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/sig/ - Self Improvement General #002 Anonymous 05/24/2020 (Sun) 13:45:07 ID:9f711c No. 28355
This is a thread for the discussion of personal betterment, both mental and physical, goal setting, and sharing of results. >Kick that caffeine addiction. Stop drinking soda. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking, stop vaping, stop doing drugs. Stop eating processed shit and fast food. Cook your meals at home with natural ingredients. Stop treating your body like it's a fucking dumpster. Work out, walk, run, lift, push yourself to your breaking point daily. You only have one body and one life. Do not desecrate your flesh and blood with jewish pollutants. >Do not isolate yourself. If you are unable to network with your comrades, you need to get a pet. Get a cat or a dog. Our ancestors domesticated these creatures thousands of years ago and they make excellent companions. They are fiercely loyal, and their presence will help you feel less alone. >Control your desires. Cut pornography out of your life and stop masturbating. Your main objective in life is serving your folk. Do not allow yourself to be tempted by thots. Tits are temporary. Honor is forever. Do not allow yourself to become corrupted by lust for material things. More men have destroyed themselves through greed and desires of the flesh than have fallen by bullet or blade. >Harden yourselves, brothers. Make yourselves utterly incorruptible. Make yourselves whole again. Break your chains of addiction, and refuse to be a slave to endless consumerism. Fear nothing but the failure to meet your objectives. Previous Tread >>5542 http://archive.fo/kzch5
Dump of 8/pol "The Archives" PDF's/Fitness/BodyBuilding >>>/library/433
Diet-Nutrition-Supplementation >>>/library/451
Dump of 8/pol/ "The Archives" /PDF's/Fitness/Exercises, Form, & Injury Prevention-Care/ >>>/library/427 though >>>/library/432
Dump of 8/pol/ "The Archives" General Fitness >>>/library/465 through >>>/library/479
(839.78 KB 1562x4158 fitexercises.jpg)
>>28355 >>28356 >>28358 >>28359 >>28360 >>28360 >>28364 >>28366 >>28366 >>28367 >>28368 >>28370 Have the (you)s (you) deserve. Thank (you) brother.
>>28356 >why is his benis not erect
Last days have been quite hard to stay on course, I'm back at the starting point.
>>28499 >seeing a hot gurl like that
>>28730 >pure focus
>>28355 Thanks for all this!
(99.44 KB 500x762 poster-vote-soldier.jpg)
I need some advice on two problems I have: career and nofap. I'm interested on improving my career positions and earning more income to be in a better position in both having more money and time. One problem I have are working jobs on night shift. Is anyone currently on night shifts or has worked on night shift? How did you get out of it, or how do you adjust your life (free time, family, social life, hobbies, etc.) to dealing with working on night shifts? As for nofap, are there any free porn blockers that any of you anons recommend that has worked for you?
(598.16 KB 1268x1920 Veidt Method.jpg)
(348.45 KB 1332x1949 Neuroplasticity programme.png)
(487.07 KB 518x3648 Meditation guide.jpg)
/SIG/ is not only cleaning yourself up and doing physical exercise. You must train your mind as well. The white man's greatest trait is his superior intelligence and Faustian spirit. Existence without mastery of the minds is an animalistic state, at the same level as niggers and NPCs. There is this subconscious societal notion that existence is a compromise, that someone can only have abundance in some traits at the detriment of others. Fuck that, given you have the genetic potential, there should be no obstacle stopping you from becoming an all round superman with a high IQ, peak physical fitness and aesthetics. The only thing stopping you is willpower. Meditation has so many benefits it's almost comical, among its most important are increased cognitive abilities and discipline. Remember anons, make savage the body, and civilized the mind.
(37.93 KB 451x651 Arno Breker - Berufung.jpg)
(219.75 KB 1920x1995 Arno Breker - Der Sieger 2.jpg)
(16.49 KB 173x320 arno breker.jpeg)
Thank you for the thread and the Brekers friend. Here's a few more. Too bad there aren't many high quality ones that exist. Can't wait for AI to be used to increase the definition of stuff like this
>>28849 Your welcome, a lot of these pieces were destroy by the ((allies)) and the ones that weren't probably ended up in very private collections
(165.00 KB 1366x767 Socrates.jpg)
(211.79 KB 1307x1797 Calisthenics + running.png)
(62.77 KB 468x714 control.jpeg)
(91.41 KB 627x444 das Heer.jpg)
What you guys think about the ketogenic diet?
>>28358 Looks like the communist smuggler and Hollywood actor Douglas. Looks are not everything. Be careful.
(43.30 KB 800x450 Olympia.jpg)
>>29090 You're missing the point. It's an artistic representation of the German's physical ideals of Aryanism, manifested by embracing the aesthetic and grandiosity of the classical period of the Greeks and Romans, the bedrock of Western civilization. These ideals touch an imperative facet of the human spirit which has been effectively extinguished by the societal decay of the modern world. Yes Jews can look Aryan, but this doesn't in any way diminish the ideals which he happens to physically reflect.
>>28360 roll
What books does /sig/ recommend?
>>28952 I think it's bullshit. Control your sugar intake to a reasonable amount yes, but carbohydrates are fine. Infact carbohydrates are a good source of energy since your body burns through that instead of protein, meaning you can bulk up easier. Just stick to complex carbohydrates so your body has time to break down and use the energy as opposed to simple carbohydrates (sugars) which just get stored as fat.
I am currently recovering rather slowly from hitting the rock bottom. I need to find a job quickly and I even relapsed lately....it was so vicious that it robbed me of my masculine drive for weeks....now I am about to hit a month streak so I am getting back on my feet. it is tough but I think I will get stronger once I overcome all this. Hopefully I will be able to get into working out and seeking wife and all that soon, But right now the stress absolutely drags me down. Honestly I cannot imagine how I would be doing if I was not able to just cut off the fapping habit.
>>28837 Hi Anon. >career I don't have any advice here. I do not work night shifts but my working hours are long. >Nofap Here I can give you an answer. Blockers are a weak cane. You can have a blocker, but you will relapse on your phone or even without porn. The best blocker is: Your will. Your will to live, to struggle with your vices. Here's how you do it. Have the goal in your mind...why you do it. That is just as important as holding the dedication. Yes. You may be tempted to relapse and then get back on the right path(that feeling I will do it just once)..but remember you dedicated yourself to a path free from degeneracy. Even one step astray from it is wrong and you do not want to do it. Now how you do it. First cut off the sources. Do not visit porn sites, do not view lewd images. In short limit the intake of sexually explicit material online. It is enough that you get a large dose of that IRL. Next, do not think of yourself as an "addict" "former fapper" or anything of the sort. You build the new man. Your past is your past leave it behind and do not ever look back. Now I get to the most important point and I recommend it even if you are not religious. Some form of fasting. You gain self control in no fap if you train it in "other areas" it is only a seemingly different area because your lust is connected to other passions. Those are entwined so much that I was surprised ho easy nofap became once I started fasting just one or two days from meat. Our ancestors knew it very well. I am not saying you have to become religious or anything....but you can take advantage of ascesis. Here are some thoughts of what to try, if only one day in week or setting rules such as that you do not drink more than one coffee etc. >Coffee >Alcohol >Meat just one day I'd suggest, you need to be strong. >Doing a regular exercise >cold showers >waking up at a regular time >going to sleep at a regular time The more your routine is fixed, the more it is soldier-like or monk-like ascesis, the easier it will be to do nofap, you will not even need any blockers. The blocker is your will. I do not trust any other blockers anyway.
(107.54 KB 1026x685 fml.jpg)
>>28355 Getting laid off on Friday. FML. Trying to stay positive. More time for /sig/ and prep for the coming war. Coming war? Who the fuck am I kidding? With worldwide mob rule the war has already started. If niggers looted the local store in town I would normally be out at work. From next week work wont be getting in my way from dealing with that shit.
How would I go about increasing my own self discipline. Are there any techniques that has worked for you anons that I can use for myself as well?
>>29709 Prolonged water fasts (3-7 days) and shorter dry fasts (2-3 days) have helped me immensely. I lost 132 lbs in less than a year and was able to take advantage of that newly developed discipline in other aspects of my life as well.
>>28929 3rd picture is missing info, here is the rest of it: "Base diet Go to your supermarket, figure out a shopping list that gives you the following ratios; 30% Carbohydrates - Oats -Bread -Potatoes -Rice Are all good and flexible to cook with. 30% Vegetables I don't know all the details of vitamins, but I know if you eat all different coloured veg you'll get them all. -Spinach (Iron) -Kale (Iron) -Sweetcorn (Fibre) -Peas -Onions -Carrots -Tomatoes -Lettuce -etc 20% Protein -Fish (Omega 3, oil strengthens joints) -Fish -Fish -Chicken (Careful it's not pumped full of hormones) -Red meat (sparingly, has high fat and causes diseases) -Eggs 20% Beans and extras -Baked beans -Kidney beans -Mixed beans (all beans are high in protein and fibre) -Sauces like ketchup and mayo -Butter (vegetable oil spread is better) -Comfy foods like soup and chocolate -Fruit and nuts are the best snacks -Salt and spices (salt is needed often because it's lost in sweat) A human can survive and thrive on only the above. Notice how everything is in its raw/original form, no ready meals or shit with a million weird sounding ingredients. To increase your intake for lifting, eat more carbs and protein, to taste. Listen to your body. I eat shit all the time, pizzas and ice cream and stuff (but as optional extras, not replacing the diet). As long as it's in moderation and you are aware of the high fat content, it shouldn't do you any harm. WATER Trees need water to grow and so do heart of oak men. My advice is to carry a bottle of water around with you, you'll sip it all the time without even realising. Your piss is the indicator. It should be nearly clear, all the time. If it's not, drink more until it is. Hydration is KEY so this is potentially the most important point. Water allows your muscles to use the energy stored in them. It also keeps your skin clear. Apart from that, have fun learning to cook with fresh ingredients, it's fun :) Bonus; This kind of food is always the cheapest. Hope I've helped some anons with this information. Took me fucking ages to figure it out, there's a LOT of disinfo out there. As I say my credentials are basically being very experienced in this, I'm built but cut and 6'5 , my agenda is only to help like-minded people."
>>29458 The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius are a solid place to start. Scripture obviously is good if you're religious, but even nontheists will likely benefit from the lessons, even if they don't believe it.


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