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(21.00 KB 2000x1333 NAR colors.jpg)
Northwest Imperative Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 20:05:08 ID:4f3454 No. 14520

Because we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children


The US Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana west of I-15

If you are a white American, you have an obligation to yourself, your ancestors, and your descendants to migrate to the homeland and help throw off the racial enemies.
Are you here? If not, why?
(65.88 KB 500x500 nf logo.png)
Read the northwest novels

Start with "The Brigade"
Here's a TTS: https://archive.org/details/the_brigade_tts

Listen to the backlog of RFN
Can't convince any of my family to join me, everyone is tied down to jobs and their house.
Establishing Jefferson in NorCal would be very beneficial to this plan. The spics don't want anything north of San Jose. It's the World Bank keeping the Bay's hold on the state. California is full of patriots.
>California is full of patriots.
This is most likely due to them witnesses degeneracy first hand.
What of the non-white minorities currently present? Would it be best if zero tolerance was adhered to and they were all expelled/coaxed off of the territory?
This was an idea created by jews and promoted by jews. I suggest you noobs reading this should research Harold Covington before you get involved in this nonsense. He is by far the worst anti-White subversive smear artist and liar I can think of in the entire history of the movement and he was a good friend and protector of the jew frank Cohen. Check out Hadding Scott's websites for more information. He called for the death of Duke and Pierce ffs. You cant be a NS or pro-White in any way and support that. You shouldn't waste your time reading his trash. These jewish distractions and MGTOW/ blackpill/ and anti White woman threads are more numerous than real White activism these days because of jewish shills pushing bullshit.
running away never works. whites need to wake up and conquer the world. yes we did, yes we can
Harold Covington was the best thing for white nationalism since Rockwell.
Even if you have some gripe with him, he didn't invent the northwest imperative and he's passed away.

There is nothing possibly less Jewish than a white ethnostate. Go shill somewhere else.
Take a look at a demographic map sometime. We are a minority in much of the US.

There is no room for debate. It is the northwest or die. This has been the case for 50 years and we can't afford to sit around and do nothing any more.
Read the proposed constitution on the website, and the books.
Yes, non whites would be legally removed. Most would self deport once the conflict started heating up.
Best of luck anons. You might think about reaching out to some of the separatists groups in Alberta. Geographically they fit pretty well with your I15 border. I'm in Ontario myself but considering moving out that way . Internet down atm but later today will see if I can find you some worthwhile groups to contact. They dont have much momentum but together perhaps could have more impact Albertians are basically leaflands version of Texans
.t the Other Leaf
Do you have a way I can reach out to you?
T.ontario anon
Including a portion of Canada has always been proposed and is still a matter of debate
Hopefully more will join us now that things are really going to shit. Better late than never I suppose.

Yes, we will deport non-whites. There are no plans for genocide or anything crazy like that. The goal is to load them and their belongings on busses and send them South and basically just tell them to fuck off.

Move to BC. The vastness and density of the wilderness up there will provide excellent cover for our operations.

We will be taking BC at the very least. We're already planning on taking land back from the feds, why not go all in and take some of leafland too? Who would stop us?
Good to hear. Imagine some would be for and others against. There's certainly some cultural and historical differences between us and some bad blood but have to think co operation benefits outweigh most of that. Trudy certainly doesn't represent the average rural leaf ( something else I thought of and will look into. Our charter would allow for a province to separate Quebec settled that in court. Realistically they would need to be the first and are most likely to break free. Not sure about slicing a piece of Alberta off without the whole province approval and looking into what land is still "crown" and or first nation would be good good idea too. Pretty sure burgers would only accept a peice of leaf land if it came with some of the tar sands and or was free of natives. Tbo I use to live way up north and northern natives used to be pretty based and had aspirations for separatism them selves
Open to suggestions internet still out here so options pretty non existent atm. Thinking we might have crossed paths here before in the early weeks of 16. That your down south of me. I'm mid 40s in TO and wouldnt consider myself an activist though that is subject to change
>what about places with low non-white minorities? zero tolerance? am I being too harsh?
I have no idea bro.
lone wolf "accidental" / silent cleansing

>I aintn't err durp mowon and we muss hit them harrr wib ouw biiig clubz
Look, sometimes retreat and walls are good too.
Secession when?
Aren't these fellas more French than the French themselves?
They are but no one is more unified and opposed to the Muslim invasion than quebecois. For generations they have fought for the right to do their own thing and preserve their heritage
Myself I wouldnt get hung up on the race aspect to start with. What are you going to do DNA test everyone before they migrate?
Only 100% German allowed? How many people will pass that test?
99 German 1% Spanish?
What about 99.99 german .01% sub saharan?

Get a fascist front man to rally behind. Then welcome all to migrate who agree to belief system regardless of "whiteness" then have your secession and expected civil war. After dust settles then begin worrying about preserving the race

You need numbers more than anything. 20 white guys becoming martyrs will not accomplish your goals.

Myself self I dont really get hung up on race I consider myself better than them but I consider myself better than most people including most whites. I take issue with people based on their values and and intelligence not necessarily their particular shade of beige though the two do have much in common
"Just deport them" there is no political solution (Adolf tried and we see what happened to him,) we need "crazy," and anyone shilling against that is a traitor.
Hahaha no we havent crossed paths unfortunately you're alot older than me anyhow
If you have a kik we can talk there if you want
There was another lad from Kit/WL that suggested meeting up in one of the cad pol threads. So thought might be same anon

Kik /eyeroll
You need to be 18 to use this site wee lad
(112.62 KB 504x577 1395883409214.jpg)
Are a bunch of faggots LARPing. I tried to talk to them about ways to transfer value without money (thus eliminating the taxman's tribute out of the equation and increasing self sustainability). They bombarded me both with illogical suppositions and bad energy, accused me of being a divisive agent provocateur and perma banned me for suggesting barter/trade in goods claiming I was advocating illegal activities. I provided proof that taxes, by definition, never applied to goods and how it would benefit yet they where not open in the least.

Their "State of Jefferson" is legally laughable too, they federal government
>New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.
Section 3, 1:

Not only would the Cali never agree with such a thing (even if Oregon & Washington did) they have to face the fact that congress lost the ability to lawfully induct new states into the union post civil war at the earliest but definitely provable after 1933 when they declared bankruptcy and their power moved from the (then hypothetically) lawfully elected legislature for the people to being an agent of the creditors, no longer an instrument bound by law but by contract.

Never has any one (even the fags LARPing this shit IRL) can answer honestly on either front. Clearly they are run by shills if not out right a cult/psyop. I also noticed how extremely young/naive many of them are.

If anything happens it will be by military force, anything else will get BTFO of any legislature assembly due to ZOG.
The NF has nothing to do with the state of Jefferson movement. You're thinking of the wrong group.
The moving to the PNW is a good idea regardless of whether or not you want to join up with a group.
If you're on your own, the worst that can happen is that there's never a Northwest rebellion, and you just moved to a nice rural area with white communities (As long as you stay out of cities).
Best case scenario, you help contribute to the secession and rise of a white ethnostate.
I like kik because it's easy to make burner accounts
Well they where shilling that too, maybe they just had more than one loyalty, and they still wanna be sure to tribute ZOG and suppress legitimate discussion or actual solutions.
<WAAAAA you wanna work without being paid?
>I said I wanted to work for the benefit of white people, and if I don't accept pay then there is no taxes
Ya no worries, was just friendly jab, my interactions with based zoomers of late has given me a glimmer of hope for the future of this planet.
Still think your fucked and there will likely be a great deal of hardship in your future but perhaps the survivors will learn from our mistakes
If it wasn't hard it wouldn't be as rewarding when we win

Besides everyone these days is fucked not just us
Agreed on both accounts, yet those of us near the end of our lives, a little less so
I want this to be a viable solution so badly. We can be such a great people when we're left the fuck alone and united. Incredible how much that idea is villified: whites being left to their own lands and allowed racial solidarity. There will always be kikes trying to sabotage these movements, Mason outlines that pretty clearly in Siege. This anon >>14727 is right; even if any of these movements are honeypots or kiked, it's ultimately still in our interest to unite in one territory so that we can eventually establish a border around it. Planning on heading to the PNW in a few years, it's starting to look like our last stand/hope.
>There will always be kikes trying to sabotage these movements
Do people here really think it is a good idea to put all our people into a concentrated territory? Sure that happens to some extent due to self segregation of many sorts but that would leave us very vulnerable to attack.

The best option would be to organize and make confidential networks in cell organizations and promote secessionist movements. We would be more successful by taking the whole nation by the shadows, or even by insurgent warfare because of our extreme advantages and establishment weaknesses.

We paint a big target on our backs by encouraging this. We can't afford a giant Waco or Bundy Ranch standoff.
(4.67 MB 854x480 7W6LJyBQ1wPv.mp4)
>Watch this
I did. I support this movement sometime in the future. BUT!
"They" would not let a state like this exist and prosper within its midst. We must fight for the right to construct our paradise or it will just be dismantled or overrun.

(long, but in short it explains, with most caveats, why the war will be a decisive victory)

Victory is within our grasp! We can prevent our enemies from making an effective comeback. It's also a better alternative than such a small area that is vulnerable to a military campaign. We have apparent strengths and the establishment has many soft targets that the dependent public rely upon and that can't possibly be all defended. We shouldn't create targets for ourselves that the enemy can obliterate. We shouldn't gamble for overall public support that may never come or that the enemy won't attack. Violence is coming whether we like it or not.

Once we win, only then will construction be an imperative.
Bro he's defending Judea by pushing the right/wing narrative. This is the Jew's plan B and always has been, like the same old tired stuff of communists vs capitalist and how they were also involved in the first Civil War. Don't fall for the (((left))) or (((right))) scheme.
>Don't fall for the (((left))) or (((right)))
We need ways to punish dysgenic and traitorous whites. This has been the real reason for White Plight. Without them we wouldn't be in the mess we are currently in, and recognizing this takes some amount of self reflection. If we just create more prosperity and wealth for others to steal that only incentivizes their bad behavior. At worst it invites those, that seek to destroy us, an easy target to exploit and to make an example of.

To expand further you must realize that many behaviors have genetic origins. For example during the middle ages we literally killed and genocided our own violent barbarous populations. We had outrageous numbers of capital punishment. By removing the criminal and savage elements from the gene-pool each generation, this created relatively more peaceful and productive classes of whites we have today. Expanding on this we are not only understanding that violent behaviors are genetic but also political beliefs to some degree.

This is a helpful example of why understanding certain behaviors and political associations is necessary.

It helps to see actual demographics and voting patterns to see which groups resemble at least some pro-white sentiments and to reach out towards them. It helps to see who you may actually be able to teach, or trust. Rightwing affiliated people tend to be majority white, while leftwing folk are mostly non-whites and women (still mostly non-white women). You can choose to break this down further if you wish by subcategories and lobbying interests. If you choose to ignore this then you may end up allying with treasonous scum, like open borders liberals or big business "conservatives". We need associations and states that promote positive eugenics among whites. We shouldn't breed traitor classes. We should not give someone a pass just because they are white. If we do, we will just devolve again.

Our thoughts should not revolve around Judea, it is short sighted. The judea that threatens prosperous white society should be forced to comply with our demands. That is the point of a war, and those who defend the enemy.

We can't wave a stack of cash in front of a gambling addicts face, or a bottle of booze at an alcoholic. The same reason we can't just build another civilization for them to steal and demolish. We have to get rid of the parasite class before we can even become close to productive and start constructing white civilization. We tried leading by example, but many behaviors are too hard coded.
Consequence is the only teacher at this point.
I ally with people like Atomwaffen and other nationalists who I know are on my side, never left or right wingers. When did I say we should just try to build another civilization over the preexisting one? I have no intention on trying to force Jews to "comply" with their counter culture against our people. As for traitors I barely believe them to be of the same race, especially when they get to the point of miscegenation of course. I am willing to forgive some abandoners like regretful and awakened veterans though, for I also realize that I was not always this conscious but I am not saying we should be too patient by any means or to not treat an enemy as an enemy.
>did I say we should just try to build another civilization over the preexisting one?
My response in to the "Northwest Imperative".
Yeah I agree. A lot of stuff has to go down before stuff can really go up.
>Myself I wouldnt get hung up on the race aspect to start with. What are you going to do DNA test everyone before they migrate?
Dude, please. Ever heard of eyeballs?
Checking on (grand)parents is also quicker than DNA testing.
>100% german or btfo
Nice strawman. You can't be this retarded.
>Get a fascist front man to rally behind. Then welcome all to migrate who agree to belief system regardless of "whiteness"
The point is to build a white land. We don't want non-whites and we couldn't care if colored people agree with us, they have to stay out of this. Our solution is not for them. No race of people can indefinitely continue their existence without territorial imperatives in which to propagate, protect and promote their own kind. TERRITORIAL SEGREGATION first and foremost. No sharing of land. None at all. No discussion allowed.
>If anything happens it will be by military force, anything else will get BTFO of any legislature assembly due to ZOG.
The idea is to implant a serious and motivational idea of territorial splitting and segregation.
White Land for Whites. Period.
Whether it works or not is not the most important aspect of it, since in the end it must be done, regardless of the method, violent or not.
Any movement can hacked by the ZOG but can also be taken in better hands.
>Do people here really think it is a good idea to put all our people into a concentrated territory?
Why concentrated?
Regardless of size, it must be white. Period.
>We paint a big target on our backs by encouraging this. We can't afford a giant Waco or Bundy Ranch standoff.
Not all white cells would have moved into the protected territories. We'd still need deep agents and saboteurs.
Whites living outside but being invited to see how life is fine in white lands would return then to their cesspits and certainly find themselves in doubt.
They need a VISION. We need to sell a utopia. A White Utopia. Show how beautiful it would be, how powerful we would be when left alone and allotting all of our resources to White interests only.
>To expand further you must realize that many behaviors have genetic origins. For example during the middle ages we literally killed and genocided our own violent barbarous populations. We had outrageous numbers of capital punishment. By removing the criminal and savage elements from the gene-pool each generation, this created relatively more peaceful and productive classes of whites we have today. Expanding on this we are not only understanding that violent behaviors are genetic but also political beliefs to some degree.
Tamed specimen.
Then call it a tactical retreat?
Ive heard from a lot of people that theres shit tons of chinese in the PNW. If this is so what if the northwest front just ends up being the genesis of a hapa race/ethnostate. im enraged at this, that it wont be half japanese but half bug.
Asians aren't white. They won't be allowed to stay.
>>14888 über digits hail'd
Truth spoken.
Check'd and heil'd
(38.67 KB 640x625 1572341281718.jpg)
Now that AD is wishy washy on the future RFN I'm thinking about doing an unofficial weekly or biweekly podcast going over national politics, tech related stuff here and there, promoting Northwest migration, and shilling 16chan. The audio file would probably be uploaded on here in a NWF general thread or something.

What would you guys like me to include in the first one? I'm thinking I'll just reiterate what HAC used to ramble about, since there are always newbies who will benefit from such messaging. When week two rolls around I'll have some actual news. I plan on keeping these short, maybe 15-25 minutes a piece (depending on the file size limit here and amount of content).
Why not send your files to Andy like he's been asking for? Won't he welcome it?
(61.18 KB 960x944 1573265001447.jpg)
>Won't he welcome it?
No. I have my own problems with Andy anyways. I don't think he's the right fit for his position. The only reason I support him as much as I do is because of the clean transition of leadership of the NWF and because I don't want to see this movement split up. I will keep him at an arm's length when appropriate though, and if I think that there's someone who joins us that's a better fit for that role, I will voice my opinion loudly.

Let me be perfectly clear. My loyalty is to the homeland to my comrades. Not to Andy Donner.
Without gossip I'd be interested to hear the cause for disagreement. I seem to remember Andy not considering himself a leader anyway.

Are you on riot?
What it really boils down to is that I don't like what he's doing with RFN, the website, and the forums mostly. That should've all been expanded right after Harold's passing. But instead of going harder on the public outreach it seems like Andy is looking inwards. How does Andy expect us to gain more traction as movement if we aren't getting new members? Alt-right lispy sodomites like Richard Spencer are pulling in the youth while we stagnate.

And now for a rant about the economic feasibility of migration...
Yes, we do want the "t-shirt kids" and yes, we do want to rent them rooms for cheap and help them find jobs. I'm in my early 20s and there's no way I could just "save up and move" to the other side of the country, even working full time. I would need help, and a lot of it. Less than half the people I know use their basements. Why can't party members put three or four beds down there and provide a cheap living arrangement for the young men and women of our movement? But no, can't have anything that will actually work. All of these proposals are ignored in favor of telling people to just pull themselves up by their boomerstraps without consideration for real world logistics.

And another rant about shekels...
I also don't like how he's handling party finances. I am NOT accusing him of theft or anything like that. I just don't think he knows what the fuck he's doing. Which is fine, he just needs to let someone who does take complete control of that. He also needs to understand that we will be operating at a loss for the foreseeable future, quite frankly until after we take this land and start manufacturing shit. Nobody here is going to get rich from this. Also begging for donations is unprofessional and turns people off. His obsession over dollars and cents makes me feel like the time I give is almost worthless to him. Very disappointing.
>Are you on riot?
For the purposes of this discussion, no.
(1.32 MB 1000x800 1488 digit checker.png)

I'm an early 20s man about to move 5000 miles to the homeland following the northwest imperative in 2 months. My wife and I saved the money to do it working low wage jobs. It didn't take long.
If you can't get a couple thousand dollars together on your own, maybe you aren't cut out for this and should just stay where you are. Why should anyone take the risk of illegally subletting for someone who doesn't even have his life together, especially at this early stage?

If you don't have the money why are you considering committing time and effort to a podcast? How can you afford that? You need to get your priorities in order.
That was an exaggeration, it's 3200 miles for me
fuck me i mistyped...
*he is here guys
>Implying whites should only take the PNW and not the entire country we built from scratch.
Good in theory, but it would be much less defensible. There is a lot of merit to the PNW movement.
And ps, you can move there right now and help the cause.
>>14914 That podcast sounds like a great idea. I don't live in the NW yet but plan to when I have the means to move. Also in favor of the NWF general thread. I'm still new to HAC's content and books but since he's no longer with us, we need the reinforcement of his messages now more than ever. Agreed on the outreach mindset you mention here >>14925, the number of our people waking up to the fucked up kikeworld we live in are still small growing each week, and they're looking for answers. That is the perfect opportunity to present them with a solution like the NWF, and it doesn't give me much faith in AD if he isn't recognizing that and taking advantage of it. Your head and heart seem to be oriented the way mine are; I'd be interested in hearing more of what you have to say, especially through your own podcast.
>>15826 *small but growing The situation looks shitty especially when you first become aware of it, but it's not too late to save our blood. We need to keep people from the blackpill and focused on unity and solutions.
>>15828 Saving the White race is not impossible. Few things in this universe are truly impossible. Hell, the twentieth century has proven anything's possible. The Kikes have managed turn the most ethnocentric race of men into one of the most feminized and atomized groups on the planet. Tomorrow, a disgruntled White scientist could unleash a bioweapon onto the world that kills so many non-Whites Whites are the global majority. Does it means it's gonna happen and this board can collectively pop open the champagne bottles? Nope. Right now, the chances of the White race surviving into the next century stand at 1/1000, and if nothing happens before the boomers die off, those chances decrease down to 1/1,000,000. Look, even though I'm blackpilled, it doesn't mean I'm giving up. I just not optimistic, is all.
>>14914 For what it's worth, I applaud your effort and if it comes about, will happily bump a general with your podcast brother. Good luck!
>>15826 >>15841 Expect the first episode this weekend or early next week (as my work schedule permits). I've decided that I'm not going to promote the Northwest Front anymore. I will continue to promote the Butler Plan and use the tricolor flag though. So this podcast will be 100% unofficial and not affiliated with the party in any way. >>15840 I agree that the odds are stacked against us. The biggest blackpill here is that this will be an internal conflict between racially aware, healthy, and sane whites, and insane, demonic shitlibs. The non-whites are merely pawns of the other side and they will fall into compliance and do as the victors of this struggle demand of them. They are the least of my worries. I will elaborate more on this topic in the podcast. Just remember that our people have faced both internal and external threats countless times for tens of thousands of years. We will win. We will beat them back. Through bloody sacrifice and a will of iron we will separate the wheat from the chaff and herald this world's salvation. It is our sacred duty to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children and their children's children. The only thing that we have to fear is that we will fail to meet our obligations and fulfill our duties to our bloodline. HAIL VICTORY!
(73.69 KB 1500x500 right-wing-podcasting-comic.png)
(94.62 KB 501x586 de4.png)
>>15855 >>15868 This just comes off as pathetic and pleading.
>>15870 I'm making another podcast. If you don't like it you can blow it out your ass.
>>15871 I never planned on watching your dumb podcast
>>15873 Cry harder, faggot.
This autism ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>14520 I was reading the Handbook. Looks like it says that people with Brown eyes cant get in? Sucks, both my parents and siblings have hazel/green eyes but I lost the genetic lotto and got brown. Source related. http://www.jrbooksonline.com/PDFs/White%20Book%205.pdf
>>16137 Are they muddy brown, or brown? Are you white or aren't you? These are just guidelines for how to assess prospects. If you're white, you shouldn't be worried.
>>16141 Ah no, so far as brown goes they are pretty sparkley. And yeah, I'm quite white. Cool, just wanna make sure that the line isnt drawn at not blue/green/hazel
>>14671 that is not enough, a coordinate effort with all the other white nations is necessary
>>16480 Considering how rich America became I would see many white nations supporting another sovereignty or secession movement.
>>16483 Interesting point. Of course adversarial countries like Russia and China would provide support, but broke EU countries would likely be split on matter. On one hand, a weak US is good for them, on the other, a weak US is not going to be providing free hand outs. The pro's probably out weigh the con's though. I'm sure it would come down to, most "people" would support, but most governments would over rule the people for globalist reasons
>>14685 We'll try for something moderate and humane, if it doesn't work... well... we'll see... There's room for all kinds of opinions, and it's good to see people considering all options, but be careful with your opinions though the US is not as free as it used to be...
>>14520 The idea of NW imperative has been around for a while.. It was around before Butler started his Christian Identity movement. There's some negative opinions, and some of these are valid, but it's a good idea despite this. The NW plan however has 3 flaws. 1. In peacetime, laziness, lack of belief in the viability of the plan, lack of money, and lack of opportunity in those areas have led to a low turnout. Usually it takes compulsion, or economic draw to move populations - unless you got an ultra radical religion like the jews or muslims. 2. In wartime a concentrated center of Nationalists will make an easy target for the ZOG military designed for high intensity warfare. (there is considerable danger, and any plan to break away from the US by force - despite what the novels say - is, under most circumstances (there are some exceptions) doomed.) 3. You're assuming the enemy will just sit by and let it happen - they will shill the effort, than if gains traction despite it, they will put pressure on it from outside, and infiltrate from within, and preempt it in ways (like import 15 million mexicans or syrians into the region on federal dollars) The only possibility of a military break-away is if the other parts of the US are so degraded that they cannot do anything about it. However if there is a large nationalist population in the NW planning to break away ZOG will not let them wait out it's demise. In other words the wait for the opportunity/buzzard strategy will leave ZOG 10-20 years to crack down before it becomes too degraded to do so. And it's unlikely you can do a move at the last minute thing, and even against the last minute move there are measures ZOG can take - like flood jews there, or other occupyers there, or make it difficult to move from state to state (bring a law making it necessary to get paperwork if you want to switch states). Ultimately the creation of ethnostates can only occur during a civil war. Masses of normies will be compeled to move, people they have grievances against (races that have committed atrocities against some of them) will be compelled to leave. The Liberal component of the civil war will be busy with a countrywide conflict. And most of the people in the ethnostates will be pissed off normies - which means targeting them will not take us out, but only take normies out, and piss more normies off. It's a good plan - it's just has bad mechanics. Which s why it hasn't worked. Also if you want an ethnostate why not just move into an existing independent country - like Finnland? or retake South Africa (that has the dangers of an intervention plus you need 5,000 plus people and a quiet plan, so that has it's problems...but for example?) Of course they will take measures to oppose that too - unless they are very busy elsewhere.
>>16492 Most human actions boil down to the 2 most ancient drives - 1. violence and compulsion, force of some sort - a pack of wolves taking up camp near your tribe, harm, danger, oppression 2. wealth - food, gold, easy living, women, fun, opportunity etc. Without either threat/oppression (red flag laws are wonderful thing - red flagged people will most likely move), or without wealth/reward (money) - you don't have an IMPERATIVE - you just have a Declaration. (effectively a LARP - that a few people act on) This is how the enemy, the jews would do it - and how they did it in Israel. Take up a collection for the NW imperative collect MONEY - PAY people to move there. In groups of 20 so they go there organized and not scattered. These would be the pioneers - just like the kibbuzniks. BUT - don't expect the other side not to oppose this in every way. On the other hand hysterical opposition efforts would also politicize the locals. Avoid the purity cycle - the main goal is being anti-jew, pro-freedom, and basically white. Asians in the region are both a danger and an opportunity - initially this means potentially more bodies, and more money for the project, they might support an orderly outcropping of SJW-free civilization, where they can live in order, and their money is safe, also problems for uncle Sam from Chinese, and Chinese minority directions if they crack down - but they could be bribed to betray you. Beware of organizations - especially ones that have been around for a while they get infiltrated, and do things to deliberately make their supposed goals unworkable.
>>16496 Good argument, much better than the people who argue "hurr durr they'll nuke you" or "everything's a CIA honeypot". But you're still wrong, and here's why: >1. "In peacetime.... like the jews or muslims." This is true, and the PNW's current predicament. At the same time, however, it's a strength. Why do I say this? Because needing to move to the NW means only very committed people are able to join the movement. If laziness or lack of devotion is the reason they don't move, we don't want them. Lack of money and opportunity are somewhat of a problem, but the NW is a big place, and a potential migrant is bound to find some place cheap enough to live with jobs available. If that's impossible, then it should be known that there are other NatSocs that have moved, and are working on setting up their own businesses as to employ other migrants. >2. In wartime a concentrated center of Nationalists... doomed. The simple answer to this is not to concentrate. If and when a NW independence war happens, it will undoubtedly be a fourth generation style war, one where ZOG's toys will be ineffective. >3. You're assuming the enemy will just sit by and let it happen... Of course we'll be met with opposition, but as will any movement that opposes the government. If you want to get rid of ZOG, then risk of infiltration is something you'll have to do. There are preventive measures you can take, however. Kick out anyone who suggests illegal actions before any war starts, and make sure you know, and that you're friends with, everyone in the movement you're connected to. Remember, the alphabet soup agencies don't have unlimited resources, if you're unknowingly friends with a full time glower, then eventually you'll catch on somehow. Maybe their cabinets in the bathroom won't have any medicine, maybe they have a suspicious amount of disposable income, or maybe you just get bad vibes from them. And as I think someone in this thread mentioned, a glower will never, ever, let an evil nazi meet their wife and kids. As for the "importing non-whtes" thing, I'm not to worried. Millions of non-whites would offer far less resistance to a nationalist takeover than you'd think. Remember, these are nogs we're talking about. They're not a race known for their bravery. If a government is oppressing them, and trying to get them to leave, and right next to them is the USA, willing to give them a lifetime supply of EBT and free housing, it's pretty clear which they'll take. >However if there is a large nationalist population in the NW.... make it difficult to move from state to state (bring a law making it necessary to get paperwork if you want to switch states). This would be unironically a blessing for the movement. If you look at history, you'd notice that these kind of crackdowns on nationalism very rarely work. For example, look at British Ireland. There was the Easter Rising in 1916 , which was (at first) a total failure. To oversimplify, a ragtag army of Irishmen decided they didn't like the British, so they took positions in Dublin, and proceeded to get crushed by England's armies in about a week. Most of the Irish were neutral, and didn't care what side won. Then the English violently executed anyone connected to the rebellion, and sent in a brute squad known as the black and tans. Three years later, a far more popular revolt broke out, and this time it didn't fail. My point to this historical anecdote is that harsh treatment by the state and taking away a population's rights, is usually ineffective and in a rebel's favor. For more examples, see: The Troubles, The American Revolution, Afghanistan, The Communist Takeover of Vietnam, The February Revolution, and a just about every successful rebellion.
>>16492 >>16496 >>16521 >Ultimately the creation of ethnostates can only occur during a civil war. But who starts that civil war? Will ZOG decide one day out of boredom that it wants to destroy itself? I doubt it. A civil war will only start if those actually opposed to the current system start it. And the only way to do that is to have a loyal movement made up of community leaders, as we hope to achieve in the North West >Also if you want an ethnostate why not just move into an existing independent country - like Finnland? or retake South Africa Finland and SA are pretty large places. If a nationalist rebellion were to take place in these places, they'd be a mile wide and an inch deep. The PNW is small, yet filled with resources, and is economically growing. Not to mention that it's in the USA, and the fact of the matter is that the majority of people in the movement are from America, making it far more viable for mass migration. >Without either threat/oppression (few people would move).... That's okay, though. We want revolutionaries, not people who would only move for safety, or for easy living. >Take up a collection for the NW imperative collect MONEY - PAY people to move there. In groups of 20 so they go there organized and not scattered Then you'll have a movement made up of people who don't really care about their race, you'll just have people who care about money. The only reason Israel succeed using this sort of framework is due to a crazy amount of outside support bulldozing the Palestinians for them. >Avoid the purity cycle - the main goal is being anti-jew, pro-freedom, and basically white This sentence is pretty vague. On one hand, if you're 0.0001% African, we'll no doubt let you in. But on the other hand, a look at history, and you'll notice that multi-ethnic states don't last very long. So no hapas, no Asians, and no based non-whites. To do so would compromise on the entire idea of an ethnostate
>>17899 Checked and counter-shill bump Also wish you bro's would focus on Based Montana before spreading your self too thin
What if seattle does indeed get nuked and our guess was off meaning all whites in the United States get vaporized.
>>18153 Scratch the bit about Montana. Just saw a map of all the counties that refuse to accept new restrictions on gun laws. Not a single county in Montana, but nearly all of WA except for the Seattle metro corridor.
You know, the Chinese and other assorted Asians are going to salivate over those NW lands very soon. They're wrecked their land, they're overcrowded beyond hope, they're kiked too. Don't treat the gooks lightly just because they don't make too much noise. They're insidious and numerous.
>>14639 Yea, I don't want to actually do anything about our problem. We should just continue to bitch on the internet. Some Jew will come and save us eventually.
>>14520 Cost to move$ No major city I'm a white Urban professional....I don't want to go welding or work on a farm.... But I would come if there were opportunities
>>18659 >No major city Seattle, Portland, Boise, and Spokane all have a metropolitan area pop of over half a million
>>18152 >What if seattle does indeed get nuked Then millions of degenerates and niggers get vaporized. Meanwhile the White people who live outside the city celebrate. What did you think was going to happen? Did you believe that Seattle is a hub of White nationalism? >>16522 Checked for truths. It's disgusting how people complain on 16/pol/ all day that no one is doing anything to protect our race and then when someone suggests doing something, they say "Oh no, you would need to pay me to do anything" What the fuck? The desire for change evaporates like mist, revealing materialist man; the greedy, soulless lemming who sits and waits to be paid to do something. These kinds of people would defect the moment ZOG offered a $50k incentive to betray their comrades. We must never trust people who said they wanted money to fight for their race. They don't care about White children, They only care about green rectangles.


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