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Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 19:06:36 No. 16078
8CHAN IS BACK Posting is online, boards are getting restored. https://8kun.top/ http://jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/ Deadline for board restoration requests is December 2. https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ/
>>16078 8kun feels like the crippled brain dead husk of the 8chan they threw off a cliff. We’ll see if it amounts to anything more than a Qoomer cesspool
>>16079 >We’ll see if it amounts to anything more than a Qoomer cesspool They made it a point to not bring back /pol/, but put /qresearch/ front and center. At the very least it destroys their narrative that Q is what their hosts at the Pentagon had a problem with.
>>16080 Oh, that’s why. /pol/ is the only board worth a shit on any given chan
>>16080 >They made it a point to not bring back /pol/ Source fucking where? >put /qresearch/ front and center /qresearch/ has yet to go online as well
fuck 8pol, it was only schizo neonazi LARPers and trumpfags. I wonder if the next /pol/ mods will be trumpfags like the last time
>>16084 fuck off back to 8kunt shill
>>16086 It should be fine for me to help you get all the faggots you don't want here anyway off your board then.
>>16080 It baffles me that these are the same neocohen retards who called skeptics of the official 9/11 narrative names like "wingnuts", and now they believe the most absurd conspiracy "theory" ever concocted. I hate Qcumbers so much.
>>16089 The greater Q narrative essentially boils down to a shill job for neoliberalism, PNAC, and Jack Kemp-style nigger outreach. It confirms all the dumb, blatantly wrong stuff they've been indoctrinated to believe, but it's got a thin veneer of conspiracy to let them believe they're getting a leg up on every corner of the alternative media that's been owning them for the last decade.
It had plenty of good boards, /pol/ might return, who knows, but it's not a priority on the list. /pol/ can grow elsewhere, under other names.
>>16089 Quck.
>>16078 I thought the new location was eight channel net
Not quite a dead board, more like undead with qtards. Its good that there is a playground for these types.
>>16097 > Eight channel net Nope. All I did was look glance at the top post on /b/ and immediately fucked right outta there. Already full of actual pedos.
i glanced at the last incarnation --- a disclaimer added to each and every post.
>>16093 /pol/ should either be their primary objective to bring back up because otherwise the site is almost nothing, or they should just admit that its exclusively their new qoomer club house to retardedly sperg out about trump drinking a glass of water or whatever. even if they dont bring it back up, if board creation is brought back, the first board anyone will make is /pol/
>>16085 >schizoid neonazi LARPers fuck off libkike
>>16078 https://8kun.top/dao101/ There is now a political board on 8kun called data and other information
(452.50 KB 1264x1400 RonQnA (1).png)
>>16080 Ron wants /pol/ back, but it's up to his father wether it comes back up or not Pic related
>>16317 /pol/ wasn't the reason why 8chan was interesting, there was /baphomet/ doxing a US state judge, /v/ (with the thqnordic ama) and a ton of other boards that were interesting. /pol/ on the other hand destroyed the site, was runned down because of Imkamfy, got fucked with all the shooters and was filled with feds. Why the hell should there be another board named /pol/? Other boards like /pnd/ (politics, news and debates), and /dao101/ (data and other information) are better as they don't have feds and retards screeching with the dumb fuck Brenton Tarrant generals. https://8kun.top/pnd https://8kun.top/dao101/
>>16091 Well said. It has always been a sad boomer circlejerk.
>>16345 Last time I checked /baph/ was like a mausoleum of long ago achievements and was essentially dead. /v/ is /v/ so it's its own thing, second biggest on the site but /pol/ was the biggest board for good reason, namely St. Tarrant and his inspired resistance, and moreover being the only true /pol/ left standing amidst 4cuck/pol/ and countless dead /pol/s on other sites. If anything there should be /pol/ for the sake of being a containment board, although it would be to little avail anyway as every board on 8chan was and always will be just a /pol/ themed version of whatever its topic is
That place will be like the IRA and have a mostly glowing membership
>>16099 so classic 8chan then
>>16078 Not going back, its gonna be filled with feds and newfags better to just stay here and use 8kun as a proxy
bout damn time
>>16343 >/pol/ won't come back if my mason father allows it I would not return to /pol/ if it came back on 8kunt let alone /v/ as well. Because it would be worse than when 8chan was around with more feds and Qfags plaguing the board. With /v/, that cake loving kike will be yet again running /v/.
>>16388 >Qfags plaguing the board Qfags were always on 8gag since 2017 >With /v/, that cake loving kike will be yet again running /v/. Him getting the thqnordic fags to come for an interview was good.
/pol/ didnt come back because the BO of /pol/ didnt step forward with his recovery code. It will be publicly available for claim come Dec 2. In the meantime some nigger made /pnd/ to try and pretend to be a politics board
>>16354 Oh cut it with St Tenant. All he did was bring trouble and say nothing of (((them))). Hey look, we now have that ugly Stein bitch pushing for a complete ban of guns in the US. You're not accelerating anything, that's what they always did and wanted. Remember the claim that Nazis had weapons banned? This cringe claim, it's the fucking red kikes who did it as soon as they stole some power in Germany by force, before being BTFO by Aryans.
>>16079 It's up to you to turn it (or any other place) into what you wish it to be. Damn entitled millenials.
>>16086 wtf is up with the retarded fucking name? I literally can't read 8kun without interpolating it as 8kunt or 8kuck.
Hopefully it'll draw some of the shills off 4chan - we'll see if it's good for anything else. (probably not) Probably not because, 8chan back after a shutdown, is like the member of radical cell who got busted than got "early release"... So pretty much stay the fuck away - though the NSA will read you no matter where you go - pretty much.. (just some places take a lot more work) The only reason to go there is to divide the shill efforts... takes less effort for us to have a presence in 2 places than for them to flood 2 places.
>>16467 Whaccha doin' rabbi?
(218.00 KB 1280x720 tarrant.sun.jpg)
>>16354 >St. Tarrant and his inspired resistance Blessed be St. Tarrant, holy is thy handgrenade... The keys to Valhalla are with thee. Deliver us from replacement.
>>16343 >>16345 >/pol/ wasn't the reason why 8chan was interesting Are you serious? It was one of the major boards, real deal stuff happened there that's why (((they))) could not allow it to get stronger as it actually was.
>>16478 the name is still retarded, but at least 8kun.t is over powered >>16485 it took some insane effort to find a ddos protection service and domain registrar willing to stand up for them, i'd be more worried if kikeflare let them back on for any reason since the only real reason would be jim promising to be a good goy. in a way he kind of has a little bit with creating a read only feature, which i'm not sure what the point of it is considering stopping posting isnt going to undo shootings and any shooters planning to do the same right after another will just post it on 4cuck or somewhere else like here and get the same result, on 4cuck because its so fast that its likely someone will save everything before trannyjannies shut it down and here i'm not even sure a shooters thread would even get taken down. isn't there no legal obligation to take down a shooters thread whatsoever since doing so doesn't undo it? wouldn't it be considered destruction of evidence?
>>16412 Aside from when Kikefy had a retarded "sealed indictments" sticky, Qcumbers were always bullied off the board, and often banned.
>>16487 > replacement If you nazis had done the right propaganda effort instead of chasing niggas and commies, no replacement could take place even under massive inmigration.
(49.62 KB 727x572 neinchan-is-fedchan.png)
>>16078 >8chan is back >Post on 8kun pick one faggot 8kun is more fedchan than neinchan, and that takes some doing.
(838.24 KB 544x698 merchant-a cloud.png)
>>16531 >you nazis >not wanting to be ethnically replaced in your homeland = nazi >no replacement could take place even under massive inmigration. >no replacement could take place even under massive replacement. Cloud post.
>>16078 HateChan only exists on ZeroNet now.
>>16078 Something doesn't feel right about this...
>>16531 This isn't r*ddit you can say nigger here.
>>16085 Sounds like this place. BTW objecting to trump is the what hipster anons do to try and seem intellectual and discerning.
>>16622 >BTW objecting to trump is the what hipster anons do to try and seem intellectual and discerning. No, it's what White men who haven't been lobotomized do. Trumpniggers invariably fall into two camps: 1) racially jewish shills and 2) mouthbreathers who have internalized all the horrified shrieks of "trump is a nazi!" from the borders of establishment debate. You're being told Trump is a nazi so you think bog standard neoliberalism and badge-engineered PNAC are a radical strike at the establishment.
>>16078 IDK I like it here. It's comfy, I look forward to traffic increasing!
>>16574 That phrase alone shows that 8kun is just a neutered version of 8chan.
(17.75 KB 1198x61 Disclaimer.png)
>>16574 This is written under every post. Do they think this retardation means anything?
>>16533 Nobody needs you running around calling everyone feds and bots, nigger.
>>16533 If neinchan was run by feds, it wouldn't be administered so incompetently.
>>17028 neinchan is run by a jewish shill, get away from there while you can
>>17169 No disrespect Anon, I have no day to day knowledge of neinchan besides that it exists and that Anon's complain about threads being Shoah'd Besides how the site appears to be ran, is there actual evidence of this claim? The same was said about our BO, but has been sufficiently discredited to my satisfaction
>>17169 Disregard >>17175 I believe you are correct sir. Admittedly only circumstantial evidence but enough to pass judgement for my own personal belief
>>17169 Why, no proof or what?
(452.50 KB 1264x1400 ron8kun:pol:.png.png)
No /pol/. No /tech/. Why even bother?
>>16085 There were absolutely 0 trumpfags on old 8pol and it didn't even take moderation for that to be the case. That was why it was enjoyable. Wtf website were you on?
>>16510 I feel like a lot of anons are pretending they shitposted there regularly. 8chan /pol/ was the real deal - it wasn't a bunch of Nate Higgers threads or pornography. It was a weird convergence of all the strange and creative people 4chan /pol/ had kicked out. And strangely enough once in it's zenith they banded together to throw away the cynicism of anonymity and join together as an online anonymous racial militia intelligence division. Basically a freelance CIA operation on behalf of the volk - and also it was a cesspit of madmen for all of the above reasons but my god was it glorious.
<<18087 Did you even 8/pol bro? It was because of 8/pol that Trump got elected. From 2015-2017 it was Trump central and the nucleus of Anti-Clinton sentiment and memes. <<18088 That was rare, but beautiful when it happened. Like getting that pedo arrested who was raping his girfriend's daughter. I especially enjoyed the archaeology, genetic and philosophy threads.
(438.55 KB 734x1018 DruidFC.png)
Druid/pol/ OP here. Much as I miss old the 8chan days, druid/pol/ B.O.N.D threads will be staying here on 16chan from now on. 16ch was there when we needed it and our BOss is based AF so we have decided to stay here. This place has been good to us and deserves our imput tbh. I feel a certain amount of loyalty to 16ch, having settled in nicely. The main B.O.N.D lodge threads will subsequently be located here on 16chan. I might put a beacon thread up on 8kunt to see if any of the old lads who haven't reconverged yet are lurking about there but i'm not migrating again any time soon. Gonna stay right here.
>>16078 >check it out >no /pol/ >no /tech/ >no /fringe/ >no /r9k/


no cookies?