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(32.82 KB 600x350 dims.jpeg)
Book Thread Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 01:23:29 ID:41e129 No. 14430
Hello /pol/. I've been busy since the shut down. I hope this thread stays up. I will share Zundel's Bunker. I am reading AK Chesterton's "The New Unhappy Lords."

there is a library board. maybe it's allowed here too but idk

It's a politically incorrect library. I'm not peddling general books and shit. This is a niche collection.
well they have quintessential pol books on library too so that's why i was wondering
(1.68 MB 1256x2355 1408122716302.jpg)
>>14430 Could you possibly give a listing of what's included before I go downloading some random shit?
(63.63 KB 326x482 hitlers revolution.jpg)
(54.57 KB 321x482 MEIN KAMPF.jpg)
(17.58 KB 301x430 NER.jpg)
>>14430 Nature's Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen Mein Kampf (stalag translation) by Adolf Hitler Hitler's Revolution by Richard Tedor These three books should be read by every White man and Woman.
i saved a book thread from 8ch a while back with tons of mega links. unfortunately id say 90% of those mega folders have been taken down since then. does anyone have links to working mega libraries, particularly with esoteric content? is so, i will leech the entire folders, no matter size, for safe keeping. i have a mega acct and will leech multiple tb folders if necessary for safe keeping when the next big shoah happens.
>>16112 If you mean the pol archives the mega links for that was also posted as a torrent. If any files don't work it's because the file paths format is too long so just fix that and they should work. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1D0554862068BFABA9BD2FC6F75CB69FA420C834
>>16127 >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1D0554862068BFABA9BD2FC6F75CB69FA420C834 holy shit i had no idea that ALL of it was in one torrent. that is a VERY important magnet link that cannot be lost. i will get the whole thing and seed.
good lord the metadata alone takes a long time to download
(191.11 KB Contents.txt)
>>16096 Contents.txt for you
>>16110 I've read MK, V1 and V2. I completely agree. The other two I will read. I recommend the book I mentioned in the OP.
>>16112 i have maybe 10 of these posts saved on a flashdrive. i will start uploading what i have to the library board
>>16110 Are Klassen's books worthwhile if I have no real interest in the WCotC? I downloaded some (real, not text to speech) audiobooks a few years ago, but never listened.
>>16127 As soon as I fins a seedbox host that will take a goddamn prepaid CC I will gladly seed. Does anyone know of any torrent friendly VPSs?
>>16576 Thnx Anon
>>16572 Yes, creativity is just a nature religion so the "religion" is simply reality. You probably have the NER books read by James Mac. I recommend all of Klassen's work. >creativitymovement.net/category/library/audio-books/
Axe of Perun All Christians are Cucks like it says on the cover
Axe of Perun and The Gift Analysis of Manly P. Hall’s Initiates of the Flame The Lord of Awakening Absolute Freedom I Think That Gender is Fluid A Pure Generation Hope The Gift Twitter Adventures Tell Me Another Story... Become a Battlemage What is Ethnic? When is it Enough? Loyalty Russia’s New Generation The Nature of Evil Spirit and Soul Manipulation of Natural Energies When is it enough? #2 Operation Medusa The Truth or Nothing Metalsucks.net The Artificial Future The Source of it All A World of Subscription All the World’s a Stage Even in Remote Areas Truth Doesn’t Even Matter to Him Anymore
Axe of Perun for Our People Ethereal Beauty Easter Has Nothing to do with Christianity; Jesus Has Nothing to do with Europeans Define Terrorism A Parasite and Virus The Pendulum Tolerance and Apathy Death Cuck Identity Cucktianity: What is a Covenant? The Destruction of Freedom and Creativity Free Will Excellence Choice Thou Knowest Aim for the Head The Need for Hate Eurovision Cuck Identity #2 Let There Be Light When the Indoctrination Crumbles Flyers Awakening Freemasons : Useful Idiots The Stages of Good and Evil The Thought That Never Ends They Kept Their Honor Freemasons : Good Goyim Freemasons : Good Goyim # 2 The Asatru Community The Asatru Community # 2 Christian Nationalists Freemasons : Good Goyim # 3 By the Great Oak Tree Freemasons : Useful idiots # 2 The Era of Civic Nationalism White Genocide : A Biological Reality Psychology of Self-Hatred The “Resist not Evil” Bullshit You are Responsible The Little Angel A Feminized Collective The Plague of Democracy Pope Says it’s Suicide Not to Take in Migrants Re-Kindle the Soul and Spirit Heil Europa
Axe of Perun vs the Jews The Jewish Mind Prison The Jewnited Nations Mural Solomon’s Proverb The Jewish Leviathan What the Hell is Anti-Semitism? Jewish Vocabulary The Holocaust Impact The Jewish Sound Jewish Saturn Worship What the Hell is Jewish Tikkun Olam? The Jewish Illusion Jewish Propaganda : Spring Lamb 2016 Non-Binary Gender Jew The Judeo-Masonic Denver International Airport Jewish Political Lesbian Feminist Jewish Cohencidences of Gematria Alcohol and the Jewish idea of God Habit and Jewish influence Jewish Qabalah The Jewess Merkel The UK Bows Down to the Eternal Jew The Jewish War against Nature and European Paganism The Mouth of Israel The House of Jacob God’s Chosen What? God’s Chosen What? #2 God’s Chosen What? #3 Jewish Voices, Visions and Dreams The Jewish Narrative in Starcraft The Jewish Death Sentence of Sweden Satanism vs Judaism
Wisdom of Our People Axe of Perun
Disgusting Jews vs Glorious Rome [unofficial title] ROME CONTRA JUDAEA ; JUDAEA CONTRA ROMA by Evropa Soberana Foreword Chapter 1 Geopolitical, anthropological and ethnic context Rome Judea Roman anti-Semitism: a spiritual conflict The Hellenistic legacy Greek anti-Semitism The conquest of Pompey The Jews in the Roman Empire Herod the Great Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm Caligula Claudius Nero Chapter 2 The Jewish-Roman wars First Judeo-Roman war: The Great Jewish Revolt (66-73 CE) Siege and fall of Jerusalem: the destruction of the Second Temple Consequences of the Great Jewish Revolt Second Jewish-Roman War: The Rebellion of the Diaspora or Kitos War Third Jewish-Roman War: The Palestinian Revolt or Rebellion of Bar Kokhba (132-135) Consequences of the Palestinian revolt Some conclusions Chapter 3 Christianity and the fall of the Empire A Jewish sect appears Christianity takes hold outside Judea ‘Saint’ Constantine Constantine’s heir: Constantius Emperor Julian as the last flick of the tail of Rome After Julian Theodosius ‘the Great’ #4.9.Emperor Arcadius|outline Other emperors Alexandria, Egypt, 415 CE Judaea, victorious Appendix Nietzsche on Christianity On the Genealogy of Morality (1887) The Anti-Christ: A Curse on Christianity Law against Christianity They Kept Their Honor
Faith-Of-The-Future-Matt-Koehl Contents I. Idea and Civilization 5 II. Christianity and the West 6 III. The Decline of Christianity 8 IV. Twilight of the West 1 3 V. The Tragedy of 1945 1 4 VI. Worldview of a New Age 16 VII. The Faith of Adolf Hitler 2 1 "Wir sind nicht die Letzten von gestern, sondern die Ersten von morgen." H Sündermann "We are not the last of yesterday, but the first of tomorrow."
Heinrich Himmler The Voice of Our Ancestors The Pagan Snow White and the Evil Queen Christianity
(236.48 KB 791x971 Sparta and its Law.png)
Sparta and its Law by Evropa Soberana Contents Introduction Origins of Sparta First development of Sparta: the Messenian wars Lycurgus and the Revolution The New Sparta Eugenics and early childrearing The education of children The education of adolescents Adult life Women and marriage The government The Spartan religious feeling The supremacy over Athens Spartan racism: the crypteia War The Battle of Thermopylae The lesson of Sparta
The Jewish Hand in the World Wars Thomas Dalton Contents Part 1 Historical Context Jewish Advance in America and Elsewhere Wilson and the “Great War” Balfour Part 1 Sources Part 1 Notes Part 2 The Paris Peace Conference The Jewish Revolutions The Interwar Period and Emergence of FDR “All the President’s Jews” The Path to War England Stands Alone Media Blitz The Pearl Harbor “Incident” Some Concluding Thoughts Part 2 Sources Part 2 Notes
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Two Hundred Years Together Russo-Jewish History [Uncensored English version] Volume 1 Contents - The Jews before the Revolution Ch. 1 Before the 19 th century (translated by R. Butler and J. Harris) Ch. 2 During the reign of Alexander I (previously censored) Ch. 3 During the reign of Nicholas I (previously censored) Ch. 4 During the period of reforms Ch. 5 After the murder of Alexander II Ch. 6 In the Russian revolutionary movement (previously censored) Ch. 7 The birth of Zionism (previously censored) Ch. 8 At the turn of the 20 th century (previously censored) Ch. 9 During the Revolution of 1905 (previously censored) Ch. 10 During the period of Duma (previously censored) Ch. 11 The Jewish and Russian national consciousness prior to World War I (previously censored) Ch. 12 During World War I (previously censored) Volume 2 Contents - The Jews in the Soviet Union Ch. 13 The February Revolution Ch. 14 During 1917 Ch. 15 Among Bolsheviks (previously censored) Ch. 16 During the Civil War Ch. 17 Emigration between the two World Wars Ch. 18 In the 1920s Ch. 19 In the 1930s Ch. 20 In the camps of GULag Ch. 21 During the Soviet-German War Ch. 22 From the end of the war to Stalin's death Ch. 23 Before the Six-Day War Ch. 24 Breaking away from Bolshevism Ch. 25 Accusing Russia Ch. 26 The beginning of Exodus Ch. 27 About the assimilation. Author’s afterword Endnotes
(435.25 KB 794x971 Rethinking Mein Kampf.png)
Rethinking "Mein Kampf" By Thomas Dalton
The Forced War David Hoggan
China Betrayed Into Communism James Perloff Contents Introduction Japan and Manchuria The Chinese Republic Chinese Reds: Soviet Puppets Roosevelt’s Betrayal Vinegar Joe State Department Junta Pro-communist Stratagems Marshall Mission The Media Role Overt Betrayal: The IPR “Aid” to China China Collapses
>>16862 >>16863 >>16864 >>16866 >>16867 >>16868 >>16869 >>16870 >>16871 >>16872 >>16873 >>16874 >>16875 >>16876 Thank you for putting a bit of effort into your book dump anon. It is very much appreciated
(1.33 MB 907x680 meinkampf-thomasdalton-s.png)
>>16874 the same author, Thomas Dalton, has recently produced a new and excellent Mein Kampf translation, which afaik is only available on Amazon
>>16929 I own both volumes. Expensive but well-worth it. The translation is great and it feels good that I can trust it and cross-reference with the German (I know a little bit but still)
(19.78 MB thebadwar.pdf)
(555.87 KB 814x934 thebadwar.png)
THE BAD WAR The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II By Mike King TABLE OF CONTENTS THE BAD WAR INTRODUCTION P. 6 SECTION 1: Seeds of Future World Wars / 1848 – 1913 . P. 9 SECTION 2: .. World War I & Fall of Russia / 1914 – 1918 P. 36 SECTION 3: . Nationalism vs Globalism / 1919 – 1933 P. 66 SECTION 4: .. The Plot to Destroy Germany / 1933 -1939 P. 87 SECTION 5: .. World War II - Part 1 / 08/1939 – 12/1941 P. 125 SECTION 6: . World War II - Part 2 / 12/1941 - 08/1945 P. 173 SECTION 7: The Aftermath of World War II / 1945 - 1950 P. 220 CLOSING STATEMENT: P. 240 FOOTNOTES P. 242
>>16876 Appreciated dump!
>>16936 Appreciate the dump, but Mike King should probably be avoided. He deserves some credit for being pro-Hitler before it became anywhere near as fashionable as it is in the movement now, but he doesn't provide any citations, instead giving a list of terms to google for sources, and he has now embraced the Q LARP, which discredits him completely as far as I'm concerned.
>>14430 Is this the mega that was originally called Morgoth's library?
>>14430 Librivox free "public domain" audiobooks https://librivox.org/ For Anons bookmarks
>>17228 In essence. Morgoth's got expanded from 18gigs to near 25 gigs.


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