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(116.39 KB 750x1250 1592727293995.gif)
Just how compromised is 4chan? Anonymous 08/28/2020 (Fri) 06:53:27 No. 34602
I've been on that honeypot shithole for 2 years now. I know the team there from admins down to their tranny jannies are obviously compromised by kikes and their pet leftists. I'm wondering how much of a percentage of the daily posters are bots and shills. When did that shithole of a board begin to go down the toilet?
The infection probably got started when it was sold. It then probably accelerated in 2016.
>>34602 it was always 100% owned from the start, we are working on a private chan, you will subscribe and the board will arrive in the mail, you then read, and post and mail your responses back, new posts arrive in the mail on a new postcard, 100% secure
>>34602 I was recently banned from 4chan for making investigation threads about identifying the Portland shooter. In turn I found 16chan while I was suffering from a very minute form of withdrawal syndrome while I was banned. The threads here are of a vastly higher quality. The info graphics on this board are far better too. 4chan is full of jannie trannies. It went down the toilet during the last election. After the meme war the real leftists on that board got assmad and started making slide and cope threads. Have been ever since.
(155.71 KB 320x240 welcome_back_mr_disney.mp4)
4chan is extremely compromised. 8chan/8kun whatever is compromised too, considering it's hosted by Jim Watkins on the same domain as Qmap as proven by Cripplekike, and even certain keywords immediately summon bots on /pnd/. 16chan seems fine for the most part apart from the occasional demoralization shill, but the userbase here seems to deal with them much better than the former two, 8kun in specifically being unhealthily skeptical of their allies by projecting the death of 8chan onto Tarrant rather than Jim and Cloudflare for example.
>>34602 I got banned for a day for posting "roll" in a pushup thread on /fit/. Then i got banned for 3 days for posting in a dox thread. 4kike is fucking shit
4chan is still worthwhile because of its massive footprint amongst imageboards. I think shills and glowniggers concentrate the majority of their efforts on this site now. I dont like how there are so many antifa posters on their /pol/, I have never posted there but still post on 8, the're a lot more succinct on the topics of the day. I never post on 4chan but go there looking for memes.
(272.60 KB 816x1056 4chanbad.png)
(77.89 KB 800x1000 doasitsays.png)
>>34602 >inb4 i get banned again jannies its ok the site owner said im good
>>34861 >but go there looking for memes. newfag See >>21367
>>34826 What keywords summon bots?
>>34602 The hobby boards are still what they are. pol is extremely compromised. There was always some level of being compromised from the very beginning; the purpose of the board, certain groups with certain agendas. However, I've watched for 10 years, and I've never seen it as bad as the last 2 years, then the last 6 months, and now the last few days. The compromise heavily permeates the mods and the users. The board is a shell of it's former self, and despite the obvious raids that take place around election seasons, the last few days have revealed a deep rooted agenda; the board is completely co-opted. They are out of touch, and you've likely seen peak pol, or the jump the shark moment. They broke their own rule of promoting truth and not hiding the truth.
>>36661 4pol is definitely in the desolation stage of the webforum life cycle: http://vjmpublishing.nz/?p=1316 It matters little, because the other chans still exist and, most importantly, the spirit that powers them still lives.
>>34602 Its just garbage now. Nothing we can do about it. Whole world is going to shit really.
>>34861 What's the quality of OPSEC on 4chan these days? >>36661 I suppose that all you can do is plant solid redpilling memes in completely irrelevant threads and hope hopes don't delete them too soon. It's spray and pray.
>>34602 4chan is compromised from the top down pretty much. It's impossible to say the percentage of bots and shills because their number fluctuates and it's hard to know if someone is talking in good faith. They have a nice playground to learn and systematize their tactics. On well regulated boards with good management this isn't a problem. 8chan was the second largest imageboard and was constantly growing up until it was nuked by Coudflare. 8/pol/ probably would have surpassed 4/pol/ if it wasn't. Now on 8/pnd/ it's the same shithole as 4/pol/ so it's dying.
>>34602 who even runs the site day to day? what I find startling is the complete lack of curiosity on the part of the users, as to who the hell is running and paying for it all. 1) no way are ads and passes paying for even the /pol/ bandwidth alone, to say nothing of all the porn boards. thousands upon thousands of people downloading 2MB+ images and webms all day long? 2) we supposedly know who the owner is - great - so who is the team actually maintaining the servers and infrastructure and security on a daily basis? how big is that team? there must be a shit ton of people trying to attack the site and compromise the logs - state actors, even - so who could possibly be defending against that? or do they even try? etc
>>36857 It's run by demons, the demons of gamergate.
(28.07 KB 300x250 pepe sailor.png)
What ever happened to zchan.cc?
>>34602 i think it all started when /b/ really started believing it was never good. when the queers and trannies and even real women started infected /r9k/ and than trumps presidency brought those who were censored everywhere else for their support of him, and he was also a very interesting president so it caught stormfronts eye (since /pol/ was hijacked by stormfront until 2016 when boomers and trump supporters showed up and scared them off) my real guess is that its just trolls trolling trolls at this point. after trump is officially gone (if he even really lost) i think it'll slow back down to an edgy irrelevant shit hole with a lot more faggots, and a lot more zoomers. its time to move on from there and start over somewhere else
>>36857 >no way are ads and passes paying So how is this site financially supported?
>>36905 >this site 16chan? a tor site with a trickle of bandwidth and only enough users to add 1 post a day to threads like this?
(725.25 KB 2044x1056 host.png)
(2.07 MB 1656x3592 what went wrong.png)
It wasn't always that bad. It used to even have some vague semblance of streamlining in its moderation. The times moot tried to kill it never had a lasting effect. Two major 2016 migration waves made it as bad as it is now. The first wave is whom the second and significantly worse wave blames for it being as bad. That'd be the boomer/maga/civnat crowd that came over after all their subreddits were banned or keked. The second wave happened in the course of weeks after the election. The rest of reddit threw a collective fit and dedicated their lives to raiding 4/pol/ and a lot of them never left. Reddit now has without joking, entire subreddits just dedicated to raiding 4chan boards and you can see it in how shit /pol/ is and in how frequent preaching of woke politics in non/pol/ boards is considered normal while any disagreement or mockery of said delusions is immediately met with screams of muh politics. Woke shitposts are left up even when there's 5 at once in the catalog while everything non-woke outside of containment threads is shut down and met with bans.
You might be retarded OP... Two fucking years and you STILL don't get it? It's ALL FAKE. It's all logged. It's a goof of what a honeypot is because it's so fucking obvious. So as to your query about 'how' compromised it is... on a scale of 0-10, 0 being your best bro's bbs and 10 being an FBI run site, it's a fucking 12.
(538.49 KB 581x720 1587466604-4.png)
4chan is where plebbit fags go to rebel once their r/donald sub gets jannied, or a world politics just gets filled with hardcore gay porn. Its the basic bitch of chans, the one your friends mom warns you about when she saw it on the news- in other words its for fucking fags and weebs, honestly every time i go there i just see tranny porn and slide threads, avoid. >pic related. i wouldn't be surprised there are jewspys here as well, albeit less.
I’m a regular there. I’d say on pol at least every 3 or 4 out of 10 posts in a thread will be a shill. There will be at least 2 leftist NPC shills in a debate thread posting.
>>34602 2 things. Liberals are hypocrites, and liberals love to project.
>>34602 Bad. I've seen several posts about bans in the past couple of weeks. Lots of people have told me about BS bans from jannies.
>>36662 What are the best 4chan alternatives?
For the last 4 months half of Australia has been range banned from making threads with no explanation. Australians posters are also getting random CP permabans for posting anti-china content Unsure how to confirm if this is a thing
>>37216 >liberals stop using that term. stop using conservative too. within the “left vs right” narrative construct, there are only marxists and zionists
>>37684 >marxists and zionists That's the old paradigm. Are they anti-white? That's all that matters. If they harm or wish to harm whites (or white positive people) they are anti-white, our enemy. It's the only way to defeat the current hyper-"moral" paradigm.,
>>37735 >Are they anti-white? If they harm or wish to harm whites (or white positive people) they are anti-white, our enemy. This is the lens we must frame everything under. >It's the only way to defeat the current hyper-"moral" paradigm. >marxists and zionists False dichotomy.
I don't think it's extremely compromised. But it is somewhat. Definitely some commie mods
>>34602 I just assume most of everything online has been comped.
(50.62 KB 640x480 how to expell infection.jpg)
>>34970 link doesn't work
>>37859 That 'was' volkchan
>>37860 what happened to it?
>>36698 >What's the quality of OPSEC on 4chan these days? what do you think anon?
>>34602 >go down the toilet when boomers started using it and jannies became left wing faggots
(167.31 KB 1080x1080 EpKxSsnW8AAc1yD.jpg)
>>34602 4pol has gotten so bad that it has become virtually unusable for me. I find better comments from boomers in the comments section of ZeroHedge than I do from 4pol. However, many happenings do seem to get posted to 4cucks, if not Twitter. They are quickly buried in a deluge of demoralization and shilling, so it isn't much worth sticking around, which I believe is the intent. It has virtually ceased to exist as a NatSoc board if it ever could have been considered one. I've mentioned elsewhere here just how incredibly bad it has gotten. Shocking really.
>>34602 Is anyone documenting the last days of 4cucks? We're talking r9k levels of board subversion now. Might as well be leftypol or a tranny board at this point. It has been bad for a long time, but not 'this' bad.
>>34608 unironecly this,but that seems like a very weird way,what happens if someone sends a repliey a few days late?
(380.02 KB 1786x905 Screenshot (28).png)
>>38269 kek, Remember seeing that pic last year. Think it was in a /b/ thread
>>38270 12/29/20 *Doesn't know how dates work*
>>38272 Not your screen cap. The pic OP is talking about
>>38273 ah shit kkk
>Think it was in a /b/ thread kek was in this thread >>34862 but still think I saw it a while back
>>38269 We have arrived
>>38289 cock
>>34602 no idea I fedpost there daily though
(99.79 KB 400x410 You.Have.To.Go.Back.png)
>>38292 >>38290 >>38289 >newfags Fuck off. We're full
>>34602 Front page of original posts is 95%-100% bots. Most people who know stuff are banned from posting. Many countries are range banned. 40%-80% of posts and replies are bots.
Yes, we, have. Hello, hello, hello, fellow 16 anons!! >>38289
>>38269 Global advertising campaign successful.
>>34602 Dude, they banned me permanently without saying a thing. At first it started with regular bans but I know how to get around them. Then it became a ban against posting images because of infographics I'd upload (was a range IP ban at that) and eventually it just became an outright ip range ban against posting because it turns out I would wreck their shit even without infographics. They claim it's temporary but at the end of the day this shit has been active against the isp I use since the summer of this year.
>>38269 Whoever posted this thread, you're a massive faggot! GO TO HELL!
>>37184 They're everywhere and are becoming easier for me to spot. Normal people when arguing with you eventually want to do something, these idiots will persist until they get the last word in (I copy the way they argue just to piss them off and it's super successful). Not only that, they all have a similar signature to their typing. It's hard to put into words since I'm autistic, but it is there and noticeable. The best for me was this one time a Jew was denying that he wasn't one until I started attacking their orthodox circumcision ritual and suddenly he'd stop arguing and just started threatening me and replying with posts about how I "will pay". Oh noes! I can't post for 4shits anymore. Much payment indeed meanwhile their fucking centuries long work is being undone over the course of a few decades so hard that they've just decided to go balls to wall forward with their agenda that they're being blatant and obvious about it without understanding how they're killing themselves now. Like a spy going to bars and clubs talking about how he's the greatest spy in the world.
>>38303 seethe harder
>>38306 It was you, wasn't it?
>>38298 Honestly doubt one of us posted it. We have had more than a few threads about advertising and the consensus was always not to shill on 4cuck for obvious reasons >>>/b/17509
>>38269 Luckily, the kikes showed up to tell everyone we are a honeypot
(47.01 KB 500x711 scalartech12_01.gif)
(28.62 KB 575x373 scalartech12_02.gif)
(26.44 KB 500x370 scalartech12_04.gif)
(508.18 KB 1195x840 judahs story.png)
(980.70 KB 2550x3300 time_of_perplexity-18.jpg)
>>38296 i used to browse 4chan/8chan heavy between the years 2014-2018. collected all meaningful redpills and researched hours and hours into all kind of topics while i was at work. i think im under surveillance of some FEDs / masonic groups. i believe the tinnitus i got since 2015 is a sign of electronic magnetic mind control. I also kinda experienced a undiagnosed "shizophrenic episode" with synchronicities like seeing "1111" "7777" everywhere. Its feeling like they tried to make me become crazy or act crazy. I dedicated a lot of time in contacting and sharing informations from the G.A.T.E program. I often had heavy sleep paralysis so the attacks are not only limited psychological and physical but also spiritual. I got "shadowbanned" permanent on 4chan some weeks ago after posting the images i attached. Im still able to post text, but im not allowed to post images anymore. Death to all Mind Control Handlers Death to all khazarian Mafia Members Death to all Masons Death to all Zionists Death to all Traitors Death to all Liars
(30.27 KB 503x445 6lwmjjolbyv51.jpg)
>>36857 oi mate it would cost a couple bucks a day, seems like some shit that would be cheap as chips to run
It is so fucking bad there now. I've been on 4chan since around 2006 when I was a teenager and it is total shit now compared to then. Absolute utter total shit. Maybe cause I'm a 30 year old boomer now? I am not sure, but on 4pol I can't read it without filters which at any one time have like 100 hidden threads. It is under constant sustained shilling, assuming paid, by barely literal jeets and chinks. 2016 was peak 4pol, the combined Trump and Brexit campaign, although it had been slowly degenerating prior to that, those two events was the last flash in the pan.
(137.11 KB 1006x1024 1601437707976.jpg)
>>38269 Hello frens
>>38269 Finally that shit slid off the board. Welcome newfags
(37.92 KB 367x550 1567892478087.jpg)
>>34602 I once got banned for posting a photoshop of Xi Jinping's daughter naked. There was a thread full of them and everybody got banned, cant remember the reason given. There is some Chinese funny business happening over there.
>>38356 There is. There is truth to the Chinese subversion but obviously it wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the Jews.
>>34602 Got banned for asking about 2009 jf1. Just wanted to know why the line on neo (Pic related) for the close approach of 2022 is missing but shows on sentry... Also the estimated size in the news does not match with the magnitude. Anything seems wrong about all the available data...
>>38357 If it isn't obvious to everyone by now, the Chinese are working directly with the jews to destroy the west, and have likely been doing so since Kissinger paid a visit to China decades ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcR-ykPkJhU >tale of chinese+jewish collusion starts ~50 sec in
>>38364 >decades ago *1971, so half a century ago.
>>38364 When I hear the words "trade war" I just hear entitlement. China shouldn't even be the manufacturing center of the world and they only got to where they are because of other countries offshoring their manufacturing jobs to them because of the kikes and their poisonous "ideologies". How can they even consider such hostile action against MY country is beyond me considering that without, they'd still be on horseback with their greatest technology being the wagon. I know their government IS NOT representative of the average China man considering the tyrannical level of censorship and making bodies disappear. The infiltrators within America's government may be more than just the Jews but they all fall under the same sphere of association. They are a global unit with a handful of families running it, chiefly Jewish.
>>34602 i have been there for the past 14 years, i can tell you that /b/ was never good and /pol/ was /news/ untill it wasn't and just became a containment board for TDS tards fuck the jew zieg heil yadda yadda. I could go on but I'm just glad to be reading posts that have more than 60% chance of being a real human being, and I like it, so I'm just gonna enjoy fer now.
>>38384 >i have been there for the past 14 years How can you honestly say that when this site has only been available for less than a year and a half at present?
>>38385 hes talking about 4chan
niggers should be lurking. enjoy
>>38388 poopsy daisy. What we need to concentrate on now more than ever, is building this place up so that it becomes another 8pol(not r/thedonald, of course).
(23.38 KB 1267x144 THIS.png)
>>37079 This guy gets it.
>>36698 >What's the quality of OPSEC on 4chan these days? Non existent, and it’s not looking good for other sites ether, people are tired of the shilling on /pol/ so they are looking for alternatives, it won’t be long tell this place is compromised too
>>37103 Yah, I have no doubt the site owners don’t care, it gets more traffic and traffic means ad revenue, which is kinda ironic cuz if /pol/ dies so does a good chunk of 4chan’s user base
The Exodus was in 2014/2015, newfags. Learn about the sites you use. It's called cuckchan for a reason. It blocks proxies and spies on you and bots and shills things to oblivion. It hasn't been decent since 2009. It wasn't usable in 2014. It hasn't really been that good since 2004.
>>38921 i liked it until about 2012 but it always had cancer. now cancer is all thats left.
(527.26 KB 1838x1890 a word form the 99chan admin.png)
>>38896 It's just like the fallout from B-Day- 7 was great for a few months, 711 was good for a year or two, and then the 99 was great until it was purged. 5guys was this past decade's version and we are in the last dying galaxies before entropy takes us to sweet, sweet heat death. Hopefully a coalescing of quality will occur again shortly thereafter.
>>39014 Wasn't there some other board owners that said the same thing, but said outright sjws are operated by the West governments but ran and started by jews. Which is why jews attacked the church so much was to manipulate those who would be Christian Zealots and getting to them before. These are same zealot types who would of ran out to protect White neighborhoods just a few decades ago but, now march for niggers that hate them and murder them for being White. Look at West Bro Baptist church there was huge effort to demonize a very small group.
>>38356 You should repost the nudes of chink leader the chinks have been astro turfing for years on the chans.
>>34608 Setup a chan site where users communicate through decentralized mesh networks.
>>39061 For that to happen and to maintain data integrity, I think a distributed ledger system would be best- it maintains gets(as transactions) and is tolerant to failure. It also would restrict the user base to tech minded people. The downside is there would be no ephemeral nature to the board. As a ledger, all transactions would be recorded. If the blockchain could be modified to a 100.000 post burn off, I think the technology could be leveraged.
>>34862 nice, I hardly ever come here but /pol/ is so shit nowadays. Thanks for the info anon
>>34602 4chan is slide thread and bait posting to the extreme. Most good threads get deleted by jannies. It’s compromised to the point where most normies that stumbles upon it will just believe it’s full of crazy retards, very few are smart enough to separate the wheat from the chaff and see between the lines and understand where all the bait posts, slide threads and misinfo and shill threads are all coming (((from))). This is by design as it’s a containment board to keep redpilled people from spreading their influence elsewhere on the internet but also to keep blue pilled people from becoming red-pilled
(365.15 KB 827x1041 1609319911561.png)
>>39235 4chan is bestchan
(10.00 KB 225x225 download (6).jpeg)
4pol is nearly useless now for decimination of info, even without the shill raids. Trying to discuss anything gets nowhere because they have been so thoroughly poisoned by hopiam pills and nonsense, some thoughts won't even be entertained. For example;The have been screaming about pence being a traitor non-stop, the only source being the Twitter of that schizo-lawyer and one sided assumptions. It can't be discussed without devolving into Autistic screeching and Qooming. I had been there since /n/ and have had enough tbh.
I have been using 4chan on and off since late 2004, serious oldfag here /pol/ in particular has always been shit and a containment board, but everything else was decent up until the influx of magapedes in 2016
>>34602 I bet most of the posters that get through and have massive swarms of posters within the first second of the thread incoming are bots and or jannies posting themselves or maybe some news media baiting out 4chan regular users. For example in /Fit they keep posting pedo threads and they don't get shut down even though they are violation to the board yet someone asks a valid question or tries to start a general they get archived or banned. wtf is this obvious censorship?
>>39241 >>39242 >>39244 >midwit filtered >>37079 based
4chan is a lot more compromised than you even expect. its really, really bad. We're talking selected threads dissapearing, and forget about sharing guides and discussing how to help each other.
>>38320 Do you have a folder of all your redpills for download? Sounds like you got some good stuff
(145.01 KB 1280x720 evil merchants.jpg)
>>39248 I noticed some very informative threads get nuked over there for no good reason, while at the same time the /pol/ board is full of bullshit and D&C threads. The mods definitely play a role there. I found this excellent video via one of the decent threads that got nuked. The video also got nuked from youtube and bitchute, which is why I've been posting it on the other chans I can: https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/36899.html#q39080 It's called Planet Lockdown and has some interesting things I'd never heard of before, such as why the BLM riots took place where they did, and why they were allowed to destroy so much property without resistance.
Hello everyone ! I am here to try to organise a global revolution across the world, in order to stop the jews and the traitors. I have been preparing myself since more than 18 years in order to take control over the world, i am not supposed to start to act before at least 5 years from now, but it's getting harder and harder everyday to restrain myself from acting ! So, if there is enough people motivated, i might start it now ! This is how i plan to act (I can act in a lot of different way, but i like this startegy), this is the big line : - Creation of community across the world on internet and IRL - Creation of business - Creation of medias - Buy logistic - Build small cities across the world - Transform community into armed and trained militia - Take control over one country by force and propaganda - Instore christian monarchy (I will be king obviously) - Put all jews and traitors to slavery - Expand domination across the world I am very good at leadership, propaganda, making money, strategy, war; teaching, and lot of other stuff ! I already know how to take control over internet in less than one year, and other cool stuff ! So if there is at least 10 people who would be part of that right now, i might consider to start acting today ! So, let me know if u are interested !
>I will be king obviously
>>39253 Do you have a problem with the leader of a revolution becoming the king? x) It seems obvious for me
(694.29 KB 1434x1800 1610203261714.jpg)
>compromised pic related >>39251 That video is kinda crap. Smells like Q larp shit. She takes some obvious truths then weaves in unsubstantiated claims with zero evidence. It may very well be true, and its just as likely pure fiction. Also the interviewer irritates me. His smirking while asking stupid questions I can't tell whether he is mocking her, playing stupid, or actually retarded. At one point "Who?" is behind it comes up, and she states she would rather not say. Seriously can't say if she was about to name the jew or if she thinks the lizard shapeshifters are behind it.
>>39255 It's the opposite of a larp by some anonymous Q. The lady has solid credentials, she's not just some nobody. The camera guy is a lawyer who's part of a large class action suit against the entire corona hoax apparatus. Maybe I'll post his videos too. And no, nobody names the jew directly, because that's a direct death sentence for sure. You should know this by now.
>>39255 You dont know how happy I am to be here. I will give you the simple example: On 4chan/pol/ Whenever I try to have discussion (redpill people) like the guide i just posted here in my thread, lets say i tell people to "learn lockpicking" "dont pay taxes!" "fuck the system!" "become a prepper" or godforbid i call for a boycott the shills will activate. 1) my thread gets deleted in 1 minute or archived, or i get banned for 30 days again 2) shills try to discredit me or play the "haha you wont do it, youre a larper!" "nothing will happen!" Its horrible, it really is. You CANNOT have a productive discussion on 4chan because the agents are paid to shit on everything and derail and keep people wasting their time on emotional bait.
I remember we had a "how to cheat the system as a NEET" thread on 4chan/biz/. We were simply discussing even though most of us were working from home, how we cheated in various ways. For example one anon shared how he pretended to be retarded or have autism. The thread got deleted and we got banned for 30 days. On /pol/ you cant even have a productive discussion in peace because...its what they fear the most. A group of 2-7 people having a discussion online on how to be self sufficient and not indebted and brainwashed like the normies...is actually what your government fears for god sake. Dont forget they jailed a guy for collecting rain water. Your gov doesnt give a crap about rapists, pedophiles, thugs. They openly bait you to do a shooting on /pol/ all the time. But as soon as you try to talk about having a guerilla garden, or cheating taxes, or doing petty vandalism like spreading posters or a knife in the tires of some leftist's car....thread gets supressed and deleted. Thats why im happy im here. When we share information if the shills come to derail and harass us, i hope the moderator will have a clear mind to ban them.
>>39258 Yeah, I looked at her cred's it was part of why I gave her benefit of the doubt, and watch the whole thing, even after writing her off after the first half. And admittedly just kinda nitpicking the reporter. But after seeing a lot of credentialed people turn schizo this year, I can't really just take her "dude trust me" evidence. I know the jew comment was low blow as it would mean her getting shoah'd and dismissed as a nazi, but at same time part of her mannerisms during interview made me think she was possibly unhinged which is what had me thinking maybe she meant lizards. Honestly not trying to poison the well here, but something just doesn't sit right for me. If you get hold of full docu', feel free to share, will certainly give it a go. Perhaps this interview was edited to peak curiosity and full movie will provide some actual proof to back claims
>>39261 Like she mentioned in the video, her database is on her website (solari.com) and can be verified by anyone. I don't know what you're talking WRT mannerisms, but I didn't see anything wrong with her. She speaks well and in an accessible language, so I thought this would be a good video to share with normies. The lawyer's video I watched (his first one, I haven't watched the other yet) is quite dry in comparison, but it's clear he's very serious and dedicated.
(120.11 KB 500x700 allisbotnet_orlycover.png)
>>39259 >You dont know how happy I am to be here. >hurr durr I found a new hugbox. Welcome to 2014 nigger. 8chan was as unpopular as wizardchan until gamergate happened which showed how pozzed 4cuck was. SEVEN years later you've realized this. Why do you think we made the meme "If only you knew how bad things really are?" All the internet is botnet. Even here on shiteenchan it's fednet. Learn OPSEC and stop being pussy. t. anon who made the botnet meme
>>39269 Hey, i DID GO on 8chan when it came out. Just when moot went ragemode and sold 4chan. Sadly 8chan got closed down by the feds because anyone could have his open board and be the moderator with the power to allow free speech and ban shills from disrupting. In time i got soft and started going on cuckchan again. Now I dont know how much of a honeypot this is, but as long as they allow me to make thread discussions about cheating taxes, prepping and fucking with the corrupt china owned government (in gray ways) its good enough for me. you couldnt even talk about pretending to be retarded for neetbux on 4chan without getting the thread deleted.
>>38320 I remember you. You made some quality threads. We are all on a list in case they think we will interfere with their plans. I stopped caring about what they're doing, because I saw enough of their plans to know how they will fuck up. Take for example "Diversity is strength". No it's not. This is a clear lie. "Unity is strength", and to pretend otherwise is to build a foundation on sand. Destined to crumble. Buy popcorn and watch it burn. Well over 100 times jews have been expelled from places. Most people don't realize why. Even jews think this happens because of "anti-semitism". By banning, stopping, cancelling, removing anything that looks like it could cause "anti-semitism" it will prevent annuda shoah. The fundamental law of Nature is this - the jew pogroms itself. It is hardwired into their DNA. To remove it from their DNA they would be holocaust-ing themselves.
>>39271 >anyone could have his open board and be the moderator 9ch.tw yw
>>39273 You should make a thread about this, I would love to know more and put my two cents. Im a former rosicrucian member(remotely) (max heindel school) and I can tell you a few things. First off masons and other cults are 99% jewish/church fronts even since ww2 it was mossad and why hitler raided them. As far as your harassment claims, I have also used the GATE audios but sadly it didnt really work for me (and trust me i fucking wanted it to work). Government definitely have the technology to make you hear voices, play with your emotions, make you get orgasms, feel scared, angry, raped etc. but if they were really using it on you...they wouldnt have let you live more than a year. They would have made you kill yourself or did some shooting if you couldnt escape to an island.
(396.47 KB 895x492 Screenshot_2021-01-09 9chan.png)
>>39274 >9ch.tw no ty Not interested in surrounding myself with faggots, furries and trannies. I will stay here in my fashy hug box
>>39266 >Her website Was part of what lowered my opinion of her. Looks like a schizo boomers: new age healing, remortgage your home, recipes for under $2, alien agenda mecca If there is some Covid World Reset evidence there, be damn if I can see it
(4.57 KB 640x480 out.png)
>>39280 I'm not a fan of the cluttered design, but the data is right there on the front page! Pic is https://home.solari.com/ in the Links browser (because fucking hell will freeze over before I use shit like Firefox and Chrome).
>>34602 The site went live in September 2004. It died a week later from newfaggotry. >>34602
(155.25 KB 730x860 pepe MD lab coat.PNG)
/sci/ here Honestly, I hope 16chan is looking into Zeronet or Freenet alternatives. If you don't know about it, they're internet decentrilization platforms. you make sites for free and there are already chans on some of them, but they're absolute trash-tier, look ugly, and function poorly because they're made from scratch. Theres 0chan on zeronet, and I can't find anything on freenet as of yet, but either internet decentralizer will offer free websites, the more people that use your website the faster it becomes, this is b/c it words like a torrent and the more users all anonymously seed the website through Tor/Freenet/Zeronet. This is the future of the internet for free-thinkers. I hope you fags check it out. Tell people about it too, it's important to spread this info around. Also, either platforms can be installed on linux (arch btw), mac, win. https://zeronet.io/ https://freenetproject.org/pages/download.html Freenet is the bigger, and I think older competitor, but zeronet is also highly usable and they both come with excellent documentation to use/setup.
(136.48 KB 1280x721 a64.jpg)
>>39354 I tried 08chan (ZeroNet) the very moment cuckflare took 8ch.net offline. The backend python code is okay, but the frontend webshit is a pile of nasty javascript that basically needs a full botnet x86 computer to run at any acceptable speed, or else it lags big time! I managed to get it running somewhat acceptably in the NetSurf browser on my 64-bit ARM SBC (pic) but after a couple weeks they made some changes to the 08chan codebase to deal with spammers, and it required you to register an ID over clearnet (unlike the rest that's routable through Tor), so I figured it was kinda pointless to go through all that hassle if anonymity isn't guaranteed. I didn't try Freenet yet, but seems like that uses a Java client, and I prefer CLI (text-based) stuff since they have *much* less overhead. Today I found out there's GNUnet (gnunet.org) in the Ubuntu Bionic packages, so I'm gonna try that one out. Looks like it supports a variety of text-based clients, and graphical ones too.
fresh 4chan refugees should try lurking a bit instead of introducing the 4chan traditions of routinely arguing the same retarded opinions and cluttering the index with low-effort or redundant threads. ask yourself if your post is niche and substantial enough to warrant its own thread. a low-effort thread that cannot promote a meaningful dialogue, no matter if it is made with good intentions, functions the same as a deliberate slide thread. this does not necessarily mean all short OPs are low-effort, but they often are. don't forget there is a search feature. there is also a general questions thread pinned to the top of the index and 4pol-style threads are allowed on b if you're really dying to post one. if you don't like the way 4chan operates, then don't import bad habits you might've picked up while you were there.
(40.81 KB 700x539 shitposting license 2.jpg)
>>39395 Yeah I could do that. Or...
>>34608 Mail-in shitposts sound super cozy
>>34608 That sounds like usenet news. You can connect to /subscribe to usenet over tor. Actually not a bad idea.
>>39369 I re-installed zeronet recently to see what it's like. They have video sites now tht seem to work. Found 0chan there. seem to have forgotten 08chan's address. Maybe it went down? 4chan is too fast and shill ridden, and I don't like being where everything is logged. It's beginning to look like having had the wrong opinions might become retroactively illegal. Also the demoralization there keeps it active, but tends to raise the blood pressure. Why would I want that?
(87.44 KB 1100x738 kekchan2.png)
>>39604 > 08chan I found this in my old notes (dated Aug 27, 2019): >>39603 Speaking of usenet, there was an NNTPchan that was still up and running last year, and accessible via Tor. I don't know any nodes that are still up though. And the main clearnet node I was using (2hu-ch.org) now redirects to julay.world. It's weird, and I'm not sure what happened. In any case, the nnptchan codebase is still out there on github, if anyone wants to try again. Not me though, because I'm more interested in simpler stuff like plain old NNTP, Gopher, and telnet/ssh BBS's. And I don't think pic ever existed for real, but this one does: ssh [email protected]
>>39646 Thanks anon. I like the idea of text only. Will look into that.
(5.21 KB 640x368 frog01.ans.png)
>>39646 Heh, that was supposed to be: ssh lowlife (at)
(79.47 KB 434x268 1610509904132.png)
(115.32 KB 800x504 1593705394718.jpg)
My childhood, ruined by gloniggers and trannies. Polite sage
(478.51 KB 1848x2704 1613053810042.png)
(2.21 MB 1402x3892 1612755021945.png)
(2.52 MB 1900x7180 1613029783761.jpg)
(2.56 MB 1894x6907 1613029835262.jpg)
(763.85 KB 1884x1907 1613029908837.png)
>>34602 have a read
>>43837 It's so bad over there I can't imagine any whites suffering through that place. They certainly did a good job of ruining the site with the incessant demoralization botposts.
Any decent alternatives? Here is good but little to no posts.
>>43841 Basically, No. There are decent "alt"-chans, but every one of them has low pph when compared to adhd 4chaim standards
(270.21 KB 900x843 83-837111_4chan-logo.png)
>>34602 >>34821 I like to know WTF is going on with 4chan? You see if you make threads you realize its schizos and shitposts who spam all threads. The shit posters will post all the time only they never address what you are talking about. At some point you ask yourself if these are real people and not bots. I think the worst are Trump supporters engaging these fags will weaken your mental capacity however will make you realize that these are not real people. You can bring wherever facts you want however eventually these shit posters will devolve into spamming the <Still voting trump Pictures/memes. How do you engage with retardation like this? Recently I realized something most of the ‘people’ on 4chan are absolute idiots one even admitted that <LOL I actually am lazy and don’t really read info graphics you post So most of these idiots either are literally bots or retards of this caliber that scanning a 3 word sentence and spamming a pre made meme is the only way they can function. Both theories explain why they can not engage with your argument except on a surface level. I think there is also an overcrowding problem on 4chan. You can get a thread with responses in seconds. And the absolute worst are the fags who scream: <Hey why ware you not answering my points! Maybe because I’m responding to 7 different people at the same time and can miss or not get to your post? The fact that posts get in so fast will also drown out any intelligent post in the avalanche of pointless posts like <Based <Cringe Posts, and then your thread dies or is purged. And you literally need to stay in the thread to its end since it will be dead in 12h, either by no posts therefore get to the bottom and then a new thread kills it or by people exhausting the post count and the thread entering auto sage mode and getting killed this way. The worst are the fags(or is it one fag/bot) who posts <20 posts by this ID. So answering question in your own thread is bad now? You can also not win with this fagot since if you never post in the thread its <1 post by this ID So if you make 1 post you are a shill and its bad, if you engage in the thread its also bad (!!!)? Any info on why its like this or stories of the worst of 4chan?
>>37103 > Reddit now has without joking, entire subreddits just dedicated to raiding 4chan boards and you can see it in how shit /pol/ is and in how frequent preaching of woke politics in non/pol/ boards is considered normal while any disagreement or mockery of said delusions is immediately met with screams of muh politics. Name these sub reddits.
>>37342 <For the last 4 months half of Australia has been range banned from making threads with no explanation. There are range bans on 4chan however I think they get lifted every new year. My theory is that there must be some fagot who has a dynamic IP in Australia who is a fagot and switches IPs (they all are in a range limit however) and is a cunt on 4chan. I did have this happen to me however it was only on SFW 4chan not 4chan red. kind of strange that you can not talk about hobby stuff since your IP range is banned however you can go to red and /POL/ or porn and post there. I literally did not do anything to deserve it and never got a ban simply a communicate that your IP is banned and you can not post only view. This happens since I’m on a dynamic IP and some other fag did it I bet however even after IP restarts that usually helps this ban did stay. Once the year changed to 2021 the ban was not in existence.
>>38378 >How can they even consider such hostile action against MY country is beyond me considering that without, they'd still be on horseback with their greatest technology being the wagon Why not? Your country handed them all the power and now china dictates what you have to say. This is you <NOOoo we gave china all the power and made us their slaves why do they threat us like garbage? Because they can now. <NOO they should be grateful we made ourselves their slaves They never will.
>>34602 Newfag to 16chan here, 4chan is absolutely pozzed and shilled to the point that everyone there is in a perpetual state of schizoism. Glad to have found this place, how hard are the shills at work in this site?
(99.79 KB 400x410 You.Have.To.Go.Back.png)
(96.82 KB 400x410 back 2reddit.png)
>>44072 You can stay
>>44072 >how hard are the shills at work in this site? Not that hard. We seem to be off the radar for the most part Get a bit a 50cent army CCP shills, you will notice some posts from "gookbot" typical anti-american, "The US is a police state" kind of shit. Recently janny added some word filters (A)mericans=>CHINKS and (e)lites=>JEWS see >>44004 Faggots and shills are generally banned on sight.
4chin has hue spic nigger chink poo paki in there? Are there any here? Any history?
(12.10 KB 300x100 iQZamqG4.jpg)
(10.79 KB 300x100 1614834465140.jfif)
(11.12 KB 300x111 1614834493472.gif)
(12.78 KB 300x100 1614835532496.jfif)


no cookies?