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(76.11 KB 899x735 der fuhrer.jpeg)
Happy Birthday, Hitler! Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 01:04:14 No. 26145
I miss him so much, anons. May he return soon to set the world right, and may we work tirelessly towards what he worked for
>>26145 Happy Birthday Hitler! Mein Fuhrer!
(848.81 KB 1172x610 1488 4 20 2020.png)
(1.41 MB 640x360 1587343410736.webm)
>>26145 It's still the 19th for me but tomorrow I will go /innawoods/ with your flag and portrait and flecktarn and do what little I can to celebrate. I'll do my best to take a pic and upload. Happy birthday my hero. Am ende steht der sieg. I won't let you down.
>>26151 I can’t wait to see what you provide us, anon. Sieg heil!
(86.96 KB 700x582 1569331311277.jpg)
>>26145 Honor Hitler's service today by purchasing dry and canned foods from a small grocery store and help your local workers get paid. Also do your taxes and spend the money on useful stuff. This hurts the jew by one not allowing the fed to keep your shekels and two keeps your returns out of the hands of the banks. I plan on spending a few hundred on food to donate to the local pantry and the rest is going towards a handgun, ammo, and clothes. Do your part to kick the long nose in the balls while he's on the floor.
(2.57 MB 480x240 1585363868773.gif)
(104.91 KB 844x1024 niemals.jpg)
Blessed be thy name.
May Hitler 2 appear within our lifetimes.
(2.77 MB 3264x2448 20200420_130649.jpg)
>>26154 Its me but /innawoods/ phone posting. After much delay, here is what i promised. Wasn't able to keep it from coming out sideways. Sieg heil!!
(52.30 KB 800x625 color sieg heil.jpg)
>>26145 I miss him
>>26250 >when you're homesick for a place you aren't sure exists Hail the great Hero of the Greater Reich, and everyone who served the noble and just cause against the hooknosed vampires. Happy Birthday, and may you 420 blaze every enemy of our People in Valhalla forever and ever, amen.
Happy birthday mien furher! May the wizards of the Eternal Reich triumph and the Aryan Illuminati swiftly and decisively turn the age. >>26233 (Das digits) >! >>26253 >when you're homesick for a place you aren't sure exists Pic 2
(155.42 KB 788x788 1585373033017.jpg)
>>26145 Happy Birthday Hitler, you were a great man who inspired bravery, loyalty, and greatness.
(95.67 KB 464x404 1370959726585.jpg)
>>26233 (checked) May many of his policies come back in these dark times.
>>26274 Adolf Hitler - speech (English Subtitles).
>>26245 blessed
(256.98 KB 640x788 ClipboardImage.png)
too early but bumping to keep it from sliding
(8.62 KB 501x251 001.jpeg)
(11.71 KB 500x260 002.jpeg)
(11.22 KB 500x257 003.jpeg)
(98.99 KB 900x469 hitler the coming man.jpg)
(169.74 KB 1000x1500 kalki lightning sun 2.jpg)
Happy Birthday, but please do well to genocide the Jews in the next cycle!
(11.25 KB 255x254 1.jpg)
(60.37 KB 800x445 2.jpg)
(210.21 KB 1280x958 3.jpg)
>>26145 What a Man.
I miss him guys. How much longer do I have to wait for him to come back?
>>44138 Hitler or any 'next Hitler' is not a savior who will come down from the clouds to save the White race. Only Action will bring the salvation of the White race. Vid related.
(67.99 KB 992x744 mein kampf.jpg)
>>44138 He isn't coming back, however as he predicted, his spirit has risen from the grave, and the world is realizing he was right. It's now up to the Whites today to take up the fight, as he did many years ago. WE MUST UNITE, and WE MUST BE VICTORIOUS, at whatever the cost.
(388.15 KB 648x697 Always have, Always will.png)


no cookies?