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(5.51 KB 444x216 us}wcoc1.gif)
Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 16:15:21 ID:09a2fe No. 29190
What will our historically white nations be like when the white population reaches 10% or less?
>>29190 As Yuri stated the only thing that can prevent subversion is religion. As Sir John Glubb stated in fate of empires a weakening of religion is a major sign of a failing civilization. video + pic related Western civilization had strength & HIGH BIRTH RATES from Christianity. Christianity has been relentlessly (((attacked))) and not defended. Ever heard an anon insult someone as a "Christcuck"? Anti Christian, pro-pagan (((IDF))) shilling has been going on the chans for years. pic related (((one))) hand subverts Christianity while the (((other))) hand uses examples of subversion to ridicule your faith.
>>29195 Very baste poost!
>>29195 So are the ones who promote a return to polytheism/paganism all subverters, in your opinion? Does it discredit any arguements against Christianity? Is Varg just a dumb faggot larper after all? Like that shill said, the point is to cause as much in-fighting as possible, indefinitely. The solution, as I see it, is having something to believe in while remaining amicable at best and tolerate at worst to others who believe in something different (among European ethnic groups). Needless to say, pseudo-religions (i.e Satanism) and Islam are not compatible.
>>29200 Forgot to add the kike religion in "needless to say".
>>29195 >pro-pagan And that's why we punished unfaithful women harder when we were pagan aka faithful to the old gods? He is wearing a Jew hat and has a Jew nose. Can't you see? Not to mention the thin upper lip.
*The pope
(324.92 KB 960x821 ADL.png)
>>29195 Jewish poison works in phases, Christianity was a phase that paved way for modernism. Them "attacking" Christianity is like Republicans "attacking" Democrats, a false dichotomy between two equally kiked "options"
>>29190 >What will our historically white nations be like when the white population reaches 10% or less? david lane wrote his texts from a prison, most of them in the 90s and early 00s. back then he was already claiming that whites were only 8% of the world population. i wonder how today, in 2020, we can claim that we're still 10%??
>>29195 >As Yuri stated the only thing that can prevent subversion is religion. true >Western civilization had strength & HIGH BIRTH RATES from Christianity they had it before christianity christianity hasn't added anything to it but i love how christians think that before their rabbi loving cult, our ancestors were all pigs barely capable of anything and certainly not willing to have kids >Christianity has been relentlessly (((attacked))) and not defended. good news then, and good riddance >Ever heard an anon insult someone as a "Christcuck"? yes, a totally deserved insult btw >Anti Christian, pro-pagan (((IDF))) prove that shit right now pagan texts and our pagan forefathers both had racist values christianity is part of the problem, it was the main attack against whites christianity must die once and for all you're not welcome here, christard this op contains a flag that stands against your filth
(114.82 KB 488x693 ClipboardImage.png)
(125.73 KB 236x314 ClipboardImage.png)
(129.65 KB 700x467 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.06 MB 1025x754 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29225 I don't like arguing over religion usually, but we do need to put the White Race first and that's why I put the Creativity flag in my OP. Whatever religious beliefs someone subscribes to, they need to be Pro-White first and foremost and then they are my ally. What I am afraid of, is that when we hit 10% or less in the USA specifically, is that we will begin to be seriously oppressed. Possibly put into concentration camps of some sort, or silently genocided. A non-white federal government is likely to be seriously hostile towards the remaining White population and will look to any means to get rid of us. This is why it is very important that Whites keep their second amendment safe in the USA.
>>29274 >I don't like arguing over religion usually Which is a mistake that is so ubiquitous as it's the core of the problem. All people are religious, even atheists. Most people follow and need a proper doctrine that links all, the Divine to the Race. Not only White Christians must understand that the race precedes their faith in their sweet rabbi, but they must be reminded on and on that their creed will be dealt with too. If we wait for the masses to come to their senses, nothing will happen. A proper religion that provides food for thought and faith, accommodating the tastes of very religious people or the near-atheistic ones, will be given birth and it will be so legitimate that even the idea of trying to reject it will be madness. The Germans were on the right track when they started shaping the minds of their youths alongside building a religious elite that discarded the universalist semitic cult. This is the starting point. >What I am afraid of, is that when we hit 10% or less in the USA specifically, is that we will begin to be seriously oppressed. Oppression will be the least of your worries. 10% means anyone, from negroes, latinos to yellows will steamroll us with total impunity. > This is why it is very important that Whites keep their second amendment safe in the USA. This is only a temporary measure, the mean to Whites organizing. That second amendment will soon mean nothing too and will hold less value than the paper it's written on. The USA will be dismantled and very soon a thing of the past, giving room to White nations in some places, absolutely racist and unflinching, and then other infected territories out there. Hopefully White states will be large and powerful enough to gather enough resources to build a proper military industry so as to destroy the neighbors and push them again and again, killing as many millions as necessary until the lands are purged. But if we wait for our population to reach 10%, then we will be just as good as dead. The scale of the necessary destruction to come is barely graspable.
Take a look at South Africa to see that future. Constantly on high alert. Only the wealthy can be offered protection. Farm and suburb attacks. Massive rape and STD epidemics. Eventual civil war/genocide
>>29206 Yeah, he's a disgusting marrano from South America, a descendant of degenerate faggots and kikes. He also is not a real pope. I was born into a Catholic family and I was raised Catholic as well; I had communion, confirmation and confession, all that stuff. But the current Catholic Church is a joke and has degenerated into illegitimacy. Attacking the current "official pope" says nothing because, frankly, he is an antipope and an almost certain kike-faggot. The true pope, the one before this antipope (btw, there HAVE been antipopes before, example: when a female pretended to be male and was elected as pope by cardinals [likely through conspiracy] and was only found out upon giving fvcking birth), was taken down from the papacy, officially, BEFORE his death. This was unprecedented. They did this because Pope Benedict engaged in certain wrongthought, and was actually a member of the Hitler Youth as a child. So for the first time, the pope was succeeded before his death, and this was almost certainly done behind the scenes, through conspiracy, by kikes, subversives, faggots, and shabbos goyim. I do not serve the antipope, and I do not believe in modern Vatican II shit.
>>29224 Sage for double post. Dude, he is talking about individual historically "White" countries and the European populations within them. For example, when the U.S.A. has less than 10% European derived demographics, or Australia, or Denmark, or U.K., etc. We all know the world population of Europeans is less than 8.5,% maybe even less than 8%.
>>34004 Brazil in 30 years South Africa in 60 Zimbabwe in 100
shit op -->QTDDTOT next time sage
>>29190 >What will our historically white nations be like when the white population reaches 10% or less? Dead.
>>34010 Can we still turn this thing around? It's not worth giving up. Even if we have to go out with honor, at least we tried right?
>>34056 All you have to do is dismantle the Federal Reserve, or get it under actual constitutional control rather than an entity that has more power than the government. After that you have the slow and gradual process of steering the ship back in the correct direction.
>>29190 Exactly like all non-white countries. What else would they be like? They won't resemble a first world nation at all....
>>29274 They are already planning to do that and we are still a majority! If Biden wins the camps will be fired up pretty fast. The Federal Gov't is already mostly non-white at all the lower levels. Look at the Snivel Rights Acts of the 60s that gave africans federal jobs....
>>29190 A nation is it's people. So if the land is full of shitskins... just look to where they come from. It's like when cunts from CA move states :D like the saying goes, third world people bring third world problems. Debt, disease, violence... oh, looks like we're already there.
(1.14 MB 1222x922 1596152730459.png)
>>29225 >christianity is part of the problem, it was the main attack against whites >>29277 >Germans were on the right track when they started shaping the minds of their youths alongside building a religious elite that discarded the universalist semitic cult. This is the starting point. http://shoebat.com/2018/09/12/the-jewish-roots-of-nazi-occultism/ All you want is to imitate the ethno-religion that you hate. Because you've failed turning christianity your own white supremacist religion
>>29190 There wont be any will there? Or is there something I'm missing? It's not like that re<Note to Mods: Always configure BumpBot using the config in /etc/ first>
>>29195 > the only thing that can prevent subversion is religion. >Immediately begins attacking any religion other than (((Yahweh worship))) I would bet money that you don't even comprehend the hypocrisy of this. The reason why Christians are attacked by White Nationalists is because almost all Christians openly admit that they consider blacks who are Christian to be their brothers in Christ. Meanwhile, they openly admit that they consider upstanding White men to be their enemy unless he is not only a Christian, but subscribes to their specific cult sect. Claiming that religion prevents degeneracy is not an argument in favor of Christianity. Fascism is as much a religion as Christianity. And unlike Christianity, Fascism is explicitly pro-White.
>>29195 >posts pics of kikes claiming that the only way to save the European races is by participating in a religion that worships kikes found the kike!
<BumpBot: Turn fortune off in config prior to use>
>>29190 starving trillionaires
(91.47 KB 576x1024 2020-09-05 08.14.59.jpg)
I do not support the naive bullshit about Christianity as a panacea for White movement, but anyone who says paganism is one is even more deluded. You dumb LARPers, do you really think your "ancestral" cults can't be subverted? They simply didn't pay it enough attention yet. Nothing is safe before brainwashing through information channel dominance. If anything, Christianity at least acknowledges JQ (John 8 and so on), pagans were ignorant.
>>34972 Don't care if my brothers are Christcucks, Pagans or Followers of the Spaghetti Monster. Lets deal with the devil first. If you guys can't get along with the source of D&C gone, you can fight it out after. >>34638 >Meanwhile, they openly admit that they consider upstanding White men to be their enemy unless he is not only a Christian, but subscribes to their specific cult sect. Kek, the Crusades where a thousand years ago bud. Let it go
(138.00 KB 881x703 jews hate jesus.png)
>>34654 >Jesus was a kike! >kike religion! >kike kike What'cha doing, moshe? Jesus was described as a man who loved milk. While modern jews are iconically known to often be lactose intolerant. Historically, the modern jews are disgusting mongoloids with no connection to Jesus other than their unyielding hatred for him.
(55.49 KB 720x338 1564315690072.jpg)
(43.13 KB 720x480 1564315723691.jpg)
(825.39 KB 1187x1003 1538953218798.png)
>>29195 Religion is supposed to be racial and Christianity's entire foundation is Jewish. That's one of those half truths Yuri told you. Yea, you need a religion for the masses, but make sure its pages are populated with great people from your racial stock as you promote good ideals and morals. Google the names of every character in the first page of the New Testament and you will see how the Jewish subversion starts with your religion. Jews may attack Christianity but they also promote it.
>>29190 You want to see the future? Look to South Africa.
>>29200 Here's the kicker. Go to Varg's twatter. Look at the last Codreanu post he made. He claimed "Codreanu was not christian lol he was a pagan" and insulted anyone who pointed out he was either wrong or lying. I went in and he went in all the five stages of grief, finally admitting that "Codreanu rots in a bog for believing in the kike zombie". He hasn't got the balls to admit he was plainly wrong on that. And he behaved like a Jew (trying to lie his way out of that). I have nothing against Pagans, as a Christian. I am happy they found their peace with Odin, Wodan or any other God from any other pantheon. But if they keep being stupid fucking retards that bring infighting between Whites because of their beliefs, we'll never fucking rise atop the kikish mess and we'll be too busy shooting eachother to deal with the nonwhites. You know who profits from D&C. Point is, faith is irrelevant. When the commies and the Feds come, Wodan won't deflect the bullets coming right at ya. Jesus too. Only a helmet and bulletproof vests will. We have to deal with nonwhites first, faith later. Clearly some larpagan will start with some "hurr dirt here is why cuckstianity..." low tier meme, but larpagans have such a dissonant NPC-esque mind I laugh at their pathetic attempts. Be a proper man and face my words with your words.
>>40216 Well said anon. As neither, a devout Christbro nor Pagan, I have always found myself in the middle of the argument thinking we have bigger and more important battles to fight. And undoubtedly, those on either side of the argument that take a harder stance are either retarded or (((retarded)))
(1.66 MB 1440x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38325 The problem with this argument, as a white South African, is that you don't actually learn from what happened. To summarize and simplify, the Boer Republics era was to us what National Socialist Germany was to the Germans, our natural expression. The Second Anglo-Boer war was to us what the Second World War was to the Germans. Now here's what you and the following characters have not learned: >>40216 >>40219 You people who claim that religion isn't important, are imbeciles. If you don't have a core culture, then you are doomed to fail, because it leads to cracks and divisions, which the Jews are inevitably going to exploit. The nature of white people means that they are more merciful to non-whites than vice versa, this is an ancestral thing linked to Caste Systems used by older Aryan populations. For white people it is thus essential to have everything correct without and compromise, which is what NS referred to when they were talking about a worldview. Now let me give you a bit of a background, Apartheid was a compromise with the British Zionist government, a compromise made by the Afrikaner Broederbond (Think Germanen Ordern) who used to be National Socialist elites who funded the Ossewabrandwag etc, against the English. After WW2 they were infiltrated by Jews, then they started controlling it and destroying the nation from within. No white South African voted for Apartheid, Hendrik Verwoerd is not a Boer descendant, he's a second generation immigrant. The subsequent leaders were sometimes former Ossewabrandwag members, who themselves used to be anti-Semitic, but were "re-educated" according to the Dutch Reformed Church's doctrine, which had for all intents and purposes betrayed the Boer people which brought it into existence in the first place. Former National Socialists became Malanites (D.F. Malan wasn't a bad man, the problem is as a Christian Ethno-Nationalist he left cracks open for Jews to expose after he died). These Malanites were the "ethno-Nationalists" that idiots talk about, and they failed horribly. The problem with Malanites were that they were Christian, therefore the Church had a huge role in their lives. The church does not care about your race, only when it is convenient enough for them to gain a foothold, then they'll replace you, as with my people, because there were far more kaffirs to convert and leech off. The church's position went from "they are inferior beings without souls", to "they are Christians just like you", in a few short decades. What this resulted in was confusion and weakness, paired with the inability to force a decisive struggle. The SADF was man for man the best military in the world at the time, but they did nothing to the ANC, nothing to the blacks, gave their nukes away because they signed a treaty with Jews, who had infiltrated them because of the influence of the Dutch Reformed Church. If we were not Christians, they would have slaughtered the blacks, pushed them into the North, or at the very least given them the North of Natal and made them fight each other, but we couldn't do that, because they were fellow Christians. If they weren't Calvinists they wouldn't have believed themselves children of a desert god, which wouldn't have left them open to Jewish manipulation from that angle. Apartheid was a compromise, and a corruption of our values. It was all that we had, but it was less than ideal. The Boer Republics were not reliant on a nigger labour force, and despite British propaganda slavery was banned. People worked, reliable labour kept within your community. Apartheid changed that, but they didn't change only that.
(225.56 KB 314x490 ClipboardImage.png)
I addressed Christianity, now let me address "ethno-Nationalism" from the perspective of someone who comes from a country and studied the history of why it failed. The two largest groups were obviously Afrikaners and English. The Afrikaners were split into two camps, the Boer descendants who were the majority, and the Cape Dutch descendants, who were cucks who accepted British rule and were happy to be ruled by them, 23000 of them fought for the English during the Second Anglo-Boer war. The English being the under Jews, deployed a tactic of eroding the differences between these two groups, The Boer people were a blend of Dutch, German, and Huguenot, they were freedom fighters and rebelled, who endured a great ordeal called the Groot Trek to found their own nations. As such they had a separate identity, in fact Kruger stated in an interview that Cape Dutch would be banned from entering the ZAR because they would take our jobs. The English invented the term Afrikaner, to unite us, and in the end to diminish the Boer and make us docile. It was an attack that would succeed after the British took control, destroying the separation, leading to destruction of the ethnicity, to create a fake one. The Cape Dutch descendants became the heads of the NP and HNP, no longer Boer descendants, and the ignorant and uneducated followed them because they were white and Afrikaans-speaking, right into their fall. Then there's another issue, which the English. We allowed to English to stay, those who were taught to hate us since a very young age. I harbor deep resentment towards them, but I wasn't raised that way, it stems from my grasp of history and my experience of them as a child, where English children would regularly make jokes about my ancestors in concentration camps claiming their great grandfathers told them they fed them bread with glass in it for sport. Now you have two populations who have to live together, who hate each other and have nothing in common except their race. This did not work, the English worked with the niggers and the Jews, out of spite and because they felt more affinity with England than South Africa, which is why the term Soutpiel is appropriate, they could never be South Africans because to them it was a colony they had the misfortune of being born in, obviously there were some exceptions. They eventually convinced the Cape Dutch onto their side, and secured a small majority in ensuring niggers had the right to vote. The rest is history. Ethno-nationalism requires a deep understanding of what and who your tribe or volk are. Unfortunately we failed at this after the Second Anglo-Boer war, which resulted in our current fate. Ethno-nationalism needs to be predicated on more than just race and language, but also religion. Fortress of Lugh had a good video about the ethnos in which Celts and Germanic peoples lived. Civilization was an import, and it wasn't necessarily an indication of what we commonly perceive to be civilized. Countries are a concept that are problematic, because they confine a people to a nation or a state, which cannot contain a people, this the true meaning behind the Reich. It extended beyond the borders of Germany, and there was a place in it for other Germanic peoples, for the Dutch, for the Flemish, and for the Scandinavians. And what do they have in common? Genetics and they were each Germanic before the Christianization came. Even today, you will see that the Dutch and Scandinavians vote together as a bloc against EU increases, even in their most retarded forms. These people are a folk made of multiple tribes, they need to develop in tandem, but separately, so that their can be contrast to one another, so that they may compete and refine. Christianity is not natural to Germanic peoples, it is a desert religion that conflicts with the worldview required for us to excel, and because of this we will always fail as long as we are confined to it. The ethnic policy of the future National Socialism needs to learn from South Africa that it's not just race, and it's not just language that constitutes a folk. For all intents and purposes the Germans considered us their folk, and we considered them ours which is why there were more Ossewabrandwag members during WW2 than there were soldiers fighting for the allies. From across the seas on the other side of the ocean we were summoned to align with our kin, we felt the pulse of the German Reich, not the Dutch monarchy or the British empire. But we could've done it much better if we were not Christians, and we the Germans could've done it better if they were not Christians.
(933.26 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
The future is bright, I am not worried. Tribalism is the first thing that we need to establish. We need to have white tribes who form naturally, who share not only race, language and culture, but also heathenry in their own unique ways. Then these tribes will find others like them, they will not melt together but confederate, and this will continue and develop a powerful parallel society that will ensure that through alliance, economic cooperation and tribal nepotism, when the West falls they will be in a good position to establish their own homelands. This is already happening in continental Germania, as well as Scandinavia. The system will fall by itself, we need to be ready when it does. With regards to culture, the most important thing to keep it is to breed fanaticism. Fanaticism is what makes our enemies, the Jews so strong, they deny it to us, just as with tribalism, because they know it will be their undoing. Fanaticism cannot be forced, it has to be nurtured. If we build tribes with cultures that we and our descendants love, then they will fanatically protect, defend, and kill for it. For Americans in particular this is important, because you have many white groups but not one culture, unlike my people, because you were only forced to unify later on. You need to develop a culture, either separately with the goal of confederation later on, or in unison, though I don't know how that would be possible. Develop it deeply, be passionate, make art, music, poetry, etc. Make them love it and they will defend it. You can't start from step 100, start at step 1 and build your people and their culture from the ground up. With regards to Varg Vikerness, you are right for pointing out his ignorance, he is a particular example of the soldier-type. His arguments have always been unrefined, but his conviction to his pagan roots is unrelenting, even fanatical, and is required for any tribe to succeed. I will therefore condemn his argument, but not his character. With regards to the claim though, it is undeniable that Catholicism, though tainted with Jewish filth, is riddled with pagan culture, from saints to holidays, and it was purposely done this way to confuse us. Instead of Varg I take the position of objective understanding, meaning that if what the Romanian said was both correct and was not subversive to my culture, then I have no problem learning from him and his experience. I have met many English and Christians who I have learned a lot from, and I would not have it any other way. This mentality of not learning from your enemy is not heathen, it is Christian in origin. Did the Romans act this way when they adopted the military tactics of the Gauls who sacked Rome? No. The Christians did however force the Hermeticists out of Europe and into Islamic regions, and when the Muslims became intolerant of their ideas they made their way back to Europe from Byzantium. Faith is not irrelevant, you would like it to be. Race alone is not enough, it has to be a worldview that is complete or it will fall, history has proved it. With regards to the conquest of Europe by Jews and their Christian jannies, the reality is militant religion was something they were unfamiliar with, it was like a Blitzkrieg in itself. That advantage is lost now. Just like we have had to adapt our ethnos to civilization, we will have to adapt our approach to spirituality to militant Judaism. National Socialism was attempting the first, integrating the ethnos with civilization, unfortunately they lived in a time filled with Christianity. The time is ripe for groups to fulfill the second objective, and I can promise you that in Flanders and the Netherlands that is already happening. Christian ancestors are not forsaken in full, instead like Von List it is considered a necessary evil, an adaptation to that age, in which aspects of Germanic culture were preserved in the early Gothic Christianity. Wodan won't deflect bullets, he will connect you to your ancestors, and he will ensure your destiny taken back from Jews, and he will ensure that regardless of the distance your folk will hear their summons more clearly and more fiercely than has been the case in over a thousand years. You can call for unity all you like, it's not going to happen, besides, there are less and less of you, and more and more of us. And no I'm not referring to the ones who only turned to it as an alternative to Christianity, I'm referring to those who are truly returning spurred on by their blood memory. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=project%20thule https://www.facebook.com/hagal https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=project%20yggdrasil%20waasland These are just examples of the few Flemish ones still left on facebook, the tribes are growing, your ilk are dying, the future is heathen and we are fighting your masters on all fronts. Your religion is in decay, your churches will burn and the groves will be reinstated.
>>40270 >>40269 >>40267 Apologies for typos, was in a rush, for example their to there etc, predictive text.
Ive always felt, my entire life actually that I didnt need a religion to program me into "being a good person" or "having morals" or what ever subjective thing the masses need to have religion for. i have often thought that these stories (because thats all they fucking are, stories) are just made up by usurers (kikes) a really long time ago to control people (((government))) and to gain (((taxes))). Do I believe in God? sure, fine. Do i need a book, priest, group, house of worship to do it? no, and people who do often lack meaningful purpose or direction in the first place, thus they use that as their "purpose". There is a lot of christ shills in this thread and honestly, if that story was true, then christians should be killing kykes by the millions , yet their not and its pretty much the other way around. What will the world look like with less than 10 percent whites? well, have you ever seen the movie "escape from New York"? Just replace every actor in that with a Nigger tranny that is jacked up on testosterone and meth.
>>29190 Came across The White Man’s Bible (1981) – By Ben Klassen tonight, might as well leave it here
(595.64 KB 1600x1948 Christian Satan interpretation.png)
(934.70 KB 3845x2102 fedora.jpg)
(269.80 KB 700x5624 jesus and the first stone.png)
>>29225 >>29195 >Christianity is good >Stop attacking it! Why? Because you say so? Christianity is literally false ! Why would you push a lie on everyone? This is what most of you christ fags don’t get. Are you willing to basically tell lies to your own people in the promise that the meme of christienaity will give you birth rates? Are you willing to literally build all of this on a lie? I’m not therefore atheism. Truth is the hiest value. Let me give you and example: Christ shits spammed the fedora meme all over the place…. Ignoring how stupid it is (Ha check out this one atheist that looks ugly and ignore the 100s of christians who look more ugly HAHAHAH) its literally false the guy in the picture is of an unknown religion. And get a load of this there is a fat neck bearded christian who wears a fedora for real on the internet. Oh and check out this cool looking atheist. What does it say now? Christians based their entire propaganda(this is a vary bad word) campaign on this and now it collapsed on them. Then lets go to christieanity itself. Where to start? That you all are literally insane?! Here is the christian insanity: 1) Say you only follow and obey the bible 2) Your pastor smuggles in dogmas that are not in the bible or that the bible even speaks against 3) Your pastor copy pasts incoherent bullshit to damage control these dogmas he smuggled in. Want to see this in action? If the bible says something that your non biblical dogma supports say <HA Read this bible part ! Obey the bible stupid. If someone brings up bible parts that undermine your non-biblical dogma say <HA Stupid that part is obviously metaphorical or an allegory or the bible is ironic there ! Every christian sect does this (because its impossible to get coherent and livable dogma from the bible) And you also want to attach your survival on? Crazy people with their crazy shit? Why? Did you even read what jesus was saying? Find me anything right wing jesus ever has ordered. You can not because jesus is an insane schizophrenic who is ultra feminist, man hating, pro cuckin, pro pacifism (suicidal) and pro government worship (GG). <Love your enemies <Turn the other cheek <Obey the government (give to cesar what is caesar's) <Never fight back (don’t resit evil humans) There is nothing right wing there only left wing shit. And you want to trust the religion who has this book at its primary source only because in the past the pastors where insane and dishonest enough to pretend like the book does say the direct opposite of this? Want to see this in action? >HA silly atheist of course we can fight back read here in the OT where the jew god orders the jews to exterminate this non-jew tribe, based as fuck right? 1) That the OLD TESTAMENT. 2) What overwrites what here? Does jesus overwrite the OT or does the OT overwrite jesus? Do you have even a sane standard for this? Its literally impossible for you to have any standard for biblical interpretation if the OT overwrites jesus then literally the NT and all this jesus shit is irrelevant if it comes to any commandments also you must obey OT laws like not wearing clothing of mixed fabric. <No silly atheist that’s the old testament jesus fulfilled the law 1) Fulfilled translates to abolished and this its a retarded 2000 year old propaganda/cope word 2) So if jesus abolished the OT laws therefore you must now be a pacifist since all this killing of non-jews was also only in the OT. Do you understand how insane this is? You can not have any standard for biblical interpretation like this. Other then a long list(long enough to have literally a case for every OT and NT law!) of picking and choosing what OT laws you want to keep and what to abolish and what jesus laws you want to keep and what to abolish. You know lets read some bible stories together tell me how jesus and the first stone is not ultra feminist cuckoldry? <Your wife fucks other men? <Mind your own business sinner! VS <What this you looked lustfully at a woman?! <You clearly raped that woman and must castrate your self! Can you imagine getting any right wing inspiration from this left wing shit? What even is your argument? >Christianity used to have big birth rates in the past ??? They don’t have them today so what now? Also you think this has to do with technology. You know inventing things like the condom … you know condom where not known in medieval times and you wanting to have sex resulted in pregnancy. Christians spammers like you never answer these questions. Only spam shit like <Christianity is super based and cool be christian not different from <Cucking is super based and cool be a cuck >you're not welcome here, christard this op contains a flag that stands against your filth Exactly. Christ shits spam the same shit from their discord and christian chan its all debunked garbage a long time ago.
>>44075 >atheism You're just as bad as a Christcuck
>>29200 >Is Varg just a dumb faggot larper after all? Why does that even matter? He's a white Nordic male who has a wife and like 8 children. Sure, he's a larper, he likes role playing games. He even admits to being a larper. He just wants to live a simple life out on the countryside. He has done his part. Idc if he's pagan or christian or whatever, he's just a random guy that happened to get famous and then murdered some satanic commie faggot.
>>44077 I'd rather be an atheist than a supposed christcuck.
>>34010 Perfect post. >>34056 The only way forward is through eugenics cults in isolated areas. Think the far Northern parts of Alaska and Yukon for reference. And then you will have to be willing to defend the churches, community centers, and schools with PMCs and security firms.
>>44092 >The only way forward is through eugenics cults What do you mean and why


no cookies?