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Jewgle [Search domain www.product-reviews.net/down/4chan/] https://www.product-reviews.net/down/4chan/ Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 21:31:16 No. 12517
I hate google so god damn fucking much. If you are using google or widows, or chrome os, or anything of the sort, THROW IT AWAY. I use tails linux, duckduckgo onion, and tor browser for everything. (here's duckduckgo onion btw: https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.ws it will work on non tor browsing since it uses onion.ws and isn't a TRUE hidden service.) Not being able to use youtube was a small loss. Google and the government has officially BANNED 4chan. the same thing that happened to 8chan is happening to 4chode. I btfo'd at just the right time, two weeks before it went away. They try to tell us it's down, but i can get there via phantom vpn+crypto wallet+opera browser and through tor browser. When you search up why is 4chan down, nothing comes up. when you put why is 4chan what comes up is why is 4chan down which will take you to a classic plebitized 4chan rant: [Search domain www.product-reviews.net/down/4chan/] https://www.product-reviews.net/down/4chan/
which tells you it's down and makes it seem like the worst fucking thing on the internet. FUCK JEWS. This is political because it focuses on the jewish political meddling of google, for you actually-based-unlike-4chan's jannies. pic sort of not really but still related.
save all your redpills and favorite posts now, or be sorry. do it while it's not too late. and don't let mainstream internet catch you fleeing to another chan, or you'll be sorry. Switch to a linux and start using tor and duckduckgo. for stuff like youtube, (which you should use invideo.us anyway, they have the same videos without all the bullshit. as for posting and other things outside of youtube, use bitchute.) use a vpn paired with waterfox or opera. don't ever use brave though, brave is derived from google, and it's just like communism, a trick to support something just as bad while thinking you are escaping honkledness. as for the linux, ubuntu has the most capability and is easiest to use, but use linux mint instead, it's just like ubuntu, except better. i see no reason why you would use ubuntu over it. personally i reccomend T.A.I.L.S., the amnesic incognito system. It's a linux, so it's based off of the values that that bearded grey haired guy on the rules post on /g/ is, it's extremely secure, even viruses designed to fool it, which are very hard to design into something effective are useless and it's an ideal place for tor to do it's thing. and linuxes are highly modifiable and highly anonymous. Tails, just like whonix, funnels everything, and i mean everything, through tor, but, unlike whonix, it is hosted on a usb, so viruses go onto the virtual machine usb, and it is completely amnesic, everything inside and out of it is wiped clear off. another thing is tails is safe for local forensics. whonix's only thing over tor is it still keeps you safe on not tor applications, since tails is made to be as dynamic as possible with tor, and tails is a live system. in my opinion tails is the best linux you can get. it's based of of debian. duckduckgo is created by a guy who legit looks like an aryan warrior of a guy, where as google is created by someone who looks like he licks bobs and blows vegene.
(89.79 KB 641x350 1388187240420.jpg)
>Doesn't know that ddg sells your data.
https://metager.org/ Is an alternative that at least doesn't compromise you.
Everyone one of these services sells you out, or after getting user base then sell you out
duckduckgo is kiked, their ceo is garry (((weinberg)))

feels bad to ditch google and then get jewed in spite of this
Duckduckgo is still a far better option than Google.

Also have you considered that not literally every single jew is in on the Zionist shit?
I just wanted to say that is the symbol of the 7th SS Mountain Divison Prinz Eugen, and I believe those are all officers at that table. My Great Grandfather and his brother in law served in that division. I'm just thinking about how awesome it would be to be sitting at that table. Fighting for your race and nation. I really wish they won.
Duckduckgo is owned by a kike, tho. Don't use it.
(71.15 KB 723x885 Most jews zionists.jpg)
>Also have you considered that not literally every single jew is in on the Zionist shit?
Just 95% of them.
Tor browser uses it as it's default. Need more?
linux is communistically distributed and very raw and modifieable. linux won't And tor will get you a lot of things you can't get elsewhere. and they seem to trust duckduckgo, using it as the default.
Tried to use Bing today to find 16chan.No results.
that's awesome
i'll take a closer look at the nose.
I meant to say the plebitized article you get to by searching why is 4chan down not why is 4chan banned. it's 4chan being banned nothing comes up for.
Tails can also be downloaded onto a cd disk. this will give you a lot more security since the code will be static as it's burned to plastic, however you'll miss a crap ton of capability.
The safest computer you'll ever own:
>old I.B.M.
>tails on a cd
>getting wifi from an onionpi router
>using duckduck go onion
>or just using a hidden service with an .onion location
Old ibms are analog machines who can't do much more than merely proscess data and code and the cpu will not have backdoors.
Duckduckgo is a proxy in in itself. the .onion url gives you the fullest protection. by using an onionpi, the relays won't be public and will be done inside of that tor bridge, the tor bridge acting like a really strong proxy
.>> 12543
again, linux creators are very grassroots and the program itself is raw and modifiable to the nth. Tails seems to really trust tor, tor seems to trust duckduckgo. I looked into duckduckgo to see if they were alsely touting privacy, heyr'e not. Edward Snowden used all this crap for god's sake. Bye now, going to work on saving all me redpills before they get destroyed and imma download whonix for the job.

put in .xyz with it. >>12540
i'll look into it.
Jews must be the kings of my boner.
Keep in mind that most of us leave some kind of digital footprint (mine has always been fairly big, slowly making steps to reduce it)
Search engines work in a variety of ways, some results are paid for, some are by recorded traffic, and some are by history. I have used DDG for a while now, still occasionally use jewgle when not getting expected results, plan to give this new one https://metager.org/ a shot (use to recommend DDG, of late Iv seen some questionably biased results, again this may just be to traffic and should be considered circumstantial)

Your results may vary
The all wonderful magical op here. Now a couple hours older. I tried to recover my redpills and my favorite threads, but the only ones i could access was the first capture the flag general and and a really old ussr thread from when i was a tankie. A really good white replacement thread with a post from a jew confirming everything that goyim exist to serve us webm and some income stats? Gone. The plan to trash the trans bathrooms of portland? gone. A disgusting trans gif? gone.
depends on whether you watch porn or not.
A quote from julius evola: "the blood of a warrior sits closer to god than the ink of a shcolar."
Shit's going down niggers. I think i told you what to do, when to do it (as soon as possible)
and i've redpilled you engough truth. This is going to be worse than when the old 2000's internet transitioned into the new modern internet known today which included phones making way for thousands of thousands of zoomers, old grandpas, ultraplebs, and forums decreased populartity and the big zucc assumed power, and the youtube adpocalypse happened and filthy frank died and his body turning into a fucking emo. It's gonna be a billion times worse. All truth is being purged of the internet and replaced with kike propaganda. I think it's already too late, but get everything on a bnch of usbs and other things. I knew about this ahead of time, when someone who got banned for it revealed that this was about to happen, but for some reason i did nothing. download everything to calibre book liberation: https://5h5ps743nnqsjq4l.onion/
(though be careful, it's dangerous.) I tried just recently to get my boogaloos back, they pozzed the archives. And yes, you must get it onto calibre, that's the only place info will be safe. The internets going to the shitter. It was nice shitposting with you guys and 4chan, goodbye internet.


no cookies?