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Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 21:51:13 ID:ddf894 No. 13988
Are Most Whites The Enemy?

Really, are the masses even salvageable at this point in time? If the large majority of whites were not part of the enemy, wouldn't they stand up against ZOG and wouldn't there be massive protests and struggles right now? It seems that most whites are lemmings who go with the dominant narrative, and since the narrative is now controlled by jews, most whites have become slave-soldiers for jews.

Think of how many whites (not just nonwhites and pseudo-white jews, but actual whites) support or are indifferent to niggers beating up an old man for calling them niggers, or how many (mostly young) whites have nonwhite friends and engage in degenerate activities. How many young whites (and increasingly middle aged whites) are social media narcissists. How many whites buy vidya shit where "nazis" are the enemy. How many young whites are just squealy, tattly, and effeminate, both sexes.

In my opinion, if someone hasn't become aware of the jewish problem at this late point in time, almost at the third decade of the 21st century, after Obama, after Sandy Hoax, after Nigger Lives Matter, after Rotherham, after jews and muds ruined European cities, after every American city has been turned into an LGBT nigger kike fest, after jews BLATANTLY rubbing their extreme hatred in white people's faces, nothing will change them, and they should not be treated as an ally, but as someone to be wary of. How funny in a way it is that back in 2014, the holocaust debunker Eric Hunt said in five years he expects to see holohoax skepticism to blow up in epic proportions, now five years later we find him to have become a turncoat (or he was threatened) and the holocaust is only mocked on imageboards and a certain segment of youtube (and a segment that appears to be largely feds and other controlled opposition).

When I go through town, the most "right wing" stuff I see is pro-Trump shit. Occasionally a confederate flag on a pickup truck, which actually looks cringy up here in a state that is only a river away from Canada. Why would any white support a secessionist confederation that sought to keep all the niggers in America rather than deport them as many northerners wanted (we're only told about the abolitionists in school)? I guess it's because most whites, are, fundamentally shit quality and bog us top five or less percent down.

The vast majority of zoomers in America and Europe are wiggers who listen to shit hop and glorify nigger athletes. Yes, there are awake zoomers and millennials, but from the awake zoomers I've communicated with, they've said the vast majority, like 75+%, of their white peers are ZOGged up trash. You can even see it in many post-Gen X whites today, they have weird phenotypes and weak looking bodies. You can kind of tell they aren't mixed, but they still look off-white in a way, almost off-human even.

The problem isn't only in America or Britain or Germany or France, it's also in Russia, Poland, Serbia, and arguably even ecru-white nations like Georgia. Russians, especially in Moscow (arguably the London of Eastern Europe) are afraid to confront Chechen/Dagestani/Tajik aggressors, and these churkas openly regard Russian women as pieces of meat. Russians are also much more pro-jewish, or jew tolerant, than many westerners would believe, viewing jews as part of the builders of the modern Russian nation. On Russian TV shows, it is not uncommon to see young Russian male characters mocked and humiliated in ways that would be seen as gay and very emasculating, while the same never happens to Muslim minorities. For the rest of Eastern Europe, shit hop is popular and they are increasingly having nigger athletes on their sports teams. In some places they even have nigger mayors, no joke. Even Georgia has a problem with Arabs and niggers coming into Tbilisi and trying to score with the local women.

And I haven't even touched the scale of jewish admixture in the seemingly white population, all over the world in fact. There could be tens of millions of (if not over a hundred million) people with jewish ancestry in them, and this is only being boosted by sperm banks.

TL;DR I do NOT consider whites who, in the year 2019, still watch sports and TV in general, listen to rap, are Trump supporters, are Democrats, are pro-police, are for legal nonwhite immigration, are pro-Israel, let their newborn sons get circumcised, obsess themselves with video games and comics and anime, subscribe to Breitbart, are pro-corporation, wear Gucci, eat at McDonald's, donate to Africa, and engage in or support many other aberrant activities or ideologies, to be allies. Many of them I would consider to be of the enemy. It seems that the vast majority of whites fall into most of these traps. Nevertheless, we can't keep going on as if the masses are going to wake up one day. Dysgenics is wrapping up our destruction. A line has to be drawn somewhere, if there is to be a future.

Meant to say Rant over.
>>13988 (heiled)
“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”
>actually quoting script from the wachowski trannies
How much more needs to be shown to "wake up" everyone else? It seems like we're maxing out and it's getting to be time for separating the wheat from the chaff.
(2.30 MB 1468x7317 lemmings.png)
(174.18 KB 1779x311 1454071852195.png)
Lemmings. Those without having first proven responsible not only for them selves but also society at large should not be given political freedom to effect every one else.
No. You're the enemy, kike. Remember this when the blood is gushing out of your chest.
You're so intimidating, Agent Schwartz.
>entirety of /pol/ unironically using "redpill" for years even though it's from the wachowski trannies
It is relevant and you know it. Anyway, we do not need to wake the lemmings, only awaken enough warriors to retake our blood nation.
> It seems like we're maxing out and it's getting to be time for separating the wheat from the chaff.
I'm still into vidya but even that has gotten so much worse because of this rotten society and rotten opportunities that were sold out to jews/foreigners. Cannot escape this as much as people like to pretend they can with college or tv or (insert jew variety) _ politics or whatever.
Yes, most Whites are the enemy, who do you think caused all of this? The Jews? That's like blaming the dealer for someone being a junkie. Of course, you're all going to put your fingers in your ears and act like Whites are perfect little angels who just fell in with the wrong crowd....Reminds me of another Race that never wants to take responsibility and always blames others for keeping them down....
to be fair Russian televison is state controlled
>And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it
I was thinking of posting this exact same quote.
Yeah, they're fucked.
Maybe if you unplug the brainwashing machine known as the media...
Really, we need some strong God-like leadership to throw off the kike straight-jacket.
>defending the jews
>"Blaming the parasite for parasitic illness makes you a nigger, because niggers blame other people."
Fuck off Moshe.
Tell your boss to fire you for weak, obvious fallacies.
That anon is right. There is blame to go around.
No there isn't, jews caused all of this.
Didn't read this, just going off title

I know some have been shrieking about the boomer threads on the chans that these are D&C posts, but I don't think they are. The same problem has often existed among Christians as well (and probably a bunch of other groups), some of the worst enemies came from within and then groups split up. To me, to be a white person is not simply something you're born in to, but something you then choose to be a part of - the white anti-white antifa people are not on /pol/'s side, but the thing to keep in mind is that they are sometimes capable of change so they shouldn't be dismissed as if they're gone for good. Even if they have made choices that are irreparable, they could still "switch sides" in some capacity in the future.

So yes, the most wealthy and powerful who have created destruction are the worst enemies, but whites or boomers or women or a bunch of these other groups that have taken part in anti-white (and anti-Christian, to me) activities are "the enemy", but it's possible they could change for the better in the future, so you kind of have to treat them as enemies but also as though they can become friends, kind of thing.
And who let the jews into Europe and America? White traitors.
>lemmings picture
>it's laws
Even proper grammar seems to hard to comprehend.
Jews just happen to be there at the core of everything that destroys our society, but it's nothing more than an accident.
It is fairly logical that Whites would want to replace themselves out of existence, just like any people has done before.
Accusing the subversive Jew is so dishonest... and subversive. Ergo whites are the real Jews anti-Semites keep yapping about.
Jews are innocent.
A few men of power who got bought.
In Russia it's different, Jews literally took the power out of the Tsar's hands.
Why are you strawmanning me? Did I explicitly defend the Jews? No, I didn't. I said we need to take responsibility for what actually IS our fault. If you think a legitimately strong race would be conquered by subversion, that is a fucked up conception of strength. Our people aren't perfect; never have been and never will be. We can either act like respectable men and hold ourselves to a higher standard or we can sweep our dirty laundry under the rug and keep crying "Zionism" when we fail. What do you want?
>Why are you strawmanning me? Did I explicitly defend the Jews?
You are massively deflecting away from the Jews' responsibility in destroying us.
So I didn't strawman you, I simply put your claim under the scopes.

Let me debunk some erroneous implications found in your claim.
First of all, no strong specimen in nature is fully immune to parasites. Even a powerful dog can get a little invader in his colon.
Another erroneous idea found in your claim being that we are imperfect so we are the root cause of the problem we blame Jews for.
No one said we didn't have black sheep within our race. We Whites also have our own criminals and pigs. But the point you deny is that these are the people the Jews look for, support and push forth.

Now, what is easier? Screening those White weak links at birth with some super futuristic tech, or pushing Jews away as far as possible so even the potential traitors never actually get a chance to turn against their own folk with the help of the Jews?
We know for certainty what Jews will do, because they always did it, but we're not prescient about who among Whites will be a betrayer.

You cannot generalize against Whites when it is absolutely obvious that many are of a noble nature and abhor the Jews.
lol this site is filled with strawmanning and general disingenuity. For the most part we just shouldn't accept them as white if they act in a racially opposing way, and it's why we need a national identity that is strongly off of the basis of being White but at the same time has strong national ties in order to not be bogged down by traitors.
I'm not deflecting away from them, okay? I'm just not reaching for the pitchfork quickly enough to satisfy you. Your dog metaphor is not functional; we're dealing with human dynamics not literal tapeworms. Most Whites have been tolerant of interracial and intercultural relations (I don't mean that sexually, necessarily) since the beginning of humanity, that is why, ironically, we are blended with Neanderthals. If the Jew never existed, Whites would still be absolutely relatively xenophilic and relatively open minded. It's how we've evolved; it's had benefits but also negatives that need awareness and moderation. I'm not going to address your armchair eugenics because not only is it ignorant, it's faulty to be so flagrantly reductionist in such matters. Not trying to talk shit, I'm just readily perturbed by such rampant over-simplification.

I also never denied Jewish exploitation of individuals, I'm not sure where you concocted that one from. I'm requesting you do not misrepresent me further.

To conclude, I'll state that I personally reject the nobility of Aryans or any portion of humanity. Nobility is highly subjective and I don't get into all that cheesy Humanism stuff. Humans are imperfect creatures that are defined by their ability to learn from their mistakes. So, I recognize the malicious nature of Zionism, but have far stronger concerns about the intellectual and strength of character from our people. I'm choosing to hold people accountable for their actions and to take responsibility for failures and mistakes. If you want to continue passing the bucket, by all means, that's your business. I'd rather hold myself to a higher standard of conduct and when something goes wrong, I believe the first place to look is in the mirror.
Throughout history we have had a racial sense of things. Your summary is basically rejecting the importance of defending our race (at least those that are with us,) no matter how much you may try to deny it. It sounds like you are the one pushing humanism or the variant of it under radical individualism. You yourself sound strongly like a traitor.
Yes, some of us have a good racial sense, myself included.

You say I reject defending the race, how so? That's false, you're grasping at straws and slandering me without justification.

How am I pushing Humanism? I mostly reject nobility, which contradicts that accusation.

How is taking responsibility for your race "pushing individualism"? Once again, you're making no sense; are you drunk?

How do I sound like a traitor? I'm not defending the Jews or condoning how Whites have acted. Please stop trying to virtue signal on me, I'm not impressed nor do I have to prove myself to someone who's just looking for an axe to grind.
"How Whites have acted" Exactly, you are attacking Whites, instead of making the distinction that they are race traitors more so than actually being White.
Alright, calm down; I'm not trying to attack ALL of us; I figured that wouldn't be assumed, but I guess I HAVE to clarify.

Take a breath and wipe the blood off your mouth. If you're reasonable, maybe I'll make the effort to be more semantically accommodating in possible future posts to appease the more emotionally volatile here.
It's not semantics how you phrase things can indeed matter and blanket attacks on "Whites" does not help.
Sure, I understand. I didn't conciously differentiate because I believe the majority of Whites to have "traitorous" or harmful tendencies. So, since loyalty is a rare exception, it's realistically difficult for me not to make blanket statements; thus my sweeping prejudice. Part of the difficulty lies in not having a designated term for these types, you know? "Traitor", whilst accurate, is out of vogue and lacking derogatory potence in today's climate.
Sure, but I just don't see how to take what you saying much further. I agree that most Whites are indeed traitors like what OP is saying. imo we need less mirrors and more unity even if the only way to really achieve this unity is to break up the current structures.
Well, I half agree/disagree. The Jew thing has taught me that scapegoating and united hatred aren't a stable foundation for unity. Another thing that's problematic and counter-productive for us is overpoliticization of everything pertaining to Our People: Everyone is squabbling, trying to push their worldview on everyone else and the whole thing is just a mess.

We're acting like a dysfunctional political party instead of a worldwide nation. In these times of adversity and upheaval our ORGANIC culture should be flourishing; music, art, fashion, philosophy, community, spirituality, etc. But everybody wants to politicize everything to push a narrative. I know things have changed, but why stop creating for the sake of creation? We're still a nation; they can take our homes, persecute us and beat us down but we can't let them take our souls.

That takes self-awareness and responsibility; to take a long look in the mirror and admit the hatred is hanging heavy around our necks. They've turned us into vicious dogs ready to snap at anything; I'm done with that. We can either get dragged down or rise above it all; I know what I plan to do.
>We're acting like a dysfunctional political party instead of a worldwide nation. In these times of adversity and upheaval our ORGANIC culture should be flourishing; music, art, fashion, philosophy, community, spirituality, etc. But everybody wants to politicize everything to push a narrative. I know things have changed, but why stop creating for the sake of creation? We're still a nation; they can take our homes, persecute us and beat us down but we can't let them take our souls.
Well said, I wholeheartedly agree.
>rise above it
we already have plenty of boomer tier escapism
SMH, I didn't say "distract ourselves".

I really wish you guys would put more effort into considering things with more depth instead of reflexively reducing everything into trite cliches. And with this post my interest and patience with /pol/ has run dry.

Best wishes and good luck until next time(?)
Most of the time anons like the one you replied to aren't white anons replying in good faith. There is no way to know if they are kikes, bots, or commies, but one thing is for sure they aren't "one of us." It's a shill tactic called topic dilution. Happy Saturday, anon.
Need to stick around my dude.
Some television shows, video games and rap songs are good. Most isn't. I agree that the rest are fair points to distance yourself from other whites. I should add that sports aren't bad either, so long as you're playing them.
Just a few things I like from these categories (and there aren't many more past these that are worth considering relevant from what I've been exposed to) are several documentaries, Xavier Renegade Angel, Wonder Showzen, Serial Experiments Lain, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Deus Ex Machina and Arma. As for rap, there are a few Lil Ugly Mane songs I respect a lot. Some instrumental hip-hop is listenable when it isn't a bunch of samples lazily strung together, but other genres of music have this same issue (EDM comes to mind immediately).

the aspects of culture i think whites should focus on is alternative industry, sciences, community and philosophy. if we have no way of taking over the establishment, then we have to do as Waco attempted. the other aspects of culture you mentioned are important, too, but not necessarily practical in dire times (like now).
I don't think we should do as Waco, we shouldn't be too defensive like them. If we're in Hel then we might as well cave it in and only then can we find some light.
>Most isn't.
Fifty bucks he isn't white.
>just shy of total agreement with OP
>OP that specifically mentions hating whites disliking normie shit
Epic argument, faggot
>make fun of him for his inability to write
>make fun of him again for his inability to read
>posturing over minor grammatical errors
>"Fifty bucks he isn't white" is proper English

>are most whites the enemy?

No. They are fencesitters and cowards who want to stay on the sidelines. Once it becomes clear that one side or another is winning, the masses will move to support that side, for then it costs nothing.

We do not need to win hearts and minds, we only need to defeat the minority of our people who are the enemy. The rest will either side with us when it becomes clear we're winning, or, if accelerationism succeeds, they will be knocked off the fence and forced to side with us in order to survive.

Either way, we needn't concern ourselves with the masses overly much.
You're not enlightened. You're simply aware that your race is on the way out because your ancestors made a number of fatal errors. The problem now is that you are weak, and seek a group to reinforce yourself. You cannot stand on your own, and need the praise of others, the sounds of other men cheering on your group. You need to feel dominating, and this is the only way you know how.
That is why you are weak. You never learned to live with yourself, as you are. You never learned to stand on your own feet, against the laughs and jeers of others.
Learn to be strong. Learn to stand on your own two feet. Then maybe your race would be worth saving.
Once Trump was elected, the chans (all of them) were bombarded with D&C. The purpose of it was to keep everyone fighting each other, and make everyone into paranoid, easily controlled individuals alienated from the roots of a movement. The result is now that no e-celebs want anything to do with imageboards, entire web communities have been censored into nonexistence, and every year the web is more sanitized. All because you were too busy fighting each other over petty bullshit like who is least jewish, or who is the most randomly hateful and mean-spirited. The imageboard version of peacocking.
Your post is peacocking. You spout nonsense in order to "fit in" with a hive mind. People like you are the reason the internet is being sanitized and no resistance exists.
>We do not need to win hearts and minds
>if accelerationism succeeds, they will be knocked off the fence and forced to side with us in order to survive
Sweden and Great Britain are proof that you are wrong. Those are cultures which the hearts and minds of the people have been brought onto the side which is killing them.
Idiots suppose that they will be proven right in the end, that everyone will "wake up" and join them. No. That will never happen. Your exact thoughts were repeated in the '60s and then the '80s. You are still a fringe minority. The only way to win is to persuade people.
If nazis did as much propaganda (subtle propaganda, but redpilled af) as communists and jews do, things would do something even if you don't notice at all.

Plant some seeds, men.
The vast majority of people think as we do. They might say no if it's called natzee, but their actions betray their words. The liberal project is doomed to fail because it can only be maintained in good times and with a lot of coercion.
Hopefully the pressure from the walls caving in will create an explosion from our culture. From that point it's fight or die trying. I see a lot of people leaning on christianity as a cultural rock to stay stable on, but it seems to be the thin edge of a wedge to open the flood gates for cultural invasion. Anyone that swallows the christcuck pill has their ability to look at things in a questioning way subdued to atrophy. That matrix reference near the top is an interesting thing. Its like the wachowski kikes were giving us a look at the inner workings of the jewish grand plan. The information is laid out for those with the eye to see it. I think talking to people open to historical truth in our social circles is a good thing to do. Its all about rescuing good people to get them on the inside track. I just wish I had some sort of memetic scud missile against christian indoctrination. History doesn't give a fuck about people and their blinding faith will be the doom of their children.


no cookies?