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(302.87 KB 932x737 Two Zwarte Piet.jpg)
(378.71 KB 983x737 Sinterklaas Groningen 2015.jpg)
War on Christmas General Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 07:50:23 No. 18182
War on Christmas Is a War on American Values >The war on Christmas is really a war on the foundation of our nation – the belief that we are one nation under God. And the effort by leftists to silence the Reason for the Season is no trivial matter, as I wrote in my new book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.” >The latest battle front in the war on Christmas is South Sutter Charter School in northern California. Brooklyn Benzel, a 13-year-old eighth grader, was told she could not perform an instrumental version of “Joy to the World” because the song is too religious. >“The education specialist said the song might be deemed inappropriate because it might be too religious,” Julianne Benzel said during an interview on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. Mrs. Benzel, who is running for Congress, initially dismissed the teacher’s concerns, but the following day she received an email that confirmed the song had been banned. >“They told me the song was too religious to be submitted,” she said. “They told me words like savior and heaven might be crossing the line.” Yes, good readers, it seems as though the school feared words like Lord and Savior and Heaven might trigger the godless. So the school suggested that Brooklyn consider playing a more secular holiday tune like “Jingle Bells.” >“Her justification was that it was more culturally appropriate,” Mrs. Benzel said. Now, at that point the Benzel family had a choice – they could either accept the charter school’s censorship or they could fight back. Mrs. Benzel decided to go to war. >“There’s no way I’m going to relent,” she said. “I could have easily submitted a new song, but the next thing you know the First Amendment is dead.” Pacific Justice Institute, a law firm that specializes in religious liberty cases, threatened to get involved at the request of Brooklyn’s family – and in a matter of moments – the charter school reversed its decision. >“Thank God for Pacific Justice Institute,” Mrs. Benzel said. “It’s a sad day when you have to invoke them but that’s why I’m so grateful for them. So here’s the moral of the story: when a public or charter school tries to silence Christian boys and girls, it is imperative that moms and dads rise up and jingle somebody’s bells. >host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on nearly 500 radio stations >Todd Starnes Posted: Dec 03, 2019 6:41 AM https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2019/12/03/war-on-christmas-is-a-war-on-american-values-n2557385 Meerry Christ'mas Lads and YuleTid'ings, Happy Advent, and a Blessed Midwinter Ajunul Crăciunului, Wieczerza Wigilijna Happy Belated Feast Day Season's Greatings and Happy New Year To all 16's Brother's regardless of Faiths or Traditions *if I missed your preferred greeting, I humbly apologize there was only ((1)) intentionally forgotten This place could use some holiday cheer and as the shills, leftists and the long nosed Grinch have made clear, they don't approve of traditional celebration of our common past and would much rather we just give it up all together, replacing it with commercialized Santa Claus, so lets show them some Christmas Cheer and post Christmas Season Pic's and Tales of Tradition (Bonus Points for Festive Nazi's) (Double Points for that jewess' tweet (Triple for the Reply) that wishes there was something she could wear to stop stores wishing her a Merry Christmas)
(145.49 KB 900x600 Nazi_Christmas_8.jpg)
(133.10 KB 900x600 Nazi_Christmas_10.jpg)
(72.73 KB 368x600 Nazi_Christmas_6.jpg)
(133.64 KB 900x600 Nazi_Christmas_2.jpg)
(144.41 KB 900x600 Nazi_Christmas_9.jpg)
(116.87 KB 600x837 23452345.jpg)
(47.25 KB 600x560 23452345435.jpg)
(118.93 KB 900x600 Nazi_Christmas_7.jpg)
(237.50 KB 1680x1260 43523452345.jpg)
(94.41 KB 600x824 234523454325.jpg)
(13.02 KB 320x180 L5p4jZIaw6KC_320x180.jpg)
Rudolph the Jewish Reindeer by BlackPilled https://www.bitchute.com/video/L5p4jZIaw6KC/ https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/War_on_Christmas >Ironically enough, quite a few of the most popular 20th-century Christmas songs were written or cowritten by Jews. "Baby, It's Cold Outside by Frank LoesserWikipedia's "The Christmas Song ("Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire") by Mel Tormé and Bob Wells "The Christmas Waltz" by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne "Happy Holiday" by Irving Berlin "A Holly Jolly Christmas" by Johnny Marks "Home for the Holidays" by Robert Allen and Al Stillman "I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Buck Ram and Walter Kent "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Edward Pola and George Wyle "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" by Irving Berlin "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne "A Marshmallow World", lyrics by Carl Sigman "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" by Leon Jessel "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by Johnny Marks "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Johnny Marks "Santa Baby" by Joan Javits and Philip Springer "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town", music by J. Fred Coots "Silver Bells" by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans "Sleigh Ride", lyrics by Mitchell Parrish "We Need a Little Christmas" by Jerry Herman "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin "Winter Wonderland", music by Felix Bernard "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch", music by Albert Hague (lyrics by the gentile Dr. Seuss)
(70.80 KB 1024x649 Kriegsweihnachten1942.jpg)
>>18182 Kriegsweihnachten 1942 / War christmas 1942 >Unteroffizier Arnold Schmidt belonged to 3./Pionier-Bataillon 122. He earned EK1(Dec '43), EK2(Apr '42), KVK2(Jan '42), Nahkampfspange 1.Stufe(Sep '44), Sturmabzeichen (Besitzzeugnis has no date) and Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz (Aug '43). Here Uffz. Schmidt is seen on the Christmas eve day of 1942 in Demjansk. Demjansk pocket has long been freed from encircled status, but still it was still a large bulge into russian territory. Pi.Btl.122 was in the north-western part of the bulge. See the two Moet et Chandon champagne bottles, party was ready! Another picture with his comrade. Both won EK2 by this time. This must have been typical christmas tree in Demjansk area - you always find these trees in Demjansk/Waldai photos. Here are some more Christmas celebration brochures. X.Armeekorps' 1942 brochure is smaller in size and pages compared to its 1941 counterpart. The 30.Inf.-Div. which was part of X.AK. was in a different AK in 1942, and created this brochure. This gorgeous one was published by Vermessungs- und Karten-Abteilung 601. Not even baptized but Merry Christmas brother
>>18189 -50DKP What are you trying to prove here? Is Christmas a merger of older traditions? Sure Do the vast majority of American's today give two shits about Saturnalia? No Most Americans celebrate Christmas because of tradition. Full stop Their parents celebrated it, their grandparents and their great-grandparents celebrated it. Most of those great-grandparents were from one Christian denomination or another and had passed down a Christian meaning to Christmas for hundreds of years >According to the Pew Research Center, 92% of all Americans, regardless of religious background, celebrate Christmas in some form. Judging by numbers alone, it’s hard to believe this popular holiday is under serious threat. Christmas imagery still largely dominates the media and entertainment landscape in the United States. Guess your one of those 8% that has to come in here and shit on everyone elses holiday Is OP's article fake news? Was the girl never told that she couldn't sing Joy to the World? I don't think OP was calling the Grinch a jew, but calling jews and people with hearts 2 sizes too small, like your self, Grinches -Merry Christmas Mr Scrooge
>>18191 Merry Christmas brother! Have a bump.
Happy hannakuh
>>18182 Christcuckolds got what they were asking for. You abandoned your ancestors, culture and race so you could worship a Jew, those are the consequences. It's typical of Christians to act retarded then play victims. A spiritual semite always has a persecution complex, just like his masters. You dug your own grave, now lay in it. >M-muh tradition In several decades, when mongrel trannies have their public orgies, they will say "we are just doing what our fathers did" >The belief that we are one nation under God Implying that the masonic God that they were referring to has anything to do Abrahamism and Jewish sand-demon that Christians worship. >>18201 Like eating the flesh and drinking the blood of your "savior" was not telling enough of it's roots.
(798.21 KB 907x611 Screenshot (1).png)
(357.98 KB 559x699 Screenshot (2).png)
(496.03 KB 476x698 Screenshot (3).png)
(905.61 KB 1031x697 Screenshot (4).png)
(317.29 KB 473x700 Screenshot (5).png)
>>18188 (Heil'd) (effort points awarded for upload fails) >Not even baptized but Merry Christmas brother Aye, not a practicing nor a believing Christian, assume I was baptized at some point, but was not raised in religious home, though father remarried and step mother was, so for a very short time, attended church as a kid Merry Christmas my heathen Brother >>18194 >some form Sadly, the jewish commercialized form >>shills (reported off topic No Cheer) >Puritan Zealots banned Christmas in 1620 because no one was practicing it >Christmas never existed before 19th century Zog >>18202 Happy Holocaust
>>18233 Speaking of that "German" spammer, he literally admits to not being pure German in this post: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/220952002/#221005736
>>18182 Idk I think Christmas is fucking horrible and should be one of the first things to go in the Ethnostate. Or at least revamp it so its not all about buying useless shit for people and actually about the birth of Christ.
(26.23 KB 300x240 adolf.jpg)
>>18242 >Or at least revamp it so its not all about buying useless shit for people I think Christians up to 100 years ago would find the way Christmas is celebrated today to be incredibly obscene. The obsession with buying gifts you see nowadays is basically a jewish-capitalist invention like valentines day.
>>18241 >>18233 OP here Thanks, will need to check, but I've seen the name HKanon, and I haven't been on 4cuck for months Mostly posted this because I knew it would set this guy off, he has been ranting for the last week about jews and christcucks. Whether he is kike, alphabet or schizo is anybody's guess. Suspected DnC tactics, responding to his own posts with multiple ID's etc >>18247 (pic)Cheers anon, most people confuse NS views on Christians and Catholics imo, when the party formed they did take issue with some Catholics leaders who they saw as having excess power. The Church of Germany had spoken out against the party in the early days after '33-34 the church got in line and the party as a whole was very christian while a few members remained more secular >today to be incredibly obscene Agreed In case I haven't been clear, Im not religious, but do see Christmas as a 'mostly' traditional Christian celebration and something passed to me from my ancestors The jewification is perverse, and the current attacks on the holiday to drive any last vestige of it's tradition even more so >>18252 Couldnt agree more (the rationalwiki page contains links to all song's and writer's if want to dig into)
>>18200 Checkd happy hanukkah Moshe!
(475.08 KB 735x1024 MTU3ODc4NjAyNDU1MDAwMzkz.png)
>>18252 pic wouldnt upload had to change file format
>>18262 Projecting my confused dude. Christ is the way the truth and the light. Come back to the embrace of our creator. Unless everyone is right, and you're Jewish, in that case your people made your bed. I hope you find peace one day. Merry merry CHRISTmas.
>>18264 Seems only to respond to you's Also Merry Christmas anon
>>18264 Doh forgot pic and Happy Newyear
>>18270 Seems so. What a sad lonely existence the kike must live.
not a christian but i'd rather hear "merry christmas" than "happy holidays"; i always reply with "merry christmas" just to piss off the libtards. no matter how you call it, it's still the most shittiest time of the year. happy yuletide everybody
(438.19 KB 537x720 Ded Moroz.png)
>>18364 Topic is War on Christmas / Pics of Cheer Reported way off topic and spamming for digits
(989.92 KB 606x735 Дед Мороз - Ded Moroz.png)
>>18289 >Christian astroturfers are wishing each other Merry Christmas >It's 10 or so days until Christmas (Orthodox one is even further away) As I said fren, I am not a Christian. Yet in my family Christmas began days ago. Decorations came out of storage 3 weeks ago and have been finished from more than a week. The tree was decorated over a week ago. Last night anon wished kike shill Merry Christmas and he blew his cover. That is what inspired this thread this morning >>18367 Cant read? South Sutter Charter School in northern California. Maybe it is Exaggerated News like ALL news is. And maybe this thread would have slide half way down the board, but You 3 PROVED the story beyond ANY Doubt. >>18368 Don't know where you came from but your welcome to go back.
>>18371 >If 663 or anonleaf or some other janitor Think it's time you left fren it's just us glowniggers and kikes here
Edited last time by anonleaf on 12/16/2019 (Mon) 05:45:07.
>>18394 Glad Lucia! Happy Saint Lucy's Day Had never heard that story, great video
>>18182 It's called Yule friend, still Happy Yuletide brothers, here's a comfy SS handbook on the old tradition http://nseuropa.org/English/Celebrations%20in%20the%20Life%20of%20the%20SS%20Family.pdf
First of all, it’s ‘winter solstice’ Ahh, it’s that time again: reportedly the most wonderful time of the year. You’re back home, no longer in your drafty dorm room eating lukewarm ramen out of a microwaved Tupperware bowl. You’re with your family. You’re surrounded by sleigh bells, carolers, a warm and glowing Christmas tree, gifts on Christmas day. Well, forget about all that. That’s all a bunch of cultural hegemony and male patrio-fascism. Christmas is not a good thing. Christmas is not Woke. It must be cancelled and forever banished to the dust-bin of history, along with other hegemonic colonial hatefests such as Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. To that end, here are several things you can do to help end the evil reign of Christmas while you’re living at your parents’ house for a month: – Convert to a non-Christian religion. Sure, you’ve deemed all religions to be nothing more than delusional patriarchal theocratic reigns of terror. Still, few things send a clearer message to your stuffy old parents than becoming a non-Christian right around Christmas. Have you considered Zoroastrianism? It’s not really clear what that is, but it sounds cool. There’s also pantheism—that, also is sort of an unclear ideology, but it’ll probably offend your parents, so it’s fair game. When it doubt, you can always start your own religion right in your own living room. Whatever gets the job done. – Refuse to give gifts or do anything nice for anyone. You’re doubtlessly hearing all this talk about “the spirit of Christmas,” an ethos involving gift-giving, acts of charity, and general warmth and kindness toward your fellow man. Well, first of all, it’s “fellow person” (actually, “fellow” itself is fairly gendered, so you should opt for “person person” instead). Second: By buying into that whole charade of yuletide kindness and geniality, you’re effectively endorsing Christmas, which makes you little better than a Nazi. Don’t give gifts; they’re a sign of capitalist imperialism. And don’t do any random, selfless acts of kindness or anything like that; you don’t want people to accidentally think you’re celebrating Christmas. Instead, you can glower, mutter, scoff, huff—that will send people the right message. – Instead of Christmas specials on television, make your family watch Greenpeace videos. As well, rather than the classic Christmas songs on the radio, consider letting your family listen to those cassette tapes of your vegan collective’s didgeridoo concerts. – At Christmas dinner, prepare a list of liberationist talking points with which to harangue your family until they grow sick of it all and leave the table. Only through berating your loved ones with a forty-minute screed about prison reform and Trump’s impeachment can you capture the true meaning of the season. Bonus points if you stage a queer slam poetry competition with your friends in the living room during pumpkin pie!
(77.06 KB 408x334 tree.jpeg)
>>18182 >>The war on Christmas is really a war on the foundation of our nation Why do you obsess over this lie fake commercialism greed fest? Is telling lies about Santa to your kids your value? How about blindly buying garbage that gets overpriced at this date? Or the literal proof how gift giving is wasteful and the worst you can do? > under God. My sides. Do you seriously enjoy you pagan tree fest? Even when the bible forbids you from this? You christians are a joke. https://av1611.com/kjbp/ridiculous-kjv-bible-corrections/Christmas-Trees.html
>>18182 LOL pretty delusional christ cucks, quite oblivious to own insanity. >HAHAHAHA secularists are so triggered HAHAHAHAHA How about if the schools did have some satanist songs? You know the traditional Hail Satan. Satan is my lord. Satan I love you. Because how stupid parents must be to object to words like “Satan” or “Satan please take me to hell and save me from god” or the classic “I don’t want to freeze to death in heaven save me Satan”. Oh wait you piss and shit your pants about what terrible things your kids are exposed to. However its everyone else who is triggered not you based christian, right?!? Remember the reason for the season its Satan. Also stop complaining that others are taking the winter solstice celebration from you you christians stole it from the pagans. Others don’t want your imaginary garbage placed in songs and Xmas is nothing more then the worst most commercial celebration of all time.
>19809 >19810 no shekel's for ((you)) Welcome to 16chan kike, we hope you enjoy your stay. Remember You are Here Forever If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to visit customer service @ >>18888
>>19830 <everyone I don't like is a kike So want to address the points I did bring up? Because you speak for yourself here are the points: <X-mess is a greed fest of commercialism <you stole it from pagans <The bible forbids you from doing the celebration (tree and pagan) <There are real life christians who oppose X-mess and use the bible to justify this position Ultimately from my perspective: <The religious crap is cringe, on the same level like like singing songs that glorify Odin or Zeuse. Actually it would be really fun to sing the real old songs where it was Odin who did do all the X-mess related stuff. Oh wait you scream bloody murder and panic if anyone tried that. <You are willful unaware of this and oblivious to your behavior. However in the end X-mess is a stupid and idiotic commercial celebration, get a life you looser and stop practicing your commercial shit or watching the NFL.
>>19916 >>19916 OP here I have no intention of feeding you the attention you desire (as I think you may be somewhat intelligent but also a little mental/psycho handicapped, perhaps adhd/autistic/schizo etc. and will get no joy from egging you on), so I will make one final statement before forgetting this thread and you 'till next year. You, like so many deleted comments before you, missed the point of the thread. It had nothing to do with ((the war on christmas)), santa, jewish commercialization, the birth of jesus, or the pagan ritual of saturnalia. This thread was about Family Traditions, about wanting to share a Holiday with All my Brother's here at 16chan regardless of their different Faiths or lack thereof, and about wanting to spread a little Peace and Good Will to Men The opening 'war on Christmas' and Zwarte Piet was an angle to give the thread a legitimate on-topic face, so not to be subjected to reports for moderation by immature trolls, however I do believe that the "angle" is indeed a fact and is empirically proven in the msm, deleted comments (long story but a user doxxed himself as underage after fedposting and had all his and friends comments deleted)(Another brave Anon's posts fell to friendly fire), Corporate Policies, and your very post "However in the end X-mess is a stupid and idiotic" I went to great lengths to include Christmas and Yule as most users here are from European backgrounds. We even have few Rus' here occasionally so included them as well. Regretted missing PewdAnon's "Glad Lucia" and made attempt to correct that oversight >>18420. As previously stated I'm descended from Christians but was raised in an atheistic home. As we were not upper class there was very little "greed" under the Christmas tree and the holiday had no such meaning in our home, pity it did in yours. >X-mess is a greed fest of commercialism Aye as was stated by others, that has been the aim (see video >>18185) by ((some)), however no one here was corrupted by their efforts it seems. >you stole it from pagans I did no such thing, nor did my forefathers. Christmas was always about 'inclusion'. My attitude in wishing druids Yuletide Greetings proves that. Authors from ((prestigious)) schools have argued the date of the 25th was selected because Pagans. Perhaps so, perhaps not, but in that case the Solstice of the 21rst or Saturnalia's date of the 17th of Dec. may have been more logical "birthdates". In any event, if that is the case it only proves the point of the holiday being meant to include others not exclude. >The bible forbids me nothing. While the many of the teachings of the Christ are admirable 'love thy neighbor' etc, I do not subscribe to voodoo, whether Christian, Pagan or ((Satanic)) >There are real life christians who oppose X-mess Indeed, as they should. They are truly horrified by the commercialization, even more so by people like yourself, who use the word X-mess or those that would attack a Christmas thread with such images, reported as very off-topic :^), and they choose to use the holiday to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. To them I especially wished a Very merry CHRISTmas. They were more than happy to return the greeting. The kike that raged at the very mention of CHRISTmas, as offhand comment in another thread (12/15/2019) was exactly the inspiration for starting this thread and why I selected Christmas rather than the more /pol/ popular Yuletide of our German (and German at heart) Anon's. While it ruffled their feathers slightly, most recognized that fact that it was Christmas in America and the UK that has come under such heavy attack. Also they know that us atheists and Christians alike will come to defend Yule just as fervently. >The religious crap is cringe....bla bla blah... Your entitled to that opinion, however, while I take issue with many aspects all religions for other reasons, I don't share your view of Christmas. Your free to worship Wodan or Baphomet (just pick one though both is pretty cringe tbo), just take that larp over to /culture/ please. It has little value here on /pol/, where we do try to entertain more intellectual conversations, despite the trolls that should stay on /b/ or go back to 4chan >You are willful unaware of this and oblivious to your behavior. Nothing I have said would support that statement. Merry Christmas 'a'non and Happy New Year from all of us here at 16chan


no cookies?