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(3.22 MB 404x680 Antifa.webm)
Antifa felony Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 12:43:39 No. 34936
Faggot hits drunk guy in face with skateboard for saying "nigger".
Why do so many americans look this retarded?
Trump should round up these ANTIFA/BLM faggots and send them to re-education camps.
>>34936 Only the dumbest, most emotionally manipulated of humans become violently enraged about some meaningless utterance produced by the vocal cords of a fellow human. And the crazy thing is, this childish, half grown shitskin with the skateboard actually thinks it was morally justified to whack someone across the face, as hard as his arms could muster with what is in essence, a plywood board with steel brackets on it. Indoctrination has gone so far as to make people convulse and gawk upon hearing a fucking word, that they feel the need to become some social justice hero, and save the world from mean words! >You can't say that! Yes he can, it's in his first amendment right to say whatever he pleases. This undeveloped college kid thinks he's a real tough guy doesn't he? I'm sure he feels like such a bad ass superhero, saving the world from racism, by physically assaulting some poor bastard trying to wash away the pain of living in such a degenerate society such as ours. This little Indian faggot should spend so much as a week in a prominently black neighborhood, far away from his high class college campus, built in the 1800's, the pinnacle of white culture, art and architecture, and see for himself what niggers are really like. He is such a waste of space, he's doing literally nothing meaningful or helpful to society, contrary to his retarded beliefs that the cooperate media has pumped into his meager, weak minded excuse of a brain.
>>34996 >Indoctrination has gone so far as to make people convulse and gawk upon hearing a fucking word, that they feel the need to become some social justice hero, and save the world from mean words! niggers are still the slaves of the kikes
(156.42 KB 900x1600 1597031319084.jpg)
(121.96 KB 960x960 1597033371252.jpg)
>>34997 Everyone is technically slaves to the kikes, except maybe some parts of Asia. The problem starts in Kindergarten and on through grade school into high school and college. Kikes control these indoctrination camps 100%. The children get to learn how evil the white colonists, Nazis and capitalism is, while remaining completely unenlightened about the horrors of communism and socialism. By time they get to college, they're practically begging to live under a Leninist Russia, or Che Guevara. The whole point of school is to get people to the point at which there seems to be no other alternative than extreme left wing politics. Not to mention that common core was designed to specifically lower the average score of whites so that they would appear equal to blacks and Hispanics, good grades don't mean anything anymore, so long as you regurgitate the kike propaganda well, (and preferably aren't a white male) then you're well on your way to making the honor roll. This is the likely case with the sandnigger in the video.
>>34936 Notice how that little hook-nosed kike is preying upon a skinny, hypo-gonadal, dyel, white male. If that were me, 6'6, 315 lbs of mostly muscle, then that little kike would be eating the street curb. I would crush his fucking neanderkike skull under my heel, and that's that. This faggot deserved it. The kike gave him a pretty big window to punch him in the fucking jaw. but he didn't. He, in his feminized, estrogen-filled brain, thought it would be a good idea to let the kike smash his teeth in with a fucking skate board to look like a victim for good optics. Knock the fuck's teeth out at the very least, you fucking pussy. Don't just wait to have your face caved in. All I see in this video are a Jewish soyboy and a European soy boy. If the European was a man, it would end with that Jewish faggot on the floor, picking up his teeth. No men were present in the making of this video. Might makes right.
>>35005 This. If the "man" getting smacked in the face with a skate board had a fucking sack, that little Indian faggot would be on the floor with a broken jaw. He deserved it for not fighting back. Might certainly does make right.
>>34999 >whites >not even making the W uppercase I'm not "white" you kike, I'm European. you've been found out kike lol
>>34936 Why do we have a whole thread dedicated to this gay video? Keep the kike demoralization on quarterchan. please. This is so far below the acceptable level of quality, I'm surprised it hasn't been reported. Post the webbum in the riot thread and move on. Both of the individuals in this clip are unimportant dipshits... again, creating a thread for this leads me to believe we have more kikes on this board than some would like to believe.
>>35051 honestly "white," upper or lower, is a shit term at this point. it's like a floodgate was opened and that it's almost synonymous with caucasoid (in americuntland). Euro-whatever is the superior term, although that's still pretty broad, too.
>>34999 You're a fucking delusional american voter. Trump is a fucking jew and you're an idiot for supporting a jew.
>>36216 Sorry meant to reply to this fucknut >>34993
>>35061 I'd prefer "Aryan" and indeed that was what was originally used on /pol/in the sense that Gobineau used it, but since the cuckening back in 2014 the meaning of "Aryan" has become deliberately muddied by a shitposting campaign that every time it's used I have to clarify, because newfag redditors think it just means "German" or "Nordic" or "blond hair blue eyes" whatever. So if I want to be unambiguous I just use "Indo-European".
>>34999 No, the whole point of school is to get kids utterly reliant on ZOG and to obey their marching orders without hesitation. Getting the kids to be dipshit marxists is just a bonus. Even those that don't become marxists will still exist in the left-right kike prison they have setup.
>>34936 The nigger clowns call each other nigger, yet they seem to think the word is an insult. Do these fucking clowns not notice that Nigger, Niger, Nigeria, Negro, etc, are have a certain ring to them? I guess not. Kill thm all.
He should have just charged that guy while calling him a fucking nigger loving faggot. Seriously who just stands there when some one says "I'm about to hit you with a heavy ass object"? Idiot chink had full warning and decided to take a plank of wood to the dome. Like at least put your hands up while you are calling out monkeys for what they are "wah bc you can't say it" fucking fag we should dox this guy send anthrax to his house. AS A JOKE. FAKE ANTHRANX YOU GLOWNIGGERS
(28.69 KB 480x360 1595958301841.jpg)
>>34936 Kino moment would've been; he pulls out a gun and points it right at the dudes head, looks right at the camera, says nigger all relaxed, pulls the fucking trigger ashes his cigarette and walks aways. Unfortunately America is fucked beyond all repair
>>35006 Hes down for the count but a cold dish can be served. Fuck boi thinks he's the hero and will go around telling people how he smacked a racist in the face for saying the N word, Thats when our guy gets his revenge. I've done it. I grew a pair once on a friend that clowned me. We were heading back to the dorm from the bowling alley. I ran at him from 20' away and put my elbow in his lower back. Broke his flip phone and scraped the shit out of his wrist. He was a former hockey player as was I so he knew what that his from behind was. Was it evil? yea. Do I regret it? I should. Did I finally dish out revenge for the first time in my life? yea. Fuck him.
>>34936 I don't want to sound like a tough guy online but sizing up this retard in the video makes me want to beat this faggot's face in.
(196.00 KB 1063x598 .Screenshot.png)
Here you go "tough guy"
>>35061 "White" typically excludes a lot of Europe, and it really means "white skin" for most
>>37769 nice, I'm on Craiglist currently sending a nigger tranny to his house. It isn't malicious he apparently loves niggers so if anything I'm doing a service
>>39213 Based. Just make sure 'she' is pre-op so he gets his money's worth
>letting yourself get hit in the face with a skateboard lol hard to feel sympathy here
>>34936 So since this is a fascist board, shouldn't we be supporting antifa considering they're one of the most fascist groups in existence today?
>>39493 why would we? they are fascists of the current regime. anybody with two brain cells to rub together hates the current regime.
(78.36 KB 500x499 low-quality-bait.png)
>>39498 its as if you posted nothing at all
>>39499 Nobody could be this >>39493 stupid Only a leftist faggot or cuckservative nigger believes the definition of fascist is synonymous with authoritarian or totalitarian. He's is either trolling or being subversive. Considering the threads and posts deleted last night, it is more likely the latter.


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