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Hey 4cucks! It's here: trump just re-tweeted this pic, need to zoom in on paperwork text Anonymous 04/03/2020 (Fri) 18:44:37 No. 25473
16ch > 4ch >Some 4cuck faggot posts pic from Trump's twitter feed >Asks if cucks can work out what is on the text in the lower left of photo >Photo is low resolution 1200x800 ant pic >Cuckfags & ex-ledditors unable to work out what the text is. >Cuckfags & ex-ledditors unable to find full resolution image. >4cuck source thread: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/251772826 I ripped the full resolution original photo from his twatter feed: 5472x3648 (pic related) So if someone wants to let those faggots know it's here, or if you want to forensic the image yourself, please do so. Disclaimer: Range banned from 4cuck posting. OP is faggot as always. Props to baph - miss you guys! EXIF bonus: [code] File Type : JPEG File Type Extension : jpg MIME Type : image/jpeg JFIF Version : 1.01 Resolution Unit : inches X Resolution : 300 Y Resolution : 300 Profile CMM Type : Lino Profile Version : 2.1.0 Profile Class : Display Device Profile Color Space Data : RGB Profile Connection Space : XYZ Profile Date Time : 1998:02:09 06:49:00 Profile File Signature : acsp Primary Platform : Microsoft Corporation CMM Flags : Not Embedded, Independent Device Manufacturer : IEC Device Model : sRGB Device Attributes : Reflective, Glossy, Positive, Color Rendering Intent : Perceptual Connection Space Illuminant : 0.9642 1 0.82491 Profile Creator : HP Profile ID : 0 Profile Copyright : Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company Profile Description : sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Media White Point : 0.95045 1 1.08905 Media Black Point : 0 0 0 Red Matrix Column : 0.43607 0.22249 0.01392 Green Matrix Column : 0.38515 0.71687 0.09708 Blue Matrix Column : 0.14307 0.06061 0.7141 Device Mfg Desc : IEC http://www.iec.ch Device Model Desc : IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB Viewing Cond Desc : Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1 Viewing Cond Illuminant : 19.6445 20.3718 16.8089 Viewing Cond Surround : 3.92889 4.07439 3.36179 Viewing Cond Illuminant Type : D50 Luminance : 76.03647 80 87.12462 Measurement Observer : CIE 1931 Measurement Backing : 0 0 0 Measurement Geometry : Unknown Measurement Flare : 0.999% Measurement Illuminant : D65 Technology : Cathode Ray Tube Display Red Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract) Green Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract) Blue Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 2060 bytes, use -b option to extract) Image Width : 5472 Image Height : 3648 Encoding Process : Progressive DCT, Huffman coding Bits Per Sample : 8 Color Components : 3 Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:4:4 (1 1) Image Size : 5472x3648 Megapixels : 20.0 [/code]
(987.64 KB 944x765 trumptweet-zoom-text.png)
(4.96 KB 595x454 8ch_logo.gif)
>>25474 Might as well solve it myself on this dead board: It is a lunch menu.
>>25473 >>25476 18minute 'Qlarp' delta? Damn, browsing 4cuck is slowing my autism.
I don't care about the LARP but that's a good sleuthing. What tool do you use to view the EXIF data? Mostly interested to see what kind of data I myself might be leaking....
>>25478 >What tool do you use to view the EXIF data? exiftool It's not just exif that leaks info. If you know what to look for in the image it gives away a lot of information too.
Why do you talk like a complete autist? >>25476 Of course it is, this is America we are talking about.
(1.34 MB 2823x2928 1585944887406.jpg)
(200.94 KB 339x387 1585945412409.png)
(193.81 KB 1206x1382 EUtL-qHWkAY2K82.jfif)
(381.91 KB 1242x1640 EUtL-qHXgAIwofV.jfif)
(920.46 KB 1980x1464 1585945892175.jpg)
So the 4cuck faggots are at it again: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/251871481#p251872480 I wasn't able to find either of the tweets referenced in the photo (deleted? or faked??..it appears to be a compilation of other tweets like https://twitter.com/TheCollectiveQ/status/1245552124219580416 ) but I was able to find the image - and again got the original resolution 2048x1463 from: https://twitter.com/sxdoc/status/1246181120175149059/photo/1 https://twitter.com/sxdoc/status/1246181120175149059 They are claiming the patient is a child slave from an underground facility / alien. Yea, I know, they're 4cuckfags, so whatever. Still, this is the full resolution photo they don't know about. 16ch > 4ch (nothing interesting in EXIF)
(345.56 KB 2048x1463 EUtTH0LWsAElETj.jpeg)
>>25498 doh! pic related
>>25473 What do you mean by props to /baph/ I was part of them but they all gone now?
(119.16 KB 720x720 1584833161552.jpg)
(977.36 KB 1500x906 Art_of_the_Deal.png)
(24.77 KB 650x366 Trumpwithhisworstenemies.jpeg)
(195.24 KB 600x817 Waiting_for_Liars.jpg)
(2.44 MB 1500x2806 1551704603386.png)
(686.80 KB 1280x720 EpsteinTrump.jpeg)
(42.37 KB 750x516 Trumpedo.jpg)
(92.43 KB 700x665 Epstein.jpg)
(1.04 MB 800x592 1584285799755.png)
>>25473 >>25498 >"Trump's gunna go after all his former pedophile friends. Yup, he's the best man for da job." The mind of a Q-LARPer must be twisted like a pretzel.
>>25479 In general or this one in particular? If first, pls moar hints.
Qfags are back in force for the (((elections))). #MIGA
>>25526 In General. http://archive.fo/IBTeL for basics https://exiftool.org/ for app >>25526 There's no Qtards here, we are mocking them
(313.34 KB 1000x1000 flaming sword of God Justice.jpeg)
>>25550 >federal executions one is a white nationalist advocate for the pacific northwest ethnostate who was involved in the murders of a Jewish gun dealer and his 8-year-old white stepdaughter (and the surviving family has requested his exoneration), another is a white guy who raped and murdered a teenager, next is a mystery-meat nigger who raped and murdered his own 2-year-old daughter and last is a white meth head who killed federal drug informants and two girls aged 6 and 10. the last three I could give less of a shit about, but maybe killing the first guy seems fucked if even the Jews want him freed
Mods - why is shitty low-effort LARP allowed? Sticky rules say high-level discourse only. Trying to understand here.
(920.46 KB 1980x1464 1585945892175.jpg)
>>25576 The thread is not for the larp, it is mocking the larp.


no cookies?