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(163.72 KB 607x360 1575225039673.png)
Let's brainstorm the best Government Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 21:22:49 ID:7bdda8 No. 20816
Let's say you've been put in charge of a country and make all decisions. What would be the best way to run this country to raise the quality of life for the most people while keeping sociopaths out of positions of power.
>>20816 >secure absolute power for as long as you live >kick zog out >kick foreigners out (or at least renounce citizenship) >find some shithole in Africa to secure trade contracts with >kill central banking >enact some social welfare policies (some increased minimum wage, some pensions, food stamps for low income citizens, healthcare) >enact social benefits and tax breaks for married couples with children (so encourage white children) >reform education system (revise and focus more on history, politics, economy) >lower taxes for small enterprises >eventually making a lot of cash >build army >build nukes >threaten nearby countries into sphere >this happens over 30 years >find a successor (someone who believes in the same stuff but isn't a loyal lapdog) >retire
(68.36 KB 640x360 Ld8fxzEXZ2Qz_640x360.jpg)
>>20838 >Also install a council of trusted advisors (I like the way you think, you can sit on mine) Forgot to mention things that need some (probably total at first) state control. Large critical industries, healthcare, media. Anything that effects the citizens well being, health or state of mind should be closely regulated or controlled to make sure the best outcomes are achieved. Private enterprise should be allowed but state should have control and final say in direction. Hitler greatest achievements were in the run up to the war and lifting the Germans out of the depression. It goes without saying that capitalism didn't do that, Hitler and the party made that happen The Nazi Economy https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ld8fxzEXZ2Qz/
>>20838 >>20845 Sounds like good ideas.
National Socialist and only National Socialist. It's the only goverment based on eternal truths that uplifts the nation and permantly protects against Jewry through Aryan political and economic systems. If we want to not have this problem again and truly have a future for white children. IT HAS TO BE A NATIONAL SOCIALIST goverment. You can't have the 14 without the 88 or you only succed in dooming your children to your fate. And for what? A little more degeneracy? If you're an Aryan nationalist there is no reason for you not to be NatSoc aswell. Reject Jewish Materalism, Smash Liberalism, Smash Capitalism and Communism. Save your race. It's the only way.
(978.20 KB 1189x1491 uncle ron.jpeg)
>>20816 >What would be the best way to run this country to raise the quality of life for the most people Austrian economics >while keeping sociopaths out of positions of power Remove practically all positions of power and severely restrict the power of the remainder
gotchu famalam
(37.39 KB 562x600 597.jpg)
>>21184 >(((L I B E R A L I S M)))
>>21188 >(((not providing arguments)))
>>21189 The experiment of Liberalism has been ongoing since 1500, the only thing that's improved in that time is quantity of production at cost of quality, while destroying the worker and moral/ethical character of the people (q.o.l.). Technics have improved, but that's not actually *from* Liberalism/Industrialization. See Cathedral, Forge And Waterwheel by Gies (enclosed) Liberalism D&Cs everything and everyone with multiculti globohomo antihuman atomization (and other "buzzwords" that really mean things when you look them up). It destroys the organic social organization of Family, Clan, Community and Nation. Organic means something as well. Organs don't work by themselves, only in concert with every other organ to form a body. Every body forms a family, every family a clan, every clan a nation, and that extends into the ecology itself. Liberalism is Divide & Conquer: The Ideology.
A national-corporatist nation that strives for agrarianism and high output of intellect while also not wishing to reverse the development of technology, instead taking advantage of it to further the decent livability of the planet
Mandatory IQ tests if you want to work in any government office, quarterly lie tests. Remind the people of hows it us vs the world and globalism is nothing but a sham. Limit calorie consumption somehow so no one gets overweight Encourage working out, maybe set up government events where if you prove you arent fat you get a nice medal and maybe 100 sheckles to encourage everyone. Mandatory military enlistment you can leave after 2 years. Guns for everyone Any felon must work in a factory. Anyone with low IQ cant work where smart people should work. IQ Of about 90 if you want to drive. Companies will comply to the will of the people and government aka cant hike up prices. Lower over consumption, if you want a new iphone apple has to recycle your old one. Proper landfill disposal. Throuium Reactors galore. For USA, form the north american alliance. Canada focuses on research, US focuses on a mix of agriculture and industry, Mexico is pure agriculture. Id list more but im too lazy and autistic to think rn Oh and media companies are forced to not spread lies with risk of it being shut down and all funds seized. Also if you make money by selling to Americans all profits must and will stay in America.
>>20816 It goes against your cringe jewish psyop going on here, but I always shilled for a direct democracy, where idiots and sociopaths are filtered out and the government tries to maintain itself as a minarchy.
>>20816 I will realistically answer. First, it is impossible to completely do what you ask. Those who rise to power tend to have at least sociopathy if not other issues in their psyche. It is precisely these internal antisocial tendencies that tend give them a will to power. Secondly, it depends on when in the cycle of politics you have placed me and among what other actors you have placed me that will decide the best political composition. I am assuming I am still in Canada, have been put in charge of Canada, and I have been put in charge of it now Then the question becomes >what is the best form of government in canada that you could implement? I, personally, would abolish the institution of dictator, and transition to a monarchy. If we take the definition of good as 'that which survives the genes I share' then the best way for European genes to survive in the wake of our genocide is long lasting stable leadership. I would split up canada and settle whites in eastern canada. I would raise an army and wage a war of reconquest upon the multicultural west of my kingdom. I would pass it onto my sons
What are the political policies (NOT principles) that define "national socialism"? List them out for us an then we can talk about how much we agree with them. Otherwise, you are insisting we place our faith into a political system we know very little about except for what it supposedly stands for/against. We need to know what's in the box before we will be willing to buy it.
The reasons I like NWS Minarchism: 1. It allows for racial separation without giving the anti-whites and Jewish supremacists some bogeyman to blame (white nationalist government authoritarianism), by having it come out of the cumulative effect of choices made by private individuals and businesses, so that when separation occurs, it is the people's own damn fault (and thus it has a lasting effect by providing numerous examples that teach people about why and how racial separation occurs out of pragmatic/practical and rational/reasonable responses to small-scale racially-linked issues/problems). 2. It kills the welfare state by ending governmental roles in all forms of charitable enterprises (welfare, healthcare, education, social security, etc.), forcing private individuals and businesses to fill in the gap, and causing people to become more compassionate for one another in their daily encounters since they can no longer claim to have "done their share" to help their fellow man by dint of being forced paying taxes, it also makes the receiving of charity conditional instead of guaranteed, forcing needy individuals to have to at least pretend to be somewhat decent rather than giving them a license to be complete dickheads knowing that a check is always going to be in the mail. Finally, it removes any chance of politicians counting upon welfare-reliant populations for seizing the holing power, and returns their duties to the interests of those people whom their nation was initially intended to serve. Ending the government's role in education will fulfill the dual purposes of returning the family to it's proper form (the mother at home with children while the father works to support the unit), an removing children from the care of complete strangers with alien political interests, it also might fill a third role of cutting down on self-imposed social isolation or externally-imposed social dysfunction that comes with forcing children into the company of a (somewhat) random sampling of their peers for five days a week. 3. A simple system of domestic civil law based upon the foundation of the NAP makes it easy to intuitively know what separates a legal and illegal action (legally requiring the informed consent of an individual or business to any physical interaction with their physical person or physical property, and only to the extent that this informed consent continues to be given by the owner), it also has the benefit of legally prohibiting neonatal circumcision, and abortion, if human life is defined as beginning at the union of a human egg and human sperm. By making this set of laws unable to be added to, subtracted from, or otherwise altered, authorities will no longer have the leeway to abuse their powers for the purpose of social engineering or to serve political corruption. Punishing the authorities for intentionally failing to enforce the laws an protect the people from it's violations will prevent them from selectively choosing who is worthy of the sworn sacrifice of their lives. 4. Abolishing the legal concept of "intellectual property" (such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets) will be the death knell for any existing corporate, media, and academic monopolies that exist, and which currently serve the anti-white agenda. Totally abolishing the government's role in policing any form of expression in any capacity is going to be a massive blow to any force the benefits from the control of information and it's expression, while degenerate media such as pornography and any media that records the perpetration of a crime (such as child pornography) would be legal under this system, the absolute freedom of all acts of expression that result from the total loss of government jurisdiction to involved itself with non-aggressive crimes (such as "hate speech", "unauthorized assembly", "incitement", and yelling fire in a crowed theatre) completely justifies this sacrifice (BTW, the reason the government has to be completely unable to involve itself with speech is because all of the censorship today slowly crept it's way up from "common sense" laws that regulated legal speech, such as those against CP, and the only way to prevent this from occurring again is by completely shutting the door to government being able to say anything about what information we are permitted to expose ourselves to or to expose to others, besides, just because the recording of a crime is no longer legally prohibited as being contraband media, doesn't mean that the recorded crime itself is made any more legal, doing porn will be defined as a form of prostitution, and anyone involved in the production of CP is still going to be either guilty of child sexual assault/rape, or a willing accomplice to it, let hell come to any who would harm/corrupt a child or deprive them of their entitled period of innocence, we can also hit them with a charge of enslavement on top of the child abuse charges).
>>27343 BTW, removing the states right to regulate speech also will remove the criminal concepts of slander and libel, in case that wasn't already apparent.
>>20816 Anything that doesn't involve genociding all non-white races will eventually fail. Feds will call me a fed for saying that.
>>27343 4. By justifying taxation to support the enforcement of law and defense of the nation on the basis of ground rent, we can charge a flat tax from every citizen, a flat percentage on all purchases an sales, a flat tax on all border crossings, and an additional flat percentage on all importation or exportation (We can use these tariffs on top of the sales tax, to incentivize the reliance on local goods, while we can use the tolls to incentivize the reliance upon local labor). BTW, for the "taxation is theft" crowd of ancaps out tere, I don't care about staying consistent to principles, I only care about what works and what doesn't, with a centralized police or military, the result is inevitable degradation into feudalism, which is going to be a bunch of essentially randomized states in constant conflict with one another, just waiting for some big centralized foreign power to take control over, so you can fuck off with your protestations, this is what you get, it's better for you than any other offer. 5. Of course, Usury must be abolished completely, and all banking must be reformed. All banknotes must be printed and issued to private banks by the government's treasury, no private bank may ever be permitted to print or issue the currency of the nation, the central banking system must remain in the full control of the government and must exclusively serve the national interest ("end the fed" and all that). Private banks must have one primary form of income - banking fees - taking a percentage out of the holdings of another's deposit as a fee for the protection and storage of those holdings, It must be illegal for banks to charge interest, even at "reasonable" rates (as these create a permanent debt that may only be moved around), all charging of interest is an act of usury. Banknotes must be representative of (and redeemable for) physical commodities such as precious metals and gems, and must never be issued by any bank in excess of (or in shortage of) it's total holdings of those commodities, should there be anything other than a 1:1 between the total value of banknotes and the total value of holdings, it shall be the banks responsibility to either destroy or print banknotes to even out the ratio, intentionally throwing this ratio off in either direction is an illegal act of usury. Banks may issue loans on two conditions, these loans must be paid back at a fixed rate that does not compound/increase over time (a total return equal to the amount loaned is acceptable), and these loans must only be issued to business ventures in the form of investments, they may not be issued to individuals for the purpose of purchasing goods or services (as these loans do not produce a potential method of paying themselves off and must be paid by external funding). Private charities may be run as businesses (say, by taking a percentage of the total value of donations to pay it's employees and operating expenses, and using what's left to fulfill their obligation to it's cause), however, they must be subject to a special rule that requires the full extent of their use of received funds to be made publicly available in the most detailed and transparent manner possible. Labor-backed banknotes accomplished the miracle of NSDAP Germany, but even Hitler preferred the use of physical commodities and intended to return Germany to it following the end of hostilities, the only reason he had to use labor-backed reichmarks was because all the commodities that would have otherwise backed the mark were stolen by thieving Jewish bureaucrats. 6. The local medical authority must be required to recognize gender and sex as synonymous, recognize that there are only two genders/sexes, recognize that any human with at least one Y-chromosome is Male in both legal and biological senses. They must also be made to recognize that all variants of Homosexuality and Transgenderism must be defined as mental illnesses, and that they must be legally required to be treated as such by medical professionals on threat of malpractice, this does not mean the legal prohibition of homosexual or transgender conduct, but does mean that these behavior would be symptomatic of mental disorder, and that treatment of it as such is the only permissible course of action for a medical professional to recommend to a patient demonstrating such symptoms
>>27347 7. The age of consent, age of adulthood, and age of majority are to be set at the exact same age for all individuals. These ages are to be defined as "the average age at which east asian individuals of as given sex finish their physical and neurological development" (East Asians are chosen since they mature the slowest, meaning that the most individuals are covered even in an all-white society while still ensuring reasonable limitations on how high this age should be set). Aging and maturation are different processes, hypothetically, a designer baby made to never age would still develop into an adult, but then their bodies (including their brains) would remain in that completed state, this definition recognizes this and also the fact that this maturation process can change over time (the age of completed puberty has changed over the course of time, and would conceivably do so in the future). The important part is to recognize the purpose that age of consent is intended to fulfill: preventing individuals from entering into contracts with consequences/implications that they cannot fully comprehend. 8. Prison should treat all criminal behavior as a result of mental disorder, recognizing that "free will" is an illusion, and thus all criminal sentences are not for any set term of time, but instead, all sentences are variable, and all prisons are to serve the purpose of rehabilitation, and not solely retribution (though they will still have some retribution-based aspects in the interest of "atonement/restitution/reconciliation" for one's crimes, a willingly undergone demonstration of sincere remorse/regrets and atonement/restitution/reconciliation being a requirement for the release of any convict). Those convicted of a criminal act are only to be released once they meet two criteria: A. they are reasonably determined to no longer be likely to commit another criminal act. B. they are reasonably determined to no longer be a threat to themselves of others upon release. In case you feel this is too "soft", I must inform ypou that this approach is, in fact, going to be harsher on offenders that you realize, there is a chance that convicts may spend a significantly longer period in captivity than they would in any other system for the same crime, and significantly more is demanded of them to secure release, it is even more harsh upon re-offenders, as their chances of being reasonably determined to have been reformed will diminish with each offense they've committed, assholes will spend extra time behind bars and have to do extra atonement for their sins than more decent people, even if they both committed the same offenses. There is a special case, however, for certain offenders, those who have absolutely no chance of being reformed, such as those demonstrating "dark triad" traits or anti-social personality disorders, or those whose conditions compel them to chronically re-offend, and cannot be treated or managed (predatory child molesters, for example). These sorts of convicts, when confirmed to be beyond all help, are not merely held in captivity in perpetuity until death, but are instead given the capital punishment: being completely placed under general anesthesia and having their bodies harvested while still alive, the cadaver's parts being sold and the profits being given to those parties they had victimized as restitution. This sentence is to be referred to as "the final atonement" or "obligatory atonement", it is to be used as a means of intimidation to those who think they are getting an easy ride simply because their accommodations are significantly more comfortable than any other nation's prisons, rumors of being conscious while undergoing the process, of the surgeons intentionally keeping the subject alive for as long as possible during the process, and of the entire event being not only witnessed by medical theatre and potentially performed by students, but also recorded and broadcast to the world, will intentionally be leaked among the incarcerated population, and all but the first part of those rumors will actually be true (they will keep you alive for as long as possible, they will have a theater, they will record the while thing and make it publicly available, and they will allow you to be operated in by students as a part of their training, we will try to give the criminal enough to put them under completely, but mistakes do happen, and due to the circumstances, we will have no choice but to proceed as usual in those situations, if you find yourself in those cases, it sucks to be you, though if you find yourself there, you probably know that you deserve every bit of the agony that awaits you to escort you into the void).
>>27348 9. all public places must have washrooms, all washrooms must be unisex. When it comes to washroom sinks and toilets, even private ones, they must all be built be in a japanese-inspired style: A. Separating the toilet from the sink in it's own rooms. Making all bathroom sink mirrors also function as medicine cabinets with a special holder for toothbrushes and toothpaste. B. Making all "toilet stallrooms/"water closets" equipped with automatic suction fans around the toilet (to ensure that no traces of urine or feces gets out and especially onto the toothbrushes). C. The toilets must all be equipped with attached stools to elevate the feet (enabling squatting position while sitting), and must most importantly be equipped with water cleaning functions ("bidet functions") to limit toilet paper reliance and ensuring cleaner lower regions, and more importantly, cleaner hands (as wiping leaves traces of waste underneath fingernails that is difficult to remove even when they are being kept short). Finally, when it comes to any place where bathing or showering occurs, even in private residences, they must all have both showers and baths, the baths must be separate from the showers in such a way as to ensure that a "shower room" must be entered on the way to the baths (so that we aren't bathing in our own filth as much as we presently do), and the baths must have suctions fans to properly ventilate the steam (to prevent accidents caused by poor vision), finally, the baths must also have mirrors behind them, so that we can properly see ourselves and wash ourselves thoroughly. All of this might seem strange laws to mention in such elaborate detail, and their existence may seem counter-principle to liberty (I don't care about principle as much as i care about policy that produces good results), but these building requirements are essential to improving public health and safety, especially in the face of this and other pandemics, which are routinely used by government to justify the creation and abuse of "emergency powers". I also think it's shameful that we use paper to wipe ourselves, bathe in our filth, and clean out teeth with filthy brushes because our washrooms have not evolved much since the roman models, it's disgusting and retarded, unfitting of any proud people. This all must be mandated, BTW, the unisex bathrooms may seem degenerate, until you take into account the other things I'm changing here, it also ensures consistency and prevents females from conspiring with one another (which they do routinely to the detriment of both males and themselves, blithely failing to see that their schemes only make things worse for everyone, and that they aren't as witty/clever/crafty/intelligent as they may imagine themselves to be). I think that there will always be enough males in these rooms top prevent some (potentially cross-dressed?) pedophile from attempting to assaulting a little girl and getting away with it. 10. On that note, I'd like to end women's competitive events by making all competitions unisex by mandate, they are full of feminists and dykes, and earn money for degenerate causes while promoting ideas that harm the relationship between males and females. Nothing good has ever come from women's sporting events except possibly giving some eye-candy to horny men who want to watch tight bitches in skimpy clothes getting themselves all sweaty, fucking perverts. Even then, the internet gives them a much better route to satiating this base desire of theirs. Fuck. women's. sports.
>>27349 As for immigration, just make it so that it's exclusive to white gentiles, and open to ALL white gentiles, a sort of "right to return" BS type of thing. No ethnic Jews (down to the smallest percentage of Jewish genes) will be allowed to enter the country for any purpose under any circumstances, none, any confirmed Jew found in our borders should be immediately sent to Israel, no matter where they claim to have originated from, if Israel refuses to take even one of them, we force them by any means, including by conquering the place and make it into our official self-governing puppet-state Jew Quarantine zone. Anyone else may enter temporarily at our country's discretion, meaning that we may turn down any potential visitor at any time for any reason (including none at all), and that we may choose to cut short any visitation at any time, gain without needing to give a reason to justify this action. Illegal immigrants are to be returned as soon as possible, children will not be separated from the adults who brought them over, lone children will be sent back over as if they were adults. all international aid will be ended, all foreign intervention will be immediately withdrawn as well, our military will become solely defensive, and will only engage in warfare in the event where we are attacked, we will no longer even acknowledge the existence of any "rules of warfare" except to "win at all costs, protect our nation at all costs,do as much damage as possible to all those who dare transgress against us before the war's end, such that all know and fear the price of offending against our people", to this end, we will build our military and police forces to such an extent the none shall even imagine the possibility of challenging us in combat, the world will be against us, and we must act on the assumption that this shall eternally be the case. the symbol of our new military shall, be the venomous snake biting deeply into the heel of Eurydice, gravely wounding it and making the heel bleed profusely as the deadly poison floods into her veins. The motto of our forces being the same as in Edgar Allen Poe's "cask of amontillado": let (s)he who dare offend me beware. This is to remind the world that while we will not attack, our defense when attacked will be as hellish as we can possibly make it for our offender, and we will always be prepared to relish in punishing those who cross our line in the sand to wage war upon our home.
I have two alternative routes to my aforementioned society: 1. on public services: instead of cutting everything but police and military, we go the exact opposite route and make the government provide fucking everything. "free" healthcare, "free" college/university, basic fucking universal income, full-on socialism in terms of what the government provides it's people, to the point that even BernieBros find excessive, let's get retarded. HOWEVER, the catch is that it works like a subscription service, you can choose to opt out of (almost) anything you do not wish to pay for at any time with no punishment for doing so. Though if you do not pay for something, you are no longer eligible to receive it until the next taxation period arrives, simple as that, the ONLY thing you are required to be taxed for every time is the enforcement of law and defense of the nation. Every time taxes are asked of you, you chose what you pay for, and the ineligibility for that choice sticks until the next period arrives. The result is the government services operating essentially like an insurance company in that you essentially pay for what you think you might need between this and the next taxation period. All these kids who like taxpayer funded services are also the type to hate paying for them, if they can't afford something, they will either not get it unless someone else shells out for it on their behalf, ruining their relationships with family and/or friends. Alternatively, maybe we give it to them anyway, but they will be forced to either stay poor to ensure services continue to be received, if they do decide to advance to their desired place in society, the "opt out" option will always be there, forever challenging their own values until they realize that the only way they could make this work for them is if they themselves were FORCED to pay and not given an option, which would be soul-destroying for any BernieBro's deluded self-perception. I like this idea because it teaches a lesson very effectively, it also makes them responsible for the taxation of themselves and others around them, the social pressure to "opt out" being placed onto these guys by their otherwise-allies who want the cost of their services reduced, will eventually permanently kill any socialist uprising in the future that uses welfare or healthcare as it's platform, as well as any cohesiveness among those types of people that would fall for it. It's not about anything besides sending the right messages and making sure the lesson remains well into the future, social services only work when compulsory, not even a socialist would willingly pay for them, or tolerate a fellow socialist that dare raise their expenses by refusing to pay their share, and any socialist would quickly ditch their values to live a life outside of the bare minimum tat they would tolerate if it were forced upon everyone else. I want to make socialists look into the mirror and hate themselves, to show up the true nature of who they are and why they support what they support. I want them to ask themselves why, when they can have what they claim to want, do they refuse to take it, how they can be a rebel when it is the element of choice and consequence that destroys their system that had otherwise remained completely intact. change human nature, and you change the course of history, leave lessons tat reverberate and destroy all future pretensions to the contrary.
>>27352 My second alternative is on the topic of immigration. Before we being, I want to make tings clear: we will not have any concept of multiple-citizenships, you can only have one, either you are a citizen of ours, or one of theirs, never both. Instead of banning non-whites, we could go the opposite route and completely open the borders to anyone who wishes to enter, only one question will be asked of everyone: "where did you come from?", this question will also be asked of everyone at home, so that any immigrant who has come before can tell us the answer in exchange for being given a full citizenship, so they can answer knowing full-well that their lives in this new home is safe from government intervention. THE CATCH: remember how I said we will only require immigrants to tell us where they came from? it's not a "gotcha, now that I know you're foreign, you gotta go back" they will indeed be left alone as promised. However, the real reason for the question is that for every country given as an answer, we will place a token upon it, these tokens are able to be redeemed by anyone in our country who wishes to move there, same standards, the other country cannot do anything except take them in and count one less token. We won't do any vetting on who redeems the token on our end, either, it's first come first serve, first person who comes in and says "i want to live in this country" gets told "well, we have a token on that place, so you get in for free", we make the arrangements, our guy gets sent over, and the destination has one token removed from their count. of course, they will cease to be a citizen of our country and will become one of whatever place they go to, but it will not be our problem anymore. for every person we get from Liberia, for example, Liberia has to take one person from us. now, what if a country refuses to take someone of our country in? what if they take them in, but refuse to grant them the same full citizenship they would have if they were native born there? simple, we punish them for every refusal, each punishment is constant and remains until they accept twice the number of our citizens then the number they refused. We punish them in whatever way we can, but ideally we start small for one citizen refused, and slowly escalate until we eventually enforce the maximum punishment of using the full force of our military to force them to take in twice the number of the citizens they refused access to, and if we get to that point, we will make changes there to ensure that they never make another refusal again. Now, when we ask "where are you from?", we are going by the word of the immigrant, and if they lie, well, we will pretend they were telling the truth, this will eventually encourage immigrants to claim to be from countries they dislike instead of the ones they came from, and those countries get the token anyway. the result? white people will always have someplace to go, they can flood into and take over the developing world in a rather short fashion, and/or we will be able to wage war against these countries justified on the grounds of "reciprocation". by adding reciprocation we send a message to the world: globalism only works if it's one-way, when it is reciprocal or even-grounded, it becomes another round of imperialism for the people the Jews have told us to hate. Lastly, by simply believing the words of the immigrants when they answer our question and acting accordingly, we pit all these places against each other, unrest we can use to our favor, also, these countries will organize campaigns in the hopes of reducing immigration to our countries, and thus tokens, getting them to do our work for us. Another thing it will do is get the "believe them" crowd to actively campaign for us to STOP believing them, they will switch from defending blatant lies to mocking us for buying the idea that some black guy who barely speaks swedish had actually came from sweden. we wont care, we will put a token on sweden and send it some white people, laughing all the way as our race retakes the whole globe. if adding "choice" destroys the perception of socialism, adding "reciprocation" destroys the perception of globalism. lessons are eternal, fuck the Jews by giving enduring examples of their illusions breaking down due to some "minor" change to their plans.
>>27354 I'd also like to add something else:an end to all courts that are not the official criminal court of the land,. and do not follow the rules of our land's criminal processes. and end to university courts, family courts, political hearings, military tribunals, and other such prosecutory entities. also, make all court trial publicly available and shown live, so that we may see the full arguments for and against any charge. finally, I think we should allow all public knowledge to be put on trial, such as a trial on the truth of the claims of the holocaust, or the truth of a given religion (for example islam), or the truth of any given "pseudoscience" (for example, any differences between the races or sexes) or "conspiracy theory" (for example, the many jewish questions, or any of the claims about jew in positions of power and/or influence, or about jews as a whole, that may exist out there). you bring up a charge, and we will use the standards of evidence and argument that exist in the court of law, along with any other standards associated with the scientific or philosophical methods (with the intent to cut down on cognitive biases, logical fallacies, etc.) to rule "guilty of being false" or "not guilty of being false" (through not necessarily "true", just lacking in any justification to believe that the given proposition is false). also, science and philosophy must also be introduced to all regular criminal trials or civil dispute cases (such as issues of familial cases or custody cases, for example) as well. also marriage must be no longer the affair of the state, just another legal contract whose terms the state is obligated to enforce when triggered by it's cited circumstances. there is no standard marriage contract, any adult could enter into any agreement with any other adult, and marriage is not even recognized by the state as being distinct from any other type of contract between it's citizens. any contract between adult citizens contract could be made and could take any form (that does not break the laws of the land) and the state will have to enforce it's terms as they are written, without any exception or special considerations given.
>What would be the best way to run this country to raise the quality of life for the most people while keeping sociopaths out of positions of power. Kill black people and white people. All their 'accomplishments' are stolen from the Mediterranean (and Arabs, but they are lost). We INVENTED your civilization and gave you your Gods.
>>27694 Yeah, you wish, White Gentile Britons are responsible for more scientific/technological discoveries, more sociopolitical philosophies, and more artistic/cultural contributions than any other people on the planet.
>>27719 >more scientific/technological discoveries, more sociopolitical philosophies I think you meant Germans. >artistic/cultural contributions I think you meant French. Punk music and English isnt a contribution. England is still the nigger of Europe, not Ireland.
>>20845 I hate people who laugh fakely while talking about historical topics.
>>20816 >>20838 Government = Govern/Ment Govern = control Ment = mind Government = mind control Think about that for a moment. Think about it real, real hard. Why is it spelled that way? Why do we have those root words?
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(107.51 KB 1237x1017 vcoy5rgdwx321.png)
(8.28 KB 403x265 50-plus-by-country.png)
now that this tangential issue is settled, we can ditch the distractions and move onto talking about specific policies and which are best for a /pol/-run society. so we know what to campaign for, and what we are going to do when we win. I am a atheist BTW, but I think I would not mind living in a well-run christian society, even if I have to pretend to be christian in order to do so.


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