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(659.88 KB 534x4830 image0-42.jpg)
Requesting advice on redpilling kids from a young age Anonymous 01/15/2020 (Wed) 08:09:36 ID:5590d4 No. 20840
I am a 19 y/o white zoomer with a mother who despite her age, decided to have a third child. At the time of writing the kid will soon turn 4 years old, however the responsibility of raising this kid and keeping him away from modern day degeneracy may fall onto me at some point in the future and as such i'm willing to take this opportunity as a practice for when the time comes when i'll have to raise my own children. I know what impact a child's upbringing can have on their lives and thus any pointers in the right direction such as books or general advice would be greatly appreciated.
>>20840 Very admirable endeavor Anon. Redpills will come later in a few years so you have lots of time and can just take it slow and easy. At this point I would just focus on gaining trust (will make pills easy to swallow later) and teaching him responsibilities. Why they are important, necessary, and enjoyable when completed.
>>20840 >>20841 This. Teach him how to work hard and be responsible. Gain his trust, back him up. Teach him to work hard. That's what I wish my parents did more
>>20840 Teach him to think. Teach him to question. Critically thinking is important. Teach him his heritage and customs. Teach him he is loved.
>>20841 >Redpills will come later in a few years This. Teach kids critical thinking. Teach them logic, maths, reason, teach them to recognize fallacies. They will redpilll themselves.
>>20840 Just read to him/her and find a way to connect him to his own national heroes so he can share in the wealth of his ancestral memory. The rest will fall into place. It's really about values at the end of the day, not abstract ideas or politics but straight up values.
>>20840 Play with him. Kids love to play and most of their learning is done through play - the disruption of play is a huge part of why public education is effective at neutering young males. When he gets older and more rebellions - puberty- thats when you can really start redpilling him. Let him be a kid, though try and shape him into a good kid. Also, try and steer him away from bs propaganda entertainment.
Read! Read to him from an early age, every night. Start with Dr. Seuss and move on from there. Don't try to mix in heavy stuff like the Bible or Greek/Roman/Norse Epics, just keep it very light and fun. Sit him on your lap and have him follow along with his finger. The greatest gift you could possibly give him is the ability to read. The vast majority of our generation today is nearly illiterate. Their eyes strain and their brain starts to hurt after reading more than five paragraphs, and most people struggle horrendously to even read a few sentences out loud without stumbling over every second word. It's a silent crisis that nobody seems to notice. Redpills and truths are only found in their purest form through books. If you can teach him to eat through books rather than struggle through each paragraph, you will have set THE foundation for all redpilling. Keep him away from tv as well, but if he must watch tv there's an old program called Between the Lions that repetitively drilled the bare mechanics of reading in a goofy and fun way with monkey and lion puppets. That show did a lot of good for me. Good luck Anon.
>>20840 If I was to add anything, I'd say teach him to be able to judge. Pattern recognition and the ability to make sound judgements is the basis of intelligence. Oh and teach him of our Forefather and our ancient customs. Teach him of the origin and ancient purpose of Yuletide, Samhain etc. Teach him about the Waffen SS, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Maria Orsitsch and Our Struggle. Go into the world with him, both the natural one and the distopia. Show him where great Architecture came from. Teach him about the boss.
>>20840 The one thing you should do at an early age is stress the importance of family. That part of his identity is his family. "I am part you and you are part me." People haven't had to say this before but they have to say it now.
>>23546 Some other anon recommended the fables of Aesop. Kids find them fun and will easily understand them, plus the morals will teach him valuable truths about the instead of liberal "everybody's equal" bs. Read them to him or buy an audio book. Avoid Harry Potter and everything less than 20 years old in general. And don't forget to really get him outside, play soccer or ride bicycle with him, giving him a taste for sports will make him grow up healthy.
A good start would be children stories. Here's one: The Fable of the Ducks and Hens - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Qw5xVn7c0 - https://giabo.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/theducksthehens.pdf (Full Book for download in .pdf format)
>>20840 I'm only a 17 y/o half-a-jappa hapa mutt zoomer (does the underage shit apply here?), but I suppose I could give advice. One thing to do is WATCH WHAT HE WATCHES. Basically check his browsing history, and if he starts looking at degenerate shit, block it, and explain to him why it's bad for him. Do it in a way that makes him understand that you only have the best of intentions for him. Also, ask what he learns in school later, and correct any (((information))) that happens to be joo'd up, like the holobunga. For example, when he says he learned how "NAZI BAD!", show him that the joo casualties didn't even breach a million, let alone six gorillion.
>>25876 Read him the lord of the rings.
Hes still a child, so dont let him get too indoctrinated with what ever nonsense they teach him at school. Tell him that he himself is his greatest teacher, then family is a close second. That him and him alone is responsible for his own happiness, most people in the world are fucking miserable and want to blame it on (((insert anything here))). That he is a white man and is the most powerful specimen that has walked the planet- Maybe not the strongest, maybe not the smartest but the fittest being to be able to survive through evolution of man. Dont let him get bogged down by jew white guilt at any age, and tell him to remain proud of his white race but also in the same context to always conceal this power level.
>>28788 >He himself is his greatest teacher Please no. >Family is a close second Still iffy. I'm just going to say that this is objectively bad. What should be said (adjusting what you state) is that he is responsible for his own learning and if he is told and believes a lie or fabrication, he is partially to blame. He should be told to proactively seek insight, and be given examples of how school or academic institutions may tell a person one thing but the truth be another. Use a couple historic then many modern examples. To be clear, this is not what you suggested: To be one's own teacher is often to be arrogant in what one knows; an 'autodidact' - a researcher, student and thinker, is superior and a clearer message. The rest is pretty good. I'd say about white men that they are the most substantial and that everyone wishes to mold them into their tool as a result. Amongst whites, when they intend to do, when they intend to become, their intent and follow through has the greatest potential to succeed. As a result one has the responsibility of molding oneself rather than being molded, to be conscious and independent, to think for oneself. Pretty good yeah?
>>20840 That image gets to me. Does the child have a father?
>>28737 >block it, and explain to him why it's bad for him I disagree with blocking it, and here's why. the marxist jew propaganda is built on lies and is essentially a house of cards. this is why Hitler did not like using false narratives and lies in NatSoc propaganda, because the truth was more powerful. you will not be able to block this content forever, so it is essential that you provide truthful context to counter these marxist narratives while you can as you will not always be present in the future.
You have to do it ways that kids can accept. The same way marxists teach white kids to share their toys with niggers that will break them, we must teach them that trust and respect is a thing that must be earned and maintained. Little Jimmy will learn that Tyrone that already broke several action figures and assaulted many other children probably doesn't deserve your time or resources.
(66.32 KB 826x559 ClipboardImage.png)
>>34731 These days I imagine a lot of kids are learning life's lessons at an very early age https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8671401/Daycare-worker-fired-surveillance-video-shows-breaking-scuffle-SLAPPING-child.html
>>20840 Just tell them the truth. My father used to tell racist jokes. That really helps destroy the sanctity of racial equality. If the child doesn't see the topic as taboo or sacred, then its fair game and people trying to push their stupid values by using taboos and moral outrage just end up looking like assholes, which tend to make the rest of their values even less attractive by association..
>>34732 Jesus Christ. This country really has gone to shit when daycares are hiring niggress chimps to watch over children. Atleast from now on that kid will grow up to avoid blacks.
>>28821 underrated.


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