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(215.50 KB 666x1247 YT Transparency Report.png)
YouTube Transparency Report JUL 2019 – SEP 2019 Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 22:33:42 No. 16811
Almost all of the videos/channels/comments they removed were removed for being "misleading" (they disagreed with them). This makes them a publisher, not a platform. That means they shouldn't be protected under section 230 and they should be held accountable for all illegal content on the website. YouTube/Google also censors political ads for politicians they don't like. >300+ Trump Ads Taken Down By Google, YouTube https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/fascist-300-trump-ads-taken-down-by-google-youtube/ This is election meddling. These people should be in prison. Source for image http://archive.is/SXPNQ
>>16811 >These people should be in prison. They own the people who would put them there. Only solution is to kill police, soldiers, and brown people and then lay siege to the tech workers when their layer of shock troops has been sufficiently degraded.
>>16812 I've never seen someone glow this bright before
>>16812 Man I almost got stage 10 cancer by looking at this ridiculous comment this stupid mongrel just made. I've never seen someone glow this hard in my life. Psst.... hey alphabet member go back to catching pedos and monsters to save innocent kids instead of brainwashing schizophrenics to do your dirty work you scum of the earth...
>>16814 >>16820 Just vote hard enough and they'll all accept the superiority of your position, acquiescing without a fight.
>>16814 He’s not wrong tho. I may not be a big man but u sure are a pussy.
>>16814 Yeah maybe you can vote away the tabled oligarchy and they'll just willingly hand their power over to the people.
(67.40 KB 317x220 48a4l34.png)
>>16829 this made me chuckle. cheers
>>16811 >They should be in prison >OH NOEZ THEY TOOK DOWN 300 ZION DON ADS Yes but Zion Don or any of these other presidental candidates from the (((Republicans))) and (((Democrats))) will put any of these corrupt politicans and corporate businessmen. Zion Don couldn't even make the promise of arresting Hillary Clinton.
>>16852 It's not just Trump faggot. Presidential candidates like Patrick Little aren't even allowed on social media anymore. They censor liberal candidates like Tulsi Gabbard too. If you go against (((the agenda))) in any way you get silenced.
>>16853 True, actual candidates like Patrick Little are censored. Jewtube has been getting worse in general especially when the head of Jewtube is a kikess. With the upcoming change to the TOS, Jewtube is going to get worse and make it full on 1984.
(77.40 KB 500x625 tos.jpg)
>>16811 >removed for being "misleading" That segment, "spam, miselading," is the largest. It could easily partitioned into a "spam" category and a "misleading" category, but they don't do that because by combining them they camouflage their censorship with the "spam" title. Also note that they list "spam" before "misleading" to make it appear that the category contains more spam than misleading. Nefarious choice of order within long lists is a ubiquitous trend. In stuff like EULAs you'll find lists like, "We can terminate your account if you assassinate someone, commit armed robbery, post CP, think unclean thoughts, or fart in public."
>>16896 >Nefarious choice of order {Neglected to add...] Choice of order influences the mind through the Anchoring Heuristic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchoring
>>16811 >That means they shouldn't be protected under section 230 and they should be held accountable.. Doesn't seem to be much appetite for that. Even fucking ZOGnald is running cover for US tech companies; He doesn't want Europe to reap taxes from them...I suspect he's desperate for revenue on the domestic front to cover all the Fed pumping as of late.
Owen Benjamin was just banned
>>16944 If YouTube takes down my channel https://www.bitchute.com/video/moXzxd-BYE8/ First published at 17:35 UTC on December 3rd, 2019. >>16953


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