuries this is how all the forests vanished and where replaced with farmlands. Because humans need food YO!

Want answers?
Nuclear and all the carbohydrates we use coal, oil, gas (frack baby frack) and hydro.

Anyone who is going for the environmentalists memes is stupid we are not playing to save the Peruvian butterfly's this is hard core for survival if Peruvian butterfly's go extinct so be it and no fuck was given that day.

Seriously most of you are jokers who don't have the balls to do what is needed because environmentalism got you and you are more interested in saving Peruvian butterfly's then yourself.

We are playing hard ball here and exterminating 99% of all life by accident or war or necessity is an outcome that is perfectly reasonable. We are taking a future where the surface of the planet is slagged with radiation and all humans live in underground vaults fallout style and can only travel the surface in environmental suits.

This is an normal outcome if you don't agree with it you can walk away now since you are not interested in your own survival or the survival of your people.

You survived and the planet is slagged forever with radiation or you die and the penguins or whatever gets to live.

Your choice.
Torfags I swear. I don't even think you speak English, but I will try to understand this post.
Natural resources being fossil fuels and natural gas. Now what I understand under them, not sure what you are asking.
Alcohol is not an energy source? You are aware that methanol and ethanol is alcohol and being used to run gasoline engines this very moment? It would not be very difficult to use alcohol as fuel. Try again retard.
Now making oil from c02 never heard of that. I'm not complaining about c02 anyways. Earlier days on earth in fact had a much higher concentration of c02.
Fracking is stupid because it poisons the water table, even you need to drink water to live. The process of fracking is smash under ground rocks to release gas so it can be captured. Smash rock, send gas upwards to be collected, none of it will be wasted or turn into liquid and get in the water, never goy. You faggots are the ones pushing the globohomo agenda.
"Nuclear and all the carbohydrates we use coal, oil, gas, and hydro," wtf am I reading? Reword this to make sense to whites and I will address it.
As for my suggestions being environmentalist memes you are brain dead nigger. So Rudolph Diesel was an (((environmentalist))) in 1893 right? Alcohol engines have been around for a long time. I'm not taxing cow farts, c02, or any of this other non sense, nor have I even mentioned doing this for saving a butterfly.
And again, I'm not against doing whatever it takes, I'm all for it. There's nothing I want more than our own nation free of jewry. You in fact are the one that will hold it back unable to see options spoon fed to you, and attributing motive to an idea. Yet you come here posting your video game fantasy telling me what is what. Go back to cuck chan you fucking moron. You wouldn't even know what is good for your people you shit poster.
Not replying to any more jidf, if someone has a real point I will reply. I've put this idea here well enough that non retards can understand it.
Germany here!
We could use jews as "Energy".
Heat the ovens!
Lel anon, my sides. I mean there will be a hearty source in Minecraft.
(54.47 KB 600x600 1401475157574.jpg)
(43.21 KB 200x245 1432706594577.jpg)
(620.07 KB 1031x1106 1450189983539-3.jpg)
(118.08 KB 1024x684 rodin coil.jpg)
Lets open the discussion a little wider, not merely limited to kosher interpretations of alternative energy.

Scalar physics is the new paradigm, here is a research center with several very insightful very engineer oriented papers by folk who've spent decades in the field.

I recommend starting with Thomas Minderle's papers and then Tom Bearden's. Also the montalk site is a gold mine, and not just for physics but metaphysics too. There is also 2 science sections, one is research notes, and the other is here

Furthermore and now getting into (electro-)gravitics in more earnestly

"How I Control Gravitation" by T.T. Brown -- Science & Invention (August 1929)

There is also a lot of great material on many other over unity technologies, however when the site got converted a lot of content got lost or otherwise made difficult to find -- for this reason I recommend the way back machine/internet archive to access the pages, here are a few


Moreover if you wish to dive further into gravity/inertial propulsion/power transmutation-extraction, this is a good book:

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology by Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D.

And even without getting too exotic you have just geometric based applications of
Viktor Schauberger is known affectionately by the title water wizard, originally a naturalist and forest warden, discovered many secrets of water and designed many many revolutionary things, pioneering the application of the vortex by simply observing nature and applying what would now be called bio-mimicry, to create super efficient flumes capable of floating not only logs thought to be too big but metalic ores too, insight into perpetual motion and the process/geometries nature uses to sustain and renew itself, spiral ploughs that appropriately charge (and not discharge) soil when tilling for maximum culturing of the micro life within, a great number of other unique things centering around the peculiar properties of water at it's critical point of 4C such as super efficient pipes and other restructured water applications.

Here's some more misc links for those who wish to dig more.

(32.78 KB 195x193 standing1.gif)
(23.63 KB 480x360 toroid skin.jpg)
(52.29 KB 480x600 1439001176935-0.png)
(647.45 KB 853x1024 tesla-quote-853x1024.png)
(83.00 KB 720x565 1387403753137.jpg)
(3.31 MB 5800x4180 1570049899037[1].jpg)
(447.89 KB 1784x1119 1570052038373[1].jpg)
(765.98 KB 2048x1365 1570054441030[1].jpg)
(3.54 MB 480x270 1536893913090[1].gif)
(69.48 KB 600x448 Mindset.jpg)
(236.23 KB 1078x516 nikolatesla.jpg)
(990.22 KB 3750x5190 tesla sepia.jpg)
(940.08 KB 627x502 1568356082032.gif)
here ya go fren, the gif for that img
True, but one can refine used vegetable oil from restaurants which helps out with the town/city sewage system, the enviroment, and helps generate jobs/work for collecting, refining and disturbuting the recycled veg oil.
(139.15 KB 306x391 based uberman.png)
the emerging ethnostate being the one that one of us anons create... this board unironically has some of the smarter individuals from across the chans, and its likely that one of us may be the instigator to start the ethnostate, whether it be attacking the energy grid or by causing a race riot , either way, all we need is one "bad" day to find a good chance to snowball
(78.95 KB 401x257 morlockboogaloo.png)
>tfw launching a punitive expedition into DC by tunnel
I guess you could use the Fischer Tropsch process to create hydrocarbons using biomass if you have close to 0 natural ressources.
No idea about the cost of it though.
(2.46 MB 938x4167 1383428297582.png)
(133.18 KB 944x687 1383428357431.gif)

>literally cheap as dirt
>clean energy, no pollution whatsoever, unlike coal or petroleum
>radioactive waste is safe after a couple of centuries, not dangerous for 10,000 years like a conventional nuclear plant
>safe, process stops the second you quit feeding the reaction, so no radiation can be released into the environment in the event of a disaster or attack
>can be used to burn up conventional nuclear waste and turn it into safer material
>more efficient than fossil fuels, solar, wind, hydroelectric, etc.
>coal miners don't have to lose their jobs, they switch to mining thorium, which is safer because there's no risk of a coal dust explosion, poison gas, explosive gas, miner's lung, etc.
>because it doesn't need the massive radiation shielding and cooling of a conventional nuclear power plant, thorium reactors can theoretically be shrunk down to fit inside aircraft or cars
>imagine a car you only have to refuel once every couple decades and if the power grid goes down, you can run your entire house off the reactor in your car
>aircraft with theoretically unlimited range because they never have to refuel
>use thorium reactors to make NERVA engines, giving spacecraft propulsion systems several times more efficient than a chemical rocket of the same size and weight, while also providing electricity for the spacecraft

Thorium is the future of the white ethnostate. It's even named after Thor, a white god!
Based post. This was a pleasure to read.
Yes! Do you have more thorium to share with the thread anon? I know you do.
How could you have a reactor in your car, wouldn't that let off loads of radiation/heat? You need tons of infrastructure (so you have to ignore the current Jew situation) to set up a thorium plant and most nuclear plants aren't efficient with thorium being theoretical like the rest.
Is the current address now.

>how could you have a reactor in your car

Did you ignore the part where thorium reactors don't require the radiation shielding and cooling systems of a conventional nuclear reactor?

And we've built conventional nuke plants small enough to go into aircraft and spacecraft before:



Difference being, a thorium reactor doesn't need all the heavy, bulky radiation shielding that was a problem for the nuclear aircraft project, nor does it require the extensive cooling systems.

>you need tons of infrastructure to set up a thorium plant

It already exists in the form of conventional nuclear power plants, except the reactor is smaller, less expensive, and uses safer, less expensive fuel.

We had the option of building thorium power plants in the 1950's, but went with uranium power plants because we could use them to produce weapons-grade uranium and plutonium for nuclear weapons:

Also check out the info pic in >>13058
Thorium reactors have already been made, used, and operated for years.
(561.66 KB 1357x1228 1.jpg)
>Torfags I swear.
I use tor because it protects my privacy, object to it? Next time post here with your real life name and SSN.

>Alcohol is not an energy source?
Yes its not an energy source.
Energy is the most misunderstood concept out there.

I will cut to the point.
Alcohol can be generate far more complicated then hydrogen so I explain it on the basis of hydrogen because hydrogen is far simpler to understand.

All you need to generate hydrogen is water and run electricity in it for electrolysis with the right metals on the ends (so they don't corrode).

So here you have a process for making hydrogen after you burn hydrogen it turns to water who can be used over and over and over.

You know what the problem here is? Hydrogen is not an energy source.
Hydrogen is energy only its not an source.

You can buy one of these small hydrogen generators and run them if you don't get it.

Sure the thing will generate hydrogen. only you need to run electricity in the weir to get hydrogen.
Question? How do you get this electricity?
Go on.
Answer this.

The answer is form the electrical grid.
Now where does the electrical grid get its electricity from?
Go on.
Answer this.

In most cases its coal power plants, oil or gas. With nuclear and Hydro (dams and moving water) in the mix.

These are your energy sources.

Same for your alcohol idea. Where is the energy for this alcohol coming from? If you use some chemical combo of electrolysis and other processes its identical to hydrogen you are using coal, oil, gas + nuclear and moving water to get the energy for this.

If you still don't get it simply buy yourself a small generator of your alcohol and try to run it. Or buy a hydrogen generator to understand this.

Resources about electrolysis:
[literally any basic chemistry book]

>Now making oil from c02 never heard of that
Yes you can you can even make plastics form the CO2 from the atmosphere. A simply google search of "extracting CO2 from the atmosphere" will point you in similar topics, simply ignore the environmentalist propaganda in them. Or ask any chemist.

>Fracking is stupid because it poisons the water table, even you need to drink water to live
This still makes no sense whatsoever. And? Yes and????
So don't live in that area. if one place can be sacrificed to power one nation simply get the people out there and do frack. Here you are afraid of some trivial consequences for some small region.
Ever header of the expression can't make an omelette without breaking eggs?

> I'm not complaining about c02
Ok good.
> Earlier days on earth in fact had a much higher concentration of c02.
I know same here.
>I'm not taxing cow farts

>never goy. You faggots are the ones pushing the globohomo agenda.
Now you have gone totally insane.
>wtf am I reading?
What part of it don't you not understand?
Maybe should have written
Fossil fuels?
Fossil fuels is more correct.

>Yet you come here posting your video game fantasy
It illustrates an concept.

>Go back to cuck chan
>Yet you come here posting your video game fantasy

Serious question why do you write
Its CO2 This is an O like in oxygen not an 0 ZERO.
The C is also capitalized every time see:

The problem with this like with the rest is that these are not energy sources these are energy mediums if alcohol was an energy source and was capable to be generated with a energy RIO(return of investment) bigger then zero it would be a perpetual motion(more correctly named overunity) machine.

Not that I'm against it its that it was never demonstrated.
You be cool and try to build your machines however I liek to stay in the real not in the speculative.

Ah I was also into overunity/perpetual motion in my youth. Great hobby I recommend everyone tries it.
Not the fagot reading up shit on the internet, the actually trying to build it on your own also from your own ideas.

Only building a overunity machine never works we talk if you build yours.
in the mean time lets talk about thing we know will work.

Here is some gallery of overunity devices that did not work feel free to be inspired by them or copy and try to prove overunity is real.
In my youth I was convinced I stumbled upon overunity and wanted to build it, then I tried to find any way to do it. And wanted to disprove this website in the end I needed to eat humble pie.

Like I did say its a great hobby and who knows maybe you will be the one to discover overunity in your garage.

>This museum is a celebration of fascinating devices that don't work. It houses diverse examples of the perverse genius of inventors who refused to let their thinking be intimidated by the laws of nature, remaining optimistic in the face of repeated failures. Watch and be amazed as we bring to life eccentric and even intricate perpetual motion machines that have remained steadfastly unmoving since their inception. Marvel at the ingenuity of the human mind, as it reinvents the square wheel in all of its possible variations.
Why not uranium? Basically the same thing only the propagandists love to ignore the same problems thorium has and ignore that all the same benefits are in uranium reactors.

Experimental fuel.
I don't bank on it I bank on uranium who is proven.
>coal miners don't have to lose their jobs, they switch to mining thorium, which is safer because there's no risk of a coal dust explosion, poison gas, explosive gas, miner's lung, etc.
Only ALL radioactive materials like uranium and thorium are RADIO ACTIVE meaning they emit radiation who will fuck you up for life and give you cancer if not mined specifically.
Sorry I take my coal mining and trivial problems like
>miner's lung
See what I mean under thorium shilling?

>use thorium reactors to make NERVA engines
How about no.
Because despite how much I like nuclear I don't want it in cars or planes who can crash and then everyone needs to clean the radioactive dust and splinters that will be all over the place.

Nuclear belongs in reactors who are in safe places.
Use energy accumulators in all vehicles who get their energy from nuclear plants.
I don't necessarily object to using tor, but historically you guys are awful posters. This thread proves it yet again.
>No, alcohol is not an energy source.
Yes it is, perhaps the easiest form of energy to understand is heat, and alcohol plus spark equals fire, the most primitive and easily understood form of energy release. If you could burn hydrogen great, there you have energy but your referenced generator is no longer a source for energy as it would consume the hydrogen. That is interesting however.
>put electricity in hydrogen to make your referenced generator actually work, answer this.
Sure, the power comes from as you said, the electrical grid in your case powered by current products. What if you weren't connected to the power grid! Oh holy shit never thought of that before! Now how can that be possible? Maybe your own personal generator as people in primitive living conditions are still doing today if they need use of electricity. Now maybe said electricity generator is running on alcohol or veggie diesel, damn my ideas are powering yours.
>repeating where is your alcohol energy?
In the alcohol, all you have to do is ignite it. Again fire, heat, the most basic energy release ever. Humans have spent years igniting fuels and that requires no power grid.
>poison your own new ethnostate and make the water useless to drink
Yes if needed it is an option, but reliance on poisoning our resources is stupid if not absolutely necessary, which I don't think it is, and have explained in previous posts along with most of this. You still have not refuted this point.
> >never goy. You faggots are the ones pushing the globohomo agenda.
>Now you have gone totally insane.
Nice straw man ad hom in so few words. My statement is still true globo nigger.
>it's not c02
Don't really care, you get my point. Used to using numpad and it is just easier and faster. Also hilarious coming from a guy that is so bad at English as there is perhaps dozens of mistakes I could bring attention to.
>Alcohol still not energy
First organize your "rebuttals" better so I don't have to cover this same point so many times. Semantics man, we are talking about making electricity for a nation and you are going to argue semantics. I'm going to use the same terminology just to rustle you. I'm not referring to zero roi or perpetual motion, I'm talking solutions. Point is you don't need industrial harvesting of alcohol, even an idiot like you can build a still and make alcohol, even from plant trash if you have no intention of drinking it. Some plant material, some yeast, some sugar, some pipes and hoppers arranged so, there's alcohol. Sounds like a lot less effort than fracking, and it doesn't poison water.
>on perpetual motion
As a youth a friend and I built a bike with a small electric motor and wheels with basically electromagnets around the wheels, with tubes that allowed the magnets to move inside. This bike worked great, after just a small amount of pedaling you were propelled by the electromagnets powering the electric motor. Not exactly as you mentioned because we imagined something that WE could make real.
Is that real enough for you? Have you built anything that did what it is supposed to?

Did you even read his post, or the info pics? Uranium is not the same at all. What problems compared to uranium does thorium have?
>Thorium isn't tried and true
Yes it is, they operated thorium reactors for years if you read anons post.
>Thorium still radioactive and fuck miners
Thorium is not radio active like uranium, you see the pic of the guy holding some in his bare hand? Don't think he'd do that if it was uranium. Once thorium reaction is stopped, it is stopped, no more anything being produced. So you don't give two shits about your fellow whites? You would rather mine coal than use thorium which has, in this very thread, shown as a very viable power source and put your fellow man needlessly in more danger just to use coal? Damn talking about some shilling...
(24.42 KB 474x697 air.jpg)
(31.56 KB 474x316 big hydro.jpg)
>that requires no power grid.
The fact that your phone can continue functioning on its accumulator even when disconnected does not mean it will run forever. The energy reserves in it will run out and it will shut down and need refilling. Same for oil or alcohol the tank will get smaller or smaller until its empty.

> Maybe your own personal generator
If you have some mini hydro water dynamo the source for this is not alcohol its moving water from the stream.
Only mini hydro is inefficient compared to big hydro.

>Yes it is
No it is not. If you disagree use it even in toy form (like the mini devices you can buy for hydrogen ) to power a light bulb. And after doing it you quickly realize that you need to feed the entire thing energy from somewhere (most likely a wall plug that gives you DC).

You know forget hydrogen I explain energy simpler to you.
Think of compressed air.


You can make cars run on it. Only here is the thing its not an energy source its an energy medium. Even if you do experiments in toy form (you can use balloons that move things) you realize you need to blow air into the thing converting energy from your body into energy in the form of compressed air.

I recommend working the pump by hand to really feel that compressed air is not an energy source.

This is the difference between an energy source and an energy medium. All chemical and physical reactions are reversible. The only requirement is energy. And all energy transfers lose energy making overunity impossible.

I think I can be jumping ahead however the same way you can work a pump to use compressed air energy for energy storage you can reverse the chemical reactions and extract CO2 to get oil out of the air back.
Remember this was an thing (you asked for sources some time back).

Only you have lots of steps of chemistry to generate this oil from CO2 in the air (not as easy to understand like compressed air cars).
I hope this will raise your opinion of me and tor posters in the future.

> energy to understand is heat, and alcohol plus spark equals fire
I stop you right there energy is extremely difficult to understand especially that there is lots of misinformation and out right nonsense like this out there. They literally need to add extra steps with entropy to explain reality.

Here is the unofficial explanation of energy, violates every physics textbook, however cuts up bullshit about entropy and similar nonsense and models everything simpler.
1) Energy is not real its its not a thing or particle that exists it is a fictional measure we give to different configurations of atoms.
2) For example water in a glass that is lifted to a top shelf by you will have more energy in it (you can run a water wheel of it) (seriously get some small supplies and do this in the bath tub). The water wheel can power a dynamo and charge an electric accumulator for your phone for example.

Different states of matter can change other states of matter into energetic forms.

You can do the water ->electrical conversion and do the same thing like by using a pump to move water to the container to use this once more.

I don't know if I should be saying this (it can confuse you more) this is exactly how gigantic water accumulators work in real life, dams who let out lots of water during the day are refill during the night by pumping water back up to them because most energy is used during the day. The energy source of this most often is nuclear who runs 24/7 and in the night or even fossil fuel power plants. End of fun fact.

Only if you did this over and over and over you end up with no energy.
Lets say at the first pumping your electrical accumulator manages to drain itself dry and lifts 100ml of water. After you charge it by letting the water down it can lift only 90ml of water, then 80ml of water and as you repeat this you end up with no energy A.K.A no possibility to lift water up.

All textbooks will say something about spreading energy around or entropy the truth is that energy is destroyed. You destroy energy by using it up. Your phones accumulator will drop to zero and the phone stops working you drive around and the diesel in your car vanishes and is used up.

3) Energy comes from energy sources and most often the time its us digging fossil fuels out of the ground and burning them.

Like with the water example we can embody this energy in different forms only every conversion will lose energy.

4) I love for overunity to be real however until you demonstrate it its a pie in the sky goal and lets not get blinded by wishful thinking. I stay with traditional proven energy sources like fossil fuels, nuclear(uranium thorium is mostly experimental now) and big hydro.

>in primitive living conditions
Go for it run this setup. You can buy this equipment today even in small form.

>poison your
this is simply silly reasoning the same can be told for mining metals even in ancient times. Yes 0.001% of the country will be bad only it will not affect the rest of the country, don't live there.

>even from plant trash
That's biomass as an energy source!
Yes biomass works.
Only its literally prehistoric energy. Yes you burning wood will warm you only you need space to have these trees grow. So get ready for medieval numbers of people living in your future country or something like 100s of planets dedicated to growing trees.
Or in your case planets dedicated to growing only some crop you want to ferment and also don't forget to get a planet to store all your fermenting tanks on since this will take time.

That's this problem.
And the energy from biomass is pathetic. You can sure warm yourself like a caveman however you will not get advanced machines from it.
You will not have plains or cars or computers or the internet. Making you a potential target from a military perspective.

And all because you are obsessed with protecting some 1 river in some 1 place.

The reason the industrial revolution happened and we have the technology we have today is because people realized that coal can be utilized to build machines who help extract more coal, oil basically extract itself with the right machines. And this next level technology allowed for building of factories and precision tools who then did have a advancement and we get into the technological advancement and computers advancing and here we are today.

>some sugar,
Did you just say sugar? And where do you get this sugar? If you answered from the store in bags congratulation you are on the same level like someone who shills electric flash lights and just says he get more batteries from the store,
<what are you talking about flashlights are a source of energy and can power nations
<What if they run out I simply buy more batteries from the store

Here is the thing the modern practice of farming sugar is only possible by the the mechanized farming vehicles who run on oil. Get a way to make this sugar without relying on the oil based vehicle farming infrastructure then we talk.
Not to mention that the US simply subsidizes sugar distorting its price down.

Sugar is something that is only plentiful in an advanced industrial society.

>electromagnets powering the electric motor.
Go for it make it into a generator to at least power 1 light bulb in your house harness the benefits from this technology and lower your electric bill.
Don't tell the oil corporation or whoever is suppressing overunity in your opinion and live on these benefits. Don't tell anyone about your invention and simply secretly plug your electrical stuff to this generator like lamps or electric heaters in the winter.
Live like this man. Only overunity never works because not one of you can do this and you will realize this on your own.
(10.20 KB 474x379 radiation.jpg)
(115.74 KB 958x1300 gear.jpg)
(126.04 KB 298x240 gif.gif)
>Thorium is not radio active like uranium
Yes it is RADs are RADs are RADs!
All radioactive materials emit the same radiation. I expect anyone who has even the slightest encounter with popular culture to know about Marie Curie


Polonium also emits radiation and its the same for Radium and all other radioactive materials like Thorium and Uranium.
>the pic of the guy holding some in his bare hand?
people are stupid it took lots of deaths from radiation before scientists realized that this radiation thing kills.

Also it all about concentration or purity of the material the more pure and concentrated(stone with 1% uranium is not so radioactive as stone with 99% uranium) it is the more deadly and more RADs. Also there are things like time where exposure over time creates cancer and stupid ideas like placing slightly radioactive materials in pens to make the ink flow better.

Reminds me of the example here:

>The women in each facility had been told the paint was harmless, and subsequently ingested deadly amounts of radium after being instructed to "point" their brushes on their lips in order to give them a fine point; some also painted their fingernails, face and teeth with the glowing substance. The women were instructed to point their brushes because using rags, or a water rinse, caused them to waste too much time and waste too much of the material made from powdered radium, gum arabic and water.

I'm pro nuclear only I don't hide its dangers and want it covered behind 10 foot walls in controlled plants and not in cars or airplanes.

Your naive optimism will be your downfall, even if you establish the etnostate you will poison everyone with radiation. And increase the possibility to be discarded as
<Alt-right? Are these not the idiots who poisoned us with radiation form thorium?

And all because you where to environmentalists to simply fuck over some river with fracking. This is the essence of environmentalism cry over some stupid river while spread radioactive thorium all over the place. You know what? Protecting ourselves from smog is far simpler then from radiation. We simply get gas masks or air tanks and the problem is solved. Radiation non the other hand is a real bitch. And you want thorium reactors in planes and cars.

Hope you enjoy your master race when the radiation twists the genetic code of all whites to some fucked up mutants.
Holy fuck you tor fags are retarded.
No shit a rad is a rad moron, never said thorium doesn't make rads.
>jewpedia and jewtube, look at my sources for an uncontested point goy!
>guy in pic is stupid for holding thorium
Sure, took a while to learn that radiation kills you. Does that pic look like it was taken in the 60's? Pretty sure that guy knows about radiation yet he still does it. Wonder why? Probably because it is basically inert in that form.
>pro nuclear
You didn't even read anons post about thorium kike. All of these points are answered in that info graphic spoon fed. Would have literally taken you like 3 minutes but you can't even do that, want to know how I know you are a kike? I'm not "hiding" the dangers, fuck off with your straw man. If you read anons post you would understand. That being said thorium is 1000x less dangerous than uranium, so much so that some people are thinking about putting them in cars. Now I never advocated for that and probably never will, but it is unquestionable that thorium is a better alternative to uranium.
>hurr durr you optimist environmentalist, poisoning people with rads
Holy fuck the contradictions, you want to frack and poison water, but thorium is worse than uranium and will poison people? Again not worried about smog you retard, if you are worried about it China and India are the places to look.
>And all because you where to environmentalists to simply fuck over some river with fracking
First it's were, and perhaps are is a better word since this hasn't been done yet, but you represent yourself man.
And I repeat, yet another time... WE CAN FRACK IF WE HAVE TO. Shut the fuck up with your constant droning about fracking. I have stated my rebuttal, which still has not been countered. This is not about environmentalism, stated yet again you brain dead nonerudite. These are simply my thoughts on this topic, which I have stated my points and countered all your idiots' shill posts. I would like to actually discuss these points but you guys would rather attribute motive, commit endless logical fallacies, and name call than actually discuss anything.
I will enjoy the ethnostate and making sure retards like you are removed from circulation. It will be great actually applying solutions to these challenges instead of shilling jew shit on basket weaving forums.
I'm not replying to any more tor fags if your post has the word environmentalism or any derivatives of the word. Also not replying unless you make a compelling point that has not already been covered several times.
663 can you make it so we can filter tor users? This worked great on inf.
Fraking/oil are DEAD.

Didnt read half this shit, but spent many years working in various industries. In an ideal world I would love renewables (I was a major environmental guy) but solar uses way too many bad chemicals, and wind towers fuck up bird populations and evidence they mess with your brain. There are better designs, but are (((bought))) and never see the light of day.

I hate the idea of coal, but it might be necessary.

Nuclear is VERY, VERY good. Clean/safe/powerful. But suffers from NIMBY syndrome and USA hasnt builta new nuke plant since like the 70s or something crazy like that.

Anyway so always think carefully. The 'eco' solutions are impractical, oil is soon dead, and nuclear no one wants.
Missed some posts
>power grid
Out of context, I stated for igniting fuels, things like spark plugs. Yes your gas tank will need more alcohol or whatever fuel, but your spark plugs are powered from an alternator once the engine is running.
>personal generators
I was referring to generators that produce electricity from fuel.
>still not fuel
I stated that this is semantics. I'm not debating what is energy or not. I'm talking about making electricity that seems to be the largest concern of the thread. I have also said don't think this nation will use near as much power as we do now. You can run a car burning damn wood, not that we should because I know someone will take this out of context.
>explaining energy
I do understand the point you are making and the content you explain, for simplicity sake let us just use "laymans" terminology. This thread is not a scientific study of energy, but powering a nation.
>more energy semantics
Again, for the sake of conversation I refer to something that can generate electricity or move something like a car as energy for the purposes of this thread. Yes, fire is the release of energy technically, from your said mediums, but in proper context I do not believe my statement to be "nonsense."
Never claimed I have the answer.

I mean I have a generator, does that count lol? I'm not even living primitive for it to be useful.
Only it is more than .001%. This is more speculative but how big of a nation do you think this will be? Too big would be indefensible with jews on our tail. Again, it is an option, I do not think it will be necessary, and it is also more difficult than these other options. Still not a decent point against this, or even a different point. Repeating this same point repeatedly will not make it fact.
>bio mass
Sounds great, making alcohol from otherwise trash or compost sounds great, why I brought it up. 100s of planets to produce sources to make alcohol from, uhhhh come back to reality. As I have stated already, alcohol is more of a local solution, say per household. Anyone can make it, and it can be used in lieu of say, a power grid. Not even going to unpack all of that because it is so out of touch with reality.
>military target because no billboards and internet
This nation will be a military target no matter what, and we are venturing on speculation again.
>No "planes" (fixed), cars, computers, or internet
Not long ago computers and internet weren't an every man's thing. Not long ago they didn't exist, internet and computers anyways. In this speculative scenario, with my ideas alone all these things can exist easily. So you are concerned that no internet would make this a military target? Bull shit, if anything I raise you. I propose using internet in this scenario would be more of a liability than anything. Using it for anything sensitive anyway. Go ahead state your objections to this and I will refute.
>blah blah environmentalism blah durr
Fuck you, refer to any of my posts on this point kikebergstein.
>industrial revolution
Yep, and now we have the technology to do those things BETTER. We sacrifice nothing but shitty old infrastructure and everything to gain. I don't want to fuck with uranium waste, do you?
"Here we are today", you saying you want to be under the thumb of jews? Manipulating you through any means available? Quite the sell there moshie. I raise you again, I purpose that technological development is what is fucking us. Are you satisfied with this life? Our ancestors not long ago liked their life pretty well, at least they weren't the blackpilled pussies we have today.
I'm really trying to be easy on you. From a fucking bag nigger? You assume so much shit in general, and about me and my ideas personally I wonder if it is genuine. Blinded by kikes I hope. Anyways it's a plant dip shit, sugar cane can be grown, besides there's other sources of sugar. Nothing like electric flash lights and batteries kike. I also like the long rant about said straw man, hilarious.
>farming and oil
Yet... again... I say... OIL IS FINE NIGGER. I'm not proposing some environmentalist meme if you can fucking read. So that makes your oil based farming equipment point refuted. Besides that point we won't be feeding nigger armies and deathly obese fucks. Doesn't matter if sugar is plentiful or not, if it is needed we will make due. Also alcohol is not the only source I suggested
Come on self, doing this for the whites, doing it for the whites man. Please invest time in reading comprehension, fine sir. The bike we made is not "overunity" nor did I claim it to be. It is powered by your fat ass. You pedal, get the stuff moving and it works. No battery on it either for weight sake so if you stop, no more go juice. I said I made something that WORKED. You could make a generator on the same concept with a hand crank, add a battery or something so you don't have to crank 100% of the time, power a light, charge your mobile goy tracker, whatever. Not overunity, makes electricity, could use the idea for everything if one so desired, I do not recommend it. You can buy those hand crank flash lights, same concept.
<now refer to my statement about further responses end of last post >>13887
(1.25 MB Poolymers.pdf)
I would like to know what, your opinion, makes oil and fracking "dead".

From a person I know in the petrochemical industry, old wells have not been exploited nearly to their maximum capacity and they can be reopened with new extraction technology to prolong lifetimes of oil reserves for many years to come.

Sure, fracking isn't near as economical to produce as Saudi oil but I'm assuming that oil imports might be hard to set up in the ethnostate.

I agree that nuclear is a good source of energy. One interesting area of this is uranium extraction from the ocean; if the ethnostate had a coastline then harvesting unlimited nuclear fuel from seawater could become feasible. The polymers used in this process can also be used to increase fuel efficiency of power plants by reclaiming uranium from their waste water.

Of course, with nuclear power plants you have to take into account water supply, frequency of decommissioning and its costs, the costs and availability of advanced materials for construction and so on.

On a note unrelated to energy, I don't think the international Jew would allow a white ethnostate with the ability to produce its own nuclear weapons to last for very long.

Algae is also an interesting possibility for small scale production of fuel and organic chemicals and as a food supply but scaling up would require a shitload of research investment that may not be available in the ethnostate either.

I found an article on uranium-collecting polymers written by poos so it seems a little unprofessional.

There are other types of uranium-adsorbing polymer out there so I'm not sure about relative cost-effectiveness but the chemical basis (2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-triazine) for this one is relatively cheap (£306 for 25 kg from Sigma-Aldrich). Like algae it's not a particularly well-explored area but it's interesting nonetheless.
It doesn't matter what the Jews allow or not. We are already in the war. My main idea was coal because of it's flexibility, especially for those that survive when (possibly accelerated) shtf. I don't expect a smooth transition so don't get me wrong, but we cannot allow the enemy to define our limitations as much as you want to allow them.
(77.57 KB 711x533 IMG_1360-1200x900.jpg)
>I raise you again, I purpose that technological development is what is fucking us. Are you satisfied with this life? Our ancestors not long ago liked their life pretty well, at least they weren't the blackpilled pussies we have today.
And here it is the final degeneration and display of insanity. Have fun fighting like your ancestors with stick and stones VS drones or orbital bombardment. How will your bows work against a bombing run with planes? Or ICBMs? Nerf gas? Radiological attack (dirty nuclear bomb) ?

Here is why military technological advancement is a must. You don't have it then the ones with it will conquer you. Any comments?

>energy semantics
I'm going to simplify this in the spirit of >>13909 (who is not me)
> The 'eco' solutions are impractical
This is the problem here they are impractical or a waist of time.
>>bio mass
>Sounds great

I try to keep it simple for you and everyone else.
There are 2 stages of civilization and they are 100% dependent on energy.
1) Medieval/Napoleonic if you are on this energy you will not get out of the middle ages/napoleonic times no electricity no cars and no industrial infrastructure.

Absolutely useless since any other hostile nation will simply destroy and conquer you if you have no tanks and planes.

2) This was only possible because people dug out of the earth fossil fuels who are insanely more energetic then the biomass medieval civilizations used.

This allows for tanks and planes and electrical grids and us living not like in the middle ages.

The problem for everyone here who shills this environmentalist/primitivist crap is that good luck fighting a tank and bombers and drones with only horses and swords or siege weapons. You will be conquered within minutes by any other nation who is on the 2 civilization level.

<b-b-b-b bro I can run my car on alcohol
Who is subsidized by L2 energies who create cheap sugar for you to use.

<b-b-b-b-b bro my car runs on alcohol
cute yet it all will break down you need energy to build cars L2 energy. And how exactly will you defend your nation? The tanks and planes and drones will break down over time if you have no factories to build new ones and improved military vehicles.

You see the problem here?

>won't be feeding nigger armies and deathly obese fucks
HA HA HA this environmentalist meme.
No the infrastructure and factories eat up the most energy. Look up the numbers, feeding humans is a minimal energy effort.
Lets talk how your biomass can run a factory to build tanks and operate forges and smelters to melt down the metal for the tanks. And the factory equipment also needs replacing so good luck with that.

>can run a car burning damn wood,
Yes I agree. and this is a fact. The problem is if you run the numbers you will exhaust all the trees within days if everyone is doing this.

Or in your case you will need lots of land to grow your crops to ferment. Land that would require multiple planets worth of land to even try to give you the L2 energy you need to enter a L2 civilization.

I give you this gem all fossil fuel are millions of years of sunlight, they are fossilized plants (Algae if we want to be anal, like me) who store millions of years worth of solar energy. We burn this oil within minutes. One tank of oil is worth a 1000 animals(to labor for you) in ancient (L1 civilization) times.

You seriously think you can grow plants to replace this? Within 1 year?

The course of your action while possible if you want to downgrade to a medieval L1 civilization is suicidal since all other nations can invade and smash your stuff in.

>So you are concerned that no internet would make this a military target?
Yes and no.
The point of me bringing this up was to demonstrate that today's L2 life is nothing like the middle ages that biomass will give you (lots of greenies don't get this and think they can downgrade the energy without sacrificing their internet etc).

No, I don't think the internet is super critical for defense. On the other hand yes since the internet was developed to allow nuclear silos to communicate independently. The necessity for this network is debatable.

>Yep, and now we have the technology to do those things BETTER. We sacrifice nothing but shitty old infrastructure and everything to gain.
Its impossible to have advanced technology and I'm talking about military so drones, bombs planes.

This is how reality works, and having some feel good indoctrinated idiots who don't understand how technology works is a suicidal way to start anything.

And the final part

>>blah blah environmentalism
You are getting quite angry.
Yes it is environmentalist propaganda do this for me (you don't need to post it):
Write down the year you where born in.
Now see the year that the environmentalist movement started.
Are you born after the official start of the environmentalist movement?
Then the chance exist that you where indoctrinated wit environmentalist propaganda.

Now recall all the environmentalist adverts you encountered in your life. Who told you nuclear is bad? Who told you solar, wind or other meme technology is the best? if you can not recall the messaging in all of media that tells everyone this then you are simply unaware when you where indoctrinated by environmentalist propaganda.

You know what the difference here is with me? I actually did do one thing (something I learned after my perpetual motion machine/overunity experiments) you can not take your arrogant assumptions and think they will work in reality. Did you try to challenge your assumptions? Did you actually try to look into sources who are opposed to the environmentalist propaganda (yes biomass was in the environmentalist shilled technology catalog) ? Did you even look at the objections to it? Did you do some research and checked if your assumptions hold up?
You did not.

Hold on what exactly are you presenting here? The fossil fuel oil or some biomass? Because where you not against all fossil fuels a while ago?

> I don't want to fuck with uranium waste, do you?
Yes I do! I told you in my first post.
People like you are simply indoctrinated by environmentalist propaganda and don't have what it takes.
Presume its either nuclear or extermination, what do you chose? I go nuclear. Bloody hell you don't even get it the uranium can be used to make bombs and even dirty bombs, nuclear waist is a military asset to threaten everyone else with not some spooky thing. The fact that nuclear generates waist is a benefit not a flaw of the process!

You are like a child afraid of guns because they make a scary bang sound so you don't want to use it in your medieval military who only uses bows.

>It is powered by your fat ass
Animal labor.
(Sorry you did not specify what you where doing there)
Outside of small things like flashlights try getting the energy to move a tank up hill from this.

Why not go directly(most f the time its more efficient to power something like this directly) and try to drag a tank up hill? Do it. Human or animal labor is pathetic to what military grade fossil fuel engine can do.

Oh you can try to make this work getting over 10000 people to try to drag a tank. Up hill and in difficult terrain. only you need these dedicated 1 tank movers who are starting to get into the ridicules range.

<b-b-b-b-b bro we can make the tank armor thinner so it does not take so much energy to move it
Have fun losing the war.

And this is nothing in contrast to the energy needed to manufacture 1 tank. You try doing this.

A military parade of tanks
If this tech could be perfected it would change the world.


>rads are rads are rads
>alpha, beta, gamma? the hell are those?

>that photo must be from when people were too stupid to know what radiation is
>photo was taken in the last decade

>rest of the post reads like a 12 year old who read another 12 year old's book report on Madam Curie and now thinks he's the world expert on radioactive shit

Holy fuck you're dumb as hell.
Finally a real poster.
The polymers to extract uranium is interesting for sure since the biggest uranium deposits are outside of the states, that would make it much more feasible. Besides that a modified thorium reactor can be used with uranium waste so we can burn that junk up as well.
>international jews
They won't allow it either way, we shouldn't be concerned with their opinion of our power generation because they will do anything they can to destroy an ethnostate anyway. Sure they might be more apt to use nukes against us, but they will probably consider it regardless.
I was thinking about bringing this up but since my posts have been attracting (((attention))) I hadn't yet. There are a lot of possibilities with algae, also has some useful vitamins if it would need to be eaten. Tastes like shit though lol. Still it is very easy to grow, and I don't think it will take a ton of research to be useful.
Thank you anon for a contribution finally.
First part is right on. Anon didn't suggest limitations, as I haven't either, but options to discuss. However yes we can't allow them to define our energy production which is why I purpose options since they can choke us off of our current supplies.
Again with the nonerudite tor fags.
Never stated any issue with guns or other current tech you nigger. Not proposing to go to medieval times brainlet. Also that approach seemed to have worked well in the middle East just to be contrarian to your retarded ass. You also take this out of context when you posted the whole statement. How will the enemy fight so much better if their electronic equipment is disabled? The point I was making is tech development is what gives us Google, which uses unnecessary power for reasons not beneficial to anyone but those in control. What practical tech are we going to gain from the lhc?
Point and context is simply above your cognitive processing power.
Read my other posts retard.
>civilization depends on energy
Astute observation for a nigger. No shit I'm taking about making power. So fucking stupid, still not proposing to go back to medieval times, tanks, planes, cars, and electrical grids all can easily exist with my proposals alone. Read the thread moshie.
>l2 energy hurry durrr
>environmentalist meme
>wood fuel
Did you even read my post nigger? I said, literally right after those words, I do not suggest doing it. It was for the point that making wheels turn is easy dumb fuck.
>crops to ferment and land
Nope, you are incorrect.
>can you grow plants to replace all energy in a year?
Fuck no, learn to read nigger.
>internet yes and no
It has been developed by the kikes for years for surveillance purposes, certainly we would be at a great disadvantage to compete on their own front. Using it for our own nuke silos would be retarded, finally some common ground in that last statement, it is debatable.
>I need tech and internet porn waaaah
Military will still be there if we used only my posts, so would bombs, planes, even drones, it is your comprehension that is lacking. I'm talking about reality while you are imagining no internet porn. I understand technology better than your nigger ass, read a book.
>environmentalist, I keep repeating this because I have no points
Nigger I don't own a tv, I stay away from as much advertisement as possible. Every peice of news, every entertainment item I am subjected to is met with hostile scrutiny. You know what I do most? Read fucking books, even still I search for any fault I can and do additional research on items in books, even cited shit. Chances are I am older than you and have been aware of (((them))) for longer. Nuclear isn't bad, solar is retarded, wind is shit, have more assumptions I can set straight?
>still with overunity
Never fucked with overunity, even if it worked to power itself if you powered something else with it, it would cease to work. Yes I look into sources, do you? I assume not since you can't read/comprehend my posts here, or spell simple words correctly. Never said biomass is the only way nigger. Is it on their propaganda? I don't know since I don't participate in mainstream shit. You are the one indoctrinated , that you have to shill and detract from what is a good thread topic because you believe so much in status quo.
>we can use nuclear "waist"
It's waste, and yeah, we have shit loads. This is bait, I won't state my real opinion but my people and I will not be exterminated by any means. You don't get it, I do. Yeah it can be used for weapons, never spoke on weapons. Never said we shouldn't use nuclear, which thorium is nuclear too so back in that semantics thing. Learn to read. Yes waste is a flaw unless we can do something with the waste that is not put it in mountains, does that mean we shouldn't use it at all? No, but it does need to be planned for, and I have plans, do you?
Lel city fag, again with assumptions.
>animal labor out of context
Never said use this to power anything, even said something against using it to power things directly after clarifying the statement. The bike was something I built for fun that worked. It was a story, unrelated to our energy matters, off topic reply to an off topic poster. Can you understand that?
>hurrr durr tanks thin so pull up hill
^ or just not pull them up the hill retard. Try reading some time.

Lol thank you anon. I was going to bring up the different radiation but didn't need to to prove detractors wrong. These tor fags are ridiculous.

<to new fags
I know I said I wouldn't reply any more to these torpedo fucks, but let this serve as a lesson to those new fags and lurks. This is what shilling and detracting looks like. Whether these idiots are actually genuinely retarded or are subversive, this thread is the perfect example of some things to look for. I have wasted more posts and words than this would be good thread deserves, so let this serve as an example to not try to reason with these retards/subversives. Responding to those does nothing but give them traction. I should have known better.
(144.61 KB 1787x921 cable.png)
The topics of tanks is interesting, but other vehicles can be extremely useful for war too (not even mentioning the Chad incident of trucks vs tanks,) and I remember when that one guy tore down a city with his own crafted bulldozer. Although it's easier to take down cities simply by striking more vital parts instead of demolishing everything if you don't have the resources to do it the way he did.
I love some tanks so don't misunderstand me lol. They have basically been rendered useless unless you have overwhelming military force, this has been proven several times like the gulf war. You must at least have air superiority and be able to stop arty and enemy mrls systems from being effective otherwise it is like fish in a barrel. I do love tanks though.
The killdozer story is great. Sometimes reasonable men are forced to do unreasonable things. He wasn't really trying to harm people of the city by destroying infrastructure, just cost it money since they fucked him over. But yeah it would be more effective to do it another way if your goals are different.


no cookies?