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(17.71 KB 280x420 funny.jpg)
The frog doesn't realize its boiling and its way to fuckin late. Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 16:48:57 ID:ddb0ed No. 28312
>this pepe is just about cooked I seem to be the only one of my peers who think that this scientific speculation should not be influential on government policy. You are FORCED to wear a mask on the bus now, FORCED to wear one shopping for food...fuck I even see people wearing one in their car. How in the world does that make sense? I had an older women approach me telling me to wear my mask because shes "gunna die" Im like bitch you are 85 about to die any way and if you are so afraid getting it why are you shopping at home goods to get useless shit? (This isnt where i work, so nice try glowniggers). Now me saying i dont want to wear a mask makes me a white supremicist. typical labeling the of the enemy that doesnt want to participate in groupthink. The masks cant be on out face forever can they? They are not going to find a cure, they are not going to find a vaccine- look at aids, look at hepitatis- LOOK AT THE SEVERAL coronaviruses that came before this one. We never had a cure. Even if we did have a vaccine, getting a cure is pretty much impossible to 8.5 BILLION people. Who will pay for it when they wont even give us universal healthcare and they are already TRILLIONS in debt due to the economic fiasco this as already caused . Come the fuck on, even my friends who believe 9/11 was a hoax and dont typically buy the narrative are falling for this bullshit. Ubi is pretty much in place, everyones collecting unemployment, Everything is closed besides multi nillion dollar industries, food is becoming more expensive and yet the stock market continues to climb- tells me that this economy is running on SOLELY DEBT. The dollar is fucked and so is the economy. This wouldnt be the case if we didnt implement policies that are based ON SPECULATION. Their initial models were wrong, they were wrong about it being transferred from person to person, and now they are wrong about it living on surfaces. They re just plain wrong and i understand they are trying to help (i guess but i doubt more annd more everyday) Soon they will come out with, "the masks are not necessary but it is illegal to trade cash and to talk to people" or some other arbitrary nonsense. This is only one aspect of how they fucked up, the biggest issue, is the cultural divide and how this "pandemic" has been politicized. I live in a blue state, sucks, i know. I have been on the side of science for most of my life. Mostly skeptical when it comes to conspiracy theories: The earth is a globe, evolution is the best theory at explaining how life came about, vaccines FOR DEADLY DISEASES can save your life. However this whole pandemic has really caused me to question EVERYTHING. But now, if i even HINT at "hey maybe we should be skeptical of the scientists, since they havent had a lot of time to properly research this" Boom. Im now a racist trump supporter. I have never supported trump, nor have i hated him either. But i digress, I think the very essence of politics is just a theater in which we think we are electing these people and we THINK we have democracy- Which we dont apparently have now because the medical community is now deciding public policy. This is truly reminiscent of the marxist/socialist mentality of the soviet union. where "rationality and empirical data dominated society, and should be the ONLY means of growth" and if ANYONE questions this, or goes against the grain and commits thoughtcrime- they are enemies of the state and need o be executed. Yeah, im sure the USSR worked out great. I try to change peoples minds or at least find common ground, and tell them that the frog is ABOUT TO BE BOILED ALIVE. But typically you are met with ridicule by peers and censorship within institutions. Ive been researching modern history a lot lately, but apparently this mentality has happened before with the cold war. Peoples lives were changed due to the "nuclear threat" and they told them to hide under desks and useless things that would help you in a nuclear attack. Its very similar, and back then if you said something like " I think the threat is more imagined than real" you would be labeled a communist. Now its almost like we are accepting communism with open arms. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Ive thought about moving- but will this really solve the issue? Doesnt communism spread? What can we do? How can we gain our society back? TL/DR: What would you hypothetically do if the society around you, all your friends, parents, employer, is falling into marxist ideology/communism? I also want to state that I would die for my right to be free, free speech, and free thought. So should you or else you will fall like the rest.
(1.40 MB 1600x1600 coronavirus-wear-a-mask.png)
>>28312 >facebook meme for ants.jpg >boomer blogpost.txt >(Wearing masks) How in the world does that make sense? Pic related >WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Same shit. Different day. >What would you hypothetically do if the society around you, all your friends, parents, employer, is falling into marxist ideology/communism? >Still caring >Still believes there is anything to "do"
Well thanks for the moral support i guess. rope.
It seems to be far more infective (masks without proper filter's won't stop it) and far less deadly than memed by the MSM. TL;DR You will hardly avoid getting it at one point unless you live in a bunker and have no contact with people, but you most likely won't die from it. The reason for most of the measures is that kikes in your local or federal govt bought stocks of companies or supplies of stuff that's being forced (masks, gloves, disinfectants etc.) and are now getting what they like the most, government mandated profits. The rest is pure Marxist social engineering and destruction of small and medium businesses so (((transnationals))) can get stronger monopolies. Luckily I live in a country where people are far more used to government kikery and most don't give two fucks, making the enforcement of (((measures))) far more difficult. They have other ways of robbing us though, so they don't mind either.
Which country is that can i please fucking move there
(446.49 KB 472x610 1520328788668a.png)
>>28312 >The frog doesn't realize its boiling and its way to fuckin late I stopped reading here, obvious kike shill
>>28315 What, you actually think face-recognition software hasn't made masks virtually useless for hiding one's identity yet? It's been able to do this in China for a few years now.
>>28340 >Face recognition works for masks covering your entire face >Chyna numba wan No.
It's an respiratory illness; meaning it's spread through air droplets when someone talks or sneezes or even breaths at you. Masks help block this and prevent you from infecting, if you have it, or being infected. It's not that insane of a concept, you didn't need to write so many paragraphs.
>>28315 Facial reconition is largely a misnomer: it's not the facial features that matter, hair and eye colour for example. It's the bone structure; cheekbones, nose bridge, scapulla, ect ect that matter. Alot of which are hard to hide behind a mask unless you go out of your way to do so since these are all "low resoultion" feature; ie eaisly seen and reconized even if the computer gets the 1/3000 of a glimps. So bassically don't get your face in the system... oh wait you already have a driver's license don't you?
i kept trying to read this and just kept hearing "muh constatooshun" in my head


no cookies?