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(321.83 KB 1905x1175 lokinet.png)
(21.43 KB 950x950 odin-blink-1.gif)
Staying online in 2020 Anonymous 05/07/2020 (Thu) 17:45:23 ID:d2e193 No. 27732
Let's review past places that worked. Daily Stormer Worked >Eranet >BitMitigate Didn't work >GoDaddy >Google >Tucows >Cloudflare >Roskomnadzor >Namecheap >DreamHost >Host.al >Nic.at >ISNIC >Fundació PuntCAT >HKIRC >GKG.net >etc. Stormfront Worked >Going to court >Localhost 8chan/kun Worked >Eranet >mitigating DDoS attacks manually without a DDoS protection >static IP Didn't work >Cloudflare >Tucows >Voxility / Epik / BitMitigate >Zare >VanwaTech Gab Worked >Epik Didn't work >Joyent >GoDaddy So it seems there's a lot we can learn from these examples on how we can stay online. As for Tor, that place isn't as good because they can still DDoS your website (as they did to 8kun), and the Tor project founders are shitlibs that tried to cut off exit nodes to the Daily stormer from what I remember reading on Weev's Gab posts back when it was still online so he had to supplement this by using custom ones. Lokinet (pic related) is a new experimental mixnet similar to Tor that 8kun also uses that also got shutdown temporarily (IIRC), but that's likely because it's still in beta mode. Lokinet is billing itself as the new censorship proof solution to the clearnet and Tor, and from the last I heard, they are ideologically aligned with Jim and Ron. Odin is the smaller-scale version of Lokinet that Ron is currently working on that hasn't been released yet. ZeroNet is a honeypot, considering that news outlets were able to gather the IP addresses of 08chan users on there and were able to find out their locations. As for other services, static IP works too, but you'd need to defend it from attack because it's still vulnerable in that stage. Localhost is good as well. It seems that Eranet + BitMitigate/Epik remain the best services to use for hosting a website. Anything else?
>Lokinet is billing itself as the new censorship proof solution to the clearnet and Tor, and from the last I heard, they are ideologically aligned with Jim and Ron. so avoid it like the plague, got it
That project went stale because it removes US Navy's ownership over tor exit nodes and has a strong preservation of anonymity. The paper is worth a read. Someone should just implement it themselves and call it something else. I don't have the skillset yet.
>>27750 Feeding everything to the feds?
>>27750 >Lokinet is billing itself as the new censorship proof solution to the clearnet and Tor, and from the last I heard, they are ideologically aligned with Jim and Ron. >so avoid it like the plague, got it This. If kike masons are balls deep in it I'm steering clear. An .onion is sufficient for now, with view towards i2p or similar later. Society will soon collapse anyway, so it's not going to be much of a concern.
> ZeroNet is a honeypot, considering that news outlets were able to gather the IP addresses of 08chan users on there and were able to find out their locations. It is only a honeypot if the user: 1.) Does not use a VPN, or, 2.) Does not use Tor IP Locations are not important unless Law Enforcement is involved. Reporters can get your IP Address, but they don't know what your IP is without Law Enforcement getting involved and the Police getting your information from your ISP, so it still isn't that easy for these communist White-haters to come knocking on your door. >>27761 > Riffle it doesn't look like there is any practical application yet and that it is only a paper at the moment > Lokinet ha ha, yeah, right
>>27798 >Zeronet is only a honeypot if the user: LOL. 1. It's written in botscript 2. All posts can be traced to an id 3. You post in a silo, there is no guarantee anyone can see your posts >>27732 >ZeroNet is a honeypot, considering that news outlets were able to gather the IP addresses LOL That happened because barebacking newfags couldn't into OPSEC and got burned.
>>27800 >All posts can be traced to an id The point is what can be done with this is and what is attached to this id.
>>27800 Zeronet is buggy. the blacklisted boards just reappear. Its shit
>>27795 I2P has the advantage over TOR that it is resistant to correlation analysis because the inbound and outbound data take different paths and because the data paths are padded with unrelated data. If you kept it always on then it should be impossible to correlate your online activities through traffic analysis and they would need to use physical surveillance instead.
What we need is something like Retroshare that is packaged and polished to be palatable to normies. A system like this would be absolutely unstoppable and could be developed to prefer MeshNets over the default ARPAnet. Pretty much all of the business logic for social media and "pages" (like Facebook's pages) functionality can be done with cryptographic mechanisms. The only major advantage that a centralized system has is that comments can be deleted where with a peer to peer system there's no way to restrict them from propagating. The other disadvantage is that normies tend to do stupid shit like forget their passwords. As far as knowing if a profile is real / legit or not users can sign that other users are validated as real users. Or an arbitrary entity such as a corporation or government can sign that users are authentic. Much like with Bitcoin a distributed / decentralized / encrypted social network can enable for great liberty or great tyranny. While yes, bare ZeroNet is basically a honeypot, a ZeroNet-like system can function very well much like Facebook's "pages". There is the network effect / no-network effect. If enough Anons tactfully inform their normie friends and family "this is how you can see my posts" such a system will spread. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_effect One would hope that this post will be read by organic Anons and not just glowies.
What do you guys think of riot.im as a replacement for discord? Me and a few buddies are looking to flee discord and seek a replacement.
>>29595 Discord is a total honeypot. Discord decrypts the traffic server-side, do a web-search on this you'll see the write-up on this with the proof. You should assume that Discord or some other (((entity))) is transcribing all spoken word into text with Google or Amazon Automated Speech Recognition engines and streaming that text into a Full Text Search database like Elasticsearch. Riot is a client to Matrix which is a federated system. Riot supports end-to-end encryption. What is best is if you host your own servers and use Wireguard between the clients and servers and Wireguard between the servers themselves. Get a USB-attached hardware random number generators for both the clients and servers. If you have a quad-core machine with 8gb of RAM and a couple of SSDs for data redundancy you can have many sessions on your server. Look into Linux's LUKS. Set the --iter-time to be high. What's great about Matrix is that it is a protocol for which there is more than one client implementation and there may be more than one server implementation. Eventually better clients than Riot will be available.
>>27732 Assuming you don't need anti-DDoS, you can use cheap servers to proxy traffic to your server. It's security by obscurity for hosting, but it mostly works.
>>27732 Why does no one ever talk about 'usenet'
>>29585 >this As a person who isnt good with computers using such a program like op seems impossible. There needs to be some way to allow normies like me who arent good with computers to acces the internet anonymously. I dont care about comments or whatever. Nobody does. The most important thing is to be able to access normie sites like yt or fb without being tracked. Logging in is optional
It's not like there's anywhere for young frustrated white men to let off steam anymore. Considering how that went last time it's almost like jews are being anti-Semitic to themselves. Weird.
>wahh a hoster kicked me off for "hate speech" and now you know how it feels. ive had my sites suspended since the early 2000s for various bullshit reasons. bullshit is a staple of modern civilization Just use Freenet or any equivalent, you fucking brainlets.
You aren't going to reach millions of people in a decentralized echo chamber and don't you know jews run DS, they're a bunch of kikes.
>>33536 >Why does no one ever talk about 'usenet' Because you can no longer get usenet through the usual ISPs so you have to pay a monthly subscription to a third party. I would still pay the $6/month if I knew I could get my money's worth but I just haven't looked into it. If other anons talked of it I would sign on.
>>36252 I don't think it's worth it at all. Even using a BBS over SSH would be a better option. Are there any good hosters on i2p? I doubt anyone's going to host an imageboard themselves


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