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(43.65 KB 640x360 asdfd.jpeg)
How to get rid of this beast? Anonymous 06/22/2020 (Mon) 03:36:58 No. 29532
How many of these fuckers actually believe they're anti-fascist? The more I take a look at communists,marxist leftists and the BLM cess pool, it's easier to see these people are the real fascists. Some how they have achieved in manipulating the social structure and fooling it into thinking the average conservative family are nazis. This is the sort of stuff that makes me believe the devil is real.
(1.42 MB 2685x1760 1 5eOJ9_94LPNxR2AUhie_GQ.jpeg)
>How to get rid of this beast? Boots on the ground, in first person. "Police and army" will not do it for you, because they are on payroll of the same people funding antifa (=ZOG).
>>29532 Antifa and BLM don't have much power. They're only so popular because jews support them. The same applies to non-whites and liberals in general. Race mixing, communism, white genocide, they're just left leaning jewish ideas. Wars in the middle east are a right wing jewish plan and the relocation of those middle eastern rapefugees to White lands is a liberal jewish plan. They own both sides and White peoples media outlets. The sexualization of children, the attack on good morals and behaviors, the promotion of interracial and gender bending entertainment, jews. They seek to destroy all nations to establish a one world government but they really just have to focus on White countries because Nazis arent famous in Africa and China like they are/were in Germany or pre-integrated Detroit, MI. Jews have turned Nazis into such a big enemy because Nazis are such a threat to them. The people who are most capable of stopping them are smart strong proud White Nazi families. Not some feminized jewloving MAGAfaggots who hate Hitler and want to make White countries safe and equal for all races. White conservatives are really starting to become the new White liberals. Trying to show niggers and spics how not racist they are. How far from a Nazi they are. How much they hate fascists. "I hate racist white people more than any liberal!! Give me free diversity points!!! I dont hate jews man I hate the NAZIS!!!" Get rid of jews and the world will get a whole lot better. Antifa and BLM are products of jews but also the product of White men turning into queers who would fight racist White people and Nazis over race traitors and kikes. White conservatives are just White liberals 10 years behind the times. Hence the conspiracy theories. Only conservatives think they're hot "non-sheep" shit because they believe politicians and bankers have dystopian plans for the world. Notice they never talk about Trump loving young girls and being close friends with Epstein? Plus the right supports the police and military so it's funny how they cry about martial law and fema camps and false flags as if they aren't the ones keeping it right on track by supporting the very system that is going to roll it all out.
>>29532 Organise your own local Freikorps. Start with some former vets on disability for psychiatric reasons, gradually attract saner people. Good luck Anon.
>>29532 > these people are the real fascists! No m88 I am real fascists. Antifa are a mix of commies, anarchists, liberals & generic degenerates all wrapped up in a cultural marxist coating.
>>29540 The liberals are firing people for literally saying labeled racist words like "you people". People are forced to resign for anti-BLM protesting. What does this sound like to you?
>>29550 It sounds like the demonrats and soros are trying to keep the people from finding out about Epstein because they don't wsnt there secret getting out that the dnc are crooks
No shit they are the real fascists, I remember reading something on a dead chan that their ideology adopted the exact same modus operandi as fascist ideology- Its a way at beating them at their own game while installing their own agenda. They dont stand for democracy and they dont stand for freedom. however what you need to remember is that the media mostly over sensationalizes them and makes you think "Muh culture" is doomed. It's not. Most people who have sense in their fucking head, like 90 percent of americans, dont really agree with antifa and their radical policy. Look at it this way, think of all the antifa people you know? Whats that? You dont know any? HMMMMM....Well actually know one but shes addicted to drugs, unemployed, and pretty much generally retarded. Most of them are not changing the world anytime soon and this is why they latch on to their gay little ideology. They can shout and shout all they want and media will continue to give them platform bc tucker carlson is a secret kike and want to get you hyped over nothing. Fuck these people. They dont matter. They want to knock down a few rocks okay fine. They are not going to take over the world and if you think that you have been watching too much fox news. But to answer your post: <expose them for the pedophiles that they are
>>29532 >antifa >composed of communists >funded by kikes like Soros and Rothschilds >are fascists
>>29532 If they were fascists, I would be on their side, retard. Never post on the internet again, faggot.
>>29580 >Never post on the internet again, faggot. great advice. Maybe you should consider it.
>>29555 Trips of truth.
(161.60 KB 753x1332 1586449446.png)
(47.88 KB 960x720 1586449442.jpg)
(211.55 KB 960x348 1586449438.jpg)
>>29532 >these people are the real fascists I fucking hate hearing people say this. Nobody knows what the word even means anymore.
>>29532 >antifa are the real fascist What are you even doing here? I thought reddit goes to 4chan.
>>29532 You have to go after the power structure. Stop the ones funding things. It all falls apart then.
>>29679 Too bad conspiracy theorists won't let that happen since they think the power structure wants something to happen to the power structure so they can use the happening to justify taking more rights away from patriotic muricans.
>>29532 >The more I take a look at communists,marxist leftists and the BLM cess pool, it's easier to see these people are the real fascists. That's retarded, anon. We are the real fascists.
>>29550 >People are forced to resign for anti-BLM protesting. What does this sound like to you? Sounds pretty jewish, tbh Very anti-White.
(1.12 MB 1632x1724 1593002986183.png)
(468.09 KB 1440x900 1372046452806.jpg)
>>29532 What's worse is that they're installing health systems that give preference to non-white races despite whites dying more than them. They're literally fascists.
>>29550 Sounds authoritarian, jewish and anti-white. They're communists.
(1004.56 KB 800x554 ClipboardImage.png)
(967.82 KB 800x543 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29550 "Racist" College Researcher Ousted After Sharing Study Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings The vice president of Research and Innovation at Michigan State University, physicist Stephen Hsu, has been forced out of his position at the university after daring to show actual facts from a 2019 study that show there to be no racial bias in incidents of police shootings. Hsu wrote on his blog on Sunday that “The [Graduate Employees Union] alleged that I am a racist because I interviewed MSU Psychology professor Joe Cesario, who studies police shootings.” >"Cesario’s work…is essential to understanding deadly force and how to improve policing," Hsu said. >Cesario's 2019 study found "that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot." The conclusion of the study was that “contrary to activist claims and media reports, there is no widespread racial bias in police shootings.” Cesario's study was then cited in a June 3 Wall Street Journal op-ed called "The Myth of Systemic Police Racism". The MSU communications team highlighted the mention of Cesario's work days later and on June 10, the GEU "blasted" Hsu for sharing the research, claiming that it "did not alight with public statements issued by MSU," according to blog The Police Tribune. GEU Vice President Acacia Ackles said: “It is the union’s position that an administrator sharing such views is in opposition to MSU’s statements released supporting the protests and their root cause and aim.” That's when Hsu said the social media attacks began: “This started as a twitter mob attack, with very serious claims: that I am a Racist, Sexist, Eugenicist, etc.” He also said he was under attack for blogging about research involving genetic differences of races. The GEU subsequently circulated a "Fire Stephen Hsu" petition that demanded Hsu's firing. The letter said: “The concerns expressed by the Graduate Employees Union and other individuals familiar with Hsu indicates an individual that cannot uphold our University Mission or our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion." It continued: "Given this discordance with university values, Stephen Hsu should not be privileged with the power and responsibility of recruiting and funding scholars, overseeing ethical conduct, or coordinating graduate study.” While more than 800 signed the petition to get him fired, days later Hsu had compiled over 2,000 signatures in a support petition. “Over just a few days, 1700+ individuals from around the world signed the support petition… Among the signatories are hundreds of professors from MSU and around the world, and an even larger number of PhD degree holders,” Hsu said. The support petition read: “We highlight that there is zero concrete evidence that Hsu has performed his duties as VP in an unfair or biased manner. Therefore, removing Hsu from his post as VP would be to capitulate to rumor and character assassination.” “The power is in your hands to reaffirm free inquiry and free expression as the core values of the academic institutions and show how they align with the other values to which we are all committed and have spent time and energy promoting,” it continued. It concluded: “The voices demanding Hsu’s removal are exactly wrong in pitting diversity and inclusion against free inquiry and freedom of speech. Instead, true diversity flourishes best under conditions of free inquiry, because such a philosophy demands that everyone have a seat at the table and that views be evaluated on the basis of cogency of the supporting reasoning and strength and internal consistency of the accumulated evidence rather than the identity, power, number, or vociferousness of the people expressing them.” On June 19, Hsu was asked to resign from his position. He consented, but wrote on his blog: “I do not agree with his decision, as serious issues of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Inquiry are at stake. I fear for the reputation of Michigan State University.” Days after Hsu stepped down MSU President Samuel Stanley said: “When senior administrators at MSU choose to speak out on any issue, they are viewed as speaking for the university as a whole. Their statements should not leave any room for doubt about their, or our, commitment to the success of faculty, staff and students.”
>>29532 >it's easier to see these people are the real fascists Don't insult good fascists like that. "Fascism" is not a synonym for "authoritarianism" or "political violence". Antifa are not fascists, hell most of them aren't even Marxists. What they are is AUTHORITARIAN LIBERALS. They are just baizuo with a bit more edge. They aggressively support GloboZioHomo Liberal Woke Capitalism, the ONLY difference from the average soy consoomer is that they are willing to engage in commie/fascistesque tactics to protect it.


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