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(35.32 KB 479x395 Greta and Malala.jpg)
Greta is the first spear of the ecofascist Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 10:56:10 ID:6dc898 No. 23690
I dont like this new development: Our girl Greta Thunberg is using her rising star to boost a spent golem for the leftists. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-26/greta-thunberg-meets-malala-yousafzai-for-first-time/12001766
Nominally both are activists yet one has supernatural talent and an entire movement in her name and and the other one rose to fame through the good fortune of being shot in the head by some nebulous goat fucking bogeymen and managed to leverage that into all kinds of good press for the replacement agenda.
South asians, coming over to the west and installing themselves in positions traditionaly held by competent non-muslim whites is one axis of the great replacemnent, need I point out the tin-cup wielding monkey here, working in the employ of the organ grinders i.e. the jews and left wing traitors. Tell me how these backwards looking muslims, untouched by years of modernity, naieve to commercial marketing and perfectly vulnerable to mass media manipulation, tell me how they will not become lowest order of consumers, here in the white built lands of superabundance.
(84.42 KB 498x707 Master Race Greta.jpg)
Greta you must realise that these mudskinned aspirants to western lifestyles will swiftly forget your message of respect for the eco-mother. Just as a child discards an inconvenient overcoat on a sunny day, so will the jawas and bantu that you allow to bask in your aura will cease their lip service to your message when it impinges on their freedom to enjoy rapacious consumerism. The Air travel. The 4 sprogs per mudshit couple. The mountains of garbage from the hand to mouth lifestyle. Conservation is for whites, Greta.
(163.42 KB 1200x1200 Saint Greta.jpg)
How long until you start to see the real roots of the wicked problem you have taken on? The hordes arriving in your own homeland, mirrored a thousand times across the world, a crushing burden on the backs of their former masters and swamping the white race. When will you see that the only worthy allies in your struggle will be white? Greta you must take on your destiny as a nordic ecofascist wunderkind. Only with total Aryan supremacy will the world be saved from catastrophic climate woe.
This would be funny if she was for the enviorment, But she's just planted to scare people, which would be nice if she was pushing actual soultions but she's also not. Her shit is the defintion of astroturfing. >EcoFascism You mean National Socialism?
(6.62 KB 223x227 ER eco rune.jpg)
>>23738 Greta is merely in her teens, her innate autist talent and her phenomenal rise are of interest here, not her immature arguments and rhetoric that is often quoted and memed. Naturally this all stems from the spurious guidance of borderline schizophrenics and soros agents. The truth will take her some time yet to arrive at, but truth she will find. Thence, her journey into the psychic zone of hopeless nihilism, and if she is worthy of her destiny, her arising into the tempered blade of white eco- supremacy. Greta is our leader and last hope. The war against the lesser races must occur for the womb of the earth mother to be cleansed.
>>23691 > yet one has supernatural talent I hope you are being sarcastic
>>23690 The theory of anthropogenic climate change could be promoted to make ecology concerned people look stupid.
>>24221 >anthropogenetic climate change Impling Jewish capitalists are Human.
(535.34 KB 384x384 klcumaaa.webm)
(944.30 KB 1012x916 9vd4.png)
>>24075 Unfair... Greta is a retard.
>>23690 Greta isn't an ecofascist. She's just a dumb cunt with an alcoholic mother.
>>25041 /Thread
(156.13 KB 279x274 theresamay.png)
>>24263 where the fuck did you even find this???
(1.16 MB 1024x978 cute greta.png)
Greta would be based if she rejected being a globalist pawn and read someone like Linkola. She's young, I hope she wakes up to the fact that she's being controlled
>>25158 >read someone like Linkola. Maybe we should mass mail her some of his work?
Americans scream tyranny is wonderful, but Americans are unable to explain why Cubans try to escape even though Cuba has gun control and free medical care.
>>25163 I was thinking about it honestly.


no cookies?