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(158.18 KB 549x1280 IMG_20200619_082934_948.jpg)
how's your victory garden going king? Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 17:27:20 ID:a52770 No. 29610
post pics of garden and share tips, or make excuses for why you can't feed yourself
>>29610 #whitestrike
(2.03 MB 1280x866 1571013779638.png)
(735.60 KB 640x1600 1568918739815.png)
(225.89 KB 792x1224 1571013081566.png)
>>29610 >king > 4/biz/ posting format gardening is great but this is a jewpost. next time drop your meme in /sig/ and leave it at that.
>>29624 Hey big guy, you really should lighten up. It’s just a silly meme.
>>29610 Rocket stoves is a fascinating topic. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=onMbSLuC7Oc
(1.97 MB 4128x2322 20200616_180858_1.jpg)
>>29610 Greetings from new Kohl.
>>29755 fuck you niggerposter. king faggot
This is a spur of the moment contribution so excuse any half assed explanations but this is a general overlay of what I have learned, but as a general pretext, plants are just like you. Healthy plants need all their nutrients and a balanced diets of other trace minerals. If you uust shove your plants full of the main fertilizers its like giving them taco bell every day. More will be explained later but I will start with the basics. Avoid all non Organic fertilizers. All you need for a healthy garden is blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, normal fireplace ash, and assorted guanos for N-P-K(nitrogen-potassium-phosphorus) the three essential nutrients for plant growth and are on the front of all fertilizers, you literally cant fucking miss it. Its really simple; follow the fucking directions on the box, if you overdo it you will fuck your shit up. Apply nitrogen fertilizer AND ONLY NITROGEN during vegetative growth As the plant enters the flowering/fruiting phase slowly ween out nitrogen(N) and start adding the phosphorous and potassium(P,K). When using organic fertilizers the nutrients will NOT be readily available and will have to be broken down by microbes in the soil, because of this I would suggest buying exogenous mycorrhizae and azospirrilum. These two bacteria help create a healthy biome to break down materials that will provide nutrients. You also need to supplement assorted trace materials, most importantly calcium and magnesium which are available through various sources but I prefer Epsom salt and oyster shells. Calcium is ESSENTIAL to plant growth and the amazing part about it is that your plant will only take as mich as it needs so you cant really oversupply plants like you can with fertilizers so apply liberally but make sure to watch soil PH if applying while plants are in ground rather than amending beforehand. Calcium will help encourage vigorous growth by allowing your plant to spend less energy supporting itself and helps make thick cell walls so the plant is more resistant to pests. I really dont know what magnesium does so I cant say more on that but ive never not amended my soil with it so fuck it we both gotta look into it. In addition to these two occasional application of organic unsulfered blackstrap molasses is amazing for your garden as the sugar is a great carbohydrate source, and also creates a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria in your soil. Im bored now but ill check back later
(61.18 KB 960x944 1573265001447.jpg)
>>29610 I have a few garden boxes going that I made out of free scrap pallets along with some wild blackberry and raspberry bushes that I transplanted. Someone I know does bee keeping so I buy fresh honey from them and make mead with it. I use the berries I grow to flavor it. I'll eventually make wine from just the berries but the wild ones are small and I don't have enough for more than a bottle or two so I'm gonna wait until next summer. Gardening is a pain in the ass for me because I don't own any land. I have to do it in the woods so retards won't fuck with it. Luckily there are hundreds of square miles of dense woods here so I picked a clearing around a mile in just off an old and mostly unused trail. There's a stream that's maybe 1/4 mile from that were I can fill my water jugs. I set up a hammock back there and everything. I bring my tablet out there to read and relax. It's my own little world free of fags, niggers, and jews. Gardening on public land without some faggy permit probably isn't legal but I don't give a fuck. Let them arrest me for growing tomatoes.
(1.02 MB 1200x1200 1.gif)
(42.80 KB 508x403 2.jpg)
(66.35 KB 900x529 3.jpg)
(105.34 KB 725x529 4.jpg)
(125.90 KB 736x952 5.jpg)
>>29610 blessed thread
(68.38 KB 473x640 6.jpg)
(254.29 KB 1224x782 7.jpg)
(716.81 KB 1000x844 8.gif)
(68.71 KB 1024x640 9.jpg)
(75.76 KB 736x534 10.jpg)
(1.39 MB 898x733 11.png)
(383.09 KB 768x2383 1591942862254.jpg)
(159.36 KB 640x480 1592043477639.jpg)
(1.68 MB 1604x3046 1592445970973.jpg)
(1.43 MB 1200x697 1588142648121.png)
>>29610 The merchant can sell BLM T shirts and rainbow flag, so he gladly welcome and support the lumpenproletariat to disorganize the workers, but there is one thing he fear. Not consooming. Not selling your time to him and not letting him have his "fair share".
Had a pretty bountiful garden going before I white-flighted out from that hellscape. got here to my new place a bit late in the growing season to go all out, but I picked up a few pepper and tomato mature seedlings at the market and sprouted a few beans I brought with me. If I'm not travelling too much for work next growing season I'll go all out and grow tons of stuff here since I have way more space now. The only thing I really miss from my old shithole was the hippie gardening stores where I could buy live ladybugs. I've had to resort to using some mild pesticides to control the aphids.
How can #whitestirke succeed? Sure, you grow your own food, then the government comes and arrests you one some shaky grounds made up just for the purpose of persecuting self-sufficient White people who try to avoid contributing their economic share to supporting the pox.
(8.23 KB 330x140 From_Idaho_With_Love.gif)
>>33678 artisanal handmade fair-trade free-range explosively-formed penetrators triggered by $10 worth of arduino parts
>>33678 i'd rather find out how they'll react to the strike than not strike
My pumpkins have been getting a white fungus on them. I tried some neem oil and it worked great, but I ran out and it's expensive and hard to find. Does anyone know of a cheap source for been oil, or an alternative for white powdery fungus?
(39.97 KB 612x612 neem_oil.jpeg)
>>34195 I've never grown pumpkins but I grew some melons last year (similar type of plant I think). I don't really have any good advice about the fungus other than to pay attention to climate and watering etc. Mine were all fucked up with some sort of... thing... in the early season when it was abnormally rainy and cold, then they started doing a lot better in the hot drier times. I tried to time my watering so it wouldn't leave the leaves wet for too long. Late mornings-noontime on days where it was going to get real hot in the afternoons seemed to work best, if that works for your schedule. If you have a regular working schedule, then water them just before you leave for work in the mornings. Don't water them at all unless it's forecast to be a hot dry day, unless it's been like 5 days without water.. Don't water them before sunset because you don't want them to stay moist all night. You can also do less frequent waterings but heavily saturate the earth when you do water them. Mulch helps for this, lots and lots so you can have damp roots but nice and dry above-ground parts. I also found they did best in the parts of the garden that received the most sun throughout the day, didn't do so well in the parts of the garden that were shaded either in the morning or the afternoon. also when I used neem oil I bought a little bottle that was super concentrated, the instructions had me mix in a tiny capful into a whole spray bottle of water, shake thoroughly, then apply. I don't remember the price being too bad. It's possible you're applying more than you need to to the plants, even if it works it often takes several days to show the full effect. It's possible you could wait longer in between applications so that would make it go farther for you. anyways I used this brand of stuff and didn't find the cost to be too burdensome: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Garden-Safe-Brand-Neem-Oil-Extract-Concentrate-16-Ounces-3-In-1/38754824 I used about a quarter to an eighth of the bottle over the course of one growing season for aphid control. Hopefully this gives you some ideas.
(163.96 KB 701x2048 plant deficiencies infographic.jpg)
>>29610 I wish I knew that 10 years ago. Of course it varies from plant to plant but N deficiency is so obvious I feel bad for my pothos and rosebushes. +remember jewish chemists killed the rhizosphere, with an healthy soil you don't even need to balance the pH or NPK...
>garlic is an antioxidant kys with this fucking poltard brainlet garbage
>>33672 daily reminder that anyone who writes "oo this oo that" aside from boomer/zoomer is a fucking retard
>>29610 any one have that pepe where he is in his garden?
>>29610 what oak trees are good producers?
>>38035 Don't recall seeing one. A custom rare? or just a copypaste into a garden
>>38048 was a one with a garden bet and the pepe pasted unto it holding a hand rake and slining while tending his garden
frens i have some books to read foragers harvest samuel thayer natures garden samuel thayer increadble wild edibles samuel thayer
(164.09 KB 1500x1293 1606569501665.jpg)
Based farmer thread
>>29776 Go away.
>>34327 >mentions d&c trigger words "boomer" and "zoomer" on a gardening discussion board >>33617 >..world free of fags, niggers, and jews. Gardening on public land without some faggy permit This guy gets it.
(146.86 KB 239x294 lma.png)
>>29769 No insects, No gutter oil, What is this crap?
>>29610 I really like the no-dig approach. Really easy lazy method of preparing lawn or shitty soil for growing. During the warm months I collect cardboard and compost this with grass cuttings, this is ready in 2 weeks. I then lay down sheets of cardboard over the intended area and shovel my compost on top of that.
>>38318 what is your native soil like?mine is clay so idk id it will leed to water oging with no dig
(4.69 MB 1280x960 kill_yourself.bmp)
>>38318 >trolling We know you're a nigger.
>>38367 was this taken at CHAZ/CHOP? massivelulz
>>38375 yes, hence this guy trolling >>38318
>>38376 Why do you think i'm trolling? It works.
>>38366 Lots of clay and hard rocks with fairly long grass growing on it, you're probably better off turning over your soil in our case but if you just dump tons of organic matter on top of cardboard it will rot and inhibit weeds and you can grow directly in it.
>>38382 You must be growing over a large area or are very lazy (meaning you're a nigger). Why not go with raised beds? Growing on top of cardboard is not the path of the Aryan. Niggerfaggot.
>>38397 I have an area that would be akin to 5 raised beds next to one another. That cardboard takes like 1 month to break down and by the time it does plants can grow roots through it. Think of a forest anon, each autumn leaves fall, branches fall in wind onto the forest floor and decay feeding everything else. Nature has no problems with this method
>>29769 This is good.
Anyone have links to good seeds?
>>29610 One of the things that always gives me hope and encouragement is.. The propaganda is 'unless you have a hundred thousand guys doing it, you're doomed. Unless you have a whole country doing it, you're doomed.' No. The colony that came to South Africa 17. cen, the colony that went to South America in 17. cen, that was like a hundred dudes. Well, a hundred guys and their families. So we don't know the power of forming these small communities now. And withstanding the waves of cultural hatred against little communities of faith, of tribe.


no cookies?