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(60.81 KB 1920x1080 memethreadtitle.png)
(302.23 KB 1200x900 memethread-photo.jpg)
Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 17:41:15 No. 21367
MEMES & OC Dump your /pol/-related webm / mp4 / memes / OC here.
>>21372 6/6 (found #20)
(44.07 MB 1920x800 DOTR-III-Ride-To-Valhalla.webm)
(122.52 KB 750x537 DOTR-RideToValhalla-title.jpg)
(1.01 MB 2852x1604 corona-chan-bio.png)
(1.03 MB 2248x3048 corona-chan2.png)
Corona-Chan is doing a 2020 world tour.
(1.54 MB 1000x770 LAST PERIOD.png)
(1.07 MB 1200x458 126659743.png)
(565.26 KB 800x449 1577223935780.png)
(2.41 MB 800x2000 BOOM.png)
(819.48 KB 1000x500 GIGAKIKES.png)
(734.09 KB 900x600 power_overwhelming.png)
(990.36 KB 800x800 themedia.png)
(139.97 KB 852x480 ZomboMeme 26122019154616.jpg)
(70.79 KB 540x424 ZomboMeme 26122019155121.jpg)
(70.98 KB 584x531 ZomboMeme 12122019154534.jpg)
>>21455 Pic 4 is breddy good also dubs harvested
(263.43 KB 3508x4961 itslegaltocriticize2.png)
(176.04 KB 3508x4961 itsoktosubscribebw.png)
(334.65 KB 3508x4961 womendeserverespect.png)
>>21489 There is NO stage 2!!!!!
(281.61 KB 1894x1000 desmond.jpg)
(528.40 KB 1600x900 OC sheitzstaffel SS.jpg)
(449.26 KB 2050x569 OC natsoc new counterculture.jpg)
>>21526 >What is sage? >There is NO stage 2!!!!! No one said there was a stage 2 faggot. Shitposting irl is always stage 1. ;^)
(87.72 KB 684x671 oc frank corona.jpg)
>>21368 how do i open them in text
>>21720 you must be high or trolling bro. they're png files
yeah i am a brainlet, i thought they were a pdf, whatever
>>21489 I regret that I did not think of this troll.
>>21720 >how do i open them in text >>21722 >you must be high or trolling bro. they're png files >>21723 >yeah i am a brainlet, i thought they were a pdf, whatever I remember there were pngs that were also pdfs like two years back Save original file and change extension to pdf Posting the ones I have
(178.24 KB 720x1156 Aussies-borntoshitpost.jpg)
(164.07 KB 880x672 gommander.png)
>>21374 the nasim one is great
Communism You'll know it when you see it. NPCs were pre-programmed to reject Communism. Use it!
>>21922 >the nasim one is great ty >>21943 have a template
(59.37 KB 800x800 1579895117466.jpg)
(200.47 KB 999x442 hurtbx.png)
(58.67 KB 500x456 1579897248226.jpg)
(340.35 KB 600x978 1579898090937.jpg)
(81.14 KB 686x526 1579842799981.png)
>>21374 i really love the aesthetics of old 70s book covers
>>21372 Just wanted to let you know that these are super funny bro! Im laughing so hard, thanks.
(477.58 KB 300x100 greenbreeze2D.gif)
(493.29 KB 300x100 greenbreeze2C.gif)
(478.97 KB 300x100 greenbreeze2B.gif)
(411.73 KB 300x100 greenbreeze2A.gif)
(490.61 KB 300x100 greenbreeze1.gif)
REMEMBER Transgenders do not love and accept their birth gender. They hate it so much they murder it. Transgender is a codeword for Gender Bigot.
(3.14 MB 2048x2048 COPE-look-son.png)
OC bump
(281.97 KB 937x883 1457534765.png)
(1.41 MB 1756x1875 memeticthoughtvirus.png)
(476.76 KB 965x624 macron-pute-des-juifs.png)
(829.92 KB 532x904 jewsdid911notredamemetoo.png)
(87.33 KB 800x800 epstein-911-minimal.jpg)
(178.04 KB 449x1250 donotfeedthebirdsinafrica2.jpg)
(678.60 KB 720x600 oven-with-a-view.png)
(1.11 MB 1830x913 wdtmbt-youtube.png)
(994.48 KB 4266x3060 white-supremacists2c.jpg)
(469.22 KB 2400x1598 white-supremacists1b.jpg)
(114.71 KB 950x468 undocumentedpharmacists.jpg)
(117.43 KB 848x488 undocumentedshopping3.jpg)
(105.25 KB 666x488 undocumentedvehicletransfer.jpg)
(138.52 KB 708x1278 ropehope.png)
(233.35 KB 817x1400 thehammercivilizationbuilder.png)
(1.78 MB 1200x800 waritneverchanges.png)
(6.58 MB 1600x1597 warneverchanges3.png)
(1.64 MB 1929x1553 anonstonormfags-deadbodies.png)
(10.71 KB 1300x860 Atari-Aryan3.png)
(1.14 MB 3260x2468 YourLifeSubscribeWiselyB2.jpg)
(32.52 KB 2000x1236 rainbowswastikapixelmerge3.png)
(124.28 KB 2000x1236 rainbowswastikaclockwise.png)
>>21368 Shit meme, why spam it?
(101.79 KB 607x399 ok boome-.jpg)
(172.55 KB 577x480 look here.jpg)
(967.42 KB 1367x1366 cuckchan.jpg)
(257.60 KB 881x385 Untitled.png)
(115.23 KB 600x837 soon.jpg)
(175.47 KB 1387x954 hmmm.jpg)
>>22605 t. 16chan owner or mod or bo >8chan two times Where is your proof of Jim Watkins actually being a jew?
>>22614 Didn't claim Jim was a jew, 8kun(8chan) and 8chnl are two separate sites you stupid fuck
>>22615 >>22616 Then why is 8kun in that star?
(546.56 KB 4009x5906 moneymerchant.JPG)
Made this the day infinity was gassed
(974.21 KB 800x800 ojm.png)
(981.97 KB 800x800 ojm_example.png)
(21.33 KB 1000x500 ojm_logo.png)
(371.34 KB 800x800 ojm_plain.png)
(1.00 MB 800x800 ojm2.png)
What is Bernie talking about? Why should we endorse him? Use your imagination!
(38.29 KB 1200x1200 adl-merchandise.png)
>>22617 >didn't lurk the required 2 years lurk nigger and don't piss in an OC thread when there is a thread for faggotry & questions at >>4985 >>22605 was correct >>22654 pic related - a few months before the Tibetian free speech writing forum was kill >>22655 Good to see you visiting anon. >first jew president >no mention of commie umm bro you're not on /ws8kung/ now
>>22714 >was correct You're supposed to tell me why.
>>22716 >You're supposed to tell me why. >still pissing in the thread with no OC contribution >can't into sage >You're supposed to tell me why. >You're supposed to >supposed to I'm not supposed to do fuck for you, nigger. Fuckoff back where you came from. Just joking, here's why... No, really fuckoff fed. What you were told about here during 'training' was a lie, but you're still naive enough to think it was accurate. You will need to deny raw Truth to continue to believe the (((truth))) they told you.
(99.97 KB 1200x900 CuzlSBmWAAAH6nM.jpg)
(796.46 KB 800x763 MAGA_HAT.png)
(638.17 KB 800x800 MAGAHAT.png)
>>22714 I'm here a lot. 4pol is just for shitposting and meming. This place is for intellectual discussion. Add your text that's why I uploaded clean ones. I endorse people to customize and improve. I PRESENT THE MAGA HAT. In case you haven't seen it before, its from 2016. Had success with it on 8kun and plebbit, MIGAboomers are really annoyed by it.
(195.42 KB 1024x640 IDF red pilled.jpg)
(440.09 KB 1024x943 1560792764386.jpg)
>>22617 OC OP here I was asked what I thought about recent ddos at 8kunt, and of course my first thought was da jooos. Then browsing resaw that meme and tried to shoe horn it in facebook - jew pornhub - megajews reddit - jewlovers 4cuck - kike infested 8chamel - pedo kikes and/or pedo kike feds and Jim who got ass raped for a (random) event at a synagogue, force to roll over to jewdiciary for what appeared to be fed run psyop on his board Sorry I had to spell it out, either its was a shit meme or ....
>>22737 Why a White one? The red is more iconic.
>>22744 Pretty sure the white was original, the red ones gained popularity late in campaign (white/blue or black/gold, red isn't a jew color?)
>>22745 >>22744 An educated guess would be that the white maga hat represents "whiteness" and by extension "white nationalism", "white supremacy" etc. We are talking about jews after all.
>>22745 Honestly I can't find anything one way or the other about that. There is some shop that's claiming they have the "Original" and it's black.. huh I don't believe it. I always have seen the Red at first during 2016 only later did I see the White or Camo (on jpgs of Anime girls).
>>21760 That book cover makes no sense, baphomet is a symbol of the occult not a symbol of judaism or even related to the canaanite religion.
(373.94 KB 694x839 1574358338440.png)
(72.52 KB 768x432 1574375144760.jpg)
(146.12 KB 1024x682 1574395607435.jpg)
(645.93 KB 718x959 fed3.png)
(461.98 KB 740x909 impeachmen_times_of_israel.png)
What are your thoughts on blue memes?
(460.34 KB 1000x500 honkler.png)
(590.41 KB 800x529 bluechicks.png)
(585.85 KB 663x960 1574714022183.jpg)
(34.60 KB 411x499 1574381780139.jpg)
(516.48 KB 895x1007 1574377347148.jpg)
(611.57 KB 1043x1043 1574444113483.jpg)
(308.68 KB 483x626 ICELAND2.png)
(3.01 MB 1242x635 b4.png)
(1.03 MB 1200x653 b5.png)
(755.86 KB 676x619 b3.png)
An edit of the SAS "What is truly Scandinavian?" anti-European video.
>>22655 I wouldn't really say (((Bernie Sanders))) would be the first kike since both Obongo and Trump came before and have at least one kike in their family trees. Obongo has (((Ann Dunham))) who was his mother and Trumpstein has a Scottish ancestor that was some Jewess along with many of his children and grandchildren that are kikes. Which means if this election becomes the wet dream of a migapede from that one pepe/wojak of Trumpstein and Bernie, then it will be the most kike filled election.
(4.19 MB 2501x2500 carbontax-climatechange.png)
(20.75 KB 1296x730 boomberg-terminal.jpg)
(41.02 KB 639x666 frisky_mike.jpg)
(5.36 KB 639x666 frisky_mike_dialup.jpg)
(48.22 KB 1024x576 konmike.jpg)
(5.21 KB 1024x576 konmikedialup.jpg)
(142.76 KB 1296x730 bloomberg-terminal-hq.jpg)
(4.86 MB 3888x2190 mikebloombergoffice.png)
>>23059 >>23068 >bloomberg-terminal-hq.jpg >high quality lel. Actual high quality is pic related
(62.53 KB 750x445 stronger_together.jpg)
(200.27 KB 1908x1146 ny-bagel-shop.jpg)
(96.28 KB 992x558 This Is Not Progress.JPG)
>>23000 Abraham Lincoln" FDR? Eisenhower?
(169.62 KB 992x558 89239fihsidi3.jpg)
(732.05 KB 1920x1080 ADL-HaveSexIncel.png)
(60.82 KB 715x676 billboard-template.jpg)
(64.99 KB 715x676 shalom.jpg)
>>23249 Jews aren't white. Jesus that line up the front runners; Bloomberg (Major Kike), Sanders (Commie Kike), Buttjudge. (faggot rat) I am amazed and on the other side is an orange kike! Looking at this upcoming U.S election makes me want to shoot myself.
(959.41 KB 888x499 canvas.png)
Testing 1,2,3 Testing...
(603.12 KB 600x450 tXQhPHAe.png)
Testing 1,2,3 Testing...
(624.25 KB 800x1035 look-at-those-4b169036d1.jpg)
Testing 1,2,3 Testing...
(631.18 KB 800x1035 look-at-those-2dd60d5ac8.jpg)
Has the 2020 election memetic warfare begun?
>>23385 AOC isn't even old enough to run.
>>23232 >Lincoln I'm not sure on him being a kike but I did hear about his greenbacks plan which was money supplied by labor. Along with his plan to ship the dindus to Liberia. For the cons of Lincoln, he didn't act quick enough or bright enough to send the dindus back. Instead it was just "free" men and it just resulted in Lincoln being (((assassinated))) and dindus roaming free. It would practically be the same if the Confederacy won as well. Which makes the American Civil War one big double edged sword and an example that kikes can play both sides. >FDR He was not a kike, but that zionist cripple made sure to screw both the US and the third reich over at the same time. From bombing German supply lines causing mass hunger for all Germans (soldiers, citizens, and anyone in the labor camps) to creating the modern day welfare system that dindus and spics enjoy. >Eisenhower >About the same as FDR with ww2 but instead of welfare he killed off small towns with the highway system and nearly brought ww3 with the U2 spy incident. While still being a proud zionist and zogbot. At least Patton became aware before his (((car accident))). Which bring me to the question of just redpilling both sides during this so called election season (since both parties are kike owned). This thread is perfect for a way to screw over both parties, make sure that everyone knows the election is a big circus act, and making the normalfags do something more bigger than the Yellow Vests protests in France.
>>23392 Brings*
Hell, the public knowing about the (((free bus rides))) during the elections of people from other states and towns (or even countries) voting multiple times.
>>23386 >>23392 >>23393 >>23396 >>23379 'This is a Memes & OC thread. If you want to bitch about who will face Zion Don in the 2020 election make a thread for it. Don't piss in this one.
(147.04 KB 1160x813 sandawgs.jpg)
(105.71 KB 720x736 2020lol.jpg)
(80.90 KB 700x687 hard_choices.jpg)
(78.43 KB 750x634 1516059523162.jpg)
(71.70 KB 1027x658 1524294598515.jpg)
(91.19 KB 782x684 Radical discussion.jpg)
legalize smug
Jews Erase Whites Secretly Jews Erase Whites In Secret Hate
>>23878 We should do the second one on Halloween 2020.
Communism Coofunism Coffinism Coffunism You'll know it when you coff it.
(687.80 KB 500x338 SUCK IT DOWN.gif)
So apparently posting this will get you b& on half/pol/.
(556.33 KB 800x800 PEAK_PROG.png)
(178.97 KB 959x1024 :pol:whiterage.jpg)
(248.45 KB 700x700 memetime.png)
>>25023 yeah nah m8 reckon the cunts shoulda listened when we warned them this is the boogaloo world nao so fuck em
The WHO cries out in pain as it strikes you
>>25019 I like this one. I like that it includes /pol/ as well. Nice meme.
>>25019 >faggot lifts in the middle of an attack >>25053 >I like this one. I like that it includes /pol/ as well. Nice meme. >cucked faggot likes cucked meme who knew Battle of Boogaloo (Chicom war) imminent
(544.07 KB 700x700 charlie_and_the_sheriff.png)
(996.20 KB 828x1311 IMG_0279.jpeg)
(3.75 MB 640x360 Brenton is so precious.webm)
(3.78 MB 1280x720 Meet the Brenton Tarrant.webm)
>>25077 "Communism - you'll know it when you see it" Coronachan version + coof variation.
(717.20 KB 960x720 2022anonmeetup-colorizedplate.png)
>>21367 (anon) >>21368 (anon) >>21369 (anon) >>21370 (anon) >>21371 (anon) >>21372 (anon) >>21374 (anon) >>21375 (anon) >>21376 (anon) >>21377 (anon) >>21388 (anon) makes the first ever Corona Chan >>21489 (anon) >>21543 (anon) >>21760 (anon) >>21769 (anon) >>21943 (anon) >>21944 (anon) >>21991 (anon) >>21993 (anon) >>22420 (anon) >>22518 (anon) >>22519 (anon) >>22521 (anon) >>22523 (anon) >>22525 (anon) >>22527 (anon) >>22529 (anon) >>22714 (anon) >>22729 (anon) >>22992 (anon) >>23016 (anon) >>23080 (anon) >>23252 (anon) >>23321 (anon) >>23457 (anon) >>23878 (anon) >>24350 (anon) >>25048 (anon) >>25077 (anon) >>25313 (anon) >>25325 (anon) >>25333 (anon) >tfw truthful memes so dank memeposting over TOR is banned because "fuck the first amendment and truth and shieet like that". >tfw ban happens within hours of seeing 16ch links to this thread posted on glownigger grand central 8kunt* ^_^ * https://8kun.top/pnd/res/84697.html#q87760
(1.22 MB 1920x960 8chcontainmentshut1.png)
(514.12 KB 900x1200 corona-chan-visits-tokyo.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1712x932 coronachan-makes-1million.png)
>containment is (((shutdown))) >meme released into the wild >shit happens Speaking as a fellow jew I think we should have left their containment open, don't you? Mazel Tov!
>>25429 wtf you talking about? The post you linked doesn't exist There is a ton of 64ch.xyz spam (but assume that is bernd spammer or dolphin, false flagging)(like when he false flagged astrochan spam here on 16) Tor file was turned off because this >>25341 ("jews econmy" tor poster) retard posted 8 shitty one liner threads https://16chan.xyz/.global/logs/pol/2020-04-01.html
(301.46 KB 1200x1500 coronavirus-ccp-rice-pay-price.png)
>>22827 >baphomet is a symbol of the occult not a symbol of judaism dont be this brainlet >the canaanite religion. >the synagogue of satan is a canaanite religion seriously don't be this nigger
(107.08 KB 601x691 soylenttest2.png)
(50.91 KB 701x732 top kek.PNG)
(51.71 KB 729x740 actual results.PNG)
>>25519 top kek The first image is what happens when you always choose the white guy. Meanwhile, these are my actual results. Dont know if I did something wrong, but it turns out for some reason I got 100% dominance
(3.90 MB 560x442 DudeYoureACuck.gif)
(1.70 MB 536x593 FaggotPolice.gif)
(300.58 KB 475x294 LordOfTheMutts.gif)
(3.83 MB 800x450 MurdochChanOnOptics.gif)
(6.67 MB 600x338 MurdochMurdochHotTater.gif)
Fun I've had making/learning different gifs DudeYoureACuck.gif - Just made today for the lulz FaggotPolice.gif - Worked on putting another gif inside the same picture, sometimes having Honkler chase a shill's ID LordOfTheMutts.gif - This was a long image strip, a gif asking to be made MurdochChanOnOptics.gif - Chan regarding Optics, it's nice gifs for cuckchan because no sound MurdochMurdochHotTater.gif - Hot Potato
(3.72 MB 199x148 RedditCuckDiscoversPol.gif)
(3.72 MB 199x148 RedditCuckShitGrenade.gif)
(743.04 KB 1920x1080 SayThe14WithMurdochChan.gif)
(1.04 MB 1920x1103 TheHighestLevelOfAutism.gif)
NiceGuyNationalistsMurdochMurdoch.gif - Just trying to see how much shit I can fit with decent quality RedditCuckDiscoversPol.gif - Never will forget the first time i saw this RedditCuckShitGrenade.gif - A lot of kike shills are on the boards. frame 37 can be copy/pasta'd to another ID, setting up several .gif with a frame(s) that you can quickly make a punchline are great for short lived threads SayThe14WithMurdochChan.gif - For the 14 Words TheHighestLevelOfAutism.gif - Expressing Feels GIMP was free so that's what I have been using with FFMPEG, but am thinking about trying another piece of software. anyways, snickerdoodles starting to burn, later frens
>making gifs very nice! what software are you using?
>>25747 A combination of GIMP and FFMPEG
(133.58 KB 1024x639 jewsandtrans.jpg)
>>25741 Kudos for the effort anon
I hate to make a request but here I go. Anyone have the video of a guy giving a speech about nationalism in the usa during wwii? Its in black and white and the guy is on a roof or a high balcony and the video is taken from the ground looking up slightly. Even if someone knows the name of the guy that would be plenty. I cant find it anywhere don’t remember enough to have specific keywords for a search. Thanks.
>>25949 ty fren, latest work in both gif and webm format, first time using 12 bit encode on ffmpeg, vp9 codec
(4.07 MB 1623x1272 spy-natown.png)
>>25740 A properly encoded mp4 in many cases can be smaller than a gif. Use ffmpeg two pass encoding >>26458 >12bit vp9 >45Mb for 1:02 WTF were you thinking? You can encode a full length movie into a third of that size. obligatory OC
(4.33 MB 960x720 vp8.webm)
(1.36 MB 960x720 vp9Vid_Aud_Compressed.webm)
>>26459 yes the file size deserves explanation, this project I wanted to try turning just images into a movie and still be able to get them back out with as much detail as possible it's lossless so the frames can be split back out to the original, but yes less than 5 MB with even a little compression applied one format I practiced with came out with to several GB lossless, so vp9 at 45 MB for lossless was impressive as fuck, images split right back out into GIMP and could work on them like they were original the video is actually 1488 pictures (about 5mb each, 32 bit RGBA) combined together at 24 fps, it can be split back into it's original 1488 frames, 1488/24 = 62 seconds, 1:02, did I mention 1488? each frame will be it's former picture the gif format... for the lulz over mp4 or webm for a lot of my shitposting, if I had to give up gifs to mp4 or webm on cuckchan I'd probably take vp8 webm for converting gifs a platform i upload videos to won't take vp9, so I had to upload the vp8 example which was much smaller, but by the time they process it poor pedo bear can't be made out clearly in the sewer drain when the nigger is flipping off Murdoch around the 0:42 mark, but seems still viewable in this one >Use ffmpeg two pass encoding to be fair vp9 12 bit depth encoding requires 2 pass, so i may have been aware of 2 pass encoding when I made the gif, just didn't want mp4 or webm :3 hope that explains wtf I was thinking fren, and I'm sure you are aware lossless creates some donger files, to make the thread comfy again the 2nd file has crf 48 with the audio changed to opus 64k. 1.35 MB total size, video part being less than 1 MB, but if you come after my resolution or anymore bitrate I'll be forced to kill you lad, reeeeeeeee
(3.79 KB 92x216 1488.png)
>>26459 did I mention the number of frames?
(2.81 MB 1567x875 1you.png)
>>26501 Saved >>26502 Have an OC Reichs(you)
(3.15 MB 1568x876 thxfren.gif)
>>26505 thx fren
(356.49 KB 720x812 a superior race.png)
(49.45 KB 720x692 Western priorities.jpg)
(157.90 KB 644x900 Munchausen's syndrome.jpg)
(223.19 KB 800x766 Tony on AIPAC.jpg)
Not OC but a few good ones. Wish I could see more thought provoking ones like these but it's much easier to just go for the old "kill nigs lmao bottom text". Although funny and a fundamental part of /pol/ culturally, an hour session of browsing these memes makes me feel drained shitty, like my neurons are paralyzed from inactivity (or maybe that's just the natural psychological response from browsing 4pol, which many of us have abased ourselves into doing since 8pol got shoa'd). These aren't profound by any measure, but are the necessary step from pure edginess to critical thinking in order to develop solid beliefs and ideology.
(653.71 KB 1800x1012 RNHS-stayhomesavetiktok.png)
Royal National (socialist?) Health Service in bongland Good thing they are under house arrest, and having their operations cancelled so the nurses have enough time to rehearse and make tiktok videos in the middle of A FUCKING PANDEMIC!!
>>26501 >frames can be split back out to the original, but yes less than 5 MB >5Mb / frame Compress colors at least >vp9 >1+Mb >looks like shit Used crap codec h264 to make an even smaller file. A bit depth other than 2^x is likely to have issues (decompression speed etc). There's no point in being 'smart' if no one can see your video. >lossless creates some donger files Depends. How you're doing it yes.
(658.28 KB 1800x1012 RNHS-stayhomesavetiktok2.png)
>>26662 wording edit
(912.13 KB 700x700 JUICE.png)
(107.42 KB 1488x540 ouch.jpg)
>>26664 right on :)
(661.54 KB 998x1200 hillarycunton-colorized.png)
>>22992 Holy shit ! There's sound here! Sorry, I'll shut the fuck up and go back to lurking, cya in two years
>>22844 Has potential. Especially on twitter. Likely to cause a lot of kvetching.
(4.10 MB 1280x720 covid.mp4)
The infamous (since yesterday) Elizabeth Ane, as seen in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8dp_ixoblQ
>>28039 Based niggers don't actually exis-
(6.71 KB 498x59 anon_brainchad.png)
(222.72 KB 526x395 MuHnigger_equality.png)
(238.53 KB 526x395 TruEnigger_equality.png)
Saw some 4cuck post some shit but the post AND image is highly exploitable. https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/257718089/why-cant-conservatives-understand-equality-vs HERE'S MY OC: "Why are Neo-liberals and progressive humanitards such cuckheads that they have 0 understanding of reciprocity and essentialism? Since talking about genetic distribution triggers them so much lets re-frame it into gibs for my fellow basketball Americans. >Say 3 niggers are stranded on an island. >One is a nigger, 5' 9" and 265 pounds. >One guy is just an nigger 5' 9" 165 pound. >The other is nigger 5' 9" 105 pound underweight. >They stumble upon a humanitarian airdrop with 15 crates of guns, ammo, food, water, ebony mags and other various essential supplies. >They get no EBT cards or foreign aid for the foreseeable future. Liberals would say that it is fair that they get 5 each, hell maybe some of them would even argue that the most diverse or virtuous should get the most. The true answer is that the most violent nigger will take it all and make your moral vindications redundant." XXXX Okay. I'm done. Tried to post on 4chan but forgot it's website and leadership is controlled op. Which is a shame because some of the users are genuinely based and on the ball. The website offers greater dissemination to the wider range of normies. However, I won't accept bare backing my IP to make OC redpills or memes. >replace those crates with the backs of white people and it would make more sense thanks # 257738585 of 4chan for the suggestion I also wonder if porn segregationism sentiments (anti-bestiality-racemixing and anti-kike) and sportsball nationalism as a means of propaganda. It's probably the best way to redpill the sheepies. If you make healthy propaganda I'd recommend making the prop. material normie accessible like implicit (not like this shitpost) ethnocentric messaging, not fedpost or kike over focusing. They'll learn the truth if they are ready after being nudged a little.
(620.67 KB 1080x1512 jake leg.png)
(441.25 KB 600x670 emily.gif)
(86.95 KB 600x670 emily.jpg)
>>28234 Compare https://www.amren.com/news/2020/04/her-name-is-emily-jones-white-seven-year-old-brutally-stabbed-to-death-by-somalian-immigrant-in-british-park/ http://archive.fo/PjWPl <To The FOUR (4) sentences BBC wrote for this story http://archive.fo/GFVFr
>>28237 The BBC started to play the Muslim call to prayer on its stations because of coronavirus. Does anyone want to take bets as to whether it will stop when coronavirus is gone?
>>28237 >stabbed randomly in a park at 2:30pm This is the secret to Islamic terrorism. These people can hide under rocks for years at a time and then all of a sudden attack. There are two defences to this: 1. Kill them first 2. Hide behind fortifications and retaliate when attacked The first is illegal for white people. The second is becoming illegal and makes us prisoners in our own homes. Creating a functional state within the decaying state is starting to look like the only option at this time.
(945.50 KB 1080x1500 emily jones,7 .png)
(2.16 MB 747x7560 Schneerson1.jpg)
(1.19 MB 769x8554 Schneerson2.png)
>>28262 >Posts meme >Under 24hr later reality is kill China rekt
>>28290 >b CCP >Mandate of heaven lost >Day is turned to night and the heavens fall.
>>28290 >5月21日半夜到5月22日凌晨,广州东南部、增城、包括老城区在内的东莞北部遭特大暴雨袭击,其势头之猛、雨势之急,很多地方都被淹没了,在龙舟水中也堪称少见。闪电不下2000次、这是那个在渡劫啊? >From midnight on May 21st to early morning on May 22nd, southeastern Guangzhou, Zengcheng, and northern Dongguan, including the old city, were hit by heavy rainstorms. The momentum was so strong and the rain was so urgent that many places were flooded. Water is also rare. There are no less than 2,000 times of lightning. Is this the one that is going to be robbed?
>>22992 >nigger says "viking ancestors" god dammit
>>28290 >>22992 >>28314 >Swedeistan meme ( >>22992 ) >Swedeistan now rekt
(1.40 MB 1600x1600 coronavirus-wear-a-mask.png)
>faggots refusing to make unwarranted spying useless by taking back their privacy
(88.78 KB 500x566 kfhgjfg.jpg)
(497.49 KB 1584x672 atitagain.png)
>>28417 here ya go buddy
(125.42 KB 779x862 wtf.png)
muh freedom of expression !
What did google mean by this?
(5.74 MB 1280x720 leftypol-gayborhood.webm)
if you want to find autistic people to bully I can't think of a better site.
(83.43 KB 632x378 bcccd204.jpg)
(853.94 KB 2400x2180 saint george.png)
(472.86 KB 1293x1407 OC merchant (1).jpg)
(352.84 KB 1024x776 OC good boi.jpg)
(1.57 MB 1228x1142 wefroze.png)
(127.34 KB 1000x1000 HD_100902320_01.jpg)
>>21374 >88knots for dotr kek
(714.72 KB 1000x1000 SLAVERY_MERCHANT.png)
(1.43 MB 1240x1754 MERCHANT.png)
(636.97 KB 700x700 LANDLORDS.png)
(32.82 KB 510x620 PepeBooks.png)
>>29440 "88 knots to tie on dotr.. ..but you only need one" is the full title ^_^ We do real books now too. See >>25641
(20.06 MB 854x480 1.mp4)
(12.06 MB 854x480 2.mp4)
(1.93 MB 1280x720 bigger guns.webm)
(385.02 KB 603x900 HIV.png)
(285.12 KB 720x907 rape.png)
(1.67 MB 900x1500 WIMINZ.png)
(438.21 KB 702x1250 CORRELATION.png)
(126.93 KB 492x800 population_change.png)
>>28316 Is role model they say, be like them they say.
(330.51 KB 780x468 malmo_mayor_israeli_lobby.png)
(253.84 KB 830x803 sweden_rape_case.jpg)
(582.91 KB 674x714 1581122105886.png)
>>28316 le model society pt II
(71.35 KB 618x996 1581117099358.jpg)
(105.00 KB 780x553 1581292342477.jpg)
(548.80 KB 679x667 1581292574728.png)
(98.68 KB 1024x849 1581292564117.jpg)
(499.22 KB 705x842 rt_bombings.png)
>>28316 pt III - the progressive utopia
(225.50 KB 1210x1354 b83a1ffdac1ce6da.jpeg)
(320.84 KB 729x929 PSYOPS.png)
(291.39 KB 707x889 gotland_rape.png)
(151.40 KB 994x715 1581292352229.jpg)
>>28316 utopia pt IV - controlling the narrative
(853.35 KB 700x700 riots.png)
(2.51 MB 1080x1600 boomerwaffen-2020-colorized.png)
Boomerwaffen from St. Louis when their gated community was stormed by BLM commies
(33.58 KB 700x341 Ebr67UVXYAErGr0.jpeg.jpg)
(256.35 KB 940x705 EbppO-bXkAA_4X1.jpeg.jpg)
(594.23 KB 1440x1920 EbqFTe8XYAEEklT.jpeg.jpg)
(115.03 KB 1044x503 5763f403dd08954d438b4841.jpg)
>>29751 Remember This Couple? This is Them Now Feel Old Yet?
(298.74 KB 2000x2000 v1.png)
(87.53 KB 700x700 v1_700.png)
(298.74 KB 2000x2000 v1.png)
(87.59 KB 700x700 v1_700.png)
(139.41 KB 1000x1000 v1_1000.png)
Small mistake fixed.
(4.75 MB 1136x640 Humza Yousaf.mp4)
(409.27 KB 573x4484 Humza yousaf scotland white.png)
(5.95 MB 854x480 o18mzF01oeMk.mp4)
(270.67 KB 720x880 20200701_101620.jpg)
(269.73 KB 916x721 muh dick.jpg)
(147.39 KB 1241x1475 bwc meme 2.jpg)
(68.02 KB 640x761 bwc meme 1.jpg)
(125.00 KB 714x1024 Huny Buny.jpg)
(66.40 KB 768x1024 black femcel lusts after bwc.jpg)
Some cannon fodder from 4chins that was being posted in an OPs thread the Jannies keep nuking. Was lurking them and lulzing when "black anon" and the hapa spammer would shit the bed and spam porn till said thread was nuked.
(225.85 KB 523x911 OC karen hate.jpg)
(230.05 KB 1050x761 OC XENOCRACY.jpg)
(311.64 KB 681x535 OC boomerwaffen.jpg)
(934.28 KB 832x628 sbt.png)
>>29824 nice
when jews take over your country they sell your women as slaves also why women should not be allowed to vote https://invidio.us/watch?v=o081wqsny7w
(439.50 KB 1150x1172 memeball-coronavirus-hongkong-uk.png)
I know bongland is targeting Hong Kong because it is China's money launderette, but you have to be legitimately retarded to deploy mass immigration as a defense strategy. Now if they back out they've cucked to China's demands, and if they continue they're fucked by Chinese spies. Maybe I'm wrong, and their 'intelligence' service is really for attacking their nation rather than defending it. It certainly seems that way.
(23.80 KB 667x229 1223.png)
(29.81 MB 854x480 xNmGMyOpCfK6.mp4)
>>33380 Yes, the entire establishment in Britain needs to burn. All of them.
(1.90 MB 1200x1145 ClipboardImage.png)
(540.13 KB 640x851 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.11 MB 1440x1573 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.58 MB 3240x4320 1594184360172.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1140x1443 WWJD-ArmedViolence.jpg)
>>33696 based and redpilled
(935.07 KB 708x697 ClipboardImage.png)
(254.07 KB 960x538 H9SDTYt.mp4)
(2.68 MB 2936x2202 a4n6a4684.mp4)
>ironically How does he get away with it?
(16.34 MB 1280x720 Right Wing Scooter Squads.mp4)
Right Wing Scooter Squads
(350.24 KB 1500x1125 have-sex-incel-lets-fuck-bitch.jpg)
(1.13 MB 2500x2500 black-lives-splatter-tshirt.png)
(2.49 MB 368x432 video0.mp4)
>>33823 Nice shirt, but why 3 yellow lines and not 2? Assume they are suppose painted road lines but 1 or 2 is normal for road paint. Don't think I have even seen 3. Looks more like yellow racing stripes
>>33731 If this is OC, very good.
(672.34 KB 791x596 ClipboardImage.png)
(7.77 MB 854x480 germancities.mp4)
(14.62 MB 480x360 1596326320667-3.webm)
(1.62 MB 640x480 1596326320671-4.webm)
(658.92 KB 1920x1080 NyanNyan Year Review.png)
(1.08 MB 1920x1080 NyanNyanCosplay.png)
Does this mean she is /our/ girl?
(16.23 MB 600x480 commie takover.mp4)
(38.55 KB 720x408 foughtbankers.jpg)
(524.16 KB 1008x633 diversitymn.jpg)
(46.02 KB 1000x500 whiteisbeauty.jpg)
(86.98 KB 735x490 buddhaterror.jpg)
Death to the Bugs! FREE TIBET!
(636.85 KB 806x1789 covid19riots.jpg)
(1.49 MB 1236x1246 blmgrave.png)
(3.21 MB 1280x1280 schlop.png)
(53.84 KB 500x833 1595746039063.jpg)
(5.91 MB 460x344 1.mp4)
(2.21 MB 1168x1791 1.png)
(54.67 KB 758x405 1597061210286.jpg)
(1.19 MB 1124x1721 1597063740930.jpg)
(739.67 KB 2048x1842 1597064126650.jpg)
(38.55 KB 720x408 foughtbankers.jpg)
(19.23 MB 1920x1080 racist icecream2.webm)
*IMPORTANT* The Swastika, Thor and The Big Dipper The reason all the ancient civilizations cherished the Swastika is because all of them were Aryan or Nordic civilizations. The Swastika is NOT a universal emblem, and any use or memory of what it truly means by non-Aryans or Nordics is simply the little they can recall before every last one of them destroyed the ancient Aryan or Nordic civilizations.
cuties producer
(5.21 MB 832x720 the_usual_suspects.mp4)
>>35286 Webm version
>>35289 good work anon and thanks for cutting out catbitch too
>>35289 Bless you.
(788.84 KB 680x954 16002973945.png)
>>35286 >>35289 Misinformation. The Wikipedia page was taken down because it was on French Wikipedia, entirely in English. https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sylvain_de_Zangroniz&action=edit&redlink=1 >Attention : vous êtes en train de recréer une page qui a été précédemment supprimée. >Assurez-vous qu’il est pertinent de poursuivre les modifications sur cette page. Les journaux des suppressions et déplacements pour cette page sont fournis ici pour information : > 22 août 2020 à 07:29 3(MG)² discuter contributions a supprimé la page Sylvain de Zangroniz (Article en langue étrangère / Article not in French) > 21 août 2020 à 02:04 Binabik discuter contributions a supprimé la page Sylvain de Zangroniz (Article en langue étrangère / Article not in French) > 20 août 2020 à 02:02 Habertix discuter contributions a supprimé la page Sylvain de Zangroniz (Article en langue étrangère / Article not in French) > 10 juillet 2018 à 16:28 Kelam discuter contributions a supprimé la page Sylvain de Zangroniz (Test de débutant – cliquez ici pour faire vos essais) >Warning: you are recreating a page that was previously deleted. >Make sure it is relevant to continue making changes on this page. The deletion and displacement logs for this page are provided here for reference: > August 22, 2020 at 07:29 3 (MG) ² discuss contributions has deleted Sylvain de Zangroniz's page (Article in foreign language / Article not in French) > August 21, 2020 at 02:04 AM Binabik discuss contributions has deleted Sylvain de Zangroniz's page (Article in foreign language / Article not in French) > 20 August 2020 at 02:02 Habertix discuss contributions has deleted Sylvain de Zangroniz page (Article in foreign language / Article not in French) > July 10, 2018 at 4:28 pm Kelam discuss contributions has deleted Sylvain de Zangroniz page (Beginner test - click here to test) Someone must have just made the information up for the meme. Though I don't doubt Jews are involved, I can find practically nothing on that guy anywhere on the internet, especially anything about his citizenship.
(11.58 MB 971x546 biden.webm)
(143.12 KB 644x644 jew moderator.png)
jew moderator
(1.13 MB 1280x857 closer.png)
>>21367 >Be me >Order pickup >Pick up food with no mask >Manager gets upset >I smile flip her the bird and walk out >Man in his plumber truck sees me do this with a smile >Plumber gets enraged >I call him a faggot >He gets out of his truck >I leave >Plumber follows me to my condo >Plumber says I fucking know ware you live now >I cold cock him in his car >I walk up my stairs while he recovers >Plumber follows me >Plumber gets kicked down the stairs >Plumber comes back for round three >Child like scuffle ensues >Neighbors come out >Plumber gets away >Plumber calls cops >I’m going to Jail for an unclassified assault
>>36079 Shits bad anon. Is there CCTV or impartial witnesses?
(662.95 KB 2132x2200 oy vey btfo.png)
(508.69 KB 1456x1268 strangling a kike.png)
(590.03 KB 800x571 1602782932169.png)
(341.98 KB 594x587 image0-137-1.png)
>>35990 That video is really informative. Is there source to the guy making the speech? saved.
>>36082 >that 4th pic So close anon, so close yet so far.
(116.59 KB 1574x1480 canada.png)
gulags tomorrow in your town
>>36115 >Leafs getting put in gulags The one who posted that kike's sticky note from this >>21686 is becoming more and more true. Most of the stuff has already happened. >gangs controlling chaos Which is how Antifa/BLM are causing chaos in the streets after that coon George Floyd died >passports revoked on April 4th With how kikeronavirus has been plaguing the world. This happened right away with no one leaving to either live somewhere else or even vacation. Now with the leafs putting gulags up it seems to be those Wal-Mart camps might be coming soon. Along with the possibility of some even coming on October 19th and a bank holiday happening the next day.This is a good post, it can go into either the Corona thread or even its own thread.
(597.27 KB 800x800 DEBUNKED.png)
(11.39 MB 1280x720 1st nov.webm)
(272.83 KB 1016x1357 rsz_20201019_2138411.jpg)
(8.72 MB 640x360 kami-nomorebrotherwars.mp4)
kami - no more brother wars
>>36660 When did that happen?
Think it was today Mark Brnovich AZ attorney general and Kam was on https://www.twitch.tv/citizenbum stream tonight
>>36665 Thank you anon.
just removed from jewtube
(7.66 MB 1280x720 Reeeeeeee.webm)
(25.11 KB 1040x110 tor here.png)
(176.40 KB 1676x851 tor.jpg)
(170.67 KB 1060x860 Tor is dead.png)
(436.45 KB 1000x1600 this-is-what-a-rr Tor (2).jpg)
(4.50 MB 136x240 книжечка.mp4)
>>36749 >(((torausers))) Бля..
(23.76 KB 502x700 1606179300863.png)
(47.44 KB 800x800 1606179594260.png)
(144.89 KB 1642x1250 1606185760910.png)
(71.30 KB 795x595 1606186196937.jpg)
(50.71 KB 1134x566 1606187230717.png)
Quarterchan doing Alegria memes
>>37110 >Quarterchan doing Alegria memes >Anons make beautiful aesthetic art >Rats can't create beauty so they make gutter 'art'. >Quarterchan bait threads try to get anons to descend into the gutter & make gutter 'art'. >Retards take bait. Enjoy the gutter life. The only case to emulate the humaans style should be to create honest versions of specific propaganda posters already out.
(2.52 KB 498x99 Säge.png)
(259.44 KB 480x480 SkKgURPp8lyszADG.mp4)
>>37127 Fyi "sage all fields" does not function with lynxchan Use the toggle
(3.53 MB 811x456 covid.webm)
>>37266 checked and saved, anon
(3.83 MB 640x360 william9.webm)
https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ellievhall/anne-frank-memorial-idaho-vandalized-stickers https://archive.fo/gPXGS
(2.24 MB 349x196 1601081602499.gif)
(71.17 KB 720x900 1596836609850.jpg)
(2.91 MB 648x360 1596007367604.webm)
(1.26 MB 1141x721 1595997812147.png)
(620.67 KB 1080x1512 jake leg.png)
(345.39 KB 1280x1159 2020-12-25_13-15-13.png)
(190.53 KB 1024x1024 109_times.jpg)
>>38028 Thanks for sharing that Anon. Every. Single. Time, eh?
>>25469 Go back to fox news you kike boomer Covid is fake stop blaming china
(48.28 KB 220x220 TheHappyCoronavirus.png)
>>25469 Nice try, moishe.
>>39960 >>39963 >replying to 10 month old post, as if every anon wasn't blaming, mocking and meming China last year Fucking newfags, go back to 1/4chan
(18.61 MB 450x360 94aea237e6.360.mp4)
BTW does anyone know the song? I couldn't make out the lyrics well enough to google it.
(7.94 MB 960x540 1435183942380.webm)
Mai waifu <3
(6.17 MB 854x480 perl jam ver2.mp4)
(24.10 MB 480x360 Dylan FBI.mp4)
(2.52 MB 854x480 perl jam 264.mp4)
(214.07 KB 1209x1106 premium bait.png)
(495.21 KB 676x481 Captura de Tela (113).png)
(3.69 MB 640x480 realaustraliansonly.mp4)
Real Australians Only
(45.26 MB 640x480 Princes Of The Universe.webm)
(5.79 MB 384x720 sap2.webm)
(138.35 KB 1501x543 Expulsions of Jews.png)
>>41812 Kino
(192.47 KB 556x638 1615268543939.jpg)
(11.60 MB 827x1245 27.webm)
(57.87 KB 500x500 4vm8d2.jpg)
(14.02 MB 1280x720 La Creatura.mp4)
(8.35 MB 1920x1080 usgovtjews.mp4)
jews in the us govt
>>36820 >Let us track you No I like to stay anonymous, Fednigger
>>36820 Your point? the same people made the internet.. J.Licklider who worked with DARPA to create ARPANET, the first iteration Internet as we know it. And do you have any actual evidence? This is the weakest fucking anecdotal bs ever? >inb4 you trust them!!11 Don't blindly trust anyone
>>42947 >Oy vey! 16chan is Fedchan. >16chan is so pozzed it deletes political artwork. Coming from the 'tarrant sperg' aka 'cunnyposter'
>>42954 >'cunnyposter' >posting a memorial for a murdered child forgotten by everyone including you is 'fedposting' kys you sick cunt, everyone knows you feds are pedos that's why you keep deleting the memorial post and making false accusations.
>>43014 the "tarrant sperg" was not posting ebba memes. he was whining about not being able to post little girls. you're off the mark here.
>>43017 >he was whining about not being able to post little girls Why do Jews fear the lg so much?
>>43020 >Why do Jews fear the lg so much? Because it will motivate men like Tarrant into action
ITT pedo defending posting pornographic edited images of Saint Ebba
>>43035 I bet you saved the whole pic, sicko
>>43036 >*cries out in pain
>>43035 Oh, I wasn't aware pornographic images of Ebba even existed. Rule34 indeed.
>>43035 <omg i like love and respect this dead girl so much that i yank my tiny cock to photoshopped nudes of her!!!!11 this faggot needs to fucking kill himself
>>43020 >"Hello fellow NatSoc, don't you know jews are the real anti-peds?" >>43026 >lg go back to 8channel, samepedo
>>43017 >the "tarrant sperg" was not posting ebba memes. he was whining about not being able to post little girls. you're off the mark here. I dont care or know who your "tarrant sperg" is. > you're off the mark here. >thread OP is off the mark here No you lying glownigger. A meme using a news photo of Victoria Rose-Smith, a young white child murdered by her black foster 'parents' was posted. You deleted it, and continue to lie about it because this is fedchan, and devils like you don't care stopping children being murdered. Feel free to delete this and gaslight like all the previous posts after all your kind don't know any better.
>>43102 >reeeeeee honeypot won't let me cunny post
>>43102 you are abusing the memories of dead white girls. go fuck yourself to death with a power-drill. i want to personally murder you; you are a fucking faggot. sage.
>>43119 did you post the wrong thing I don't get it
>>43035 >Saint Ebba thats heretical she is a martyr more then anything else but even that does not fit well
>>43119 Similar gifs of same woman were posted to /b/ yesterday.
>>43121 >th-that's heretical Fuck off Jew worshiper
>>43124 >if I have no argument call them a christcuck I can either act more autistic then you and call you a christ cuck back or we can have a proper conversation >>43123 I still don't get it is this girl wanting attention or something. is some incel just posting picks of her? or is this just some autistic anon being bored
>>41812 I changed the song to something not normie tier his older songs are said to be leftist but now his songs are esoteric/pagan and anti great replacement t ROME – Who Only Europe Know (Full Song)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-0rF1HJL2U also I dunno why the file is so large if some one has the time to shrink it even more then I have already did that would be helpful also pls send me the link of the compressor if you used a online on I lost the link to mine that works pretty good
>>43128 nvm I need to compress it some more it's just not uploading fast enough and it's giving me "connection failed"
(25.76 MB 1280x720 pricesoftheuniverse.mp4)
>>43130 >>43128 also if anyone knows of any good altkike or accelerationist music let me know (not retarded rap music I know there based and sheiit but rap is nigger tier)
>>43132 Neofolk music is not really easy to find. Sonne Hagal Byron de la vandal/Byron and Paddy "We'll have our home again" from "Männerbund(?)" You always have fashwave even if it's electronic it sometimes do the work fine even if it's nigger tier in my opinion
>>43289 >Neofolk music is not really easy to find. not if you know how to look here friend this channel has plenty of neo folk songs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2NYaO6-oNclwZBcWf0KdxA and many other based music groups also thanks for the names of some artists with songs I might like
(1.68 MB 640x360 Elliot2-2.webm)
>>43363 Elot Roger is a mentally ill incel mutt
yo any one got some nazi death metal
>>43385 Not so much 'death' metal, but there's a bunch of metal >>>/culture/506 here
>>43403 thanks anon
>>43132 Nice. You can try this guy, his stuff is powerful. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OCssa6gbK_59rGPDPapxg/playlists The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon is incredible. I want to make a video with it and images of Whites rising up.
>>43411 Make a video from We Will Live next, shit's great.
>>43523 Nobody cares about your ripped asshole faggot
Your thread was shit. Nothing but some copy pasta about ripped assholes, then you proceed to spam it over and over along with some porn to make a point. Fuck off
>>43527 >>43525 >being this much of a faggo No one gives a shit (pun intended) about your ripped asshole thread. None of us are interested in discussing this issue. We do not want your pornography posted to our board. Sodomy is a sin, simple as. With the whole world in crisis and tyranny bearing down on all of us, we have better things to spend our time on than discussing torn assholes. Fuck your "logical fallacy" bullshit and FUCK YOU.
>>43527 >Opinion. How can anyone even know whether others around here feel the same Lurk moar, faggot >Misrepresentation #1 Same copypasta for past 5 months on various chans
>>43529 lol "rekt'em"
>>43531 >continues to be a faggot we know what you're doing here and it won't be allowed. kindly FUCK OFF.
>>43533 FUCK YOU
>>43535 >factual and important information on perforated rectums >spamming <why do i keep getting banned?
>>43535 See you later, "the american aids boy"
>>44587 This guy is such a dumb faggot. The "tax me more" comment is her saying that rich people like herself should be taxed more (as opposed to the working class). Responding to that by saying "but you're rich xd" doesn't make any sense. It was exactly her point. The Jewess is most likely insincere and is just paying lip service to her anti-capitalist followers. She's an uber-kike who needs to be gassed, but this Adam guy is a massive retard.
(64.78 KB 960x600 1620716079375.jpg)
(950.03 KB 2376x1584 1620757946509.jpg)
(9.72 KB 185x250 1620893829430s.jpg)
(267.50 KB 1482x856 1620917084538.jpg)
(741.51 KB 612x612 1620917725586.png)
(1.47 MB 1740x1688 567ynb476.png)
(67.47 KB 691x677 avow.jpg)
(98.39 KB 750x500 hershel1.jpg)
(99.47 KB 750x500 hershel2.jpg)
(93.89 KB 564x532 8578567.jpg)
>>45363 Why give lurking alphabets a shitty flow chart of this. Also assuming that everyone who becomes Natsoc starts out as a cuckservative and never transitions from a liberal position. Surely you know Hitler in the infancy of his movement drew upon the left as well.
(31.07 KB 286x399 ManoftheCentury.jpg)
>>45970 Stop being so fearful. If they could do anything to us all for shitposting about how niggers aren't human, they would have done it already. I excluded all non-whites from my life about two years ago, and have become slightly more than subtly racist with family and friends. I found out my surviving grandpa and one of my uncles are also racist, was a nice family bonding thingy. Also made a few new friends, who are white and much better to have as friends than any nigger or niggerlover ever. Being afraid, like it is somehow bad if people realize you know the truth, does more to harm our cause than just about anything else. Several niggers have actually tried to fuck my life up or get me fired since I adopted this attitude, they all failed to do anything, like impotent zoo animal retards chimping out.
(360.63 KB 666x444 civic-nationalism.jpg)
>>41016 What's this?
(1.35 MB 1646x1139 Untitled12_20210114220135.png)
(1.03 MB 1696x1696 Untitled13_20210117002039.png)
Main list of RW content creators: https://alexanderthegr8est.blogspot.com/2019/11/list-of-dissident-right-bitchute.html Content creators that are not in the main list: https://textbin.net/qqal74jjcg I highly recommend to watch this video by UBERSOY where he gives solid tips regarding right wing content https://youtu.be/o80Ey1VcOmg In short: >Have good optics >Don't express support for fringe conspiracy theories >Don't be explicitly right wing (you will attract people who already agree with you >Connect with other right wing content creators and support them so they could support you back >Be original, pick niche topics TOOLS FOR CREATING COUNTER CULTURE: >Memes Online image editor https://photomosh.com paint.net is arguably one of the best and most widely used free tools for "photoshopping" and making memes: https://www.getpaint.net/download.html beginner's guide to paint.net: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsL935G0VMM ------------------------------------------------------------ >Drawing Digital drawing some kind of graphics tablet and stylus (hardware) combined with Krita, free and open source software: https://krita.org/en/download/krita-desktop/ beginner's guide to krita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60EzhNLLhLM Gimp is a popular free drawing program https://www.gimp.org/ Inkscape for vector art: https://inkscape.org/ Aseprite for pixelart: https://www.aseprite.org/ Learn to draw http://drawabox.com Books https://mega.nz/#F!WBERCQiB!uMTQlTgeSCK_4FxKDwE_Lg https://mega.co.nz/#F!fINAQbZK!YtfCRPbKIIZjT84meSl3DQ ------------------------------------------------------------ >Videos Transperent videos material https://vfx.productioncrate.com/ https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express http://www.rodypolis.com Videvo.net Green screen memes https://www.pinterest.com/pin/26740191522765981/ Sound editing Audacity is free and open source software that can do a lot of sound editing for making videos, games, sound effects, etc: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/ beginner's guide to audacity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCisC3sHneM OpenToonz and Tahoma2D are great 2D animation programs (free). Same program but Tahoma has an interface aimed at novices and a stop motion workspace. https://tahoma2d.org https://opentoonz.github.io/e/ ------------------------------------------------------------ >Games Godot is a great free and open source engine that lets you make 2d and 3d games very quickly: https://godotengine.org/download/windows this is an excellent youtube series on GoDot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntYjl_obUDo&list=PL9FzW-m48fn1iR6WL4mjXtGi8P4TaPIAp GameMaker Studio 2 is also a great program for making 2d games quickly but a permanent license costs $100 Game Engine PhaserJS for web-based games: https://phaserjs.com/ For 3d animation (short movies, music videos, etc) Blender is a very powerful free and open source program for rendering and animating in 3d, it's mainly used for making videos and still images but it's also useful for making art assets for games https://www.blender.org/download/ beginner's guide to Blender https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPrnSACiTJ4 Mixamo for autorigging/animating 3d: https://www.mixamo.com/ Magicavoxel for voxel models: https://ephtracy.github.io/index.html?page=mv_main ------------------------------------------------------------ >Music For identifying music https://www.shazam.com/ Reaper Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) MuLAB https://www.mutools.com/mulab-product.html Linux audio/synth links: Supercollider: music engine IDE to code up sounds. Powerful stuff with great documentation and tutorials. https://supercollider.github.io/ Bespoke synth: cool experimental synth https://github.com/awwbees/BespokeSynth Popular synths/plugins http://linuxsynths.com/ Zrythm: good daw for midi https://github.com/zrythm/zrythm
(4.07 MB 540x360 fentanyl.webm)
>>47028 Thank you. Checking this stuff out now.
(9.34 MB 889x500 pig.webm)
(2.89 MB 540x324 1626720782505.webm)
Looking for the sound version of this cuckchan webm.
(492.68 KB 742x952 nigger_porn_redpill.png)
(172.36 KB 406x293 makhiabryant.png)
(10.75 MB 1280x720 Chase of the Bogs.mp4)
>>47597 Found it. Wasn't as good as I expected it to be.
(104.39 KB 720x1392 leftistredpill.jpg)
(8.31 MB 672x378 pig v2.webm)
(184.34 KB 1005x512 natsoc:pol:.png)
(78.39 KB 749x448 sex_redpill.jpg)
(298.96 KB 2402x943 radical.png)
(3.62 MB 1280x720 jewish science 4mb.webm)
(15.92 MB 854x480 it.webm)
>>48694 >Know More News Fuck this retarded kook. What the fuck is even the point of this video? Is physics supposed to be some kind of Jewish conspiracy? Even William Pierce said Einstein was a decent physicist (but overrated). It's cocksucking conspiritards like that that keep people from reading Henry Ford, Kevin MacDonald, etc. Here >>44587 he is being even more retarded.
>>48700 Not all of those first images are failures though. The third one looks like Greeks fighting Arabs. Seems fine to me. Rome collapsing was bad to some, but it allowed Germanic tribes to wipe away all the filth that had accumulated in Europe due to the union of Africa and Asia with Europe. Rome was a superstate that suppressed natural nationalism. It's quite odd to see that you consider the Germanic conquest of Italy a failure, yet consider the Germanic conquest of France a success. What on earth is the criteria you are using? The death of the Tsar was hardly a White failure considering that he didn't give a shit about White nationalism. And the sack of Troy was a Greek victory over a non-Greek state. Sure, the Trojans were probably White, but how is this our failure? I'd say that it was brother-wars you are advocating against, but most of your "successes" are also brother wars. Why are some brother wars good but other brother wars bad? Your successes are also bizarre. I see a bunch of Christianizations. Is it a success when our leaders convert to a foreign religion that originated outside of Europe? If that is so, why did you call your video "Sol," our supreme non-Christian God? How was the empowering of the Pope by Charlemagne a success for anyone other than the pope? >Oh wow, look at this mass baptism of Germans. Isn't that cool? And one of the paintings appears to be wounded coming off a boat from WW1. How on earth is that our triumph? The only ones who benefited from WW1 were jews. Every other success you cite appears to be a brother-war. The rest of the video is good. Our culture is beautiful. We must preserve it.
(315.87 KB 1079x1741 total_01a.jpg)
A good trigger meme will lie dormant in your memory until you encounter (see/hear/touch/taste/feel) an experience that contains a link to the meme. A good trigger meme, particularly a visual meme, can create near permanent links in your memory after a single viewing. (Mediocre example is attached.)
we don't need multiple generic meme threads rolling at once. this isn't 4chan. learn to use the catalog.
Thank you. Anger helps to strengthen links. Please explain why this image is generic? Encourage readers to focus more closely on details? Thanks again.
>>49125 >Please explain why this image is generic? He is saying the thread is generic >>49123 >>> >>21367
>>49125 i have seen the footage the meme is referencing at least a dozen times in the past week or so. i am not trying to attack you, but posting this as its own thread just reeks of typical 4chan behavior. many smaller imageboards do not like the attitudes 4chan produces regarding forum etiquette nowadays. this is a slower website, so it's better to just sort everything into existing threads when possible to focus discussions and leave space for other potential topics. again, not a personal attack, but OPs are generally expected to have more meat on them so as to promote thoughtful discussion.
>>49125 i forgot to add, you can always post threads like this on b without any issues.
(1.89 MB 640x480 Imagine (pol version).mp4)
>>49129 >b the fuck is that
(1.35 MB 1080x807 bidens 13.png)
(277.92 KB 474x327 sellem joe.png)
(2.96 MB 320x580 1629348490484 (1).webm)
(244.89 KB 342x562 wef bbb.png)
Someone needs to cut out the first part.
(6.71 MB 854x480 Gangster Grandma.webm)
>>50395 >cut out the first part
(3.92 MB 210x372 best triggered video ever.webm)
(353.50 KB 640x640 video0.mp4)
(213.04 KB 432x416 retarded gorilla nigger.mp4)
>>45044 third image is for ants
ghf g gh gh
(107.95 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>21367 Does anybody have the parody of Ivdea delenda est from Dovahatty with hitler instead >after the first world war Hitler secluded himself in absolute isolation >he was pushed back by 1000 weimar police >conquered the rhineland
(6.74 MB 1920x1080 hadrian did nothing wrong.webm)