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(97.04 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
The largest transfer of wealth in history is happening now Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 18:18:01 No. 28174
The money masters, Central Banks are all doing the same thing. Printing useless garbage to buy useless garbage debt and assets to 'save the economy' The free market is dead. The stock buy backs have gone on so long the stock market has been rising during the lockdown. It's absurd with the amount un-employed the hand has been played. The cards are on the table. This is unprecedented amount of devaluation and stealing money from the average citizen. The FED balance sheet has surpassed 7 Trillion by now I am sure. They 'printed' more in one month then the whole of the financial crisis. Thought AIG bailout was bad, This is a new level. Yet it always is. Guys, you need to know the banks are hear for you. Just take a loan don't worry about saving because it will not be worth as much in the future. Trust your pension will not get cut. And relax and be a good little Goy and just accept your chains and shackles already while we steal your shekels. Also, you have to work and pay taxes so you can pay off your loan.
(224.66 KB 745x1024 1588392319891m.jpg)
(142.37 KB 630x559 1588395204283.jpg)
The rumour that the US central bank was bought out is bogus..right?
>>28235 US federal reserve*
>>28235 Are there even names for numbers with that much zeros? Zhe first account has 51.
>>28293 Given that the accounts are in the system I think it's fair to say some skullduggery has been employed. I doubt anyone made bank.
>>28235 Can you explain the first pic to me im fucking retarded
>>28508 Apparently the accounts exist, whether they have giga-trills is another matter. The story goes that some great king of old entrusted his wealth to various trusts over centuries, ended up as a gold reserve in the Philippines. Somehow this amount of gold was legitimized, liquidated and held in bank accounts there. Until finally ending up in the coffers of the US government. They used that to cut out the federal reserve from their debt protocol. That's my take, I would appreciate any further insights.
>>28174 The U.S. was and is on a gradual downfall ever since woodrow wilson's presidency.
>>28731 A new country must be formed. Let's make the founding fathers finally stop spinning in their graves.
>>28174 >The free market is dead It was a ploy. A free market is a contradiction. It's Jewspeak.
>>28736 >FF >/ourguys/ A very few of them might have believed in a country for Whites but it's doubtful. Knowing very well what happened to once White nations, if they had really wanted to create this kind of racially segregated New Atlantis, this would have been reflected in the official papers and finally in the Constitution, and no democracy would have been allowed.


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