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(78.81 KB 1024x597 satan mark twain.png)
Weird Hollywood Happenings Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 18:00:47 ID:a39dc4 No. 24955
A thread for the weird shit happening on twitter with actors. david spade asking for tom to contact him, https://mobile.twitter.com/LightsOut/status/1241146276940353536 madonna talking about the whole ship going down. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-Cno80hNub/ Every ellen video in the past couple days. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/1241505921857138696
I have noticed this too. A lot of these pedowood celebs are bugging out. They are posting home videos of themselves without makeup for a reason. When supplies and food run out, normies, niggers and spics will drag them out of their mansions and houses. They are saying by taking their "masks off" (appearing without their makeup) "Please don't raid and kill me normie! See? I'm just like you!" (((They))) are terrified.
(36.61 KB 780x439 eyebrows.jpg)
>>24958 they all have the same eyebrow flexion as well. it's a conquered worried look. i'm posting this here because mods are deleting any hollywood thread on 4
>>24962 You should know better than to post anything at the lesser chan. Maybe the andochrome or whatever is legit. Time will tell
>>24964 It isn't.
>>24969 but the shit the celebrities are posting is very interesting, even if adrenochrome isn't legit, why does it get shut down on 4 all the time? at the very least, i can entertain the possiblity they are on lockdown.
>>24970 It's not interesting. Celebrities don't run anything. Capital and the military do. Celebrities are just drugged out degenerates tasked with keeping their audiences dumb and entranced on behalf of capital and the military.
>>24976 Theyre mouthpieces.
>>24984 Yes. For capital and the military.
>>24964 fuck you faggot
>>24976 >celebrities don't run anything but that is almost saying jews don't run hollywood, or controlling media doesn't affect society. which I know it definitely does.
>>25007 If Hollywood was putting out a message that capital and the military didn't want, Hollywood wouldn't exist. They put sanctions on Iran, Russia, Germany. They don't put sanctions on Sean Penn. They bombed Iraq and starved out something close to half a million Iraqi kids under sanctions. They've never bombed Ellen Degeneres' house.
>>24988 nigger tongue my anus. checked
>>25022 very good post
>>24962 >coom faces


no cookies?