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(66.05 KB 1606x190 1397508368263.png)
Screen Cap thread Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 22:00:31 ID:e928d8 No. 14700
Where is our own literary archive of the hivemind? Screen cap thread, starting with a few classics then dumping Beaver and misc.
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(658.85 KB 1895x1658 on democracy.png)
(452.44 KB 1866x1304 on echo chambers.jpg)
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(965.18 KB 1800x1259 on emasculation.png)
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(963.43 KB 1448x1122 on powerful men.png)
(1.36 MB 1898x1364 on propaganda.png)
(1.55 MB 1902x2054 on Quebec separation.png)
(908.33 KB 1875x1777 on revolution.png)
(353.11 KB 1486x1070 on rights.jpg)
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(781.33 KB 1903x1542 on statistics.png)
(494.19 KB 1518x839 on the media.png)
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(369.97 KB 915x1161 on violence.png)
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(395.15 KB 1559x691 1439860761664-0.png)
(34.04 KB 680x278 1443321573413.jpg)
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(174.18 KB 1779x311 1454071852195.png)
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(313.09 KB 1741x540 1454933100266.png)
(603.09 KB 1793x540 1457302459787-4.jpg)
(1.18 MB 2770x1232 1460855514746-0.png)
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(208.12 KB 1888x782 1461349086858-2.png)
(172.25 KB 1167x313 1463631795182.png)
(221.71 KB 1706x341 1464373676315.png)
(550.09 KB 1730x1350 1465008074204-4.png)
(170.08 KB 1262x524 1465010885478-0.png)
(198.49 KB 1744x610 1465018183636-0.jpg)
(154.59 KB 1280x154 1465340769124-0.png)
(39.58 KB 1227x271 1465340769458-1.png)
(191.42 KB 1146x783 1465341329033-0.png)
(171.09 KB 1287x308 1465341687896-1.jpg)
(48.05 KB 539x374 1465369304360-1.png)
(1.76 MB 1546x1506 1465445603091.png)
(15.55 KB 1081x139 1466013143696-2.png)
(118.48 KB 1264x379 1466210399352-1.jpg)
(571.20 KB 1785x1071 1468865080500.png)
(76.85 KB 1500x228 1443053020552-4.png)
(283.04 KB 1274x545 1443062325718.png)
(119.98 KB 1146x551 1452712197564.png)
(112.93 KB 1106x499 1452712197566.png)
(43.78 KB 1275x479 1452790632175.png)
(324.03 KB 1440x583 1453722934665.png)
(67.59 KB 1636x289 1454421375104.jpg)
(256.92 KB 1304x1376 1454457791930.png)
(203.21 KB 863x751 1455814908592-1.png)
(93.15 KB 1255x305 1466228327354.png)
Advice from patriarchs.
On rebellion/civil war
(204.64 KB 1425x1258 1397693334392.png)
(199.17 KB 1158x1393 1451886444024-1.png)
(81.24 KB 1735x873 1452011513785.png)
(53.50 KB 1312x336 1461420345242-1.png)
(30.28 KB 860x311 1465919244095.png)
(484.63 KB 1322x2891 1375231222182.png)
(120.02 KB 1235x485 1384382308148.jpg)
(673.00 KB 1854x1608 1384389896309.jpg)
(231.29 KB 977x1225 1385262705528.png)
(556.61 KB 1391x1000 1388196279288.jpg)
(111.40 KB 812x531 1388787482309.jpg)
(755.88 KB 1345x2366 1388791616001.png)
(654.59 KB 1361x3055 1388799581403.png)
(159.99 KB 1583x478 1389369887442.png)
(62.67 KB 1220x422 1390977403240.png)
(83.85 KB 1585x526 1391089345009.png)
(35.21 KB 1215x212 1392082243330.png)
(49.16 KB 1563x381 1396307065649.png)
(131.34 KB 1871x393 1398789566186.jpg)
(400.28 KB 1854x866 1398791870299.jpg)
(172.72 KB 1906x848 1398795174503.jpg)
(150.50 KB 1009x575 1398797834491.png)
(192.09 KB 936x476 1406199085941.png)
(88.60 KB 1028x395 1420331640358.jpg)
(313.26 KB 1400x2000 1426664061339.png)
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(131.54 KB 1794x278 1430728882235.png)
(152.75 KB 1228x819 1448474533964.png)
(1.09 MB 1440x2000 1449535841265.png)
(95.27 KB 1348x526 1449691963528-4.png)
(67.42 KB 952x778 1449692011349-2.png)
(877.73 KB 1336x4500 1449693068347-1.png)
(74.80 KB 1293x513 1449693130861-2.png)
(242.50 KB 1900x882 1449694193036.png)
(179.15 KB 1801x513 1449697473595-4.png)
(3.75 MB 4571x3411 1449697711739-0.jpg)
(266.56 KB 1314x1225 1449697711787-4.png)
(654.02 KB 1230x1665 1449698256964-1.png)
(1.34 MB 3766x3122 1449699341620-2.jpg)
(1.92 MB 1305x2000 1449701355871-0.png)
(215.17 KB 1181x866 1449701697414-0.png)
(188.02 KB 991x786 1451922680402.png)
(161.75 KB 999x358 1453263090830.png)
(226.08 KB 1269x576 1453941695609.png)
(321.08 KB 1235x761 1454137867318.png)
(44.82 KB 680x373 1454828976777.jpg)
(76.02 KB 1758x357 1455141823813.png)
(229.35 KB 1898x910 1455329391523.png)
(248.99 KB 1793x826 1455659488265.png)
(1.77 MB 1500x920 1456423896666.png)
(166.85 KB 1108x342 1465018934336-1.png)
(116.09 KB 1242x625 1465019502389-3.png)
(91.16 KB 1377x480 1465340436893-1.jpg)
(195.30 KB 1149x834 1465341329033-1.png)
(119.89 KB 736x778 1465342098511-1.png)
(190.29 KB 1232x650 1466756652237-2.png)
(395.29 KB 2758x1348 1466756652237-3.png)
(282.63 KB 1333x1425 1466756716418-0.png)
(91.78 KB 1876x250 1470563165735.jpg)
(69.12 KB 1136x221 he should have done better.JPG)
(123.86 KB 1181x319 nature is a constant battle.JPG)
(238.58 KB 1139x717 vishnu hitler.JPG)
Pol hall of fame, nice. Have some Uncle A.
(115.88 KB 664x765 less_than_60_seconds.jpg)
2 hours ago
Does anyone remember the stories of that guy who was some sort of private agent who would go retrieve runaway daughters/wives of rich guys?

I read his stories on cripplechan, but it might have been on /b/ rather than pol. He posted stories of shit-filled brothels in the carribean and drug houses in se asia, wild and crazy shit.
Sounds comfy
(256.29 KB 939x960 1.jpg)
(334.63 KB 1876x900 2.png)
(521.33 KB 586x1742 3.png)
(628.78 KB 540x814 4.png)
(125.50 KB 1082x369 a.png)
(792.47 KB 860x1930 b.png)
(1.31 MB 1083x1000 c.png)
(383.02 KB 1789x1407 d.png)
(226.11 KB 1750x478 e.png)
(792.47 KB 860x1930 f.png)
(792.47 KB 860x1930 f.png)
(201.33 KB 799x491 g.png)
(2.33 MB 1552x7337 Gookanon.jpg)
(3.29 MB 1775x6949 Gookanon2.png)
(183.82 KB 1200x570 Gookanon3.jpg)
(75.20 KB 1131x320 h.png)
(6.59 MB 1728x4088 i.png)
(772.25 KB 780x2518 j1.jpg)
(1.48 MB 1274x3412 j2.jpg)
(224.37 KB 963x658 the_8_goddess.png)
(230.45 KB 1467x899 vengeful_whitehats.png)
(2.78 MB 1400x6420 Gookanon1.jpg)
Checked. I've already shared most of my best caps. I can't wait to read through all these on the weekend. Have a bump for sharing so many great caps.
(328.14 KB 2502x546 1571114173824.png)
(43.95 KB 1234x196 based.png)
>>15915 Ahem based and redpilled
(173.19 KB 855x1024 1568258061523.jpg)
(101.25 KB 708x1124 treenigger.jpg)
>>15916 Iirc there's a deleted scene at the end showing Derek reshaving himself.
(392.47 KB 1544x1926 1560790922993.png)
(440.09 KB 1024x943 1560792764386.jpg)
(1.28 MB 1005x942 1560794421928.png)
(301.81 KB 1001x2581 1560794829667.png)
(348.56 KB 1545x1527 1560799729813.png)
Got lots of shills this week, don't see any fedpost screenshots so have a low quality bump OP
(246.82 KB 1513x711 :pol:memeconsciousness.png)
(554.54 KB 1315x890 :pol:redteam_planner.png)
(409.36 KB 1120x697 arnobrekerartdestroyed.png)
(211.07 KB 1280x950 rotterham.png)
(402.46 KB 1279x2015 adrenochrome.jpg)
(230.56 KB 1303x905 boomer.png)
(243.72 KB 1238x1673 harvey.jpg)
(1.12 MB 2484x1492 gypsies and dalits.png)


no cookies?