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Difference between National Socialism and Communism or general socialism Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 13:43:45 ID:6f7be6 No. 28897
I've found that most people have no conception of why it's called national SOCIALISM, when Nazis despised communism and the ideas of socialists like Bernie Sanders. Let me clarify the difference with Hitler's brand of socialism. MSM internet searching will tell you the party was never socialist but that it was just politically expedient to use the word socialist in the beginning and then they never dropped it because it would be too confusing. WRONG. The truth is that National Socialism can be interpreted as Nationality Socialism, or Racial Socialism, or Tribal Socialism. Being socialism among your own kin rather than international socialism or standard communism. Taking this idea to it's logical endpoint, your most specific nationality is the nation of your own family. Socialism is natural to a family, and to a lesser extent to your race or tribe, but it's unnatural to a mixed group of peoples. This is why I am a National Socialist, fundamentally different than a communist or a general socialist.
(158.00 KB 908x1000 rage.jpg)
>>28897 >Modern socialism appears during the French Revolution, radicals like the conspiracy of equals start talking about revolution and material egalitarianism >Utopians like Saint-Simon and Robert Owen start organizing the socialist worker's movement, the express goal being to build a new, egalitarian society without exploitation >Other worker movements, like the English chartism or French mutualism start agitating for democratization, egalitarianism and empowerment of the working class >"All property is theft, the only legitimate source of wealth is your own labor" say Proudhon and Lassalle. >The 1848 revolutions happen. France, Germany, Austria... Everywhere the middle class betrays its "compatriots" of the working class, afraid of the growing socialist movement. "Better Louis-Napoleon than Louis Blanc", "better no Germany than red Germany". >Mass worker movements start organizing, not against other nations but against their own bourgeois leaders. Mikhail Bakunin attacks "God and the State". Karl Marx says "Workers of all nations, unite". The International Workingmen Association is founded. >Despite all the variety of socialist sects and movements, all share the principles of class struggle, worker empowerment, egalitarianism and democracy. Engels demands that "economy must become publicly owned, controlled by the proletarian class" >1871. A civil war starts in France, red Paris against white Versailles. Terrified of the working class conquering political power, even the most liberal politician demands the complete massacre of the Communards. >The socialist movement grows and grows under the leadership of the II International, Marxism becomes the common ideology of most worker movements around the globe. >World War 1 starts. Despite all the nationalist propaganda and calls for "patriotic solidarity", capitalist rule begins to collapse. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are in France are executed for refusing to fight. Worker resistance in Ireland and the colonies challenge the British war effort. Strikes and armed rebellions in America and Italy. Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and China collapse. >The first ever nation-wide proletarian government, the Russian Federal Socialist Republic is founded by Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Other worker armed rebellions follow around the glove, from Germany to China. Their stated goal: working class rule and expropriation of capitalist property. And all of that so some Austrian autist uses massive corporate funding to form a ultranationalist dictatorship in Germany, crushes all worker parties and trade unions, creates a global anti-communist military alliance, tries to destroy by way of genocide the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the first and strongest socialist republic ever) in the name of ultranationalism, anti-egalitarism and class collaborationism, but since he called his brand of anti-socialism "socialist" in order to appeal to SPD voters now we communist have to forever hear retards left and right say that "National Socialism was socialism because it says so in the name duhhh". Fucking read a book, dumbass
>>28897 cringe OP
(109.98 KB 1080x756 natsoc_not_socnat.jpeg)
(177.43 KB 1080x707 national Socialism structure.jpeg)
What kind of pol board is this that these are the only two responses. >>29078 You good sir are a MSM dick sucking fagot. Read a book? You mean from the 1984 library that repeats the same bullshit interpretation spoon fed to us? Think outside of the box dumbass. Of course they called it socialism for a reason. We Germans want to be social with each other, to help each other, like any other family. More so my sub breed of western Germans, and so on down the line of your most closest racial kin. This is the nationalist socialism, being that you do the most Socialist policies only with your closest kin. >>29078 You dumb Normy fagot. No man is an island. Yes read a book, but then connect the fucking dots. As if the picture is the dots you dickwad, connect them and see the real message.
(88.42 KB 900x627 C8VZhrPXgAAfNNm.jpg)
>>29078 >massive corporate funding Nope. Stcok market money went to the stasserist & it wasn’t massive. What is fiat currency? >soviets! Were jew led cunts who destroyed Russia & were incapable of managing things. The collectivisation clusterfuck for instance. Who introduced max working hours? National Socialism! Who introduced minimum wages? National Socialism! Who ensured workers protection from bad conditions & managerial exploitation? National Socialism! Who introduced paid holidays? National Socialism! Who brought in subsidised or free health care? National Socialism! Who helped their people experience culture, enjoyment & new experiences through the Strength Through Joy programme including subsidised Caribbean cruises, opera tickets etc...for those who would other wise be unable to afford them? National Socialism! Who gave direct representation for workers & others to leadership? National Socialism! Who produced a strong healthy people who actually loved their leaders & their people? National Socialism! Who reduced everyone to slaves held at gun point ruled over by a clique of sadistic profiteers? Commieniggers! Who had to rule through terror & paranoia? Comminiggers! Who teamed up with their supposed sworn enemy to double team National Socialism? Commieniggers! Who was planning an invasion of Europe but got caught with their pants down then tried to play innocent? Commieniggers! Who has to constantly bleat that their fucking retarded ideas have 'nevar reele been tried' because they are so embarrassed about all the times it has been tried? Commieniggers! Who succeeded brilliantly at transforming a broken people into a powerhouse with nothing more than honest labour & insurmountable will guided by Natural Law? National Socialism! i mean i could go on, gommrade but your already triggered.
>>28897 Marxism attempts to monopolise socialism yet socialism in various forms pre-dates Marxism by generations. Further, Marxism attempts to understand socialism on a merely economic & material level. Based on this & its incorrect egalitarian assumptions all forms of Marxism inevitably construct grotesque, inorganic states that must hold the people at gunpoint to enforce an imagined equality with vile, dehumanising & disastrous results. True socialism is the mutual support of family, community & nation, working as a team & served by leaders & a state that are guided by Natural Law for the purpose of survival & improvement of our people socially, biologically & spiritually. Unlike Marxism we National Socialists have a firm grasp of reality & embrace it as truth & morality instead of impotently denying it. As a result we understand that inherent inequality is neither unnatural or something to be afraid of but embraced & that honest meritocracy renders class war an absurdity. Thus we are socialists but we are not Marxists or any derivative of Marxism of any kind. We do not oppose private property or personal wealth so long as it is earned honestly. We do not oppose honest competition or wish to place the entire economy under the direct management of the state although we do expect the state to regulate the national economy with the aim of autarky, decent treatment & the prevention of profiteering at the expense of our people. Socially & culturally we strive for an organic society that allows our people to flourish & express themselves naturally within the healthy framework Natural Law provides. Marxism is the tyranny of lunatics. It sets us against ourselves & Natural Law in the pursuit of an impossible & absurd equality that in the end can only destroy the very thing it claims to represent t.
(28.65 KB 600x600 3721_product.jpg)
Regarding property, in marxist socialism the state owns the means of production, while national socialism, the state controls the means of production, but doesn't own them, and as a consequence, there's incentives to use resources in an effective manner. Regarding monetary policy, marxism and national socialism are practically opposite. Marxist use common fiat currency printing mechanism, while national socialism prints money to create tangible goods and fix the prizes of those products to equalize the quantity of goods with the monetary mass in the economy, preventing inflation. I recommend you to read Rudolph Jung and Gottfried Feder to gain a deeper understanding of how this works.
>>29382 Nigga, clearly dis 'ere nigga reading books 'n sheiit. Slow your roll or break yourself fool!
>>29528 I have read Freder but cant find any Rudolf Jung in english. Plz hlap!
(115.46 KB 512x348 unnamed (3).jpg)
>>29547 What happens with our positions is a real disgrace, because we lost a world revolutionary war and our main authors have not been reissued, much less have been translated into other languages ​​(The texts of Celine or La Rochelle, for example, between Hundreds of other authors who were not novelistic but ideological in nature have not been republished or translated from the original language, and note that these authors have been devoted to serious studies by historians of different nationalities, studies and text commentaries that have been commonly suppressed ). I personally am very lucky to be Spanish, because after the world war various personalities from all over Europe fled here and brought that culture with them. This would allow the eventual birth of CEDADE (Spanish Circle of Friends from Europe), a cultural association that, in addition to organizing talks, excursions to nature or museums, etc., was dedicated to editing or writing books about the aforementioned authors (A kind of Hitler youth). Cedade is interesting because in it, for example, Leon Degrelle or Jean Thiriart were active towards the day of their deaths, and from it activists and highly intellectuals on the subject were born, such as Ramon Bau, Jorge Mota or Pedro Varela, the latter Christian Hitlerist who after the CEDADE's banning created a publishing house and a library, and for that reason he went to jail three times and became a martyr for the cause. I have been fortunate enough to read these forgotten authors or texts about them and I know a good number of authors simply because of being born Spanish, and that makes me feel very proud, as well as much pity for those who cannot Access this material just as easily, because they really deserve that opportunity to train and cultivate their mind. Going to your question, Rudolph Jung's capital work is "Der Nazionale Sozialismus", he was one of the original national socialists if not the first of all, and in this work he wanted to do a National Socialist catechesis, a kind of "Das Capital" of National Socialism. If you can not read it in German, there are several ways to automatically translate PDF texts on the internet, I put a YouTube tutorial here https://youtu.be/IKJr06nYjA0 (And sorry for some grammar errors, I'm machine translating this text for the sake of doing this faster. If you're interested in what CEDADE was there you have an example of what they did in Pic-Related, I wish I could be alive in that epoch and I wish I could have participated in it)
>>29572 Thanks M88. Maybe Ostara or Third Reich Books will get round to it.
>msm Internet searching We are reaching peak levels of boomer. National Socialism; as in Social Equity, Equity meaning fair. Getting in what you put out. This is why Hitler banned all forms of profit making not repeated to labour, since you shouldn't be rewarded for putting nothing in. That's not equitable nor can that system be allowed to exist in a functioning society. Simply; Those who deserve the most, get the most and all should be in their proper places according to their inate abilities. >>29708 He didn't crush Uniouns, he created a single massive state-sanctioned Unioun that was eaisly more effective if only for the fact it had more members and actual legal power.
>>29605 Hitler's Germany was the perfect society compared to what exists today.
>>29606 That's not saying anything; Hitler's society was perfect. Anything is better than this current society. At least Europe, during the time of the black death didn't have niggers everywhere.
>>28897 Not that much, really. Socialist countries drift towards nationalism anyway, it's an almost inevitable match, it doesn't matter all that much if it's missing in the design. Just look at how North Korea ended up drifting in such a direction. Or how intensely Vietnam held together with such a philosopy despite being so monumentally outgunned.
>>29669 North Korean Juche ideology was already an oxymoron from the start (Traditionalist and monarchusm with communism). But you should put your eyes on the Soviet Union, which attempted to eradicate any form of ethnic collectives in favor of "constitutional patriotism" (Loyalty to the state institutions).
What about Eugen Dühring? Since he triggered Engels and Jews, I bet he had something sensible to say, but I can't find his translated works.
>>29691 And we know how that turned out, shit ended up just getting pretty ugly for all sorts of non-russians. Though this was seriously mixed up how the first three leaders including Trotsky(just a leader-candidate in that case) ended up being non-Russian.
>>29691 It's also due to toss in some doubt as to how discretely North Korea can even be looked at. It did have the Soviet Union as a sponsor, which it would have taken as a baseline of what it could expect to do, and the Soviets in turn could have had say about whether NK has a system and ideology that's acceptable or too far out. Similar things could be said about East Germany, which others would find ironic to be where National Socialism had its biggest refuge of sorts. Take for example how it put all that focus into excelling at sports, much like the third reich is known for it's physical excellence emphasis. People don't get steered so perfectly, you stick people in a box, and they'll tend to muster what such a box has room for, regarless of what they've been told.
>>28897 Communism: no private or 'personal' property allowed. Socialism: You can own it, but you must abide by this set of rules and regs regarding its use.
>>28897 I believe you dont really understand what either natsoc or communism means. I dont pretend to be an all-knowing god ffs but it fucking hurts to see so many ignorant people talking about these things without really knowing anything. >Communism The total control of society by the state. Every aspect of your life is controlled. What you can or cant do, what you actually do, what you speak, and even what you think (I live in a former commie country and just yesterday a family member admitted to falling for commie propaganda). Constant surveillance by the state, surveying even the surveyors. Endless bureaucratic hellhole with nothing being achieved without corruption. The common man enslaved by filthy rich jews driving around in their luxury cars. That is communism. Total control. Total slavery. >Natsoc The state acting in the interest of the nation, the common man, actually doing what socialism claims to do. Yeah, there is welfare, but its not a welfare state like we see nowadays where people are unable to escape poverty. People are rewarded for helping the nation (having kids, working on public projects, etc) not being a neet. Big jewish owned banks are nationalized and the government does take a more hands on approach, taking direct action to change society, ridding it of degeneracy and communist/liberal propaganda. >>29078 The soviet union wasnt some fucking utopia or some shit. It was a rag tag band of rich deranged psychopaths wishing absolute control over the common people. I would know of all, and my parents saw the ussr. The reason Hitler hated communism was simply because such a system was simply immoral and threatened to invade Europe and install itself as the new world order. Nobody talks about the revolution of 1919, a communist revolution in Germany just after the war orchestrated by jews to finalize their plan of obtaining control over the entirety of europe. Look it up on fucking jewpedia of all places. That is what redpilled hitler. That is what redpilled many germans. No matter, because afterwards they still managed to install weimar which is basically modern liberalism in the 1920s. Nobody falls for the communism meme anymore. Youd have to either be really gullible or ignorant to believe the words of the snakes that preach it.
>>29078 >massive corporate funding The NSDAP was literally being kept afloat by selling copies of Mein Kampf at some points. The backing of a few relatively small industrialists and minor ideological support from Ford is nothing compared to the massive funding Bolshevism received from (((American))) and (((Swedish))) bankers and the material support the USSR received from the West.
Frankly if it involve having to go to huge mass rallies with gigantic portraits everywhere of the supreme leader then it ain't no good to be there, regardless if they're talking about communism, socialism, divine right of kings or whatever other flavor of intolerable tyrannical nonsense you can think of.
They're both totalitarian, calling for National Socialism under ZOG is really just advocating for communism. Also, communists always call themselves socialists until their goal of global communism is achieved. USSR was communist, but they call it socialist. CCP is communist, but they call it socialist. It's all the same thing over and over again.
(317.76 KB 1200x1335 f3217f_6615771.png)
>>34178 Get out.
Somehow I do not think that >>29078 is here to treat upon this subject in good faith. National Socialism is simply an upgraded version of the ideal tribal society. The socialist aspect is integral since the state exists to uphold and advance the interests of the People who compose the Nation in the nation-state. Unlike meme-ideologies like communism, there actually isn't a one size fits all solution to problems which affect society. Some problems can and must be solved via redistributionism. Others would not benefit from that, for instance; farmers. But even in regards to this exception, there are exceptions to the exception. Example, a society exists where a few rich landowners have usurped the land from the People. Thus, redistributionism is necessary. National Socialism is a mature ideology which respects the fact that society is complex and you can't solve all problems with a hammer.
>>41007 Okay. If you will not argue in good faith, then you should not be here. Leave.


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