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(590.64 KB 1127x768 Taylor.png)
Jared Taylor Suggests that Violence Works Anonymous 06/13/2020 (Sat) 20:24:31 ID:9cb8e8 No. 29302
At the end of his most recent video, Jared Taylor remarks directly that the main lesson to be learned from the race-rioting of the past few days is that violence works. >@11:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZu2es4sudg >The main lesson from all of this; Violence works. Rioting works. If you burn enough buildings, you get what you want. At this time, White people are too disorganized, too jaded, too mentally handicapped by conservativism to put into practise the lessons learned from black rioting, from conflicts around the world. However, each and every man who recognizes this truth, and understands it, begins a turning point in his life and understanding of real world politics. I for one praise this bold video and recommend that you share it with awake or reasonably awake people.
>>29302 >Shee goyim, we ordered our zogbots to step back and let apes riot with no consequences, that totally means we will let whites do the same if they try something.
>>29303 >let
>>29302 Of Course violence works against this jewish tyranny, the problem is organizing alone right now is people have to be willing to sacrifice themselves and there has to be mentality you take one of us you have take all of us it personally hasn't got bad enough for Whites. The best way to do this before having to get to that point of hoping once its in a White normie backyard they will stand up, its far better to have a religion/ cult you have to make being consciously White and Proud part of their daily lives. Scientology and Islam has shown us that creating White Pride religion is the best plan to get the masses on your side. It has to be familiar a mixture of Christianity and some Nordic beliefs to counteract the pitfalls of Christianity servant slave mentality. The leftist are all part of the personality cult of jewish communism however the only thing unifying them is being told by jews Whites are the roots of their problems so exposing that is paramount to the public and ruining the jewish power structure.
>>29302 If there were an illegal coup at any time including at election time would people then go into the streets to oppose it, possibly facing an opposing mob? The coup-ers would of course try to claim legitimacy/legality even if they deserve to be hung. Statues are one thing. Perhaps blue planets can't be entrusted with history anymore, but if there were an illegal overthrow of the United Federation of Planets' government would people hunt the overthrowers and their collaborators, and their families and their pets while they were still weak or just hide under the covers and let their planet fall, accepting Zerg rule once and for all? Wouldn't the best time to deal with a successful or nearly succesful Zerg coup be before it got its legs under it?
Violence is a basic mechanism of life, a Natural Law & the ultimate foundation of all power & survival. This does not make violence the only way to solve problems or even necessarily the best in every instance. It does mean that we cannot disown the mechanism of violence, consider it inherently immoral, pretend that it is always unneeded or claim that it doesn’t accomplish anything. Might does not make right, there is far more to Natural Law than that. Nevertheless, the successful application of appropriate violence in the struggle for the life of our nation & ourselves is both mandatory & moral. Bloody violence is our father, it shaped us & it will always be with us. A people that become incapable of violence will be replaced by those who are. Stark violence governs the universe & the victors will always rule it.
>>29302 >rulers are fools No. They are doing this intentionally. Video.
>>29302 It does, but any demonstration of protest by White People will be met with the full force of ZOG. (Bundy Farms, Waco, Ect) Only when sensible people reach their boiling point will this madness end. Our founding fathers gave us our second amendment for a reason. Its only a matter of time.
(288.46 KB 1600x900 Breivik.jpg)
(501.35 KB 1158x1400 McVeigh.jpg)
>>29302 Politics by other means.
>>29302 Violence does work: http://vjmpublishing.nz/?p=7063 "Every Westerner instinctively knows, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, that if they stand on a street corner wearing a Bomb Muhammad tshirt mocking the prophet of Islam, pretty soon a Muslim will come and stab or shoot them to death or run them over. So they don’t mock Islam, neither on the street corner nor anywhere else. From the terrorist’s point of view, that’s victory."
>>29302 RIP It looks like jewtube purged him, was it over this? Jared Taylor has never done anything to incite violence or hate, all his videos are based off of demonstrable statistics and trends, and advocates for Europeans to establish an identify of their own. Even if his stats are wrong and iq is meaningless, being wrong doesn't equal hate. Jewtube has a strong demonstrable bias,and if we have to bake the cake, they should have to respect differing viewpoints on their public platform.
(6.33 MB 640x360 495N9Mc_B0g0XorS.mp4)
>>29768 Stefan Molyneux also got shoah'd, and he is even more milk toast. Most of his vids were libertarian crap, and he has never once named the jews nor does he come across as NS and white supremacist for that matter
(82.48 KB 1126x592 Screenshot (517).png)
Some of these larger centrist joutubers should try suing or getting UN to sanction google and twitter for Human rights abuses. https://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/
>>29749 OKC bombing was a false flag
>>33628 find another site to sully, you coward
>>33630 Are you relying on fact, or an opinion to suggest that it wasn’t?
(146.22 KB 600x535 un involved in peace.jpg)
>>29771 The UN is, and always has been, an instrument of Jewish oppression, set up the the (((Allies))) ostensibly to "prevent another holocaust" ("another" HOLOCAUST of jews mind you, not any other genocide - UN troops sat around with their thumbs up their asses during shit like the Rwandan genocide) but in actual fact spends its time enforcing NWO globalist policies on nations, vetoing resolutions against Israeli war criminals, and hosting speeches by ugly jewesses who are "victims" of called mean names by gamers on the internet. Remember that it was the UN themselves who imposed anti-Nazi laws in postwar Germany and across Europe. Appealing to the UN to stop jewish tech companies censoring you would be like appealing to an enemy general in war because his soldiers are shooting at you.
<white men would NEVER strike back. if you fight your enemies, they win!
(29.62 KB 618x328 1585418618.jpg)
>>29302 Why do we say that Islam is peaceful when it is obviously not? The answer is, of course, it is precisely BECAUSE Islam is violent that we are obliged to say that the reverse is true. This works in a similar fashion for all the lies that are officially endorsed by the highest authorities in our society. The lies regarding jews, blacks, hispanics, etc. all of them exist because every one of these groups will immediately attempt to destroy anyone who does not cater to them in speech and behavior. The openly acceptable vision of the world is a collection of lies enforced by violence or the threat thereof, the violence need not be in the form of directly inflicting physical injury or death upon the uncooperative, speak out of line and there are various ways in which you may be harmed, silenced, ostracized/shunned, or discriminated against. So why then, can these people so loudly proclaim that White people and those who act in the their interest are violent? The obvious reason is it is exactly because they are NOT violent, that this is said, and is said so often, and so intensely about us shows not only that we are not feared, but that no one ever expects violence to come out of us. In the few incidents where we do engage in violent conduct of any kind, this example is not hidden away or downplayed as they are when undertaken by groups from whom this type of behavior is more usual and (internally) expected. Indeed these events are never to not be placed front and canter in the public eye, the masses will be reminded of them time and time again of these events, and they will be said to be the natural and inevitable result of anyone who speaks for the interests of Whites. Wall-to-Wall coverage and constant reference. Should White people who are willing to fight for their interests become common and realize that by doing this they can affect changes that could not be brought about in any other way, the result of mass organized acts of violence against the systems they live in, and against any who speak of the violence that was carried out by these "activists", would be the eventual silencing of their coverage, none would speak out of fear that if they did, they would be the next targets, and this fear would be reinforced by attacks on those who did speak out. The truth is that most people's political beliefs stop at the point of within their general vicinity, when the consequence of their political actions or speech is them being personally made to experiences consequences for their political actions, they will immediately abandon their political convictions to instead take whatever course of action they believe would best ensure their safety, and the safety of those whom they know and associate with on a personal basis. In many cases, mere inconvenience is enough to create a change in someone's political orientation (at least publicly), and of those who are willing to tolerate inconvenience, most of them will be easily swayed by the risk of their personal safety, make them feel threatened and about 90% will tow the line of those issuing the threats. Political Violence works, Terrorism works, discrimination against those whom you disagree, works, actively seeking out your political enemies and attempting not to convince them, but to silence them with punishment of many different forms* also works. * examples include attacking their reputation, their relationships, their privacy, their employment, their economic stability and self-sufficiency, their property, their sanity, their health, and their lives. We don;t have to harm anyone directly, just tag some graffitti to intimidate, or smash the windows of our most outspoken political opponents, and a large amount of people would immediately stop criticizing us or those for whom we stand, people who would never be reached with evidence or reason, would respond immediately in a favorable manner to such a simple set of actions.
Those who advocate for the interests of Whites could also try using the machine's mechanisms against themselves, trying to slander known ideological opponents so that their environment turns against them, ideally as being a secret supporter of White interests, for example, the guy who posted pro-trump stickers on the cars of antifa members. Going to their place of employment and getting them fired with false rumors and planted evidence, or goiong to their spouses and destroying their relationship with false accusations and manufactured "proof" of your claims. maybe pretending to be one of your own cause's ideological opponents and then using the authority you earn within those circles to advocate for at least a few of them to go in divisive and extreme directions that ultimately hurt their own cause* *such as advocating for radicalism and calling out those who ask for moderation as secretly being agents of the group's political opponents, or by simply making other allegations that get the group to turn on their own members, then when they start looking for troublemakers, you can work with other planted agents to turn this into the basis of a brand new set of witch hunts and purity spiraling. stirring up an internal shitstorm of power jockeying that breaks up the unity these groups rely on to function, make everyone think they are going to be the leader because they'd be best at it, and encourage backstabbing by convincing everyone the guy above them is not using the position as effectively as they should, is abusing their position for personal benefit, or got there by "unfair" means, and should be demoted asap, and by getting the guys on the bottom to feel underappreciated or underutilized. distract the group from doing anything effective by instead getting the individual members to focus on trivial and useless pursuits that appeal to these specific members but no one else, and these distractions are even better if they don't do anything to actually threaten the advocacy of White interests simply recording as much secret information as possible then leaking it out to the people the group least wants to hear it a particularly devious method for multilinguals is to go in as a trusted translator, then at a key moment in discourse, make the most damaging possible translation, as a means of destroying cooperation efforts across language barriers, a good example is the "we will bury you" incident, where an agent seeking to prolong the cold war purposely mistranslated a line from russian into english, with great effectiveness. along those lines of ruining external trust, White advocates can get agents into a position of great responsibility, then purposefully sabotage it in the best way possible (ideally in a way that does permanent damage to the opposing group, but also gives them the ability to remain planted and trusted within the group they just undermined) We could do a lot in our causes favor if we were to organize economic disruption as well, it can be covert and nit very loud, but the commonality of our targets or the surrounding political environment would make people likely to see us as the perpetrators, and this would translate to the businesses taking money out of speaking against us or in favor of groups that serve as our opposition. For example, by buying items from a store that does not oppose us, and smuggling the items onto the shelves of stores that do speak against us. By organizing not only to boycott the businesses that stand against us, but to also convince their suppliers (that they rely upon to manufacture their products) to cut ties with them. or to create news of promotions that the businesses aren't actually running, including the printing out of fake coupon and flyers. or, knowing that white people come out of universal hardship particularly well compared to the pox, techniques for fucking the whole system that are a little less legal, earning a lot of money, then torching the amount in excess if what you need (or otherwise devaluing them to the point of uselessness), or you can go the other way by making false units of money and distributing them to other people who try to use them as legal tender (bonus points if the monetary units are of smaller value, less likely to be checked and can be just dropped into the collection cups of beggars on the street).
>>29303 Exactly. And the MSM would pillory you to death. But scum burning down the country is praised to the skies.
>>33690 >Those who advocate for the interests of Whites could also try using the machine's mechanisms against themselves I don't think the guy at Walmart that sets things to the price of $14.88 is red pilling many people.....
(15.57 KB 257x388 Plot_against_usa.jpg)
The thing is most people are just grazing cattle that want to satisfy immediate animal needs; eat, drink, keep warm and dry, fuck, have kids, etc. They really don't even want to think about stuff that will interfere with those basic needs. I find that even the wannabe politicos that make assertions (ie write manifestos etc) never mention the logistics of a civilization or a society unless it's someone like Ted Kazinsky who wants to destroy the infrastructure and precipitate a mass die off or something. Getting information from movies in particular is absolutely cretinous. The American Revolution for example wasn't some great mass uprising of Americans. It involved no more than 5% of the population, 3% for independence, 2% loyalist. Most of it wasn't even decided by battles but was just little petty acts of local terrorism to drive out the loyalists. Everybody else, that 95% was busy toiling trying to make enough food to survive another year, and keep decent clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads. Without a political class prepared to undertake a defense of whatever it is that N. America represents then I don't see anything happening soon. This has been true ever since Lindbergh and his father were cheated/cast aside by the American people. That was pretty much our last hope that I can think of and the jews haven't tired of beating on Lindbergh to this day. That shows you how much they hated and feared him. I've torched whatever friends I ever had just trying to tell them about 911 truth, let alone the insidious role of the jews in society. The only place with people that think like me are here and even in /pol/, there's this strange sense of unreality about where we're at or how to even begin to realistically go about turning things around. I don't see running into a mosque or a synagogue to shoot some old woman as even remotely approaching a meaningful political act. It's retarded. Things will have to get a lot worse. Most people don't even care that there's spontaneous communist roadblocks with niggers sticking shotguns in drivers' faces. Fight back against that and you're the evil one that must be destroyed at all costs. Most guys I know just want to play a $130 round of golf and have a tasty sammich with a cold tall boy of beer. That's as far as their thought processes go.
>>33628 That is retarded. Tim McVeigh was 100% justified. The zionist regime are mass murderers.
(354.22 KB 1366x1500 1595417265341.jpg)
>>29302 You mean Jared "Jews are white" Taylor? Fuck him. Whites/Patriots committing violence only plays into the communist plan. They want whites to retaliate.


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