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Possible happening at Vancouver(wa) mall Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:19:30 ID:f9c0d3 No. 16619
Heads up lads, get read to dig and archive. I spotted a former zogbot type wearing earplugs with a concealed pistol and extra mags. Jeans, black hooded jacket, black collared shirt. Black backpack with yellow bike reflectors. 6’0”, black hair messy left side part. I hope I’m being a faggot tbh. The ear plugs is what set off my alarm. Pic unrelated
>>16619 Rough age? How did you see the pistol and mags? Why should we believe you?
>>16624 Mid to late twenties, “Black Irish” phenotype. He was probably 170lbs with a big angular bulges on both hips, definitely not a phone. I last spotted him in the library on a laptop, still with neon green foam earplugs in. >why should we believe you? Don’t unless there is a happening, he could’ve just been a responsible armed citizen. I spent a decade in the zogCorps, I know what I saw and sensed. He became pretty nervous after we made eye contact.
>>16619 How the fuck do ear plugs in any Vancouver set off an alarm, that's like 99% of the faggots on the street
>>16619 >nothing ever happens bump
>>16652 ear plugs not ear buds
>>16619 Probably fake and gay, but ahead of what anon’s have predicted if true.
This meme is stupid in the OP, Crusius looks nothing like this nowadays and the Dayton guy was fat and weird-looking
>>16656 Gay but not fake. He was probably just some autist who wears ear plugs to avoid hearing all the mixed race families screaming at the mall. OP(me) was a fag as always; I just wanted to put the info up so if it was a FF, glowniggers would have a harder time pinning it on 16/pol/. Jannies feel free to prune. >>16655 (checked) This.
>>16655 I know. These hipster fags are everywhere.
>>16619 That's very helpful to do that anon, the kikes are always wanting to disarm the population. They'll use their orange buffoon to push for it along with every congressman and senator. But always I'm left pondering if one day the kikes bite off more than they can chew and make the Turner Diaries a prophecy if a Cohen Act like bill comes into effect.
>>16663 Not ear gages, ear plugs one puts in their ear canals prior to shooting a firearm. >>16666 (checked) No sweat Satan, just doing what I can.
>>16666 oooh The Jews will reveal their hand all by themselves. They have to weaken Whites. We have to fight. If we win, nothing in the world will be able to excuse what they did this time. So they know it's the final war. They're playing all they have to make sure they win before year 6000.
>>16619 The Dayton shooter also looks jewish. How can anybody think they are White? Even boomer conspiratards on Bitchute don't believe they are right wing types. Pol needs to identify jewish shooters instead of sucking their cocks and shilling as if it somehow makes us look good/edgy/dangerous...I wish all you shills doing that would just fucking die.
OP is a fag he was wearing earplugs because he was in a library working on his laptop. Probably an autist with all kinds of shit in his pockets. This is also why he sperged because OP was staring at him. Probably watches so much porn he can’t handle eye contact with strangers. Probably tater tots in his pockets because OP is such a faggot. At least you have your wits about you, OP. Thread will be a nothingburger. Put me in the screencap.
>>16677 Oh sorry, they're typically referred to as "Plugs" by people in that scene.
>>16840 >OP is a fag Well I’m not going to deny that, but I first spotted him wearing earplugs while washing his hands in the bathroom by the food court. A common place for mass shootings, both hoaxes and not. Secondly, there is a very obvious difference between pocket bulges and an object attached to someone’s belt. Unless he had an insulin pump and a colostomy bag, he was armed. >he sperged because op stared at him I won’t deny my hypnotic Chad gaze through the library window made him abort the mission. :^) Why are you tards still bumping this thread anyway?
>>16619 Sorry anons, it was me. Just got done at the range, forgot to take the earplugs out. Wanted to check out the sales and stock up on clothing before DOTR. I can gunsmith, grow food, etc, but I suck at sewing.


no cookies?