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(77.53 KB 263x263 ClipboardImage.png)
National Justice Party Anonymous 08/21/2020 (Fri) 22:47:03 No. 34393
https://www.bitchute.com/video/iDqd2qZztndc/ Any thoughts on the whole National Justice Party founding, just saw this posted.
>>34393 About halfway through at the moment, seems actually pretty fucking based... But, showing their power level wayyyy too much. No way they can succeed or get any real hold with normies. Dead on arrival.
>>34394 >showing their power level wayyyy too much Thanks for your input faggot. Its Mike Enoch leading the group from jewpedia >Michael Isaac Peinovich (born 1977),[1] commonly known by his pseudonym Mike Enoch, is an American neo-Nazi,[2][3] anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, blogger and podcast host. He founded the alt-right media network The Right Stuff and podcast The Daily Shoah. Through his work, Peinovich ridicules African Americans, Jews, and other minorities, advocates racial discrimination, and promotes theories such as Holocaust denial and white genocide.[4][5] If they gave a shit about (((PR))), they would have named someone with less baggage.
>>34397 >If they gave a shit about (((PR))), they would have named someone with less baggage. This. They are going full fash and it's great. All 25 points.
TRS is based, and a fantastic source of information. If you're not listening to their great selection of podcasts, you're doing it wrong. It will take time, but NJP will prove to be the turning point.
>>34397 >(((alt-right))) >(((the right stuff))) >(((enoch))) >(((loomer))) >these guys are (((based))) i must be the only one in this thread that's not a shill?
(656.16 KB 715x486 doggoillatease.png)
>>34418 or someone who has good sense enough to go outside everyday. Perhaps you and others could clarify something, was it not both Dicky Spence and Mike 'Enoch' that advocated for the retard rally at Charlottesville, which led to the lives of many people being destroyed because they went there in the first place? Did Mike 'Enoch' not marry a jewess? Does Dicky Spencer not reject actual National Socialist ideals in favour of nazbol knockoffs like Strasserism and Duginism? Have these people learned nothing from these people? Who honestly thinks it's a good idea to be associated with these people under any circumstance? I think Mike is trying to gain some donation money, as if the former 'alt-right' didn't have enough grifters, to further enrich himself while knowing all-too-well that his political party is going to die and make zero difference all-the-while allowing these morons to dox themselves and further ruin their lives and diverting votes away from Trump so that someone worse than Trump gets into office.
>>34429 >diverting votes away from Trump so that someone worse than Trump gets into office. Isn't the alt kike a bunch of civnats who brought Zion Don to being president in the first place? Along with helping in subverting 8/pol/ and 4/pol/? What happened in Charlottesville when anyone supporting the protests was condemned by Zion Don while antifa (the ones who countered the protests) was given a slap on the wrist. Proved the alt kike was intended to fail. With the movement being nothing but controlled opposition. There was even a ton of kikes in the movement being a big red flag such as Ezra Levent, Milo, and Weev.
You could just listen what they actually say instead of speculating about motives ascribed to them by jews. For whatever it's worth, TRS stands in opposition to the so-called alt right, being mostly feds and grifters. Their opinions have changed over time as they have seen the gayops unfold, like everyone else. Richard Spencer is already shitting on the NJP. No one who is serious respects Milo, who is confirmed to be working for the feds, aside from being toxic. I'm not sure how you could listen to what they've been saying recently and think they're controlled opposition. Literally all TRS does is expose their tricks. If you don't like them or their message, then that's great, but arguing that they are insincere is baseless in my opinion. And if you're still even the slightest bit interested in Zion Don, then you shouldn't be casting aspersions of zionism on anyone else.
>>34439 You're right. Even some "based " twitter users ( Harmless Hamster) are shutting on this movement. Literally nobody is advocating for White people's rights, no one in any position of authority - including the GOP. Let's give the SJM the benefit of the doubt and support them. Too many of us are accustomed to launching Black Pills at this stuff but if not now, when? If not You, then who?
(38.13 KB 621x307 spencer_biden.JPG)
>>34429 to anyone who still listens to richard spencer: https://twitter.com/RichardBSpencer/status/1297439514244214784
>>34394 The "hide your power level" strategy has failed forever
>>34458 Spencer isn't necessarily wrong. It's very hard to overstate how incredibly dumb the average conservative is.
>>34461 fuck democrats and republicans both. nothing good comes from voting for either of them.
(69.75 KB 636x1024 1596768786853.jpg)
>>34461 >Spencer isn't necessarily wrong >hard to overstate how incredibly dumb the average conservative is You should have said the average american, then I might have given you a pass on the first statement.
>>34463 No, I mean the average conservative. Every single thing they believe is wrong and dumb and is strangling them. It's a catatonic horde of obsequious nigger lovers tripping all over themselves to make sure someone else's kid dies for israel and White people don't have access to social benefits. Fake issues like regulating the size of 7-11 Big Gulps in NYC or having to wear a mask animate them like nothing else. It's almost hard to believe they exist. At least the hordes of blue haired trannies and pavement apes are actually reaping material benefit from the elite faction they simp for, however meager it ultimately is.
>>34464 >catatonic horde of obsequious nigger lovers >Fake issues...animate them like nothing else. that describes both parties. biden and trump are both geriatric pedophiles and work for the same people. spencer clattering shit like "muh lesser of two evils" from his cockstrokers just goes to show how much of a political midget he's always been. vote biden, vote trump, vote third party, vote chris chan, don't vote at all; nothing about fucked us politics will shift a micrometer in any direction.
>>34464 >At least the hordes of blue haired trannies and pavement apes are actually reaping material benefit from the elite faction they simp for Oh, and who are the elites "conservatives" should simp for? Not MIGA Trump, as you say. Then which right wing elites should they simp for? Fucking retard holy shit.What would you have them do? Start shooting BLM niggers dead in the street? Assault the white house? Boycott every major retailer in existence? Vote? Fucking ridiculous, you people. To think that the Average Trumptard is any more or less intelligent than the Average Libtard to any significant degree isn't supported by simple math. Not only that, the Democrats have the minority vote which is... you guessed it, filled with low IQ subhumans. Get the fuck off this website, you don't belong here.
>>34434 >Isn't the alt kike a bunch of civnats who brought Zion Don to being president in the first place? yes. they are now rebranding with (((turning point USA))) bullshit and other typical jew orgs, which is what they've always done as i'm sure you know. one controlled op after another. http://archive.is/jKbSV >>34458 could care less about the "left vs right" narrative construct. I care even less about zion don
>>34465 Richard probably isn't looking at it from any other perspective than maybe poor White people will have a better chance of getting free healthcare and they won't have to worry about Steve Mnuchin and Mitch McConnell sneering in righteous anger over White people - who make up 75% of minimum wage workers in this country, there's your fucking privilege -- getting $600 a week and living better than they ever did working at some dead end faggot job at Sheetz or Walmart or wherever the fuck. It's a tactical realization that "right wingers" in the US have absorbed too much spiritual judaism and can't mentally break with hostile libertarianism to any effective degree.
>>34478 Interesting how quickly this thread died on the vine after this post.
>>34644 what else is there to talk about? saying both major parties of the usa are the same shit isn't a defense for republicans. a little more welfare (which is unlikely to happen when shit-colored apes think whites are already tremendous beneficiaries of the current regime) will do nothing meaningful or, worse, placate whites even more. it won't do anything for the problems that will come to head for them in the next couple decades. trying to work within the system hasn't worked so far and that's why richard spencer is a moron.
>>34393 When they start to gain traction and spread out I'm planning on joining them. That is to say if they get their feet on the ground, I assume they're just prepping and planning out their plan of action currently.
(726.59 KB 474x756 image (1).png)
>>34782 Same, don't care who they are, whether its a honeypot, psyop, or not. These movements deserve support if only to move the overton window farther right. Saw tweet reposted, and my first thought was "God, I hope so"
won't be surprised when he gets assassinated like Rockwell
>>34838 I hope the fuck not, though it wouldn't surprise me either. Considering how knowledgable Mike is of this shit I'd assume he intends to be more careful. I only recently started listening to TDS as a result of the forming of the NJP but I take it for granted he's read This Time the World & White Power since they're one of the entry level NatSoc writings.
>>3484>>34842 Is not Mike a kike? Mike Enoch/Peinovich?
>>34844 No, he isn't a kike.
>>34845 but anon he's half a kike though with a kike wife
>>34851 >he's a half kike No, he isn't.
>>34852 but anon I looked at a image that basically said that he said the half jews can be redeemed like how he was I now realized that believing anything I read is stupid so you might be wrong or right don't know tbh
>>34393 Seems pretty jewish
>>34852 >>34851 What European phenotype does he have? Curious.
NJP Speech by Mike Peinovich, September 12, 2020 https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ykf9iUQpNije/
(79.84 KB 1200x674 jake-gardner-1200x674.jpg)
NJP Statement on Jake Gardner and the Anti-White Legal System The National Justice Party is saddened and outraged by the death of Jake Gardner, the White Nebraska bar owner who was driven to suicide after being indicted on trumped up charges stemming from a self-defense incident with a Black Lives Matter rioter. Gardner’s tragic and enraging death demonstrates that the US legal system has been weaponized against White people. The Republican Party and conservative movement not only refuse to do anything about it, they are complicit in the anti-White assault. More.... https://nationaljusticeparty.com/2020/09/21/njp-statement-on-jake-gardner-and-the-anti-white-legal-system/
>>35441 >The Republican Party and conservative movement not only refuse to do anything about it, they are complicit in the anti-White assault. This is why every time TRS or NJP come up, the shills arrive like flys on shit ready to go with "Kike Enoch" and calling Striker a nazbol Puerto Rican [as if I care if he was both]. Keeping Whites trapped in conservatism and its postwar narratives is a highest priority endeavor for ZOG.
(203.42 KB 580x631 image0.png)
(44.26 KB 488x679 image1.png)
kikes tried running op on NJP, I guess
>>35474 Even if he was a Jew, exploiting jews or using them as a conduit to help your race is pretty based. Divide and disinfo fedshills btfo'd.
The National Justice Party strongly condemns the cold-blooded murder of American patriot, veteran and family man Lee Keltner. Keltner was shot dead by a Pinkerton hired thug with “antifa” associations during a protest in Denver on Saturday, October 10th. Lee Keltner was a 49-year-old grandfather, veteran of the United States Navy, and an artist who created custom hats. He was with his 24-year-old son Jay, attending a Patriot Rally in Denver, Colorado, when the event was accosted by Black Lives Matter and “antifa” rioters. Photos and videos of the murder show Keltner and other rally attendees being aggressively menaced by a militant agitator wearing a “black guns matter” tee-shirt. A few moments later, Keltner was shot in the head by Pinkerton Agent Matthew Dolloff. Dolloff’s social media history reveals an obsession with anti-White and far-left social causes such as fighting “fascism” and “racism.” He was hired by NBC News affiliate 9News as a bodyguard for producer Zack Newman, who openly advertises his Jewish political identity on Twitter and evidently shares Dolloff’s leftist views. The Denver news station has come under heavy scrutiny in the past few days for other associations between prominent employees and “antifa” rioters. The situation is yet another example of the by now all-too-familiar overlap of mainstream media bias, Woke Capital, Jewish political identity and far-left violence. The murder of Lee Keltner sets a new and dangerous precedent. A paid mercenary has, essentially, carried out a politically and racially motivated assassination of a working class patriot and nationalist. Dolloff was employed by none other than Pinkerton, the company formerly known as the Pinkerton Detective Agency—the most infamous union-busting organization in American history. Pinkerton once boasted a private police force larger than the U.S. military, and was involved in suppressing workers in the bloodiest U.S. labor battles including the Homestead Strike, the Great Railroad Strike, and the Ludlow Massacre. For years, nationalists have been warning that “antifa” are effectively acting as the street soldiers for global capital. The comparison has often been made between modern “antifa” and the strike-breakers of the Robber Baron era. In similar fashion to their Pinkerton predecessors, “antifa” act as spies and informants for big companies intent on using diversity to break up worker homogeneity and solidarity. “Antifa” primarily rely on methods developed in the era of union-busting, such as snitching to corporations and blacklisting individuals engaged in organizing deemed threatening to the interests of the rich and powerful. With the full backing of police and the federal government, these modern day Pinkertons brazenly use the tactics of terror and violence to break up peaceful assemblies of patriots and nationalists. As billionaire wealth surges, nationalism and the rights of the working class have become intimately connected. Working families all over the West have struggled for decades under the wage-eroding effects of outsourcing to third world countries and the importation of millions of non-White immigrants as cheap labor. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are the slogans used to bust up workforce solidarity. Capricious, arbitrary and totalitarian codes of political correctness are used to attack free speech and keep workers in constant fear of losing their jobs and livelihoods. Huge tech companies now freely engage in mass censorship of nationalist political views opposed to liberal globalism. The only line left for Woke Capital was the employment of armed mercenaries as private guards to kill nationalist workers. This line has now been crossed with the brutal murder of Lee Keltner by a Pinkerton assassin. Lee now joins the ranks of many dozens of working class Americans in history who have fallen to Pinkerton violence. The National Justice Party stands in this historic struggle with labor against capital—we stand with patriots against globalists—and we stand with American hero Lee Keltner in defiance of the “antifa” thugs and their corporate Jewish paymasters. – Warren Balogh, NJP Founding Member – Mike Peinovich, NJP Chairman
>>36070 These guys are much more level-headed and diplomatic than I would be, so it's a good thing they are running the show. I really felt nothing for that trumpnigger getting smoked. I viscerally hate anyone who puts forward a shred of loyalty, or even the trappings of it, to even the concept of America at this point.
Eric Striker Oct 27, 2020 | 540 words >A far left activist who came to be known for his work at Right Wing Watch is now a researcher at the Atlantic Council, a prominent NATO think-tank. >Jared Holt, who extremism researchers such as Dr Eoin Lenihan have previously linked to the "antifa" movement -- a group of loosely organized anarchists and communists who believe in the use of violence and institutional censorship to silence opposing political views -- is featured as a fellow at the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab. >While Holt has never publicly confirmed or denied his links to the anarchist movement, he found himself immersed in controversy last year when it emerged that self-described "antifa" activist Connor Betts, who killed 10 people in a shooting spree at a Dayton, Ohio bar, repeatedly interacted with him on social media. For years, Holt used the power allocated to him by the George Soros financed People for the American Way, the umbrella NGO overseeing Right Wing Watch, to "deplatform" conservatives and nationalists while also helping mainstream left-wing extremist ideology. >According to the Atlantic Council's research project, its mission is "To identify, expose, and explain disinformation where and when it occurs using open source research; to promote objective truth as a foundation of government for and by people; to protect democratic institutions and norms from those who would seek to undermine them in the digital engagement space," in other words, NATO's Ministry of Truth. >Holt, who has no relevant qualifications or skills, seems to have been appointed purely due to his activism and ideology. Bob Haas, the Jewish heir to the Levi Strauss jeans fortune, helps fund Right Wing Watch as a trustee of both the Ford Foundation and the Evelyn Haas and Walter Haas Jr Fund. Haas is a prominent neo-liberal who holds membership at NATO-linked organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and Brookings Institute. >The employees at the Atlantic Council's project appear to be mostly young cosmopolitans from elite families. NATO's eagerness to deputize Holt, whose only experience is in silencing right-wing, nationalist and populist ideas, as one of its future tecno-dystopian information ministers represents an ever yawning gap between neo-liberal institutions and the ordinary citizens of the West. https://archive.fo/z7kaa
(58.05 KB 688x750 D_RpGd8UYAMjJyk.jpg)
>>34393 Comfy thread
>>34393 Dont tell me that's their actual fucking logo. Looks like their an automotive shop. That aside I've never heard of them. Will look into them
National Justice Party Statement on the 2020 Presidential Election Based (excerpt) >While we are firmly opposed to the efforts of the establishment to exert total control over the electoral system, The National Justice Party did not support Trump in 2020. Trump’s radical departure from the fundamental issues on which he ran in 2016 have left him helpless in the face of this onslaught. He failed to build an effective border wall or stop the flow of mass legal and illegal immigration. He refused to act to break the big tech stranglehold on free speech. He failed to bring back jobs from China and revitalize American manufacturing. On foreign policy matters he was slavishly devoted to the interests of Israel over and above those of America. His response to widespread anarchist and Black Lives Matter rioting, looting and murdering was nonexistent. His pathetic pandering to minorities in the final months of his campaign, while completely ignoring his White working class base, significantly depressed White male turnout. Trump even failed to protect his own chances of re-election when he disbanded the Kobach Commission on Election Integrity in 2018, before it could recommend taking any meaningful action on its findings of fraud, corruption, and abuse
. >However, no matter how ineffectual Trump was while in office, the fact remains that for tens of millions of White Americans, Trump represented the last remaining vestige of their interests and the last expression of their free political will. The media admits as much when they characterize Trump and his supporters as “racists,” “fascists,” and “white supremacists.” These words are simply terms of abuse to stigmatize and subjugate White Americans that believe they have a right to exist and have their interests reflected in an ostensibly democratic system. In response to the excesses of left-wing rioters and the contemptuous attitudes of political and media elites, Trump was able to muster enough support to significantly outperform the rigged polls which were designed for the express purpose of demoralizing his voters into staying home. >Only in primarily African American inner cities, such as Detroit and Philadelphia, known for third-world levels of grift and corruption, are hundreds of thousands of mail-in votes suddenly being “discovered” to tip the election in favor of Joe Biden. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leadership, and even Trump’s own Vice President are standing down and standing by, not uttering even a token grumble of protest. Conservative media such as the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News and Jewish hack journalist Matt Drudge have turned on Trump, leaving him isolated and without any mainstream friends or spokespeople. Fox News even took the step of calling the state of Arizona for Biden before their liberal media counterparts, setting up a situation where they could be the first network to announce Trump’s defeat, twisting the knife in the back of the fake Caesar they helped to create. The Republican Party will be only too happy to get back to business as usual under a Biden presidency, without any further need for the inconvenience of having to pay lip service to populist economics or the White working class. https://archive.fo/EHcQO
(1.46 MB 1079x1426 NJP Hypocrisy.png)
>>34393 Unfortunately, people are stupid enough to think they can make any sort of positive difference despite all of the risk they will incur themselves by publicly supporting them. Good luck morons, you're hopping from the frying pan straight into the fire. I guess you retards learned nothing from Charlottesville.
>>34393 >Michael Isaac Peinovich This entire party is fake bullshit crawling with Jews. You CANNOT vote your way out of this filth you retards, there is only one way. Democracy is a jewish shell game designed to keep the idiots playing.
>>38387 That's what I've been saying this time, and in regards to Peinovich' grifting, the wignat noggers are trying to shit it down.
>>34418 >I put parentheses around everything so I'm the only smart one Go back to 4chan faggot
>>34394 >muh optics >concern trolling kys


no cookies?