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(31.50 KB 354x500 image.png)
Do you have any relatives that fought in ww2 /pol/? Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 23:03:45 ID:7d777e No. 16016
My grandfather fought for italy and continued to fight for mussolini when italy was divided.
My Grandfather was a Pole. He was mistaken for a Volksdeutsche and conscripted into the German army. Served his first year in a punitive unit for 'pretending' not to speak German. Defected, or rather intentionally became a russian POW between 1943 and 1944. Was treated with leniency as a non-German. Don't remember the details of his imprisonment but I think he stayed near the front line and did non-combat labor. Then was allowed to return home not long after the war ended. He says he isn't proud of having been in the Wehrmacht and for not defecting sooner but I'm proud of him.
>>16016 Yes, my Great Grandfather and his Brother in law fought for the 7th SS Mountain Division Prinz Eugen. Brother in Law was killed in action by Partisans but my Great Grandfather survived. I am honored to be related to them.
>>16016 my grandfather lied about his age so he could serve anglokike garrison duty in Africa.
>>16087 Your grandfather sounds like a huge faggot.
Grandfather fought for NDH, croatian independent state, killed in 1959 by partisans
My grandfather fought for the US army against Germany. I don't hate him for it. Even General Patton didn't know what a mistake that he'd made until the war was won by the Allies. "We defeated the wrong enemy".
(21.15 KB 258x330 1524167218_1515362717612.jpg)
>>16087 Ah yes, the niggers of Europe at it again. Slavs will never learn, will they?
>>16016 Both grandfathers fought in the red army as tankers. One was KIA and the other lived to see my birth and teenage years. I had many discussions with the one that lived and I was pleased to see that we were ideologically very similar. He hated niggers and kikes about as much as I do now, and saw what the kikes in the bolshevik regime were doing to the russian people. He really didn't have a choice in serving though and seeing the mess that has become of the world, he regretted fighting on behalf of the commies. I miss him.
>>16016 my grandpa and his brothers fought for jewnited slaves. there wasn't much pride in it so i don't have any stories to share besides one of my great uncles killed himself several years after returning from fighting in north africa and italy.
Two grandfathers who served in the American army. Both joined before the war since they could see the writing on the wall and wanted in before the draft. One served on the aircraft carrier that was not bombed in Pearl Harbour. Later his aircraft carrier was sunk by Japanese torpedo boats. But he survived. Other grandfather served in the army of Gen. Eisenhower. I do not know what he did because everyone who who would have known is now either dead or too far away to ask. I gathered that he fought in that battle where US-English forces smashed their way through the German attempt to bottle them up in Normandy. Oh and I had a grand uncle(?) who occupied Germany after the war and sought out family members (since my family is 90% German) to see how they fared. Apparently not so good but better than those on Soviet side.
My Dad fought at Normandy on D-Day, he was Navy. The ship was fired upon, missed it by 20 feet.
(240.48 KB 625x800 9785078_orig.jpg)
Grandfather served on an airfield as technician (mostly Bf 109). He was in british captivity after the war. One of his two brothers died in Stalingrad the other was in the SS and survived the war (had to cut out his tattoo). His Kar98k, which was buried afterwards, is still in intact. My other Grandpa was too young in WW2 to serve.
>>16016 My Grandpa took part in the de-nazification of Germany.
My grandfather fought for the states. He was a mechanical engineer who repaired planes that were damaged, so he wasnt really in an active combat role. White guilt is bullshit but good fucking god do I feel the anglo guilt.
My Grandfather was a machinist on a uboat, the boat was sunk near norway and he was taken prisoner until the end of the war. Sadly i never spoke with him about it but i have pride in him now.
great grandfather was too old in WW2 but being an SA-Sturmführer and former WW1-cavalry lieutenant he commanded a Volkssturm platoon or company in the battle of Berlin, where he died.
Had a relative that passed away in 1995 or so fight in North Africa in World War II, either as part of Operation Torch or one of the Americans fighting against Erwin Rommel's men. He wouldn't talk about the war with people at all after it was over and he came home, which leads me to suspect that he might have suspected that he was fighting for bullshit reasons. He was a great man, despite millions of others like him who were lied and gaslit to fight against the wrong enemy.
>>16237 >Even General Patton didn't know what a mistake that he'd made until the war was won by the Allies. "We defeated the wrong enemy". Indeed. The actual quote (with added parentheses) is: "We may have been fighting the wrong enemy (Germany) all along. But while we're here (on the Soviet border), we should go after the bastards now, 'cause we're gonna have to fight 'em eventually."
>>16016 arab turk here , grandpa fought for hitler
(110.01 KB 640x460 Patton-quote-1945.jpg)
>>16016 grandfather was 2nd wave Omaha beach. died a couple of years ago. i wanted to ask him if he ever felt we fought the wrong enemy but never did.
>>16016 my granda became actually a partisan for the Action Party in Italy and also was a freemason.
Yeah I had an uncle who fought in WW2 in the Navy. He was serving in a medical capacity on a ship, after some personnel died he had to be their replacement. This meant that he never saw active combat, although I'm unsure if his ship was ever attacked. Unfortunately I was never old enough to have interest so I never talked to him about it. Unlike most veterans he would gladly speak about what happened in the service. When he passed away they did a 21 gun salute and somewhere his dress uniform from the old days is hidden away, probably buried in a box somewhere on the property. But we can't find it, and we've got out there with metal detectors. He bought the lie hook, line, and sinker. It's pretty depressing to think about it. When I visit his old house I see tons of memorabila from the war. When I visit I have a feeling in my heart somewhere between broken-heart, nostalgia for a history that never happened, and hopelessness that it won't ever be corrected in the future. Truly WW2 was the nail in the coffin for the future of Western Civilization.
>>16016 One grandfather was a Major in the Canadian Army but he never saw combat until after the war during peace keeping, probably due to a greatly decreased rank. My other grandfather was one of the pioneers of the SAS as a commando and fought in Burma. The commando's Brother my great uncle also fought in the Navy in the Pacific theater, although I'm not sure what rank he held probably a low one given his background. All of them made it home although the Commando was briefly interred in a POW camp and he was mentally shattered upon returning and abused my father throughout his childhood. The Major retired from the service when his regiment was finally disbanded and died of a heart attack a couple years after.
Grandpa was a Paratrooper in the Wehrmacht. IIRC Paratroopers were an elite unit in the third reich on par with the SS. Never asked him about the war tho and he never talked about it.
>>20775 same anon here again I forgot, my grandma kept telling me about her dad and brothers. I dont remember everything 100% but they fought for the third reich as well, I never bothered asking too much cause I dont want to make my grandma sad. However they fought for the Third Reich just like my Grandpa did, however they fought in Russia I think one brother died, the others were prisoners in the Soviet Union, Im not sure if all came back, but I remember her dad did and so did 2 brothers, however one brother died as they got back home, Im not sure about the dad. Fun Fact is that the brother that was always sickly before the war and had intense stomach problems survived the horrible Food as PoW(something a lot of prisoners died of) and came back healthier than ever. Weird. Power of Mind I guess
(3.64 MB 1909x1280 920.png)
>>16016 My grandfather fought the Slavic menace on the eastern front. After becoming a Russian POW, he managed to escape, rejoin the Wehrmacht and eventually fought in Stalingrad as a Panzergrenadier. He lost an eye, was sent home and spend the rest of the war assisting German refugees
>>16016 Yes, Great Grandfather and his brother in the SS.
>>16016 My granddad died in a Nazi death camp. He fell out of the guard tower.
(100.36 KB 750x750 1571198166574.jpg)
>>16016 My great grandfather on my father's side was a cook in WW2 and was in France and Germany. He would take the leftover food that he was ordered to throw away and give it to starving German civilians. He always viewed his superiors with disdain and ended up absolutely hating the US government by the end of the 60s. By the time he died in 1998 he fully understood that the war was fought in the interests of kikes, niggers, and leftoids. Reading his old letters and journals that I inherited was pretty sad. He was bitter as fuck about the whole experience, especially knowing that even if he could turn back time that nobody would've listened.
One of my grandpas volunteered for service with the US Army. All I know is that he fought in Italy in '43 and the Battle of the Bulge. I also knew of a Serbian guy who married a Russian woman and fled the Nazis and the Soviets, had 4 of their 5 kids there, then had their last in the US. I wish I could have interviewed him.
>>21983 >Slavic Menance This "Slavic Menance" are now the main ones pushing for National Socialism in Europa. Look at Kolteba in Slovakia or Asov's Battallion. It's happening.
>>23571 >Kolteba in Slovakia or Asov's Battallion Controlled opposition groups yet again. Former is Russophilic and thus inherently an enemy (automatically assume anyone pro-Putin is your enemy, that "ex"-KGB agent literally denies ethnic Russians exist), the latter is the other way around and assists in fooling people who reject the CIS-NATO dialectic. It has jewish members like Natan Khazin, and is funded by wealthy jews in Ukraine, the Israeli government etc., so Azov members are either going to be passed off as jews trying to get Russia (false) or people are going to sympathise with these jews bankrolling Azov as otherwise, it's a sound group. I'm not against Slavs, but they're constantly being puppeteered by Zionists.
>>23579 >If you are pro-Putin you are CO >If you are for Putin you are CO Uh? Who in your mind is not controlled oposition? >Pro-Russia Yeah, Slovakia is the size and shape of small sasuage. He is anti-NATO and anti-EU so if he doesn't want to get eaten a lightly pro-Kremlin view is politically usefull and the Kremlin is supportive of parties they don't even agree with to "destabilize the EU". He hasn't balked on any of his views for that as well. He is still pure National Socialist. So I don't see the problem.
>>23583 >Uh? Who in your mind is not controlled oposition? People that don't employ jews and don't support an "ex"-KGB maniac who supports Israel, literally arrested and still does arrest real Russian nationalists, has holocaust denial laws, doesn't just support anti-white organisations, but glorifies the USSR, the corrupt Orthodox church, and Central Asian migrants at the same time, etc. I could go on infinitely about how anti-white Putin is, but that's not the point of this thread. >Yeah, Slovakia is the size and shape of small sasuage. He is anti-NATO and anti-EU so if he doesn't want to get eaten a lightly pro-Kremlin view is politically usefull and the Kremlin is supportive of parties they don't even agree with to "destabilize the EU". What happened to Visegrad? They already have their own alliance in Central Europe, they can just secede from the EU and form a bloc stretching from the Baltic to the Balkans. They don't need to join either NATO or an EU; that's another false dialectic. Besides, he's not just "lightly pro-Kremlin" (though even that isn't a good thing), he's a Russophile who literally joined forces with other Kremlin fronts in Europe, among them Tatjana Ždanoka, an anti-Baltic jew who literally opposed Latvia leaving the USSR, and still supports Russia absorbing Latvia.
>>23591 >Viségard Kek. Czech; NATO, EU Hungary; NATO, EU Poland; NATO, EU While I am anti-Russian I don't see the point of calling people "controlled oposition" for aligning with them. I am in favour of a sort of "CEDA" for Centeral Europa seeing how Russia and America are both corrupt, but that clearly hasn't happened yet. I don't even think he wants to join the CSTO nor could that be politically possible; The problem I see is mostly with Putin's oligarchs who control him and exercise oil monopolies over such countries like Serbia. Litterally holding their power to create a military in their hands. What do you want me to change my stance to; >It isn't happening >It won't happen Cause if being pro-Russian makes you controlled opposition there is no party or group in existance for the white man. Why does this just seem like demoralization shilling?
>>23594 >in NATO and the EU And what will happen if the Slovaks leave both? Such sentiment would spread to the Czechs, then the Hungarians and Poles, and thus they could form their own blox. They already have their own military alliance independent from NATO, the Visegrad Battlegroup. >While I am anti-Russian I don't see the point of calling people "controlled oposition" for aligning with them Vowing to Russia makes you a servant of Putinist interests one way or another, even if they don't agree with you, in-most cases they essentially do since you're usually a dictatorship that gained power because of Israeli/Russian/American funding (Assad) or are a secessionist movement that relies on Russia so you have to submit to their demands. >Cause if being pro-Russian makes you controlled opposition there is no party or group in existance for the white man. No registered parties. It's possible to form some sort of new bloc (that isn't even a registered party), but seeing as so many people choose to become Putinist puppets or western/Israeli puppets, nobody's trying to do this. I support doing so, but people like you supporting these Putinist groups hinder any such attempt. >demoralization shilling You're the one demoralising anybody from trying to attack the anti-white regime in Russia.
>>23610 >Me; I don't support Putin >You; You support Putin >Me; I support a sort of CEDA free from Russia and America >You; You support Putin Why are you >>ing me none of your words are directed to me. Marian Kotleba is pro-Rus. He is also the only Slovakian National Socialist leaning party close to winning any power in Slovakia. I'm not going to condone him because of some foregin policy difference. Now if he said "Yes I will immeditally put Slovakia into the CSTO and allow foregin investments" I would be against him but currently he hasn't said anything to that degree. He is honestly pretty vague on terms of foregin policy. That's like not wanting waffles because there is no syrup. Still waffles and I doubt Slovakia will have this one in a billion chance again even if they are pretty cold waffles. >Assad Did you invent that acronm for a conspiracy you invented? Nice, we just say "Chekist" if it's Russia or "Kike" if it's Isreal or "Pindos" if it's NATO (not as funny since they changed their uniform ;)
>>16016 Polish Great Grandfather fought the Germans and Soviets at the same time, then fought a guerilla war against both occupying forces in Poland until the 60s as part of a partisan group of snipers. My family knows how the entente shafted Poland over to the soviets.
>>23619 To clarify, I say "you" I mean any country that starts to support Russia. >Marian Kotleba is pro-Rus. He is also the only Slovakian National Socialist leaning party close to winning any power in Slovakia. I'm not going to condone him because of some foregin policy difference. If there was a "national socialist" party that supported Trump and America, would you support it?
>>16016 My father fought for the Emperor on Aurelius II for 400 year. He died as lived. He sucked huge Ork cocks daily to satisfy gay fags like OP.
I am Hitlerkin In all ways except physical, I am Adolf Hitler. *heils*
(71.26 KB 640x468 497.jpg)
(123.62 KB 500x642 who we are.jpg)
>>16087 The main thing is that you're a colossal fucking faggot for not having supported Europe and the Aryan Race in your post. Secondly, unlike you, I will freely admit that I had lots of relatives on both sides, seeing as how I have so much German ancestry. Thirdly, to BTFO your ass even harder, I'm also part Polish and NatSoc because I'm not a selfish fucking faggot selling other Whites out. Fourth, I have made every attempt to redpill everyone in my extended family and clan. Sieg heil, 1488, gas the kikes, race war now.
My grandfather was a chauffeur who drove a colonel around Illinois, lol.
>>23368 Nah, but I don't remeber Russia bombing countries for wanting to protect their people and Al-Assad is economically and politically opposed to Putin yet he still supports him. >>24467 What the fuck are you talking about?
>>16562 He served in a Soviet tank crew and survived? Damn. I think something like 2/4 died a month.
(112.96 KB 981x1024 1580524475893.jpg)
granduncle died in Stalingrad


no cookies?