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(20.88 KB 600x400 white rabbit.jpg)
The testosterone challenge! Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 16:23:00 ID:03fb54 No. 27908
There is a war on testosterone as per the Brave New World plan. Testosterone has been decresing 1% every year for decades. The testosterone challenge: for 1 month do the following. -eat ONLY testosterone boosting foods for 1 month, google eat food >cruciferious veggies (broccoli, kale, belgian sprouts etc) or carrots -eat 500 grams of ground beef daily (you need the fats) -make 2L of mint tea and rasp some fresh ginger and lemon in it (all these boost T) (drink 3L daily) -supplements: swallow supplements for vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, and a multivitamin -take 60 grams of whey protein daily, one in the morning one right before you sleep -take 3 grams of creatinine daily -do stomach crunches in the morning and right before sleep until muscle failure (takes 2min max if you do it correctly) -do push ups until muscle failure and right before sleep until muscle failure (takes 2min max if you do it correctly) -eat whatever else you want as long as none of the ingredients lower testosterone (google each ingredient) and stay under your daily caloric output so you dont put on weight, if youre fat, stay 10-20% under your caloric need to lose 1kg every week. if you do this for 1 month Thoughts?
>>27908 The biggest things that will make the most difference are >good sleep >daily sunlight >not being overweight >exercise >eating good unprocessed food >low stress
>>27934 Good post Anon, thank you. I can confirm this but if youre a doctor like me who never gets good sleep, always has stress, never gets sunlight the options I listed are easy ways to supercharge your T levels. Ginger alone will boost your T by 10%, whey protein another 10%, workout another 20% etc. If you combine these you easily triple your levels.
If you're only taking two minutes on your pushups, you aren't doing enough. You want to train endurance and reach hypotrophy, so do alot. First take the maximum amount of pushups you can do and break it down, either halfing it or lowering it a bit. (From 60 to 30) Now start with a hundred broken up into sets (so 5 sets of 20 to start then two 50 and so on), take a max of four minutes per a hundred. If you're struggling to finish a pushup? Good keep going that's the point, and once you get used to that keep on adding more and more pushups and make your sets bigger. So from five sets of twenty and two hundred total to five hundred and two sets of fifty. This helps you build both endurance and reach hypotrophy, both of which you need to tone up or bulk up. Oh and RUN... cardio is good for you and your core and won't fuck you up if you do it right. Just eat a little more and track your macros (caloric intake) and micros (fat intake, protein intake) while cutting out empty calories and added sugars. Once you stop chugging soda and eating like shit you lose the taste foe things like that. It's hard at first but your body will thank you and it means you can fill up more on shit that actually has something in it. Instead of a milkshake, another serving of steak. There are a billion resources online to caculate your needed fat and caloric intake, use them and work out and you'll be good and once you have a firm foundation and diet, joining a gym and using it to it's fullest extent becomes much eaiser. There is no where to go but up, don't start doing this tommorow.. do it right now. Start doing pushups and crunches and planks RIGHT NOW
>>27908 >make 2L of tea >drink 3L daily
>>27968 He's a Café industry plant.
>>27908 I thought testosterone was a growth hormone that didn't regulate behaviour outside of it's relationship with androgen. What's the point of high T? I don't think I have abnormally low T but I'm not sure I get it. I notice that when I get to the gym a lot, I experience hair growth spurts however.
>>28084 Testosterone is literally a performance enhancing drug. Athletes who use it suddenly become the nr.1 athlete in the world. It is the hormone of the gods. Both mentally as physically. It makes you super horny and extroverted, it gives you enough drive and confidence to want to rule the world and mog the rest. Take the T pill.
what the fuck does this have to do with politics?
I thought mint lowered t?
>>28101 >There is a war on testosterone as per the Brave New World plan. Soybois and effeminate men have infected politics, and your asking what a /sig/ thread has to do with /pol/?
>>28136 >mint Maybe that was jewish disinfo, new study shows mint oil topical is better for hair grown than ((rogaine)) see >>27315
>>28139 I can only find info that mint kills t. Do you have any sources?
Also if you're taking zinc you should also take folic acid
>>28172 >only find info that mint kills t. The majority of info I'm finding is for Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) and T https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18804513 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4224956/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17310494 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5788221/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19585478 Theres only one I see cited, that deals with peppermint https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15302514/ Effects of peppermint teas on plasma testosterone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone levels and testicular tissue in rats. >The experimental study included 48 male Wistar albino rats (body weight 200 to 250 g) >the experimental groups were given 20 g/L M. piperita tea, 20 g/L M. spicata tea, or 40 g/L M. spicata tea >RESULTS:The follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone levels had increased and total testosterone levels had decreased in the experimental groups compared with the control group >CONCLUSIONS:Despite the beneficial effects of M. piperita and M. spicata in digestion, we should also be aware of the toxic effects when the herbs are not used in the recommended fashion or at the recommended dose. They were given 1/10th their weight of peppermint. So maybe if you don't eat 20 pounds of peppermint in a week you will be fine note >Luteinizing hormone is a hormone produced by gonadotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland >In males, where LH had also been called interstitial cell–stimulating hormone, it stimulates Leydig cell production of testosterone. It acts synergistically with follicle-stimulating hormone. Seems the take away is it's good for you in small doses, and perhaps with when mixed with meat and exercise, the negative effects are negated
>>27908 >-do stomach crunches in the morning and right before sleep until muscle failure (takes 2min max if you do it correctly) -do push ups until muscle failure and right before sleep until muscle failure (takes 2min max if you do it correctly) yeah, no. I'm not gonna start working out right before I go to sleep, then not be able to go to sleep, you retard
>>28176 Thanks for posting this.
>>28199 Do it, you pussy! Working out before sleep will release anabolic hormones and should tire you out not amp you up. If your body pulls a cant sleep, just keep working out until it learns its lesson and sleeps.
>>28199 Then do it in the morning or afternoon? I ussually do them in the morning. A good pump will leave you tired though as your body deplets blood glucose levels to power your workout, only problem is your heart rate and sweaty self.
>>28201 Sounds like you never lifted any weights your entire life. Lift before your meals to get the full benefits. Doing some push ups and sit ups before bed wont do shit. Listen lads, read convict conditioning online and do the exercises there. If you have weights then just do a standard 3x5 or 5x5 routine.
>>28215 There is no difference between eating after or before working out, as long as you don't take to much time after eating to begin. Infact eating before may be better as you have more energy to fully make use of your time.
this is not for /pol this is for /b
>>27908 I thought mint lowered test. Anyway, you can buy D-Aspartic acid for very cheap, like $20 for 100 servings. It is found naturally in food, named after asparagus because thats how the chemist discovered it, and boosts T. Take 3g serving per day for a few weeks then take a week or so off. Must cycle it like any other T booster. Many studies have been done on this, it is perfectly safe.
Pushing on a wall is better than pushups. Put your hands on the wall and drive with your feet, like running in place, try to push the wall over. That's the best workout I've ever found for T
I’m 23 and am only starting hit puberty in the upper half of my body, bottom half is fine. Got hairy legs and pubes and all that good stuff, but upper half has been naked mole rat tier until last year or so. Have I been cucked by government homo pills? Or is this something that can happen naturally and I’ll start to catch up to the rest of the lads soon?
>>28101 Self improving is essential to the new world we are going to Need to be in peak mental and physical condition to deal with what comes. And there’s no better time to start than now, be proud of your genes and what your body can accomplish.
>>28351 You are being pozzed. Take the advice from the OP or linger in this cursed future thry have created for you.
>>27939 >if youre a doctor like me >10% + 10% +20% = 300% (X) Doubt
>>28351 holy shit anon, I am also 23 and also have the same issue. I have the odd random hair on my chest with hairy nipples. I ate huge amounts of shit as a child (used to have this carrot drink until my skin turned orange when I was 7), though I eat much less of it now instead I drink alcohol. I literally see more hair coming out on my face and chest by the month. This wouldn't have been an issue 30+ years ago.
>>28352 well said >>28347 >Pushing on a wall is better than pushups. Holy shit this is such a good tip. Gives me adrenaline rushes as I do it. Great comment.
>>28640 A doctor being able to do math would be more suspicious
>>28799 Isometrics develop the bones and tendons and permits one to use 100% of their strength ("overcoming isometrics" which is working on an immovable object rather than planking or some shit). Alexander Zoss or whatever that strongman's name was was a PoW that pulled on his chains to keep his strength (and they were starving PoWs somewhat) and found that he was becoming quite strong, until eventually he broke his chains and bent the bars of his prison open and escaped. He did this 3 more times as they captured him the first 3 times, but escaped finally on the fourth attempt, leaving the country. So iron bending or overcoming isometrics, trying to uproot a tree for instance, are best for strength and naturally for one's manhood (if manhood is weak then what the fuck is it?)
>>28799 >It's a great workout. Practice makes you so good at it. Form, chest, arm highlighting, working towards failure, you'll feel this deep chest burn you've never felt. It's great. Chest up, out, gut in, head high, work, let the calf flexing facilitate other muscle highlighting also. I love it.
>>28138 >what a /sig/ thread has to do with /pol/? 4chan /pol/ tradition - same as the now defunct /christchan/ generals. boardowner here following tradition by allowing /sig/ --- this thread belongs in /sig/ or /b/.
I wanted to add I was happy with the test boost I felt after some sprints on grass two days ago.
>>28640 This...60 grams of protein a day. Lol. Ok...that's a little excessive. Fast track way to obesity
>>28101 because natural law says one must improve ones self fascism is natural law
>>27908 Fresh in from pol, tell me whats 16chans take on NoFap? I can't see why it could hurt. Plenty of shills coming in saying just jack off, porns fine, so to me that increases it's validity. Snagged these info pics too. I can relate to one segment regarding hypothalamus not producing GnRH while I was blasting test a few years back. Was essentially shooting blanks before I went on PCT. My test feels high enough, 29 still having wet dreams frequently and morning wood every day. But I noticed if I jack off I feel like shit, its subtle, but something just feels off the next few days. When I get home from school I have sex about seven times in a single weekend and also feel slightly off the following week. There's a segment about how boxing trainers stress no masterbation or sex before upcoming fights as well that caught my eye.
>>35266 If you're actually physically active or in the gym the rule of thumb is to eat your weight in grams of protein to counter muscle atrophy and repair the torn fibers. If you're inactive you're not going to get fat off 60g of protein, you'll just shit more.
(96.43 KB 500x500 Pepe2.jpg)
Noted ty OP
I've seen a bunch of supplements with stuff like maca and fenugreek. Do those help T too or is it mostly placebo?
The absolute worse thing for testosterone, is the hops in beer. Our sperm is fewer and weaker because of cell phones. The science on this is very solid.
>>27908 >>cruciferious veggies (broccoli, kale, belgian sprouts etc) or carrots You can take a DIM supplement which is like eating a wheelbarrow of greens. Green tea is bad for test. whey will make you fat and fart like a horse.
>>36015 >Our sperm is fewer and weaker because of cell phones Is that due to electromagnetic radiation? Lately I've developed the theory that 5 GHz radio waves are the cause of my tinnitus and I replaced Wifi in my computers with Ethernet (cabled) and I'm wondering if it's worth it to also disable it on my cell phone and use reverse tethering for my cell phone (everybody uses Whatsapp here and it can't be used from a PC, it needs connection on your cellphone).
I've had a lot of success with this machine. The Cardio Glide. It let's you do a full body sprint. I don't know how tough they are to come by, but worth it, truly, if you can get your hands on one.
>>27908 How exactly is this political, retard?
>>36842 Asked and answered >>28101 though OP could have just used the /sig/ thread


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