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(12.18 KB 640x360 reich of peace.jpg)
How do we attract more people to 16chan? Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 01:45:52 ID:b26c2b No. 16113
I'd like to get more users, quality ones of course.
>>16113 the quality posters come and go anon. what with the recent purges of reputable boards, allot of anons are completely without homes at the minute. Guca had an exceptional community for a couple years but the whole site got nuked, and AFAIK most of those guys just took that as their cue to take their message off the net and into the real world. really the best thing for us at this point may be to have fewer posters online, and more anons in the real world making connections.
What are the necessary conditions for posters? >They have to know about the site >There has to be discussion to contribute to The first is done just fine. Everyone who investigates alt chans is able to find their way to 16chan. The second could be better, just make quality threads. If the necessary conditions are satisfied, what sort of things could motivate better and more traffic? >Differentiation of our site/boards (especially pol) compared with other sites >More trustworthy moderation than the alternatives >Technical superiority >More interesting insightful userbase >Board happenings I think the biggest change we could make for the better is marking ourselves as the /pol/ where mature discussion takes place. Mature thinkers don't engage in regular fallacies, don't unload with expletives, don't post bait and don't engage with bait. They refute the central point and move on, maybe with a little banter. They're not prone to cultic belief systems like "luciferian hitlerism" and don't try to make enemies. Time is the best help here though. The longer a site is up and active, the more trust it deserves and the more refined the userbase's culture.
(338.38 KB 1000x1000 bullied.jpg)
>>16116 >The longer a site is up and active, the more trust it deserves and the more refined the userbase's culture. Not necessarily true anon, time hasn't done 4chan any favors. sometimes the most healthy productive and worthwhile boards emerge as lightning in a bottle, when the right confluence of anons just happen to find each other. IMO bullying is the greatest way to ensure good board hygiene, and to promote an environment where quality posters frequent. constant incessant bullying, make sure newniggers know what we are about, entrap, mock, or ignore obvious shitters, and hold any post to the highest level of scrutiny it can possibly be due. Anons should even pick on one another for failings in grammar. that has been the best way in my experience to keep a board healthy.
It was moving along okay when it first started up, but then the dudes running the site made it clear trumpniggers were welcome and it bled off after that.
find a quality thread on another board and mention that most of the threads on 16xyz are of similar quality
>>16131 just so you know even typing 16chan or 16chan.xyz gets you banned from 4chan
>>16122 And why shouldn't they be welcome? The whole premise of this place is preserving free speech on the internet
>>16135 I see where you are coming from, but they they are just so biue pilled and I really think we should make this an official White Nationalist board, and friendly towards National Socailists. Free speech yes, but I really am sick of talking to MIGA tards and jew shills.
(25.66 KB 640x314 wewillnipitinthebud (1).jpg)
>>16113 Same way any image board does. Make the news pranks, memes and other IRL shit atributed directly to us. Its not hard to do if you have about 20 people in same thread willing to do shit.
>>16138 We don't really want that kind of attention. That's how you attract shills and retards.
>>16136 Culture shouldn't be decided top down. See end/pol/ for a censorious NS board. If you want that, it already exists
>>16135 Free speech is for faggots.
>>16156 We dont need niggers, jews MIGAtards, leftists, communists, white race traitors, and other forms of faggotry on this board. National Socialists and White Nationalists only, fuck everyone else.
>>16113 >>16143 Fair enough But then why try to attract anyone at all? People of quality will find this place regardless if they are serious about National Socialism
>>16135 >preserving free speech on the internet Free speech gave Schlomo the ability to teach transgenderism to your kids dummy. Free speech helped the left corrupt the discourse much more than it helped the right to defend conservatism you dipshit.
>>16145 >Culture shouldn't be decided top down. delusional idiot, I bet you voted trump
>>16170 Defending conservatism is the last thing we should even want to do, so it's not worth lamenting. A path is a revolutionary one and it starts by recognizing that Enlightenment values are not Western values and as such are not worth conserving, nor are the remnants and vestiges of the societies they created. Pic related is what conservatives are all about. Pay attention to the names and read carefully. There is a very intricate campaign in motion to package the exact same bullshit of the last 80 years as if it is some new direction, complete with cameos by the same exact retards who pushed every catastrophic endeavor from 9-11 on. In no uncertain terms -- Death to America.
>>16170 The good thing about free speech is it goes both ways, you can expose the fag agenda to your heart's content. In the real world it's the Jews who control speech restrictions, just look at Holocaust denial laws. If you don't want free (quality) speech, imageboards just aren't for you
>>16180 no, fuck free speech, it's a principle the right fights for while the left uses it for its own purposes, far more efectively
>>16182 The exact opposite is happening at this moment in political history
>>16185 Im afraid the kikes are shoving transgenderism down preschoolers throats while you think that asking about USS Liberty is some super effective own. Get real.
(173.20 KB 1568x483 1450327418254.jpg)
(119.98 KB 1146x551 1452712197564.png)
(66.05 KB 1606x190 1397508368263.png)
(263.58 KB 1920x529 1420481165949.jpg)
>>16118 This anon knows what's up. INTERNET HATE MACHINE
>>16113 Be careful of who you invite, nein is suffering from nigger dick raids right now...
>>16180 You're making the opposite point that you think you're making. You're simply demonstrating how incredibly effective restricting free speech is. Those that do it, tend to rule and rule securely. Groypers and their ilk would be getting much better results with organized terrorist attacks that wiped out the workforce and infrastructure of major telecom, media, and defense corporations than asking questions and letting themselves to be identified and blackballed from future employment within the infrastructure they left unmolested. There is no question you could ever ask, no essay you could ever write, no speech you could ever give that will move capital off of the turboyid niggerfaggot agenda. They do not survive without it and you do not survive with it. This is extremely straightforward and yet we still have people trying to dance around it.
>>16145 Wait, is end back up? Last time I checked it was taken down cause owner wanted to streamline it or some shit like that.
>>16170 Wonderful logic there. Free speech gives us the ability to denounce this madness with common sense and arguments. In fact, true free speech would have allowed us to put the Jews down so they would have never had time to push for the whole destruction of white societies. So we do need free speech.
>>16132 They do that with every chan, that also included nein and 8chan.
>>16113 >attract quality users semi-IQ test captcha or marketing high IQ or subconsciously pro-white memes that weed out undesirables and subversives. >>16213 >free speech We need truthful speech. Reciprocal societies without parasites.
>>16113 IMHO, the biggest gains are made during happenings. A few anons, scraping the best news, maybe adding some analysis makes for the best OPs and attracts anons. /mlpol/ does this really well, if there's a happening, it's posted with quality discussion.
How ? Show people that people here hate Jews with all their hearts.
(768.37 KB 2404x1260 DEGREGATION_OF_POL.png)
>How do we attract more people to the chans? You don't. Remember what happened to 4cuck and 8chin? Newcomers don't bother to read the rules and lurk >2 years learn the board culture. The best way is to make sure all users posts are thoughtful and informative, instead of creating off-topic posts and threads. The chans is what you make of it, so make sure you aren't the one turning it to shit.
>>17656 >image this kinda describes the niggerification of any society as well
>>16116 I for one am totally tired of the worshiping of shooters. I couldn't care less if they're ((())) or not, I'm just fed up with these one shot ventures. There's no sane discussion without some anon trying to sell this meth. 16chan managed to remain relatively cool, calm and good, even if not very active, and THAT's FINE. No, I don't think we need more posters. We need quality, not quantity.
>>17548 >We need truthful speech. Reciprocal societies without parasites Truth wins against lies. The problem is that truth is banned. Hence why true free speech and true representation is necessary. Sure, if we have free speech but kikes control tv radio web papers then it's just a lie by omission this "free speech".
>>17670 >Silence means consent. These are the words of the enemy. Silence means silence. Period. Now, inaction means desertion, cowardice.
>>17680 >No, I don't think we need more posters. We need quality, not quantity. we have quality. we have quality posters, we have quality moderators. growth is the next logical step.
>>17683 Yes we need varying levels of "wokeness" I'm not a soldier, that isnt my place, im still trying to figure that out, but we need soldiers, doctors, nurses, teachers, ect. Maybe one lawyer kek Hail Victory
Pay anon to go kill tech executive. >vanishes. >uploads beheading to 16chan, cnn, web archive, ipfs, spreads glory of noneistan >democracy kek >anon goes back home. Checks web.
Good question. As of the current state of 4ch/pol I think another wave of anons are fleeing now. Could be a good time to reach out covertly some how and absorb people. Nein seems dead, maybe it is possible to brain drain from there? Only way to actually attract people is through active quality discussions here imo. Slightly off topic, but I must ask. What is up with the shilling on 4ch lately. Sure shills gonna shill, but current state of affairs is by far the worst I have ever seen. Sure JQ and Ethno questions will be shilled, but I was shocked at the shilling on: - Trump/impeachment - Nuclear power - Military topics - US Military topics What do the Shills gain from being this obvious? Does it not hurt their favorite topics? The behavior has been wild. - Insults - Agitation - Provocative stupidity - Double think - They latch on like a tick if you feed them by replying. We had a great time in the blue the jew project over there. Lasted 40 threads until shoad. 80% of the time shill level was moderate, and did not interfere too much with discussions. Was in a few random threads today, and holy shit. The shilling on nuclear topics, and nuclear air craft carriers was many times worse than JQ related stuff. Heck they barely bother with the climate change threads but for some reason certain topics are doubled down. I'm just really curious as to if anyone knows whats going on, seen any interesting info, whistle blowers or leaks from shills lately that could indicate what is going on? The board is lost since long, but now it is like a zoo or a circus. Some threads have more shills than actual anons. Anyways, I think by observing popular topics on 4ch/pol and starting similar threads here, with serious discussion a few people might come naturally.
>>17903 >- Nuclear power >- Military topics >- US Military topics Lately been getting the feeling massive happening incoming to kick off wwiii. I know that is nothing new, but something has got me thinking this is different somehow. As to what is going on on 4pol, I have extremely hard time stomaching the place anymore, but if your skin is thicker please feel free to keep us in the loop Anon
>>17917 Hmm, I was thinking in less dramatic terms. Yeah there sure is something going on with Iran. Doubt a war with Iran can trigger WW3 though. What is interesting however is that Trump was in NK, now possibly Iran. Removing 2 rogue nuclear nations. What bothers you with 4pol? Maybe I'm hardened but I don't have much issue with anything. It is 70% spam, shit posts and shilling. One gets used to it and can ignore them. Also filter works.
>>17930 >What is interesting however is that Trump was in NK, now possibly Iran. >Removing 2 rogue nuclear nations. Trump isn't removing anything. He went to North Korea and demanded they give up their nuclear program in exchange for giving the US non-Chinese sourced rare earths and a McDonald's franchise in Pyongyang. He was told they'll dismantle their weapons program when the US dismantles its programs. Trump just made a very big show of the meeting and his online shill bots spread a false narrative. Iran dusted a US drone and had its special operations guys commandeer a British tanker. China pledged ~$400B worth of investment in Iran's oil/gas sector. There is no removing going on. Trump, and the jews, are failing and their hard power is in total collapsed globally. It's wonderful.
>>17903 >What is up with the shilling on 4ch lately. Sure shills gonna shill, but current state of affairs is by far the worst I have ever seen. there is an Israeli anon that acts as a satan to Israel; he likes to stir shit up just for the sake of stirring shit up (think Loki or Lord Baelish) --- a few weeks ago he told 4/pol/ to brace themselves for for massive op - the next day the jesus threads, pagan threads, and every fucking offtopic thread imaginable jumped through the fucking roof; there are literally more /b/tier threads on 4/pol/ this very minute than actual /pol/ threads
(10.91 KB 300x168 this_is_fine.jpeg)
>>17930 >What bothers you with 4pol? Ya, just tired of it I guess, I think before I gave anon's benefit of the doubt when shilling. Assumed some were trolls, some were retarded, some were actually lefties, with a few shills sprinkled in. Lately I agree with the 70% approx. and that is just too much garbage to wade through imo. >>17936 see >>17944 >here are literally more /b/tier threads on 4/pol/ this very minute than actual /pol/ threads That about sums it up, I didn't mind honest political argument from other side, but don't have time to read kike posts while my house is on actual fire
>>17954 >*there Here jannies do fair enough job, ya sometimes takes a lil while for clean up, but one look at /b and you can see half of the threads there were posted on pol(pol threads have ID's in them) and were moved to /b/ Poor /b/ro's have to read our thrash though, because FreezePeach
>>17903 >As of the current state of 4ch/pol I think another wave of anons are fleeing now. >Could be a good time to reach out covertly some how and absorb people. >Nein seems dead, maybe it is possible to brain drain from there? NOOOOOO Route them all to nein, it will act as a buffer and filter. Nein is a pit of waste. Let the dreck stay over there.
>>16132 >>17541 I've been posting these up on 4chan's pol for a few days now and they haven't banned me for it. Discord trannies post images with links to their honeypots/ip mines all the time. We can do the same. An example of a thread I posted them in: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/236489526
(115.54 KB 1366x777 16chan allows tor 2.png)
(227.57 KB 1366x775 16chan allows VPNs.png)
(88.67 KB 1366x775 a.png)
(132.42 KB 1366x782 b.png)
(126.38 KB 1366x760 1.png)
>>18537 I forgot to upload these.
>>17930 >What bothers you with 4pol? yesterday there was a "have you accepted jesus as your savior?" thread. i called OP a faggot, saged, reported. clicked the Feedback link an hour after reporting. clicked the Feedback again 2 hours later. the thread remained up for 7 hours. it is crystal clear that moderation/janitors refuse to do the job that they signed up for and that Hiro approves. i use these threads to drop redpill israel memes while saging every time - what else can ya do? here's the copypasta that i use on shill threads: ok newfags--- 1. type Sage in the options field on all threads that do not meet the criteria of the page 1 stickies. Even though it is not in the rules, announcing that you have saged/reported a thread is a bannable offense - circumvent this by typing Sage in all fields and call OP a faggot/nigger/jew/etc. Saging a thread will prevent it from being bumped for x minutes. if anons do this the thread will be sage bombed to page 12 in a matter of minutes --- this is what jidf and /leftypol/ do to any meaningful threads here 2. after you've called OP a faggot and saged the thread report the thread by clicking the little blue triangle next to the post number. if you're phone posting then press the 3 blue dots to the left of Anonymous. 3. give the mods a reasonable amount of time to delete the thread. contrary to popular belief mods are very active on this board --- just try to issue a rl call to arms thread and you will be deleted and banned within seconds and v& very soon thereafter. if after 15-20 minutes the shill thread is still up click the Feedback link at the bottom of the page, copy/paste the threads url into the subject field, and let Hiro know how you feel. if we can get enough anons on board we can get /pol/ back to 2013 quality level. currently /nupol/ is exactly the same as 2007 /b/ - minus the raid funz and teh pr0nz. do your part by creating/bumping quality ontopic threads
(25.72 KB 331x447 1575423751364.jpg)
Hooray lads. Been wandering since pigchan fell over. Halfchan is an absolute shithole, nein seems like it glows... Are there any /aus/pol/acks posting here? I'm not gonna lurk 2 years, I just want actual discussion with cobbers, not dinner posting.
>>18546 G'day mate. Can't say any one has mentioned it recently, but in the early days of site few months ago one or two brought up being from down under
(80.34 KB 700x467 10753134-3x2-700x467.jpg)
>>18547 Cheers mate. Might make a /aus/ thread and see what happens
(61.72 KB 640x472 Aorl6ig.jpg)
>>18548 /sigh here we go kidding Most geo specific threads on a small board tend to die very quickly, maybe a NWO themed thread asking all anons to state country of origin/location might serve more use. We had flags enabled for a little while, but with Tor and vpn they were of little use besides trolling. And welcome.
>>18554 Too late >>18548 Good post though, enjoy your stay
(341.03 KB 650x365 1567583708664.png)
>>18555 >enjoy your stay I'd like to stay. Shooterchan was really /comfy/, effortposting was great and the slow pace made for great threads.
>>16113 We don't, OP stop being a faggot. The people I share this with I know IRL. I know for a fact they share my ideology. I said this when 16chan went live. Quality over quantity. Look what is happening at 8kunt. The less Normies the better. 8kunt is being shilled to death and it just reopened. Remember this anon, Lose lips sink ships. If you can't personally vouch for someone, don't invite them.
(11.00 KB 270x179 1776.jpg)
hmmm... if people want flags/meme flags they can always post their own
>>18603 Shills want them to hide behind. Fuck them. If the want them they can go back to halfcuck were they came from.
>>18608 >can go back to halfcuck were they came from. Some anons seemed determined to bring to bring the cucks here >>18537 With some success, might add >>18617
(158.17 KB 1366x768 2.png)
(187.25 KB 1366x757 3.png)
(187.80 KB 1366x760 4.png)
(203.99 KB 1366x772 6.png)
(160.37 KB 1366x777 7.png)
>>18794 That's just a shill or a troll. We already had them here (they just weren't as obvious). This board needs more newfrens and the good posters we'll gain will outweigh the bad. Shills could've made that post so that they can point to it as a reason not to promote this board. This board has better moderation and features than 4chan so it'll make better use of its anons. So post these bad boys up on 4chan or make your own and post them here for us to use. Got any ideas for 16chan promotional images?
>>18842 >needs more newfrens Agree >the good posters we'll gain will outweigh the bad Disagree For the second statement to be true, you have to assume that that on 4chan "the good outweighs the bad". As >>17930 >It is 70% spam, shit posts and shilling. >One gets used to it and can ignore them. Also filter works. said, the majority at 4chan is garbage these days, we left because of it, all your doing is inviting it here. .....Back from a quick look at the 4/pol catalog yep no thanks. Quick scroll through couple random threads, yep mostly shills and absolute crap, not even decent shitposts and bants, just crap. Very few posts worth the time it takes to read, and as most were one liners so that's not saying much. You're free to disagree but I think 4chan is bad place to advertise, perhaps out new Aussie friend saw your ad there(just as likely he saw link somewhere else) and that's a good catch, but there has also been a few new kids and retards posting here the last few days, they are easy to spot, they are the ones responding to comments from 30 days ago. Moderation here is simply from other anons that found 16 comfy and volunteered to help out, overload them with garbage and watch them walk away. If they were into that they would be at 4chan 'doing it for free'. Just suggesting you tone down your shilling on 4chan to not draw so much attention or better yet advertise on other boards If you want 4chan then go back, no one else here does >That's just a shill or a troll. Proves my point
>>18842 >Shills could've made that post so that they can point to it as a reason not to promote this board. About as likely as you being shill fag that is lonely for his shill friends
>>18849 That anon is bringing more users to the board, what's your problem faglord
>>18850 Simply wanting Quality not Quantity kiddo
(26.82 KB 399x447 1576280647652.jpg)
>>18857 Only spread onion address.
(759.17 KB 700x700 jannies.png)
4pol is just getting worse and worse each day. I know the meme wars people are tiresome, but even their threads get shoad in minutes now. Perhaps appeal to some of the more witty people from there? Also, 4pol is full of discord trannies lately, anyone know what the fuzz is about? Trying to split up the boards? Trying to get chat logs? Trying to distract so people post in hidden discords and not public?
Dunno, but if there's a 4kid that's smart enough, didn't he find his way to fullchan ny his own? And if not, do you really want him here? Shillamount is increasing nevertheless...
>>17658 That's because it's from a much older meme The Degradation of Any Hobby that was about tabletop games. It is an ascended fucking oldfag meme from cuckchan back when it was good. You are basking in pure genius, kid.
Some bitch mod banned my ip address for something he disagreed with. So I will never, ever support this forum. In fact this is the first time I've been on here in months. Just wanted to see if there was any posts about Virginia boog. Hopefully this board dies so people can go where we can actually have good discussion
>>16113 Have less shills & kikery like on 4chan /pol/
>>16113 >>19911 tf really? what did you say? On 4chan any post I make about actually doing something about the jews just gets instantly archived or deleted
>>19924 To my knowledge no one has ever been permabanned for comments suitable for /pol/. Shitposts/slide thread OP's have received board bans, allowing anons to make appeal on /meta/ if need be. More recently Jannies have been using ASN bans (like 'boomerbot' was receiving) (form of range ban) that blocks all users from certain ISP nodes (effective for IP hoping phonefags) so it possible he received ban from another user. However his windging here now leads me to think he may just have likely tried to start a 4cuck type thread >>19911 (kike digits detected) Virginaboog/gungrab discussion was had while back in an offtopic thread if I recall
>>19911 juden digitz >was banned Proof?
We should target https://8kun.top/pnd/ too. They have compromised mods and lots of shills. Shills really hate this place and patrick little being promoted, so lets combine the two and an image of a guy holding signs saying "Jews rape kids" and "the holocaust is a lie" will really grab anons' attentions, too. So make stuff like these. Use these two bitchute channels to get the screen caps. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/littlerevolution/ https://www.bitchute.com/channel/little-enterprises-cali/ https://littlerevolution.us/media/ Notice the names of the first three files that I uploaded.
>>16118 why whine about grammar when you can only manage middle school-level english in this post? it involves a lot more than capitalization, you know...
>>16113 /pol/ = sourced truth + no mercy shitposting + anti-hugbox board. It's the antithesis of politically correct internet social bubbles like leddit (sic.) and how infinity got it's nickname.
>>19954 is also >>18842 ? >We should target https://8kun.top/pnd/ too. Too? As in 8kunt AND 4cuck? Most have been very clear on this Anon. No one approves of your actions. Especially if your spamming quarterchan with this shit again. No one but a minor or a mentally broken faggot would be as persistent as you have been with this endeavor, after being asked politely to stop. At the very least please post targeted shill rather than carpet bombing. Don't spam, Nobody likes spam To any newfags that are coming to 16chan, welcome we apologize and disavow this retard. Your welcome to hang out with us, but know we do not tolerate faggotry on /pol/ and is frowned upon on /b/ as well for that matter. Enjoy your stay >>19962 >+no mercy shitposting >-shit OP's I don't think anti-hugbox really needs to be stated. I wouldn't imagine it to naturally occur very often, and the few times it pops up, it can usually be warranted. Even hard ass cunts like us can use a hug every other decade or two >>18914 >Only spread onion address. This would weed out a lot of trash yes >>19954 47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion
>>16113 We don't. Let normies evolve naturally, they will find what they need to find. Getting off a webring, there's a logic behind that, gotta understand it.
>>19976 /pnd/ seems a decent board, of a slightly slower pace than the crazy /pol/ before the nuking. I see some forced mass shooting shilling too, frankly few want that shit, it's been a drain on every body. Let nein have it if that's their dope.
>>19924 >>19939 I was talking about the power structure of the elite and how Jews are connected to Freemasons and other Occult shit. Since I wasn't bashing the Jews like a mindless retard this fucker bans me. You're not different than the Sjw ideologues.This nigger gives me 2 years. Enjoy your dead board.
>>20025 Oh yea and what kind of board allows mods to write on your posts in big red letters? Lmao. You have mods banning people, writing on their posts, disrespecting people who put time and effort into discussion, and make a thread asking where everyone went. Wooooow
(99.79 KB 400x410 You.Have.To.Go.Back.png)
>>20025 Freemasons/occult/lizards/Illuminati/rest of schizo topics. >>>/b/ or /culture/ Hurr Dur jews were Masons no shit, they have wormed their way into monarchs, churches, politics, education, and every other power structure. Not to mention that your ban could just as likely been had for style/content of post as opposed to subject big red letters? If your referring to boomerbot, janny was sending msg to other anon, that this style post was generated by an automated bot, to let anons know it should be reported
>>20026 so far this chan is best chan, theres you and like 2 other whiny fags here. pretty comfy
>>20026 Lurk Moar faggot it was a bot, no not zoomer "your a bot", an actual automated bot that spams /pol/ of various chans with spam. It use to spam America thinks freedom is...bla bla blah. Now has evolved to America is Jewish controlled ...bla bla blah. The fact it is spamming boards gets it banned, not the content of posts >>19979
>>20031 Different chans, same shit. It originated from china, and now has its own thread on CommieChan. Maybe you would like that board, Im sure they would be interested to hear from you and your insight on the jewish/mason conspiracy.
>>16114 Paste in other chans e.g. infinity chan, end chan, ect. that you can post here in tails. It's the only one I can post on anyways...
((I found this chan because someone linked in end chan))
>>20054 /b/ thread with list of chans? Or actual post about 16?
>>20059 Never mind found it.
>>16113 those who need to be here or want to be here will find this place themselves, plain and simple.
>>20084 P R O V I D E N C E
>>20086 >>20084 Based >>18842 >>19954 Faggots (possibly 5th column)(pic) Yes, was ITT, but index retards only read the last 4 posts
(74.15 KB 668x363 IDF.jpg)
>>16113 >quality ones of course. reporting in
>>18601 >>19954 >8kunt Since 8kun is back online, is there a high possibility of it being monitored by glowniggers, or is it just only being shilled constantly? I don't want to take the chance to go there when the possibility of glownig monitoring seems to be present, but I have to know from experience of other anons who went there and still go there. I just have a strong desire to reconnect with others after the exodus. I feel like a lot of us are disconnected and spread out.
>>21135 Some of the old fags are back there on /pnd/ but its glowy as all fuck. Be careful what you say and lurk on 8kun.
We invade and genocide four chinners taking their land so we may raise more of our own while rescuing the few of good racial stock still trapped in 4hell. With no bread a people starve, it is either them or us. The strong must dominate the weak if such a law did not exist higher image board life would be inconseviable. To victory!
>>16195 >that's why cp is so important Fuck off, if anything the pedos are worse thean the Redditors. It doesn't succede in scaring off normies it succedes in attracting degenerate pedos who deserve the bullet. That's like getting cancer to fight off your brain tumor. You're just going to succede in dying faster.
(2.67 KB 480x360 and thats the truth.jpg)
>>21136 >lurk Lurk by being a torfag or use VPN? Does kike Jim log IPs of posters and lurkers, similar to how 4cuck is like with Gookmoot (IP gets logged even if you don't post and just lurk)? I ask so I can be careful and be more aware and develop a general idea of how 8kunt is currently like.
>>16113 >I'd like to get more users, quality ones of course. Have no fear. I have arrived.
>>21164 Be careful what you say meaning “no calls to violence, tone everything else way down” etc. He also meant “be careful what you lurk” ie. be mindful of what you read/click on. It is always advisable to use TOR/VPN. Personally I don’t visit 8kun and if I did I would wrap it and remain silent. Fuck the people that visit that shithole and the people that run it. We are in the era of altchans, ride the train until the next one comes along.
>>21164 Use tor bro.
>>16113 Get Mike Bloomberg to buy 4chan for an inflated price. Hiroshimoot gets fat return, and then Bloombergs can buy the next one. The prospect of being bought out by a rich Jew becomes a business model and sites compete to facilitate forums which piss off rich Jews.
>>16114 >really the best thing for us at this point may be to have fewer posters online, and more anons in the real world making connections. Here is the real bottom line.
>>16114 I miss movie nights
>>19269 Since at least 2012 raids come and go. Is going to be worst this year because of the election.
(197.50 KB 972x887 today-on-4cuk.jpg)
there seems to be another wave of pressure building. I think some light shilling is warranted, from those of you still willing/able to post on 4kuk. any links should be obfuscated into the image, don't use "16" "16chan" etc anywhere in the actual text because they filter and autoban.
>>23356 Yeah I think if you shill in a thread that seems to have some quality posters, that would be prudent >>23356
(42.93 KB 604x340 black sun5.jpg)
>>16122 16chan is the place of true legitimate discussion. if trumptards come here, then so be it. The issue is if we let them stay without first attacking their main beliefs with actual points and arguments. The attacks on their beliefs will either turn them away or force them to come to terms with how shit their views are; this can and will have a long term positive affect as it will not only encourage a high level of discourse but also potentially help others see that trump has sadly been a failure.
>>23654 Be that as it may, no one has really come back here even with all the problems at ching chong ron's newest endeavor.
(765.71 KB 430x200 1582420505957.gif)
(253.97 KB 900x1308 1582329658311.jpg)
>>16113 Newfag here, started using 16chan less than 3 days ago. Not a bad place, I might make it my main chan.
>>24155 Checked. Welcome
>>24155 It's really a nice website, really well made, with more features than 4chan. At this point I am using both. 16chan however with it's ability to use VPN's and Tor posting, makes it the true anonymous image board.
>>24170 Also say 4chan ever gets shut down. This is a good backup and would receive huge traffic at that point.
>>18914 This is the correct approach. It only takes the smallest barrier of entry to root out most of the lazy and weak. 4ch used to be able to keep the riff-raff out simply by being confusing to use. Now that everyone is adapted to the format it is flooded with redditor-tier users in addition to the bots and shills. I've visited a dozen other chans and this is the first one I think is any good, and I found it through the tor link.
>>16170 >>16176 Free speech is important. The problem is the right couldn't formulate coherent arguments against the new leftism and the slow creep occurred. One of the main problems was that much of American identity was assumed. Being a white, Christian, English-speaking nation was understood, but never written down. I think it was a short-sighted failure of the founders to never include those things explicitly. I guess there was the 1791 immigration act, but it didn't last long.
>>24281 We have been making coherent arguments for years. It's just that nobody wants to listen. Democracy isn't about who is right or most valuable for the job. It's about who's ideas are most palatable to the intrests of the ruling money power and the ever changing self-intrests of the masses. There is a reason Hitler and his party only won after the economy collapsed, despite the NSDAP's ideas clearly being economically and logically sound for getting Germany out of the rut she was in. The masses no longer had the finacial security that was keeping them in line, once a system can no longer provide that. That system is doomed to die, and if it can that system can do whatever it pleases and the masses will keep their head down. It's just that in Democracy that system is centered on the (((finance elite))) who have control over the lemmings job and currency thus in their hands their finacial security and in the other one the media. So censorship becomes a public affair, you can't say that it's not politically correct! Say good bye to your job and mortage. That buisness isn't palatable to my tastes so us useless investment bankers will turn down it's existance. Censorship always exists, Free speech is a myth and a bad one at that. It's just a question of whether it's in the hands of the Jews or the goverment.
>>16113 4 cuck is full of shills
>>24175 To get people to come to this place, they'd have to know about it first. It's nice that 4chan bans people every day of the week and goes down every month or so, but unless people think of 16chan as the first alternative, none of them will come here.
>>16113 High effort posts. All slide threads and obvious subversion threads get called out or deleted
>>16113 let it happen organically
>>17656 Basically Bolshevization of earth speech god damn germanfags actually had some speeches,whereas us Indians have is a bolshevized continent constructed by literal kike rats britishers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_of_India_Act_1935
>>16116 Someone finally said it. I'm tired of the neonazis swarming the board. I understand "hurr durr we love it" but like come on, it isn't based in fact. You have to be either a paranoid wreck or short a few IQ points to be a neonazi, because it involves ignoring reams of evidence and hyperfocusing on what one considers to be "evidence." That and you also have to be on board with killing off millions of people that you don't personally know because of your beliefs, which is problematic ethically. I see some of you already hate me without having met me. I am the "kike shill" that wants to see this website stay up and provide free speech for all. My family is literally from Israel; all of them Jewish (except me - I converted to Wicca nearly ten years ago and haven't told them yet because you can't work magic in Judaism, it's forbidden); half of it died in the Holocaust which you love so much to deny. I bet you morons haven't even been to Israel. If you had, maybe you'd be singing a different tune. It really isn't bad as long as you use sunscreen and don't mind metal detectors and really poor manners. If you truly want free speech here you will need to put up with MY rants (one of the progeny of some people who the holocaust couldn't kill), and rants from other people the average neonazi despises. That's what free speech is. It's going to show you all kinds of shit you hate. Deal with it. The alternatives are far worse. Censorship is shit.
>>24747 How did you say so much and not make a single argument against National Socialism or proving the Holocaust happened? It's more likely they died from the typhus epidemic that was raging in the Jewish community (kinda like how Jews were the first vector of infection for America, Westchecher for example) and the delousing chambers were brought in... to delouse. Not to mention the number of six million never happened, incinerating those bodies would be impossible in that time period and we haven't found enough mass graves to match the number (pulled out of thin air) reported. It's more likely they died of typhus and those were the bodies the Allies found, and of course most of them were incenerated as that's what you do to infected bodies. There simply isn't enough evidence for the Holocaust and the Nuremberg Kangro Court specfically did not use or want evidence nor do forced ""confessions"" count as evidence, especially when you factor in the gential torture.
It is happening.
It is happening.
(127.32 KB 960x640 ww7s7kv9ux041.png)
>>16113 I dont want too many people on here everyone at 4chans pol is gay or retarded or both. With the usual crowd on here everyone is just more chill and is on topic for the most part. Plus i dont want to attract (((them))).
>>25184 The problem is that there is nobody here, save for the Druids and that retard on /b/. It's very slow, almost dying.
No country in history has ever hated freedom as much as the USA does. You know that all hope is lost when you talk to 5 Americans in one day and one says that the Bill of Rights should be repealed, another says blacksmithing should be illegal, one swears wearing fur should be a crime, one says private charities should be outlawed, and another says bump stocks must be banned. Disgusting.
>>25254 This place is run by the CCP. They keep deleting story from taiwan news about 80% of corona tests sent to Czechistan not working.
>>25271 WTF are you on about? Your post is right here >>25262
(256.91 KB 1200x887 06.jpg)
Tell them that we love to torture slavic children to death like all true Germans.
I think i'll start coming here. if i get a sense that mods are controlled i'm leaving. i like immutable posting like blockchan.ca it would be nice to see 16chan takes something like that on.
>>25315 Mods aren't controlled, but specific calls to violence are not permitted. Also no underage users.
regardind 4cvnt former mutant here was not active on for a while and tried ti lurk i mean oldmu's GONE sure it was pretentious and very elitey but there were fun threads and good discussions, but now? It's not even parody at this point, it's like somebody is having a go with raping the corpse some more 4pol is shilled and slided into oblivion mods glow hard imo as of new users actions speak lauder then words let this be detrimental
(82.73 KB 964x623 04.png)
Tell them that we are less hypocrite than the rest of /pol/ boards
(26.08 KB 400x400 good job retard.jpg)
>>16161 So this is a White Nationalist only board? Ok, have the mods ban anyone who isn't White Nationalist and see how many posters are left.
>>25424 Leave
>>25426 TNB, I have seen all sorts of "White Nationalist" forums and boards and they are glownigger JIDF hunting grounds with a few CI people spamming a lot and the rest of the people fighting over who is a good white man or not. The infighting is ALWAYS out of control and I have yet to see anything declared "White Nationalist Only" do anything worth a fuck. Keep /pol/ an anon image board sub where people can freely talk w/o getting banned by spergs for not being, in their opinion, a NAZI or Good White Man.
>>25427 Diverse opinions are welcome, bullshit is not. I see a lot of complaining coming from a 16newfag.
>>25440 This. (but also ban niggers, jews MIGAtards, leftists, communists, white race traitors, and other forms of faggotry)
Allow the community to grow organically. You'll get better users that way. Post quality content. Ensure your system is available and properly functioning.
>>16113 Well since this place lacks porn I guess by merit or humor? Ideally by being right so others can refer this site to other. Searching the net for similar groups and refering them to here helps. A lot of Reddit refugees still looking for a home and others upset with voat.co ...
(91.47 KB 180x240 flyers.png)
i put up some flyers around my neighborhood with my son this morning advertising the site.
(177.54 KB 836x936 07.jpg)
Are Slavic nationalists allowed or should we kill them all?
>>25555 Ёбаная анкапошлюха, как ты заебала.
for starters you can NOT ban people for having "unpopular" post or for using tor.
(128.84 KB 1920x1041 ban.jpeg)
like this
>>2563 not realy banned but you just cant post because some one else used that ip from tor. its not me its the chans that are censoring. stop calling people pedos and use yer head mate.
>>25633 I knew 8cunt was a honeypot, but that's even worse than I thought. They're hopping on the MSM/jewish social media banwagon of banning any and all 5G posts. I'll probably get banned too for the posts I just made there. If all the anons clinging to 8cunt, thinking it's still 8chan, were to fucking leave that shit hole already that'd be great.
>>25630 do people get banned for using tor?
>>25861 Have you ever looked at the home page, 16chan.xyz? There is a TOR link to the site right at the top. I hope that answers your question.
>>25424 >mods proceed to ban all skrealingr >just to try >only 5c4965 reported missing >>25427 >I have yet to see anything declared "White Nationalist Only" do anything worth a fuck VNN maybe? >>25633 >literally I got the flu through internet And you wonder why you were b&? Talking of 5G... http://emfsafetynetwork.org/ emfsafetynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Scientist-5G-appeal.pdf emfsafetynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/EMF_Wireless-Study-2019_Final-1.pdf
(1.34 MB 1238x2513 johannesburg.jpg)
>>16116 Migrant, I guess. >They have to know about the site Check >There has to be discussion to contribute to Check, and while I hate commies, and I'm not asking for anything like that, there seems to be... mostly one sided discussion just looking at the titles of posts. It's all old/pol/, for sure. I just am used to being against a tidal wave of nonsense, you know? The only negative so far is that it feels like it lacks the shitposter/anime poster touch. I'd suggest /a/ makes its way here, even if it's just a slower, more low-key version, it'll help preserve general chan culture, which is important in having any chan. Same with /jp/. It's a chan, after all, not a western forum. Outside of that, the poster quality seems okay, the quantity obviously needs help, but as you raise more people up, you're gonna get dilution (like myself). If you're serious about raising the population, cross-chan advertising in webring on bunker chan is a great place, so is 9chan on tor. If you want to advertise on 4chan, which is what brought me over here, I'd highly suggest that instead of avoiding the bait posters, you search 4chan for good effortposts, post bait on 4chan, and drop a 16chan mention, and let the mod/janitor crew clean up filth. Yes, it gives them more work. And yes, there's only so many hours in the day someone can give. So limit the name dropping. I've suggested this place to a few people but never made the switch. Seems like they're here and in the bunkers. Lastly, about quality. Not everythig has to be a 10. In fact, it's probably better not to try and force perfection. Instead, aim for a general minimum standard, like 6+. That's what gets circulation, and I feel you lack the same feel of circulation and "being alive" that most people come to expect out of 4chan. So maybe post a few 8s, and aim for the moon. But don't worry so much if you make a 6. Anything less, delete it, but save for that, you're good. Anyway, that's all the feedback I can give. Hope it helped, and good luck guys, I really hope we have a cozy pol that likes good ideas. p.s. >Board Happenings Try and make an OP. like a Gay Operation. Something cool and funny. I suggest pitting blacks against Jews, and playing both sides by making counter-signal propaganda. Something IOTBW tier, like "Slavery was worse than the holocaust" or "The Holocaust was worse than Slavery." Go IRL and post a few, and leave a paper trail that it came from here. Plenty of those quality people you talk of are looking for a good chan again. Give them something to get their attention.
>>16113 i think they need to find their way here naturally. if you advertise too much you'll drag in the unwashed masses off 4chan. better not.
shilling would create normalniggers to infiltrate, so im guessing the quality posters will soon come but it will take time ofcourse
I always get banned on 4chan. It's like they have my IP on perma watch, because I only get to make 2-3 posts every 3 months before I get another 3 month ban. Every. Single. Time.
(2.53 MB 460x160 But.gif)
>>25583 Но я на neinchan, naming jews, blaming eunuchs. As always.
>>26460 Just use your neighbors WiFi nigger. You don't even need to be in coverage area to do it. Every WiFi router within your provider`s net can be used as your personal VPN.
>>26460 Sounds like they can't handle the content of your posts.
>>26463 No neighbors - rural faggot
>>26473 mostly only have one message: stop talking about holohoax. It's a distraction - the jews wants 4chan to talk about it. How many jews died during WW2 is a moot point, who gives a fuck? Literally any other entrypoint redpill than the holohoax is better for normies to swallow.
>>26476 Scan your prov`s net with smtn like RouterScan. https://www73.zippyshare.com/v/e8dFpVCh/file.html You will find plenty.
>>26481 tanks fren
(143.54 KB 800x764 1587084818251.jpg)
Destroy the myth that there are no free chans. The only reason anyone is still on 8fed or 4chink is because they don't know that there are lots of other chans, and that it is easy to host one.
>>26512 I'm hinting at other chans on 4chan. I don't want to make it too obvious. I just reply to the posters whom I feel are open minded enough to be here. I don't want to just spam 16chan.xyz because the entire tranny federation and kike blackedposters and every other form of cancer will come here and snuff 16 out like a fire engine putting out a candle.
>>26515 "Google the other chans, you fucking nigger."
>>25254 Those people are usually found in the cities and are the most rope worthy of the population. If they get their way with politics they will be among the first to be executed by the people they support.
Somewhere, on some chan, an anon has actually posted a list of all chans, bunkers and rings.
(100.67 KB 500x669 1587353128866.jpg)
>>16113 There's a ib called julay, they got a /fascist/ board, Julay is going to be shutted down in 90 days, here's the link https://julay.world/fascist/catalog.html >also Why we don't make flag banners?
Pozchan wants quality. Kek. Not happening, jewlets.
(395.94 KB 1854x339 based-af.jpg)
>>24335 and this place is full of jews speaking of jews, let me post some redpilled screencap about the future of muttistan...
(2.94 MB 359x346 perfidious jew.gif)
>>16113 >>16113 Pick up NatSoc frens on cuckchan Vet them through a Discord THEN and only then tell them about this board.
>>16113 Just found this site on accident, & it is surprisingly more based than 4chan. Lots of jannies there are silenting alot of people on pol. I got bannned a few times without any links to whatever what was posted. So I already know JIDF aka Jannies are butthurt.
>>26740 Lots of kikes use meme flags. The Mods should IP range ban any post from Israel
the only way I found this was searching for what happened to neinchan in duck duck go. But searching 16chan in ddg reveals nothing. So do u guys want more people or not?
>>27341 hopefully you aren't a massive faggot
(757.65 KB 700x700 OhJannie.png)
Be more israeli friendly. I came here to discuss homo nigger SJW scum in peace but this place is very unwelcoming to me and my people.
>>27692 Here's a warm welcome just for people like you. :D
>>27693 Thank you Anonymous. That fireplace is comfy as. Reminds me of my German homeland in winter... fuck this US shithole
>>27695 Tell me about Germany? USA really is a shithole... so soulless. I always laugh when I hear "greatest country in the world." My family is mostly from Germany so I'd love to visit someday. I have been to Italy, Spain, and France though. Italy was probably the best, absolutely gorgeous country


no cookies?