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(808.30 KB 1467x1467 fallofbritian.jpg)
Ideas for rebuilding Western civilisation Anonymous 06/07/2020 (Sun) 20:20:30 ID:7ce427 No. 29092
Looks like the old order is dead. Intelligent people will need to get together and start thinking about what the new order ought to look like. My suggestions: 1. No Abrahamism 2. No Blank Slate theory 3. Full cognitive liberty - no War on Drugs 4. No emancipation of Jews or women That ought to help prevent the mistakes that led us to 2020 happening again.
>>29092 >No emancipation of Jews You can't emancipate what is dead.
>>29092 >No Abrahamism What's going to replace it then? Because ALL human societies have had religion and I have no reason to think we suddenly won't have the same instincts and needs we've always had for 100,000 years. And before you say something retarded like "Paganism" ask yourself who actually believes that shit. Millions of Whites believe in Christ. Nothing can replace that in the near term. >No war on drugs Okaaaayyy, so we're just going to let degenerate tweakers pass around needles then? That should be good for the new society. >No emancipation of Jews or women Change it to "no PRESENCE of Jews, or emancipation of women " and I think you might be on to something.
>full cognitive liberty >allowing drug usage there's a load of research about how anything psychotropic fucks up your mind and cognition, permanently and long term. no war on drugs needed, first time offense sentence should be death.
>>29108 >there's a load of research about how anything psychotropic fucks up your mind and cognition No there isn't. t. Psychologist.
>>29106 No actual white people believe in Christ. Only pathetic Jew slaves.
(21.51 KB 665x390 02.png)
>>29092 >Ideas for rebuilding Western civilization Think hard retards. Your enlightenment age and scientific revolution is over. All you can do now is to imitate those that became more advanced than you like the good monkeys that you now became. Who are those most advanced? >They build most advanced technologies that you use now >They fabricate nearly every product that you consume >They are slowly becoming independent from western countries >Their crime rates are much lower >They are mostly atheists >They can adapt to any political system >They are both Capitalists and Communists >They score higher on nearly every IQ tests and Mathematical competitions >Their entrance exams are the most hard in the world >Their universities are mostly scientific while western universities are mostly degenerate >Their women are better qualified to their jobs than most western men would >They don't need to import workers from shithole countries >They don't have "racist" problems >They don't blame other races for the problems that they don't even have >Their population reached the highest densities while maintaining heavily organized >They know how to contain a disease better than western countries while having a higher population density >Their population would have the most chances to survive a real global pandemic They already turned better than westerntards that are becoming more degenerate from one generation to the next. While everyone waste time here shiting about race and religion they organize there. And if westerns don't organize like they do they will soon be replaced by a bigger and most advanced population. They already replaced your technology. Some ideas posted here >>>/b/11157 got moved to the site's toilet. Enjoy your decay faggots. Because bitching about your problems without bringing real solutions won't change a thing
>>29106 >Nothing can replace that in the near term. Anon, Christianity as a religion is already halway replaced by another, stronger religion; liberalism. Compare and contrast liberalism with any other religion and you will see that it is indeed a cult. >>29108 >first time offense sentence should be death. That is ridiculous and I say that as a man who has literally never done drugs and I strongly dislike all forms of alcohol and have never smoked. If we applied that kind of logic to the law, then we would engineer a counter-revolution. Not only is it hypocritical to kill people for smoking weed while not for smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, but it would lead to a mass depopulation on top of the already vast depopulation that would follow the civil war that led to us in power in the first place.
>>29122 >they also invented almost nothing that the now create for us Obviously white people are more creative and innovative when it comes to inventing for some reason. Perhaps it's just due to our differing political systems or some other "nature vs nurture" bullshit but most major leaps in technology and mathematical thinking in the past 200 years have come from white people/Europeans. Before that, it also mostly came from white people, but further back then maybe 500 years it's more mixed between asians and whites. Leaps in mathematical thinking are crucial for the development of new science and technology, and it's not as simple as "Oh just find the next big math problem", since the next big math problem cannot be naturally found so easily. It either has to be creatively derived, or invented, or it naturally arises from physics, which only progresses through innovation, invention, and creative thinking. Whites are better at creative thinking while asians are better at logical thinking is how I see it
>>29122 lmao china is america's copy machine. imagine being afraid of war with your copy machine. >higher iq americans' average IQ is lower because they have been interbred and schooled alongside other races for decades. paper tiger is burning
>>29113 >a psychologist that can't use PubMed kill yourself, LARPing kike >>29124 >If we applied that kind of logic to the law, then we would engineer a counter-revolution. and culling all the weak and soon-to-be libtard deadbeats is a bad idea? fuck, this is the last place I'd take any advice on how to rebuild a proper White civilization. what a fucking idiotic dumpster fire I've walked into.
>>29130 OK, cite the research that suggests that cannabidiol, a known anti-psychotic, "fucks up your mind and cognition". Fixing Western Civilisation will mean that we get rid of everyone who pisses their pants in fear at the mention of a plant.
>>29092 I'd strongly recommend anyone who wants to really improve on Western Civilization look into Propertarianism. Propertarianism is a sort of school of thought made up primarily by this one guy, Curt Doolittle, and the main idea is enforcing morality through enforcing reciprocity, which prevents parasitism. Puts the right wing instinct into words and policy. >Reciprocity: The requirement that we limit our actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfers, free of the imposition of costs by externality, upon that which others have obtained by the same means. To enforce reciprocity, anybody would be able to form a lawsuit against anyone who fails to adhere to this defined morality. This brings up a potentially controversial consequence, yet a good one if the courts are managed properly. Free speech does not effectively exist because lies damage societal trust (a clearly negative externality), and so only the truth is truly free speech. Western Civilization didn't get to where it is on lies, but on truth, after all. The courts would ideally be managed properly as the judges would be personally liable for their own poor decisions, along with a stricter constitution would be much less open to interpretation than the US constitution. Another idea to take particular note of is the right wing seceding from the left wing in America, or if enough of the people want to secede, just shove all the left wing into city states. Most of the work is already done, America's left and right wing are divided heavily by geography. Not too many locations where the state lines can just be redrawn around counties with little issue. And of course group demographics are absolutely essential. Can't make civilization out of a violent, 85 average IQ group. So many people hate eugenics as it is deemed immoral and evil, but nature itself is eugenic through natural evolutionary pressure, and clearly no one should want the slow, depressing decline of the human race into retards. This decline is gradually happening anyway through dysgenic programs such as welfare, affirmative action, mass immigration, and dysgenic societal pressures that encourage more intelligent people to have no kids, and the destruction of the traditional family. https://invidio.us/watch?v=DGEOxVjL3WU John Mark is the biggest Propertarian Jewtuber out there. He doesn't explain absolutely everything though and passes off some of the more complicated and detailed issues as already thought through by smarter people. However, he is still great at what he does, which is introducing and arguing for bigger picture ideas. https://propertarianism.com/ This is the main Propertarian website. Disregard everything except for the Propertarianism? and the Blog sections as those are the ones with actually useful and interesting information. The Blog is good to just get a general feel for his ideas while learning some specifics. Sort of surprised me a couple months back that Curt started naming the Jews. Talked about them since their group strategy was subversion. Can't be ignoring that in a truthful, high trust civilization, so Curt really is following through with his ideals of truth before face. Of course I can't say Propertarianism will actually go anywhere, but I hope it goes somewhere as this is the best shot I've seen yet.
>>29108 >no war on drugs needed, first time offense sentence should be death. Based and Sharia.... I like it
>>29129 I think you're stuck in a time warp. >americans' average IQ is lower because they have been interbred Yeah.. and that doesn't magically go away.
>>29139 Propertarianism is useless. It's civnat and a waste of time. That's why it keeps getting pushed.
>>29158 Ehh, small issue. Propertarianism is explicitly for the continuance and improvement of Western Civilization, of which blacks, asians, etc. have no hand in. It's just not explicitly racially homogeneous, but I don't see why that couldn't be changed through discussion.
>>29157 China doesn't have naval or tech supremacy. America controls their supply lines, because America controls the oceans of the world. This is why they are desperately building roads to Russia, etc. America has greater diplomacy, the world does not trust China. The IQ difference is not as important as it would seem because the Chinese are still not leading the world in inventions despite this supposed massive advantage. The US is fracturing internally, but the US military is not currently weak enough to lose a war with China. Their land is not fertile, They pump in massive amounts of fertilizer just to feed their people. As soon as the world is no longer invested in them for manufacturing (happening already due to shrinking labor price arbitration, but especially so during wartime), their fragile economy will fail because they will not be able to afford to grow crops in sufficient quantity to feed their people and support a massive army. Outside of war they will not be able to make the transition from manufacturing to a service economy as the US has through evolution from last industrial revolution. China is in for big trouble and this is why they are growing restless and expansionist. They NEED Africa. They NEED the US to fail. The US does not NEED China, manufacturing and business is already shifting to various parts of South America and other parts of Asia. Have the Chinese landed men on the moon? Have the Chinese surpassed Boeing? Lockheed Martin? Northop Grumman? Are they commercializing space travel like SpaceX? The US is managing all of these things IN SPITE OF the massive Jewish parasite on it's back and the niggers chained to its legs. Yeah, that's what I thought.
>>29168 just a side note, china average IQ is probably significantly lower. i am sure a country like that would selectively test
>>29168 >China doesn't have naval or tech supremacy. In a handful of high-end areas and they are rapidly catching up. Their missiles can take out any surface ship the US has. >The IQ difference is not as important as it would seem Thanks for confirming you're a mil-shill. Fuck your nigger country. >Have the Chinese landed men on the moon? No one has.
>>29173 >No one has. Thanks for confirming you're a schizo. US tech is too advanced, it must be magic! Go on, tell us about how the atomic bombs were faked as well. Baited breath over here
>>29173 >mil shill You zoomers are so quick to hop on the shill train. This counter productive rhetoric got old 12 chans ago.
>>29175 https://centerforaninformedamerica.com/moondoggie/ >>29176 You all have the same script whenever China comes up, even in the most irrelevant corners of the internet. Fuck your nigger country.
>>29130 >culling all the weak and soon-to-be libtard deadbeats is a bad idea? If you think that you can just enforce a law that would kill a massive portion of the population that you are trying to appeal to and not engineer a counter-revolution, then you are naive.
>>29198 "center for an informed america" is interesting reading but 110% full of shit and a great example of less than half truths and loads of pure BS....
(252.38 KB 1280x720 Chinese_Space_Program.jpg)
>>29127 >Whites are better at creative thinking while asians are better at logical thinking is how I see it Asians had many inventions in the past that were used by westerns later on. Westerns learned to bring most of these inventions to their advantage in the past by innovating and this is exactly what Asians are doing now. Creativity is pointless when you don't have the technical advantage to improve your inventions. >>29129 >lmao china is america's copy machine. imagine being afraid of war with your copy machine. One nation have been the copy machine from another for centuries https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_inventions as I said. It's when the copy becomes better than the original that this nation succeed to bring better inventions. And this is exactly what Japan started doing followed by Korea and now overpopulated China. >americans' average IQ is lower because they have been interbred and schooled alongside other races for decades. paper tiger is burning As I posted on the moved post >>>/b/11159 . Racial homogeneity is not necessarily an advantage. The original (native) Americans was a single homogeneous race that couldn't build a strong nation to fight against white Europeans who had more genetic diversity. Natives' homogeneity brought them another disadvantage for not having a strong immune system to deal with European diseases. These natives had Asian genes and were mostly homogeneous due to isolation in their new continent while other multi-ethnic Asians from the older continent that was closer and mixed to other nations were much better developed. >>29168 >Have the Chinese landed men on the moon? Have the Chinese surpassed Boeing? Lockheed Martin? Northop Grumman? Are they commercializing space travel like SpaceX? Being the first doesn't mean much as I said. The Russian had sent the first man to space and now their space program collapsed along with the Soviet Union. China is now the third to send a man to space. SpaceX is not commercializing space travels yet but only planning. China also plans to create a permanent space station and to have a real crew expedition to the moon in 2022. >The US is managing all of these things IN SPITE OF the massive Jewish parasite on it's back and the niggers chained to its legs. Problems that Americans brought to themselves out of their greed and laziness. Without their past slaves and their financial support their nation would remain like their homogeneous Europeans descendants who didn't even have a space program. >>29175 >Go on, tell us about how the atomic bombs were faked as well. <Keeps pointing mistakes as achievements The same bombs that you used against your rightist "enemy" Japan. And that you spared Northern Korea from. And that are now being better developed by these leftists to be used against you
>>29092 there is only one way, white revolution
>>29092 No Christianity/Catholicism is why we are being killed
>>29106 varnashrama dharma, you stupid dummy. >how will whites survive if we don't have our 2,000 year old anti-roman q-larp to give us instructions :( you could just not have anything at all and it would still be better than christianity, and whites would quickly figure something out anyways. civilization is an inherent derivative of aryans. it's not something you have to worry about. whites getting rid of le bible is not the same as haitians killing all the whites. we won't be eating dirt cookies if we stop being christian. have some pride in your blood and use it for what it is meant for.
>>29105 >all women will be dead anon I don't think your plan is very sustainable
>>29122 Higher IQ Still less PPP than Italy on average. Fuck off please
>>29319 No. Not women, just jews. Perhaps I should have been more clear. I only mean kikes should be eliminated. Women are fine without jewish poison.
>>29139 >>29162 This. Propertarianism is civnat bc optics DO matter. America has too many white/ blended families now to stil hold the idea that we can be one giant ethno state. Pockets perhaps, country-wide, no. The way you counter this without talking about genociding other races is by preserving our western culture. Hold the same moral, ethical, virtuous standards that built western civilization, have strong laws that prevent parasitism, and most of the undesirables will either leave of their own accord or get with the program. One thing I would add to Propertarianism is doing like Switzerland and REQUIRE gun ownership and training. An armed society is a polite society.
(85.81 KB 1080x720 02.png)
>>29326 >Still less PPP than Italy on average. Is that another westerntard argument? Hong Kong (ruled by China) is still higher. If you want to know the country with the biggest PPP, it's Qatar, they're neither asian or western. But Macao (also ruled by China) makes the second on the list. >>29357 In order for this to work Whites will have to work, really work, not just depend on shitholers to work for them. Whites only did this in their peasant days in Europe. After WWII they became rich and lazy and having a better economy with a higher currency now turned them in a paradise for immigration. And if they decide to stop importing shitholers they will have to deal with a economic crises that their shrinking population can't deal with. But there is still White homogenic small towns spread through out Europe, North America, South America. But these whites farmers live like peasants, not like big citizens, you can't compare them to some Asian homogenic civilized advanced population
>>29106 For a good seamless transition some sort of reconciliation of christianity and european folk religions needs to happen. Using the proto-indo-european mythology as a framework would be good.
>>Full on Liberity That's what's got us into this mess, letting people do whatever they want. Like race-mixing or spreading anti-white media through the presses and entertainment. We need heavier restrictions on the press and general public, not less. As for drugs, being a junkie should not be allowed for the same reason you can't be a faggot. Your self-destructive behavior not only harms you but anyone envolved, spreading to society once it's normalized through being allowed (or even pushed by companies or media outlets). This slowly destroys a society from the inside out, and the only people that profit are the kikes and pharamacy men whom turn a profit. The faggot and junkie deffiantly aren't helped, if we worked through the state to clamp down on these things through rehabilitation and state education they would be marginalized by a great bit. Not slowly spreading to devour the nation as faggotry and drug abuse are now; why do you magically think it will get better because we remove the safeguards when it's bad already with them?
(17.51 KB 600x456 TeachNonWhites meme2.jpeg)
(3.77 MB 500x288 1591999689590.gif)
(1.59 MB 1008x760 1591622279925.png)
>>29092 I have posted about this at length on cuck /pol/, but allow me to reriterate in a sleep deprived caffeine haze. The rate at which Western Culture is being dismantled has reached its boiling point. Sooner or later Ethnic Europeans are going to have but no choice but become racially conscience or have their light snubbed out for the rest of Eternity. I believe the US will be the first Western Nation the fire the shot that is heard around the world. I believe that a Second Civil War in the United States has become inevitable. The First thing you need to understand that Donald Trump will be the Last Republican President to ever hold office in our current system. The rate at which the Leftists/Establishment are importing nonwhites will ensure, that even with the help of the Electoral College, the Working and Middle Class American White Right Wingers will become disenfranchised in the Political Systems and Institutions that their forefathers built for them. Once they become disenfranchised, and have their will imposed upon by Foreigners and Jews half the country away conflict will be inevitable. Open your eyes and look what has happened to the once beautiful nations of Sweden, France, Germany, Britain, and the bastardization of the American dream that is happening in our own back yards.
(20.65 KB 516x438 1583885293630.png)
>>29127 Have a you,and bump. >>29139 Jhon Mark is an excellent advocate for Propertarianism, and i have learned much from him. Remember ideas and movements need to be punchy and digestable, linking someone to a massive wall of archaic text will hardly change their mind. This is why memes are a powerful and legitimate weapon in this war. >>29168 I have a personal belief that the Chinese People, having went through so many famines and tyrannical regimes, Adapted in an environment that had empathy, curiosity, and innovation negatively selected against. China's Beligerance into the West has certainly not gone noticed, but currently would fail in conquering the US in open warfare.
>>29566 So go make some meeeeeemeees and use them as weapons and lets see how long it takes you to win
>>29357 Optics don't matter at all. Imagine actually watching the last month and believing this. Blended families will get the fucking rope or they will forcibly moved to a breakaway territory. Propertarianism is useless junk.
>>29574 >So go make some meeeeeemeees and use them as weapons and lets see how long it takes you to win Well they already "radicalized" a significant portion of young white men, and you have failed to address any of my key points with your pilpull, >>29564 Have some fucking standards, this isn't cuck pol
>>29106 Christianity was meant to fully distance itself from the jews, so the obvious choice is to have a denomination that's fully jew-hating. >>29133 We're not afraid, just annoyed. There's a difference between using marijuana medically and using it because you think you're sooooo cool for FOUR TWENTY BLAZE IT MAAAAAN
>>29357 >An armed society is a polite society This, there's a reason why gun-owning towns and states have practically repelled the ooga booga riots.
>>29566 Your graph does not give enough details. >China's Beligerance into the West has certainly not gone noticed, but currently would fail in conquering the US in open warfare. Same as Europe against US. Because an homogeneous nation usually looses for a larger multiracial nation as I mentioned above >>29230 But if you mean homogeneous white americans, they already loosing inside their own country by other multiracial nations without any outside intervention
(710.11 KB 700x700 GATEKEEPER.png)
Stop the leaking faucet before moping up the water. On a serious note: - Devote at least 30-50% of school curriculum in elementary/high school to history, philosophy and deductive/critical reasoning. Instill patriotism and a sense of cultural/national pride in kids. Mandatory military service 1 year. - Overhaul to most countries constitution, inspired by the US constitution, written in a way that prevents manipulation/infringement of rights. Freedom of speech and 2nd amendments required to keep govt in check. - Remove hate speech or make sure the constitution overrides such attempts. - Require all media outlets to disclose ownership structure, funding etc in a very clear and visible way, similar to warnings on tobacco products. Outlaw foreign ownership of news media. - Classify censorship, misrepresentation, distortion of information as a serious offense. - Decentralize government to the largest realistic extent to make infiltration more difficult. - Ban dual citizenship in politics, government and public office. - Harsh punishments, preferably capital punishment for severe corruption, long jail sentences for moderate cases. - Scrap the representative democracy and introduce something similar to the senate of the ancient world, based on merit and measurable quantities like intelligence, performance, track record, success etc. Forming false dichotomies, political cartels and blocks should be discouraged and society governed by one patriotic national spirit of sorts. - Introduce several intelligence agencies to vet those in power and track foreign influence and corruption. - Introduce a council of professors, university staff, professionals and various experts from similar countries to do oversight and review in case of suspected negligence/corruption. - Defund all subversive social science and marxist derivatives from all levels of education. Replace with STEM and tangible things of real world relevance. Specialize universities within core fields like power/nuclear/infrastructure/data/computer science/biology/chemistry/physics and encourage the broadest possible collaboration with businesses to utilize potential and make sure education is relevant. - Award scholarships/rewards for innovation and outstanding performance in society. - Disallow more than 30% foreign ownership of essential businesses. - Seize infrastructure and other critical functions and incorporate under state leadership assuming a majority of above made points work. Power generation for example is essential in the modern world and not something industrialists should profit from or be subject to childish climate hysteria debates. The rest will sort itself once the corporate media oligarchy, brainwashing, foreign influence, subversion of universities/education etc stops. When brainwashing stops and is reversed nobody will want mass immigration from the gutters of the world.
>>29092 sir you are a satanist sympathiser
>>29598 This, so this! Absolutely based!>>29598
>>34136 Strange, wasn't it Christians who made the "Synagogue of Satan" a protected class? Allowed their entering of Europe? Codex Theodasianus ringing any bells? You do your history well, as above, so below, lol.
>>34136 Or, its really quite ironic I can't tell if that's irony or not.
>>29566 Didn't John Mark bounce when another leader of Propertarianism talked about genetically bigger black cock and pissed himself? That's changing minds, lmfao?
>>34136 I'm a Luciferian
>>29106 Paganism is already better, and Zoroastrianism is better still. But Christianity is, as times show, very pliable. Explicitly drop parts of Old Testament and the Evangelical message of universalism, venerate Christ as Truth, say that our understanding of the universe is our Creator's wish, just like our survival is; exaggerate the role of liars as agents of Devil, to make suspicion of Jews natural. Basically use the more healthy parts of old Catholic, Orthodox and even Jesuit teaching, as opposed to Protestant cuckery. Make exoteric and esoteric versions. You can do much with clear head. But you are cucks and you won't let go of the jewish cut dick, huh. You'd rather sink into delusion to excuse their xenografted spirituality. >>29108 Psychedelics allowed me to better understand Jewish menace. They simply amplify the pre-existing framework, make you be serious about it, such that in the modern Western climate they lead most into full retard Communism. You all are kiked if you buy into drug prohibition. Hard drugs are eugenic, soft drugs are hard-to-manage tools. Same about your attention to sexual degeneracy. Noahide laws are designed for the age when Goyim are fully reduced to cattle, cattle that should reproduce dutifully and venerate the God that is for all intents and purposes identical to the Chosen tribe. You'd do better by paying attention to your best members having few children rather than to degenerates removing themselves from gene pool. That said, drugs is a largely academic question. For the above reason right now it's shills of the NWO who push the hardest to legalize drugs. On the other hand, any policy proposal starts with the (unrealistic) assumption of our ability to make rules, and presumably freedom from commie jewish propaganda is included in the package. In any case, this is irrelevant to present day struggles and I recommend dropping the topic.
>>29122 That's a narrow outlook. Asians are not nearly as worthless as old school white racists believed, and I like them, but - they are even WORSE at reproduction now, they're literally dying out and their women are disloyal - they easily get cucked once they lower their defences, see US-backed Taiwan with tranny officials, see Japanese sissies; - they are uncreative and largely dependent of White inventions, as is demonstrated by their underrepresentation at Nobel level, inability to produce next gen chips without ASML, propagandistic ineptitude, uncompetitive culture (except to an extent anime and games in westernized Japan); - most importantly, they have the immense advantage of not having had jews for a thousand years. Should jews prioritize their subversion, they won't know what hit them, they'll fold like tissue paper. They still believe that attempts like Soros' is Western intelligence services or some shit. You are silly if you think their narrow, technical superiority is important. China also had positive trade balance in 1839, and was proud of its industriousness; then (((Britain))) suddenly fucked it up to feed them opium produced by Baghdadi jews. Asians are naive like babies. Opening their eyes, and getting an alliance, could be the last chance of western man. But westerners are too haughty, and, yes, too racist to try. They still hope for some insurrection even as they're chugging down xenoestrogens.
>>34199 > Opening their eyes, and getting an alliance, could be the last chance of western man The future is Selectionist. We have to come together on the basis of being K-selected, against the r-selected.
>>34202 On some level yes, but it's propagandistically hard to sell. It is important to explain to them that they have no place in jew future except as slaves or less; no ethnicity with civilization-building capacity will be spared. Xi often talks of "understanding where the wind of history blows"; it should be made clear that there is a bifurcation: either the Jew Project USA is key cog in collapses, or we all see inferno.
>>34199 What about the DPRK and its Juche NatSoc or Nazbol system though? They seem quite homogeneous and even Nicolae Ceausescu tried to copy them by transitioning over to a more ethno based system with an equally homogeneous Romania but he kinda failed.
Aside why did North Korea manage to achieve a fully homogeneous country but when Ceausescu tried it and possibly move away from Marxist internationalism, he was overthrown with possibly the Russian Bolshevists and USA both playing a role in doing that. We almost got a European version of 'DPRK' but what happened did.
>>34199 I agree very much. Asians very much are good technical specialists, but suffer at adaptability and reshaping their own environment. As I recall some Jews have tried to infiltrate Japan, but were not very successful. I see current Japan as an ally, but they will need to stand on their own legs. I hope they are able to take hold of Asia once again if China continues it's dangerous path.
>>34209 Inasmuch as they're good, it's due to obvious parts of their system. Juche is Monarchy with industrial NatSoc elements. They are underutilising market tools for silly ideological reasons. Nazbol is ideologically sane, but it's a joke on the basis of mundane policies (could be less of a joke if it didn't get suppressed hard).
That's cart before the horse, larpy nonsense. >Full cognitive liberty - no War on Drugs Hippy faggotry. But then you put women with jews so you're some incel retarded type. Survive the slaughter of kikes, niggers and other undesirables first.
1. Install Gentoo
>>34224 Subversive nature of women is a major problem.
>>34224 Without cognitive liberty, we are slaves.
>Dismantle industrial agriculture >Balkanise North America >Tribalistic local government >Council based national governments >Ethnographic unity >Encourage self sustainability (make people work to feed themselves) That's what comes to mind for us in the Midwest, might not work elsewhere
>>34233 it seems so simple and so obvious, but likely will not happen and even if things move in the right direction, will not happen in the ways you describe.
Reform the anti-indenture and anti-feudal laws so that they do not restrict voluntary gated communities. Then we can have factory cities, with armed guards defending the homogeneous community choosing to live/work there from invading migrants and also to keep order. https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/34265.html
Not necessarily factory cities, but whatever else is on similar lines* to add.
>>29230 Everything China has is stolen from the West. You stupid commie monkeys have nothing that wasn't handed to you on a silver platter by our jew infested government. Under the Clinton administration it was discovered top secret military secrets were given to you dumb chinks. You have nothing the jew didn't give you that wasn't stolen from us. You will be his next host from which to wage war on the world and will pay the same fate.
Posting in a rebuilding western civilization thread when I should be posting in an it's not too late thread My contribution can be that debt-based money should be incrementally phased-out in favor of a currency pegged to sustainable energy generation per annum.
>>38261 A labor based fiat model is more doable. Making it a one to one for any amount of any resource, energy or otherwise opens it up to exploitation.
>>34198 Soft-drugs like marijuana can be used in ways that are not negative. But hard drugs should never be legalized and neither should drugs the majority of the masses simply can't handle. I agree that LSD if used right is perfectly fine, but the majority abuse it and should never have access. It's a simple fact that there are weaker parts of society that fall into drug addiction, but they are needed. Not everyone can be a leader, and you need followers.


no cookies?