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(46.88 KB 474x474 yuletree.jpg)
(349.81 KB 800x1408 hermit.jpg)
Druid/pol/ #0002 Yuletide & Lurker Appreciation edition Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 16:36:02 ID:a478a8 No. 16593
LOYAL LADS I bid welcome in the manner to which we have become accustomed (and which is sacred to our Rite) into our most portentous secundus 16ch B.O.N.D thread! Wew lads, what a time we've had these last few months! Everything has been up in the air but it seems things are now coalescing and we are building new foundations. We have settled in well on 16ch and it is decided that this shall be the permanent location of our lodge from hereon. Bunkers shall also be maintained on nanochan & potentially neinchan should anything happen to our homebase - these are the places to converge. Also I am changing the usual Tarot method. Instead of cycling through the major arcana, I shall draw a random major arcana card for each thread instead. This thread's card is The Hermit (IX) The ninth card of the major arcana, the Hermit suggests a phase of introspection, drawing ones attention inwards and looking for answers within. It is indicative of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of position. The Hermit shall govern this thread along with His element (earth) and his ruling heavenly body (Mercury) A mercurial thread awaits.... On the lodgefront, progress as been made since the events of August. Most of the regulars have managed to find the new lodge & reconverge. We also have some new members who have joined us recently. We just need to keep an eye out for Suffolk & punished. ITT we should discuss a synchronized ritual to expel the "charge" we have accumulated into the ether with a shared goal (see last thread for details regarding this phenomena) & we are due a long overdue revision of the tenets too. Also I feel it prudent to add a word of appreciation for our lurkers. Since 8ch died, I'v come to appreciate just how many lurkers we had and I have had many positive messages regarding the B.O.N.D from them. Be it on cuckchan, nano, nein & here, many a lurker has made themselves known with messages of support. Lurkerlads - I salute you. Based Lurkerbros, know that we appreciate you. The boogaloo looms as things accelerate but our best strategy for now is to keep our heads down, plan and work within the confines of what we have. (Morgoth's "Vietcong strategy") We wait, plan & continue with our studies on the Path. As ever, the topical newslinks are presented for the readers persual & delectation >London bridge durkadurka had served time for prior "terror" offences http://archive.is/gO4a7 >3rd world invasion reaches near record levels http://archive.is/0Gpcx >Based Burgo the krautdruid in hot water again (use translate on this one) www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/rechtsextremer-druide-unter-verdacht-a-1275952.html >Archtraitor merkel rails against free speech http://archive.is/nCXrN Thats it for now lads. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents, praise the Druids & suffer not the traitor or xenos. ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS NEW ORDER PARCHEDIG DERWYDDON YR HYNAFIAID! AVE DRUIDICUS
>>16593 We have settled in well on 16ch and it is decided that this shall be the permanent location of our lodge from hereon. Good. >London bridge durkadurka had served time for prior "terror" offences Imagine living in a country that lets convicted terrorists out of prison with an electronic tag. Oh wait... What's worse is that nobody seems to care. Country is completely numbed out on on netflix, football and pornhub to give a shit. Durka attacks seem like they're just becoming a part of Christmas time tradition now. Or rather the Winter shopping festival. Anyway here's some fresh Jive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2TVpq8lj6w
>>16606 >What's worse is that nobody seems to care Depends where you go and what company you keep tbh lad. Lefty metropolitan trendies and bugmen types dont care but go into a British Legion or working mens club and you will see there are a lot of pissed off people. It's just they feel they do not have a viable outlet or representation at present. There is a pressure cooker effect happening and a lot of resentment festering under the surface. "Nobody cares" is a meme. At least where I am...
>>16608 I guess. Though I work with northerners, all working class guys and all they seem to care about is sportsball niggers. Sometimes they can say something really based but then the next day they go back to being drones and say the total opposite of what they said the previous day. Bluepilled working class people are truly the worst. Most of them are voting labour because they want £10p/h. They don't even do anything with their money except get pissed every weekend. I don't mean to blackpill, maybe it's just the people I work with. Just depressing is all. Maybe they are bitter underneath it all and just suppress it. I can't really talk to them about stuff like that though because I work with non-whites and mixed race people and also someone who has half nigger family, smdh.
Lurker checking in
(47.22 KB 672x900 EKpOwBmWkAEdvdF.jpg large.jfif)
(301.97 KB 602x643 cuck.png)
Guess the attack wasn't all bad after all. One less cuck polluting Albion's genepool.
>>16618 Based lurkerbro tbh >>16612 I get it lad. If your social circle is like that it can indeed be blackpilling. >I can't really talk to them about stuff like that though because I work with non-whites and mixed race people and also someone who has half nigger family, smh. Yeah it is easier when you have a mostly native circle that is for sure. Sympathies lad but chin up. There are more of us out there than you may think.
>>16626 Seems the universe has a sense of humour. Lets term this one "karmic irony"
(303.57 KB 411x350 honkhonk.png)
The clowns are out there.
>>16626 S On the other hand, King Arthur has awakened. Not the hero we needed, but definitely the one we deserve. Pic related. >>16612 I know that feel lad, burger cuckservatives are the same way. They know about Epstein and the red flag gun grabs, but seem not to care. No one is prepping to throw off the shackles, just drinking and getting fat. >>16593 Well done as always lad. We also owe a debt of gratitude to our based jannies and BO. >The Hermit I do need a bit of that tbh. What’s the planetary governance lad? Saturn and Venus are lighting up the South Western sky after dusk.
isLurkMode: 0 >>16627 >There are more of us out there than you may think. >>16612 Not wanting to see a lad give up and make his new lodge on r9k, will try sharing uplifting story. For some time I too have been extremely blackpilled and withdrawn from those around me. More recently I have started speaking up. And yes while some seemed to recoil at the thought I had been radicalized by ebil internet Nazi's, I was surprised at just how many normies were very quick to agree with most of my positions. (Guatemalan co-worker saying, "Trump is right about Mexicans/rapists/murders" or Boss comment of how he saw Doc' about how racist jew "settlers" are) Few weeks ago came across a moderator with a profile pic and name that led me to think he was an /pol/anon. He made a comment about tranny's being degenerates and I reach out to him in a private chat to invite him here to 16. We chatted for quite a while about the course of present day trends, normalization of degeneracy mostly, and you can image my surprise when he let it slip that he was 14 years old. Now like most of you I'd heard the rumor that the zoomer generation was far more conservative than previous gen's but I honestly just assumed it was right wing propaganda from Faux News. I asked him "Shouldn't you be off playing fortnight?" To which he quickly replied "That's half the problem with my generation" Something broke in me that moment and I actually began to tear up at the thought that maybe all was not lost, maybe their was still a slim hope for the future. Maybe our gen failed but perhaps its not too late to help the the wee lads correct the mess the boomers left us (I don't blame the boomers more than they deserve, they were victims of a massive war propaganda machine) I am still very blackpilled, but there is no denying that there is something stirring in the the general public. More and more people are taking redpills everyday. The pewdiepie happening alone redpilled millions of 12 year olds. 9/11, 7/7, the Iraq war, Snowden, Russiagate, Bigtech, Trump, Christchurch most of these are not victories we won, but battles lost by our enemies from being too hubris, too smug and sure of their of their unlimited power, yet have only served to weaken their position. It seems as though we just need to sit back and watch as things accelerate now. Of course a slightly more active stance could be taken. Continue to drop small bite sized redpills to normies around you. Start with the easy stuff that normies can agree with, msm/bbc bias, or even in the case of your brown co workers try convincing them the more mass immigration is only going to hurt them by supplying the corp's with even more cheap labor. Maybe go out and volunteer for your upcoming election, even if you cant fully endorse you local Rep' because you think they are just another fake lying politician, you could be out there going door to door, discussing issues of importance and getting a feel for and connecting to your neighborhoods like minded lads and las', maybe make few new fren's along the way WEBM /run feelsgood.exe isLurkMode: 1
(688.17 KB 500x400 alchemist.gif)
>>16638 >. What’s the planetary governance lad? Mercury governs the Hermit lad. >Well done as always Appreciate it. Nice to have you with us old friend. >pic Fella was wielding some kind of narwhal hunting implement from what I understand. Based af tbh. Where the fuck he got it from & what he was doing walking out and about in the first place not that im complaining.......far from it, hope it pierced that dunecoons hide tbh and caused considerable agony is another question entirely tho.... Is there a nautical museum near london bridge or something? Did he just run in and grab it? Topkek situation. Its like when that glaswegian booted a burning terrorist in the balls a while ago. (cue Benny Hill "yakity sax" music")* :^) Some whiteys still have that instinct in them. It's not been bred or shamed out of all of us thats for damn sure. >We also owe a debt of gratitude to our based jannies and BO. Indeed. Thank you based BOss & jannies. >>16639 >but there is no denying that there is something stirring in the the general public I feel this too. There is a change in the zeitgest from, say 2015. We are witnessing the beginning of the Great Disillusionment imo. Thanks for the story share lad. There are many a small whitepill to be found amongst sea of seemingly endless black ones. >based zoomers/genZ Its not just a meme aye. My lad is 13 and knows the score. He's also smart enough to hide his power level. Iv met lads in their early 20s too on nights out who make no bones about their sense on disenfranchisement and hatred for certain interlopers and subverters. It was nice to see. I do love the way genZ have zero respect or reliance on msm/old media, having grown up entirely with the internet (a far cry from my commodore c64 days smh.) It's a double edged sword with a slew of degenerate shit like normiebook and other social media cancer but it also offer truth for those who know where to look and care to scratch the surface. Zoomers will probably be our salvation imo. It will be them who play the biggest part in the boogaloo. It will be they who form the vanguard that will go on to reclaim our birthright. They need sage wisdom from their elders (the sane, non treacherous ones) to guide them. I like to think places like this help (no hubris)
>>16649 > Where the fuck he got it from & what he was doing walking out and about in the first place from https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/man-wielding-5-narwhal-tusk-helped-subdue-london-bridge-terrorist https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/london-bridge-hero-narwhal-tusk-20994944 Meanwhile, The Mirror reports that the tusk-wielding hero who helped stop the attack using a 5' Narwhal Tusk he grabbed off a wall is a Polish chef named only as Lukasz, who immigrated to the UK. The man armed with a Narwhal tusk who helped to stop the terrorist attack yesterday on London bridge was a Polish chef called Łukasz, reports @thetimes pic.twitter.com/VHEWvhRxT5 — Notes from Poland 🇵🇱 (@notesfrompoland) November 30, 2019 According to friends, he was working at Fishmongers' Hall when Khan, 28, began attacking attendees at a University of Cambridge conference on prisoner rehabilitation. Kahn, who was wearing a fake suicide vest, killed two and injured three - including Lukasz. “Everybody run! There’s a terrorist on the bridge!” Lukasz: Get me the tusk
>>16639 Trump was not a victory, he is damage control that has worked extremely well for our foes.
(19.93 KB 292x326 single hit boy is amused.jpg)
>>16654 >Lukasz: Get me the tusk
>>16667 Think you missed the point there, I wasn't shilling trump, but the entire event of Trump. A joke reality TV star that got the people to deny the "chosen one". I know everyone here hates trump, but I can't believe you think Shillary was the better choice. I think the way he showed that patriotism is still alive was a good thing. I think him winning by stoking American Nationalism was a good thing. I think the left reaction to him was a good thing. I am all for accelerationism if it gets us to the right destination quicker. This next election win or lose, shit is going to hit the fan.
>>16654 >Lukasz: Get me the tusk Kek >named only as Lukasz Based tuskman is the namesake of Lugh. Portentous imo. >Khan, 28, began attacking attendees at a University of Cambridge conference on prisoner rehabilitation. I’m glad they couldn’t rehabilitate that ex-Khan. >>16649 >Mercury governs the Hermit lad. Sorry I somehow missed that in the OP. Watch yourself lad, last time we had a mercurial thread you posted a selfie. >bennyhill.mp3 Kek, truly some vintage Bong comedy seeing a Polack in chef’s hat with a tusk chasing an arab wearing a fake bomb vest around London bridge. All that’s missing was a gorilla and a few busty lasses.
>>16669 Never said Hillary was the better choice. The best choice is to not vote or subscribe to party lines. The US/Trump has nothing to do with nationalism in North America.
>>16670 >posted a selfie in a mercurial thread Fugg I remember aye. Twas to shut schizo up h because he was obsessed with the idea that I was was bobbert iirc. Wont happen again kek. >Bennyhill.mp3 We used to make some class comedy until the late 90s when pc became a thing. Now it's all "woke" shit. Another British staple destroyed by feminism and multiculturalism. Sad indeed.
>>16684 people have been working for years to destroy british staples. just look at what they did to skinheads. Owllad here, we're getting ready for the Yule season at my abode. Going to find a good tree season, and me and the missus are going to start working on various ornaments, along with other things. I wish many good fortunes for all of y'all this year. I am certainly lookin forward to another comfy thread
>>16593 >German parliament, declaring that freedom of expression which offends “the dignity of (((other people)))” must be censored to secure a truly free society. Such a vague concept so those in power can eternally claim being offended by our liberties and survival.
>>16691 Sounds /comfy/, I don’t know if we’ll decorate since we go out of town for Christmas and rarely get visitors. When the baby gets older we will certainly.
>>16649 >Zoomers will probably be our salvation imo. They will be the ones to fight, that's for sure. Anointed in my new form, I shall be leading them and see my young brethren die by the millions for a better white future, their souls forever secured within my realm against the rapacious lurkers from the invisible world. Someone got the 6666 quads today on this board. Where at?
>>16684 >We used to make some class comedy until the late 90s when pc became a thing I heard the lusty runner was quite popular in Frogland when he was lynched in Brittle.
>>16712 In the Vancouver nothing ever happens thread
>>16593 Great OP as always. I managed to largely sort my grounding in the past couple (few?) weeks, so I'll try to keep up with this thread better than the last. I may have remembered a source of much of my pain, and some of my wounds. I am unsure if I should ask the lodge for advice on this one or not, as I am quite apprehensive to posting it. If digits, I will ask for advice, if no digits, I can solve it myself.
>>16716 That was my OP. I’m glad nuffin happened tbh. >>16721 I’m glad you’re better lad. We’ve grown a bit since you left. /vril/ is back up and rekindling on neinchan. In other news I was perma b& from cuckchan for posting an anti-circumcision infograph with a rabbi giving a baby herpes. Foreskin munching kike jannies claim it was cp smh.
>>16726 No worries for being hyper observant Anon TBO ban was deserved. It was after all CP , or at very least actual abuse
>>16733 What was the abuse?
>>16733 (observed) >>16744 (observed) I posted a cap of it here >>16745. It’s info about a study on circumcision causing ptsd with a black and white photo of the Metzitzah B’peh being done after a bris. Abuse certainly, but not cp unless you’re a kike.
>>16746 You're better of without cuckchan imo, hopefully your ban for telling the truth will make others take notice "To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise"
>>16746 Yeah disgusting. It's a strong way to filter themselves from the rest. This is what we are up against people and we should make a point calling them "foreskin chewers" n' such. "Kike" is a classic too of course.
(49.41 KB 597x615 aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)
>>16726 I got b& from cuckchan /x/ for posting a fucking /x/ meme of things. Not even joking - a fucking /x/ meme got me a 3 day ban! Modcunt said it was "spam" and I also got a "warning" from some /pol/ janny too just for literally saying "Shitty slide thread. Sage" in some low effort pleb tier thread-abortion they allowed to stay up. They are ban happy as fuck tbh. Bollocks to that place, I only go there for /tg/ (and I still far prefered the 8ch one- miss the fa/tg/uys & the /cow/boys too) and i'll occasionaly visit /x/ now & again. Might scan the /pol/ for a bit of news but rarely contribute much. The /pol/ there is of such awfully low quality. The brit/pol/ there is worse than /brit/ and /newbrit/ combined & the tripfags there make SA seem tolerable by comparison. Obvious demoralization threads and cuckporn spam stay up for hours while interesting discussion is either overlooked or purposefully quashed. /x/ is almost as bad for shit quality too. Example... >"how am I become a vampire?" gets 250+ replies >"Discussing the internet's astral counterpart & the ramifications of modernity & it's impact within the etheric realms" gets maybe 10 replies then bumped off the board with spam & more "how do I summon succubus" tier bilge. >mfw >>16721 Thanks lad. Glad we found a permanent clearnet home now tbh. Hope you are well.
(39.13 KB 556x712 1537901236-3.png)
I've been looking into the racial make up of the Roman legions in Britain from the last thread. It's hard to find any evidence for it because apparently a lot of what's known about Roman soldiers comes only from tombstones. These give places of birth but these don't necessarily his reflect his ethnicity. Also later Roman units had names with regional references but thes could just be a sign from where the unit was first created. A guy in a forum says that the Legions were mostly Italian to the end of the Republic. By the invasion of Britain in 43 AD, provincials make up about half of all legionaries. In the West these would have been mostly Gauls, Iberians and Illyrians. However another guy says that by the time of Claudius (the conqueror of Britain) and Nero 60-70 percent of the men were Italians and in the Western armies the rest came from Roman towns in Gallia Narbonensis or Southern Spain. As the Empire went on less and less Italians were recruited. By the end of the Empire in the West, Germans made up a substantial part of the armies. Whatever the truth I think it's safe to say the race of the legions in Britain was white/Euro. No idea about the auxiliaries around the time of the invasion tho. Probably similarly Gauls and Iberians etc. Link below shows auxiliaries units at the time of Hadrian. I googled most of the names, they're all European. The furthest they come from is Thrace but there's a lot of Gallic and Belgic units. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_auxiliaries_in_Britain I think it was STJ who said that the Roman invasions left almost no genetic imprint on Britain which is quite remarkable considering the time span and our integration into the Empire. >>16639 Appreciate the story, lad. Feel better now. I don't think I'll bother trying to redpill my brown co workers tho. They're all foriegn except for the mixed race ones but they seem very bitter about anything to do with white people. They even hate on Christmas traditions. Mixed race people seem to be like that a lot in my experience. I don't think I've met one that didn't have some bitter animus against white identity. Except for this one half cast lad I met who was adamant he wasn't black and almost got into a punch up with a black guy over the issue. He was alright.
>>16669 >I wasn't shilling trump, but the entire event of Trump. A joke reality TV star that got the people to deny the "chosen one" You don't seriously believe elections aren't controlled, do you? Trump has been 200% turboyid in his agenda. He was bombing Syria.. what? A month in? On the same nonsense "intelligence" the nigger before him tried to use? What makes more sense? That Trump was faking it for decades in his servitude to israel and NYC jews, selling his daughter to whatever snipdick he could, just to hatch a long-term infiltration plan to bring back Reagonomics, which never really left? Or that the ruling jewish establishment handpicked a most reliable stooge with heavy experience in television performance to slap a fresh coat of paint on the same overarching policy direction? >I think him winning by stoking American Nationalism American Nationalism is postwar philosemitism, nigger loving, and exultation of violent niggerspic occupation of Europe, with a dash of big city faggot uprisings thrown in. American conservatives are fucking lobotomized.
(133.26 KB 500x596 D4.png)
>>16593 In the spirit of reflection what were you and the rest of the lads thinking regarding a revision of the tenets? Personally I'd like to see something said about seeking and reviving our heritage (Celtic & Germanic or perhaps just say Indo-European. I know we have some yanklads here but perhaps we also have some eurolads too?), ancient traditions and honouring our ancestral Gods and spirits of the land etc. Also iirc quite a while ago back on 8chan a lad expressed concern regarding the wording of XIII. Also did you mean there to be 14 tenets? We should keep that tbh. And one more thing if I may be so bold. Do you think it would be cool if we set an annual date on which the B.O.N.D could venerate our Druidic patrons in the Indo-european manner of ancestor veneration?
(37.77 KB 686x416 Capture.PNG)
This is my first time in these threads. I saw them all of the time on 8chan. I just jewgled "druidism" and this is the first link that I clicked on. Do these tenets seem accurate and would you agree with the website? If so, I think I just discovered something spiritual finally. I fully believe to my core in these points.
>>16746 When you think of it, probably all rabbis know of the taste of bloody baby dick. <Nothing a Rebbe's dollar can't sooth! >>16755 >How can I become gay? thread <stay on fourlegs Why the heck are you still lurking fourlegs in fact? That's borderline masochistic. :-|
>>16785 >A guy in a forum says that the Legions were mostly Italian to the end of the Republic. By the invasion of Britain in 43 AD, provincials make up about half of all legionaries. In the West these would have been mostly Gauls, Iberians and Illyrians. However another guy says that by the time of Claudius (the conqueror of Britain) and Nero 60-70 percent of the men were Italians and in the Western armies the rest came from Roman towns in Gallia Narbonensis or Southern Spain. AKA high potential of mischlings. When they moved army membership from estate owner only to any darned prole, this happened at a time when there were already great waves of non-Whites flocking to and around Rome. Now, it's likely that the further north they'd move, the more northern the recruits would be, filling the ranks of the legions, notably as some soldiers might die en route to Great Britain. >As the Empire went on less and less Italians were recruited. By the end of the Empire in the West, Germans made up a substantial part of the armies. This needs to be stressed, by large it helped reinject white DNA into the Roman population. Early patrician (Aryan) families that had helped build Rome many centuries had lost too much of their power and presence. >I think it was STJ who said that the Roman invasions left almost no genetic imprint on Britain which is quite remarkable considering the time span and our integration into the Empire. This needs to account for the quantity of soldiers dispatched to the island. One big legion and... what more?
>>16786 >What makes more sense? That Trump was faking it for decades in his servitude to israel and NYC jews, selling his daughter to whatever snipdick he could, just to hatch a long-term infiltration plan to bring back Reagonomics, which never really left? Or that the ruling jewish establishment handpicked a most reliable stooge with heavy experience in television performance to slap a fresh coat of paint on the same overarching policy direction? Dafuk, you mean TRUMP IS A AT THE CORE OF A SLOW BOIL TACTIC???:-P holy cow!
>>16831 >1 opens the door to racial treason >do you consider the life of faggots sacred?
>>16835 Yeah I follow you, but no I don't believe in complete equality. I acknowledge the life inside of others though. The website was basically a run down summary of every religion.
>>16836 Sorry for double post. But, I fully acknowledge the second part of 1.
>>16726 >I’m glad you’re better lad. We’ve grown a bit since you left The reach of the B.O.N.D. grows ever more. Tbh, I've had a feeling for a good while now that the fate of the B.O.N.D. is a great one. >/vril/ on neinchan I'll have to take a look, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I haven't been to neinchan for quite a while. >permaban on cuckchan Not really surprising. I haven't been to cuckchan for a really long time now, but I imagine that it's only gotten worse. >>16755 (Observed) I once got banned for suggesting anons to pay attention to the lyrics in songs. According to their mods, pointing out the obvious about music promoting nigger behavior and ideals isn't relevant to /pol/. I actually think that was the last time I went to cuckchan, but I'm not sure. Well, I think that was what got me banned, this was quite a while ago. >Glad we found a permanent clearnet home now tbh. Hope you are well. Me too. I'll probably stick with tor for now, but this site is the best choice I think. Thanks for the concern, I'm feeling quite a lot better.
In the end, I've decided it's probably best to ask for advice, in spite of the lack of digits. While I don't want to share too many details, I did realize after my prior post that I could simplify my story and be fine. Though my pride would rather I solve it myself, advice could help me be more thorough and proper with it. Frankly, I think it is the wounds themselves making me apprehensive, so I'll push past that. Well, and the fact I have done this so often, so many times, makes me apprehensive also, and I don't particularly want to shit up a thread, especially in a new home. Objectively though, I think it would be best for me to share it and ask for advice and such, just to see if perhaps some of the suggested methods would be better than what I already know to try. In short, about a year ago, I recovered a memory from a prior life, when I was in the SS. Two officers and I were in a large, archaic subterranean canal, which was a divided canal with a walk way on each side, and in the center. While resting after walking a very long way, one of the two other officers noticed some skeletons leaned against a pillar on the central walkway, which divided the canal in two. There were three against the pillar, and one heap of bones off to our left side, a few feet away from the three. There was also an ancient inscription on the pillar, on the portion of the pillar facing the heaped skeleton. The officer to notice was also a translator and so crossed a bridge to get to the central walkway and read the inscription. The other officer crossed and knelt near the center skeleton, to inspect it. The three skeletons had no clothes remaining, but had oddly preserved helmets, roman centurion helmets, with their red plumes still preserved. I did not cross the bridge, as I felt a deeply evil and powerful presence. The translator began to read out a warning I do not recall, but turned quickly to speaking as though he was one of the centurions, demanding the other officer and I to join them. The officer knelt at the center skeleton began to weep and shake, and mutter to himself hysterically. Sensing great danger, I ran across the bridge to save the only person I could, the officer knelt at the central skeleton. I had to forcefully grab him and drag him away from the skeletons. By this point, the presence had its claws into my being also, my vision darkened, my consciousness threatening to leave, a great pressure from all possible angles, inside and out, pulling and also pushing. As I dragged the other officer, I looked up to see the skeletons had changed form, now into grotesque, shifting visages, a void within their maw. The translator was now knelt at the pillar chanting in tongues. I do not know if we died or made it, as the extreme pressures and emotions in this astral dream, a memory truly, woke me. The majority of the wounds from this experience seems to be on my sacral chakra, which explains my doubt and uncertainty, by the way of a fear of such a failure. There is also the pain of failing to warn the other officers of the presence, and not suggesting to leave the area. Then, also the pain of not being able to save the third officer, and possibly whatever transpired after that. It took fixing my grounding and introspection on my wounds to make the obvious connection between this and my wounds. Of course, there is also the wounds of my lost higher senses, but before there was that, there was older pains. I suppose that this may be the or one of the reasons for my flirtations with the abyss to begin with. This short explanation also fails to portray the pure impact of the encounter with this entity. I've identified this wound now, so I'll be working on it, but any advice would be appreciated. I offered the context, as I felt that it may very likely be needed for determining which sort of advice to give. Though, I probably could have left it as, "a wound from another life is impacting my sacral chakra." I apologize for keeping up my antics yet again, lads, but I hope that if I can solve this one, I can eliminate the most of my leanings toward the abyss.
>>16785 Glad the story helped, we've all seen the anti white virulence, so common in media, in everyday life, but my experiences have been similar to your half cast lad in that I've been lucky enough to meet a few of those (non whites) that seemed somewhat inoculated to the BS that most of them are spoon fed daily. >>16786 >Directly quote me stating I am not shilling for Trump >Proceed to accuse me of shilling for Trump Again missing the point, the "trump event" showed that it is possible for a legitimate fascistic leader, preaching nationalistic ideals, to come along in the future and win the support of the low IQ burgers despite (or perhaps because) the msm branding him ebil Nazi >American Nationalism is postwar philosemitism...bla bla bla Certainly there are one or two patriotic burgers that would disagree.
>>16848 The nationalistic ideals of America are White death. The reason why accusations of "nazism" against Trump don't work on his nigger loving supporters is because they are so obviously and hilariously false that they are dismissed out of hand.
>>16842 >I recovered a memory from a prior life, when I was in the SS. Two officers and I were in a large, archaic subterranean canal >canal Komerad I... Reading that gave me pangs in my heart. You probably missed my post from the last thread. >>16448 All I can say is the part about it taking place in Berlin and the Spree river was speculation. >I very rarely dream as well, so the nocturnal visit from the Führer two weeks ago was beyond supernatural for me. Either he visited me, or I him, possibly it was a past life recall idk tbh. I was an low ranking SS man, I could feel the weight of my helmet and the Mauser slung on my shoulder. At one point caught a glimpse of my black uniform reflected in dark glass, but not my face. I was part of a small escort giving the Boss a tour of an underground tunnel system to a canal below Berlin which connected to the Spree River. I could feel the cool moisture in the air and the condensation on the rock walls. After a man finished quietly explaining the scope of the construction work during a video, it was utterly silent except for the echoing thunder claps of our boots down corridors. There were less than five of us, then as we descended further there were three, Heinz Linde presumably was the third, but I was walking ahead of them and didn’t look back. Up to that point I had only seen the Führer with my peripheral vision and felt his enormous presence in the most literal, magnetic repulsion and attraction sort of way. We entered the large room the canal flowed through, but there was no boat docked. I turned and faced Him for the first time. I snapped to attention and saluted. He looked young and strong like pic related, it was probably 1940-41 if I had to guess. He took a moment to sternly look into my soul before returning the salute. The energy of it pushed me backwards into the railing on the stairs behind me, jarring me awake. >sacral wounds It is the water chakracanal, the whale of Moby Dick and Jonah. The initiation of Manutara. Orange has been my favorite color for as long as I could remember. Judging by the weakness of my vishuda chakra in this turn, I was the translator who died jabbering in tongues. You have nothing to feel guilty for, I am back fighting at your side once more as always. You could only save one of us and you chose wisely; you would’ve died trying to help me. lump in throat and tearing up tbh m8 The only questions in my mind are; was that a physical setting here or the labyrinth within us, do we have to find the inscription, were we also the Centurionsprobably, and who’s our third on this quest? >>16831 Welcome lad. >I think I just discovered something spiritual finally. I fully believe to my core in these points. Good for you lad, but Beastlad already pointed out the error in Point 1. When it says equality, it should say balance. The polar fascist aspect, natural law, dharma. There is also a subtle distinction between the beauty of divine creation and the illusory traps of the demiurge and jewhova.
>>16861 You might want to look into the SS's archeology program in particular thier attempts to find the resting places of the ancient heroes of German history
>>16831 While like you, I have barely scratched the surface of this topic, I think your error lies in your source. https://carm.org/druidism Just as asking a jew to define National Socialism, asking a Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry to define Druids is likely unwise. One of the most striking characteristics of Druidism is the degree to which it is free of dogma and any fixed set of beliefs or practices. In this way it manages to offer a spiritual path, and a way of being in the world that avoids many of the problems of intolerance and sectarianism that the established religions have encountered. There is no ‘sacred text’ or the equivalent of a bible in Druidism and there is no universally agreed set of beliefs amongst Druids. I was a listener in woods, I was a gazer at stars, I was blind where secrets were concerned, I was silent in a wilderness, I was talkative among many, I was mild in the mead-hall, I was stern in battle, I was ready to watch, I was gentle in friendship, I was a physician of the sick, I was weak towards the strengthless, I was strong toward the powerful, I never was hard lest I be satirised, I never was feeble lest I should have my hair stripped off, I was not close lest I should be burdensome, I was not arrogant though I was wise, I was not given to promising though I was strong, I was not venturesome, though I was swift, I did not deride old people, though I was young, I was not boastful though I was a good fighter, I would not speak about anyone in his absence, I would not reproach, but I would praise, I would not ask, but I would give, For it is through these habits that the young become old and kingly warriors. (Instructions of Cormac, § 7)
>>16861 Second pic. That's fake. Whoever made this doesn't even know German. Nummer is a noun.
>>16861 >your post Comrads, for eternity. I should have known you would have been there too. I should not have hidden this away. My pain, and my doubt prevented me from sharing. I was forbidden from sharing the full story for a long time, but now I may. It is time to now. >judging by the weakness of my vishuda chakra in this turn, I was the translator who died jabbering in tongues. You could have only been him, as I know of who the third was. >nothing to feel guilty about A great weight has been lifted, but the wounds are still there. I too had a lump in my throat reading this. Thank you, comrade, I know I shouldn't be guilty for it, but I couldn't let it go. It will still take time to heal. >The only questions in my mind are; was that a physical setting here or the labyrinth within us It could be either, but I believe it is physical. >do we have to find the inscription It was a warning of some kind. I think it was of the dangers in the labyrinthine tunnel network, carved by the fourth skeleton. The inscription was not our objective. We were searching for something, something powerful. I don't know what in specific, except that we held it as of utmost importance, so much so, that rather than die honorably in battle in Berlin, we searched these tunnels for it. >were we also the Centurions I had the strange sense that they were indeed us. I imagine our fates will one day bring us back to those tunnels, once again. >who’s our third on this quest? I only remember seeing his face once. It was filled with deep shadows and wrinkles, the weight and pain of the fall of Berlin evident on his face. It weighed on all of us, but on him the most. He was the most senior among us, though I do not know how I ranked. I will give you the whole story, it is only right for you to know, with it being that you too were there. Well, as whole as I may. >beastlad already pointed out That was another Tor Anon, not I. I didn't bother to read the cap, tbh. I should have though, I admit.
This occurred long enough ago, that I do not recall it properly myself anymore. But, fortunately, I was impressed upon receiving this memory to write it, and so it is preserved in mostly accurate record, which I will likely burn after this post. I will note that while in this memory, I was fluent in German, but forgot the language as soon as I woke. It reads thus: While in china or the orient, I, along with a few others accompanied the [new/acting?] Fuhrer. There was a general air of sadness and grief though the Fuhrer maintained his composure, at least in appearance to those who did not know the pain in his heart. [Indicated by the deep shadows in the valleys of his face.] We had found ourselves in a strange place, ancient and derelict. The place was obviously some city, which now was comprised [of] a light grey, crumbling stone. Where the stone had fallen or was no longer present, the locals built with a dark wood. We spoke to the local children, playing a little with them. Our main concern was with the adults, however. The Fuhrer and another asked regarding something beneath the city. We were given 3 guidances by the locals. In the first, we were perhaps taken off shore a small way, and shown the way afar, and described what lay below the water, now filthied. In the second, a local boy or boys showed us an entrance beneath the city. (This guidance was not recorded, and I do not remember it.) In our journey, our primary focus lay along a canal of sorts. It could be accessed between the buildings, [which I recall to have been built for giants,] which were built along it. It was perhaps at the least 5 or so yards wide, at the most, 20 or so. Its depth varied. Within it, were fished strange fish. I had found, caught or been shown a salamander twice or thrice the size of my hand. It appeared stony, and had uneven flesh, to blend in with the stony bottom of the canal. While making observations regarding the strange salamander in my hands, I heard a shout from one of my companions, something to the effect of "There is an entrance over here! Look! See how they have made a path!?" I dropped the salamander back into the canal gently, and ran to my companions. The Fuhrer was standing in front of an old woman. He introduced himself with an unfamiliar name, a name which held great power, and took me by great surprise. I cannot recall it, though such was the power of the name, that [even in memory, it left a deep impression on me, and caused me to stagger.] The woman, more a hag, compelled by our companion's name, lifted a blanket or rug which concealed an opening in the foundation of one of the massive buildings. She beckoned us to follow her. We did, and after what seemed a short walk, we came upon [a subterranean canal, much like the one above ground, but this was larger, and split in two.] The whole tunnel was somehow well lit, [despite a lack of any light sources. The tunnels, unlike the cold and snowy outside, was quite temperate. The tunnels, despite being of obvious archaic age-many thousands of years-were of remarkably modern design.] After walking quite some ways, both the Fuhrer and I were very disappointed in our inability to find what we came for, again. We sat against a pillar, on a ledge overhanging a part of the canal. It was at this point we noticed that the hag had long since abandoned us. We did not sit long, as the shout of the other companion caught our attention. We turned, and looked to our right. We must have passed somehow, three dead Roman soldiers. They were at first, normal skeletons donning their helms, I do not recall any other thing upon them. To their right, our left, upon the nearest pillar was ancient lettering, which I intuited to be archaic Chinese. It was chiselled, and relatively sharp, indicating it to be newer than the architecture. From our left, form that pillar, upon the corner was slumped a fourth skeleton. The Fuhrer and our third companion both crossed the stone bridge to the skeletons. The companion who was also a translator, seemed intrigued, and read the lettering, translating it as he read. The Fuhrer sat at the center skeleton, perhaps weeping and muttering incoherently to himself. I stayed perhaps halfway across the bridge, as I had felt an overwhelming evil presence. (Cont.)
(cont.) As the warning message was read, its words became more like noise, as my focus changed. That companion ceased to speak as himself and ceased to translate, and began to speak as though he was the skeletons, biding us to join them. I knew what to do. I ran forth, and grabbed the Fuhrer, who now had no senses about him. I do not recall his words of terror and concern, but he seemed to desire to return to those accursed dead. I dissuaded, but I recall only saying "Ich will!" over and over in reply. At this point, our very bodies began to change. They became twisted, and corrupted. Our skulls and faces most so. I felt insurmountable pressure against me, and my vision darkened. I continued pulling the Fuhrer away regardless, against him. Our companion was wholly consumed, and resembled no longer a man, but some foul ghoul or demon. He remained at the pillar, chanting in tongues. I looked up one last time, as I recall it. Those Roman's faces. They were black, like gangrenous tissue. But they were yet bone, their skulls deformed, as some took inhuman shapes, changing shape constantly. Their jaws stretched down, with a massive maw, a void within it. I can only assume we escaped. I do not recall any further. I should lastly note that some details were not written here precisely, but I added them because I had recalled or fixed mistakes. The shear impact of the memory left me shaking when I wrote it, so my writing was poor in some places. I also drew the centurions helms, and their twisted visages, as well as diagrams to the precise positioning of everything, which helped me write this. While I referred to our third companion as Fuhrer, I do not believe this was necessarily Hitler, it may have been an acting Fuhrer, as it was after the fall of Berlin, and I cannot imagine the very avatar of Odin behaving this way. That same thing is what gives me pause about this having been in physical reality, but on the same hand, I have seen these mountain peaks in many dreams, and the entrance to the city may be one of the only 6 (originally 7) remaining Landmark In Time visions given to me by my Self. This also gave me very strong apprehension to writing this, but despite my personal uncertainties, I have intuited that I am meant to write this, and further, I had willed to get digits on the previous post if I was meant to post it in full, or no digits if to censor. As much as I do not like to have to admit it, as I am in no position now to do so, I feel strongly that the day will come when I must again hike to these peaks, find the ancient ruined city of giants beside the lake, and brave the tunnels again.
How are we today lads? Apologies for lack of contributions past few days. Been bust IRL. Got a landlord inspection coming up tomorrow so making sure the house is spic and span for that see. Be glad when its over tbh. Hate having folk poke about my abode.
>>16878 Thanks lad, any leads? >>16888 (observed) Portentous af lad. Infinity trips for the wisdom of King Cormac. >>16890 Thanks I’ll delete it from my library. >>16922 (observed) Wew lad. The place we seek is somewhere between Gulmarg, Kashmir and Harbin, China. That’s a lot of terrain, but it’s most likely in the Tarim Basin, Chinese Kashmir, or Tibet. The two aforementioned cities are places where my Self and syncronicity has taken me on vacation in this life already, so I know them to be relative to our past venture. It takes a few months to get a Chinese visa so it likely won’t be an impromptu trip. Fortunately, Winnie the Pooh’s intel agency doesn’t care what you do as long as your not subversive or dealing drugs. They’ll likely give us a babysitter tbh.
>>16841 >The reach of the B.O.N.D. grows ever more. We need an Evil Castle™ with intense lightning and ponderous clouds in the background.
>>16848 >Again missing the point, the "trump event" showed that it is possible for a legitimate fascistic leader, preaching nationalistic ideals, to come along in the future and win the support of the low IQ burgers despite (or perhaps because) the msm branding him ebil Nazi I would not be so optimistic. Chances are high that as a part of the ploy,, Trump was allowed to have such a vocal reach. Any random NS wannabe would probably be "suicided" before the first phase of elections. Not that salvation would come through democracy, certainly not, but any way that allows us to spread the truth and wake people up is good to take. Also, American Nationalism is about a multiracial culture under one banner.
>>16965 I'm afraid my knowledge of the SS archeology is scant, it's not something I've researched personally I do know that expeditions went to southern Spain and Tibet can't really say more
>>16890 1 post by this ID >>16965 I wouldn't be so quick gasmaske größe translates to gas mask size nummer translates to number I am no expert but seems the line is gas mask size: number ii Unless our kraut fren wants to come back and back his claim I'd put back into your folder.
(949.15 KB 624x312 knightmare treyguard opening.gif)
(1.21 MB 1300x731 Castle B.O.N.D.png)
>>16969 (oh I say...) Topek Also nice lewd numerals lad :^)
(156.18 KB 1599x888 JUYJU.jpg)
>>16974 >>16965 disregard >>16974 While looking deeper came across this forum. These gents claim all these are fake, mind you they take issue with things like "grammer" and after browsing a few different threads, it's clear there was no central office producing said item's and many of the paper's seem to have regional origins so have to assume it's possible that not all papers would appear the same. TBO I have no clue now. After reading few of the threads notice a few things. 1 the first reply is often an ad for a site selling memorabilia 2 the next reply is shouting fake 3 the community always calls fake, yet admits they are not experts in the field 4 often they claim they are produced in poland for tourists and have flooded the market (which seems very likely) your pic in this thread http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/soldbuch-wehrpass-ausweis-etc/passes-ahnenerbe-vergeltungswaffe-433418/ other threads http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/photos-papers-propaganda-third-reich/id-card-fake-not-679087/ http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/soldbuch-wehrpass-ausweis-etc/luftwaffe-jagdgeschwader-2-pilot-id-662790/ http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/photos-papers-propaganda-third-reich/german-documents-what-these-fake-268124/ http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/photos-papers-propaganda-third-reich/reichssicherheitshauptamt-id-document-499823/ http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/soldbuch-wehrpass-ausweis-etc/ss-id-book-671856/ http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/soldbuch-wehrpass-ausweis-etc/ss-soldbuch-id-card-617224/ http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/soldbuch-wehrpass-ausweis-etc/ss-sonderkommando-booklet-real-fake-598070/ pic of another reported fake
>>16974 >>16978 Nigger, it >>16861 really is fake. Examples: >Die nummer bei der Ausgabe >Die Nummer der Ausgabe >Der Augustin Klein. >The Augustin Klein. Weird thing to write. Already mentions last name: Klein. Not a sentence but whatever. >Der Familienname (The surname) >below it says Konstrukteur which is a profession but not a last name. >marz >März >Gasmaske Größe nummer!!. >Gasmask Size number!!. Correkt spelling would be: Gasmaskengröße Nummer! However that doesn't make any sense to begin with. There are more errors including missing long s and missing ligatures which are required and part of every type case. The image was made by some non-German with help of google translate and digital Gothic (we just call it that in German) font. Furthermore the font is English not German as you can clearly see my looking at letters like a, A, F or V. Retards like you go in the gas chamber. Apparently the board is full of it. Just look at the Metapedia thread. Full of retards who can't see it's a leftist manipulation project.
(402.90 KB 600x458 Ahnenpass-axb02.jpg)
Here is a real Ahnenpaß from Wikipedia.
>>16978 The one you posted is fake too and pretty low effort. Again just looking at the English font on a supposedly German document makes me puke.
>>16978 I even found out which font it is. I already had it installed.
>>16981 >bash metapedia as leftist >>16982 >use jewpedia as preferred source
>>16987 >2 the next reply is shouting fake From the list I thought you were discrediting me as a shill, sorry. I only read half of it. >Your example is shit resolution from jewpedia, however seems to be the "record" of issued papers to different names rather than an example of papers with photo that someone would carry like we were discussing An ancestry document proofs your German ancestry. And even with this low res you can see the ſ in Eheſchließung and the ligatures. >>16989 And you stop being a nigger. Wikipedia is fine when it's not political and metapedia is full of copy pasted articles from Wikipedia with added beer nazi expressions and and lies and lies written from scratch too.
>>16981 "disregard >>16974" I clearly retracted statement and said I didn't know. Went to trouble of going to find other sources that claimed it was a fake Stated that pic was reported as another fake and put behind spoiler for that reason Clearly I must be a rare nigger to be capable of such critical thought Your example is shit resolution from jewpedia, however Ahnenpass (literally, "ancestor pass") is not what we are discussing here Though that's the difference between adults and children. Adults can admit mistakes and don't go around claiming to be experts in subjects they only have only the briefest clue regarding
How did >>16987 become >>16993 ? Are you fucking with me, mod?
(68.87 KB 1313x494 Untitled2.png)
>>16994 Any user can delete their "own" comment (pic) >>16982 Sorry wanted to correct >>16987 and must have deleted just as you commented >2 second reply shouting fake If you go through those threads you will see what I was talking about, there seems to be trend of the first response being an Ad followed by the same user claiming fake. While I have no clue admittedly, it does look suspicious to me. And the possibility that hand written documents could contain mistakes or that German from 80 year years ago would be different from today just as english has changed in the last 80 years seems possible >>16992 >Wikipedia is fine when it's not political GTFO
>>16997 >While I have no clue admittedly, it does look suspicious to me. And the possibility that hand written documents could contain mistakes or that German from 80 year years ago would be different from today just as english has changed in the last 80 years seems possible German hasn't changed at all apart from Duden telling everyone to write wrong. Grammar is the same as ever. Furthermore English is derived from German. Originally it was an accent. Current German: Die Lampe ist rot. What dialects allow: De Lamp is rod. English: The lamp is red. Apart from you getting more dumb once in a while and spelling everything like idiots nothing has changed since you split from us, so that is a bad excuse.
>>16997 >there seems to be trend of the first response being an Ad followed by the same user claiming fake. HPL2008 is completely right. The ad is from the forum itself. Look at "# ADS" as post number. It confirms it.
>>16998 Aye I don't know, but I am suspect of trusting any one source for anything. That website backs your claims yet I find the (((Ad's))) and the same user claiming fakes in every post problematic Just like I take everything I see on wikipedia as the truth... according to jews. There is most certainly a bias there, and is common knowledge to most anon's. I find it hard to believe you have never seen that. >>16999 (Observed) Was pretty much my point, the language has change, also I find it hard to believe that that German in Germany is exactly the same as German in other German speaking countries near by, but will give the digits the benefit of the doubt in this case >>17000 Which is precisely why it should questioned. Do you not see that a forum with a financial interest is claiming fakes should not be trusted without question?
http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/photos-papers-propaganda-third-reich/german-documents-what-these-fake-268124/ >I have seen at least 10 of these similar to these sell on ebay recently, I saw a SS sell for as much as £700 if I remember correctly. Damn those fucking Polacks. Maybe I should use my superior German knowledge and make some myself? That's a lot of money.
>>17002 Do you not see that a forum with a financial interest is claiming fakes should not be trusted without question? I am German and you can trust me and that applies more to buying stuff than to not buying stuff. >Which is precisely why it should questioned. You could also use your own brain to figure out they're fakes. If I make some, will you pay me 700 pounds each, like you would those poles?
Apologies to B.O.N.D Lads for really shitting up this thread and getting so far off topic. If seconded I'll will gladly go back and delete my last few comments.
>>17005 It's gotten pretty off topic. There's useful information in your discussion perhaps a cap of the important bits then a cleanup of the thread Maybe a thread of its own for relics?
>>17009 Meh, looking back, was only my last 3 comments. Im fine with >>16978, tbo So I guess will leave up to OP to report sperg and myself for being off topic lol, OP seems pretty casual so I doubt he would though. Will leave for Janny to clean it up lol The thread for relics is great idea, but I would leave some someone more passionate and/or knowledgeable than I to lead it I think. Myself I have never had great interest in memorabilia of any kind, but gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge is always something to pursue. Today however, with the prevalence of disinformation and history rewrites the task seems insurmountable History is written by the victors. (credited by some kek to) --Winston Churchill
>>16965 >That’s a lot of terrain, but it’s most likely in the Tarim Basin, Chinese Kashmir, or Tibet. It was high in the mountains, nestled in a narrow valley. Though it is a valley of sorts, there is one peak that it is so close, that it could not be more than 2000 feet further up. The lake itself, was somewhat of an assumption, I'm not sure where the body of water was, except that from the boat, the city and peaks were visible. The water then was a filthy rusted brown color, most likely the locals had been shitting in the canal, which flowed to the lake, which likely had no outlet. Whether it really is Tibet or not, I can't truly be sure, but I agree with you on the general region. Another hint could be to find where giant, stone like salamander live within that region. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_giant_salamander Though this salamander is the closest I found in a cursory search, the salamander I found had very large and unevenly sized feet, with fleshy protrusions on its entire top at seemingly random that made it look like a rock or bunch of rocks. >The two aforementioned cities are places where my Self and syncronicity has taken me on vacation in this life already, so I know them to be relative to our past venture We would likely have passed through those places on our way, at the very least. > Fortunately, Winnie the Pooh’s intel agency doesn’t care what you do as long as your not subversive or dealing drugs. They’ll likely give us a babysitter tbh. The hardest part would be entering the tunnels with a babysitter on us. The odds are also high that this city would be something foreigners are banned from ever seeing or knowing exists. >>16969 Kek.
Are Tarot cards accurate in their predictions?
>>17027 In my experience yes, if you are honest about self-introspection, what is going on in your life in application to Tarot symbolism.
(52.40 KB 640x579 twisted.jpg)
>>17027 Basically this - >>17034 tbh. I couldn't have put it better myself.
(48.89 KB 323x323 Truefaithsmall.jpg)
>>17005 Tonight 20:00 be ready.
>>17019 >Chinese giant salamander. Pic related. >designated shitting lake Lake Srinagar in Kashmir certainly fits the description. I think looking for the architecture will help narrow thins down more.
It begins. Freeplay Thursday returns and it has been too fucking long lads. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mfI1S0PKJR8
>>17067 >pic lol. >Lake Srinagar The visible mountain tops seems close, but the water doesn't. The city was on the same side of the lake as a mountain range, as it was nestled in a very small valley, perhaps a wide canyon, between a group of peaks, as I remember it anyway. The ancient buildings were mostly crumbling ruins, but the locals had begun building on top of it with wood. Assuming the city kept growing, there may be next to no ruins visible. In truth, the city likely does not show on any map, I would frankly be surprised, as the locals did not seem to number many, it was more of a small village built in the shell of a large ruin. I may be remembering incorrectly though. I took a look at Srinagar, but I couldn't find any images of the buildings that seemed like what I had seen. Apparently, there's a lake called Tulian (Thulean) lake, but (((wikipedia))) won't give the exact coords, only coords "on the way to" the lake. I took a look at those coords from satellite images, but I didn't see any lakes nearby that could be it. I found a lake bed that seems to be closer to the sort of terrain I would think of. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if a canal as narrow as 5-20 yds would be visible on satellite images. The lake bed is at 75.55E 33.489N. I think though that I will hold off on posting anymore about this itt unless I find some sort of good lead, as I don't want to derail the thread any further. I miss the grove. It was so nice to be able to have a thread there dedicated to this sort of stuff. I don't really have anymore time to be looking tonight, so I'll have to look some more tomorrow and this weekend. Also had a couple of interesting things happen the last couple of days. I was thinking about us three comrades, when my thoughts turned to the 13 warriors. I looked at the clock without thinking to see it was 3:13. And this morning, early I awoke halfway to realize my arm was over another person. Surprised, I awoke all the way, only for my arm and blankets to fall. MFW Or I could have just been 90% asleep and hallucinating. >>17119 Here's my offering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MFJ7ie_yGU
>>17124 >>17119 Sorry I’m late lads, FPT starts at noon here and I can’t participate at work. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9lIHKyYmWGU
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgELZIb8uRk sorry i'm late lads, was up the river shoveling coal out of barges all day. here's my contribution, although it is currently 2015 here
>>17056 Totally did not get that reference >>17131 Aye I'm on this side of the pond too Eleanór na Rún | Linda Nic Leóid|Niamh Farrell | click cc for Irish or English lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC9v4DCFdcM
...One more better late then never A Short Journey Through Time - The Western Aesthetic https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ph83GHO0YFYh/
>>17126 It's OK, though I'm concerned 40K and the other UK anons haven't been seen for a while
Jews ! Jews ! All because of them ! If not them, the world is ideal !
>>17147 Hello JIDF
>>17145 Anons should put up beacons in other boards, subtle so only /our/ brethren would know. That is how many of us found this place.
>>17145 40k here reporting in. Sorry missed FTP. My internet went down wednesday night. Then was busy all day thursday & spend the night painting a comission so didnt have chance to contribute. Back now. Appreciate the concern lad, thankyou. It is nice to know one is missed.
>>17161 Welcome back. >>17155 They still do from time to time. In the past week there was couple new Anon's in QTDDTOT, plus there's the new ecofash Fla. Anon. Many of the old Ads are still out there, and occasionally they are seen by new people. The internet is forever (in most cases) Keep in mind, every bread crumb left, leads to more of >17147 this shit too. There was 1 other like that this week, but they were a little more subtle and prob' just a lefty.
>>17161 Glad you're alright lad
>>17163 >>17164 Thanks lads. Don't worry im not going anywhere. These threads mean a lot to me.
>>17155 Like, lemme see... King J.A.M.E.S. Bible? :^)
>>17201 That gave me an idea. Edited pdf's and such with info added Goto cuckchan, find/create BT thread, take copy of the great replacement, but use editor to add website link. Only /our/ guy is likely to d/l pdf and see the info rinse and repeat with other material
(184.86 KB 600x539 top tips.png)
>>17164 Ta lad. Appreciate it. Had a bit of a run of bad luck as of late. The missus' uncle died early this morning. We didnt even know he was ill until 3 days ago. Then 2 days ago we are told he has 6 months left. Yesterday he took a turn for the worse and wasnt expected to make it through the night. He didnt. Went 1:30am hooked up to a morphine drip. Cancer of the liver, bowel and pancreas. F tbh. Never met the fella myself but it's hit my mother in law pretty hard. Losing a brother that fast and unexpectedly must be fucking devastating. Glad my side of the family is ok. Really makes you appreciate what you have you know lad, when stuff like this happens. Started doing some regular tabletop wargaming as of late too. Had a match today. I won too. Which was nice. Tactical and strategic practice for the coming boogaloo ;^) Hope you lads are well anyway.
>>17131 >although it is currently 2015 here Kek >>17133 (observed) >on this side of the pond too What region lad? If you don’t want to share I understand. I live in the bosom of Mount Saint Helens. >>17147 Yes. >>17155 (observed) I’ll put a few out this evening. >>17211 (observed) It’s a good idea, but most of /ourguys/ already have that pdf and aren’t likely to redownload it imo. I thought of a similar OP a year or so ago. Have anons email badgoy pdfs to everyone in their local Craigslist and other places boomers put up their dox freely. Ideally some will get redpilled, but many would go on the dreaded watch lists and create static for surveillance algorithms thus giving anons a little camouflage. >>17276 F. Condolences to the missus lad.
(317.98 KB 511x322 WP.PNG)
>>17279 Thanks lad. Ill pass those on to her. Condolences from the Druidlads. She will genuinely appreciate it. She's staying at her brothers tonight so I'v got an evening to myself after I get the kids to fuck off to bed anyway Gonna relax & maybe indulge a bit too. There is a bottle of amaretto with my name on it in the drinks cabinet.......
>>17276 F. mate >>17279 >already have that pdf Aye, was more general example and kinda a thing to use small scale when looking to send a link directly at a curious anon, wee lad in fascist thread asking for materials on Stasserism and >>17155 + >>17201 made me think of it. >Mount Saint Helens. 2080 miles from the peak due east. Been mulling over heading west, maybe 500 NE from you >>17283 Reported to the ADL
>>17124 I found a pdf of ‘Manu For the Man To Come”. I cross referenced my physical copy and it was missing these six pages from the beginning. Manu, Miguel Serrano part 1 https://mega.nz/#!GKgRzITA!8PPWmjUVlmxNjGC9rlCYipY79_ynGr0dLVkpvOo6yu4 Part 2 https://mega.nz/#!jWo3kCCb!K7u7q_LV6RgCXMlb2ubPJPRc0h1T-tnYXouENO71MqI Missing pages. https://mega.nz/#!uDhTiabK!7UJpZfQkCIpXAdEl8KTgydnwLhSkx1YzWP6nDdvNuyg
(447.49 KB 1150x523 druid superchat.PNG)
(19.93 KB 292x326 single hit boy is amused.jpg)
Which one of you lads was this ? Someone threw some shekels at dangerfield and called him a wanker for not being a druid! Fucking hell that made me laugh I nearly spat me tea out. https://youtu.be/CoduhNtCDZU?t=1772
>>17284 Thanks lad >reported to the ADL Kek Pozzfeed Breaking News - Eddie Murphy & Rick James emerge as new leaders of the Alt-Right after Dickie Spencer steps down. ....and why that's a GOOD thing :^)
>>17284 >maybe 500 NE from you I haven’t been there since the late 1900’s, but Kamloops and Sun Peaks were pretty /comfy/. Victoria is pretty and has at least one fearless anon I know of from the /walk/ threads on 8. >>17290 I’ve never heard of him tbh. >>17302 Eddy and Rick probably hate kikes more than Dickie, Enoch, and the lot anyway. If this big top synagogue of a country is still standing, I’ll vote for Kanye West in 2024. Honk honk.
(64.28 KB 500x397 6086928610_e71f7ac8bc.jpg)
(20.73 KB 400x357 234236546.jpg)
(33.10 KB 400x266 2354235a.jpg)
>>17329 There was image I saw recently, not sure if it was here, or off site. Was two large buff men, one black, other had censor over eyes but appeared to be South American of some kind. Thought might get lucky with image search came across these pics and this peak clown world story from earlier (Mar.) this year https://apnews.com/18924fe2da834e49a9aad47201937b12 >Black activist says he took over neo-Nazi group to kill it and when checking into it there was this update https://apnews.com/d95f058bb08b4851a63cb83167e90cc5 >A black activist who took control of one of the nation’s largest neo-Nazi groups — and vowed to dismantle it — has died amid a legal fight over who would lead the group.
>>17338 You get the odd african gentleman who is wise to the proclivities of the scoobydoo tbh. Rare, but they exist and itcan be pretty glorious when they emerge to have their say. Im no devout Christian but Pastor Manning is always funny to watch. Some lulz to be had there.
(136.55 KB 1200x675 1.jpeg)
>>17145 I'm still here lad, just had a busy week. Wish I could've done FPT too but usually I can't anyway. I find it really hard to chill out enough on week nights because I still have work the next day and I only have like 2 hours to myself in the evenings anyway. I'm more active at weekends. This weekend I've been busy visiting family and tending ancestor graves tho. Going to be doing the same next weekend too. >>17276 F, sorry to hear this lad. >>16833 >One big legion and... what more? 5 legions in all but some served much longer than others. This is what I gleaned from wikipedia <Legio II Augusta Participated in the invasion of Britain. Was defeated by the Silures and disgraced during Boudica's uprising for not heeding the call to arms. The legion pretty much stayed the whole time in Britain as far as I can make out. After Boudica they were dispersed to several different bases and later helped build the Hadrian and Antonine Walls. <Legio IX Hispana Took part in the invasion. It was practically wiped out by Boudica during the Battle of Camulodunum, almost 80% dead. It had to be reinforced later using legionaries recruited from the Germania province. Then they went on to subdue north-central Britain, and later went further north into Scotland (82-3AD), almost being wiped out again by the Caledonians. The last thing they did in Britain was build a fortress at York/Eboracum. Seems they left for Germany after that in 108AD. <Legio VI Victrix Was sent to Britain by Hadrain to replace Hispana and quell resistance. After that they helped build the Hadrian and Antonine Walls and seems they stayed on to guard them. <Legio XX Valeria Victrix Took part in the invasion and defeated Caratacus at the Battle of Caer Caradoc. This is the legion that went on to Wales to fight the Silures and destroy our sacred Druid grooves. They also helped defeat Boudica and campaigned in Scotland, later helping to build both the walls in the north. After that they were garrisoned in Chester in the north of England for almost 200 years. In 197 AD they crossed into Gaul to support the usurper Clodius Albinus but got their arses kicked at the Battle of Lugdunum, haha. <Legio XIV Gemina Took part in the invasion and defeated Boudica. A few years later they were sent to the Balkans never to return. The rest were auxiliaries which far outnumbered the legions, anywhere between 50-70 thousand men. They seem to have been mostly garrisonned on the walls and forts of the north though. Same with the legions. Once the main part of Britain was pacified the legions and auxiliaries moved west and north to the border regions. I'm guessing this is why they left no real genetic imprint, not the quantity of the soldiers but the nature and geographic locations of their deployments. They were always fighting or guarding borders. In the north there wasn't much in the way of population centres. Maybe a few small towns growing up around forts. If the legions ever inter-bred with these locals then who knows what happened to these populations after the legions departed. Maybe they left with them. There was plagues and war and all sorts afterwards and then the Anglos came and wiped out what was left in the north probably. >>16833
>>17379 >our sacred Druid grooves *groves I'm sure the Druids enjoy FPT but smh
Based gang of Italian Krampus beat immigrants in the streets of Vitipeno, South Tyrol. https://twitter.com/Dykeward/status/1203644214845853696
>>17276 Curap. That sounds like a tough end brutal cancer. Condolences.
>>17369 ... goes like Farakan (sp?)... not fantastic really.
>>17465 >>> cancer not to belittle subject of course... A neighbor passed last week not that old 55'ish, all this year working part time, see her out walking dog, got news about 2-3 weeks ago she was sick, given 6 -12 weeks I think. For my self, if I'm going, I'd rather not drag it out forever, will pass on the slow painful chemo death, thanks
>>17133 CST too? i'm way down south, myself >>17279 >pic related I chuckled to myself after I posted it. work makes us use military time, and I spend way too much of my time there haha >>17276 my condolences to y'all, bud. not too bad on my end, lads. getting the final preparations sorted for the upcoming solstice, although i'll be working nights on the actual solstice. the missus is getting back into her crafting, so that helps her heal and what have ya. I did get to witness an almost lavender colored sky at sunset today, so that was something.
>>17507 Na EST and 1000 mile's (give or take) north from the "deep south" Between you and >>17279, I guess you glowfags can triangulate me now kek Honestly though, kinda tired of us feeling we have to hide, Only reason for being coy is that burgers tend to seethe a lil' bit for leaves (not much more so than we do though). In toronto, yes it's hell on earth but Iv worked in highrise industry for last 20some years so options are limited. 3rd/4rth gen leaf, red-headed mother very Irish (Keogh) background, dad was english/german background though dark haired no frizz or curls though kek. Pretty damn sure I will pass the DNA test, not about to volunteer my sample for zog though.
(63.03 KB 763x652 dvverehghg.jpg)
>>17507 forgot the fucking pic >>17514 I don't mind some leaves. got a few buds up in Quebec, and they have been almost sickeningly hospitable.
(30.83 KB 380x314 Steiners Ahriman.jpg)
Hows you lads today? Well I hope? Nice sunny day here. Frosty nip in the ir but the sun is out and nary a cloud in the sky. >>17416 They need keeping in order. Based eye ties are politely telling them to fuck off, now they have outstayed their welcome. Based tbh >>17467 You do get the odd one. I'm not invoking "le BASED black man" meme but i'v met a couple of gollies in my time who were genuinely based AF. Same goes for mixed race lads. I used to know a half lebanese-christian lad and he was one of the nicest folk you could hope to meet. Proper stand up lad he was. Always had your back & would go out of his way for you. Miss him tbh. >Farakan Yeah he's a cunt. No friend of ours. >>17465 Thanks lad >>17469 Same. I'd rather not linger in agony, shitting myself and being a burden & whatnot. I'd want my fucking morphine though. If your gonna go, might as well go doped up imo It just came on so suddenly. Wednesday, we hear he is ill & in the hospital. Thursday we hear he has 6months left to live. Bowel cancer, spread to the liver & pancreas. Friday we hear he's taken a turn for the worse & probably wont make the night. He dies saturday morning at 1:30am. He was a big football soccer to burgerfriends fan and there is a youtube video by some normieball vlogger (for the team he supported) thats gone up in tribute to him t& hat had near 10k views yesterday which was nice. Not gonna link it here though - dont wanna dox the missus family kek. I think they caught it too late to treat. Keep an eye out lads and goto the doctors if you suspect anything is amiss. Done wanna end up like Jim Henson or her uncle. I get para as fuck - always checking by balls for lumps etc. Just frightening how fast it can do you in if you let it spread. I don't think the uncle even knew he had it - at least not to the extent he did. Scary tbh lads.
>>17514 >Honestly though, kinda tired of us feeling we have to hide Same, wish we could get some B.O.N.D meet ups going. Maybe one day. I really want to meet likeminded heathens too. My mum's a christian and goes to lots of meet ups at church to discuss bible etc. Atm she's doing Advent every week and when she's at home she study's the faith with her partner. Sometimes I have comfy conversations with them in the evenings. Really wish I could have something like that with fellow pagans. The only people I ever seem to find round here is Wiccashit crystal healers tho. >>17550 I wouldn't worry about dying lad, if you get the cancer down there they'll just chop your balls off. Job's a gud un.
>>17588 (Heil’d) >wish we could get some B.O.N.D meet ups going. Portentous digits demand Druid meet ups in the coming year lad. iirc a few of the original bong lads had a gathering at Glastonbury Tor in 2017. I’m definitely game for a Norf American meet up tbh. >>17550 >morphine for the terminal blues Fuck that lad, give me an epi-pen, a GoPro, and my axe. I’d chop heaps of wood in a livestream is what I’d do :^) >>17507 >work makes us use military time That makes sense now lad. I’m glad your missus is on the mend and getting in the holiday spirit. >lavender sky There’s nothing like a twilight or dark desert sky tbh. >>17514 >Honestly though, kinda tired of us feeling we have to hide, Agreed. >Only reason for being coy All I’m worried about tbh is losing my livelihood and not being able to support my family tbh. >>17416 Kek, the replies are funny af. >We’ve come to the point that even mythical creatures has to step in in order to save us all from these degenerates. Love it! >The old gods do not turn the other cheek >What are all these engineers doctors and scientists doing in Vitipeno?? Skiing holiday? >Everyone in valhalla at the moment; LMAOOO >>17379 >tending ancestor graves tho. Good on ya lad. That’s the downside of living in a giant country, my closest relative dead or alive is equidistant as Dover is to the Highlands. This spring sometime I’ll take the family down there, unless a syncronistic opportunity brings us sooner. I had an odd, portentous day today lads. At work in the middle of a suburb; a herd of 7deer(4 does and 3 spotless fawns) came out of the brush and started fearlessly grazing a stone’s throw away. Which is odd in and of itself, because deer don’t normally gather in that large of numbers that I’m aware. Then after work I visited a redskin who had finished making my new moccasin boots I ordered last month. I was wearing them while driving home on a dark country road and thinking about making offerings for the buffalo from which the hides came and to which god. Probably Lugh tbh, lord of crafts, protector of herds. I came upon a van stopped in the other lane with its emergency lights on. As I got closer I saw the silhouette of a wounded deer flailing in pain. I pulled over and began run back to the scene. A large bearded man shouted from the darkness, asking if I had a gun. I didn’t. He stated the obvious in a tone of shock and hesitation, that we had to put down the yearling. >we Before he could breath, I kneeled behind her back to keep from getting kicked; I put my left hand on her heart to calm her. Then I firmly grasped her snout and plunged my blade, hilt deep, into her neck behind the arteries, edge forward, and pushed it out the front severing the trachea. I backed off while she kicked a bit; when she calmed down I dragged her to the side of the road and cocked her head back to let the blood and air flow out. After a moment of silence, the beta asked if she would be good to eat, I said, “it will be better than any burger you’ve ever had.” He asked if I wanted it, I said not unless he didn’t. He got a tarp out of his trunk and laid it out. She was still breathing, “Fuck” I said. I knew I cut her throat by the initial gurgling and wheezing, but I only cut the vessels on one side of her neck. I knelt down intending to turn her heard and cut the other side. Her upward facing eye was bulged in fear, I grabbed her snout. She did a fucking back flip, landed on her feet, trotted ten feet into the bush. “What the fuck!” the man and I exclaimed. Standing perfectly erect as though healthy, she let out one last gurgle and collapsed. I helped the lad load her in his van and told him to gut it quickly because of the clotting from the vehicle impact. I drove home in silence, trying to think of a better way to put down road kill without a gun. I was nearly home when I thought, “Fuck! It didn’t occur to offer to gut the deer and read his future in the entrails.”
>>17588 (observed) A meet up would be good we'd have to arrange it carefully though >>17652 Humane dispatch without a gun for a deer I'd suggest a short stout blade forced or driven either between the skull and top vertebrae so you cause no pain or through the back of the skull into the brainstem for instant death. Nor a subject I like discussing but I'll try and help
>>17666 (Observed) >arrange it carefully though I decided to take a look into that riot post >>17586 yesterday, had chat with 'Gad' seems mostly just interested in homesteading (in euro) and /sig/ but riot might be nice way for us to network a little bit, give us the ability to private message and what not. Decided to make us couple 16chan rooms as well. One is public and directory listed, other is unlisted and encryption enabled.
>>17666 (checked) >Humane dispatch without a gun for a deer I'd Thanks merciful Satan. That what I’ve heard, but I didn’t have the proper blade. I was nervous to try that with a four in folder tbh. >>17669 I’ll check it out after work lad.
>>17672 Fate somehow always finds us unprepared. might be worth getting a cheap "truck knife" like a mora to just leave under a seat
>>17677 (observed) You’re on fire with the digits today lad. I was actually a bit over prepared tbh. My “truck knife” doubles as a skinner, so the belly near the tip makes it too wide for that task imo, the only other options I had were a hatchet and WWII trench shovel. I’m trying to decide if I should afix a hidden lockbox in my rig for my snub nose .357not a bad idea for daily life in weimerica tbh, or get a new knife and kukri. The later incase I have to decapitate some poor soul that’s too wild to get close behind for a clean poke.
>>17697 Imo if you're going to have a firearm in the vehicle keep it in a holster on your person if your truck is taken so is your weapon. Khukris bowies and other big knives are great tools but an axe or hatchet might be more useful where you live and maybe cheaper too. For an "other" knife I like this size https://cutleryshoppe.com/gryphon-m10ffg-utility-boot-knife-4-0-ffg-laminated-vg-10-blade-w-dlc-finish-black-boltaron-sheathpro-sheath/ a little steep but it'll be able to do anything you couldn't do with the other tool
Just gonna get a little bitch name her sheila keep her under my backseat..308 Full IAP rounds. lmao fuck wrong with yall niggas?
>>17700 (observed) >keep it in a holster on your person I can’t while I’m at work hence the potential hidden safe, spot welded down. My rig is a beater that’s not a popular target for theft, but still the missing vehicle would bother me more than a cheap revolver tbh. I’ll probably just get a different knife; I keep a hatchet with me but I didn’t think it would be good for severing the spine quickly. The three of us were doing a video call with my based father in law this evening. He brought up “Archie”, the royal octoroon baby. It was the first time I heard it’s name and said, >They should’ve named him Nigel with two g’s. >Then on trips to Asia all the chinks would call him... >whole family’s face when
>>17746 >My rig is a beater Is that bong speak for pick up truck or actual tractor trailer? My old man drove truck, always looked at it as back up or retirement career. These days I hear the truckers bitching about non stop jibber jabber from Rajdeep and his friends on the radio though.
(232.63 KB 1600x850 astral.jpg)
How are we today lads? Trust we are well? Something seems to be blocking astral projection again. I am having extreme difficulty in separating at present - several attempts this week, each to no avail. Perhaps (as posited before) the current astrological conditions are contributing to this but it seems to have gone on for a long time now. It is almost like something is "blocking" my AP attempts. I can induce the vibrational state as normal without any problems but I keep failing to separate when the crunch comes. Feels like "something" is physically preventing the process of etheric body separation, or at least making it damn hard. Iv had very little AP success as of late while this time last year I was on a roll. Anyone else currently having issues like this?
>>17746 The spine is near the surface in deer keep the hatchet blade sharp and you should be fine or use it as a hammer on something else.
>>16785 This idea of ancient European bloodlines in Britain is so interesting. If you are into it, you should watch some vids from Asha Logos (bitchute or hooktube) His basic premise is that most of good European stock - particularly the aristocracy/ruling class - can trace back to the Royal Scythians, then to the battle of Troy. Essentially, some of the elites of Troy escaped the city's destruction and went on to found both Rome and London (New Troy). He presents a source, a letter from some London ruler sent to the General of the troops invading Britain, basically saying "Why are you doing this, we are cousins from the same great stock?" After Rome's defeat, the Goths left their mark all over mideval Europe, from Iberia to Switzerland, to the Danube.
Election tomorrow lads tbqh it feels like pick the least smelly turd than anything that'll make a difference.
>>17759 Nah, it’s burger for not nice vehicle of any type. It’s a very reliable 4x4, but all stock and nothing anyone would take. The only older model cars stolen here are Honda and Toyotas. >>17766 (observed) I’ll probably try that next time. >>17760 I haven’t been trying myself, but I’ve heard others elsewhere saying it’s been impossible as of late. >>17776 Seconded for Asha Logos l. >>17792 >Election Participation in corrupt democracy is forbidden for Pythagoras lad.
>>17815 *by Pythagoras
(60.29 KB 521x1091 darkretreat.png)
Found this interesting whilst browsing the wastelands of the darkened web. Have any of you brothers attempted this dark retreat?
>>17831 Well it's a form of sensory deprivation, true lightless conditions cause visual hallucination's as the brain tries to process the absence of input. This is likely the changing experience they are referring to.
>>17831 I was already a man before I saw the light. AND IT WAS BLINDING
Sorry, been pressed for time and only skimming though lads posts last couple days >>17815 >4x4 ah gotcha, I need new car in the spring I think, hit some ice last winter and dinged up both front fender and rear on a guard rail last year. Figured rather than fix, would just beat the hell out it for year or so and put body work money towards newer one >Seconded for Asha Logos l. The chair has placed the motion before the assembly for discussion >>17776 Asha logo's is amazing, only discovered last week, and haven't dived into the new series yet, started with the older stuff from last year, and fell asleep to part 1 last night, but all the shorts were great. Planning to send him some shekel's and ask if anything is moving forward with his plan for a new platform. Seems ambitious but could amount to something with some luck Speaking of platform still familiarizing myself with riot, have a couple other of us there now. The young offthegrid lad is a pretty based Eurobro' and using his room as containment for now. Lad said he posted his invite on couple boards but only a few have shown up. There seems to be couple lurkers or shy alphabet men there just idling, but no one really fed posting yet. >>17871 Is that OC? Ashamed to say too newfag to know enough about some, sadly also oldfag and know too much about others
>>17883 >pic (enlightened) >"RHP chaos magicians" It is arguable that encompasses us pretty well tbh considering the ad hoc approach we take to differing systems here >>17815 >I haven’t been trying myself, but I’ve heard others elsewhere saying it’s been impossible as of late. I hear similar reports. Weird tbh. Most likely due to the unusual current astrological conditions imo.
(111.00 KB 816x979 CANIS ROOT TEA.jpg)
Anyone vote today? Dirty as it made me feel, I chucked a tactical one out just to deny labour a vote.
to know enough about some *of those >>17894 >RHP I was wondering this tbo >>17922 Look's like you guys are safe, Brexit had bi-partisan support, but seems most have decided to pick a lane
>>17883 No it's not OC, I found i on * a long time ago and thought it was funny. >4x4 Beater doesn't specifically refer to those, it can be any beat up car. >>17894 >RHP Agreed lad, trying to become Process Druids. Here is the pdf of World of the Druids, by the head of Cardiff University's archaeology department.
>>17931 Thanks, always curious
>>17931 Good link lad thank you i'll give it a read now. We must strive to become these said "Process Druids" then. Enlightened agents of change. >>17933 (observed) Just mirin' those sweet numerals there lad... >>17929 >Look's like you guys are safe, Brexit had bi-partisan support, but seems most have decided to pick a lane Fingers crossed lad. It was a choice between a dog turd or a tog turd covered in vomit. Went with the dog turd. Don;t fancy the extra vomit on the side. A very large part of me just wanted to spoil the ballot with myriad decorative friendship windmills and spunking cocks galore, but I resisted the urge and picked the lesser of two evils. Labour getting in genuinely scares me and my ward was pretty neck to neck last election (labour only lost to cons by 500 or so votes in my ward) so I felt it prudent to vote tactically just to keep the reds out. Feel sick having to do it tbh. Had to swallow my pride and also a bitter pill. I don't expect things to get any better but you can bet that under labour, things would be a whole lot worse (and things being pretty shit as it stands I dont want to go the accelerationism route just yet) Scares me tbh >>17935 Good run down lad. I'd argue that wiccans are inadvertantly practicing a lot of LHP workings without knowing it half the time -shit like "mass cursing drumpf" and asking for petty selfish shit they don't deserve is pretty LHP, as is the lifestyles many of them follow. Many wiccans are irrational damaged "daddy issue" women, degenerates, feminist nutjob types etc. Those archetype seems very drawn to wicca. It draws is broken people. Gerald Gardner was a very LHP inclined individual too (a dirty old man basically) and those characteristics will translate to (& taint) his system. Also you forgot to include B.O.N.D/Druids/Neo-Druids on the RHP list :^) >Thelemites in the middle Yeah i'd agree there - they walk both paths similtaniously (or at least try to - whether such a thing is truly possible remains a matter of debate. Karmic balancing acts play a roll I suppose)
>>17937 Sorry self deleted, was looking for answer if it was fair before continuing reading, but after viewing source thought some might take issue with the source being a LHP satanist themselves. Kinda the way I wouldn't ask a jew to define what a Nazi is.
>>17937 >be me >need to work on thinking more before I post not after I guess on second thought it is possible to be on opposing side of view and and still be fair minded For those now curious, the 17935 post was .....the following are RHP: Wiccans Most Wiccanesque Pagans The more white-lighty ceremonial magick orders (e.g. BOTA) Any and all occultists who consider themselves to be Christian (e.g. the Sangreal Sodality) And the following are LHP: Satanists Setians Luciferians Chaotes (devotees of Chaos Magic) Typhonians Assorted "dark Pagans" Thelemites are somewhere in the middle..... http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/dvera/pagan/LHPvsRHP.html >>17937 >they walk both paths similtaniously >"Thelemites are somewhere in the middle, .....considered "LHP" by many, although Crowley considered himself to be "RHP." Was the rest of sentence, and probably where the divide begins
>>17937 >Good link lad thank you Of course lad. It has some great photos and illustrations, but the publisher used a tiny margin, so you may have to deduce some words near the spine. I came across this little excerpt I didn’t recall from my first reading. Apparently, stone depictions of Druids, devine beings, and enlightened Celts often had lotus flowers blooming on their foreheads; akin to the “third eye” in the Vedic Tradition. Very Indo-European.
>>17922 (observed) Voted first thing left me feeling mucky indeed lad. >>17937 >decorative friendship windmills and spunking cocks galore I should've done that for the keks tbh. Hopefully this is a good sign http://archive.is/V3lYZ beeb poll predicts tory win if corbyn gets in all bets are off. Agree with you on wicca much of it is inherently lhp and as with all lhp it comes at a cost.
>>17951 >lhp and as with all lhp it comes at a cost. Well said. Everything has its price and everyone has to pay the piper at some point.
>>17871 >Alien abductees (not anally probed) Finally, a home. >>17831 A classic one in the Mysteries is true three-days long isolation. Purpose is to trigger a death scare.
Good morning lads it beginning to feel like yule now Liebor BTFO Lib trators BTFO Kek you reap what you sow treasonous eu loving cunts https://youtube.com/watch?v=p13yZAjhU0M
(129.06 KB 602x552 salt.png)
(56.43 KB 601x286 spakkasalt.png)
(47.82 KB 598x202 cucksalt.png)
(63.70 KB 603x267 salt80s.png)
>>17998 Indeed lad. We got the lesser of two evils and the hard left got utterly BTFO by the British public, who, mercifully, still have some modicum of common sense. We got the dog turd but without the vomit on the side. It is an opportunity to push the overton window right now. They can't bang on about a "peoples vote" and whatnot now. This shows that the majority DON'T want this sjw bullshit pushed by the left & they HAVEN'T died off/changed thier mind/over brexit and all the other media horseshit that they have attempted to spin. It gives /areside/ some more debating ammo I suppose. The salt from the twatter lefties today is pretty glorious (even though the tories are shittier than a fucking sewage farm tbqh. They are just slightly less shit than labour) Seeing the "woke" nu-left BTFO is nice though, I wont lie. >>17969 >Alien abductees Interesting lad. Care to share the story?
>>17998 >>18002 Congrats Bongs shit sans vomit 4-5 years more years of Trudy for me maybe I'll get lucky, and he will choke to death on a dick
>>18011 (observed) Let me know if you want me to mail you some luxury soups for Yule.
>>16755 HA. 4chan is a controlled opposition the mods ban everyone who starts any thread. The only threads are the ones who are created by the psyops who control 4chan or if you manage to not be noticed or if you get to many replies (the normies can start noticing things if threads get banned for no reason all the time). The interesting thing? You can post on the same subject like other allowed threads and you still get banned while the other thread will stay.
>>18002 Been lurking labour socials centrists blaming everything on cobyn leftists calling anyone who didn't vote for them racist scum it's hilarious hopefully they'll keep it up I'm looking forward to seeing them finish their journey to irrelevance. https://youtube.com/watch?v=hI1nPd7hezM >>18011 (observed) Open wide justin...
>>18021 post moar lefty tears give me a chubby Whats the chances of getting Brexit done in next year? Nil next to none?
>>18002 >Care to share the story? No, it's too emotional. was a joke lel breddy sure the UFOs would be more like transdimensional vehicles or something, going by the latest fad in terms of upper UFO redpill
Behold a great portent lads. Canadian anglers free burgerland from the grip of either world jewry or Japanese pornography.
>>18038 >No, it's too emotional. Good choice of words, had you said 'too painful', we would have known you were lying about the probe
(219.95 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)
(277.64 KB 1920x1080 snapshot2.jpg)
>>18061 Damn NBC video player couldn't be any worse, almost like they wanted to discourage plebs from watching video online, every time hit pause, it blurred, pics were at 1080p
>>16819 Sorry for the tardy reply lad; is that OC. Most excellent. >And one more thing if I may be so bold. A new holiday just for the Lodge and our patron Druid spirits in addition to Samhain would be excellent lad. I suggest we focus on Yuletide and any current affairs for now since we’re all likely quite busy. After which would be a good time to revise the 14 tenants and conceive a new holiday and joint rites as previously discussed. >>17019 Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva in Tibet. It is the pilgrimage the commies forbid Don Serrano from making. The glaciers on top and around it both form the character for Aum. There are also two large lakes nearby and the heads of several sacred rivers. This is the closest village. https://www.tibettravel.org/news/201511041953.html
>>18023 Lurked plebbit yesterday labourUK was on suicide watch while labour was full on cultfaggoty reeeing at anyone who didn't conform
>>17652 >She did a fucking back flip, landed on her feet, trotted ten feet into the bush. The animals instinct to fight for life until the very end has always amazed me. >>17776 >Asha Logos I'll check him out lad, thanks. >>17922 I never made it to the polling station. I was sick at work in the evening puked 3 times, went home and for the rest of the night I was puking and shitting. I don't think I've ever been so ill in all my life. I've only just recovered and I've barely eaten in 2 days. It gave me the warm and fuzzies knowing my manager was cleaning up all my sick at work tho haha. Labour have been beaten out of the north where I live which I'm quite amazed at. I'm not celebrating though because if this election proves anything it's how powerful our media organs are in this country and how easily they can smear people. I'm no Corbyn fan but half of what they said about him was bullshit, especially the anti-semitism shit. I don't think anti-semitism cost him the election but it certainly help cast him in a bad light. It was relentless. Anyway I've heard the salt mines have been overflowing. Managed to see a few twitter posts from feminists and soyboys saying we should all kill tories etc kek. >>17931 Thanks for the pdf lad. I might buy this for reals, would make a good reference book for further study. >>17937 >I dont want to go the accelerationism route just yet) Scares me tbh tbh I would have been fine with a Labour win, in fact my life would have been significantly improved in the short term. And accelerationism doesn't scare me but that's because I have nothing to lose I guess. No children etc. I don't even think accelerationism can even happen in a democracy anyway. People aren't going to vote into power hard left parties which just leaves us being slowly boiled alive in the long term. >>18082 >Sorry for the tardy reply lad; is that OC. Most excellent. No worries fren, and no not really OC, just jazzed up an old one I found in my druid/pol/ folder. >I suggest we focus on Yuletide and any current affairs for now since we’re all likely quite busy. After which would be a good time to revise the 14 tenants and conceive a new holiday and joint rites as previously discussed. Aye lad, I concur.
>>18113 Hope you keep getting better lad
(3.54 MB 854x568 ds.mp4)
Afternoon lads - fresh Morgs on the election & liebour BTFOing. https://youtu.be/mSY0WGKSD6Q >>18011 (observed) >Maybe trudy will choke on a cock Fingers crossed lad! >>18021 >Been lurking labour socials centrists blaming everything on cobyn leftists calling anyone who didn't vote for them racist scum it's hilarious. Kek so true. They are eating themselves at present. It is glorious to watch. >>18038 >breddy sure the UFOs would be more like transdimensional vehicles or something, going by the latest fad in terms of upper UFO redpill Wholeheartedly concur. These things are almost certainly interdimensional. rather than nuts & bolts craft from another planet. I also think the "greys" are a type of biological space suit that lets these interlopers operate in our sphere of existence. I'v seen ghosts but i'v never seen a UFO tbh. My great uncle (an RAF fellow) supposedly saw one once though. >>18061 Wew lad! Topkek! How in Lugh's name does an eagle get tangled up with an octopus in the first place? Did the eagle try and swoop in and grab it for lunch or something? Octopus tastes sublime. Pain in the arse to cook though because you have to blanche it, otherwise it is like chewing rubber. Squid is the patrician choice. Easier to cook and (imo) even tastier. >>18109 I had a look too. Shit was hilarious. Full meltdown mode. >>16819 Very nice OC lad. Somehow managed to miss that before. That one is getting saved.
>>18117 Thank you. I'm feeling a lot better now, just exhausted and drained.
>>18113 >Asha Logos Fyi he has both joutube and bitchite channels, there are a few videos difference between the two. Normally I wouldn't advertise joutube but think his msg is worth spreading and promoting to a wider audience, bitchite while important and necessary is of course a bit of echo chamber for us. Tube still has much larger library and audience that should be used to our advantage until they are dethroned At the same time we should continue to promote other platforms. Some of /ourguys/ Have also started moving to https://www.invidio.us/ While I don't know enough about it, to fully endorse (suspect of who is running it, there is a lot of sjw shit on platform...ah it seems to just be a 'mirror site' of jootube, so not long term solution) that fact some of my fav's are there is enough to make it worth mentioning >>18120 >https://youtu.be/mSY0WGKSD6Q has invidious mirror, test of embed https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=mSY0WGKSD6Q >"When I work in the factory, I deliberately ah as politically incorrect as I possibly can get away with, cuz then what I find that you then break the ice and then the others lads will think 'well I'm not gonna say anything nearly as extreme as that, but...' and then they tend to open up a bit and tell you whats on their mind" Top kek His comments about this election being a backlash and "that there is something 'seething" in the under belly of the working class" should be noted, and an argument in favor of accelerationism imo. Sad to admit but I think things may need to get much worse before they will get better Was going to ask what docu' he was talking about "the 3 girls" but I found it. There was only a clip on bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/jY3vfjhwiYhX/ but the full doc was found on joutube under name Betrayed Girls The Rochdale Scandal Documentary 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q3lXMTRHV8&t (didn't have invidious mirror, seems user must migrate account to add videos) Remember the buzz now but never got full story over here of course. Fucking hell, words are failing me while it plays in the background >Somehow managed to miss that before Was curious why tenets never really came up again, obviously newfag and input will be light, but look forward to hearing the discussion >>18122 (observed) Again great to have you based wise oldfag lads here
(114.42 KB 377x341 паянг.jpg)
(185.23 KB 800x533 410466_original.jpg)
(183.08 KB 900x599 kajlas_022.jpg)
>>18082 >Mount Kailash That's certainly interesting. The surrounding terrain looks a lot closer to what I remember it being too. This is definitely a lot closer. The architecture seems to be made of the correct stone, and I even found images of a canal, which was decorated for the pilgrimage. The canal looked modern, but it could simply have been modernized if it is the same one. Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem that place has the correct size of buildings. Of course, what we are looking for is likely some long forgotten, secret place, not shown on any map. It could have even been swallowed by the glaciers in an avalanche. Although, one image, of the higher altitudes seemed almost exactly like the terrain surrounding the village, at least with the memory in the state it is. I found some interesting images of the area. One shows a massive ruin, the sort of size we are looking for. The roads or walking paths indicate the size of it. I found that image here: *https://kailash-explorer.com/2015/11/12/tibet-korolevstvo-guge-caparang-shang-shung/ This is certainly the right direction I think, but I don't think we'll have much luck finding the ruined city itself this way, I'll keep looking though. Maybe one image that has left itself in my mind so strongly and profoundly will help? This is that image I think may be one of those "landmarks in time", lacking a better name for them. The entrance to the ruins is narrow, honestly, while I called it a valley, it might be better to call it a hole between peaks. This particular vision of the place was not of the past, but the future. I know, because the three of us in this had on modern clothing, and were using modern hiking poles. I shall, according to this, enter second, with the first among us to enter wearing a bright blue coat. From here, there were already a few buildings right upon us, the corner of one directly to our front left. Looking up and left from here, I saw/will see a large indentation or smaller hole on one of the peaks. There is something up there, as I was quite drawn to it. In another "dream", I had seen that up there is a frozen pond, and a large boulder. Considering It felt to be afternoon or early morning, we would have entered from either the North or South. I'm not sure if this is the same set of ruins or not, but I think it may be. I apologize, I should have shared this particular one sooner, I simply had not thought to elaborate on this. I'll admit though, I haven't been focused on this for a bit. I met the Fuhrer last night, in astral dream. I found him fishing deep in the ocean, on an old sea fort. I sat next to him, and he looked me in the eyes and smiled. Such vibrant blue eyes, such powerful presence! He shook my hand, and said, "You seem to be a (very?) capable man." He said more than that, I don't remember precisely what though. Words of encouragement. I think he told me that I can succeed in achieving Nos, and to not fall to my darkness anymore. Had me tearing up tbh. I do not think I deserved this.
>>18139 >"the 3 girls" I can't watch that stuff, can't even read about any of it without my blood boiling off. My mum has been thinking of doing temporary fostering recently. If you're a family man you should consider it if you can, even if it's just temporary. Gets kids away from abusive/dysfunctional families for a while obviously but also off the streets where they can become prey. >>18122 >I might put a beacon thread up on 8kunt to see if any of the old lads who haven't reconverged yet are lurking /druid/ is back. Well it was, I just posted a beacon thread on it but now I can no longer look at the board for some reason. Sites still buggy I guess.
>>18144 (observed) /druid is up for me as is /pdfs, I left a message for punished in the meta thread
Thought I made this reply, but guess forgot to send and closed window at some point >>18144 >without my blood boiling off Only made it about a third of the way through before I had enough, and yet the pedo's were only half of the reason for the rage. Most of the beginning of doc' was dedicated to how based lads were somehow to blame for being racist about white girls being raped by muslims, when if fact it was gov' officials who were being racist for not doing anything about crimes because the offenders were muslims >family man Sadly no, my brother and his lass foster though, they have a 16 yr old of their own, and last year they took in 2 younger boys. One will probably be semi-permanent, but the other still has excuse of a mother in the picture so it's anyone's guess Been thinking about volunteering with Big Brother's or Scouts recently though. Mind you the thought of being around the pedo's isn't very appealing, mind you catching a pedo is >8kunt Ya /druid was up for me when when I went to try after your post peaked curiosity. There seems to be issue with first getting to 8 and it 'verifying browser' so maybe that was issue, also seems the server is hosted from a $15 dollar Casio watch so it's anyone's guess what the issue is at any given point
>>18186 I'm the BO of /pdfs/, have done for years now. I took over /druid/ when it went up for claims. It was punished who made the board wasn't it? At the time he was nowhere around iirc and our threads on 8chan were being attacked by spergs, so I just grabbed the board before some enemy claimed it and wiped it. I arranged with him to give it back when he appeared again but then he disappeared again without dropping a throwaway to send the board deets to. Then not long after that 8chan was shoah'd. Sorry for the confusion. >>18196 >Most of the beginning of doc' was dedicated to how based lads were somehow to blame for being racist about white girls being raped by muslims That's why I'll always have a soft spot for Nick Griffin. I've heard he was a terrible leader for the BNP etc but he was one of the first public figures to bring it to light and the whole fucking world rounded on him and mocked him and called him a racist etc, etc.
>>18274 Then we'll just keep looking thanks for the clarification
>>18066 lel :o) >>18061 That's interesting. If the pic is nice, maybe it can be used for prop memes. >>18082 >The glaciers on top and around it both form the character for Aum. Holy of hollies if I may say! What a beauty. You think it could be related to the earlier "flashback" story? >>18109 >plebbit mass vaginal collapse I'm not all too hot on rituals yet, but I can almost taste the pain and it feels good. >>18113 >I never made it to the polling station. I was sick at work in the evening 1/10 for an excuse. Com'on. 1 pt for the details about fluids >Laayyyburrr Well, they groomed Corbyn and suddenly they find he's an antisemite and hang him in the press. Orchestrated much eh? Enjoy the ping pong. The conservatives are just another slow boil. Just buying time until a schizo does something in the name of whites and the fruit juice come up with a new red face and more votes from more migrants. >kill tories actually there's truth in that too >>18120 >thogrom The story about the bloke he ate a sandwich with: Just the basic man, knows shit and even true and largely documented facts about nasty shit going on down town is relegated to "rumours" and "urban legends". The hell? Wait, I think there was a screencap of a post on 8dead that started like that. >pussy vs squid I wonder if cheating by freezing it, thus breaking the fiber, would be a solution against the chewiness of it. >>18139 >Bitchute I've been in doubt lately. Is it that safe?
(1.98 MB 249x141 11aaaa.gif)
Morning lads. Gloomy Monday here but there is light in my heart. Getting into the yuletide spirit & I was jut thinking that we are due a shift in astrological conditions soon. I'm hoping this will clear up some of this "noise" that is currently encompassing any etheric work we attempt & it will also have an effect on the political mood of the west too & a positive effect for the nascent & ascendant nationalism that is rising in the hearts of our people. Anyway, I trust we are all well today too? >>18314 >Bitchute >I've been in doubt lately. Is it that safe? Seems fine tbh lad. I probably watch more on bitchute than I do on 4x2tube these days. Some good stuff on there. I'm weaning myself off of the scoobydootube tit. Total shit compared to how it was years ago. Scary how quickly it went full on leftist authoritaran mode tbh. Old jewtube was pretty glorious. Bitchute reminds me a bit of really old youtube tbh, when you could put pretty much upload & say anything you wanted (sans porn & gore) Sad to see how shite its become these days. thanks susan & your censorious ADL chums, you bunch of fucking cockwombles. Hope they all choke on a matzo Shit as it is now it was pretty instrumental in weening me off the MSM teet and introduced me to stuff like William Pierce lectures, Kai Murros & other nationalist voices, concepts and ideas that I would might otherwise remained unaware of.
>>18411(Oberserved) Morning, same here, was bit of episode yesterday with some edgy underage lads. They were pretty upset when it became necessary to purged and asked to leave, so they might kick up a stink over next day or so. Seems they moved to cow now
(940.14 KB 627x502 1de.gif)
>>18413 Glad things are good for you friend. >episode with underage edgelords Missed this. What was this drama about lad? Was it here or on the /pol/ board in general? >moved to /cow/ Kek, seems fitting I suppose.
>>18416 Everywhere, some offsite, most was completely purged, ID wipe was scattered throughout the threads. A few posts left, one of them larping as white sharia now 3 or 4 minors from frontgroup Had to be fairly edgy to get called out on a site full of confessed badgoys though, the worst of it was contained in a thread of there own making though so no real harm to board other than a few anons one sided convo's
>>18418 >>18419 Fair enough. i missed all this. No great loss I suppose. Thanks for the quick run down lad.
>>18424 There's a much longer story to it of course but it spanned a couple days, so reluctant to bring the drama upon you lads, will prob sit down prepare an aar I suppose, expect there will be some more shilling incoming
Lads, we need a bit of loosh sent this way if have some to spare. My missus has a stomach flu with a minor infection in her left ear. Thus far the baby is well as ever, but she still nurses occasionally. I’ve made offerings to Lugh and Brigid tonight at my blot tree. For any skeptical lurkers, here’s a triple blind study on intercontinental anonymous prayer groups increasing fertility rates of test tube babies. http://archive.is/B1ok5 >Cha et al.[32] found that the women who had been prayed for had nearly twice as high a pregnancy rate as those who had not been prayed for (50 vs. 26%; P <0.005). Furthermore, the women who had been prayed for showed a higher implantation rate than those who had not been prayed for (16.3 vs. 8%; P <0.001). Finally, the benefits of prayer were independent of clinical or laboratory providers and clinical variables. Thus, this study showed that distant prayer facilitates implantation and pregnancy. This is also very pertinent to the lodge helping Owllad as well tbh. Thanks in advance lads; pic related is a nearby energetic node to aim for if you need it. She’s and active volcano so be careful. >>18411 (observed) It was brisk and gorgeous here lad. >Getting into the yuletide spirit Shall we plan a Yuletide fpt for this week or next, whichever is best for most lads? Seems appropriate for an auspicious holiday tbh. >due a shift in astrological conditions soon. Finally ffs. I can feel it bit by bit most days. >>18314 >You think it could be related to the earlier "flashback" story? Not specifically imo. I believe the formations are cases of the gods reaching through the murky veil of the demiurge, to let us know he doesn’t have complete control. >>18274 I had it backwards myself lad. I thought Suffolklad made /druid/ and Punished was the BO of /pdfs/ who took it over. Good on ya for not having a distinguishable writing voice lad. >>18120 >Did the eagle try and swoop in and grab it for lunch or something? Either that or steal a salmon from it are the only things which make sense. >cooked octopus >smugwaifu.png It’s way better raw sempi. >>18113 >I might buy this for reals, would make a good reference book for further study. It would, the photos are great. I’m glad your on the mend lad, you should let us know if your I’ll sooner next time. >>18142 >Of course, what we are looking for is likely some long forgotten, secret place, not shown on any map. Not to mention all the sites Comrade AYLMAO destroyed. >>18142 >I'll admit though, I haven't been focused on this for a bit. It’s okay, neither have I, remembering Mount Kailash was a eureka moment, not from research tbh. I feel that most of this odyssey will be following our Nostalgia when we get there, rather than internet digging now. >blue parka Mine’s white and black. I’ve started training for the mountains, taking lots of hikes with the baby in a rucksack and my plate carrier. Often in the cold dark wearing only a t-shirt underneath. >I don’t think I deserved this. You do.
>>18509 >need loosh Im on it lad. Was going to attempt an AP today but I will instead use that built up etheric energy iv been working on for the last several days and send it your way. Hopefully it will find its way to you. I'v had bugger all luck with APing as of late anyway & this cause seems far more worthy Best of luck my friend. Hope the missus will be on the mend in no time. I will light a white candle on my altar for her after I have made this post and meditate for 3 minutes on the nature of healing. Then by will I will send the "loosh" to you via etheric current and visualization. >Shall we plan a Yuletide fpt for this week or next? I missed last weeks so i'm game for one this week if you are. Even if its just the two of us, we can have a beer & a bop for a couple of hours and i'v some new musical offerings iv discovered some a bit "meme-ish" but good I want to share with the Lodge. So yeah, im game for a FPT this week. >raw I'd love to try it lapanese sashimi style with dark soy sauce but i'd not like it raw like in that film "oldboy" where he eats it alive & whole while its still wriggling. Apart from the otcopus not being gutted & cleaned internally, I'm told the tentacles spasm and contort as they are in your gullet I don't fancy that tbh lad. I like my meat dead before it passes my lips kek. >>18274 >That's why I'll always have a soft spot for Nick Griffin. I've heard he was a terrible leader for the BNP etc but he was one of the first public figures to bring it to light and the whole fucking world rounded on him and mocked him and called him a racist etc, etc. I know what you mean. He's far from perfect & by many accounts he mismanaged his party but I remember his speech to the EU parliament was fucking based. I actually called the BBC complaints line after his QT appearance just to tell them how disgusted I was with his treatment and that they were all a bunch of cunts (only time I think i'v actually made an official complaint about anything media related iirc) Now he LARPs as that "hidden templar" character (a shadowed out, hooded figure with a throb-on for all things crusader/knights templar related) on that @templar report youtube channel. Sad end to his career tbh. He is EXTREMELY blackpilled too is old Nick. Understandable tbh considering what hes been though. I agree he was out before his time. If he emerged now he would probably be far more popular and would have much more success pushing the oveton window right. I think folk would be far more receptive to his message now they have actually seen all the shit he was warning about 10-15yr ago. He'd not approve of our esoteric Druidry btw but I bear the man no ill will & retain a certain amount of admiration & respect for him. He stuck to his principles and endured decades of smearing, harrassment of him & his family & all manner of bullshit from the media and a bluepilled public. I dont think I could handle pressure like that .The media successfully made his name/brand toxic for most folk. Future generations will vindicate him though. His other flaw was he lacked in the charisma department imo. Not a dig - just an observation. He'd make a good advisor but not so much of a leader figure imo. That is what we need - a good charismatic leader. Basically an avatar of our people's manifest desire for reclamation of spirit and land, embodied in human form. The blood & soil Albion Avatar (just as AH was the German one) I think how it works is the universe basically imbues a worthy individual with this atavistic power once they are truly needed. The candidate, having met the chosen criteria and having been destined for great things all along will then be imbued with the spirit of the nation and its people, and this spirit, in turn will resonate with the populace too who will then consciously & subconsciously recognize the Avatar for whom he is. They will immediately recognise said leader as /ourguy/ in their heart & gut. We will know when a TRUE leader arises due to their avatar like status and the atavisms they embody. I'm very curious as to how the avatar of the native British population will manifest - what he will be like? Very good chance this person is alive right now, Maybe even in adulthood. Good chance he could emerge in the next decade or two imo. Whoever he is he will embody all the qlaaities needed, like statesmanship, kinship with the people, charisma, intelligence, political and military acumen etc etc. It wouldnt surprise me if the avatar of the Brits had a military background of some kind. I get a gut feeling over that one. I suppose it is becase military men know how to get shit done and take no crap in the process. That is what we need right now.
(279.17 KB 736x1042 2spooky4u.jpg)
Just a test as having a problem posting imags for some reason at the moment.
>>18509 >Shall we plan a Yuletide fpt for this week or next I'm in for this Thursday lads
(1.80 MB 204x255 merchant bop.gif)
>>18524 That is 3 of us already then. Hopefully more might join on the night. Looking forward to it lad https://youtu.be/PaZXPx1kdtg
(1.19 KB 92x138 second_char.png)
Lads, I believe the time has come to begin discussions as to the usage of the Charge. Yule is coming soon upon us, so I think it to be right there be time for discussion in this busy season. Perhaps, it may even be late to bring it up now. On an unrelated note, I apologize for only responding to Yanklad as of late, it is not because I do not wish to converse with you lads, I simply have been lacking in time for more than I have done. >>18509 >need loosh I'd send some your way, but mine is still quite chaotic. > I feel that most of this odyssey will be following our Nostalgia when we get there, rather than internet digging now. Agreed. I feel as though we have reached the most we can with internet searching, for now at least. While willing some hints to location to come to me, I noticed that within a drop of water on a mirror, the room reflected in it was not the room I was in. I looked closer, and I could see four sets of Chinese lettering. Three were on large white wooden blocks, while there was a banner to the left of these. To the left of the banner was the eagle of the Reich. I did my best to memorize them, but in the end, I only memorized one, and partly the second. The first, is the traditional Chinese character Fū. https://www.learnchineseez.com/read-write/traditional/view.php?code=592b I have not found the second one. Here is some Oekaki for it though. I do not remember the top portion. Keep in mind though, that I was looking at this through a drop of water, so I'm not sure this is entirely correct. The third character was a compound character and very complicated, so I don't remember it at all. >training for the mountains I should be as well. I need to get some new boots, as I tend to wear all my boots/shoes until they are falling apart, and I am now down to a single pair of tennis shoes, kek. I'm not quite sure what kind of boot to look for considering the terrain we will be facing. >Often in the cold dark wearing only a t-shirt underneath. As is the Aryan way. I should be practicing the Whim Hoff stuff to get myself to that point too. I hate to admit it, but it is extremely difficult for me to be able to do any of the things I need to do, which is the reason why I have only been able to reply to you lately, as it is all I have time for. Although, a couple of years ago, I had the time to train myself for the cold, and I was to the point I could shovel the drive below freezing with just a t-shirt and shorts. I've gotten out of it, and grown to be used to being warm all the time now though. >>18513 >fpt If I find myself with the time to post a few tunes, then I shall as well.
(132.85 KB 688x413 druidghost.jpg)
>>18536 > I believe the time has come to begin discussions as to the usage of the Charge. Yule is coming soon upon us, so I think it to be right there be time for discussion in this busy season. Perhaps, it may even be late to bring it up now Yes this is indeed a pressing priority. Well remembered lad. It's not too late, don't worry - we are all still carrying it. I was hoping Suffolk & Punished would be with us by now but we will have to press on in their absence. We have gained some new blood in the interrim & the lurkerbros will lend some loosh so all should be well. Anyway, the charge has not dissipated as of yet. We are still all carrying it. My suggestion is we each expel our own individual portions of the "charge" on Christmas eve. A small self devised rite and the lighting of a candle should suffice. Anons can make their ritual a bit more personalised and elaborate if they wish. My plan is to walk to my LOCAL grove (literal not digital - a small clearing in the woods 5 min away from my house) at either dawn or dusk, and perhaps construct a "stick sigil" (being a construct that is an abstract representation of out Will & intent (regarding the charge) & made of natural materials -sticks, flowers, vine as twine etc, representing our collective intent) and then I shall leave the construct either in a sacred triangle drawn on the ground with a stick, or maybe, if I can, I will try to hang it from a tree's branches instead. I'll see what is most prudent at the time. This is just my personal rite. All other lads feel free to follow mine to use it as a template to devise your own. If you do devise your own, please share it here with the lodge. Good ideas must be incorporated into our collective Workings. This doesn't have to be synchronized to the watch or anything either- as long as we all endeavor to expel the charge on the same day, then the ritual will work. Even something as simple as a candle and a minute or twos meditation & reflection will suffice. Just visualize oneself physically expelling all the anger, lulz, curiosity, indignation, laffs, hatred, depression, elation (and all other emotions we have experienced & garnered during our 8ch tenure) into the ether and while doing so, focus on our Will & desired outcome. Visualization wise, this will be my expulsion method. I will imagine the "charge" leaving my body via the mouth like blowing out great clouds of smoke. I shall imagine this "smoke" simultaneously exiting through each chakra too. The smoke's colour is red. This is the visualization method. B.O.N.D anons can follow this or come up with their own (example, an anon could imagine the "charge" as red lightning exiting through the eyes or fingertips for example. Whatever floats one's boat tbh) Once the charge is expelled, say a closing incantation of ones choosing (and maybe a LBRP if you are so inclined) and meditate for a futher few minutes on the subject while imagining (and feeling) the exit of the "charge" and it's energies now intermingling with the Current, rushing through the empyrium like a stream of pure, pulsing, raging energy. Imagine it all swirling in a sea of eddies and torrents of intense primal energies. Focus on the intent it carries then, after the closing rite, put it out of mind. Then, of course, record your expulsion rite here, in the digital grove so we know when each of us has completed our part. We need to come to consensus on what we are going to use the charge for. We must use it in a RHP way so it shall act for the betterment of us all. So rather than wishing death on our enemies etc, I think we should instead ask for something like that the B.O.N.D thrive, that more like minded folk who resonate with our kind of thing that being esoteric neo-druidry or Process Druidry :^) come to find us and that the political winds blow in our favour. We can also wish health and happiness on B.O.N.D members & their families & ask for a blessing & perhaps a boon of some kind? We have to come to a consensus on this matter so I am very glad you bought it up. What intent do you think we should focus the charge on lad? What should we use it for? Also is the 24th an acceptable date for you lads or do you want to make it either the 25th , 31st or 1st Jan? I personally think the 24th is best date (a lot of energy floating about Christmas eve....) but again, consensus must be obtained for this to work properly so we must ALL agree on a date. Once that is done, in the new year we can revise the XIV Tenets and reword them slightly. >FPT Glad you are joining us lad. 4 coming now so far. Its starting to really get back to the spirit of the old days and this will probably be 2019's final FPT so lets make it a good one with some cracking musical offerings to see the year out. Looking forward to it tbh. Glad you will be with us lad.
>>18588 Druid pol seems pretty based
>>18509 Aye, thanks for that, lad. I shall save this link, and put it to use whenever we get ready again. >fpt i'm down, whenever i'll be around. going on night shift this Thursday, but it seems I may be able to swing back to days by the weekend. >>18588 i'm also down for doing both something inside with a candle, and outside. i'll brainstorm til the 24th. have been sick lately, lads. flu or something going around. my ducks in the creek seem to have added some more. it's quite a pleasure to watch them swim around.
>>18588 Thanks for the suggestion. I will happily join in on this, as it sounds like a most useful ritual and I'd love to participate in the egregore. I will happily do this on the 24th, but will amend the date if others choose some other day of working as preferable.
>>18589 Thanks lad. >>18513 Thanks for the loosh m8, she was feeling better last evening. >live puss I’ve heard of that, but I haven’t seen it on a menu. Supposedly if the tentacles aren’t wrapped on the chopstick right, they will latch on in the esophagus and people choke to death. >>18524 Noice cob. >>18536 Thanks for the loosh mate. >the charge Sounds good to me. >chinkrunes Pic related >Training I’ll be the first to admit that “good times created a weak man” so don’t feel too bad. >>18588 (Heil’d) >The charge ritual IMO we should either perform it on Christmas Eve or during Brahma Muhurta, 96 minuets before sunrise on Christmas Day. I agree we could capitalize on the collective energy of all the people anticipating Christmas. >what to focus on Either mass awakening of our volk or the rise of the Avatar. >>18611 (observed) Excellent lad. >>18606 >flu Sorry to hear that lad. I’ll get back to you with some loosh and remedies a bit later.
(62.56 KB 1204x402 charge.PNG)
>>18606 Good stuff lad. Ill look forward to seeing you at FPT tonight. Thats also 2 counts (including me) for the 24th as ritual date. >>18611 (observed) >Thanks for the suggestion. I will happily join in on this, as it sounds like a most useful ritual and I'd love to participate in the egregore. >I will happily do this on the 24th, but will amend the date if others choose some other day of working as preferable. Brilliant. Happy to have you lad. We are not working with an egregore per se, but rather this is energy work. We are essentially expelling all the energy we garnered on 8ch into the empyrium, via the method of an "individualized collective mind sigil" wew If anything we are creating a kamikaze servitor rather than an egregore. Anyway, forgive my nitpicking of minutiae, happy to have you on board lad. Also thats another yes for the 24th >>18589 Thanks lad. We try. >>18614 >IMO we should either perform it on Christmas Eve or during Brahma Muhurta, 96 minuets before sunrise on Christmas Day. I agree we could capitalize on the collective energy of all the people anticipating Christmas. Id agree regarding with the Brahma Muhurta suggestion but as we are in so many different timezones and it requires fairly specific timing on its part (the aformentioned 96 min before christmas day) while the Christmas eve method gives us a bit more time (and as you so rightly point out, all the anticipational energy of pretty much every white child in the west and others who enjoy christmas, will be buzzing in the air all day long, giving everyone a wider timeframe to capitalize on tapping into this positive energy & utilizing it. I'm probably going to get up early on the 24th and do it at sunrise. I have family obligations that will probably prevent me from getting to the spot by sundown & truth be told I might be slightly inebriated by that point :^) Also that is one more for Christmas eve and the tally seems unanimous so far so its looking like the optimal time. Just up to anons to tailor their individual expulsion rites now and agree on a set manifested desire for this energy. >mass awakening or rise of the Avatar One inevitably leads to another, usually the former to the latter but not always..... Why not ask for both? They are inexorably intertwined anyway. As I mentioned, I think we could get away with also asking for a small, individual boon for us and our families (wellness & security). We were pretty dedicated on 8ch and we have garnered a lot of energy to release. AFAIK, none of the other members of the old 8ch userbase are doing this. The qoomer lot are retards, Jim is a Christian & even /fringe/ hasn't cottoned on to the idea - iv checked the 8kun board and there is no mention of the charge. They are unaware of it (and its probably too late to alert them to it now) so we essentially have this huge energy (or "loosh") harvest at our sole disposal. Wew lad! Providing we keep this fully RHP, I think this could go exceptionally well. This will be the first ritual we have done since 8ch so any more suggestions, revisions or additions to the rite would be welcome. Remember, we are dealing with a lot of energy here, some of it quite potent and death energies are included so it is IMPERATIVE we keep this as RHP as possible. No selfish personal gain or wish of harm can be incorporated into this rite. I cannot stress the importance of this. Think of EVERYTHING that happened on 8ch >GG >energy round Trump >that KEK business >Brexit & beyond >all the /fringe/ drama >anons snapping & mass shooter manifestos >some good stuff here and there (like /druid/pol/!) >GETs >b8's & b&s >laffs >a shit ton of cancerous faggotry >...ect ect ect We are taking all the etheric energies that the entire 8ch userbase generated (& the notoriety the site gained too) and we are channeling it and expelling it all into the aetherium, along our nurtured Current, with our imprinted intent riding aloft this great torrent of energy. This is a pretty lofty Working when you think about it, wouldn't you agree lad?
>"R9K prevented one of your files from being posted" Wtf? Whats this about? Why is the site saying this when I try to post certain images lads? Wanted to post 2 snips with the above post. Testing to see if this works... (Edit:) Tried posting another nanobunker discussion snip regarding the charge but got the same message. It wont let me post a perfectly innocuous file and says its something to do with fucking "R9K" Whats that all about?
(28.51 KB 1402x532 Screenshot (file type).png)
>>18509 Made half assed attempt, but didn't push my luck due to warning. >>18614 Good to hear better and sleeping giant didn't wake >>>18635 What is the "file type"? Pretty sure I got that message before with a .webp image before Assume this is an image? you can change the file type to .jpg or .png easily enough with windows paint. Right click item, select Edit. In paint click File, then Save As (Pic Supported file types)
>>18635 What filetypes are supported on 16chan? jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png, mp3, ogg, flac, opus, webm, mp4, pdf, epub, txt. That was on About page
(97.44 KB 1282x603 Snipp.PNG)
>>18639 >>18658 It was a .png file. A snip from nanochan similar to the one in >>18632 I'll try again to see if it will post now. (Edit) It didnt. This is the screen I got.
>>18660 Try change file name? There is already "charge.png" file in thread, might be a spam setting?
Double dose of rapistanis today 4 jailed for abusing girls in Telford http://archive.is/glEus Halifax 16 charged including police officer http://archive.is/0Nh3J
>>18665 >"A police officer is among 16 men accused of being part of an alleged grooming gang in Halifax. >Amjad Ditta, a West Yorkshire Police officer, is among those prosecuted over sexual abuse between 2006 and 2009." Just down the road from Rochdale, but I'm sure there is ((zero)) chance there is any connection to the Police in "the 3 girls" incident saying "There's nothing we can do" Four men story link to Telford story http://archive.is/etK78 From a month ago >A progress report, published earlier this month, said it has already received 3,950 "potentially relevant" documents. >Its findings are expected to be published in 2021. Yes, lets make sure we give plenty of time for anyone involved to sell their house and move out of the country. Can't imagine what it's like for you lads over there that have daughters. (pic)
>>16649 >>16639 >but there is no denying that there is something stirring in the the general public >I feel this too. There is a change in the zeitgest from, say 2015. We are witnessing the beginning of the Great Disillusionment imo. So what is changing? What is stirring? Have you heard of The Storm?
(44.98 KB 800x445 yes.jpg)
FPT BEGINS... Sorry i'm late lads https://youtu.be/TqhOVY58zIo
>>18711 (observed) Nice pic lad. A druid/pol/ classic. Sorry for the lateness here Have a prodigy https://youtu.be/P3jn3lkzAMg
(124.53 KB 866x900 1570225606078.jpg)
>>18711 *pick not pic sorry Have moar dance... D A G O T H W A V E My kids got me into this kek https://youtu.be/iR-K2rUP86M
>>18724 Cant say I recall every hearing these guys https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=RrxePKps87k Fyi, if lads want to deny alphabot Larry Page and jootube Susan Wojcicki a few shekels, take the " watch?v=RrxePKps87k " code from your video and enter it into https://www.invidio.us 's search engine
>>18731 >>18732 watch?v=0QDKLglEP5Y failed Doen't work %100, but seems to most of the time
(7.11 MB 1920x1080 blueberry woes.webm)
>>18728 Damn straight. Going for the triple... https://youtu.be/cSTBFZ-To2E >>18732 Isn't it just! >>18733 (observed) Hairspray 80s permtastic lad! >>18734 I'm getting a few "embed failed's" too smh. Gremlins in the system. >>18731 Ta lad, will try this invidio, see how it works.
>>18736 Seems my browser doesn't like invidio.us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ I missed a proper fpt lads we need punished answer Suffolk back to really get the party thumping
>>18737 Seems all the 'embeds' broke for me now, (seen it happen last week too) Noticed I had a lot of issues today trying to upload large pdf's today, perhaps having server issues
>>18737 >I missed a proper fpt lads we need punished answer Suffolk back to really get the party thumping Agreed they were tip top contributors. Still, at least we have each other lad https://youtu.be/phWYWpu5KUQ >Seems my browser doesn't like invidio.us Same lad. I'll look to get it working for next time but gonna stick with 4X2tube tonight for convenience
>>18711 (observed) >it begins Portentous af tbqh lad. >>18737 Nice one lad, I never minded that earwig tbh. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OMDbX1zksgI
>>18740 We'll find them in time I feel a strange kind of certainly about it whilst I worry for their welfare I know they shall return to the Grove. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfI1S0PKJR8
>>18739 It;s really hit & miss I find. Some embeds are fine, others don't seem to register or, if they do, fail when you click them. Seems some of the sites code might need ironing out imo. https://youtu.be/aT_G9T7489s Let me know if this one works
>>18667 >Have you heard of "The Storm" Cant say it's ringing a bell. Unrelated: search "The Storm" hit for jootube video, 2cellos band https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=oUBQPIk9Wh8 (Vivaldi's "Storm") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUBQPIk9Wh8 lead me to this amusing one https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk (ThunderStruck) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk and this FPT contribution (not very druid, but nostalgically British) https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=x8yymm3DtVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8yymm3DtVA (Whole Lotta Love vs. Beethoven 5th Symphony)
>>18743 Works fine lad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbxgYlcNxE8 One overture deserves another
>>18744 (observed) Another portent. I believe “The Storm” is Q larp faggotry. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V-xpJRwIA-Q
(438.55 KB 734x1018 DruidFC.png)
>>18742 Hope so lad. I miss them. They were some of the founding members too. >>18745 Good stuff lad. >one overture deserves another Indeed. Cannons are the best bit. My mum had this on vinyl back in the 80s and I used to get her to put it on.....for the fuckig cannons!
Moar TES meme music lads I'v grown quite fond of this creator tbh https://youtu.be/WRUYyj20b7M
>>18747 Cannons eh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fPf6L0XNvM 'strayans bring the gunfire...
(178.86 KB 1200x1200 Adoring Fan sings STAR.jpg)
Ok, i'll make this the last elder scrolls meme song now but I believe it is also the best -a veritable bop. This has been my jam as of late lads, no word of a lie. It's catchy, nostalgic and funny all at the same time. https://youtu.be/PaZXPx1kdtg S T A R >>18749 Based & skippy the bush kangaroopilled.
>>18751 >>18752 Lets make the aussie gunfire theme a trifecta... https://youtu.be/yLtY471mgmI
>>18752 Classic here's some eurobeat with extra memes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b89d1oip7WM
>>18754 Kek great job tbh I'm so used to the March version grenadiers sound odd with the words. Taking fpt back to its roots now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkhGkRahU6g
(99.66 KB 640x853 oz.jpg)
Moar aussie music l like... https://youtu.be/LnHoqHscTKE Punished & Suffolk, this counts as a lament for your absence and a wish for you to return too :'^(
>>18757 Mentioning the aussies without this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s
(91.23 KB 640x360 hammertime.gif)
>>18756 Yes....nice one lad Early house/dance/trance/techno was always our bread and butter https://youtu.be/_KztNIg4cvE
(7.51 KB 220x229 brucie.jpg)
Moar classic house.... https://youtu.be/jWXeWP6r57Q >>18758 Kek, I KNEW that was coming
>>18759 Something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObNNSYJCWuA Keked at the gif but posting hammer is a line I dare not cross
>>18759 That’s what my wife listens to when she cleans the house. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914
(964.53 KB 300x211 scallydance.gif)
>>18762 Then she has impeccable taste >>18761 Fucking chooooon lad! and yes the hammer gif was ironic dont worry Here's another good'un https://youtu.be/2rW8dg7drXA
>>18762 Classy Norwegians anyone up for a spot of church burning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE7N0Mu22MQ Keeping it 90s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXEOESuiYcA
(15.04 MB 480x360 rave.gif)
This is great lads. Proper banging this eve. Really feels like the old 8ch FPT's tonight. I think druid/pol/ got its groove back! https://youtu.be/BkczzkGrYDQ >>18766 (observed) Based & vargpilled tbh
>>18765 Good show here's another one that'll tickle your nostalgia bone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VuyQuRAsHI
(447.74 KB 480x266 spookrave.gif)
>>18768 Yep takes me back to some very fond memories even if I was a bit more degenerate back then tbh Ill see your livin' Joy and raise you one N-Trance...... https://youtu.be/Bcf5kzBCdy4
>>18769 In that case I'll have to play my Robin S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps2Jc28tQrw
>>18765 > impeccable taste. Obviously she married me. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KkhGkRahU6g
>>18771 Blessings on both of you an upon your marriage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjIPzyVlK60&app=desktop
(5.68 MB 359x202 hill have eyes dance.gif)
>>18770 Nice. I'll see you Robin S and raise you a Jam & Spoon.... https://youtu.be/DfdkKYHlZp4 The fat lad fom jam & spoon died this year btw. So... F ...for him. Thanks for the tunes tubbykraut. They was banging >>18771 Kek
>>18776 Now you're playing hardball what can do about an Alice DJ lad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgs9QUtWc3M
>>18776 The guy in that gif in in a STJ video on the Kali Yuga. >>18777 (observed) Classic mate. Have an obligatory meme tune. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jqFWDElfmWA
(110.98 KB 401x490 portentious.jpg)
>>18777 (magickally observed!) Fuck me look at the magickal portent lad. Seems the druids have blessed that one. Dunno if I can beat that now with that GET. Ill throw some classic Ibiza trance into the mix to keep things banging... https://youtu.be/JhXT15esYv8
(1.64 MB 258x194 spakkamoves.gif)
>>18780 Meme tunes you say.... https://youtu.be/IwzUs1IMdyQ Ivan's got you covered m88
>>18780 KEK brilliant lad >>18781 Love me some chicane great choice up for some chemical brothers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpKCqp9CALQ Thinking of slowing it down a bit with some classical tbh
(21.65 MB 271x480 Hills have eyes solodance.gif)
>>18783 Older chemical bros are ok aye One of them married lily allen though. Divorced the cunt but still.....he married THAT in the first place. I prefered Leftfield tbh. They had a few crackers in their time. This one fits in well with the wind down/chill out zone. https://youtu.be/0KbHZf63vbk >>18780 >The guy in that gif in in a STJ video on the Kali Yuga. Kek. Hes in druid/pol/ TWICE now
>>18786 >married lilly allen Didn't know that I wouldn't wish her on anyone (except perhaps russel brand) Old school but still epic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz0b4STz1lo
(5.70 MB 200x163 The drugs have eyes dance.gif)
(2.23 MB 200x233 giphy.gif)
>>18788 (observed) and heiled This one gives a nice warm feeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K32Adi8nmzA
(23.07 MB 384x480 arabs tbh.gif)
>>18787 Based jovial planet tbh. Have a bit of Rondo Alla Turkroach https://youtu.be/HMjQygwPI1c
>>18792 Thanks lad time to unleash the fat man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdTBml4oOZ8
(1.12 MB 480x360 kilts tbh.gif)
>>18789 Nice. Cant beat a bit of military music. Im partial to a bit of highland folk myself, if the mood hits me. https://youtu.be/dZ-AQwQfAYQ >>18793 Based & spaghetti carbonara-pilled tbh
>>18792 Lovely change of pace lad we'll have to play more folk next time >>18795 Good find there Penultimate one fom me for tonight I'm afraid early start tomorrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho9rZjlsyYY dat bass...
(4.59 MB 540x304 flowerdance.gif)
>>18796 Always nice to have frens lad, wouldn't you agree? This is my penultimate one now on the wind down. Got some duties to attend to so this and one other for me tonight. Pleasure posting with you lads as always. https://youtu.be/sMVFXfoaS3w Some sublime frog opera.
(1.21 MB 480x230 final curtain.gif)
>>18797 Final one from me for the night now too lad Night lads. Always a pleasure. Great final FPT of 2019. Looking forward to the first one of 2020! Here is my closing number https://youtu.be/rDyb_alTkMQ I bid all you lads a very good night.
>>18798 Goodnight lads it's been a great Freeplay Thursday takes back to the 8th days wishing you all the very best as usual signing off with slotting floppies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_4zrBcMSCY
>>18799 (observed) Goodnight lad
>>18800 (observed) >>18799 (observed) Good night lads, it’s been a pleasure as always. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aFkcAH-m9W0
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxcazLwM4FE sorry i'm late, lads. just woke up not long ago from a nap in preparation to start night shift tonight. please accept this slightly silly meme song video as my mind is still not firing on all 12 cylinders.
>>18588 (Heil'd) I agree with the 24th, though I will aim for Brahma Muhurta on the 25th myself. I am still living with the watchful gaze of christian npcs though, so my method shall have to be purely mentalist. Personally, I also think using the charge for the awakening of the Avatar and the people is a good idea, though it will happen regardless. >>18614 >chink runes topkek. It seems if I can reliably get them to appear on that mirror in water droplets. I took a look again, the characters aren't what I had thought. I couldn't find any characters that matched, so I'll just have to hold on to a drawing of them for now. >>18804 A wizard is never late. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOA1wBw_Jt4>>18804 Also, anyone know why the captcha is broken for Tor? I couldn't get it to work on two different versions.
>>18815 Seems there's been bit of server issues last day n half, been having issues with uploads as well. Had large pdf today that needed 3 attempts for it to upload, seemed really slow too
>>18804 Kek nice one. >12 cylinder Are you a Jaguar lad? >>18815 Here’s my musical reply lad. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9H6yUZLQfes >>18816 It must be an interwebs wide issue. A bunch of people’s direct deposit pay checks are delayed. Mostly burger banks thus far.
>>18815 >why the captcha is broken for Tor? Fixed now Lad
>>18023 >Brexit >Nil next to none? Seems you lads have a chance after all. https://archive.is/vumFy
>>16593 (((T A R O T))) Degenerately hebraic
(53.18 KB 300x300 roger.jpg)
>>18900 Lol, no. Marmaluke in it's origins actually but refined and made into a workable system by the French in the 1700's then perfected by the British at the turn on the 20th century with A E Waite's deck. You obviously know very little about it.
>>18907 Not the actual cards, which were for games, but the divinatory uses thereof. That's immaterial of course, because we need to consider that it's bizarre for druids to use tarot when ogham or even runemal is a thing. Tarot interpretation and symbolism is utterly Abrahamic.
(205.48 KB 268x354 sevenfold reading.PNG)
>>18910 We use runes and various scrying methods too (like visceromancy)
>>18919 Man, you might really enjoy this guy's dissertation I found randomly on a tangentially related search, enclosed. I had never fully connected the relationship of Derrida, Whitehead's Process Philosophy and Kabbalah. Made me deeply reassess my own leanings toward Process Metaphysics. What materials do you recommend for deeper research of Runes and Ogham? I hear Futhark by Stephen Flowers aka Edred Thorsson is still gold standard for runemal
STUP! Don't post. It's as if I had been asleep for a full week. This thread grows too fast. STUP NAW!
>>18936 Afraid not.
>>18588 su-weet digits >date Time too, so let's get onto something related to a GMT (I was going to type DMT lol) standpoint, and we will have to adjust depending on where we live. Also, remember the geometry of our planet, the other planets, the intricate equilibrium of this very unique star system in space. The Charge will partially navigate throughout this local celestial clockwork, so try to see the greater picture before plunging back onto Earth. IMHO, think as if you were, err... "watering" the Antikythera device.
>>18614 >chinkrunes https://www.bitchute.com/video/bzPOgdX2zygK/ Probably Aryano-chink runes. See for the engravings in the pyramids in China, some are soooo similar to Nordic forms seen almost fifteen centuries later in books.
Ah, just thought of something. To maximize the Charge, may I suggest: NOSEX NOFAP Opinions?
(20.10 KB 1599x1066 1599px-Göktürk_Bayrağı.svg.png)
>>18943 Well, I mean, theres this too: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Turkic_script (Tengri is very based)
>>18736 >permtastic Read it as spermstatic. Made sense, all with the solidified haircut.
>>18945 >Irminsul-like rune With Turks settling in Anatolia which was previously occupied by White tribes, with Anatolia influenced by Greece, with Germanic mercenaries settling later on in Byzantium, this might explain the remnants of runes.
(1.39 KB 76x138 char.png)
(38.35 KB 587x598 jurchen.png)
(90.07 KB 623x912 modern_yi_1.png)
>>18943 >>18945 Seems like it might be Jurchen. Though, Jurchen itself was not the original writing system, just another variation on an older Chinese system. The Jurchen are the Manchurians. Supposedly sometime in 1600, the name Jurchen was banned, and replaced with Manchu, hence Manchurian. In truth, I do not expect to find this. I suspect this to be an archaic and likely forgotten form of Sinoscript. In my search though, I did find a form of Chinese from ~1500 AD that was also somewhat Runic in appearance, called Yi. >>18884 Thanks.
>>18925 >What materials do you recommend for deeper research of Runes and Ogham? Probably not the best lad to answer that question tbh. I tend to gravitate towards the more modern & renaissance era western esoterica and certain schools therein. Shame suffolk is not here, he was knowledgable on this kind of matter. Yanklad & another couple of anons here know their stuff when it comes to futhark/ogham etc so they might be able to chime in & point you in the right direction. >I had never fully connected the relationship of Derrida, Whitehead's Process Philosophy and Kabbalah. Have you read J F C Fuller's work on the matter (and more importantly, considering who Fuller was, read between the lines)? Good read tbh. http://www.astrumargenteum.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/The-Secret-Wisdom-of-the-Qabalah.pdf Certainly worth a read if you haven't already. Also thanks for the pdf friend I shall give it a look later when I have a bit of quiet time. >>18936 kek no A well growing thread is good for us all m8 >>18942 Good advice lad. Considering the cosmic ramifications of the Working in visualization/meditative state will certainly help it along. We have 3 days left to brainstorm this and iron out the kinks. >>18944 >Nofap Not a problem >Nosex Bit of a problem because I'v not seen my other half for 2 days coz shes gone up north to attend a funeral and she is due back the day before we attempt the working so unless its "shark week" for her i'm probably going to have to fulfill certain obligations. One thing I was going to suggest is for anons participating to try not to eat red meat (or any meat if possible) for at least 24 hours before the ritual. Also ritually "purify" oneself in some manner - be it a bath, shower, swim in a lake if you are a masochist etc before going into the charge release ritual too. Wear your robes if you have them. If not wear something that is sacred to you (ring, pendent etc) or take an item/talisman of importance on your person. This will help with the grounding the self. >>18946 Maybe you just have a dirty mind lad :^)
>>18817 more like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcCj4ogE-m8 gotta remember, i'm Dixie fried, bud
>>18951 Tarim Mummies are from the region of the Orkhon Valley where the Goktürks came from. Now, the first Orkhon discovery was dated to 8ad, and the mummies are dated at 1800bc so it seems clear to me that the Indo-Europeans that left the mummies may have influenced this. Of course it could be just this: >Vilhelm Thomsen (1893) connected the script to the reports of Chinese account (Records of the Grand Historian, vol. 110) from a 2nd-century BCE Yan renegade and dignitary named Zhonghang Yue (Chinese: 中行说; pinyin: Zhōngháng Yuè).[citation needed] Yue "taught the Chanyu (rulers of the Xiongnu) to write official letters to the Chinese court on a wooden tablet (simplified Chinese: 牍; traditional Chinese: 牘; pinyin: dú) 31 cm long, and to use a seal and large-sized folder".[citation needed] The same sources[citation needed] tell that when the Xiongnu noted down something or transmitted a message, they made cuts on a piece of wood (gemu). They also mention a "Hu script". At the Noin-Ula burial site and other Hun burial sites in Mongolia and regions north of Lake Baikal, the artifacts displayed over twenty carved characters. Most of these characters are either identical with or very similar to the letters of the Turkic Orkhon script.[8] Turkic inscriptions dating from earlier than the Orkhon inscriptions used about 150 symbols, which may suggest that tamgas first imitated Chinese script and then gradually was refined into an alphabet But that's a whole lotta >[citation needed] going on
I heard some of you plan to go to Tibet, any anons from Europe who would be interested in organizing an expedition?
>>18966 (observed) I'd be game if I had the money and free time. Alas I have neither to spare.
>>18960 I can't [citation needed] hear you over the [citation needed]. ty for the precious info >gemu Well, just add a bit of vidya before that and shebang!
This is to be Right Handed Path but I'm not all too clear on the Big Target. It has to be something that leaves no ambiguity, not too open on interpretation (like, the Grail for example). With the winter solstice in completion, do we want the return of something solar... ish? Revealing artifacts from a distance time? More salt on our fries?
>>18973 I am but the servant of the servant
>>18966 (observed) That was me posting in /vril/ lad. The other one is >>18954. Is your parka blue per chance? >>18954 That third pic definitely has a lot of runic overlap, sowilos, gibors, and hagals. >>18956 >Yanklad & another couple of anons here know their stuff when it comes to futhark/ogham I don’t know much at all about ogham tbh and have barely scratched the surface on the runes. >>18959 Sorry Owllad, I forgot to check your id when I posted that. >>18944 (observed) Yes. >>18942 >think as if you were, err... "watering" the Antikythera device. I am become Aquarius. >>18925 >What materials do you recommend for deeper research of Runes and Ogham? As I said, I don’t have anything to offer on Ogham. Here is Secret of the Runes by Guido Von List. https://mega.nz/#!3WYU2aDJ!Sg3YBXf_WRYOJORV_dsMxr7RHg-vuslgXdkd5AcRb-I Here is an article by the current Grand Master of Esoteric Hitlerism. http://archive.md/aR5As This site has a pdf of ‘Manu, For the Man To Come’ which contains the rune mudras of Esoteric Hitlerism. https://the-eye.eu/public/Books/4chan_pol_Archives/PDFs/Esoteric%20Hitlerism/Serrano/ Personally, most of my divination practice of late has just been checking digits irl, the behavior of animals, and the occasional scrying of entrails.
>>18984 Thorsson/Flowers material 2
(510.63 KB 1277x1926 81b7mSZEyUL.jpg)
While I'm at it, here's a fuckin' awesome one of his I started earlier today, tangentially related https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=389D009F8618379020AE60A6E178FF5D
>>18984 >>18985 >>18986 Wew, good finds lad thanks for sharing.
Original Magic excerpt: FLOWERS NAMES THE JEW EDITION >One of the most striking aspects of Mazdan theology is that there is no strict distinction between spirit and matter. Some yazatas are purely abstract principles, while others are of the material universe. The only thing that matters is whether the principle is beneficial or detrimental to the well-being of the Seven Creations: Sky (Air), Water, Earth, Plants, Animals, Man, and Fire. The Creations themselves are also considered to be yazatas. In the case of Man it is the divine portion of the individual, the fravashi, that is worthy of worship once it has been developed (initiated). >In Zarathustran theology, Ahura Mazda is seen as the godhead, the creator, and is characterized as pure being. From this entity, Ahura Mazda, emanations emerge in a process of creativity. Each of the emanations is full of divine energy and is not necessarily any less divine than the previous emanation. Material beings, however, are relatively weaker than purely spiritual entities in the struggle to resist the daevic forces of ignorance, weakness, and sickness. >Among the so-called Abrahamic religions, there always seems to be a great division between magic and religion. They are conceived of as being in stark contrast to one another. Scholars of the history of religion have long since discarded this model. It appears to be something that was emphasized by the priests and mullahs of these religions to prevent individuals from engaging in operative theology. In fact, as we have discussed earlier, there is a difference between sorcery and magic. In a sense, original magic is merely the work of operative theology undertaken by individuals for the sake of their own personal development and to maximize their opportunities for well-being, success, and wisdom—in short, happiness.
>>18984 Thanks for these lad. Lads, an anon from /vril/ says he suicidal. Go and send him some love if you have time today. https://neinchan.com/Vril/res/117.html#q140
(74.79 KB 800x800 necropants.jpg)
(1.13 MB 400x242 appprove.gif)
>>18966 (observed) >>18944 (ascertained) Forgot to observe these numerals before so rectifying that now. Consider them... OBSERVED >>19006 Will do lad. Hope he is ok tbh. >>18984 >>18985 >>18986 Great shares lad thank you. Much appreciated, especially the volume 2 of the Thorsson/Flowers material. Great stuff. I want me a pair of Nábrók tbh
>>18942 >Antikythera Let us wash away that fetid fish. >>18944 (Observed) Agreed. >>18966 (Observed) >Tibet As fate should allow. We shall see. >>18982 >runic overlap Precisely what I had noted as well. >>18984 >>18985 >>18986 Good finds. I'll save them, but who knows when I'll get around to reading them. >>19006 It is done. I hope the lad gets better.
(69.94 KB 304x253 druid_face.gif)
(3.91 MB 2000x1172 druidpol.png)
(23.84 KB 255x212 druidgaze.png)
Don't forget to expel the "8charge" in a ritualistic manner tomorrow/today lads It's a personalized mass ritual so how you go about it is your own affair. There is not strict template, but if there are any final questions or suggestions, now is the time to voice them. No LHP shenanigans Agreed consensus for desire manifestation is awakening of our folk and a worthy leader who embodies their archetypes & atavisms. Asking for a personal boon for ones self and immediate family is also an acceptable aside but this is why it is imperative that the Rite must stay 100& RHP. Like I say, think we are good to go but ay last queries or additions to the discussion, now is the time. Also happy Yule lads 1:23am UK time :^)
>>19075 Here’s a slightly stale Jive Stream on magic and divination newly available to non-patrons. It’s most excellent and portentously posted in relation to our Rite. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5ihlzx1Tt50
>>19077 (observed) Magickal portentous numerals confirm. Well met lad.
>>19075 Thanks! I am very excited to get working on this tomorrow. I only discovered Druidpol since you all came to 16, and have been reading through the threads in preparation. I wish I had met you lads much sooner along my path. Even lurking makes things feel less solitary.
(723.22 KB 1600x1242 druid.in_.the_.woods_.jpg)
(8.39 KB 306x306 F.jpg)
8CHARGE EXPELLED IN TO THE IMMATERIUM! My rite is complete. I set my 8ch charge loose at 6am this morning in an small outdoor ceremony at a secluded clearing located in the woods near my house. I used my hazel wand to trace an infinity pattern (and an opening pentagram) at each cardinal point. I muttered my incantaions and visualised the energy leaving my body and rushing down into the Curret, intermingling with its energies. I then closed the rite by drawing the closing pentagram - again at each cardinal point thank fuck for pocket compasses eh lads :^) but this time, widdershins. I sat in the grove for 5 min and meditated on the rite & it's outcome (along with the personal request for a small boon regarding my immediate familty). I made a small talisman from twigs, leaves and vines, fashioned it into a rudimentary lemniscate (∞) and hung it from a the branches of a venerable oak that resides in the clearing. Was gonna take pics but Ieft my phone at home. Didn't want it going off when I was visualizing, breaking my concentration Got a funny look from an early morning dog walker probably thought "who is this weirdo in brown robes and a puffer jacket and what's he up to in the woods at 6:30am?".... kek then I went home for a cup of decaff and a smoke. Family were all still asleep when I got back (approx 6:45am) and I had an hour or two to myself. Thought about attempting an AP but decided against it as the energy spent on the ritual today would almost certainly mean certain failure in that endeavor & I didn't want to risk messing up the ∞Rite in any form. Tl;dr Done Good luck with your ∞charge expulsions lads Iet us know how you got on when complete if the inclination takes you. >>19086 Glad to have you here brother. I'm very happy you get something out of the threads. >only discovered druid/pol/ since we came to 16ch Better late than never :^) Happy to have you with us lad. Welcome to the lodge and I hope we can be of assistance in helping you to find your Path.
(20.64 KB 236x354 4.jpg)
Wew lads, bump limit maxed out FAST on this thread. I best make another..... Get to expelling that ∞charge if you can. The more who manage it, the better success we will have
>>19095 Nice work lad, good to hear you ancient gents are managing to take root among the eucalypt, hopefully what 16 lacks in rainfall it will make up with fresh air and sunshine
>>19105 Thankyou lad. Appreciate it. Seems the roots have taken to the soil of 16ch well, aye. >hopefully what 16 lacks in rainfall it will make up with fresh air and sunshine Indeed. Well said lad. I find it is quality over quantity here. I'm just making a new thread as we speak. Hopefully you will join us in there. Beautiful tree pics btw.
>>19110 FRESH THREAD LADS >>19110 >>19110
>>16842 The descriptions in your story ring many bells for me. I may be the third man you mentioned. Certain descriptors you mentioned have affected me profoundly when seeing or experiencing similar things in my past in this life. Since I was young, I've had a natural understanding of occult science. I'm intuitively aware of many things including perhaps my past lives but I've always wanted to know more. There's always been a very deep, somber seriousness about me even though I can be friendly and joyful at times. I've included my email if you're interested in having that. I'm fairly new here and wouldn't want to lose contact with anyone if it can be prevented. Much said but I feel I haven't nearly said anything. Thank you for posting your story. Am ende steht der sieg.


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