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(18.77 MB 1280x720 No Regrets.mp4)
NO REGRETS Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 20:14:30 No. 34816
Brenton Tarrant laughs in the face of survivor >"I did not see any..regret..any shame, in the eyes of this terrorist. And he does not regret anything" https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12499397/christchurch-mosque-brenton-tarrant-laughs-british-survivor/ https://archive.fo/bTGUJ
(86.34 KB 500x644 xyz.jpg)
(783.21 KB 1200x1200 1597964486679.gif)
Thank you OP, tired of these demoralization kikes telling us he CUCKED HE CUCKED because they're afraid PRAISE HIM
>>34816 Tarrant hasn't been demoralized yet! This just goes to show that all these demoralization shills are full of shit. Tarrant is a hero, and should serve as a role model for the white race.
https://archive.is/zyXlQ The details of B.T.'s psych eval came out during the trial. I think we can trust them above the N.Z. ZOG's Show trial. I think the psychiatrists tasked to interview B.T. would be the most hardboiled, most experienced ones the justice bureaucracy could find. Naturally this is an assumption but i'm going with Hanlon's razor here and looking at the message the ZOG wants versus the assessments that come out at the trial, because they appear to be at odds: Tarrant is essentially being treated as a prisoner of war by the ZOG who are hell bent on deradicalizing him and making him publicly recant, cry and look pathetic. You saw him, pasty and practically squinting in the courthouse lights, 5 point manacles, footage of his hands blurred out. those grey trakkie daks. Very unsophisticated propaganda, highly similar to Gulf war one POW's being paraded (pic related) and I put about as much stock behind his denounciation and remorse as such. Yet they fucked up and the psych assessment came out smelling truthful, as we note with Justice Mander's comment: "the reliability of your changing views has been described by [psychiatric] assessors as questionable", i.e. The doctors think you're lying. The stupid ZOG should have got some patsy shrinks to stick to the spin they want. On the surface: Tarrant Cucked Out, he's not a hero. Forget him and resume your decay. But we Scratch the surface: Bad Torture ZOG, No mercy for you. Lets go through some of the assessment points: >Narcisissitic To B.T. it is the degenerates who let their society get overrun by invaders who are the true narcissists. >Describes himself as an artisan His action was a truly fearsome work of art. >Revenge offending The ZOG doesnt think he's cucked. >Empty of any empathy to [the] victims On the contrary. It was his empathy for a certain victim of terror that caused his bottle of cold rage to be uncorked. Do you recall her name? >laffed at the brit convert who told him the koran was beautiful faggots are funny, even when you're tortured >"Nothing good came of it" Bit ambiguous really, acceleration is not a bed of roses. Brenton Harrison Tarrant's sacrifice was heroic.
(1.06 MB 1229x1733 1596675131882.jpg)
>>34824 Good read, thank you anon. Tarrant is a hero.
>>34816 I'm sad these two invaders didn't die. Also sad their prime minister wasn't hanged yet.
>>34816 >Maybe you should try to read the Koran, it's beautiful What a beta cucked faggot. No wonder St. Brenton laughed at this joke of a while male.
>>34819 half blinded me with that image but praise him!
>>34829 hehe anon what to know something He's not white he's Caucasian ie not europian they may be white in color but like the jews. they are not white for they are caucasian
>>34834 Apologies, friend
(865.43 KB 2000x1500 utoya_poster.jpg)
This moofie looks a bit masturbatory, like trauma porn, I never watched all of Tarrant's streams and dont intend to. I might view the moofie tho. I wonder if its got anything to add to the paradigm. Probabally not, just some achievement unlocked for the bleeding heart class.
>keep a man in a cold concrete box for 18 months while fucking with his food >wow, looks we cured his racism, diversity accomplished really just proves he should have sucked his shotgun when they caught up to him. I don't blame him, it's common knowledge outside of hollywood movies that -Zog tortures, even if they don't call it that exactly -every man breaks under torture. I don't blame him for getting teary-eyed about the dead weaselspawn either, a man's heart and a man's mind can react differently. It takes a certain sensitive disposition anyways to be moved enough to action instead of settling back into the laziness that defines most men.
(5.25 KB 201x250 1599012059926s.jpg)
B.T. showed us the way, one day he will be released and venerated like mandela
(2.70 MB 464x576 T-wave.webm)
OP, is your pic modified? It looks very good, very smooth, I like it. Also, praise him. He did his part, it's up to us now to free our countries from invaders and traitors and not let his sacrifice be in vain.
>>34853 Pic was taken from Sun article, I merely cropped out the blurry guy on the left side.
>>34819 >>34834 yeah. let's all praise the glownigger :)
>>34855 Cry about it kike.
>>34848 Kek. Thats going up as a TarrantRoll somewhere conspicuous
>>34840 his shotgun was dry when the finished the first mosque. However if he shot up the cops instead of surrendering then the entire message of the action would have been vastly different. The very fact that only mudslides got killed will amp up the cognitive dissonance in the minds of many.
(121.93 KB 700x803 saint tarrant.jpg)
>>34816 Saint Tarrant a true hero.
>>34865 tbh don't know if this art is even real does some anon go out and paint this on their or is it just edited?
>>34870 been posted for awhile now, but i doubt it's real. would've been painted over as soon as one butthurt libby brought attention to it.
>>34870 Living in a city were I have seen artwork everywhere, I could believe there is one or two of /our/ guys out there. Iv seen this pic (looks like in US), and one other pic that looks like it is in Europe somewhere. >>34871 Have seen these guys work and you'd be shocked how quickly that piece could have been finished. Maybe it was painted over, but it only needed be up for few days for the pics to be circulated to us.
Imagine the cumulative hours of work put into all the memes, edits, gifs, webms, music not the mention the 100's of thousands of effort posts. No one claim ever claim he wasn't inspiring.
>>34870 I believe this one is real, but there was numerous depictions of him in Eastern Europe countries on walls and had flowers around him like a month after. Poland had Deus Vult march carrying the same picture on banners.
>>34870 >>34871 It's shopped. Meanwhile, in reality >A letterbox drop of 100 anti-Islam leaflets during the March 15 terror attacker’s sentencing has been labelled “despicable behaviour” and sparked renewed calls to fast-track hate crime legislation. >Spokesman Azad Khan said it was one of many made recently, indicating a sudden spike since the gunman was jailed for life last Thursday. These included “derogatory and Islamophobic” Facebook comments made on Tuesday, calling the terrorist a “hero” deserving of a Nobel Prize. >The man behind last week’s letterbox drop, Nelson Bible Baptist Church pastor Joe Flynn, told Stuff he put about 100 leaflets – which he ordered from America – into mailboxes in The Wood suburb of central Nelson. >In Christchurch, the city council has received 27 reports (about one to two a month) of racially offensive graffiti since the March 15 terror attack, 12 of which were white supremacist tags or Nazi symbolism. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/122640467/antiislam-leaflet-drop-labelled-despicable-in-wake-of-gunmans-court-case
>>34876 >there was numerous depictions of him in Eastern Europe countries on walls and had flowers around him like a month after. Poland had Deus Vult march carrying the same picture on banners. Please, source? I only know of those ukrainian lads who sold hardcover printed copies of The Great Replacement, but they were raided and arrested.
>>34816 This is the Melborne artist it is attributed to, his twitter was deleted in 2016 and again, last year. https://twitter.com/lushsux https://archive.fo/Bc15r https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/melbourne-graffiti-artist-lushsuxs-instagram-account-deleted-in-politicallymotivated-censorship/news-story/405b576e3d0daf5800b4df3eebd4fe6d He was asked straight out in this thread and neither confirmed nor denied https://twitter.com/lushsux/status/1109740756363673601
>>34881 https://twitter.com/KEEMSTAR/status/1108721358593241088
>>34882 Ignore some nobody at the end of a thread, meh Get called out in an OP, by eceleb like Keemstar, and not respond? >>34882
(25.74 KB 480x418 ((())).jpg)
>>34816 I always found it odd how Tarrant had gone to a bunch of middle eastern countries including Israel, but figured it was ridiculous to suggest that he was a false flag on that alone. What he did and wrote sounded fairly genuine. But if he really hated the mudslimes, who would obviously take any opportunity to be in European countries rather than their own, why didn't he go after the Jews who are enabling and encouraging that? Or at least mention them and bring more notice to the issue? Is he a fraud or is he retarded?
>>34901 im Just going to say this normies hate slimes more then kikes slimes supposedly did 9/11 and they also commit terrorist attacks rape and murder in European countries Jews on the other hand are the little victim that needs to be helped witch one would have redpilled normies killing kikes = they won't read his manifesto slimes = they read his manifesto killing people or punishing people that most people hate will make you liked more and properly have more people read your shit he should of named the jew in his manifesto but he didn't thats the onlly problem
>>34901 Also it should be a crime and a heresy to question if Saint Tarrent is a hero and every future disciple saints and disciples for all of time!
>>34902 Anything is possible, but I think it is unlikely he was unaware of who was to blame. Perhaps he didn't want to be dismissed as just another crazy "anti-semitic", at least the media was forced to say he was anti-immigration., even if they couldn't say Her name. He was accused of being a false flag to push for gun control, had he gone after a synagogue the same schizos would claim he was just helping kikes by making them the eternal victims.
>>34906 Very touching, very inspiring, thanks.
>>34901 I don’t understand why so many people find it odd that someone can visit Israel. Anyone can book a flight and hotel, unless you travel directly certain countries, such as Malaysia or Iran (unless you don’t get your passport stamped). Both countries which also attract Western travellers.
(80.60 KB 693x461 156739871582.png)
>>34939 Because they are shills with the goal to spread demoralization ("No white man could ever be able to fight back, they're all Mossad jews!") and disinformation ("It was a CGI falseflag with dummies and crisis actors!"). If you search "Tarrant vacationed in Israel" on cuckchan's archive you will find hundreds of results, with dozens upon dozens of identical replies made by shills (and probably bots) that pop up as soon as a Tarrant thread appears in the catalog. They've been doing this non-stop since March 15 2019.
(876.28 KB 245x309 1562968328179.gif)
>>34901 Tarrant knew he would be locked up for life, and went on a tour of the world before playing Minecraft, including Israel so he could presumably know his enemy or at the very least see what it's like there. Plus, if he were broken out after a Day of the Rope type revolution, whatever currency he had before likely wouldn't be the new standard anyway, so either way he got his use out of it. >>34978 T H I S
>>34990 tbh if day of the rope did happen then Tarrant bucks should be a staple currency in new Zealand and Australia
>>35000 I like the way you think
(35.31 KB 682x201 sticker1.png)
(1.95 MB 3264x2448 sticker2.jpg)
(139.09 KB 500x483 tee.png)
>>34819 PRAISE!
(53.96 KB 1000x750 1568738174766.jpg)
>>34816 When we free him, Brenton needs to be given the Nobel Peace Prize. Just like Mandela.
>>34816 The fire rises!
(59.05 KB 620x465 jpeg.jpg)
>>35024 >2nd pic He knew. He knew since the start what would've happened to him, and chose to run the path until the end anyway. He is an authentic Saint, a true martyr.
(699.73 KB 800x528 1598291436693.png)
>>35022 100%
>>34819 Praise Him
(1.88 MB 500x370 1509132451346.gif)
(445.63 KB 499x408 1511534980300.gif)
>>34819 Praise Him
I thought he was a half Jewish israel mossad agent?
>>34819 Praise him
(35.85 KB 480x578 Jewish_fish.jpeg)
>I was living [in] this country after the attack, but you that, and you want me now, to stay in this country forever. I will not leave this and this is my country and this is my home. like this sand nigger was ever going to stop being a rapefugee
>>34854 fake and shooped.
>>34854 fake and shooped.
(6.45 MB 1280x720 download.mp4)
>>35322 Don't worry anon, we will not be mean to you because you have mental retardation, this is not your fault. >>35326 Here's the footage from the court.
>>35339 Thanks for vid Curious, that they blurred his hands.
>>34990 That would make perfect sense... except he never even named them. He didn't fight back against them at all, just their pet muslims. I'm guessing he didn't know about Jews, never looked much into who is encouraging muslim immigration. >>35434 I'll disagree with this though, he didn't play into their hands because it's not a reason to ban guns at all. Mass shootings are such an insignificant blip compared to blacks killing blacks, by far the best argument for gun control is just looking at the inner city. Even then it's a bunch of illegal guns. It's artificially made into a reason to ban guns because of our large nosed friends in politics and the media because they want gun control.
>>35322 No, that's a JIDF demoralization method to call him that. He's the real deal. I said this before but I think mods deleted it? I didn't even know there were mods on this dead site
>>35407 He was first and foremost concerned with the invaders of Aus and NZ and primarily wanted revenge on them for killing an innocent little blonde girl in NZ, as detailed in the great replacement. His original writing was 300+ pages and I assume he truncated it and ommitted jews to ease up on the shutting-down of it to help it spread a bit better because primarily before dealing with the jews the birth rates and invasions need to be dealt with, strategically.
>>35408 Wtf It is not the first time this happens iirc.
>>35433 Not deleted see >>35408 >>35437 Once before due to technical issue, this time was human error
>>34855 WAAAAH-GOY! No white would ever stand up and fight back, they're all shills! Feds! JEWS! OYVEY!!!!
>>34874 saved, thanks fren.
>>35434 >to ease up on the shutting-down of it But they shut it down anyway, so that aspect of it didn't work.
(3.16 MB 480x270 SaintTarrantBlueSkies.webm)
(5.24 MB 1280x720 Back To The Way Of Conquer.webm)
(1.91 MB 202x360 The Brenton Tarrant Song.mp4)
(10.90 MB 854x480 Holding Out For a Tarrant.mp4)
(1.55 MB 1530x740 ClipboardImage.png)
(97.02 KB 1062x780 martyr.JPG)
>>34901 >If I were Tarrant, I would have done X instead of Y >Why didn't Tarrant do X instead of Y? Because Tarrant isn't you. He is his own man with different priorities and motivations. Clearly, Tarrant was deeply motivated by the death of Ebba Akerlund. To him, this was revenge and retaliation. The thing about the real world is that not everyone will think identically to you. Some people will believe things which you find quite stupid. I for one dislike that he went after Muslims. I don't even think he should have gone after jews. I believe that he would have done far more good for our cause if he had assassinated that piece of shit prime minister of New Zealand. Or better yet, killed no one, traveling to the USA to conduct grid attacks on NYC and other centers of ZOG. But alas, I am not Tarrant and neither are you. He did what he did because he felt that it was right.
(3.16 MB 480x270 SaintTarrantBlueSkies.webm)
>>35766 (Checked)
>>34837 Whoa! Didn't know they've made a movie to honor St. Anders of Utoya!
(117.98 KB 720x548 1600787712199.jpg)
>>35766 tarrant is a useless gay faggot nigger and likely a false flag designed to further crush gun rights and spread muslim immigrants across the world while not doing a single thing for the white people that mutt pretends to belong to
>>34901 >didn't name the jew All that you need to know. Reminder that Anders Breveik was a pro isreal freemason.
>>34905 >goes on islamaphobic massacre >is afraid of looking like a meanie no-no man :( false flag
>>35789 >>35790 >>35791 Samefag >likely a false flag Perhaps, or maybe he just snapped and decided to 'do something' IF he was legit and not pysop, there is absolutely nothing he could have done to make a conspiratard like you believe him. >didn't name the jew >is afraid of looking like a meanie no-no man Anons point was that maybe he didn't want the NARRATIVE to just be Anti-Semitic™ Attack and wanted the following discussion to center on immigration.
>>35793 >samefag no shit >absolutely nothing he could do well he could have named the jew for one, or hit a target of strategic value like a group of politicians meeting to talk about how to get more muslims in his country. He could have also not admitted outright that getting more draconian gun control measures was the purpose of his attack, but he just outright says it. Don't give me "muh acceleration" as an excuse either, nothing has been accelerated in NZ except the slow screw burrowing its way up their asses as their freedoms are stripped away. On a world scale, nothing has been accelerated except the diarrhea down the legs of internet autists screeching about muh big igloo and reposting christcuck tarrant memes as they patiently hope for another happening in the news to make their lives a little less boring. I know that last one from experience, I really need more fiber. >anti semetic attack >on muslims if anything it would have woken the normalfags up, why is he talking about jews so much when he shot up a bunch of muslims? Makes no sense, right? Then you start hearing about the connection between the two, jews using muslim immigration to weaken and take over western countries. Instead you get "oh he hated muslims? That's so 2005, boring. I doubt he has anything interesting to say beyond the usual tripe. What else is going on?"
>>35795 I don't discount that it is possible it was mossad op, but I also think it possible it was legit. One has to think it would take a certain mindset to carry out an attack like this, and also could assume he didn't think of things the exact same way we do. What is your opinion on Robert Bowers ""Screw your optics" Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue?
>>35796 >I don't discount that it is possible it was mossad op, but I also think it possible it was legit. One has to think it would take a certain mindset to carry out an attack like this, and also could assume he didn't think of things the exact same way we do. Fair enough, I just get tired of the mindless sycophants who constantly suck him off, it reminds me too much of imkampfy era 8pol. >What is your opinion on Robert Bowers ""Screw your optics"" Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue? <As of November 1, a GoFundMe campaign initiated by an Iranian graduate student in Washington, D.C., had exceeded US$1 million in donations,[181] and a new goal of US$1.2 million has also been surpassed. mossad psyop? maybe. Ineffectual tism fit that did more for the victims than the perpetrator? Definitely. Like antifa/blm protestors, they think they're doing DIRECT AKSHUN TEE EM that's SAVING THE WORLD BRO when in reality they're just flinging shit around jerking off the most extreme and least persuasive people who already agree with them and making themselves look like retards in front of everyone else. They do more to inspire and motivate their enemies to action than they do to themselves and actively create reasons for people to not want to agree with them or even listen to them. Autists can scream "fuck optics" as much as they want but People have an innate sense of justice and seeing altlites shooting kikes and niggers at random or pantifa bikelocking "nazis" at random doesn't make for a lot of sympathy for the perpetrator, even if nazis/invaders are bad too. The jews have power over us not because they have more guns shooting or more bikelocks smashing, but because they control the optics that make normal, every day people see things their way.
>>35798 >I just get tired of the mindless sycophants Understandable, at the same time I hear the sycophants saying "Anyone shilling 'Tarrant was Mossad' is a kike", and have to consider it a possibility. For the most part anyone at either end of the spectrum should be suspect. It occurs to me as well, that if BT was a pysop, then its goal was likely gun control, victimizing the invaders, and spotlighting extremism for the masses of normies. So if some anons didn't buy that and in fact rejected it, elevating BT to a saint, then it doesn't seem to be entirely a bad thing. Assuming it doesn't end up getting them v&'d of course
>>35799 >It occurs to me as well, that if BT was a pysop, then its goal was likely gun control, victimizing the invaders, and spotlighting extremism for the masses of normies. don't forget attaching negative associations to anything that hints of anti-immigration or loving your own culture, which the ugly mutt worshippers gleefully contribute to because only shills care about "optics" or "persuasiveness" or "winning"
(423.85 KB 2200x1263 Trips 2.jpg)
>>35777 WITNESSED!
>>35789 Your post is the weakest energy posts I have seen on 16chan so far. You sound like you're pretending to be a low energy shill to convince people that the opposite of what you say is true. Do I even need to respond to your unpunctuated buzzword salad?
(364.99 KB 712x528 butthurt-caller.png)
>>35820 "Hello, butthurt department? Yes I'll hold"
>>35821 Butthurt about what? You used every buzzword in the book to say an absolutely retarded thing. If anyone is butthurt, it is you for typing your buzzword laden, unpunctuated jewish non-argument.
ITT; (((BT))) shills in full force, literally pushing for this asset like they suspiciously do on all chans, even near dead boards. >>34846 >B.T. showed us the way, one day he will be released and venerated like mandela >like mandela >LIKE MANDELA FFS you are so glowing. No decent /pol/ack would think this could even begin to be an apt comparison, even less a wanted outcome. >>34816 >>34817 >>34819 >>34820 >>34824 >>34825 >>34827 >>34829 >>34834 >>34835 >>34836 >>34837 >>34846 >>34848 >>34853 >>34854 >>34857 >>34865 >>34870 >>34871 >>34872 >>34874 >>34875 >>34876 >>34877 >>34878 >>34880 >>34881 >>34882 >>34884 Clueless autists and kikes. >>34901 >Is he a fraud or is he retarded? Maybe both. Probably both actually.
>>34902 >normies hate slimes more then kikes Assuming it's true, then who's fault really? >slimes supposedly did 9/11 Get outta here kike. > Jews on the other hand are the little victim that needs to be helped That's the lie they project. >witch one would have redpilled normies Tarrant didn't redpill normies you dunce. >killing people or punishing people that most people hate will make you liked more Only in your little head. At best some might have said serves them right and then moved on. >>34903 >Also it should be a crime and a heresy to question if Saint Tarrent is a hero and every future disciple saints and disciples for all of time! Hello yid. A hero fights for truth. Tarrant didn't provide truth. The manifesto is part of a controlled opposition scheme. >>34905 >Perhaps he didn't want to be dismissed as just another crazy "anti-semitic" Yeah instead he just got dismissed as another crazy white supremacist... who got called fascist and even nazi anyway. >at least the media was forced to say he was anti-immigration Not even close. Because when you are anti-immigration, you have to explain the cause to explain the problem and solve it. The only thing people could remember from what oozed was that he was against Islam. >He was accused of being a false flag to push for gun control And that's exactly what Jews obtained, along many other obvious gains. Are you going to deny that, shill? >had he gone after a synagogue the same schizos would claim he was just helping kikes by making them the eternal victims. First of all, even if Jews have historically demonstrated a will to sacrifice a part of themselves to obtain more power for the greater Jewish, they are certainly not willing to have Jews be killed on a daily routine. Second, yes, they need to be able to identify as the eternal victim and maintain the illusion. Third, just as in mosques, Jews who populate some random synagogue are random ones. They are not important targets. How come all of your "heroes" always make themselves known and always go for the low hanging fruit instead of silently killing one or two major targets at a time? Most traitors and Jews operate in plain daylight, aren't even living in massively protected areas, and are not even escorted by mercenaries or cops. This is a rhetorical question because we know why all these shooters just fail to actually be efficient killers. WHY EVEN USE GUNS? When you could use knives or home made bombs which would be impossible to legally exploit for Jews? How could they attack gun ownership and the 2A if you used anything lethal but no guns? >>34939 >I don’t understand why so many people find it odd that someone can visit Israel. Many? You make shit up. >>34978 >Because they are shills with the goal to spread demoralization Asking for truth and proper logic is not demoralization. Pretending that killing random Muslims is the path to salvation without even once exposing the kikes and their closest allies is lying. That is even more heinous than demoralization for it locks you in a situation where you will never really be free. > ("No white man could ever be able to fight back, they're all Mossad jews!") No, that's the retarded generalization and strawman arguments you kikes plant everywhere. >and disinformation ("It was a CGI falseflag with dummies and crisis actors!"). That's the other blatant deception you use to control both sides of the narrative. It's like those who claim planes that hit on 9/11 didn't exist, were CGI. It's either totally legit and honest as per the official story, or is completely tinfoil wacky stuff. >If you search "Tarrant vacationed in Israel" on cuckchan's archive you will find hundreds of results, with dozens upon dozens of identical replies made by shills (and probably bots) that pop up as soon as a Tarrant thread appears in the catalog. They've been doing this non-stop since March 15 2019. You could say the same thing about the greater number of posts about Tarrant being a false flag agent or being /ourguy/. So an appeal to quantity proves nothing. >>34990 >Tarrant knew he would be locked up for life 1. no he didn't (he could die that day). 2. thinking this, there is no reason for him to lie by not exposing kikes. > including Israel so he could presumably know his enemy or at the very least see what it's like there. He never identified Israel as the enemy. He never explained why Israel even exists to begin with. FUNNY HOW WHEN A "RIGHT WING" E-CELEB FAILS TO EXPOSE JEWS, THIS PERSON IS CALLED "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" BUT WHEN A RADICAL E-CELED GOES TO SHOOT PEOPLE WHILE NOT EXPOSING JEWS, THE GUY SUDDENLY BECOMES TOTALLY LEGIT
(5.40 MB 2401x2771 png1.png)
>>35840 Brown hands typed this. Wash your mouth before you dare to speak about SAINT BRENTON HARRISON TARRANT again, faggot.
>>35840 > that's exactly what Jews obtained Guns exist for the sole purpose of resisting jewish tyranny. If Tarrant's actions lead to gun confiscation, then we have only onw question to address; Will confiscations lead to Revolution? If they do, then Tarrant must be credited with setting in motion a course of events that lead to the greatest conflict in human history. That would make Tarrant the most influential man in human history. If the confiscations do NOT lead to Revolution, if gun owners just let themselves be disarmed without a fight, then they did not deserve to own firearms in the first place. This is the proper mentality. If you are scared of men using guns to kill enemies because it might lead to gun confiscation, then you are openly admitting that you are exactly the kind of worthless coward who will meekly surrender your firearms without a fight. Thus, you did not and do not deserve to possess even a single firearm. You don't deserve freedom of speech. You don't deserve to type a word on twitter. You do not even deserve to breath air. Craven cowards like you deserve only tyranny and slavery.
(341.48 KB 256x256 video_2020-09-25_03-14-43.mp4)
(128.68 KB 1106x628 photo_2020-07-19_18-48-42.jpg)
(19.65 KB 620x349 photo_2020-03-26_23-31-41.jpg)
(19.37 MB 3955x1284 zf4n301b.bmp)
(1.73 MB 848x624 IMG_5279.webm)
I wouldn't expect anything less from him. HAIL BRENTON TARRANT
(165.73 KB 962x719 photo_2020-10-06_21-06-37.jpg)
(70.45 KB 576x1280 photo_2020-09-30_23-00-19.jpg)
(290.74 KB 1280x814 photo_2020-10-06_21-05-43.jpg)
(6.79 MB 688x848 IMG_4917.webm)
(42.42 KB 510x525 1601834934256.jpg)
>>35853 >strawmanning >>35847 >christcuckery you shills got anything better?
>>35922 .02 shekles has been deposited into your account
>>34816 i dont hear any laughing. timestamp?
My favorite Pewdiepie subscriber is a got damn HERO!
>>35952 i dont really understand why he chose NZ. if his plan was to be eventually freed by a rebellion of his people, wouldnt he chose somewhere thats closer to what he wants? hell even france is closer to liberating itself from muslims than NZ is.
(3.59 MB 320x180 1601703857293.gif)
>>35924 ur mom gay
(251.34 KB 1260x534 sdosjfoajfsa.jpg)
(371.45 KB 1186x768 ueryiuw3ya.png)
>>35840 >WHILE NOT EXPOSING JEWS he exposed muslims which is the same
>>35922 >strawmanning False. Not one statement was a strawmanning of your position. If you oppose revolution, then you are by definition a coward or a traitor. This is a fact, not a strawman.
I may not have a final opinion in this, mostly because I don't care, but this >>35979 >exposing Muslims is exposing Jews is setting a new gold standard of chutzpah. I wish yids weren't so blatant. No wonder why this place is literally on life support.
>>36096 It's on life support because of dumbasses like you, and because for some reason everyone chose to remain mainly on cuckchan instead or regrouping in one place after Watcuckins didn't revive 8/pol/
>>34857 >>34855 These boards are all kiked. Nobody believes a racist white supremacist would praise china and the shitskin pakis he ended up killing. Death to all jews. KYS jew shills.
>>36099 >It's on life support because of dumbasses like you Why, this place has a problem to attract people with an IQ above 80 and instead we have to deal with >>35979. Covid finished this board too.
(219.69 KB 579x458 download.png)
>>36141 Tarrant is not a white supremacist, he's an ethnonationalist and ecofascist. You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. Fuck off back to 4chan. >>36144 Prove those screenshots wrong: pro tip, you can't.
>>36149 There's nothing to prove or disprove here. Make a claim and we'll see what it's worth.
>>36157 Are you just pretending to be retarded, anon?
>>36141 I'd rather praise China than muttistan.
>>34816 Of course the cunt has no shame. Has 1488 on one of his weapons and kills arabs instead of jews. Didn't Mr. 1488 know that Uncle Adolf and our German brothers had an alliance with the arabs? He would have achieved something if he had killed the worthless white hating maoris that act like niggers and call themselves niggers and even replicated the bloods and crips in that once beautiful country. I'm more inclined to believe he's a jew since there are so many in Oz and NZ and they aren't so easy to identify as american kikes. Also I have to mention the bullshit about muslims being responsible for 9/11. Does he believe this? I guess the arabs that run America are behind the coverup and mideast invasion. Of course anybody who admires GAYvik is a demented kike, or a tard that reads daily stormer posts and does zero research and never read the manifesto where GAYvik bashes what he calls nazi's constantly, also GAYvik forgets he's supposed to seig heil when he gives the commie salute instead. Fail.
>>36211 >muh nazis were mudslime lovers >muh 1488 (liar, there was only 14 on his weapons) >muh everyone's a joo (Tarrant's COMPLETELY WHITE ANGLO family tree is literally published on the internet) >muh Breivik bad! Mudslime or mudslime lover detected.
>>36211 >Didn't Mr. 1488 know that Uncle Adolf and our German brothers had an alliance with the arabs? Yeah well arabs weren't exactly raping and looting germany back then, were they?
Praised be the Saint, what's going on with nein? It seems down.
>>36235 Nein shoah thread had guys complaining about outages every couple months. Probably be back in day or two is my guess
>>36237 Not same anon but it's been down then up down then up etc the "outrage" was because one or more mods are lazy and don't look at all reports and just delete all posts that were reported instead of looking at the post's individually and this has happened twice
>>36235 Its' up at the moment but it's quite laggy
>>34816 You jew trolls are total faggots, the only person in NZ talking about this on radio is EXPOSING THE BS. Seriously, this false flag makes no sense to anybody with two brain cells to rub together. Are we expected to ignore facts and Patrick Crusius targeting the same website, killing a bunch of darkies, and pretending to be caucasian? Kill yourselfes.
(859.25 KB 1097x1025 imagejpeg.jpg)
>>36515 cringe
>>34816 he knew what he was getting into. this took planning. hes glad of what he did, and so should all white people. but he knows he must be stoic because hes in for the long game. why not lie a little and try to make things eaiser? no reason to have conviction when youre stuck in a cell for the rest of your life. or until a revolution happens. fat chance though, society has changed drastically
I knew he was a jew before I saw his mother and sister. The fake story about making money from the famous NZ bitcoin scam actually fooled anons here.
>>36536 Shut up disinfo nigger, everyone knows Tarrant had money from inheritance and bitconnect was a meme in his manifesto like the Candace Owen and Spyro the dragon quips. His 100% white family tree you can search on your preferred search engine - I guess it will be (((google))) for you, kike.
>>34816 Could have been avoided if muslims stayed in their countries instead of White ones
>>36536 why are you shills like this?Your not fooling anyone with the shit you say it's just too obvious that your a shill but why even post shit like this if you have nothing to gain?
(104.07 KB 645x708 232730275036530142.jpg)
>>37145 It's called poisoning the wells, kikes have been doing this since they were a desert tribe.
>>34906 i'm not crying... no moar onion fren
>>34816 I'm glad tarrant can still smile, but its over for him. Society is far too gone. The only way to recover is to wipe out 90% of the population and start again. Maybe mother nature will fix things. We can only wait
>>35853 You are 100% correct. Disregard all shill and "responsible conservative" faggots. True revolutionaries know that one must accelerate thing before the enemy's plan is solidified. Jews want to continue to gradually replace Whites until it's too late for us to stage a revolution; then they will slaughter us. We must act before then, before we become a minority - and most of all - before the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". If we fail to act before then, our perpetual slavery will set in stone.
What will supporters of the police state say when their beloved police come to arrest them for racist hate speech, to confiscate their guns, and to force them to board trains headed to the concentration camps?
>>37219 You are memeing, the 90% is called "the masses", and they have always been gullible sheeple. It's up to us to guide them to a better path, not slaughter them. The true enemy is just ~2% of US population that descend from the Levant. Do something about these, and the society can be fixed in a decade.
>>37346 they breed like rabbits. no other species of mammal has ever had a population close to the size of our own. humans are very quickly turning the world into a landfill.
>>37348 >humans Africans and Asians are douing this, not white people. That's why those subhuman are a danger for the whole planet, and kikes use them as walking bioweapons invading us, killing us and replacing us. Getting rid of the kikes will not be enough. Massive ethnic cleansing will be needed if we wish to survive in our lands, and Saint Tarrant graciously showed us of easy it would be: he made it all by himself, imagine doing it as a united tribe.
>>37349 i dont want to argue about semantics too much. i think the races were on their way toward diverging into completely distinct species but evolution is a slow process and every multicultural civilization hinders it even more. europeans are the most environmentally conscious people but many are as bad as the chinese with pollution. anyway i wasnt trying to imply i consider europeans should be the primary sacrifice in culling the population. obviously africa, china, india, arabs and perhaps spics are worse because they propagate like cancer.
(447.64 KB 706x1000 give a hoot.png)
>>35808 "Optics" is really code word for "don't do anything" because no matter what you do the MSM will either twist it or brush it under the rug (into the memory hole). It's a loser's game because it automatically puts you under artificial constrainst. It's designed to plant seeds of doubt into your mind so that you question your effectiveness to create change. Look at Nasim, for example. She went out to youtube HQ and made a show but no real violence. She was under constraints that limited her effectiveness. She wasn't ready to kill and slaughter the bastards. Now she's largely forgotten and nothing has changed whatsoever. In fact youtube and other big tech are even more aggressive in their censorship. Anyway these days you can't even fart without "bad optics" so it's just stupid to care about any of this. It's a mindfuck designed to turn people into obedient slaves who question their own worth and capacity.
>>37351 she failed because non-violence was ingrained in her. the baha'i faith is the most peaceful abrahamic religion i know of. their religious leaders have always been champions of pacifism. it also just shouldnt be a woman's duty to fight.
>>37352 Yes, women are generally not as effective at violence, but that's not the point. When you're brainwashed to be docile and controllable while at the same time your enemies have no qualms about eradicating you and laughing about it, then you're at a major disadvantage.
>>34816 >>37322 They'll say "at least I wasn't a racist!"
>>37354 i completely agree with you. was just adding some more context about her.
Brenton looks like he could be a jew, he has really droopy eyes. Does anybody have photos of his relatives? Usually if I don't know if somebody is a jew I'll see they have jewish sibling that I can identify positively. I'm sure they removed any profiles if they are jews. Some resources I found useful: Tips on developing your jew detection skills https://www.corruptico.com/2016/08/31/jewish-detection-how-to-identify-a-jew/ Who Is the Jew?: The Jew Identifier Document by Loki Hulgaard http://www.colchestercollection.com/titles/W/who-is-the-jew-loki-hulgaard.html
>>37383 stfu retard. goddamn, he was out killing shitskin invaders and hes clearly white. kill yourself you stupid faggot
(138.20 KB 949x503 image.jpg)
>>37383 You can literally read his family tree, he is whiter than anyone here you faggot shill. http://archive.is/QSpOd
>>34816 There is really enough evidence of jewish mass murders being promoted by jewish media as white supremacists that to believe any of these shootings and "exposed plots" are real is frankly ridiculous. https://8kun.top/pnd/res/172996.html She sure looks jewish to me, and my jewdar is pretty good. Patrick Crusius is clearly jewish. Brenton looks like he could be jewish to me, but a persons actions and words are also a good indication of a persons jewishness, so I'm going to call old Brenton a jew. I'm also going to bet the next supposed plot or mass murder we hear about will also be pure jewish propaganda.
>>37406 Oh yeah, I'm sure it is. Breivik's No.1 fan right here, folks.
>>37406 And this proves what? I was in this when you were still fapping to Megan Fox or whatever jewish celebrities you were/still are obsessed with, junior. Fall back.
>>37406 he is whiter than anyone here The jews expose themselves as shills with basless comments like this. He is so delusional he thinks he appears credible with such statements. I can just picture this 5 foot jewish troll flailing about in front of pol so hard he is spilling bagel crumbs everywhere.
(135.75 KB 800x450 157593798425.jpg)
>>37488 >>37490 >>37491 >unironically linking fed honeypot and shill infested 8kun >autistically screeching >disregarding literal proofs and keeping pilpul shit such as "I know X is jewish because aliens implanted a jewdar in my arsehole, trust me goy" The absolute state of faggot shills. Go back to 8kun and stay go, lunatic.
The supporter of the official story are unpleasant, irrational, insane, and get very angry with anyone that doesn't believe their lies or calls out the bullshit. That tells me it's being pushed by insane kikes. I've seen this time after time following a staged event like this one.
(1.08 MB Turner-Diaries.pdf)
>>37502 >"Of all the segments of the population from which we had hoped to draw new members, the "conservatives" and "right wingers" have been the biggest disappointment. They are the world's worst conspiracy-mongers - and also the *world's greatest cowards*. In fact, their cowardice is exceeded only by their stupidity. The current conspiracy theory being circulated among conservatives is that the Organization is actually in the pay of the System. We are hired provocateurs whose job is to raise enough hell to justify the repressive counterrevolutionary and anti-racist measures the System is taking. If we would just stop rocking the boat, things would be easier on everyone. Whether they believe that theory or not, it gives them an excuse for not joining us." From The Turner Diaries - Written in 1975 by William Pierce
>>37507 Absolutely based. I wish we still had Pierce.
>>37508 i dont think anybody else from modern times was a greater asset to white nationalism than pierce.
>>37355 >"Each day Elsa came home from school in tears and begged her parents to send her to another school. Her mother's response was to scream at her, slap her face, and call her a "racist." If the Black boys were bothering her, it was her fault, not theirs. And she should try harder to make friends with the Black girls. Nor did her father offer her any comfort, even when she told him about the incident with the assistant principal. The whole issue embarrassed him, and he didn't want to hear about it. His liberalism was more passive than her mother's, but he was usually intimidated by his thoroughly "liberated" wife into going along on any matters that touched on race. Even when three young, Black thugs accosted him on his very doorstep, took his wallet and wristwatch, and then knocked him down and stomped on his eyeglasses, Elsa's mother wouldn't let him call the police and report the robbery. She regarded the very thought of filing a police complaint against Blacks as somewhat "fascist". Elsa stood it for three months, and then she ran away from home. She was taken in by the little commune she is with now, and, having a basically cheerful disposition, she learned to be tolerably happy in her new situ ation." From the Turner Diaries by William Pierce (1975) - Chapter 12
(18.37 KB 323x372 1608631412550.jpg)
>>37771 >>37773 Merry Christmas Lads
>>35839 >Shills without any argument >Desperate >inorganic post styles You glow.
>>35839 He was a revolutionary for our cause. That is all that matters. He heightened the contradictions, and leads us one day closer to the collapse of this heinous jewish system. Optics faker faggots like you only serve to fracture and divide the movement. Nohing can be won for Whites while this Big Brother system still stands.
>>35839 Excerpt from the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, July 16th, 1983 : "Frank C. Spisak was found guilty yesterday of aggravated murder in the slayings of three people at Cleveland State University. Now he faces the possibility of his own death in the electric chair. Spisak told the jury he was fighting a war against Blacks and Jews, and that he was not a criminal, but a prisoner of war. The first casualty was on February 1st and the war ended when Spisak was arrested on September 6th cowering in a basement crawlspace of a friend's house." Excerpt from letter by Spisak, dated February 17th, 1984: "I don't know what you heard or read about me in the papers in your area but it was probably mostly all lies. The Cleveland papers said I'm a criminal and a pervert and a faker and the worst person in Cleveland's history. They said nobody deserves to die more than me. Coming from the Jew, I take these insults to my integrity as compliments of the highest honor but some people in our Movement are terrified of all the 'bad publicity' I've got and are doing their best to run a hundred miles an hour in the opposite direction from me and saying, 'No, no! Don't connect us with Spisak!' That's what the Jews want. The name of their strategy is called Divide and Conquer." Excerpt from a letter by Spisak, dated March 17th, 1983 : "Just between you and me, I think our people are 'through'. The Enemy has got so many of us convinced we are each others' worst enemy we can't get it together for a big push against the real power! But that's no secret: White people haven't been able to stick together for years, and the Jews keep making sure we don't. Movement people keep telling each other and trying to convince the rest that the press is controlled and is feeding us misinformation. But let something like what happened to me happen to any one of us and the whole pack of them go barking off and running in the same direction as the Jewsmedia like a bunch of hounds on a leash. If they could only see themselves and what they are doing." Replace Spisak with Tarrant. SIEGE by James Mason pg. 306
>>34846 President of New Zealand Brenton Tarrant.
(26.55 KB 387x500 411Nv9sEp-L.jpg)
Actually, just saw the no regrets.mp4 video for the first time. It makes my fucking blood boil. No body gave me any chance, from my eastern shithole to move to "new zealand". Couldnt even get a fucking job in ALL of western europe, including fucking estonia and slovakia even with all of my experience. No body even gave my dad a chance with his profession too. Meanwhile muslim scum gets everything given for free and their cult supports them. Im not even fucking kidding, because i have a TRUE story for you. My dad used to work with a gypsie. Called him "bear". The gypsie was a nice guy, went regularly fishing with him, and still told dad "remember to never trust one of us gypsies you know" Last year this humble factory worker gypsie went to germany and "became an imam" in a local mosque. He called dad and was laughing how easy life was for him now. They were paying him good money to go sing muslim prayers twice a week. The gypsie was lazy and did not even care much, just that he gets easy money. And he had a nice flat too he said.
(7.68 KB 259x194 images.jpg)
The nerve of this muslim scum coming to face him and talk that "Their faith is stronger now because of him and they wont leave their new home". NEVER believe a muslim, no matter how nice he might seem. They live to spread their religion and beliefs, they help each other open shops and share apartments, they give each other jobs and stand up for each other. They put their kids in school and on welfare and I was in fucking london and i saw the nigerians do the exact same shit. These scum will multiply and then start harassing women on the street and make "no alcohol" zones. did anyone forget the muslim child kidnapping rings in england? Those pieces of shit in new zealand are a den of snakes and anything but peaceful. If you are dumb enough to believe in islam and their goauld god you deserve the fucking sword and to be gunned down. And one more thing: Muslims should be BANNED from this board and any threads positive of islam should be banned too. When i die and leave my physical body i will hunt down all muslim souls and their families and EXTERMINATE THEM. NOTHING will fucking stop me. Even if you and your muslim scum are living in a far away dimension and "didnt knew islam was evil and who you were worshiping" i will come and wipe you out, burn you like a fucking barbeque. You fed a fucking demon your worship, beat up women and killed animals, FUCK YOU YOU PAY SOONER OR LATER. I'll make a deal with any demon in the goetia but your race i will make INFERTILE, and we will hunt down every one last of you fuckers that chose islam. and same goes for fucking jews and christians.
>>39651 You seem Romanian. I feel bad for you guys, you get shat on here despite being a massive improvement on Pakis. T. Wagey who works with Romanians
>>34816 Refugees make my blood boil. My family had to leave Europe for America, back when welfare did not exist. I still have a European passport, I am a European citizen. Why can't I go back? Why do Argelian immigrants get free housing and education? What the fuck is happening to our homelands? Something massive needs to happen, thats for sure.
>>39660 >>39661 Lets not dox my exact national, knowing im east euro is enough. knowing "the new order of barbarians" plan europe will keep getting destabilized until we lose all our rights and 2 burger patties cost 10 euro. The musims are imported with the only purpose to cause havoc and fuck the middle class.
>>39677 where are you reading this, tiger?
>>39677 not sure where you made up this bullshit. if he has regret its not getting away with it.
>Brenton Tarrant laughs in the face of survivor Fucking based. No regrets.
>>34816 >this is now my home, I will not be leaving Yes I have heard this before. They all leave in the end.
>>39662 What can we reasonably do as citizens? Vote for nationalist parties that end up sucking up to Israel? At this point, it feels like the only recourse available is violence, terrorism, and accelerationism.
>>34819 Praise him.
>>34840 He didn't get teary eyed you dumb cuck.
(80.96 KB 628x820 realnews.jpg)
>>39702 One way would have been to simply drop out of the system, and don't pay taxes, do "black" work, grow your own food, etc. But I think this won't be an option much longer, because they're pushing the "great reset" to outlaw cash, track everyone/everything, and so on. Anyway, when it comes to violence, using that against immigrant nobodies is misplaced energy. The so-called elites imported them into Europe precisely to create tension between the plebs. That's why I don't agree with Tarrant's act, because he fell for that decoy. The muslims don't belong in Europe, but they're only pawns, nothing more. It's a waste of time and energy to focus on them. At least Breivik and Nasim were going in the right direction, ditto with Uncle Ted.
>>39702 correction - surgical, precise, calculated, silent disobedience. You have to be like the jackal (from the movies) Cold emotions, no raging or doing impulsive bullshit. And close your mouth too.
>>39705 >One way would have been to simply drop out of the system, and don't pay taxes, do "black" work, grow your own food, etc. But I think this won't be an option much longer, because they're pushing the "great reset" to outlaw cash, track everyone/everything, and so on. Anyway, when it comes to violence, using that against immigrant nobodies is misplaced energy. The so-called elites imported them into Europe precisely to create tension between the plebs. That's why I don't agree with Tarrant's act, because he fell for that decoy. The muslims don't belong in Europe, but they're only pawns, nothing more. It's a waste of time and energy to focus on them. At least Breivik and Nasim were going in the right direction, ditto with Uncle Ted. this is indeed true and the root issue lies in the cestui que vie trusts created by pope justinius 1st in the 6th century and on british soil in 1666 with the cestui que vie act
>>39704 It was brought up in another thread that day. Perhaps it was edited, or perhaps a chemical irritant was used, but there was a pic from the sentencing that appeared to show his eyes a bit reddened and glossy. Maybe he had 'membered >>35762 Ebba at that moment, puts a lump in my throat everytime >>34906 Maybe he was crying for all of us
(170.50 KB 1280x722 thumbnail_DSC_0053.jpg)
>>39707 >Waste of time and energy to focus on them. At least Breivik and Nasim were going in the right direction, ditto with Uncle Ted. This
>>39706 >Rosa Parks This is how we win.
>>39715 Rosa parks is a bit too meek and open. Remember 2008? If you try that peaceful protest shit they will spray you with tear gas like flowers. You need covert sabotage and cheating. Id rather break the window of starbux to cost them money or spread rumors that they cum in the coffee. Incite chaos. >>39713 >>39707 I disagree. Do you understand what a threat muslims are? They are brainwashed to the very core. The jews who import them think that they can multiply them and then bring a "nwo religion" to pacify them. No. the muslims are scum. If you let them multiply they will destroy everything, including the stupid jews that live in mansions thinking "they are the elite". Even a peaceful muslim from your kebap shop has no quarrel with cutting your head in the name of his god. The only way they can get rid of them is to release a virus that targets only arabs and genocides billions of people in a month.
>>39728 Don't smash windows, they'll get insurance payments. But spreading false rumors is a good idea and can do much more needed damage to their profits. For example we can spread the rumor that windows is backdoored and they watch you jack off. It's not entirely false either. Use a confirmed fact as the hook and disrupt as much as you can.
(5.13 MB 1050x12343 Article.png)
B.T.'s Presence of mind is some kind of phenomenon. He apparently upset his mum by talking to her about how he felt. Its sad but understandable, once he was set on his retribution mission he would have realized that the muslim invaders would get their dues and his life would be forfeit, via the NZ ZOG. That would have been hard to supress that thought. The muzzie terrorists have the experience and train their footsoldiers to suicide, Maybe this was a mistake on Tarrant's part. They got his personal emails, unsurprising really. probably didnt need a backdoor hack, his fam would have been pressured to give it up. MInecraft
>>39728 Muslims are possessed by the same demon that inhabited Mohammed. We must exorcise it before they destroy Europe and the west, which they are very close to doing.
(20.74 KB 330x409 984753ulhfli.jpg)
>>39705 oy vey !
>>34816 Why should he regret anything? He just got rid of the vermin.
(88.78 KB 862x480 I must vent.jpg)
>>39860 His computer hard drive has got to be buried in the outskirts of Dunedin.
>>39905 Why wouldn't he bin it? also I think he gave away some of his money so that he would have just enough to get to go day.
(5.58 MB 804x1080 brenton_dripant.mp4)
Firebrand Gallant.
Brenton Tarrant: The Full Film - Biographical Documentary of the Australian Saint https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/bt720p_xR3nyASiIWS4jjY.html https://www.bitchute.com/video/UdiWnPPIP084/ Saw this shared on anon.cafe
>>40758 Indeed, BookAnon already posted >>40742 I meant to copypaste to this thread but got distracted. Already watched, he did a really good job
>>40759 Whoops, I tried to look to see if he posted already before posting this, but I guess I was not thorough enough
>>40760 No worries. This was probably the best place for post anyways. Shills and retards will be more likely to find it now and start streaming "Saint was Mossad" for our amusement
(38.89 KB 680x501 1607321765077.jpg)
>>37510 You know, I read your greentext not realizing it was the Turner Diarys but thinking it was from current events. It kinda shook me when I read the source, shits getting real fellas.
>>35762 It's funny how none of the shill faggots responded to this image. A fucking HERO removed some of the disgusting foreign scum that committed crimes against a CHILD while the rest of you niggerloving fucking kike shills did nothing with your life except piss and moan about it. Fuck every demoralization nigger and anyone who thinks like them, even going so far as play-by-plays of what you think should have happened, where it was REAL IN YOUR MIND. What actually happened was what this based hero DID, and you are unworthy to be his slaves. #allprowhitesareheroes #fuckyou
>>35789 Yeah, what if future Saints paid visits to scum squeezing gun rights? I guess everything is a kike to you except actual kikes that you faggot shills never address, nor do you address what is just when people have been killed or imprisoned for NOT breaking the fucking law in the anti-white regimes. Anything that anyone does to resist is justified for all time purely for that alone. Everyone already saw how people who objected to kikes peaceably had their lives ruined. David Irving had at least one of his daughters killed by them. I guess that shit's "just fine" with you? TeutonicWarriorChick had family members killed for talking about kikes. Lots of people I know within three degrees have been killed for talking about shit kikes do. No government on Earth is legitimate because they do not protect their citizens from crime. They ONLY treat kikes like citizens and everyone else is a pawn and an object to be repressed. Well, fuck that. Either get on board or get run over, faggot.
(97.80 KB 364x392 1613006796625.jpg)
(132.54 KB 683x1024 1554260419722.jpg)
(1.82 MB 640x480 christchurch.webm)
Stay strong, Saint
fake shooting no one died all victims conveniently in a pile when he turns the corner lol wow real good acting the real reason this video has been scrubbed from the internet is so no one will remember how terrible the acting is
>>41496 You already got btfo'd on your claims of a planted mag on the floor. You really want to go for another round? >all victims conveniently in a pile when he turns the corner They were in a room with no exits, they had 20 seconds since Tarrant had unloaded 9 shotgun shells at the door way, and fired 10 rounds in the hall, before Tarrant "turned the corner" Also at that moment you see someone smashing and jumping out a window (later you see another exit through this window). Of course they were huddling in the corners. What else were they suppose to do? Rush Him? Yeah, that worked out well for this (pic) guy.
>>41504 The saddest thing is that will probably never be anything as based, exciting and whitepilling as Tarrant's livestream. What a legend. I miss him every single day.
(2.91 MB 2500x2500 video artifacts explained 1.jpg)
(3.89 MB 2052x2417 video artifacts explained 2.png)
>>41496 All your schizo blabbering was debunked multiple times. Take your meds, agent.
>>41537 Hilarious when a bunch of random faggots in a deep dark corner of the internet are more sane than the agents of the state.
(1.34 MB 3000x2055 1586448508.jpg)
gay thread kys
(156.04 KB 688x960 1570476839166.jpg)
>>41561 >>41562 It would seem you are missing Tarrant's point of view as it is not that much different than Degrelle's His main point of contention was the birth rates. That due to the the speed of which arab migrates were joining countries and the speed of which they were breeding, Tarrant's "own race" was being wiped out, not to mention the cultural and social changes. Brenton was "defending his own race" and I think Léon would have approved
>>41562 It would seem by this pic, you think Tarrant killed arabs, because "muh racism"
>>41563 Birth rates aren't the problem. It's jewish supremacists.
>>34824 >faggots are funny, even when you're tortured kekd.
(267.29 KB 422x332 1578934796258.png)
>>41561 Go back to cuckchan, faggot.
>>34816 Hail Saint Tarrant. Have a bump!
(484.78 KB 1492x1312 whitepower.jpg)
>>42332 nice bump
(251.90 KB 905x1118 1615801394500.png)
Happy second anniversary
(117.10 KB 1024x615 1615364008750.jpg)
(375.95 KB 1000x707 1552639425953.jpg)
(3.12 MB 1600x2264 Brenton The Great Replacement.png)
(10.90 MB 854x480 Holding Out For a Tarrant.mp4)
I fucking love Brenton Tarrant lads. PRAISE HIM
>>42358 Happy second indeed! I've now lurked 2 years.
>>42379 Faggot see >>41537 >>42380 Faggot see >>41504 >Also at that moment you see someone smashing and jumping out a window (later you see another exit through this window). If there are all actors, why the fuck would they be jumping out the window?
(472.32 KB 1073x711 1557691242562.jpg)
>>42358 I missed the day but I think of his sacrifice often.
>>42424 >why are the bodies piled up before he even enters the room if there are multiple exits? Already answered >>41504 >they had 20 seconds since Tarrant had unloaded 9 shotgun shells at the door way, and fired 10 rounds in the hall, before Tarrant "turned the corner" >>42423 >no bullet holes in the walls. there is a mag in the hallway before he even enters the building. Already addressed. >>41537 (pic rel) Also "planted mag" addressed >>41101
>>42433 video evidence proves your shitty un readable image to be false. the mag is planted, it never falls, video evidence is more reliable than your shit unreadable clusterfuck of an image imagine banning me for being a shill. i proved enough evidence this shitty hoax is a false flag. fucking glow nigger echo chamber. keep fed posting I guess
>>42430 >the magazine is on the floor the entire time, you dont see it there in the first frame for the same "reason" you dont see the bullet casings drop to the ground. video compression. No it CLEARLY is not there the entire time The mag is upto 50x the size of a bullet hole or shell casing. Download the video your self https://anonymousfiles.io/GviobIMi/ go through it frame by frame as I did and post pics >>41101 as I did
(852.21 KB 1920x1080 1.png)
(922.06 KB 1920x1080 2.png)
(931.60 KB 1920x1080 3.png)
(894.00 KB 1920x1080 4.png)
(894.00 KB 1920x1080 4.png)
>>42435 You are fucking retard mate, as these pics show everything more clearly than your compressed 'again' >>42423 webm of original bitshit https://www.bitchute.com/embed/VRRZI8Pre7oa/ link did
>>42444 >>42445 >>42447 >>42448 >>42449 >>42450 >shits up the board instead of just leaving you must be 18 to post here
(1015.19 KB 1920x1080 5.png)
>>42453 double posted pic 4
(203.63 KB 505x436 basedjanny.png)
>>42435 >imagine banning me for being a shill. >>42441 >>42444 SPAM >>42445 SPAM >>42447 SPAM >>42448 SPAM >>42449 SPAM >>42450 SPAM *sic him janny
(1.31 MB 1555x1558 image.jpg)
>>42423 >Christchuch second anniversary >Saint Tarrant still praised and his sacrifice cherished by anons worldwide >OY VEY THIS IS BAD! BETTER BRUSH UP OUR DISINFO BULLSHIT PRONTO! Reported for being a disinfo shill. Praise the Saint.
>>34819 praise him
(744.60 KB 960x407 spooks.png)
>>42962 >>42958 >>42957 Put me in the screen cap, faggot
>>42962 >16 shutting down in 3... 2...
>>42965 >>42966 >Doing something means that you're Fed Although in reality the Feds are trying to deradicalize forums
>>42968 >trying to deradicalize >can’t find enough radicals so have to drum up racial tension over massage parlor shooter >call garage door tassel a noose >jussiesmollet.gif Lol
(2.52 MB 1136x640 senile old retard.webm)
>>42973 same
>>34819 PRAISE HIM
(781.34 KB 2256x1697 ebba.jpg)
>>34819 PRAISE HIM also >>43085


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