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(1.43 MB 1250x625 inyourgenes.png)
Anonymous 08/09/2020 (Sun) 06:40:26 ID:9d1687 No. 34130
I did find this site a little early in my quest for truth, but I am here and refuse to leave now. 1/4th chan's /pol/ banned me for posting a thread about dysgenics. I'm just getting really sick of things. I can't say anything IRL without being fucked. My family is pretty redpilled (thank god), but I don't think they're fully there yet, or ever will be. I firmly believe that humans were never meant to live this way. Globalization is a tragedy. The blending of ethnicities and cultures depletes society of any sense of unity and solidarity. Every mammal has grown in groups of its own kind (appearance, behavior, CULTURE) since the start of the mammalian clade. Of course, this includes human history too. Even in the ancient times, there was no multiculturalism. There was cultural diffusion, but that is nothing like we see today. Cultural diffusion can not be compared to the multiculturalist Western world we see today. Cultural diffusion preserves all cultures involved, multiculturalism destroys cultures completely. I, like our friend Ted, blame industrialization. Globalization would not have happened if it was not for industrialization. It is ridiculous this world today. I recently made some pictures as propaganda, il'l post them, hope you enjoy them or save and spread them.
(316.05 KB 1024x700 abort.png)
(202.55 KB 604x415 boomerapproved.png)
(1.14 MB 960x640 itisinyourgenes1.png)
(1002.95 KB 960x540 techbio.png)
(905.92 KB 880x1321 evil.png)
(261.33 KB 500x375 globohomo.png)
(692.32 KB 1200x675 multiculturalism.png)
(147.75 KB 500x409 clumpofcells.png)
(328.19 KB 563x387 maleprivilege.png)
(2.43 MB 1707x960 whocoulditbe.png)
(509.01 KB 792x576 fatacceptance.png)
(1.48 MB 1465x891 objectivebeauty.png)
(143.60 KB 700x1003 breedwhite.png)
(37.75 KB 2014x1099 circumcisionismutilation.png)
(77.75 KB 2014x1099 breedwhite1.png)
(50.92 KB 2014x1099 doyourpart.png)
(122.83 KB 2014x1099 dysgenics.png)
take my hand writing fucking feds
>>34130 Thanks a lot for your memetic gifts, they are much appreciated. I saved and will share many of them. You have some good work there.
>>34156 Thank you anon! Please do share :)
(3.81 MB 854x480 161.webm)
>>34130 nobody cares boomer you're not woke
>>34130 Yes, (((you))) and (((Ted))) never blame the real responsible (((people))) for this.
>>34323 petulant child already filled with hate. she will burn.
(431.99 KB 452x530 mfw.png)
>>34353 >arguing with a 6 year old here we witness a poltoid who unequestionably has the mind of a 12 year old with autism and various nerve damage, from its parents eating wh*te bread, huffing febreze, and watching cable tv.
>>34365 Wait a minute, that you Asukafag?
>>34368 Yes.
>>34156 >I saved and will share many of them. >>34185 >Thank you anon! Please do share :) Don't thank that nigger. The glownigger is telling you they opened a file on you and will share the report with its boss. You are in the timeline where the discoverer of DNA has had all his titles stripped from him for noticing Dygenics.
>>34374 P.S. Dyslexia is a very useful skill to acquire while roaming the botnet ;^) Sanding off write prints is good.
>>34373 What do you think of that bunker "FBIkun" cloned from nano?
>>34307 very based
>>34130 censorship is everywhere. I left some reviews for hot sauce on a hot sauce site that I occasionally buy from yesterday, and my reviews were not allowed to be posted. I'm not even kidding, i'm dead serious. my reviews were fair, unoffensive, and not even negative about the product, I was just giving my honest opinion about the hot sauce I bought. I'm going to get my hot sauce from somewhere else from now on
>>34130 > 1/4th chan's /pol/ banned me for posting a thread about dysgenics. super lame, any for real place of discussion all ideas are welcome whats this place's thing? you not allowed to be critical of something? some other weird point of view you cannot disagree with?
>>34307 thats the Terrence McKenna argument
>>34130 I agree with a lot of what you say but it would be really really reallllly great if we could find a way to deal with the problems you mentioned that doesnt involve deindustrialization. This is going to sound crazy, but I really dont think it is. We need to be thinking about what we are going to do when we come into contact with other non terrrestrial species some day. It could be a long time from now but it is probably only a matter of time. Additionally we need to be able to survive mass extinction events. We probably need to diversify onto other planets so we dont risk extinction if our one planet dies. Ultimately we need to try to outlive our sun. None of that is going to happen if we sit around being agrarian forever. Maybe if there is no way to avoid being killed by industrialization itself then we accept our fate. But if possible lets not resign ourselves to that yet.
>>34568 >We need to be thinking about what we are going to do when we come into contact with other non terrrestrial species some day. more important we should develop in a direction that preserves human life, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXaGyM-dCQ&feature=youtu.be
>>34130 not to get off topic but does anyone know how to read phyisonogomy? i hope i spelled that right,its the reading of peoples spirit and actions based of their apperance
>>34323 sad to see a child filled by their parents hate
>>34365 >>34350 >>34323 you will never be a woman
(465.04 KB 440x578 ClipboardImage.png)
(628.16 KB 440x589 ClipboardImage.png)
(177.85 KB 326x409 1585417102867.png)
(43.59 KB 419x397 1586020229699.jpg)
>>38456 >physiognomy* Its actually quite simple and you will find you have always had this special ability even in childhood. It is ingrained in us. Simply put, it is looking at someones facial features and being able to infer things like trustworthiness, iq, and other such judgments that should require more than just looking at someone Good people tend to look good Bad people tend to look bad The ancient Greeks (Physiognomonica from the school of Aristotle) wrote of it, and during Middle ages and Renaissance it was studied more. Despite attempts to debunk, it is still with us today jewpedia >Research in the 1990s indicated that three elements of personality in particular – power, warmth and honesty – can be reliably inferred.[25] >Some evidence indicates people can detect male homosexuality by looking at the pattern of whorls in the scalp,[26] though subsequent research has largely refuted the findings on hair whorl patterns.[27] >A February 2009 article in New Scientist magazine reported that physiognomy is living a small revival, with research papers trying to find links between personality traits and facial traits.[1] A study of 90 ice hockey players found a statistically significant correlation between a wider face—a greater than average cheekbone-to-cheekbone distance relative to the distance between brow and upper lip—and the number of penalty minutes a player received for violent acts like slashing, elbowing, checking from behind, and fighting.[28] >This revival has been confirmed in the 2010s with the rise of machine learning for facial recognition. For instance, researchers have claimed that it is possible to predict upper body strength and some personality traits (propensity to aggression) only by looking at the width of the face.[29]
(125.15 KB 570x537 BLM.gif)
>>34130 they banned my IP from posting threads. i have pretty much only made threads about political and historical books relevent to the world we live in and the ancient wisdom of our ancestors which is gradually being censored out via the refusal to reprint books which damage the neo-globo homo/communist take over of our civilization via marxist thought. its interesting that the 1950s were genuinely the last time that books were being reprinted, and the only people keeping alive old books are indy publishers who you cant get their works through normal avenues, or amazon has to literally print the books off them selves from peoples efforts to put them up on kindle. xmas eve morning i left to go to my family for xmas and quarter chan worked, came back new years even and my IP was banned from making threads. i dont mind though, that chan has been compromised for ages and has become unusable with people arguing over points jusrt to subvert the threads without providing any basis for arguments. half the replies in threads seem like bot replies or 1 time posters. i hope they never come here
(1.98 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0626.JPG)
>>34350 its definitely the kikes
>>38542 Unfortunately we have received a large influx in just the past week. Post quality and ability to have reasoned discussion has dipped from just two weeks ago.
>>34568 >I agree with a lot of what you say but it would be really really reallllly great if we could find a way to deal with the problems you mentioned that doesnt involve deindustrialization. you just remove the jewish grip on industry, and instead of producing for profit and an eternal market share/product output growth, you just build useful shit that has function, in the quantity that is needed. then when a serious update of technology happens, you replace it. unlike progressive upgrades which waste a decade of products that we could quite frankly, manage without if we didnt get the consumer urge to outdo others
(1.84 MB 3264x2448 IMG_0630.JPG)
>>38544 I am one of them. i checked out endchan before i left but it felt dead. almost like the threads were static. felt peculiar so i left. i like to increase group knowledge, and from quarter chan i have got some genuinely good recommendations for reading, but most of it is useless shit and people just sending others on wild goose chases to waste their time reading. once a week i will make a book thread on here if the previous one didnt die and a s they progress il include more info about the books. usually i like to include important details included in a book so if someone is arguing, they have a direct source to back up their claims. i have been trying to fill in the timeline of subversion with historical and political literature through the millennia so eventually, i can finish writing a book with the complete timeline of all that contributed into a concise format that anyone can pick up off a shelf without having to spend thousands of £/$ acquiring a collection of books and wasting untold hours going through them. i guess in a way a similar kind of thing to March of the Titans, but regarding the subversion of our nations and power systems. I hope my usage here is of value to others
>>38546 Hello newfag, welcome. You have a lot to learn coming from 4pol. That board has been subverted to levels previously thought impossible. 16 unfortunately pales in comparison to what 8chan was before it shut down, but it is a good start and the moderation is decent. We are all responsible for the quality of the board, so be careful not to respond to shill posts and trolls as you will only feed them and allow their posts to propagate. This board is a great place for effortposting and you can expect others to benefit from what you put in. I have been thanked several times for threads over the last year and a half. Right now I'm reading about and formulating a thread on fourth generation (modern) warfare. Hopefully we can supercharge this board into an information oasis and foment a more effective resistance movement than the conservative movement that exists currently. People need the rhetorical and systemic tools to take on and defeat political correctness, which is the primary tool being used to bludgeon Whites into submission today.
(95.20 KB 721x1280 thumbnail_DSC_0025.jpg)
>>38549 sure feels good to be called a newfag when i actually am a newfag lel. if we want to go forward, we have to look at the past. A book i purchased just before xmas is worth a read in this field. a 17th century spanish priest wrote it. it only cost a couple £ but i could take photos of every page and add it to an archive if it it not already uplaoded. seems like a good companion to rules for retrogrades by timothy gordon. until traditionalists and conservative types start embracing the way of our ancestors, we shall be perpetually failing.
>>38549 zomg! is it... really...?? am I... finally... Home.. AGAIN?
>>42333 >tracerouting now<


no cookies?