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(71.90 KB 1024x615 Nat.jpg)
Any anti capitalist nationalists here? Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 08:24:58 ID:944f13 No. 13025
Strasserist here, I wanted to know if you guys have some positive attidutes towards us and if we can have debate regarding economics.
>INB4 Ancaps yell "Lmfao you do not understand economics hahaha"
I actually do understand it, Capitalism is a moving contradiction, a fraud system at very best, yet despite EA being the peak of capitalism, and free market being general bullshit, people would for some reason defend it.
We're all anti-capitalist here anon.
LoL You should stop using computers made by capitalism and electricity generated by capitalism to post in this board.
I think you have to have private property and open markets for many things, especially "consumer goods."

But nationalizing certain economic areas like energy, utilities, transport, vital industries is absolutely vital for the long term well being of a state and the people.

Look at Chile. Good on Tio Pinochet for killing commies, but he let Chilean resources open to a fire sale. So now, huge slices of the Atacama Desert, their copper mines, etc, are owned by multi national corps. The article i read said the citizens of Chile only actually get something like 17% of the economic value of THEIR copper. Its taken some years to play out (bc capitalism is the long slow jew), but the economic inequality created leads to more social unrest. Santiago went from being the best "free, open society" capital in South America to buildings on fire and martial law in a single day.
Can you expound on details of Strasserist economic ideas? Werent they purged bc they were to communistic?
Capitalism is a way how to organize an economy and has nothing to do with inventions and human ingenuity. Communism could be considered to be the polar opposite of cap, but even under that system someone could come up with the solid state transistor and the evolved microchip.

A fascist economy like the one in video is capable of propelling a tiny nation of the verge of collapse to near world dominate super power


The Capitalist Mind On Automation (10min Molymeme VR)
You ding dong, natsoc is just as much against capitalism as against communism.
Little do you know is that without the Third Reich, The Americans and Soviets would never of entered the nuclear arms or space races. Thanks to the V2 rocket.
>Any anti capitalist nationalists here?
Yup, there's a thread up about anti-capitalism if you haven't seen it yet. I wouldn't call myself a Strasserist but it's always good to see more people who aren't libertarians on here.
Yes reporting in.
I made a guideline for natsocs to use to help natsocs gain strength what do you guys think could this catch on? Or should I change anything
10 rules for Natsocs
1. Never immediately reveal your power level unless it benefits the cause
2. When recruiting start with small red pills and gradually work your way upwards
3. When you buy a house rent out a room to your fellow natsoc
4. Continue buying homes in your neighborhood and only rent out to white natsocs or Japanese natsocs.
5. After you and your natsocs emcompass the neighborhood start a hoa and enforce natsoc like ideals never let non natsocs in. Then branch out to the next neighborhood.
6. When working upwards in a company use nepotism to hire those redpilled natsocs
7. Always call ice on illegals nearby
8. Always call police on black people when they slip up
9. Start voting locally to support your people and the movement, and get into positions of local power
10. Be fit, well read, wealthy and have 3-4 kids with a natsoc.
Most people on /pol/ are anti capitalist, there are a handful of us capitalists on 16/pol/ at most, this thread is redundant.
Definitely. Money is an arm of power just as weapons are. No different. So is the media.

We have gone from an open armed nobility, which had to earn it's position, to a hidden money elite, which does not have to have any virtues at all.

Allowing people with too much money is just like allowing anachist warlords with private armies - naturally in both cases they will use their power to abuse and limit the rights of poorer people, and undermine the state itself.

Allowing people to own banks and other major financial institutions and to use them freely, is like allowing people to own an army battalion, and lord it over an area.

And of course surprise-surprise these people with the power of coin, that they should not have, are jews.

They sank the armed native nobility, in the name of equality, just so they could take their place as a wealth-elite.

Capitalism in it's current excessive form is nothing but an overshoe for jewish power.

Small and medium enterpreneurs, who avctually do stuff and build stuff should be allowed and even supported, provided they don't mistreat workers, but there should be a wealth cap.
>computers made by capitalism
No, fool. Computers were made by men. Capitalism is just a silly wordism concept that even America doesn't meet the standards of. Computers were not even invented by a private business.
(487.87 KB 1912x2346 ice.png)
> When you buy a house rent out a room to your fellow natsoc
This is a good idea if we have a spare room because it helps build up our community. The trouble I would encounter is knowing (beyond my immediate friends) who is a NatSoc. Also, a problem I would face is being wary of the assholes who inhabit our ranks without any understanding of racial solidarity.

Here's a leaflet that you can disseminate in your neighborhood to help people become aware of ICE and also to scare the living shit out of spics.

Also, capitalize White. Niggers capitalize black, spics capitalize mestizo or hispanic. The least we can do is treat our race as a proper noun.
>Computers were not even invented by a private business.
The focus on microelectronics was a government directive.
(684.33 KB 669x993 s-l1600.jpg)
I would hope so, nothing is further from the Aryan spirit than the Judeo-Burgeoisie life and their capitalist system.
What is wrong with capitalism?
>>16018 Everything. Please don't post here anymore.
>>13033 just gonna leave this here... >>13033
I don't know who could be an honest-to-God National Socialist in the current year and still support the kiked system of capitalism. Look at where it has lead us. Capitalists, even the gentiles among them (and despite Jewish control there are plenty of them), will always serve their own interests and profits at the end of the day before they do the community and the nation. Capitalists will plunder the planet, destroy their people and enslave us all if we don't hang them from lampposts soon. Pro-capitalist bootlickers forget that the very roots of globalization are due to the capitalism, free trade and other garbage of the same sort. There's also the technology problem aspect of this but I don't want to derail the thread with Ted-posting
>>16232 Because nationalism is capitalistic. It is clear that you have communist/pagan/environmentalist delusions about what nationalism means.
>>16249 >nationalism is capitalistic. Yes goy, split your nation up into antagonistic pieces and enslave your own kinsmen in pursuit of the almighty shekel
>>16249 >Because nationalism is capitalistic. How do you get through the day without the cognitive dissonance exploding your head?
>>16657 >>16659 Okay show me a nation without a monetary system. The point of nationalism is to have a monetary system to represent our people. You have no actual frame of reference, you just see the current corruption and are indoctrinated with communist spiel even if you don't refer to yourself as a communist. Capitalism and socialism both are parts of a nation.
>>16660 Wherever it is you came from, please go back.
>>16660 > Capitalism and socialism both are parts of a nation. Top Kek, go back to r/donald faggot
>>16673 I don't support Trump or the US and I am especially not involved in its politics.
>>16660 >nation without a monetary system. Owning property or using money is not what makes capitalism. Where did you get that? Property and money or money like substitutes exists since the dawn of man and will in a NatSoc society as well. The point is there'll be no usury eventually and the nation state who represents the volk safeguards that no tiny elite of rich assholes exploits their kin. As Hitler said the economy has to serve the people and not the other way around.
>>16660 >nation without a monetary system > indoctrinated with communist spiel >USSR had a monetary system >USSR was actually capitalist and nationalist fuck your a retard.
(1.97 MB 2550x6000 cambodian genocide truth fake.png)
>>16660 >Okay show me a nation without a monetary system. Democratic Kampuchea.
>>16249 You can have nationalism without capitalism and socialism without internationalism.
>>15204 >number 4 Alright, he's a troll. Lets pack it up boys.
>>16884 More than likely he is simply a fascist hapa
>>16806 >>USSR was actually capitalist and nationalist That face when far right and far left ideologues agree with one another. >>USSR was actually capitalist and nationalist Now you get it.
>>13033 You realize what a walking joke you fagots are right? https://youtu.be/5hfYJsQAhl0 <Ha you say stone age bad? <Why don't you try to start the iron age without stone tools? <Check mate progressive! Stone age best age!
>>15357 >there should be a wealth cap. Hear hear. The only logical outcome for any society is equal pay for every work, this is the only fair way to divide money. Capitalism is basically this "I do next to nothing and get shit loads of money you do all the work and get as little as possible" EQUAL PAY FOR EVERY CITIZEN of course this excludes prisoners, rejects and other idiots they get way less then the elite pay. Not only does this make sense its the only way to organize any society and will be a inevitability today we see automated cars on the verge of taking trucking jobs. Instead of rewarding everyone with technological innovation technology is about to take away peoples lively hood. Why is it this way? I tell you something the Marxists will not, its charismatic our society is chaotic the gains of one are the loss of another. Everyone against everyone. Now see how equal pay will fix that, you work as a trucker you drive trucks for a living, now automation comes so your job becomes obsolete. You say: “great finally I don’t need to just drive around” and whatever new profession you chose you will be payed the same amount of money. Lets contras this to today when you losing your job not only will cut fro getting any money you will be in fear if the new job will earn you the same as the old one. And this is the reason I want to promote unity in a nation not seed chaos and create a system where everyone is rewarded for fucking everyone else over. And at this point its inevitable to go this way like with round wheals, the choice is simple restructure the economy or watch as the robots take everyones job and we starve to death one by one, you can always ban technological progress that also a option. I’m not saying the road ahead is easy, I only want to give the best solution for our people, for our nation.
>>16690 Usury exists because there's always some fools who take it.
A bit off-topic to the thread, but do you think that open nationalism and organized hooliganism as seen among European football fans (ULTRAS) can be implemented into american sports fans? I was shocked to find out how pussy american sports fans are, and the fact that they don't have the balls to chant nationalist songs or insults to niggers running on the field. It feels like the jewish atmosphere has be come so strong in the US that anything is considered "muh 6 million holocuzz". What do you guys think about it?
>>16923 Dedicated, ticket buying sports fans in the US are targets for extermination, especially NFL and NBA fans.
(764.86 KB 676x375 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16923 It will never happen. Sports fans in the United States are peak lemming. In America (and perhaps elsewhere, I don't know) there is a far more sinister component to to the type of attitude fostered by the sports blasted into the living-rooms of millions of goyim almost every night, i.e. its diversionary effects on nationalistic pride. One would expect sports to actually elevate this feeling in oneself, but it works for exactly the opposite. Sports (and entertainment in general) serve two main functions in preserving the stability of ZOG: >Escapism >Diversion from ZOG-threatening behavior The first is obvious. Entertainment provides the goy wage-slave with a means of escapism, a way to get away from stress, boredom, anxiety, depression and the worries of life. This escapist entertainment placates the discontented, much like Internet boards where people go to blow off steam and never engage in real life activities to further their goals. Without this entertainment industry the system would boil over and they would have to resort to more dramatic means of control such as direct modification with drugs or physical force. The second is the main focus of my post. Many here probably have noticed how golems will intensely identify with ones sports team or another to the exclusion of all others. They choose their favored team for a variety of reasons, generally relating to popularity, the success of the team or merely just peer-opinion. The team becomes their identity They buy its shirts, merchandise, they cheer for it, they become a member of this fictional consumerist tribe. With true nationalism demonized, an acceptable outlet has been provided where one engage in this pseudo-nationalism to one's heart's content! Like Internet communities and the nature of (((mass entertainment))), it is designed specifically to divert, placate and control. Just more bread and circuses. REJECT POP CULTURE
>>16934 >The team becomes their identity I live in a city whose (American) football team extorted the city. If the team had relented the fans would have forgiven them completely. I asked a die-hard fan, "Wtf?" He said fans need something to belong to. Simple as that. Americans, rootless as we are, would seem to need fandom more than Euro hooligans but apparently not. Maybe fandom is more intense in Europe but more widespread in the US. In any case, I agree that fandom is a substitution for nationalism and/or ethnocentrism.
>>16923 >do you think that open nationalism and organized hooliganism can be implemented into american sports fans? In Europe every country has one team (eventually) that plays against others. In NFL, NBA, etc, all teams are American and they don't generally play against other countries. So no. (I'm probably wrong. I don't watch any sports.)
>>16923 >no balls to call out the niggers ahem, sorry to burst your bubble but NFL is like 90 percent nigger, NBA 95 percent.
>>16947 "yell insults at the niggers running on the field"
>>17037 understood, but the point was they even going there. you can yell at niggers for free on the streets instead making them rich while doing so
>>13025 I have read only a little about third positionists. How do I find out more about Strasserism? Any recommended texts?
>>17168 Sorry never been big fan of reading (working on correcting that) Strasserism (Concept & Ideology) https://www.bitchute.com/video/GGa2uthbfLif/
These were in Zündel's Bunker /pol/ approved library https://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ!VGIlxawJ Written by Douglas Reed **Douglas Lancelot Reed (11 March 1895 – 26 August 1976) was a British journalist, playwright, novelist and author of a number of books of political analysis. His book Insanity Fair (1938) was one of the most influential in publicising the state of Europe and the megalomania of Adolf Hitler before the Second World War. By the time of his death, Reed had been largely forgotten except for various remarks about Jews. Thus, when The Times ran his obituary, it condemned Reed as a "virulent anti-Semite,"[1] although Reed himself claimed that he drew a distinction between opposition to Zionism and antisemitism.[2] Reed believed in a long-term Zionist conspiracy to impose a world government on an enslaved humanity.[3] He was also staunchly anti-Communist, and once wrote that National Socialism was a "stooge or stalking horse " meant to further the aims of the "Communist Empire." .t Jewpedia**
>>17168 Pic is from JulayWorld’s /fascist/
>>15207 > us capitalists Leave.
>>13025 Strasserists attempt to subvert NS away from focusing on protecting the health of your people and air/soil/water/ecosystem. Everything Strasserists complain about in modern capitalism is already solved by NS, so either they are trying to not call themselves NS or they are trying to deemphasize the most important aspects of NS. There are a lot of positive things about the free market, such as a lot of free choice in what you want to pursue as a career. The most dangerous part of the free market is that it is very powerful, self-perpetuating, and only concerned with efficiency and profit at every step which it naturally optimizes without help. Thus it is indifferent to damage it causes to a people or land as long as it is optimally profitable, and it is also very hard to fight. The best strategy is to let it fall apart due to debt and a large non-white population.
Propaganda is really insidious. You might think that you can avoid politics by watching a news story about Hemingway, but reporters would insinuate that the books written by Hemingway are decaying today because of global warming, Hemingway would have supported illegal immigration, and Hemingway hated racism.
>>17732 doesn't apply to this thread's subject but could start a good thread on its own.


no cookies?