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(36.27 KB 700x531 5acdafb4114b5_Y0N8Eok__700.jpg)
Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:25:08 ID:5d302e No. 25088
<[Northwest Front] had been organizing on Facebook and attempting to use the platform to recruit potentially sympathetic minds into the neo-Nazi group. <Typically, Fishman explained, most content that violates Facebook’s terms of service is reviewed and taken down as quickly as the company can manage it; the takedowns are accompanied by messages to violators about how they’d breached platform rules. In the case of the recent move against Northwest Front, though, the company instead opted to monitor accounts of individuals associated with the Northwest Front, in the hopes of finding a larger chunk of the network and taking it all down at once, with no explanations given. <“This is different than our normal operations. The reason for doing things like this is to make it more difficult to rebuild a network,” Fishman said. “If you take out one piece or consistently takedown pieces, then they still can try to rebuild.” https://archive.fo/qG8dh
(107.11 KB 735x820 8edfb51d72cb89b1.jpg)
>>25088 oops... Subject should have been something like, 'how facebook shuts down wn groups' or so.
(365.19 KB 825x793 1571271515343.png)
>>25088 I used to be a part of the NWF. I left because they're acting like retards. The Kikebook shit is just a microcosm of it. I don't use it at all because I know better than to flaunt my non-kosher political views in enemy territory. Tech illiteracy seems to run rampant among white nationalist groups and is simply accepted as the norm, which is ridiculous. Compare it to firearms. You should be kicked off the firing range if you point a gun at your own face. Somehow there's a disconnect inside boomer brains when it comes to the internet. The Butler Plan is really good but these faggots are doing nothing to actually get it rolling. And no, a reddit-tier forum with 5 active users and a podcast that's as dry and bland as dehydrated gerbers are not substitutes for real world, offline action.
God fucking damn it. Why can't we do anything right?
So 1. Authorities have been monitoring the NWF, something we have all been suspecting for a while. 2. The "worst racists" according to the article are the White people who simply want to live alone in peace. As a White man you cannot go anywhere. You can't live with your own people, you must live in a multicultural society. Anyway they are trying to stop White flight, but they can't. My advice is to work to create White-only communities but never to broadcast it any kind of writing or speech.
>>25088 While I think these kind of crackdowns are inevitable, it's important that people just keep fighting and making new groups.
(122.64 KB 400x400 1578328950447.png)
>>25088 <you can say things in red on quadruple chan Oh desire!
(34.69 KB 474x466 th.jpg)
>>25096 Any time you do, it's targeted by technocrats or government agencies. >>25116 Just call it quadchan


no cookies?