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(47.58 MB 1184x652 phillyzoo.webm)
We are going to be vindicated Anonymous 05/31/2020 (Sun) 23:07:34 ID:525a82 No. 28738
These riots are going to mark the end of Muh Diversity going on in Western Countries. THIS IS GOING TO REDPILL MILLIONS!!!! It is going to show our bothers and sisters the true nature of these feral ape NPC's. Yes, there are many Antifa traitors among them, but these monkeys keep the fuel burning. They are complicit in these acts. They are the tool that the NWO-ZOG uses to fuel these riots and deserve to be shipped back to Africa where they came from, so they may never have to experience White "oppression" again. We are going to be vindicated brothers. Perhaps Trump really is playing 4d, 5d chess....
>>28738 >Perhaps Trump really is playing 4d, 5d chess... Well he took the opportunity to attack social media and responded to the jewish mayor trying to label the riots as white supremacist. However He should have done that years ago when antifa was doing the same shit. He's still a zog civnat who sided with floyd before investigation of his death was even over. He's labeling antifa a terrorist organization NOW? If he gets reelected i'll hope he takes the gloves off but im not anticipating he would change shit if he won. Trump will allow legal immigration to replace whites.
>>28738 there's a general thread about this. plz don't clutter the board https://www.16chan.xyz/pol/res/28469.html
(492.37 KB 1792x1456 3459jfosdfssd.jpg)
>>28738 >THIS IS GOING TO REDPILL MILLIONS!!!! don't count on that, riots and violence has always been a nigger thing even from the sixties. Until we go to the head of the snake, the jew, things won't change
>>28753 Trump is a kike. His 5d chess is and always has been how to appease the Jews and slowly ease the USA towards their ends with the illusion of a oscillatory political system.
(128.61 KB 1344x359 eviljews.PNG)
>>28738 Not sure if this was a shill, but it gave me chills.
>>28804 And back then media were far less one sided than today. But we have internet. Which they try to shut down, don't they? I'm blackpilled. I see no sign that things are shifting in our favor. People I get to observe everyday show no sign of moving to our positions despite the constant and obvious degradation of everything around them. I see cops bashing Whites. I see army guys kneeling before niggers. I see people saying vote vote vote. At this point I'd rather pray for the coming of a White Messiah, all things be damned. Even if it meant half the world would burn, I'd know we'd have at least a chance, assuming the bloke could shoot lightning out of his eyes or some shit, or had such outrageous providence shields and hardcore charisma that nothing could threaten him. Gonna mediate on transmutation of the human body, sounds crazy but this is the best solution. I'd loathe seeing Whites losing more ground, reduced to savages fighting against an onslaught of mud people occupying 90% of our lands, which we at best would reclaim only five centuries later, if ever.
Why did the mods move this thread? Look up your Israel tribe white man https://16chan.xyz/culture/res/935.html
>>29646 Well what do you expect people to do? There's an ongoing debate about what the solution is. It's pretty clear at least in these circles that jews are the biggest problem but what to do about them is still in the air
>>28738 Your convictions aren't making sense. The project's beef is in fact with the police. They do explain this rather eagerly. Now, when they go around, for example, destroying the lives of store owners, that's different, that's due to make them look awful. Who says they get along with cops in africa?
No this shows Trump's weakness and people will vote Biden out of fear. I hope I'm horribly wrong and Trump wins in a land slide.
(1.46 MB 320x456 hipocrisy.mp4)
(479.41 KB 800x1050 1570298332.jpg)
>>29674 Trump/Biden, it makes no difference, but zoomers are getting redpilled
>>29676 Hot. I've successfully turned a center-left zoomer into a full blown white nationalist over the course of one year. The riots sealed the deal, he's been galvanized for life (his girlfriend, too). Not only this, he thinks he came to these conclusions all by himself, and thinks zoomers are moving right in droves. -t. skinny jeans wearing millenial
>>29689 >I've successfully turned a center-left zoomer into a full blown white nationalist over the course of one year. Can you share your process in redpilling someone and any tips to successfully do so? I'm still trying to redpill a few people but trying to tread carefully. One of them seems to ignore facts when its being presented to them.
>>29689 on the contrary, sadly, i have had friends who politically cucked themselves. from redpilled to common libtard
>>29690 You redpill someone by dropping redpills. You don't debate them. You simply state facts when the opportunities present themselves. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. If your efforts fail on someone, give up on them. There is no time to waste on those not receptive to redpills. Plainly state your positions and drop facts. That is it. There is no "convincing." You can increase the chance of your redpills being absorbed by being someone your target looks up to. Be older than the target. Be superior to the target mentally. They must trust you as a source of knowledge. If you frequently lie, exaggerate, misstate, or twist facts to suit your narrative, you will not be trusted and your opinion will remain just that: your opinion. If you are more fashionable, higher status, older, and more intelligent than your target, they will be eager to learn from you. It is extremely difficult to redpill your parents for example. You can do this by simply "being right." When it becomes clear to them that your worldview is more accurate because it has more predictive ability, they will gradually become more receptive to hearing and repeating what you have to say. You must remember that the cards are heavily stacked against you. It is more profitable for your target to parrot leftist ideology. Society as it stands today is structured to reward leftists and leftist virtue signalling. You will not be successful with most, but you may be successful with few. Good luck. Fucking amateur hour over here.
>>28738 White People who somehow have not woken up. STOP CATERING TO BLACKS!!! Listen. Nothing you do will ever be enough. They will follow you and hate you for 'YOUR" alleged crimes, demand to be a part of everything that others have built, and won't stop until your Civilization is completely destroyed. This whole "movement" is just a backlash against the status anxiety low status groups experience when they are unable to compete as successfully as other groups in a merit based society. Quick run down. -Non-Whites in general are much less fit for Western Society than Whites. -Western Society is merit based. -Non-Whites on average do worse than Whites or Asians in Western Society. -When adjusted for IQ all the races do roughly as well as each other, but in real life races are not adjusted for IQ -Humans as a species are highly aware of their status in their current social group and doing poorly causes status anxiety -Non-whites now either have to accept they are low status because they have less merit (Very, very hard thing for anyone to do, almost impossible with a leftist mindset.) Or blame Whitey for all your problems and tear down the accomplishments of better men. -Pick the latter and chimp out Catering to blacks is absolutely futile, they will follow you and blame you for all of their communities failure and internally hate you for being more fit than you. of course this isn't 100% race based, they're exceptions and outliers to every demographic trend, but unfortunately the vast majority of non-whites in the West act this way. Even when we are minorities they won't stop, they will never allow us to organize preserve our culture and people, and will pester us until the end of the earth.. If they get their way we will be crushed under the weight of the third world
>>29722 very true. See what happened in Rhodesia, see what's happening in South Africa
>>28738 Nobody's going to get vindicated. Some people on the redpilled side are going to do a few seriously stupid things, and those are going to get put under the microscope. All of the stuff going on in western countries put together can't help but look so tame compared to the raging crudeness elsewhere. It's far easier to picture diversity getting impossed on a few other places, hell, it already is being dished at Kashmir right now!
>>29724 How on earth can we do that? We might be able to infer what's happening from the statistics in a few weeks, or to infer what's likely to happen after.
>>29706 >You redpill someone by dropping redpills. O RLY? >Fucking amateur hour over here. Funny stuff. The most effective redpill isn't simply "stating facts" to the "receptive." You can make a person receptive, or at least *more* receptive to a red pill by guiding them into a reasoning pattern which may be very quickly revealed to force them to confront cognitive dissonance. It's an advanced technique, though.
>>29724 >very true. See what happened in Rhodesia, see what's happening in South Africa You think Europe will learn if America collapses?
>>33572 Religious zealots never learn anything. Exactly because of that we call those untermensches "learning-disabled" here in Russia.
(164.29 KB 1200x1200 C4pZ1d3WAAEHWfH.jpg)
(1.82 MB 2520x1455 gettyimages-458769886-copy.jpg)
Trump had his chance on inauguration day; he was supposed to come into office prepared to rock and roll, with a list of at least 6000 names in the bureaucracy that were going to get fired on day one. You know, "drain the swamp?" And it looks like Christie was online to do just that, only Christie put Jared Kushner's rotten jew papa in prison so Christie had to go. At every turn Jared and Ivanka have crippled this administration. And do you know who those two really really adore? Chelsea Clinton and Mohammed bin Salman and Justin Trudeau. That's who is running the show. As Ralph Nader said with a sigh; at least Trump did three good things 1. He deep sixed the TPP 2. He forever destroyed the Clinton cabal 3. He forever destroyed the evil Bush Family I suppose we peasants must be grateful for whatever scraps the aristos drop from their feasting table.
>>29650 > It's pretty clear at least in these circles that jews are the biggest problem but what to do about them is still in the air The jews themselves tell us all the time the only real solution. They call it the Final Solution. Every other solution has been tried yet here we are in the same bad place again....
>>29722 >-Humans as a species are highly aware of their status in their current social group and doing poorly causes status anxiety Here's where I think you went off track and absorbed the leftist bullshit. We are NOT all the same species. Your eyes, ears, and nose tell you so, don't they? There is no species in nature that has so many differences in the "subspecies" as man. Anytime such massive differences are found they are labeled different species and in most cases much smaller differences are enough to declare two creatures different species.
(164.48 KB 768x1024 unnamed.jpg)
Well equipped Portland rioter courtesy of Memeology 101


no cookies?