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Make /pol/ Great Again General Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 05:31:07 ID:048402 No. 17346
Full disclosure, I have been lurking imageboards since the mid-2000s but have only really followed them since 2014. I have watched /pol/ and /b/ in the days when they used to have some interesting content and the culture was decidedly more libertarian. The last five years has seen a major shift in our culture and I don't see it as likely that imageboards will be allowed to stay up after 2020. I think it is most important that anons come together again, to fight against the censorship on the internet, or in the worst case come together on finding an alternative to migrate to when the imageboards go dark. Therefore, I suggest a general thread for uplifting our culture in productive, morale-raising ways. Whitepills, positive stories of connecting with someone and changing their mind on something, moments of victory. I also suggest finding ways to uplift your fellow anons. There isn't a lot of trust on these boards, so we should be finding more effective ways to communicate which build trust. /sig/ focuses on bodybuilding but having a fit body doesn't matter if your mind is in the trash. Hence, we need to focus on raising morale for each other.
(371.40 KB 1160x652 Reject The Black Pill .png)
>>17346 Reject the Black Pill https://www.bitchute.com/video/R57iKnDLbcLg/ by AshaLogos https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ashalogos/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU7JpgUNUdapn8d8b0zMg3g/videos In a few decades from now, when you're asked how you spent your time during this decisive period in history, are you content with responding 'the situation looked difficult, so I gave up and laid low, and hoped for the best'? When one takes that black pill, they become infectious, and can't help but pass along their weak attitude to others. The hallmark of this small handful of subversives is their mastery of illusions... they're a house of cards, a wizard behind a curtain, using every ounce of effort to present themselves as both stronger than they really are, and more representative of the norm. Illusions only prevail if they're bought into and embraced... and for decades, we've embraced them. This needs to stop. Not having the courage to stand up or be honest about one's viewpoints is one thing, but actively working to demoralize and depress others is something entirely different, and shouldn't be condoned. It's the western patriarchal and hierarchical tradition that let the reins of power slip from their hands, and its we that need to fight to regain those reins... and not only for our own sake, but for the existential sake of the world at large. As with any species, when the hierarchy becomes sick and malformed, all end up suffering as a result. Just imagine what this new breed could turn this world into, within our lifetimes.. the sheer amount of pain and hardship and depression they'd usher in in exchange for enriching themselves and their masters, without so much as a moment's hesitation. *Reject the black pill*.
Kinda gay sounding at first, but with the right leadership, it is possible this could amount to something, as Ash' is US based, perhaps a hosting in Russia or China may reduce chance of getting Shoah'd as it starts to grow. If we plan to network then we will need to bite the bullet and self dox to one degree or another A Different Social Media Platform https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJHiUgSrJBY >The monopolization of our information streams has put us in a dangerous position, and the only lasting tenable solution is to quickly collaborate and make use of our respective strengths to turn the tide. I know this runs a bit counter to the independent spirit on the right, but I believe our times demand it. If we're serious about defending our values and culture we need our own safe harbor, a redoubt that champions the lofty ideals of freedom of expression unwaveringly and without compromise, and aggressively defends this sacred right against all challengers. >Not only would such a home on the web allow us to wage the culture war and cultivate a trustworthy meritocracy to help answer the pressing questions with regards to the future, it'd also enable us to find new and novel ways to create and nurture new sites or apps or businesses, and begin keeping our money in-house and directly support one another. >I'm envisioning a 'big tent' to assure the platform suits both the most active among us just as well as those just seeking a comfortable and friendly and inviting community.. and while it'll almost certainly lean 'right', being a refuge for all those who don't feel at home on other platforms, the sub-community feature allows for any political/cultural ideology to find a home, and should help keep tensions at a minimum, especially with the aid of effective algorithms. >The algorithms are the piece of this puzzle I'd wished I could explain further, as they're the aspect I'm most proud of, and should be the secret ingredient allowing this environment to be so much healthier and more entertaining and enjoyable than other platforms. Unfortunately it'd require hours to fully elaborate, and I'm not sure how many would be interested in the dry subject matter. Long story short, they'll be doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes: quietly acting in the background to assure your time on the platform is a net-positive. I'm eager to show how powerful algorithms can be used for the highest *good*. >None of the specifics are necessarily set in stone, especially the names and titles such as the 'hall' and 'circle', and I'm eager for feedback or constructive criticism or suggestions. There shouldn't be any ego at play here, the goal is simply to create the best platform possible by every means at our disposal. I don't seek to profit from it, other than as a member, just like any other member.. I only seek the means and collaboration needed to create it. Few things would make me happier than to help construct a means to empower creators and influencers on our side of the fence. There was a time in which such creators could make a living doing so on other platforms... not only are they now banned, blocked and censored in droves, but those that remain have the vast majority of their earnings pocketed by some of the most corrupt corporations in human history. This causes thinkers and creators to produce less material, which in turn has ramifications for this information war currently raging. Our toleration of this dynamic is absurd: we need to create our *own* megaphones and soapboxes. >One of the many ideas I didn't get to touch on is the potential for live streams and 'superchat' compensation functionality down the line, as well as the possibility of allowing for a thriving international community, awarding Arete to those willing to translate the best content from any one language to another. Also, we'd need to discuss the best means of choosing the initial handful of members, which will act as the all-important 'root' of the tree that will take shape over time, since like-minds are prone to invite like-minds its important this process is done fairly. >A final note, I'm a big fan of what individuals like Andrew Torba have done, and want to seek to avoid stepping on any toes and be mutually complimentary where possible. Gab is one of the very few examples of an alternative platform done right, and I'm a fan of Andrew as a person... and what I most enjoy about the Gab community is something I very much want for this platform: my favorite posts are not so much those that are reactionary and cutting insights into the corruption and dishonesty of our foes, but rather the positive submissions that uplift, inspire, and create a sense of real community. >This is what I'd like this platform to be, at its core. A breath of fresh air, a pure stream, a respite from the degeneration and chaos in our world today, a firm foundation on which to build.
>>17355 I have been watching the left over the years and what I see is a slow infiltration and takeover of the machines of our culture such that they now have a monopoly on it and any effort to fight back is invariably suffocated. It doesn't have to be this way though. What the counter-culture needs is a space to grow and nourish itself, feed itself so that it can be sustained over generations. The right has failed in the endeavor because it only ever sought political victories, it never took back the schools, the courts, or the media. So now we have a strategy which could work, but is the long game, it won't see a payoff for at least ten years. We need rightwing, or counter-cultural versions of "creatives" (the types of people who are natural artists, innovators, and so on) and we need to invest in silicon valley types of our own. We need to either infiltrate and consume or create our own infrastructure just like the left has done. Call it fascist, or rightwing, or counter-culture but we need our own long march through the institutions and we need to invest in infrastructure to bolster ourselves and sustain our ideals. In short, we need to do what the left has done, so that they can't "shoah" us any longer. This is the solution, and it's within the grasp of some of us to work out the specifics, or at least conduct our own infiltrations IRL.
>>17358 Missing: the wealth and knowledge of how to actually accomplish those things
>>17361 >How to Network In short, go outside. Find an Anon, continue what we do here, out there. Spread White pills and Red pills, get active in your community, local politics. You have an election coming up, no? find a local Rep and volunteer. Even if you think they have no chance, even if you think they are full of shit, you could be out there meeting like minded folk. Going door to door, Discussing issues of importance. Spreading meme's irl. Go buy a frog shirt. Take a walk through the mall, watch for some Anon to give ya a nod, wink, flash him the OK sign. Done. Now its not just you. Now there's 2 of you. Time for you both to rinse and repeat 2 4 8 16 32 64 Networking can really take off with the right will and a little bit of thought put into it. There is a reason Zog is scared shitless on true Fascism. 70% of population would agree with it. That a strong society, a healthy society is what is best for everyone. Things that are unhealthy (degeneracy, loss of morals, break up of family, ect) hurt everyone. If your in a city it will be harder to find someone that disapproves of degen' yes, but your in a city, there is 1M people it wont take you long to find some one like minded. Maybe they are not at our level, but you know how to get them here don't you?
(700.03 KB 1160x652 No More Sidelines.png)
Very soon there will be no more 'sidelines' in the political, cultural and spiritual battle being waged. If it's not already at your doorstep, it will be, shortly. No More Sidelines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ILOoKWJOjo Consider how culture has shifted over the recent decades, and picture the pace of this change continuing over the coming decades. Now picture your children growing up in this environment. Paralyzed with guilt and shame, not allowed to meaningfully disagree or speak their minds... roundly despised in a nation their fathers built. Taught to devote their lives to the pursuit of money by a ruling class of small men utterly devoid of spirit. This is the future the foremost power brokers seek to create. These are parasitic personalities, men who've hijacked the products of truly lofty minds like that of Tesla only to misuse their creative energy to their own corrupt ends. As their power begins to wane, they've chosen to double down, dragging nearly half of our nation into their twilight zone reality of illusion and indoctrination, and setting the stage for something akin to civil war, whether we like it or not. There's still time to reach those who have ears to hear, before that chasm between the factions grows to the extent that we can't hear one another anymore, and the inevitable occurs. Changing hearts and minds now may very well save lives in the future... and hasten our untangling of this Gordian knot. Our restoring order and justice, creating systems and structures that are in accordance with our nature and time-tested, that reward merit over ambitious parasitism, honesty and genuineness over shrewdness and deceit. We live in unprecedented times. Let's rise to the challenge
>>17346 Illinois reporting in lads. Hail Victory
Maybe one of you autists out there can help with a project for /pol/, Unity. I wrote this on another bread but believe it is worth repeating: >I have talked to people are the far left, and people on the far right, third positionists, ect. You all seem to agree on some >very basic things: >-The media can't be trusted >-There are powers out there oppressing us in various subtle and deep ways which are frankly infuriating >-We are living in a decline where money doesn't get you anywhere, a hundred dollars today is worth much less than it >was ten years ago >-Most of us just want to be loved, treated with respect, and be allowed to flourish in our communities unhindered by >meddling from others >-Most of us are insecure due to crime, chaos, disorder and just want to be able to live in relative peace and safety >The differences you all have boil down to priorities, i.e. which thing is most important to you, trust i.e who you place your >faith in to bring you solutions, and the language you use to couch your wishes and intentions. >I will admit right off: I am TERRIBLE at persuading people, and I am deeply antisocial. I can see the problem, and I see a >solution, but I have NO ABILITY to do anything about it. That is why I talk to you guys. Maybe one of you is a social >butterfly, and can make use of what I have seen. Maybe one of the autists here can figure out a way to turn this idea of uniting us on our shared values into a broad movement which will ultimately stand up to the wanton destruction of the west.
(257.37 KB 603x328 1513663802015.jpg)
>>17346 >Whitepills The ultimate white pill is that the artificial womb and CRISPR gene editing is coming and humans in the future will pretty much have the same genetic makeup: high IQ, light skin, non-brown eyes, tall and nordic features . Every mutt, jew and mongrel will choose to bestow their children with Nordic features because their hate is just cloaked envious rage for what they are not.
>>17346 America is so ripe for Third Position politics. When I talk about third position politics to friends, family, or co-workers (who are mostly all total lemming normies), they agree with most everything. The couple that I have dropped the F bomb on, and said, actually these are fascist policies, they kinda freaked out. Which brings me to the real point... >>17358 This anon is right about the long game, in so far as culture and education is concerned. I love Uncle Adolf, but the average lemming is just so brainwashed from the (((bullshit))) that they are reflexively anti-fascism and anti-NatSoc. (This "fascism is evil" meme comes from both the right & left) Larping as nazis isnt helping our movement. I understand the swastika has been an Aryan symbol for thousands of years, and I hope we can return to it one day. But that will have to be a long term goal of historical revisionism. And that can only happen once the West decides to stop commiting cultural suicide and return to our roots. We'll be lucky to see it in our lifetime, and we won't see it without walking thru flames. I'm an elder Millenial; it will be us and Genration Zyklon who will maybe have a chance to build something from the ashes.
>>17353 Thanks for posting transcripts of Asha's work. Ive been trying to direct ppl to his channel since I discovered it. His videos are what allowed me to stop letting hate motivate me (and thus spreading hatefulness), and start letting love for our people and our history drive me to develop as an individual and community member. On that note, anyone promoting Black Pill thinking, giving in to dispair, is a kike, a shill, and simply not one of us. Uncle Adolf says so. Hail Victory
>>19338 Don't be cruel to those who are very much like yourself, idiot. Black pill is the natural reaction, much like the nigredo stage. You basically cannot evade it once you see enough of the facade crumble. It's not shills, it's your brothers scared shitless by the enormity of the beast's maw they used to mistake for landscape.
>>19337 I have noticed this also, but in a different way. I see that far-left types actually agree with the far right on a number of things. The ideological distinctions are sometimes virtually nonexistent, but only apparent because each side uses different language. This is what you call third position, ultimately. A synthesis of both positions leading to something greater. >>19346 I don't know that it is ultimately cruelty because blackpilled people tend to drag others with them. To my mind they behave like saboteurs.
>>17358 >So now we have a strategy which could work, but is the long game, it won't see a payoff for at least ten years. We need rightwing, or counter-cultural versions of "creatives" (the types of people who are natural artists, innovators, and so on) and we need to invest in silicon valley types of our own THIS is extremely important. We don't talk much about the right-shaming and the resulting stigmatization, silencing of our opinions. Often times because we still think in soft ways of having to please everybody instead of being unapologetic about our cherished inner political views. We absolutely need more art, either classic or more modern, to support us. This will also have to happen both above and under the radar, on clear and darknet. In way too many countries, the laws prevent us from defending our race, our people and cultures, our lands with all the necessary tools.
>>19459 Thanks anon for summing it up nicely.
>>19459 Reached the same conclusion a 4 months ago and have been working on it. Progress is slow because my artistic skills have atrophied, but I have some great ideas locked away in my head. If there are any other artists/creatives out there, I would love to talk.
(73.32 KB 1200x1200 polbmw.png)
>>19459 >what is /bmw/? lurk
>>19505 It's funny I I'm in the same boat, with ideas, but my drawing ability is crap. Maybe a good direction for this thread is to create and post new content.
>>19509 I have been planning to do collages/mashups on computer since it requires a lot less skill but still waiting to build a new PC.
>>17353 This is poorly worded. Instead of worrying about Le Black Pill, you were supposed to have infiltrated an enemy organization and gotten trained when you came of age to begin with. Had you developed yourself properly, you would have never even considered such nonsense as just giving up.
>>17346 So fucking around with your brain using magnets can temporarily disable tribalist instincts. Headline is a hyperbole. This tech would be useful only in population control. So if they ever try to mass-scale implement this, kill whoever is trying.
>>19505 >>19509 Hah, same. I'm a writer, so I'm trying to work third position stuff into some good scifi in just such a way that its palatable and sensible for everyone.
>>19332 I believe it is a spiritual war, I don't think that this will affect a whole lot ( positively )
>>19239 Your comment struck a chord in my heart for some reason Dear friends, don't give up hope I know you cannot see me, and here we all are, bits of conversation scattered across cyberspace and all of us always thinking but next time you are outside, look up at the sky! We came from Nature The old gods have not left us, they are in the clouds, and inside our very makeup too We will remember them in time. Take the courage that is inside you, and put it to good use.
All /pol/ posters have their networks logically segmented and 4han/16chan is spoofed by alphabet agencies to coax you into mind control domestic or foreign activities. Sounds like a joint FBI Chinese intel operation.
>>21837 No, really?
>>17500 Michigan here. UP. Hail Victory
>>19505 >>19509 >>20212 Texan here. We got a little online lit journal that relaunces soon. We're more right wing than we present. There are other outlets like us. I haven't linked it, because this isn't the place to spam, but keep an eye out. ThirdPosition/PostLeft/PostRight ideas are best expressed by non-discusrive means, and can be done so in your visual art and written work. embodied in art, rather than obscured in exposition. Art is crucial, whether it's visual art or writing or video games or whatever. If you see a journal on twitter hat seems right wing, send them your shit. Criticism that magnifies the truths in the works rather than obscures them is also very important, so if you can explain, even if you can't create, then give that a shot.
>>19239 It's called moving to the country, having a lot of babbies and living self-sufficiently and self-sustainably
>>19337 That's my favorite red pill, you can get alot of Leftists to agree on Feder's and therefore National Socialist economics since it is truly pro-worker. The hard part is wrenching them away from being pro-(((wealth redistrubtion))) and dropping the most important pills; the race and nationalism ones which Leftists are against. But it opens the door and gets them to think. I converted a Leninist that way. And by pointing out how it's hypocritical to attack capitalism and then use it as Lenin did with the New Economic Policy and State-Capitalism. It's still capitalism just capitalism with more starvation (See the Scissor Crisis). This leads to the "Communism requries Capitalism to function pill" which is a trip for most Marxists. Bassically; >Attack their economic policies but also provide better ones to replace them with and explain how they are better for workers. If the Marxist you are talking to truly wants what is best for the worker and has avoided the (((class struggle))) pill it can work. Really it starts to depend on the type, a Stalinist has already taken orthdox Marxism to it's extreme and a middle-class socialist (Marxist) has taken it to it's (((Cultural Marxist))) extreme and so have anarcho-communists. Those people are both unconvertable and are our enemy.
>>21888 witnessed Bump
>>17346 Too much of a focus on bickering, too much distraction from the Jew killed imageboards. Every Jew-wise person went to comment sections and will stay there. Imageboards that aren't moderated in a way that fixes this problem will continue to thrash around in the dark until they are dead and all Alpha males are gone.
Bump Go watch Asha Logos latest video about the phoenix project.
>>19337 We aren't "larping" we are National Socialists and hiding that fact will only hurt our movement and will still get us labeled as National Socialists... because we are.
>>22512 What is a good book to read so that I can grasp both marxists and Nat-soc policies? I do not know what policies to replace marxist with.
>>24000 Why are you shilling this user so much? His videos aren't that good and are a front for disinformation. His "our subverted history" takes basic medieval knowledge that's up to debate, and overextends it via filler and talking very slowly.
>>24027 Gottfried Feder's books like; A Manifesto for the Aboiltion of Intrest Slavery The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation The Program of Hitler's Party Adolf Hitler; The Mein Kampf (Seriously he goes into economy alot) Zweites Buch Alfred Rosenberg; The Myth of the 20th Century. There are also blogs that pharaphrase alot of it; federsgenius.wordpress.com nssocial.wordpress.com but reading it is always good.
We should raid /pol/ instead of Jews and trannies for once
(376.14 KB 900x1847 HomosexualsAbuseKids.jpg)
>>19332 The one concern I have is jews deciding to just clone mutts instead of improving their own offspring. They have HUGE egos, and they'll probably keep marriage and shit to themselves, since they think only THEY are worthy of that shit.
I dont know if this is a red pill or white pill but i used to basically promote biased, contrived views of women online, via opinions and commenting on these bitches statuses. I used to think they would hate me for it (most of them do) but one in particular i met in real life and at first she was hesitant to be around me but it turns out she loved getting degraded like the whore she was. All that arguing online was a backwards logic way of saying she liked me. Go figure. Its a self serving cycle, you cant believe everything you read online but you can believe most of it.


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