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Anonymous 11/01/2019 (Fri) 17:32:31 ID:2e7b97 No. 12909

Based as fuck. Our new voice.
Fuck off with your E-celeb faggotry!
This. Fuentes shills for faggot jew milo, zio puppet trump, zio puppet tulsi, yang gang, e michael "there is no white race" jones, the jewish directed joker movie etc etc

He's obviously controlled
He's still better than Dicky Spencer, the TRSodomites, and the rest of the aut-right.
(11.61 KB 340x275 43gty453egtf4.jpg)
I have a question: Nick Fuentes is being shilled very hard lately.
Did he do anything to deserve that (a.k.a. organic) or is it a JIDF/shareblue shill campaign?

EDIT: watched video, this lad is /ourguy/ through and through
He comes across as very flamboyant with his exaggerated hand movements and sets off my gaydar. He seems like your typical smug, phony attention seeking ebeggar. Fuck i could barely tolerate 3minutes of his shrill voice. He seems like a cookie cutter image of a Spencer or TRSodomite shill.
(968.26 KB 290x200 commie.gif)
>not an argument #1
>not an argument #2
>not an argument #3
You want your thought leaders to be handsome and pleasing to the ear?
You have the mentality of a woman, please leave this place.
Oh did the faggot shill get offended that I disrespected his boy crush. I wasn't trying to make an argument you stupid nigger, I was just stating my subjective opinion. That fucker is effeminate and shrill just like Dickyboy and secelebs with YouTube accounts are highly suspect - dude is harldy a "thought leader".
Also you're a faggot pussy for calling me a woman over the internet, I'd break your fucking arms if you said that to my face.
Shut the fuck up kike
Here's a pro-tip fuck the ((alt-right)) too. I get it tho man you hear nothing but bullshit all day so any common sense commentary is welcomed. It's just that the majority is pozzed up and no one wants you lost. Have a great day!
(1.35 MB 320x240 894.gif)
The content of his words are all that matters.
>my subjective opinion
Well, thats what free speech is for.
Hes not a kike, he just OD'd on Hitler speeches and now he can only tolerate the most inspiring of orators. Literally only Hitler coming back to life and starting a podcast is up to his standards. Everything else is soy, I can understand it.
You can't vote your way out of this, you know what must be done
More ecleb garbage...
(64.05 KB 700x638 1403211367101.jpg)
Oh look the butthurt whiny Joo calls me a kike to distract from his own kike shilling for Nickyboy. Bet you really wanna suck that niggers cock too don't ya faggot? Maybe he'll let you if you keep sending him your sheckles and tell him how hard you've been shilling on the chans for him.

Unfortunately we're losing more and more of it every day because everyone want's to act like fucking crybaby bitches if someone says anything that offends them.

Fuck all those ewhore grifters. Go your own way, be selfish of your time, and be a leader, not a follower.

Oh, yea, and heil, mein Führer, heil fucking Hitler!
(206.93 KB 371x270 the nose knows.png)
(25.60 KB 395x274 435436543.jpg)
I am MGTOW, bro. Youre right, we shouldnt follow e-celebs. Go out into the world and pursue your meaning of life.
here's an argument, he's a spic
>this shit is better than this other shit
oh so you're an anti-white incel
One must ask why he is being shilled so much in the past two weeks. He's just another Jordan Peterson, a pied piper (except the rats he catches aren't jews, unfortunately). His last name is Fuentes ffs. I haven't wasted more than five minutes listening to him talk. He is controlled opposition and those that listen to him are the same niggers that choke on Owen Benjamin's jew cock.
Only tranny commies talk like this. Kill yourself.
you are white and you voluntarily won't reproduce, you are anti-white
if he's an incel, wouldn't that mean he involuntarily wont reproduce?
>One must ask why he is being shilled so much in the past two weeks.
Because the efforts to troll TPUSA generated a lot of attention, particlularly after the last one where Charlie Kirk rolled out a based black homo to preach globohomo to conservatives, and got smashed with anti-faggot, anti-immigration, anti-israel questions. Good times. When all said and done, though, I honestly find Nick Fuentes annoying.
Checked, Heil Hitler. This is a complete bullshit argument and you know it. There are many ways/reasons one can be pro-white and not reproduce. One may carry a severe heritable disease for instance. Your angle is pure D&C. Men can decide what is best for themselves and their lives and still do what they can to be active, supportive members of the "white community." One may be MGTOW through their twenties and have children in their thirties when more established. Don't forget to sage when replying to shit threads like this one, gents. Consider killing yourself for being an insufferable retard.
Why would you even listen to a Christcuck, let alone have one speak for you?
We don't need someone to put words in our mouths. Fuck off.

speak for yourself


kill yourself greasy E-Celeb Worshiping kike
>trusting twitter VERIFIED (yes he has the blue checkmark) e-celebs
Hes a spick, a jew worshipper and a cuckservative.

People should infiltrate groypers and ask TPUSA bad optics questions. It's a shame no one thought of that.
Wtf is a groyper?! No bully, I have seen this term twice in 24hours.
(6.35 KB 225x225 1533053499928.png)
Its the name of this pepe variant
its a name faggot amnats call themselves. Of course Andrew Anglin supports them. Really makes you think.
ADL and the artist who invented Pepe buried the frog. A dead frog has the right to do whatever he wants. I will say only one thing, think, why someone so persistently impose the image of a cold-blooded amphibian as a funny and cute character?
(381.65 KB 1130x1710 jewbook.PNG)
A guy actually talking about the shit we faggots only post about in forums? Seems interesting enough. I'll monitor him for now.
> i haven't spent 5 minutes watching him talk
Summed up this gay thread. I bet you haven't even seen what TPUSA is doing.
Of course I have, I don't live under a rock. I just don't buy into Fuentes. He's another Alex Jones, Owen Benjamin. A pied piper. He will turn. They all do. Mark my words, don't waste your time.
I think he's more like Soph. If he maintains a little financial flow and some anonymity of his new accounts, after getting censored, he'll be great.
can't confirm but I saw posted Fuentes was denying 9/11 truth... I literally can't take ecelebs seriously at this point, I have no idea how they will work to regain any of our trust or interest in the future (maybe they will just prey on the increasingly broken younger generations)
cringy manlet TWITTER VERIFIED (makes you think), trolling conservative dorks is not an answer. Alt-right did it ages ago. You have to put boots on the ground and create institutions, following e-celebs around is not the way to go.

Owning the libs of the "fake conservatives" (cringe) wont amount to anything.
hes a fucking grifter as soon as he gets banned off of youtube and twitter he will disavow his past since the donations will stop flowing.
(121.09 KB 754x854 soyboy drumpf.png)
>Oh My God, Dog Bless Israel
>Based Immigrants OWNING LIBTARDS
>Conservatives aren't being purged stupid goy, Only Neo-Nazis are for """hate speech"""
(116.82 KB 912x691 1573470263790.png)
This guy is fucking delusional hahaha,
>let's redpill the kike guys! the jew is our ally!
I think he's just trying to keep the Trumpniggers on board.
can you chesscucks all kill yourselves? He and his delusional supporters think that they can convince Cheeto Elvis that nationalism good.
Charlie Kirk was specifically sought out by the Trump family for this role. His father was an architect who worked on Trump tower. Everything Charlie Kirk pushes is 100% aligned with entrenched capital's desires and their own degenerate personal lives and that of their children. It's also 100% aligned with everything Donald Trump ever said or wrote outside of a 6-8 month window during his campaign where carefully couched his words to let people hear what they wanted to hear.

Homosexuality, transgenderism, multiculturalism, and other deviant behavior are atomizing attacks on the working class.
i remember when the general election came around and my parents voted for trump just because they hate hillary more (and i thought this was the case for many others). i don't think voting matters anyway, but why is there a cult of personality around him now? it's like the media kvetching about orange faggot all the time is some reverse psychology bullshit. he was publicly a lefty dipshit for at least the last few decades.
on a side note, my senile grandpa (since passed) was preyed upon with an early voting center set up by democrats at the senior center. plus, he's registered for clinton votes twice. not only do i know he intended to vote trump since i had to help him focus at a primary rally where he cast for trump, but his middle name is complete nonsense so it's VERY obvious the two registered votes are supposed to be attributed to him (one coming from someplace he wouldn't have had the attention span to drive to). it makes me so fucking angry that some liberal faggot exploited my mentally-ill grandpa and that we got no help from local government when my family tried to get the votes expunged (which is how we found out about the double-vote).
I give them high marks for taking it to Crenshaw, Zion Don Jr, Kirk, and the rest of the grifters gutting America.

Trump wasn't our last chance, he was their's. They really aren't going to like what we're sending next. This is going to be way more fun than 2016.
(259.72 KB 500x491 1434353216608.png)
problem is those people think they can "redpill" trump on how bad conservatives are

people are just delusional, other than believing that zion don is redpilled they have no hope. The rightwing in america is so beaten down it will never admit
>we were fucking coned, by a reality TV host with a funny wig
they will use every neuron in their brains to convince themselves they are winning, because some rainbow haired freak on twitter got upset
The first I ever heard him was in his interview with Patrick Little where this smug little Mexican manlet was extremely disrespectful and acting like an incredible faggot. He did nothing but insult, and call Pat stupid for reading CoC and wanting to name the Jew.

That was all the proof I needed that this little faggot is nothing but a subversive kike.
(1.06 MB 478x268 America First.gif)
He's useful self-hating e-celeb tool for our strategy. Slide.
he really is a massive prick
The fact that he's being supported by Michelle Malkin, a neo-cohen gook with a kike husband and jew children, is a little worrisome. She's all about "free speech", but back in 2006. she was calling for people to boycott the sponsors of The View because Rosie O'Donnell dared to question the official 9/11 narrative.
And here's the mother of yidlets kvetching about Ron Paul.
It's like spicky fuentes is a just a megalomaniacal eceleb prick who happens to be in a middle of a GOP civil war. And the left wing media is celebrating because it shows the right eating itself.
Fuentes is a useful asset to our side because this Groyper shit, cringy and diluted as it may be, brings some of our talking points near the mainstream. My personal belief is that it will peter out, and many who've gone to these events and publicly associated themselves with Fuentes movement will end up regretting it - but for all the time you spend bitching about what you think won't work, you could be doing something you think will work. If you're a Fuentes fan, disrupt TPUSA events. If you're a NWFer, move to the NW and build a strong community. If you're a Sieger, join your local nazis and start organizing/preparing/taking action. Misguided action is better than inaction (and I personally believe that when a lot of these Groypers are doxed, fired, ostracised or just lose faith in the Fuentes method, they will be more receptive to the accelerationist method). But the point is, whatever problem you have with Fuentes, Spencer, TRS, Amren, Siege mentality or any other person/group and their course of action, YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING. The clock is ticking, and whining about people who are doing something isn't contributing to white survival. TPUSA and the Trump admin are ZOG - why would anyone be opposed to making them uncomfortable?
>And the left wing media is celebrating because it shows the right eating itself.
I don't know what to tell you here. We fundamentally cannot coexist with the overarching structures that perpetrated and perpetuated everything from WWI on. I know everyone tries to narrow the focus and harness some kitschy elements of some respective nationalism to appeal to locals, but the legacy of the First zionist War is still the fundamental root of what we're dealing with here and our movement has to be revolutionary in nature. We really are not in sync with any portion of the "establishment right" or anything it even tangentially stands for.
in time peoploe asking those cringy fucking question will GET DOXXED and their lives will be ruined, but for now the left is waiting till right wingers tear each other apart. But for now kids are celebrating and naynaying on the wignats. Its still going on because the left allows them. Everytime the alt-right went on a university campus the leftists were present to start shit, but now? Total fucking silence. They are waiting for TPUSA to crumble because it was the only way for the right to gather popularity on campus no matter how cucked they were they were a foot in the door on leftists campuses. Groypers are amputating that leg and when they will start their college tours antifa will EASILY deplatform them.

Remember when those retards where talking about infiltrating the GOP?
look guy, how do you plan to destroy those structures? with memes? with obnoxious retards shouting about jews?

Do you think they will hand over the power to some loud kids because charlie kirk was humiliated? On what planet do you live?
>because it was the only way for the right to gather popularity
The right can't win with neoliberalism and libertarianism. It can't. The economic program cannot win. There was never an "in" for TPUSA because it represents the financial interests of foreign, occupying jews and so cannot/will not change the program. They aren't of this nation, so they can't produce nationalist policies.

>Do you think they will hand over the power
No, they'll have to be killed.
>The right can't win with neoliberalism and libertarianism
how is it supposed to win with theocratic buillshit


no cookies?