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(37.07 KB 500x500 shekel.png)
Should we add board creation? 663 Board owner 03/07/2020 (Sat) 17:15:02 ID:e91652 No. 24342
Posting this on /pol/ since it's the most active board. I would like to get everyone's input regarding allowing board creation on 16chan, this has been arguably the most requested feature from myself and the 16chan staff. I'd like to use this thread as a way to harbor productive discussion from you the users of 16chan on why you would or wouldn't want board creation. (This thread will be open for 7 days, then it will be locked and archived)
>>24342 No, it could draw all sorts of colorful characters.
>>24342 Having more freedom is good for the users and would encourage communities to form, but I wouldn't want to see the website get bloated like 8chan was with a bazillion dead boards and no way to prune them. Maybe make boards self destruct after 3 months of no activity or something? Also maybe board creation could be limited to so many a month, some number under 10, so it's easier for the admins to keep an eye on things/oversight etc. Idk, just some thoughts.
>>24342 There are some great niche boards like /bmw/ missing, but allowing any board will mean shitty spam boards would spawn from autobots.
We don't have many users anyways. If it's needed people can request it in /meta/ and if it's not the admins can turn the request down or to prevent more autists from streaming in. Board creation doesn't sound like a good idea at the present time.
Eventually, perhaps we should allow it, as it would allow anons to discuss things like specific ideologies or concepts that would not fit on one board (I remember shortly before being pulled, an anon on 8ch made the /nara/ board dedicated to Polish national radicalism, which gained my interest, and it was getting pretty decent traffic to be quite honest). However, right now is not the time, and even if we ever reach the point where it is feasible, there must be restrictions on obvious things like jailbait, porn, faggotry etc. TL;DR, at some point, yes, however with heavy restrictions on undesirable content. Also /his/ board when?
(12.74 KB 666x666 1.png)
i don't think there are enough users at the moment to make it work as far as dilution goes. and it would certainly increase the risk that some little-visited corner of the site turns into sneaky pedo zone. just remove the resident redditposter from /b/ and then between /b/, /g/ and /culture/ there is enough room for many threads.
>>24348 >We don't have many users anyways Sad but cool.
Board creation should only happen when one board gets too much people on the same place and with a bigger variety of topics, the topics that get the bigger attention should have their own boards. For example you have a single game board (/v/) if you see that this board is getting too many threads you can make another board to fit to their topics like adding retro games (/vr/) and general games (/vg/) and so on depending on the most talked topics of discussion. But right now none of this is needed because (/v/) is not getting too much people's attention. But once we do get ready to make new boards.
1. New boards would attract new users 2. More boards would spread the existing userbase even thinner I'd make dead boards self-destruct to keep the site clean & lean. Who needs 150k dead boards? Give active boards something like 20 pages for 100 pph ,10 pages for 50 pph, 5 pages for 25 pph and once they drop down to 1 pph the board is automatically deleted after a grace period. An option for self-moderation for non-illegal content (in your own threads) would be nice. There's nothing worse than a power-mad mod with no self-restraint. I've never experienced bad mods here, but generally mod positions tend to attract these kinds of people.
>>24379 Now that i think about it, self-moderated threads would also attract people with power issues, but it would at least give users an alternative. We've seen how destructive bad mods can be and allowing people to add their own boards increases the likelihood that there are bad mods on it.
>>24385 Cool argument.
I miss the ASMR board from 8chan, I miss having a place to insult the slutty roasties and praise the Q-T aryans. Because their comment sections are full of other chicks giving faint praise and betas kissing their ass.
>>24342 Absofuckinglutely not.
>>24342 Yes, allow it.
>>24379 What would be the possible upside of having people moderate their own threads? So slidefags can delete responses they don't agee with? Sounds like it would make every thread save for a few a virtual hug box.
>>24346 >Maybe make boards self destruct after 3 months of no activity or something? This Trial and error If implemented, a period of observation to see how it evolves. If it is not healthy for growth then reverse it and the facts will be the reference for the future.
>>24342 just what this site needs --- /lgbt/, /mlp/ and /leftypol/. maybe /hebe/ and /cuteboys/ too
>>24571 Don't forget /fart/ !
>>24346 Yes, allow board creation and implement something like this. This is the best option.
>>24571 I for one am comfy as is. But the site must grow. It's not up to me [us] as it's a free board. I think the more the merry. Besides as long as no normie shit happens we will be fine. >can we proactively ban PTG?
If someone decided to create a sonic board, would it be called /sthg/ or /fast/
>>24342 If you want to increase board membership then start running /pol/ humor threads, they're crowdpleasers


no cookies?