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(113.90 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Nootropics, Asians, and Jews Anonymous 06/14/2020 (Sun) 04:15:15 No. 29318
So an anon posted a thread on 4chins about snooping into Asian and Jews' medicine cabinets at rentals he owned or some such. He discussed nootropics and posted the below list claiming Asians and Jews don't have high IQs but are using supplements and drugs to boost their cognitive abilities. Anyone know anything about the below? I'm doing some rudimentary digging now but thought other anons might know more than me. >Coffee Fruit/cherry extract @ 100mg >Turmeric supplement @ 400 to 450mg >Ginger supplement @ 50mg >Vitamin E @ 200mg >Phosphatidylserine @ 100mg >Folate/folic acid @ 600 to 800 mcg >Amino acid complex (L-Theanine usually main) >Fish oil/omega 3 @ 1800 mg >sun flower lecithin @ 2400 mg >Resveratrol @ 250mg >Acetyl-L-Carnitine (beside amino complex) @ 800 mg >Alpha lipoic acid @ 400 mg >Rhodiola Rosea @ 500 mg >S-Adenosyl Methionine @ 200 mg >Ginseng complex >Korean Ginseng (separate from complex) >dmae bitartrate @ 350 to 400 mg >Lion's Mane/main mushroom extract (only saw dried shit) >Capsaicin (literally saw only cayenne powder) >Black pepper fruit (same as above only powder) >Theobromine (only saw bag never knew dose) >gotu kola (don't know if related to kola fruit or whatever, saw only bottles with droppers) >Vitamin B complex >Vitamin D3 50mcg >Bacopa @ 300 to 400 mg >Ginkgo bilboa @ 120 mg >Green tea extract @ 50 to 300+ mg
>>29318 >let me make a drugs thread with loose /pol/ link degenerate lainon go back At best this should be a single post in the /sig/ not a thread killer
>>29318 > Nootropics >I am from lainchan and my drug board is slow
>>29318 Asian high IQ or being smart myth comes from the upper class Asians able to immigrate, asians being non-athletic geeks and cheating on test. Along with falsified IQ test Asian countries published as fact. The average East Asian IQ is around 90 but, they basically are all born with a master and slave mentality there is a reason they are called soul less bugs. High Jewish IQ is basically the same smoke and mirrors. The legitimate intelligent jews are autistic shut ins who live with their mothers for their entire life and don't have kids. The touted intelligent jews are above average in intelligence but, most of the leg work is verbal and conveying they are smarter then they are to normies. I have heard of Chinese and Indians using nootropics but a lot of them were pseudoscience . However you can end up doing more damage than good when you start mixing the legitimate nootropics concoctions, dosage or not having proper scheduling. Eating a balanced diet, with low impact exercise and proper sleep cycles will give you a much larger cognitive boost and will be just as immediate without side effects. The other part is so many of the supplement comapnies are frauds since they have zero oversight so brand name definitely matters. All the large retailers have been caught with entire shelves just being "bean oil" even for simple things like Vitamin C. It made a world of difference buying d3 at Target compared to ordering from a reputable company. The dosage is person dependent the complexes are very hit and miss an you easily over do it. So better to take everything separate. You also are going to have to read up on what ever supplement you are taking again you can really fuck yourself up in a month or less. Anyway off the top of my head Vitamin B complex will give you energy, renew immediate motivation, make you more social but too much causes nerve damage and jitters. Vitamin D3 is much better just getting sun but, it will boost your overall energy and mood. Fish Oil again depends on quality the burp less are better supposedly more refined, don't take flax seed it turns into estrogen basically. I'm curious how much mercury is left even in the burp less pills. Fish Oil removes brain fog best for the morning. Amino Acid Complex would be better attuned to each individual amino acid you need because again too much of one will do damage in the end. There is a lot they can do but overall it will give your body more physical energy, help repair muscle tissue, remove heavy metals. Good if you have a blue collar job or bodybuilding. But you do need do your own research before you start dosing any supplements which includes brand name and take anons dosage chart as personalized.
>>29340 This is false. The leading theory for explaining variance in intelligence right now is Cold Winters Theory. There are very cold winters in Northeast Asia.
>>29318 China = Japan
All of these supplement shit is a waste of fucking money and time. Like most jewish products, see how its marketed with bright colors and various explanations on the label >tuh huh this increase ur sewotonon so u be happy Its wastful shit. Not saying it hurts you, but it doesnt really help you either. Some of the things on their help but are only absorbed by the body by like 10 percent. Just eat a healthy diet and you wont have to eat a long list of jew pills. Do you really think ancient muscular humans ate any of this shit? What about your grandfather? Think about it man its just another scam to take money out of your pocket. This thread reminds me of one you would see on a fitness forum where they ask "what type of protein powder is best" <a fucking steak you pleb, stop taking the easy way out.
(1.37 MB 902x2268 jewish iq myth screencap.jpg)
(131.85 KB 800x800 jewish iq.jpg)
>>29318 just be celibate. optional: do a bit of hatha yoga, mainly sirshasana, sarvangasana (followed by fish pose for balance in your neck), and paschimottanasana (followed by a bit of cobra pose for balance in your lower back). celibacy alone gives you an edge beyond any nootropic stack. ksm-66, and lions mane and cordyceps were not mentioned in your list. >>29340 asians also seem to care more about making progress in western countries. an asian in america is motivated to succeed because the underlying principle is that he is conquering the country whereas a young white man is being conquered and is therefore demoralized. same with black women; the really love excelling in scholastic activities that include basically just filling out paperwork. it's like they can really feel how much they benefit from it all. white people just don't give a shit on an instinctual level. maybe they have a christian-esque fear of le fire and brimstone (poverty) so they work hard at their job but there isn't any real incentive involved. >>29344 >The leading theory for explaining variance in intelligence right now is Cold Winters Theory the variance itself is what's under question right now, dork. nobody cares about an explanation for something that doesn't exist.
(41.64 KB 1024x768 1586397747962.jpg)
>>29344 No you are wrong and also very poorly educated in anthropology shown by you relying on mainstream what liberal kikes are pushing . "A leading theory" about long touted environmental influence don't make me laugh. Northeast Asia hasn't always been cold the world goes through wet and dry cycles across the continents. If you are going to make dumbass statements without substance at least know the subject you idiot. pic related is you
>>29344 Ass blasted chink detected you realize asian civilization was started by Europeans they didn't have the wheel or writing until Europeans gave it to them, innovation in asian like all non-white civilzations relied on European contact ,when they broke contact asian civilization stagnated completely. Europeans settled in North Asia first so again you are retarded. Regardless everything stated is correct there is no high asian IQ you smelly weeb.
>>29377 1st generation asians I agree do have a conqueror type mentality as shown with voting patterns and racial voting among all non-white immigrants. But by the second generation many asians become just as degenerate and become part of the cog. For Whites the lack of motivation comes from lack of prospect for the future which would be family. Renew the strong family ties Whites had and you would see much bigger motivation in Whites to succeed on all levels.
>>29381 >1st generation asians I agree do have a conqueror type mentality as shown with voting patterns and racial voting among all non-white immigrants. But by the second generation many asians become just as degenerate and become part of the cog. i would argue it's the opposite of that, although the main point is the same. (actually i may now be disagreeing with my previous post but whatever). the first generation asians i think try to fit in with america and be 'conservative' and have american values and whatnot. they have the wind at their back ("conqueror mentality") but they still try to fit in and support their host country. the second generation is the one that embraces the 'conqueror mentality' much more eagerly. they drink the jew propaganda like water from their birth so going along with the subversion of white countries is like second nature to them, whereas their parents at least were more consciously trying to integrate and be a better friend to whites. >Renew the strong family ties Whites had and you would see much bigger motivation in Whites to succeed on all levels. leadership is the most important thing. whites have too much variance to be able to act as a hivemind. this is a result of the complexity of thought and action which makes the circle of possible actions much larger. the 'circle of possible actions' of an insect is very small - there's not very many things it can do so it can easily get synced up with it's fellow insects. a negro too, for example, has very few potential actions it can take. it can generally either chimp out, be a slave, or jiggle around like a laughing monkey, so it's much easier for them all to become synchronized. the white race is more like a symphony and for that reason a conductor is necessary at every level. there is currently no hierarchy among whites. even among the individual family unit the mother, father, and children are almost seen as equal by most societal influences, and then there's the school teacher, zogbot, television, etc who all seem to have just as much say. there is no leadership. everyone's brain is just a putrid hunk of warm clay being tugged back and forth and warped by whatever rabble rouser is in front of them at the moment. how can anyone be loyal to anything but whispy ideas and specters? we're all just frothing around in the mud equally in that sense. in the material real world here there is nothing solid, the only thing one can pledge himself to is impersonal at best. blood and volk is fine but it's impersonal, moreso today than at any other time. it's not enough. there must be personal representation.
20 years ago I used to sell drugs to Russian Jews and Israelis and faggots. Ruined hundreds of lives and got rich doing it. Hey, that's who moved into my area. They're fucking sick, sick monsters for the stuff. But these type of pills you're talking about, no idea. Wasn't really a thing then. All I can say is, they really don't care about their health. Today, it's the internet with health blogs and shit on jewtube. MSM with lots of fear porn. So that's probably what that is all about.
Nicotine is a very heavy duty nootropic. It also has antiviral effects and acts as an aromatase enzyme inhibitor. Aromatase is the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, so if you inhibit it, your T goes up and your estrogen levels go down, which translates to improved neurological function as well, but in a more long term way to do with DHT receptors in the brain. Vaping nicotine salts is also just tasty. I have thought of ordering stuff like piracetam before but never seem to get around to it. I know a lot of jews in hollywood with writers jobs use nicotine as well.
>>33775 Jews are the most susceptible to their own poisons. They're genetically inclined to dangerously hedonistic lifestyles and already possess a poor constitution. You're a hero in many different ways. > health blogs > probably what that is all about. Many of these sites are set up by jews for jews. There's a growing number of then becoming aware of their shit tier health and are trying to circumvent it. 5 years ago it was the opposite, sites made by whites with sdvice that inadvertently exposed how jewish the pharmaceutical lies are and using traditional medicines that lab tests have retroactively deemed valid, i.e. mainly better diets. Remember the 2015-2016 homeopathic murders? They killed over a hundred people and now most of the sites left dealing with natural medicine are run by jews. They cut out the competition for their tribe. Even when the advice benefits them more, they still have to be the only ones dealing it.
>>29318 >>29321 >>29353 These are decisively not pharma-strength substances. >Coffee Fruit/cherry extract @ 100mg This would presumably be in order to get some coffee nutrients without the pesticides and methyl chloride from decafeination. >Folate/folic acid @ 600 to 800 mcg That's already supplemented in fortification, but particularly for the sake of pregnant women. >Fish oil/omega 3 @ 1800 mg Obviously crucial, could be a cheap oxidized form or possibly even fake or at least partially fake ie. seal oil or krill oil. Extra neccessary to compensate for the harmful fat in peanut oil, sesame oil and soy products, on the other hand american sunflower oil, soy oil and so on being even worse would just make compensating for it like that futile. >Theobromine (only saw bag never knew dose) Might have been slightly understandable back when leaded gasoline was really getting into chocolate. >Vitamin D3 50mcg An atypically high dose, but common users would just get this by taking two pills. >using supplements and drugs to boost their cognitive abilities There probably isn't even any common issue here. Jews could be using them to try and slightly restrain some tempestuous tendencies, while Asians might conversly be getting obsessing about extending their already cold and focussed predisposition, just eeking out one bit extra of an approach they value.
(780.34 KB 1804x4174 asian bug people.jpg)
(938.79 KB 1885x3587 why fuck retards 2.jpg)
>>29318 >l-L-Carnitine this one is for the brain, most of those fight inflammation
>>34106 >These are decisively not pharma-strength substances. you can get formulations of these that are stronger than pharma strength, there is a water soluble turmeric that is stronger than steroids, but you can buy it otc
>>29318 there is much better than all that with our ancestors: the sun. Go into nature with an opaque blindfold to put over your eyes. Stare at the sun without moving your eyes for less than two seconds. Lie down in the grass and quickly put the opaque blindfold on your eyes. Observe and concentrate on the phosphene and its different colors. This process will use the luminous energy of the sun that your eyes will transform into mental energy via the nervous circuit of the ocular nerve. This ancestral method was rediscovered by a French doctor and used in elitist circles including with children. It is the solar Aryan way. Sol invictus. https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/35008.html
>>29318 It’s literally just that they are superstitious, that’s the only reason they do it. It’s the same reason they still eat shark fin, rhino horns, and deer dicks. t. married a chink
>>29318 I take alot of these on the list but most are a meme unless you pair them with a solid non-meme foundation such as modafinil or adderall
>>35121 >>29318 Get your genetic code reviewed by a geneticist. If you lack funds you can sell your code to a company in exchange for the information. But this way you will know how to optimize your strengths and weaknesses. For example, 60% of Americans have the 5mthf mutation. In regards to solar, I wouldnt be surprised if many whites had SAD mutation. I do and have always noticed a major impact of being in the sun.
>>38441 what is SAD mutation?
>>38466 He's talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder.
>>29318 are you people autistic? The described stack does not even have adderal or anything similar, let alone piracetams and stronger stuff. this is a simple herbal supplement list that any bodybuilder autist hass. 90% of these stuff dont even really have an effect on the brain. Ive taken grape seed, l carnitine, aminos etc i would have told you if they made me smarter or more focused. the only stuff with a noticable effect would be ..fuck i forgot...it was a cooking spice that gave you focus. fuck off with this herbal stuff man. Herbs do work and can be pretty powerful but all of these stuff in the list are barely noticeable effect scams. Thats like trying to cure your depression with saint johns wort "oh wow i wont suicide now bros" while taking the hemp oil extract would actually change you and make you happier. listen, black tea works just how coffee works, but fuck of with this placebo tier list man.
>>29340 The best argument against asian intelligence is the state of Asia. Japanese are highly intelligent though
>>29340 The best argument against asian intelligence is the state of Asia. Japanese are highly intelligent though


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