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(104.35 KB 564x452 jewfortresses.png)
(239.44 KB 480x631 jewrycharters.png)
Medieval and ancient jewry Anonymous 02/03/2020 (Mon) 20:05:24 ID:8df5c2 No. 22324
There was a thread on this topic a month ago made by another person (which itself was a repost from his original post on spaceworld /fascist/), but it's gone now. Here's the archive: https://archive.li/0FdXA We're all well aware of the aspects of the JQ that involve over-representation in places of power in society, but I think it is also interesting to look into the JQ from a historical perspective to see the privileges that the Jews had since nearly the beginning of recorded history, so in contrast to the narratives of oppression peddled to us today. From time immemorial this particularistic race has kept among themselves, seeing themselves as "chosen" with double-standards in morality. Through their natural drive to trade and usury, they have spread far and wide to port cities and trading post, growing rich through trade, interest and theft. With their newly found the wealth the Jews become useful to European governments, using their influence to extract privileges from the kings such as tax exemptions, the ability to lend money at interest and even military protection. In the city of Tudela in Navarre the Jews were housed by the king in a fortress to protect them from the enraged goyim (see pic 2). Anyways, this thread will dump redpills on Judaism mostly from a historical perspective. Feel free to contribute and recommend either videos, works or infographs that go into good detail on these matters.
WHAT DOES TIKKUN OLAM ACTUALLY MEAN? Unlike some of the terms that this document will be covering, the term 'Tikkun Olam' is perhaps one of the most well-known. The term has been used by liberal Jews and even judaized gentile politicians like Barack Obama who said in front of AIPAC that Tikkun Olam has been the guiding force in his life. Where does this term come from, and what did (does) it mean? The following is largely drawn from the Jew Sherwin L. Byron's Tikkun Olam: A Case of Semantic Displacement. Today the term 'Tikkun Olam' is usually translated as "to repair the world". The word "tikkun" is typically translated "repair" or "fix". The second word "Olam" means "Olam". According to Byron the phrase appears in classical Hebrew literature as "Tikkun ha-Olam", with the "ha" merely being a definite article. In classical Hebrew and Aramaic texts, the range of meanings of the word "Tikkun" and of various declensions of its verbal root T-K-N, include: repair, establish, institute, edit, restore, prepare, legislate, improve, perfect, remedy. The most interesting aspect of this phrase, however, is with its second component part -- i.e. the word "Olam". While the primary meaning of the word "Olam" is indeed the universalistic notion of the world (i.e. "the entire world, the planet Earth, etc) that would almost certainly come to the mind of gentiles before any alternatives, it is clearly not, according to Byron, the meaning of "Tikkun ha-Olam" in classical Hebrew literature, beginning with Tannaitic literature. After completing a review of all Talmudic occurences of "Tikkun ha-Olam", Jewish Reform leader Eugene J. Lipman reached the conclusion that "none of the material adduced here could serve to bring me to the conclusion that the Talmudic sages were speaking of all humanity... [the referent here relates only to] the Jewish community". In her 1984 PhD dissertation, "Tikkun Olam in Early Rabbinic Literature," submitted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Sagit Mor examines the appearances of the term in Hebrew. According to Mor, the earliest appearance of the term Olam" refers to "Jewish culture and civilization" rather than to either universal humankind or to the natural world. Mor's ultimate conclusion closely correlates with Lipman's conclusion that "in the Talmud, Tikkun Olam means 'for the proper order of the Jewish community,'" rather than as contemporary views depict it: "to build a better world. https://invidio.us/watch?v=8bAevuoRj34 https://sci-hub.tw/https://www.jstor.org/stable/43150878 *interpolation, as Olam also means world, this reveals that the jews thus view their race and community as the world, or rather, the world revolving around the international jewish community
Apparently, Hungary's historical jewish population was so influential and big, that it along with Russia has the most Ashkenazi-descended population in Europe. The jewish company MyHeritageDNA admits this. >Jews have a long history in Hungary, with Jewish officials having served the king during the early 13th-century reign of Andrew II. By the early 20th century, the Jewish community constituted 5% of Hungary’s total population (comparable to MyHeritage’s findings) and Jews comprised 23% of the population of the capital, Budapest. However I see this as partially propaganda, considering MyHeritage is an Israeli company (immediate sign of rigging things), that this was taken from a low pool of users, and uses the low Ashkenazi-DNA in Poland to prove that the lolocaust happened. Of course this is nonsense, it's just that most jews left Poland for Israel, Russia etc. in the early 20th century. Plus, Ashkenazi DNA is said to be found among many Poles (don't take this as me saying Poles are jewish-mutts, they aren't, but a portion are): https://polishforums.com/genealogy/jewish-dna-know-ancestry-59106/ I wouldn't be surprised if the jews running MyHeritage are just rigging it to legitimise the holohoax. In general, I wouldn't trust DNA that much, or at least take all DNA tests with a pinch of salt. Similarly, an entire town in Austria is called "Judenburg" after its historic position as a trading outpost in-between the mountains of Austria and Slovenia... ...in which the jews played an important role. Suspiciously, Napoleon (freemasonic jew and one of the first Zionists who tried carving out a jewish state in Palestine, his family left for Corsica same time many jews did) ended the French war with Austria in Judenburg. In-fact, the jews have had tremendous influence within the Habsburg realms as Hofjuden or "court jews". They often lived in massive mansions in Vienna, in far better lives than the Austrian peasant. Give these a read, they give great information on the history of the jews in Habsburg realms and their privileged status. http://www.porges.net/JewsInVienna/1HistoricalBackground.html http://www.porges.net/HistoryHabsburgJews.html
(1.06 MB 1905x854 JosephusAsineusandAnileus1.PNG)
(1.12 MB 1901x849 JosephusAsineusandAnileus2.PNG)
(205.82 KB 1898x161 JosephusAsineusandAnileus3.PNG)
(286.99 KB 536x801 marzutra.PNG)
(63.46 KB 456x186 marzutrataxes.PNG)
Going back to late antiquity/early middle ages, and for the Middle East this time, not Europe. There was already pro-jewish sentiment in Persia and specifically their territory in Mesopotamia during the Sasanian period (Shapur II, who launched genocidal campaigns against Armenians and Arabs) and even within (certain) political circles in the Parthian empire before that. However, the Parthians wouldn't take jewry too nicely. The jews of Babylon in particular led revolts against the Parthians several times in order to seize power. In Nehardea, two certain jews show the full extent of the jewish mentality during war and during work before that, the brothers Anilai and Asinai, yids that were punished as weavers because of how they tried to jew their way out of it. Images quote Josephus's Antiquities 18 Chapter 9, which is the only work we have dedicated to them. In short, they revolted against the Parthians to create their own jewish state in Babylon, and in-turn ended up killing a bunch of Parthians, Greeks, and Syrians alike. They were punished in return by such communities. In Sassanid Persia, the Mesopotamian jews under Mar Zutra II, the Exilarch of the jews of Babylon made use of the coinciding political instability, and seized power near Ctesiphon. Mar Zutra II was full sent on creating his own jewish state: >Klima, who had concluded from SOZ that Mar Zutra collected taxes during his revolts from the Gentiles, too, "since there is nothing new in informing us that the Exilarch collected taxes from the Jewish inhabitants" Though the Shahansah Kawad I put down the revolt and executed the jewish exilarch, the same Mesopotamian jews began to support Kawad after he invaded the Byzantine empire, around the same time its instability plagued the west, showing how they've always been willing to support both sides to come out victorious. Here's another jewish rebel in Persia. This time, from the early Islamic period. He led a radical veganistic jewish sect similar to the ones that existed in Roman Judea during the jewish wars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Isa >Abu Isa (also known as Ovadiah, Ishaq ibn Ya'qub al-Isfahani, Isaac ibn Jacob al-Isfahani) was a self-proclaimed Jewish prophet sometime in the 8th century AD in Persia and the leader of a short-lived revolt. Proclaimed by some of his followers to be the Messiah, Abu Isa himself never made such claims or inferences. He seems to have allied himself with Sunbadh after the assassination of Abu Muslim in 755 CE. His forces fought Caliph al-Mansur's army at Rayy only to be defeated. Abu Isa fell in this battle. >The dating of Abu Isa's career has been disputed since the Middle Ages. The two main sources for information of him are Qirqisani, a Jewish Karaite historian; and Shahrastani, who wrote an extensive guide to Jewish sects over the ages. Qirqisani places the events in the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik (685 - 705 CE) while Shahrastani says it began under the reign of Marwan II (744 - 750) on through to Al-Mansur (d. 775). Qirqisani's dates place Abu Isa's uprising during Umayyad clashes with the Byzantines which would coincide with Messianic stories of the battle between Gog and Magog and place it early enough to influence Karaism; Shahrastani's would put the revolt at the end of the Umayyad Dynasty and thus at a pivotal point of upheaval in the Muslim world.[1][2] Both are plausible and there is no direct Isawite documentation. >The Turkish scholar Halil Ibrahim Bulut in 2004 has shown that Shahrastani's 'Abbasid date is more likely
Guthrum (Old English: Guðrum, died c. 890), christened Æthelstan on his conversion to Christianity in 878, was King of the Danish Vikings in the Danelaw. He is mainly known for his conflict with Alfred the Great. (blah blah blah, filler cut out, read it on wiki) Guthrum converted to Christianity, and he took on the Christian name Æthelstan with Alfred as his godfather. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guthrum Cuckoldry isn't just a modern invention. Imagine going to war with somebody, they defeat you, you convert to their religion, and you make them your godfather. Now imagine someone today actually taking a person like that as inspiration and naming their username after such a figure ;-)
>>22328 Literally ad hominem that has nothing to do with refuting or contributing to the thread. Even then, Guthrum was not only able to hold half of England with a small raiding band and nearly took Wessex, but even after being defeated by Alfred, he still retained control over the land he conquered. Such perseverance despite overwhelming odds is thus honourable, even if defeated in the end.
>>22330 Hi, Guthrum, btfo ex-BO of /n/.
Jews have been the ruling class of Europe for the past thousand years at least. Their persecution narrative is a big lie used to keep Aryans confused and oppressed. These kikes pump out articles every day in the newspapers they themselves own, about how they're "under attack," even as they own the whole country. Keep that in mind whenever they talk about the "anti-semitism" of pre-modern Europe. it's a lie. What they call "anti-semitism" is just our reaction to their tyranny. I don't know how far back you have to go to a point where we were free of them, but it's clear that Jews have been ruling over us for far longer than what most WN's think, which is usually from the 18th Century onwards.
>>22332 >I don't know how far back you have to go to a point where we were free of them I think ever since Christianity was introduced (and mandated) in the Roman Empire we've been ruled over by Jews or their acolytes.
>>22332 Most people put the line at either the 1900s and 1800s (very innacurate since we know all of this now), the enlighenment (what most WNs say), the Renaissance, Christian Rome, and then the Hellenistic period, with some people now pushing forward the "jews are Phoenicians" spiel (mostly due to Miles Mathis, though I knew of it before), if that were true then it would mean they've risen out of the Bronze Age Collapse. However, Lebanese are Phoenicians, not the jews. I'll put the end of the Roman Republic as around the time pro-jewish traitors secured influence and thus the beginning of jews rising to power. Of course, before in the Hellenistic period, many people could've been considered "pro-jewish", but the Julio-Claudian rise to power was around the time the system of court jews was put into place, starting with the Alabarchy, and later coming back in a larger scale with Late Rome and then the Carolingian rise to power. This, especially in the middle ages let them become the only group to charge interest, intermediate between Christians and Muslims, and consolidate financial power in-general.
>>22360 > the Julio-Claudian rise to power was around the time the system of court jews was put into place, Are there any sources on this? I believe it was hinted at in Satyricon how Jews were behind Julius Caesar, the guy who spent most of his military career butchering Europeans.
>>22370 I talked about this in the first thread: https://archive.li/0FdXA There was a system the Julio-Claudians ran called the Alabarchy, in Alexandria. This is the direct precursor to the court jew system that Charlemagne would have. >Satyricon Yes, it cryptically alludes to jewry within Roman society, might've been influenced by one, which explains how horrid its contents are. I wouldn't say jews were "behind" Caesar, but they definitely supported him, and mourned his death. Remember, Pompey was the one occupying Judea, Caesar went against Pompey.
Any thoughts on ancient Egypt? Might warrant its own thread. The whole civilization looks suspicious. Not to go over everything, but some key points: Was Akhenaten (and thus King Tut) jewish? How could negroid invaders overthrow such an old civilization? That has never happened before or after. The Nubians were considered stupid and barbaric by the Egyptians, so it makes the invasion more preposterous. And the part-negroid Taharqa (an ancient Obama?) is celebrated in jewish culture for having "saved" the jews from supposed extermination at the hands of the Assyrians. But that's not all. Egypt is one of the oldest known civilizations, yet their art style is considered to be extremely conservative to the point of remaining little changed for millennia, unlike literally all of their neighbors. Not even the Chinese were that conservative. They didn't just use hieroglyphs, they had writing systems more in line with modern scripts. Hieratic is over 5000 years old, and was the primary script for over 3000 years, yet we don't hear much about this writing. Why? For such an old civilization, there are few known inventions that can be tied back to them. And perhaps most importantly, why is Egyptian symbolism so common among jew-dominated institutions today? I thought Egypt was tyrannical towards jews according to the Old Testament. Yet many medical organizations (healthcare and psychology are jew dominated fields in the US), educational organizations, and media utilize Egyptian symbology. I wish I had a picture of this one medical organization, it was of two Egyptians in loincloths holding parchment with hieroglyphs on them. It was years ago that I saw it, but it was there, and there were so many jews there. And of course there is the ever prevalent All Seeing Eye that illuminati fags go on about (they do have a point that it is there). Then of course the Mossad terrorist organization called ISIS, like the Egyptian goddess. But unraveling Egypt probably requires its own thread.
Curious if ancient tunnel systems were used by the goyim to hide from the nephilim giants in the old days. Is that why the war in the middle east a scam? Billions of dollars to kill giants and steal ancient tech from the natives. Kek.
>>22387 This is a jew shitting up a good thread with nonsense. "Kek" indeed.
>>22378 Akhenaten had that iconoclastic monotheistic sun cult. "Aten" could be related to Adonai, though this is disputed. Perhaps he was Semitic or Levantine, but I doubt he would've come from Judah as that wasn't a political entity at the time. So I find it unlikely he was a jew, but I'm open to the possibility seeing his background. >How could negroid invaders overthrow such an old civilization? Instability due to the Assyrians also invading it. That's the general consensus of how the 25th dynasty came to be. I'll have to cover the rest of Egypt in another thread however.
>>22390 Actual relates to ancient egypt. Not shitting. Posing legit proposition.
>>22395 Trying to mix actual research on Egypt with Graham Hancock-tier disinformation isn't a legitimate proposition.
>>22404 >Graham Hancock-tier disinformation Disinfo such as?
>>22428 >such as Nephilim, ancient technology, etc. Basically your whole post.
>>22325 >tikkun olam >for the jewish community orly? >>22332 >Jews have been the ruling class of Europe for the past thousand years at least. shove that blackpill up yours they have been expelled from many places during that time period and still needed to proceed with coups and proxy wars in order to obtain power, which proves they were not the leaders of europe what they did however is constantly plot and influence power to obtain advantages so as to be tolerated on european soil, notably through their roman catholic church proxy they also used an exclusive right to use usury to survive from country to country and for many times they were quite content lending money it would be far more accurate to say that jews have been at (cold) war with whites for the control of the civilized and white-led world for as long as whites and jews knew each other >>22360 >miles mathis it is a good thing to use his own autistic methodology against his own name, age, website things be revealed >>22370 i read that as julius caesar returned from the bloody wars in the gaul he went to the jews to thank them it seems he was heavily indebted and got bailed out by some jew(s), it appears many roman soldiers were indebted too and the wars were a convenient way to solve their debts >>22378 you have to take into consideration many parameters such as environmental disasters that hit the whole mediterranean region, around the third dynastic cycle (not a good one) progressive and insidious racial mixing in the elite using nubians as soldiers (arming blacks was a heavy mistake) >For such an old civilization, there are few known inventions that can be tied back to them because what we know most of them is post-flood and probably werent in the need of much innovation although they are heavily underestimated >And perhaps most importantly, why is Egyptian symbolism so common among jew-dominated institutions today? because jews steal and infiltrate and many fms base their idea on contaminated lore, taking too much from the old testament, kabbalah, zohar and else fm is now totally rotten did you know that a few years back a group of orthodox jews even attempted a legal claim over the pyramids at giza? the same jews who actually make any discussion of the egyptian period a taboo at table you could ask why they use the six branched star when it was (and still is in fact) an aryan symbol of sacred geometry this tells a lot about how we have become weak, complacent, corrupt cleansing is needed >>22387 this is stupid c2c tier shit, all with fake pictures of giant skeletons jews slaves do it for eratz yisrael (greater israel) and to loot ancient sites and destroy embarrassing evidence (they use their islamic terrorist proxies for that) >>22404 he has his opinions but from what I have seen nothing is set in stone and he has fancied arguing or simply talking and even supporting people who don't buy it regarding giants, it's a part of some tales that does return several times, but it could be a matter of perspective imagine some tall beings being into petite exotic women, they have sex with them, presto, some hybrid race is created consider that following the massive floods, draughts, fires and other disastrous ecological events, food was scarce and most people would be malnourished, yet we know that some other people managed to survive and protect knowledge, first of all about crop culture, so you can find it plausible that while weakened survivors would top at 5 1/2ft on the average, they could meet bulky people being around 7 ft and more and think these guys were really that, giants by now it is become clear that we should pay more attention to tales and myths and stop considering them pure rubbish because they dont fit with our current vision of the world and very limited understanding of biology and history for example the floods where the platonic one likely refers to the biggest that likely happened some 11000 years ago, whereas the middle eastern tales of a flood refer to the smaller ones that had the black sea be filled with sea water when it previously was an enclosure of clean water one can also find a reference to a flood in chinese texts and even in their symbols, that would correspond to a specific local major flood that happened in that region im not saying we should take things literally but we shouldnt dismiss them either as nonsense, people back then recorded stories the way they thought was most appropriate and it also largely depended on who decided of the final form of the tale hancock looks at archeological facts that cannot be denied anymore, but youre free to disagree with his interpretation if you find it too fancy for your tastes
>>22500 It's not just how they created the occult, in general, jews love stealing gentile culture and claiming it as their own, or bastardising it.
>>22503 They got kicked out of countries for blood libel.
>>22561 Don't forget, for usury as well. More specifically, the people did so, not the kings, with some exceptions like Edward I.
>Crimea probably had jews dating back to antiquity In Romanian, steppe tribes east of the Carpathian (not the Magyars etc.) used to be called "Jidovi". Jidovi is a word for both giants, and jews. Strange is it not?
>>22574 Speaking about that now, I think that it's not only the Radhanites, but the steppe region in general was a breeding ground for jewry for millennia. Genghis Khan even had a jewish teacher. How did a bunch of horse thieves adapt to this cafe culture? Because they invaded Iran, which at the time had a lot of jews, which the Mongols favoured over the Muslims. Even Samarkand which is closer to Mongolia had a large jewish population.
>>22575 >Genghis Khan even had a jewish teacher. Interesting. >>22378 >Egypt, Akhenaten, Hyksos, invasions You may be lucky, I'll use my late morning time to quote from a recently provided source (Revilo). >It is now established that there was no conquest by force of arms–no sudden invasion by barbarians of any race. (11) What happened was that Asiatics, (12) most or all of whom bore Semitic names and came from the region in Asia Minor that is now called Palestine, by gradual immigration across the Sinai peninsula infiltrated Egypt and used, consciously or instinctively, the techniques of subversion, inciting or exacerbating class-warfare, regional differences, and the greed or ambition of discontented Egyptians until the nation was reduced to a revolutionary chaos, fragmented under numerous local rulers, many of whom were native Egyptian puppets, and then again consolidated under Semitic overlords to whom the various provinces paid tribute. The Asiatics ruled Egypt for more than a century until a native tributary dared to revolt, and the Egyptians called their Semitic masters, whom many Egyptians revered willingly and for profit, their ‘alien rulers’–in the modern transliteration of hieroglyphics, which ignores unwritten vowels, the ____ [unable to render–Ed.] whence the long-misunderstood term ‘Hyksos.’ So much is now certain, although many details remain obscure, and we note the irony that Yockey, by a few years, missed an historical determination that would have been of the utmost value in the formulation of his own theory–the first clear example of conquest by immigration and subversion. (13) >(11. The facts, so far as they have now been ascertained, are well presented by Professor John Van Seter’s The Hyksos, Yale University Press, 1966. Although the crucial data come from an Egyptian stele found in 1954 and a papyrus that was first published in the following year, the evidence from archaeological and epigraphical sources had been accumulating for the better part of a century, but a clear understanding of what is known as the Second Intermediate Period in Egyptian history was impossible so long as historians felt obligated to try to reconcile the evidence with the statements of Josephus, a Jew who wrote in the first century of our era and claimed he was quoting Manetho, a very late Egyptian priest, who wrote in Greek in the third century B.C. Josephus, who naturally wails about what his race now calls “anti-Semitism” (i.e., resistance to its covert dominion), says what he thinks will impose on the goyim and is, naturally, a forger and a liar. His statements about a military conquest of Egypt by valiant Jews must be disregarded.)
>(12. The proletarian revolution is described in the Admonitions of Ipuwer, one of the best-known works of Egyptian literature, now dated to the period of social upheaval that preceded the open dominion of the “Hyksos.” We do not know how numerous those Asiatics were, nor to what extent their subversion of Egypt was carried out by a conscious and concerted plan, as distinct from instinctive parasitism. It may be significant that some of them disguised themselves under Egyptian names, much as Jews now frequently masquerade under Anglo-Saxon names (e.g., Ashley Montagu!), and that the “Hyksos,” although fanatical devotees of an Asiatic god of their own, often feigned “conversion” to the native Egyptian cults. It is thus often difficult to tell whether some of the rulers subordinate to the Asiatic overlord were Asiatics masquerading under Egyptian names or Egyptian collaborators who profited from the exploitation of their own people. The Asiatics obviously promoted a “multi-racial” society as a means of destruction and perhaps even a kind of “anti-colonialism,” since the Blacks of the Egyptian colony in Nubia became “independent,” and, indeed, the Egyptian revolt against Asiatic domination succeeded only because the “liberated” Nubians failed to follow instructions from the “Hyksos” to attack the insurgent Egyptians in the rear. Them niggers. It's unknown if Jews had a central role in the rule during that of the Kyksos, but the use of niggers armed to uphold the multiracial regime and suppress revolt is a Jewish trademark So much we could venture an aphorism about these niggers: Armed by Jews but forever incompetent. >The policy of mongrelization was so successful that we even hear of one of the Asiatics’ puppets, supposedly the legitimate heir of an Egyptian king, who was known as The Black. The genetic ruin of Egypt was thus begun, although Egypt, after the expulsion of “Hyksos” rulers (though many of the race doubtless remained in Egypt) knew a period of imperial greatness under the Eighteenth Dynasty until the accession in 1379 B.C. of a crazed religious fanatic, Akhenaten, who, although at least two of his grandparents were blond Aryans, was, as is obvious from his portraits, some kind of mongrel.) >(13. The Egyptians did not distinguish clearly between the various breeds of Asiatics, and therefore the available evidence does not authorize an inference that they were Jews or directed by Jews, tempting as that inference is. There is no historical identification of Jews at so early a date. Josephus tried to connect the “Hyksos” with the story of Joseph in the Old Testament (Gen. 39-50), which is, of course, just a folk-tale dated by allusions to a much later time. It is not impossible, however, that some actual events may have suggested the exemplary fiction about a Jew who got into Egypt, wormed his way to the top by adroit trickery (supposedly with the help of his tribal god), preyed on the good nature of an unnamed Egyptian king to import a swarm of his brethren, exploited the stupid king’s superstitions with ???mancy, got control of the whole nation, and, acting in the name of his royal dupe, cornered all the food and all the money in Egypt (see especially 47.14-21), and then starved the stupid goyim until they had to barter their cattle and their land for food and finally sell themselves into slavery, after which the wily Jew herded his biped cattle from their homes to other parts of the country to destroy what sense of community his slaves might have with their former neighbors.)
>>22503 >you could ask why they use the six branched star when it was (and still is in fact) an aryan symbol of sacred geometry Actually the Star of David symbolizes Jewish enslavement of Aryans. https://theapolloniantransmission.com/2019/04/04/star-of-david-power-rings-crowns-and-gold/ >But, let us be perfectly clear, the Star of David is the Aryan, abstracted, stolen, possessed by the Jewish God. The irony is that like the Swastika, or at least as it is intended, the Star of David is a solar symbol representing us. Thus esoterically we understand the reason the Swastika or a like solar symbol deployed in an Aryan cause is offensive. It represents autonomy and liberation from a Jewish God. The Star of David on the other hand is the symbol of the Aryan enchained and enslaved toward the interests of Jews. Let us be objective and entirely rational. As a symbol it should be considered highly offensive to us.
>>22585 >capitalises the "j" in jew >promotes Mark Brahmin, the cohort of the jew Richard Spencer You're putting up a bunch of red flags here.
>>22585 >Actually the Star of David symbolizes Jewish enslavement of Aryans. Because Jews manipulate words' definitions and symbols. This will continue as long as we allow this symbol to be used to identify Jews and Israel. But above all, it reminds us that Jews are thieves. We must train ourselves not to equate this symbol with the Jewish power and might, but now see it as if STOLEN FROM ARYANS was written all over it in neon colors.
>>22578 "I will set the Egyptians against Egyptians; and they shall fight everyone against his brother, and everyone against his neighbor; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom." Isaiah 19:2 Class struggle is simply the modernize verison of an ancient Judaic pratice to subvert and destroy, as taught in their "Holy Book". Class struggle is non-Aryan by defintion and truly can cause nothing but strife if we are all unified in our goal of bettering our people and not simply materal wealth for our single class. There is a reason Marx was a Jew and is promoted by mostly Jews. It's in their blood.
>>22646 Again with your capitalising of "J". I really suspect you're trying to hijack the thread and insert Mark Brahmin's nonsense. The hexagram wasn't that large of a symbol among Aryans, perhaps excepting the Hindus. Very few Germanic artifacts actually display the star itself. So why are you pushing it so much as an "Aryan symbol"?
>>22653 It's grammatically correct, and most phones correct the capitalization automatically. Yes I'm phone posting from my Zastav. Deal with it shit Turk.
>>22653 https://gosai.com/writings/satkona-star-of-david-or-star-of-goloka >This article is about the origins of Sat-kona [the Star of Goloka or Goloka-yantra], its transcendental significance, its historical use in Vedic and other ancient cultures, its use in Christianity and Islam, and its eventual adoption by the Jewish faith in the 17th century as a popular symbol of Judaism. >Several Stars of David [Sat-kona] of great antiquity have been found in Israel but all of them date back to before the Jewish faith had actually adopted the symbol to represent them. Sat-kona has been found engraved on jar handles at Gibeon, Israel, and dated to the late period of the Israeli Kingdom of the First Temple (6th Century BCE). However, archeologists reckon that they were copies of Greek emblems from Thasos and Carthago that served for the marking of wines. Other Sat-konas have been found in Caperneum but may have belonged to Roman temples. On a wall of a room in Meggido there was found a Sat-kona drawn in lines. This has been dated as 8th Century BCE. >At Jericho a very large size Sat-kona, the most famous in Israel, was found at Hisam's Palace. The Muslim ruler Al-Walid ibn Yazid built the palace in 743 CE. >For the Jews themselves the use of Sat-kona as the Star of David was a gradual development beginning with the Talmud sometime in the 3rd century CE. The Talmud mentions the Magen David [Shield/Star of David] but without connection to its shape. Later in the 6th century the Kabbalah again mentions the Star of David. However, the Star of David only takes shape for the first time between the 12th and 14th centuries. >It so happens that during the Middle Ages, the “Star of David” was frequently found on churches [such as Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome] and even in mosques, but was absent in synagogues. It was also conspicuously absent as a symbol in Jewish books and on ritual objects. >From ancient times to the Middle Ages, the Jews possessed no particular national or religious symbol. It was generally the Menorah [seven flame candle stick] that was commonly associated with the Jews. >In 13th century Spain the Sat-kona was known as the Ring of Solomon [Seal of Solomon] by the Jews; from the 13th until the 15th century, both names were used simultaneously, Ring of Solomon and Star of David. It was only later that the term Star of David gradually became dominant in Ashkenazi Jewish communities, while King Solomon's Seal became identified with the pentagram (5 pointed star). >As a popular Jewish symbol, Sat-kona did not find its place permanently in Judaism until European Jews adopted it in 1648 CE. The beginnings of Sat-kona as a Jewish symbol are told in the following narrative. >The history of the contemporary Star of David begins in Prague. During the last part of the Thirty Years War, the Swedish army besieged Prague. The town was mostly defended by the citizens' militia, including a Jewish unit. When the Swedes did not succeed in taking the city, German Emperor Ferdinand III wished to assign honor flags and other decorations to all the various units of the citizens' militia. This included the Jews. >The Emperor couldn't decide on what symbol to put on the flag, which was to be assigned to the Jews. Even the emperor's 'court Jews,' the Openhaimer Family were perplexed on what to do. After some discourse it was decided that the two intersecting triangles, once believed to have been used by King David and also by King Solomon, was adopted' >The Jewish community liked this symbol and it spread to those towns that had ties with Prague, and began to be used in synagogues and during festive occasions. The new symbol became so popular that rumors circulated that it had magical powers. Stories of the power of the Star of David spread as far as Yemen where it was even said that the ancestor of the Rothschild family had succeeded in exorcizing the devil from the emperor's daughter by the power of the Star of David.
>>22656 >grammatically correct The whole reason why so many people don't capitalise the "j" is to delegitimise the jews as a racial group. By using the capital J so much, you're legitimising them. >phones correct the capitalization automatically ...sure. Grammatical "correction", a terribly innacurate system that could be turned off on basically any phone running a modern OS. Go-to excuse for so many people, however. >Turk And there you go with the false accusation.
>>22665 They are a racial group, just a shit one. Saying they aren't gives them the leeway to be sneaky Jews because they "aren't religious Jews oy vey" That's like not allowing Muslims but still allowing hordes of sandnigs. The religion comes from the people who made it, especially something like Judaism which evolved out of an old desert god the kikes used to follow and which wasn't "forced" on them.
>>22665 And to clarify, when I say "delegitimise them as a racial group" here, I don't mean saying the jews aren't a racial group, they are, don't try getting that from my post. I'm saying that it's supposed to not treat them with the same respect and recognition like for example, a Swede or a Latvian, thus de-capitalising "jew" unlike with other proper nouns.
>>22666 This is exactly why I wrote this: >>22667 Even if you're just referring to them as a religious group, you typically capitalise them as they're still a proper noun, like with Muslim.
>>22668 So in-case people like cb8b57 can't pilpul around with what I say this time (unsurprising the hijacker exhibits jewish character), jews ARE a racial and religious group
I guess? Or you could just say "kike". Kike has more of a punch than just "de-capitalizing them". That's petty. Here is a good list; Kike, Sand Merchant, Kaftan , Longnose, Goblin, Foreskin Eaters uhhh Shylock? Can't think of many tbh
You're the only hijacker, de-railing the thread for such a minor thing and calling people Jews for their capitlization. Let's stay on topic laddies this is a good thread.
>>22671 26e589 is the good thread creator, look at >>22371, he's just understandably using different proxies as old ones expire.
>>22665 They are a racial group of messy admixtures. They wouldn't be a race with something genetic in common if we couldn't actually spot similar physical traits in them, whether they're Ashekenazim, Mishraim or Sepharadim.
>>22665 You write it Christians too, it has nothing to do with race yet. Stop being an ass.
>>22658 >in the 6th century the Kabbalah The kabbalah did not even exist back then. The author is either wrong on that note or must be thinking of another Jewish source.
>>22670 Just use "yid". It's simple, insulting, and accurate at the same time. >>22671 I'm OP. The reason why I say you're a hijacker and possibly jewish yourself is not just your tendency to capitalise "J", it's that you're inserting Mark Brahmin's "Apollonian transmission" horsecrap into the thread as well. Since his works are so nonsensical and because he's a cohort of Richard Spencer (a spook and confirmed crypto-jew), he clearly has an agenda to push, so why are you trying to insert his stuff into the thread? I'm not saying you're definitely a hijacker, but you're definitely putting up a lot of red flags here. >>22688 You're not wrong in that they're a group of messy admixtures, but they're still a race or at least a subrace. Mizrahi jews still have the same gross racial core that's found in the Sephardi and Ashkenazi jews, and they even inherit many of the same diseases.
>>22693 >Richard Spencer (a spook and confirmed crypto-jew) Any damning proof that he is one? Not that I'd doubt it, with his facial features, perma-frown eyebrows, and constant jew-like smirking. And of course that he's given so much attention.
>>22696 Has it already been memoryholed? Basically, his great grandmother from his mother Sherry Dickenhorst's side is named Birdie Eckstein Dickenhorst, granddaughter of Kasper Eckstein. He's listed as a German settler buried at a church, but Eckstein is a jewish surname in German meaning "cornerstone", so it's likely he was a jewish convert, not an ethnic German. Thus Richard Spencer would indeed have a good amount of jewish blood. He's definitely a homosexual too.
>>22697 According to https://forebears.io/surnames/eckstein, over half of documented Ecksteins are present day Germans. So would most of those 12,085 German Ecksteins be jewish? I would imagine plenty are, but not every one of them. I believe Spencer is racially jewish (and painfully obviously homosexual, on purpose might I add), but I don't think the Eckstein angle is an entirely proper one, especially if the Eckstein in question was buried at a church (jewish pretend converts notwithstanding). For what it's worth, Casper and its variants like Kasper, Kaspar, etc. seem to be disproportionately given to jewish males, much like Gottlieb, Gottfried, Isadore, etc. despite their non-Hebrew origin. Still no smoking gun, though.
>>22699 >According to https://forebears.io/surnames/eckstein, over half of documented Ecksteins are present day Germans. So would most of those 12,085 German Ecksteins be jewish? I would imagine plenty are, but not every one of them. To be fair, 12,000 is a pretty low number seeing how big Germany is, and even a smaller amount of that 12,000 would either be ethnic Germans or jews within Germany. Seeing an Eckstein and at that, Kasper Eckstein as his great great grandfather however along with his jewish looks and mannerism may not be smoking gun proof that he's jewish, but it's enough to put the odds above 50/50 here.
>>22693 That's not me kek. I don't even know whomst Mark Brahmin is. You got me confused for another goy. Honestly just calling them "jeW" in plural is an offense aparently, I said something not even anti-semetic but I used the word "jewS" and apparently that can be "misconstrued" as rascist to refer to them as a whole like that because Adolf reffered to them like that. Nevermind the fact Hitler spoke German.
>>22710 Ah, I thought you were this guy: >>22585 mainly because of your way of spelling.
good thread, bump
>>22328 Basically all the entire history of the world was that, isn't?Since Babylon, there's the land conquest and the spread of the language and religion. Greek domination in Egypt spreaded the Greek religion through Egypt. Sparta associate the Greek Gods and become hellenized, same with other's populations.I think it is natural. But isn't cucked when the Catholic empire defeat and force the cross all over the world? Isn't cucked when Catholic church expuses the Jews of Europe because of the not conversion of the Jews.
>>22862 And there's the ESL Israeli that derailed the anti-mason thread. I reiterate: If you're defending Catholic policy towards the jews, you're defending court jews as a policy as that was used by Catholic monarchs, you're defending converso jews being considered white, because that's what historically happened. Many conversos were even put in charge of the inquisition, like Torquemada.
>>22894 This. Christianity is a Trojan horse for shifty Jews.
Is it possible that the Punic wars were an ancient Cold War? I.e., a faux war by two false opponents, only intended to kill off their proxies as much as possible? Hear me out. Notwithstanding the Phoenician theory brought up by Miles Mathis, the jews aren't Phoenicians; but there were still jews in the Greco-Phoenician and later Carthago-Roman trade routes, especially after they were punished by Nebuchadnezzar II, many fled to the Phoenician colonies in North Africa to escape the destruction; while the jews weren't as big of a force as they were later on, they still would've influenced and perhaps even funded both Rome and Carthage. We see some clear parallels between then and now as well, Carthage was essentially a parallel to America today. It was a Semitic merchant republic based on child-sacrifice that declared independence from a monarchy that was also their own homeland (Tyre/UK) yet sustained itself in the long-run, and even gained influence in its old homeland. Meanwhile the Roman Republic was like the ancient equivalent of the Soviets/modern Russia (Moscow is called the "Third Rome"), it was a foreign militaristic civilisation influenced by Greece, that later went away from an Italic (Slavic in Russia's example) culture to a more Grecian one, and later unified the Italic/Slavic land under their banner. Rome/Russia is the authoritarian militaristic republic, while Carthage/USA is the democratic merchant republic. Clear parallels here. If you actually research the Punic wars, you'll realise that the people that fought in them weren't Roman or Punic, just like how in the Cold War, the USSR and USA didn't confront each other directly. Carthage hired Numidian, Celtiberian and Gaulish mercenaries to fight for them against Rome, similar to how the USSR sponsored communist revolutions in Korea, Greece, Vietnam, Africa, Afghanistan, etc. which US or US-backed troops would fight against. Adding to this parallel even more, Hannibal didn't invade Rome itself, he just fought a bunch of battles around Italy. In the end, one of the sides capitulated and had its territories become a land of influence for the other power. While in ancient times this was Carthage (equivalent of the USA) taken in a violent siege, 20 years ago it was the USSR. Rome annexed Spain and Africa with Hannibal continuing the fight in the Seleucid Empire, while the US took Central Europe, Ukraine, and the Baltics as NATO states with Russia continuing the fight under Putin, meaning although there was a switch here, it's still a parallel. There's even a parallel with "guerrilla" tactics being used, Hannibal crossed the Alps on elephants to get to Italy, the USA marched into the Vietnamese jungles and fought against the North Vietnamese/VietCong there.
*yes, I'm aware the Phoenician theory existed before Miles Mathis covered it, but he is a key agent in spreading it
>>22912 Hannibal faced Roman troops with Carthagian ones all the way into South East Italy and Cannae. I wouldn't call that a "cold war"; mercanary troops hardly count and were common in that day and age. The Carthage army infact relied on them through out their military history. And Carthage was conquered so it clearly went "hot" per say. Nobody ever "sieged" the U.S.S.R either it fell, and Carthage was sacked and enslaved.
>>22917 >mercenary troops hardly count >The Carthage army infact relied on them through out their military history. Exactly, Carthage's troops were almost exclusively mercenaries from Numidia, Gaul, and their holdings in Spain and Sicily; they didn't "hardly count", that would actually be the Punics in Carthage themselves. But yes, I should've clarified, when I mean Cold War, I mean before the Punic wars went full swing or at least before the 3rd one were Africanus went to Africa. But you simply cannot deny that the status of Rome and Carthage were very reminiscent of the USSR and USA, or Putin's Russia and the USA today.
>>22919 That's a bit of a strech honestly. "Putin's Russia" isn't currently in a cold war with the USA nor can their military support it. The stuff in the Ukraine is exclusively aid on the U.S side so there is no chance for it to go "hot". If anything the U.S is in a pseduo-coldwar with China especially with Syria. Cold Wars and proxy-wars have existed for along time even before the 20th century with things like the Great Game or all of Byzantium's Proxy wars in the Balkans. And although the start of the First Punic War was largerly proxy like with the Martimers. (Even a few false flag attacks) Carthaginian Generals and Roman Generals still fought it out in the end. Just largerly on the sea after Carthage lost the Battle of Agrigentum. Sure their forces had a large number of native mercanaries but they still had Carthaginian generals and were leading themselves for Carthage not a proxy state.
(16.57 KB 245x206 simon_of_trent.jpg)
(133.88 KB 1300x744 passover.jpg)
The jew running Endchan's pol board "shut it down" but I archived and screenshotted it. Apparently you have to go with the line that Christianity and Islam are against jewish power, despite everything to the contrary posted in the thread. There is a certain sensitive image of a post I saved that archive.is did not pick up in time, but the post in question would get deleted specifically on here for... obvious reasons, if you were here a couple months ago. Maybe another board. http://archive.is/xjkEQ We really need to get a wiki or something running as an alternative. Maybe even some old school vbulletin board with anonymous posting.
Actually, here's the censored version of that post.
(111.06 KB 576x455 Yacatecuhtli.jpg)
(repost from the thread on Endchan) An interesting Aztec deity is Yacatecuhtli. He's basically a caricature of a jew; he was a merchant deity, and not only had a long nose but his name literally means "lord of the nose". He also holds a bundle of sticks (fasces?) Now, hear me out. We know that not only were the main Aztec gods (like Quetzlcoatl) described as looking just like Spaniards, it was likely that they made their gods white because they saw earlier white explorers and thought them as gods, see Quetzlcoatl who was said to have come from the east; apparently they said the same of the Spaniards later on. Now, in the 18th and 19th century there was this hypothesis that American cultures had a near eastern origin, or at least that the Phoenicians might've visited it. There was also tobacco found in Egyptian mummies a while back, which is a New World plant. Withstanding those theses, I find this extremely unlikely, but there might've been a jew or two that ended up in Mesoamerica which could've inspired this deity's theme, just as white visitors inspired the other Aztec gods. >>23322 Would a BBS or text-only board in general suffice to store information? The problem with me running a Wiki page is that I'll have to self-host and doing that with my current financial situation is simply impossible, nevertheless the fact that I'll have to dedicate a lot of time to running the board and safeguarding it (this is exactly what went wrong with space/n/). For now, I'll try keeping this and the other threads, specifically on Masonchan, Kohlchan etc. relevant so that more people can receive my research here, as well as posting it on other imageboards. Translations would be good since I only have this thread written in English and German so far.
>>23323 Eh; that's an out of context quote. Hitler was reffering to his father who while still in the village saw it as the highest ideal until moving to the city. You snipped off the last sentance: "At least that was my idea AT THE TIME" This is Hitler talking of his youth and his "boyish ideas" at the time and how they related. And Hitler would chase the idea of a painter not a parish priest, all which he covers in the latter "volume".
>>23326 I didn't make that post. The jewish BO (682ea4) calling itself AdolfHitler did. I'm fe4f9c (and b710df in the archived link). >>23325 I'm low on money as well, thank you jews for turning America into the land of low wages. There exists a wiki called Fakeopedia, you could see if they would accept you as a member, though I have reservations about them. http://fakeologist.com/fakeopedia/index.php/Main_Page They do have an interesting theory about how jews are planning to colonize Argentina in the future, maybe that's why Argentina has stayed relatively racially cleaner than other western nations. http://fakeologist.com/fakeopedia/index.php?title=Plan_Patagonia
>>23327 While he's fishy; you're fishier calling Hitler a "pyschop".
>>23327 I've read about Fakeopedia before. Apparently they had a scorch to settle with Miles Mathis, because it listed both him as well as people who attacked him in the Wiki, and also had articles about flat earth etc., so as a site, it's pretty suspicious overall, at least from what I've read. If I were to run a Wiki page, I wouldn't waste any time promoting spooks and I would eliminate contradictory theses being promoted on the same site. I said this on the deleted thread about racial inferiority, but there's a lack of a philosophical pro-white movement on the internet (let alone in real life) that doesn't spend its resources promoting disinformationists, doesn't flat-out shill Evola, Devi, Serrano; etc. or exposes the jewish question as a historical and not a modern problem.
>>23331 What do you have against Evola? Or even Devi who was friends with Rockwell and has her ashes interred in the same place.
>>23329 I'm fishy for calling a guy, who had a nonwhite and judaic megalomaniacal god complex, said that Germans are closer to Arabs than they are to their neighbors the French, antagonized Slavs when they saw NS forces as liberators from communism, promoted bydlo-German nationalism of only a somewhat higher sophistication than Putin's Russianism, associated himself with other fascists/NS who dated jewesses (Mussolini and Goebbels) and who's army utilized Hebrew lettering*, among a number of other things that would probably just derail this thread focused on medieval and ancient jewry, a "pyschop" (sic). Yeah, sure, Mark Brahmin promoter. *See the unit insignias for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/15th_Waffen_Grenadier_Division_of_the_SS_(1st_Latvian) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/19th_Waffen_Grenadier_Division_of_the_SS_(2nd_Latvian)
>>23332 Evola was a spook who essentially promoted metaphysical egalitarianism under the guise of racialism and "traditionalism". He openly wrote about how the contemporary racialist movement, including that in the Third Reich itself was too "materialist" and that they need to be spiritual as well (even saying that a jew could be a spiritual Aryan). He's a pioneer of blaming our problems on "modernity" and saying that we need to go back to the classical aristocracy which was untainted by these problems, which as we've seen from this thread, is a complete fantasy; everything bad about the modern world was already developed long before, save the very existence of industrial society, which isn't a philosophical problem at all. Overall, Evola was a complete spook. As for Rockwell, even if he was genuine, his connections (to name a few from the get-go, having a jew, Frank Collin in his party) and ideology itself are plastered with red flags. His ideology still involved keeping the tradition of Jefferson and Franklin, which is masonic to its core and accepted jews as white (since Washington protected the jews of Newport and Charleston throughout his presidency, the jews were considered white under the 1790 Naturalization Act). Liberty (i.e. being an actual free man) isn't a bad thing per se, but the liberal ideas Franklin and Jefferson believed in are basically just freemasonry applied to the masses, inject total degeneracy into society and negrify the population, and justify this under the guise of "liberty" (we're free to do this goyim) Then there's the fact he sought collaboration with both the Nation of Islam/black nationalists whom were manufactured as well as Christian Identity groups, who brought the whole "whites are the real jews" drivel to the nationalistic movement. A bunch of red flags just from that, but do realise that since he was a contact of Devi, he was openly in league with black supremacists, Christian Identists, and Esoteric Hitlerists at the same time. Is that not itself suspiscious? So really, Rockwell's entire party was not only suspiscious from the beginning, his ideology itself is all over the place and is completely insane. Not to derail the thread of course, but you can't ignore that these men were shills.
>>23334 >Hitler God Complex He was insanely humble in actuality and in the Mein Kampf even mentions how he wasn't the "perfect man for the job" just the one that was doing it. Stop watching so many Hollywood documntaries. Magda Goebbels wasn't Jewish. You're seriously sugesting the only man to promote a economic system and state free from Jewry liked the Jews? The man who never said anything postive about the vermin and wanted them all deported. Hilarous. Nice try Schlomo. >Lativa Those are Lativan divisons with the Legionarry Arm Shield insingia. Not seeing any Hebrew.
>>2335 Rockwell was always anti-Jew and his "alliance" with the Nation Of Islam was always under the pretex that they both accepted racial seperation as a nessasary part of life. No his idealogy was not all over the place nor did he accept Jews as whites ever. >Frank Collins A part Jew who when this fact was found out was kicked from the party. Rockwell didn't know and when he found out he ejected him. That's hardly "having a Jew in your party". >Evola How does being a spirtualist make you a "spook". Your defintion of spook is absurd and seems to include everyone you disagree with.
>>23335 Evola hated the Jews and (((Christanity))) as well. What are you referring to I would like to see actual quotations.
>>23337 >He was insanely humble in actuality No, he wasn't. Making everyone celebrate his birthday like Putin and Kim is the stuff of comic book villains. I also wasn't talking about Magda Goebbels, I was referring to Else Janke. The "Legionary Arm Shield" is simply a rotation of the Hebrew letter hei (ה) If you look at modern italicized blocky fonts of the character, the resemblance becomes uncanny. Here's another Hebrew Waffen SS insignia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/37th_SS_Volunteer_Cavalry_Division_L%C3%BCtzow It's a reverse of the Hebrew letter bet/vet (ב). But let's not derail this thread further. Addressing national socialism and fascism should be for another thread.
"Everyone enjoys the freedoms he DESERVES which is measured by stature and dignity of his person or by his function and NOT by the abstract and elementary fact of merely being a "human being" or "citizen" " - Julius Evola Oh yeah real egalatarian!
>>23341 Goebbels wrote about Hitler's birthday and set some things up but nobody was "forced". People loved him because he saved Germany, nothing wrong with that. Yeah if you flip it and reverse it anything can look like anything. What is this the illumanti meme coming back?
New thread on fascism so that cb8b57 won't derail this thread: >>23348
>>22912 >Miles Mathis Bitch please.
>>22912 >Hannibal didn't invade Rome itself, he just fought a bunch of battles around Italy. His remaining forces were not numerous enough to march on Rome.
>>23376 That's a terrible explanation. If Hannibal was able to easily destroy north and south Italian armies and keep his troops pummeling the entire peninsula, why couldn't he just destroy the Roman sentinels? Rome was able to occupy entire provinces and keep the peace there later on with small amounts of soldiers, why couldn't Carthage?
>>23323 >Riight. And you want me to think you're not (...) Galilean carpenter. Was this person pretending nothing in the NT can be used to define "Jesus" as a Jew? I wonder why Pilates would even care about the Sanhedrin's decision if it wasn't related to Jewish affairs. How could the Jewish "authority" supersede that of Rome? Pilates would only lower himself to the listening of the Jews' moaning and accept their judgement of a man if that man was a Jew himself. Otherwise that man would have been a subject of the Roman Empire and to be judged by the Empire, not by a local community of rabbis.
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>>22390 this solid anon accurately made his assessment.
>>22690 >The kabbalah did not even exist back then. you again?
>>23768 You too?


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