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Requesting advice on redpilling kids from a young age Anonymous 01/15/2020 (Wed) 08:09:36 ID:5590d4 No. 20840
I am a 19 y/o white zoomer with a mother who despite her age, decided to have a third child. At the time of writing the kid will soon turn 4 years old, however the responsibility of raising this kid and keeping him away from modern day degeneracy may fall onto me at some point in the future and as such i'm willing to take this opportunity as a practice for when the time comes when i'll have to raise my own children. I know what impact a child's upbringing can have on their lives and thus any pointers in the right direction such as books or general advice would be greatly appreciated.
>>20840 Very admirable endeavor Anon. Redpills will come later in a few years so you have lots of time and can just take it slow and easy. At this point I would just focus on gaining trust (will make pills easy to swallow later) and teaching him responsibilities. Why they are important, necessary, and enjoyable when completed.
>>20840 >>20841 This. Teach him how to work hard and be responsible. Gain his trust, back him up. Teach him to work hard. That's what I wish my parents did more
>>20840 Teach him to think. Teach him to question. Critically thinking is important. Teach him his heritage and customs. Teach him he is loved.
>>20841 >Redpills will come later in a few years This. Teach kids critical thinking. Teach them logic, maths, reason, teach them to recognize fallacies. They will redpilll themselves.
>>20840 Just read to him/her and find a way to connect him to his own national heroes so he can share in the wealth of his ancestral memory. The rest will fall into place. It's really about values at the end of the day, not abstract ideas or politics but straight up values.
>>20840 Play with him. Kids love to play and most of their learning is done through play - the disruption of play is a huge part of why public education is effective at neutering young males. When he gets older and more rebellions - puberty- thats when you can really start redpilling him. Let him be a kid, though try and shape him into a good kid. Also, try and steer him away from bs propaganda entertainment.


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