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(15.72 KB 224x225 1532651332650.jpg)
ALL NATSOCS ON POL ARE JEWS Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 08:57:34 ID:f3c156 No. 209

Hitler was a Zionist and paved the way for the re-establishment of Israel.
All natsocs on pol are jews just using white nationalism to get you back on the plantation. The plantation (((they))) own. They know there will never be a holocaust given they own the media and have enough people watching and believing their shit.

Now Any mention of anything remotely redpilled is associated with Nazism. If you ask for redpills, you just get a fuckton of “hitler did nothing wrong", like thats the only topic associated with redpills.

Im saying NatSoc is part of the jew plan. They are literally jews. The queen is literally German and has been photographed being taught the Hitler/Roman salute by her parents.

The Balfour Declaration was a British thing and Britain occupied Palestine at the time and the war gave a reason to enact the Balfour declaration.

The Havarra agreement was the German plan to send jews "back" to Israel.

Its all a plan thats been in effect for centuries. Now we can no longer openly advocate anything rightwing because its al associated with nazism. Only the globohomo agenda is accepted.

This was all planned for centuries
(438.72 KB 1549x1627 060.jpg)
fake and gay. take meds. sage
So no argument then. Noted
If people provide zero counter argument and call you a shill, it’s because they are shaking interns at the JIDF. 100% of the time that anyone goes against the status quo or tries to use critical thinking on the Chan’s these rats use the same disruption/detailing tactics. The term glow in the dark came about because somebody will point out for example how trumps entire administration is Jewish, represents Jewish interests, is another puppet administration just like Obama Bush or Clinton etc, then magically ten people will appear to anxiously post OMG SHILL OMG YOU ARE JUST MAD THAT HILARY DIDNT WIN THE MEDIA THAT WE OWNED SAID TRUMP IS BAD THEREFORE HE IS ON YOUR SIDE.

All these “celebrity” nazis are people who are on government payrolls. Why the fuck would the media give anyone but their own people airtime? Why would the British Empire spend every day going “omg Samuel Adams is a terrorist he’s having a meeting to overthrow us in Boston next week at Micks pub don’t go there!”

Alex Jones entire family is cia. Oh wait some are Jewish. All his advertisers are Jewish. He is good friends with his disinformation cousin Joe Rogan. These people exist as a pressure release valve / to gatekeep/ controlled opposition. This is in all their handbooks. Why would these people establish military bases and puppet governments across the entire Earth and then go “Wait let’s let our enemies grow!”

It’s all fucking theater. In the arena of ideas, a famous persons name is USELESS. The subjective truth will always rise to the top. The moment anyone brings in emotion or “Celebrities name, so therefore I control you” / X said this so therefore I control you because their name is an argument” they are a fucking fraud.

These people have a psychotic breakdown when exposed so all that needs to be done to defeat them is their bullshit needs to keep being called out. This is why the entire internet is being censored everywhere. They have already singled out who the opposition is and they have been banned from everything.

Look it’s simple. There are two worlds , their world where every human sucks obama or trump or insert celebrity’s cock for eternity , you have to beg for the right to speak, you compete against other cucks for the right to do some other mans work and build his paradise, and there is the actual free world where every man gets to build his own shit. The free world is the only system that can ever be sustained, the fake world is just suffering. Stop celebrating your achievements in fake world. Stop demoralizing people who are trying to leave fake world. Stop promoting fake world causes. People literally rotted in prison after enduring torture so we could even have a glimpse of free world. That’s the actual “spiritual truth”. All these people from different religions think there’s some magic genie, no, there is fake and gay world and there is free world and that’s the spiritual war.

The problem is every cult mafia and religious group. You are being herded to attack just the Jews because they have immunity to criticism due to centuries of being the whiniest pussy faggots of all time. Right down the street from you are hundreds of people from every background ready to flip a switch that permanently prevents you from assembling freely on the internet because they don’t give a fuck about anything but fake world. They will do anything their masters say because they are bots who are content watching tv and eating McDonald’s. They have never experienced pain because they just follow a script. If you see somebody who has never gotten emotional it’s because they are fully aligned with the faggot kike prison matrix system. Any of these people would jump at the opportunity like a Jew on a penny if somebody was charging you with a hate crime for saying nigger or faggot online and they were on the jury. Your family would probly sell you out because everyone here worships money that is printed by kikes at will.
Based and redpilled
(165.95 KB 1022x865 DcWcg9u - Copy.jpg)
Its "cyber-rabbiwhatchadoin'?"
The eternal anglo, also MUH ZIONISM, theres more to the picture than just zionist jews, globalists jews are even more of a problem, the only thing Hitler did wrong was have sympathy for the jews and try to set up a place for them.

So Hitler was a zionist.
Thats my point
He was an ethno-nationalist
right and ethnonationalism for Israel was the goal of WW2
I wouldnt say a goal of WW2 more like an outcome, the goal of WW2 was to utterly crush any nation attempting to throw off the yoke of international jewry and globalism
Yes - this inevitable outcome was pre-planned

No anon, YOU are the jews
(729.50 KB 245x206 1560807331532.gif)
(125.24 KB 768x768 1568431333058.jpg)
(109.21 KB 1500x1403 81i3HGAJOcL._UL1500_.jpg)
Fucking hell browsing kek images see pic related
wtf? Some jew stealing symbols? na couldnt be, has to be some poltard trolling
visit page, browse other shirts, boomer tier humor, leftist tropes, trump bashing memes
OH SHIT I GUESS WHITE SURVIVAL IS ALSO A JEWISH PLOY AS WELL. Of course as soon as this website is made shills begin to shill. I shouldn't have been so naive thinking this was actually going to be a nationalist sanctuary.
I didnt get that from post, and alot of the previous four leafs natsoc threads did seem like bait
they have always supported both sides, as much as i can respect his efforts for his people he failed and shouldnt be put on a pedestal. I can understand people thinking he was just another goyim pawn. without the hollycaust they wouldnt be as powerful as they are now
true nat socialist is stupid when taxes taxes taxes, imports, outsourced labor and disappearing rights.

what is the point of even talking about political systems.
so what nigger
(136.93 KB 971x853 spicspammingnigger7.jpeg)
Fuck off, SPICSPAM!
Your bullshit, pathetic
"White Nationalism is what kills Whites"
meme attempt is fucking ridiculous!
You'll never be Aryan, you stupid nigger.
You'll never convince any self respecting Aryan to believe this utter nonsense, and obvious D&C attempt to steer us away from the ONLY SOLUTION FOR OUR PEOPLE!

National Socialism is here, and nothing you do or say will hinder this.
The "White" race is finally awake to your shitskin horde agenda to rape us out of existence, and we're not fooled anymore.
There will be no more "playing nice" with you backstabbing niggers!
You're going to die, spicspam.
"Nazis" are going to hunt you down, drag you from your hole, and stretch your vile, subversive neck on a lamp post, you worthless beaner.
You're so fucked.
Don't EVER post your shit on these boards, OUR BOARDS, again, you stupid spicfag!
Go now.
You're already extinct, nigger.
(180.95 KB 1452x920 thisfaggotspiccunt.jpeg)
Why would you so obviously hop IPs to "agree" with your own bullshit if you weren't, indeed, bullshit, spicspam nigger?
It's so funny that you actually believe you're slick!
You suck at this, nigger.
You try so hard, and just keep on failing.
Because your peddling bullshit, nigger.
Who the fuck do you think you're dealing with here, you fucking retarded spic?
You'll NEVER be smart enough to pull this pilpul off, you moron! You shit up the entirety of 8chan EVERY DAMN DAY with this idiocy, and you actually believe no one is going to spot your epic retardation, beanfag?! HAHAHA!! IDIOT!
You will never be Aryan, subhuman filth.
Crawl out of the White Man's ass, and get a new hobby, loser.
You think you survive what's coming, nigger?
That's adorable!
If the Gestapo tells you that reporters say smoking is dangerous, just reply that the media also says that the Gestapo kills, too.
True anons will easily recognize this useless faggot from his EXTENSIVE daily shilling on 8chan, in his bold, RED TEXT, bullshit claims of exactly this bullshit thread.
"White Nationalism kills..."
This beaner sucks kike cock, and has actually convinced himself that La Raza/Reconquista isn't going to get his dumb ass flayed, and splayed at the edge of our borders as a warning to the rest of his shitskin kin trying to "sneak" a War over on us.
Fucking subhuman filth. Almost endearing watching them attempt this nonsense.
They're all extinct already, and deep down, know it.
Suicidal hordes of vermin trying to take us down with them.
Not gonna happen.
Since Americans didn't vote and the US is imploding, Americans are now calling for blood.

When Civil War 2.0 starts, everyone will become the enemy.

Refugees, illegal immigrants, blacks, Muslims, homosexuals, females, churches, the media, the elites, the government, Nazis, Communists, Planned Parenthood, SPLC, NRA, and the ACLU will all become a target.

The US is collapsing and everyone will get the blame. Attacks will result in counter-attacks.
File is probably way too big. That's how often this faggot posted this nonsense, and this infograph wasn't even close to all of them.
Here is just one little corner capped...
Fuck this spicspamming nigger!
The elites keep tightening the screws building the police state. A few nutjobs will go postal and the 1% will use these events to tighten the noose some more.

The ruling class will use recessions to call for more bailouts and welfare to make Americans weak and dependent. The elites will then use their control of the media to spread propaganda that the economy is booming. The 1% will keep using this plan until the Ponzi economy implodes.

After the economy collapses, cash will be worthless, ATM cards won't work, bank accounts will be zeroed out, there will be inflation, deflation, banks will shut, bankruptcies and foreclosures will rise, businesses will close, unemployment will soar, there will be bail-ins, capital controls, negative interest rates, bank runs, bank holidays, gold may be outlawed, riots will break out, martial law will be declared, concentration camps will be opened, a civil war will start, and the ruling powers will try to start WWIII with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran to distract the population.

The future is certain. The only question is when.
(68.46 KB 960x720 1536526130357.jpg)

I explained my point perfectly well. Its well known that jews often spray swastikas on synagogues and jewish graves to engender sympathy. What I am descrbing is cyber-rabbiwhatchadoin'.

No natsoc effort will realistically achieve anything for white people, it will only oslate those who advocate it - which is EXACTLY the goal.

These people advocating natsoc are JEWS getting you isolated and/or getting you back on the plantation that (((they))) have ZOGged.

The solution is to go individual and personal responsibility so no one can get ZOGged and advocate for honest money with no usury.
(36.92 KB 615x409 1437206944680.jpg)

For example; this is the queen being taught the Hitler salute by her parents.

The royal family is literally German, so they have connections with German aristocracy. They are one team.
(57.68 KB 615x410 1556589720823.jpg)

and this is her grandson now.
They always look so pleased with themselves
(157.80 KB 1360x884 proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
(43.79 KB 506x284 Trump-at-the-Western-Wall.jpg)
(58.60 KB 1024x683 proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
At Western Wall, head of Israeli GOP thanks God for Trump
how does this image prove that WWII was about securing plaestine for jews and not about what Ive mentioned earlier
>nat soc
>imports, outsourced labor
what does this image have to do with anything
hey kike
am i missing somethin? i cant find the fault in his arguments i agree with most of what he is saying, and im not a jew. is it just the reddit spacing and the hint of subversion that you guys are calling him out on?
While I have nothing but hate for zionists and globalists i see no reason to align with the nazi party. had Hitler actually killed all the jews I'd get get each morning and give a portrait of him a salute
But he didn't. Didn't even try to. Seems to me all he did was empower them
And the idea that Jews would also larp as Nazi's isn't just a possibility its a certainty
Christ they just arent doing it now they did it in the fucking war
Besides the use of word ALL where is OP wrong? Im sure not All online Nazi's are trolls, I do assume alot are immature and just want to play CoD as the badies. The fact none of you have bother to put forward an augment kinda renforces that suspicion
That's nonsense.

There was some weird shit in the top echelons of German NS, and they ran the war in a suspect way..

But the ideology, the rank and file than, and certainly the rank and file NOW are most certainly not jews.

But that's not a topic to discuss with a deliberate subversionist like yourself.

Hitler was turned into the devil on the liberal side, and therefore he was turned into a God on our side - so untill the last jew is obliged into an oven his actual credibility cannot be discussed.
(386.54 KB 1023x841 You.jpeg)
IP hopping nigger quadruples down on the D&C. I'm shocked. SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!
>Do nothing goy! Definitely don't form strong groups rooted in the only system that works for the Aryan Race because that would ISOLATE you! STAY TOTALLY ALONE, AND ISOLATED INSTEAD! No! I'm not totally transparent and obvious in my intent on destroying your race with lies and subversion.

Fuck you, spicspam. You glow brighter than any other nigger on all of these boards. It's truly astounding that a brainlet like you has actually convinced yourself that 1.) this retarded meme was a good idea to try and push onto your Superiors, and 2.) that after getting repeatedly BTFO'd everywhere you attempted this bullshit, you shamelessly continue pushing his nonsense after getting painted with a glowing target.
You're a fucking moron, which makes it obvious you're a fucking subhuman shitskin kikenigger.
Continue wasting your days with this LARP, you fucking useless beaner. It only strengthens our ranks, and hones our abilities to spot shills.
This is your life, you retarded faggot. Forever, WILLFULLY, crawling up the ass of the Aryan Man in the hopes that he might notice you. Even if it is negative energy. You NEED the White Man's attention to maintain your delusions of relevance. You aren't relevant. You will never be relevant.

You're just another nigger.
Stop posting on NatSoc boards. Stop subverting the Aryan Man's conversations.
You achieve nothing with this bullshit.
You're still going to die in the coming collapse, and you know it.
Just stop, nigger.
Think I did bad job of articulating myself and swear Im not trying to be subversive.
I do not have issue with nazi ideology, and yes Im sure a lot of the rank and file are legit.

I just feel overt display and use of nazi symbolism, while a means to show allegiance serves no other purpose.
I think the movement would be better served to design and use new symbols(though symbols in general should prob be avoided), wording and phrasing so not to be immediately recognized as nazi
This goes for runes, crosses, cute digits and and anything ever associated with neo-nazi's

BT's "The Great Replacement" was fine but did a disservice to itself by using the black sun

It's hard enough to wake up people in real life without being labeled a nazi.
Trying to do so while wearing an armband seems futile

That said, Im sure they would love it, if we all wore armbands.
(220.66 KB 640x480 1568338715018.jpg)
Reluctant to reply to such a childish rant, but will give this one last shot.
If you still want me to leave I will, as I am not getting paid, nor any amusement or joy from triggering you.

I am not IP hoping
I wasnt OP yet agreed with some of his points

I was born in Canada, to a Irish mother and English father
Family wasn't religious, only played lip service to the church
As kids we went to sunday school, but parents were not believers

I am White, male, mid 40's self-employed medium income
Never married and its too late now to begin a family
Im sorry about a role in the Great Replacement, yet when I did have a chance I decided it was wrong to bring an innocent child into this hell
Maybe that was a mistake, or maybe things are only going to get worse. Time will tell, but I suspect its the latter

I have no die hard political beliefs aside from all governments are corrupt.
As a teen I lent far left, as I thought it was best for people to work together and Capitalism seemed cruel
Presently I refuse to support the left or right because they are both full of shit
I didnt vote for Trudeau, he seemed fake. This year I will vote for the newly created PeoplesParty of Canada. Even with a left sounding name, they have been labeled "far right" by the media
While my riding is strong 80% Liberal, I think showing support for the party may help them in the future, I assume they are just more full of shit corrupt politicians, but hey wont hurt to take chance

If I was American in 2016I would not have voted for her, she was a lying warmongering cunt
I think Trump is a moron, but I would have voted for him, just to watch him burn shit down.
I hear most feel he is a Jewish puppet, and while others claim its 4D chess, I dont really buy that as Iv seen nothing to prove that and ample evidence of him kissing ass.

I feel I have been slowly waking up to a nightmare
I see what they are doing to white countries and Im disgusted
I see what they are doing to brown countries and Im disgusted.

I mean you no ill and only wish we could discover and enact solutions to the evils in this world
Our overlords don't even have a good reason for the nanny police state anymore. Toothpicks must be outlawed to protect the environment. Rope must be banned for safety. Baseball hats must be outlawed because they are ugly. Insurance must be mandatory to protect the insurance industry. Flagpoles must be banned to protect property values.

Why not just put Americans in prison when they're born?
You articulated just fine.
You are wrong.
The runes and symbols are ancient. As ancient as our Bloodline. As ancient as our beliefs. If you're too much of a coward to stand by your ancestry in the face of your weakened enemies who have nothing but insult and mockery, and you STILL allow them to cow you, and frighten you off of your own Culture, Heritage, History, and Ancestry, then you're already extinct, and a liability to actual Aryans who aren't worthless fucking cowards. You're not going to "invent" some new "costume" to "hide" the intention of the Aryan Race to survive the, now openly admitted and celebrated, genocide of our people. THEY WANT YOU DEAD, DUMBASS! No matter what you say, do, nor what color you paint it, will make a difference.
Stop caring, dipshit. Stop being so fucking scared of empty words from empty people!
Stop falling for THEIR propaganda, moron!

Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

KYS right now if you're so afraid of simple confrontation. Because you're already dead otherwise, faggot.
There is only one solution.
The only solution that History favors.
Dehumanize yourself, and face to bloodshed.
(178.75 KB 1291x322 resentment.png)
pic related says it better than me
>weakened enemies who have nothing but insult and mockery
Seems to be a wee lil understatement considering the wealth, power and level of total control they weld

>Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.
Seems delusional, to me at least.
If I accept the analogy,
We are Lions and the sheep are the millions of blinded goys,
What does that make Them?
Agree with pic,
Whats the solution?
How can it be realistically accomplished?
Wow. You really are a leaf. Clueless and Spineless, almost as if on purpose. I can't relate.
Good luck to you.
The usual reply seems to be race war Now.
Been hearing that for Years in fact

Acts of violence (even the ones that are not staged) seem to only work in their favor, get twisted to suit their goals.
The queen is literally German. But England was "the allies" fighting against Germany. War is ONLY some form of human sacrifice and the top echelons of either side are both one and the same. War is nothing to do with power struggles or forcing some political system.

This global kabal used Germany to instigate an eternal reason why no one can question jews or the gobohomo agenda. Hitler was one of them and escaed to Argentina after he did his job.
lol Now you come back?
I just finished convincing him that the two of us were not the same shill and here you are agreeing with me
(126.26 KB 600x620 mm masterace.jpg)
Peace out Burger, Truly hope you and your Master Race win the war one day
(92.54 KB 640x853 dde3aee7ca.jpeg)
/new/ almost seems carefree and innocent in retrospect. What a time to be alive.
(6.59 MB 1710x1347 Spannish Kike Slide thread.bmp)
So apparently you thread sliding kikes are multi lingual
I was searching for other bunkers and found this
No he is right
(745.19 KB 1077x725 57657567565.png)
This guy and OP are correct

Hitler isnt even really a Zionist - he's just a puppet and he works for the Controllers. It's that simple. Just like Alex Jones, Trump, Joe Rogan, when are you people going to get it?

>Calls others glow in the dark nigger

Any critical thought is shouted down on normiechan and even 8chan of old. That anon is right on the money. They are all puppets.

All of your idols are puppets, get it? All of the stuff that is pumped up on the media, YOU ARE MEANT TO SEE.

Remember Crowder and how he got kicked off? Its staged. Alex Jones getting booted? Staged. Hitler's "Death"? GUESS WHAT MOTHERFUCKER. STAGED.


Thats how they control the world. That's how they do things. They've been doing it like this for ages. People believe whatever is given to them without questioning it.

National Socialism and its prevalence on 4chan is coordinated. You are supposed to go along with it because the masses of the population are not, are never, ever, going to get behind it.

Yes I know the image of the swastika was originally a good thing. Yes. Unfortunately, it is not known to be a good thing now. Perhaps in the future we can use it, but National Socialism, your Swastika, the "Hail Hitler" salute is fucking DUMB SHIT THAT BELONGS IN THE PAST.

IT BELONGS IN THE PAST BECAUSE THOSE WHO USED IT LOST. THEY LOST THE WAR. Technically, we *all* lost the war, but it is a losing ideology. It is an old ideology.

We need a NEW brand. A new ideology that can be brought to the masses.
>The runes and symbols are ancient. As ancient as our Bloodline. As ancient as our beliefs.

It's called marketing you dumb fuck. You cannot awaken the masses by spamming nazi symbolism. It's just not going to happen.

It is a losing strategy which is why its been so heavily promoted. Why you get shouted down on 4chan if you dare question the way things are headed.

It's called marketing, market the awakening a better way. Brand it. Brand it and they will come.

Instead its the same shit. You are doing the same shit they are doing except you're even worse at it. Modern liberalism at least has good branding because its simply Communism in disguise.

But this? Terrible branding. It's the same shit. Recycled old shit. Come up with someone new.
your reddit spacing was the thing that convinced me
>Using proper spacing is now known as "reddit spacing"

Who would have known that we've become like niggers
Its the same image sure. Its easy to save images an re-use them.
Theres no translation of what I wrote though and I dont speak Spanish.

I assure you my theory is mine alone and Im not saying it to slide anything or for any reason other than I genuinely believe it. And no I'm not a kike either
This guy gets it.
Hitler was a puppet. He may have thought he was carrying out his own beliefs sure, but ultimately he had a "handler" or someone watching his moves to make sure his actions can be eternally used to shun any rightwing opinion.
You do understand that "muh reddit spacing" isnt an argument. Like, if thats all you can say as a rebuttal, you lost the argument right.

Who started this whole "if you use reddit spacing, what you said is invalid" anyway?
Does it hurt your feelings to know I don't even read your walls of sperging idiocy anymore, spicspam?
You have already exposed your entire, tired, tattered agenda, nigger, AND YOU SUCK AT THIS! No one listens to a word your say, faggot.
The more your INSIST your bullshit non sequitur is 'reality', the brighter your glow, nigger. You've been doing this for ages. You expect people to believe whatever is given to them without questioning it. The moment your shit is questioned, it falls apart. And so do you, bitch.
You're a fucking idiot, and you know it.
You got BTFO'd all over 8chan quite easily, 4chan is too retarded to even notice you or care, and you think you have full reign on these obscure boards to spew your bullshit. However, as >>569 pointed out, you fucking morons push this nonsensical pilpul every day, all day, in every arena you can muster.
And yet, STILL, not a single Aryan Man is swayed by your obvious propaganda, you stupid beaner. HA!
We're coming for you, Jose, and we're bringing EVERYTHING NAZI WITH US!.
You're going to die, spic. You and every last roach in your shitskin horde "caravan" will be dust on our border. Your bones crushed into concrete for the Wall.
Nothing you do or say will stop what you've created, you fucking subhuman parasite.
You're already extinct, you fucking worthless nigger.
Don't ever post on Aryan National Socialist boards again, you speck.
You'll never be White, you filthy fucking nigger.
IP hopping nigger.
Everyone read what this brainlet wrote here, and laugh your ass off!
You actually hit 'enter' after thinking this, typing this out, and then reading it.
You're a fucking moron.
Hitler did nothing wrong.
We're coming for you, kikefucker.
So you sperg out and call other people kikes for any opinion that you don't agree with. You are so convinced you have everything 100% right that you don't even listen to any new ideas. You're no worse than the establishment.
It seems to me that with your accusations of "glow in the dark", ip hopping, and just your general fanatical attitude, that you are the one spreading dissent and possibly working for alphabet agencies.
I'll also add that this just might be the most important thread on all the chans right now. OP and >>589 are spot on
(31.88 KB 1200x1200 Hakenkreuz.png)
Your bullshit doesn't work here, does it, nigger?
>So you sperg out and call other people kikes for any opinion that you don't agree with.
No, nigger. I recognize blatant repetitive patterns, like this retarded logical fallacy "argument", that you stupid kike minions can't seem to change up because you don't have a single creative, innovative bone in your entire inbred, subhuman DNA.
It's obvious you filthy vermin are deathly afraid of the mere imagery of my Volk. It is deeply ingrained in your blood memory, and THIS is the ONLY reason you try so hard to hinder, and stop anyone attempting to rebirth OUR Ancient sigils and runes.
IP hopping faggot.

We will march down OUR streets again, flying our ancient symbols, and we will drag every last one of you rats from your holes, and hang you from the lamp post. Lamp posts fitted with a sea of Swastika banners, of course.
You can't stop this. Not with your projections of cowardice and fear, and not with your empty mockery and insult, and not with your continually failing 'predictions' for the failure of my People.
Every last one of you useless niggers is already extinct, and you know it.
We're coming.
I don't doubt your sincerity OP just was first thought that came to mind and felt a little chuckle could lighten the mood
(phonefagging from work)
(2.08 KB 114x125 1536798952541s.jpg)

>Does it hurt your feelings..........
(21.40 KB 453x448 snoop.JPG)
>I don't even read your walls of sperging idiocy
>Writes wall of sperging idiocy that no one reads
You keep proving us right by launching into these utterly ridiculous rants. Everyone here wants to see our civilization return to glory. But shouting people down as likes just because you disagree with them is detrimental. 8chan became irrelevant because of lunatics like you
Bro you are so over the top...I wouldn't be surprised if you are one of those dickheads that push to ban and censor
constant derp
>just because you disagree
Why do you faggots continue to repeat your idiocy after you've been BTFO'd?
Oh yeah. Kikes.
I don't have to disagree. You're full of shit, and the bullshit you idiots are trying to sell to NatSocs is glowing shit.
If you are indeed a real NatSoc, but to afraid of your own Ancient Heritage to fly them without fear, then you're not wanted among these ranks, you fucking cowards.
If the "mean words" of your enemies are all it takes to keep you from standing up and fighting, then you're already extinct.
Nothing but frightened, frail faggots, already totally controlled by social engineering of your yid overlords. You live in fear, and you will die scared, cowering in a closet somewhere, and then raped by a gang of tranny niggers.
>over the top
What a pussy you are.
>ban and censor
the pathetic faggot claims as he tries to convince me to ban and censor myself.
Are you little kike faggots even capable of grasping how and why you glow so brightly around these parts yet? Why, no matter how many resources you throw at these boards, you continually, and predictably fail?
I love watching you idiots squirm, simply by saying, "no".
Fuck you. We're coming for you, and nothing you do or say will stop us.
Sleep well.
I'm not a "Natsoc" I am a man of European descent that wants to see his civilization return to glory. My allegiance is to my ancestors and my culture, not "National Socialism" or any other "ism" because they are used to divide and conquer my people.

As I do believe you are here to do just that. The glow in the dark is you. People like you are already starting to ban dissenting opinions from the narrative. Quite ironic considering that it's usually our side that is censored.

You are falling for social engineering. You are adopting a failed ideology that will fail again. Here is the difference between me and you

Your allegiance is to National Socialism and its idols like Adolf.

My allegiance is to my ancestors and to European civilization.

If you cannot see where you are going wrong in your fanaticism, then you are no better then the kikes you rant about.
You're too stupid for this conversation, nigger.
You will NEVER save your "European descent" without a National cohesion of the People, and that is impossible if you're going to ignore racial/National lines.
And, again, the very simple concept trumps all of your bullshit. IF YOU ARE GOING TO ALLOW YOUR ENEMIES TO DEFINE YOUR MOVEMENT FOR YOU, YOU ARE ALREADY EXTINCT!
You're more afraid of your own Heritage than our enemies. They have effectively brainwashed you to deny your own Culture and History, you fucking moron!


Or you're just lying. I'm going with this, you fucking glowing kike vermin shit stain.

Oh yeah, yid, explain this? If this "ideology" failed so hard, and "will fail again" (Nostradumbass), why are you so intent on tearing it down as it is OBVIOUSLY making a raging rebirth?!!!
You fucking parasites are so fucked.
Come back tomorrow to kvetch more. I want to thoroughly enjoy your angst and misery as you watch us slowly, and methodically rise up, while you are powerless to stop it, and we gradually, like a slow-motion explosion, fully engulf every last one of you filthy slugs.
The Bill is well overdue.

We're coming to collect for ALL you've done to our Volk.
And ALL of our Runes, Sigils, and Symbols are coming with us, faggots!
Can't wait to meet you, yid.
It's cute that you actually believe you're going to "hide" your intentions from everyone.
How's that working out for the Commies on the other side, pretending that Antifa aren't just a bunch of Bolshivik faggots? Do you honestly believe that none of us can see through the raging Left "Democratic Socialists" as anything other than frantic kike commies, openly advocating for my genocide?
Are you really as dumb, and lacking of all self reflection, as those fucking mongrels?
Grow your balls, faggot. You're going to need them.
(8.78 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>nd that is impossible if you're going to ignore racial/National lines
No one is debating that you dumb faggot


So your reasoning is to charge head on into bullet fire. Great strategy dumbfuck.

> why are you so intent on tearing it down as it is OBVIOUSLY making a raging rebirth?!!!

It's not making a "raging rebirth" you donkey. What's making a rebirth is White racial consciousness. See, you're mentally handicapped and associate White racial consciousness with National Socialism and Nazism.

These angry, foam-at-the-mouth sperg outs are proof that you know that what I say is true, yet you want to continually deny it.

It really boils down to this simple formula: White racial identity =/= National Socialism/Nazism

Yes! I know. Big ideas here. But it's true. Why adopt an ideology that failed? Why adopt old symbols that have a negative meaning? Adopt with the times. Our enemies have, so we must too. Adopting old imagery of people making Hail Hitler salutes and swaistika's is for edgelords that like to make big exclaimations on remote imageboards like 8chan but not for the real world.

We want real change. You're not going to get that with these sperging rants and you're not going to get that with old ideaologies.

We need and want something new - something new and improved. Get it peabrain? Or are you just gonna call me a kike cause that's all you're good at?
(72.06 KB 625x599 1568219906506.jpg)
>Why adopt an ideology that failed?
How does it feel to repeat your idiocy, only to be completely ignored, irrelevant, and ultimately just wrong?
You're a fucking coward, and you prove it with very post.
Even if you were legit, and not a fucking kike, I wouldn't want spineless faggots like you anywhere near me when the bullets start flying. You're a liability, you faggot.
the only place where that spacing is "proper" is reddit maybe you should go back
> Why adopt old symbols that have a negative meaning?
Now you've fully exposed yourself. My ancient Sigils, Symbols, and Runes hold nothing but POSITIVITY to me, and my Blood Memory, you fucking neanderkike coward!
I LOVE the fact that these symbols hold "negative meanings" in the minds of my enemies, you faggot!
And if these same Symbols frighten ANY Aryan Man, then he is a mind fucked coward, like you, and is not welcome any where near our Movement.
If you aren't a kike (doubtful) them you go feel free to re-invent the wheel, and try and "hide" your intentions from our enemies, who will call you a fucking "NAZI!" no matter how many rainbow unicorns you tattoo on your ass for your "new and improved" "marketing".
You're already extinct, you fucking moronic faggot.
We don't "need" anything "new", you spineless slug. We simply need to stand boldly in the face of our frightened foes, and spit. You're too much of a faggot to even do that.
You are not welcome on our Soil, nigger.
Kill yourself, before one of us does, you fucking weakling. Traitor.
(61.36 KB 1024x577 1568556686589.jpg)
>It's not making a "raging rebirth"
cry moar, bitch
You're still going to die.
(1.96 MB 400x206 1565666413776.gif)
I take pride in intelligent writing. Being dumb and writing dumb is for niggers. I guess I can't fully embody this because my previous post has some spelling errors. Oh well.

Lol you foam at the mouth so hard my friend.

> ultimately just wrong?
Adopting this ideaology killed millions of my fellow White European men. MILLIONS. And yet here you are advocating for it.

Do you understand you fucking donkey dumbass?

This is why its pushed so hard on the chans. It worked before. And it will work again to kill millions of my fellow brothers.

>I LOVE the fact that these symbols hold "negative meanings" in the minds of my enemies, you faggot!
The problem is that its not just your enemies, but your potential fellow White men as well that are still under their spell.

It's called marketing. Everything on this earth is bought and sold and no matter how much rhetoric you spout, nothing will change that.

>We simply need to stand boldly in the face of our frightened foes, and spit.
Again you are advocating to charge into bullet fire

We need to fight smart, not hard.
>These angry, foam-at-the-mouth sperg outs are proof
You argue like a fucking kike.
"NUH-UH!" isn't an argument, you faggot.
Non sequiturs in your mind prove nothing, you nigger.
I'm not buying your bullshit.
Kvetch for me, Schlomo.
You take what I say out of context. Either you are a complete moron or you are an agent.

White racial consciousness is making a rebirth. National Socialism is not.
>>325 same cuck leaf phonefagging again

Is it just me are all hardcore nazi's raging inside Or are really angry people just prone to be nazis.
Not belittling the issue (there is reason to be angry)but holy fuck I'm amazed how you treat natural allies.

>following will be triggering may want to ignore
While I do t really doubt this chaps sincerity consider the follow hypothetical case.
Imagine for a moment OP is right and most hardcore nazi's are in fact larping Jews and FBI. How infuriating would it be if your job is containment , cataloging , and entrapment. Here you found 4 to 5 suspects and while they all hate Zionists and hold beliefs that are in direct opposition to your plans. None of them are going to call for extermination and give you any ammunition.
"Why won't you just put the armband on goy?" He screamed at the computer screen
>my fellow White European men.
Kikes aren't White, nigger.
> The problem is that its not just your enemies, but your potential fellow White men as well that are still under their spell.
Good. They're cowards, and easily manipulated by emotional humiliation. Faggots like you have been trained to respond irrationally to social cues. Mob mentality. SHAME!
I'm here to shame you faggot out of caring what our enemies think. You will FOREVER be a "NAZI!" to these assholes. You will never hide. You will not "trick" them. You will not "market" your way out of this empty label, faggot. If you don't suck tranny dick, and like it, and then push it on your own son, you are a "NAZI!". OWN IT, YOU SPINELESS FAGGOT!
>It's called marketing. Everything on this earth is bought and sold and no matter how much rhetoric you spout, nothing will change that.
Thank you for confirming your yidness, you fucking kike.
You will never understand Spirit, nor what it means to actually invest that Spirit into something beyond this material plane, you fucking soulless jew.
>Again you are advocating to charge into bullet fire
No, I'm not. But you can't exist in a debate without your precious Strawmen, and other bullshit logical fallacies. You don't even know why you're so full of shit. Totally brainwashed.
You're afraid of your enemies' bullets? Why the fuck are you even here? Go take a nap, and wait for it all to be over, coward. You don't survive anyway.
>We need to fight smart, not hard.
You're not fighting at all, you spineless faggot. And you're trying your damnedest to convince other anons to follow your lemming lead into "do nothing goy".
Do you think it goes unnoticed that every time
you push this lame thread (yes, this same, tired, bullshit thread, pushed by the same glowing spicspamming nigger) that not one of you cowards offers an actual alternative?
This is why you glow, nigger.



Yeah, I see you, spicspam, you glowing nigger. This shit still has not, nor ever will, take hold in the minds and souls of REAL Aryan Men, you fucking vermin filth!
Our Runes and Sigils speak to our very SOUL! Our Ancestors call out to us from beyond through the Ancient Alphabet!
You will never hear it. You will never understand.
We are going to march down your throats flying our Sigils that you so rightly fear, and you are going to die with this being the very last thing you see besides my smugly smiling face.
Good riddance, nigger.
You're going to destroy the entire bullshit, reverse psychological narrative that these desperate kikes are trying their damnedest to meme into reality.
They can't accept that they've lost all of their power. People aren't even falling for monetary bribes anymore because they recognize the coming financial collapse.
The kikes have nothing left, but this sad attempt to "scare" Aryans away from National Socialism because... ..."MARKETING!".
It's fucking hilarious.
I love watching them squirm. Especially about the Swastika that will by flying over the pile of their smoldering carcasses on EVERY CORNER, of EVERY WESTERN STREET, in EVERY ARYAN NATION!
Probably the Arab world too. There is nowhere left for these yids to hide, and their tricks don't work.
They lost all power over our Volk.
You will not stop what is coming, and your fear is palpable. I love it!
this anon is right, optics cucks BTFO
Jew gets GET he deserves