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(3.37 MB 2137x896 flesh.PNG)
On Race Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 04:21:55 No. 35332
Why is it that *every* fucking anthropology video I find about race says that race is a social construct. What the fuck. Literal biological anthropologists say that race is a social construct. I torrented an anthro course and this is the girl's arguments: Race: Most biological anthropologists today reject the idea that the concept of human race has any biological validity. Arguments: 1. There's no agreement at all as to how many races we should be identifying in the world. This does not mean race does not exist. This is like saying color does not exist because no one can decide how many colors we should be identifying in the world. Also, race is pretty easy to classify. People seem to operate on the idea that race is just skin color. But at the core, it's about geography. If a person evolved in x area over thousands of years, they are of race x. Just because a computer scientist will tell you the three main colors are red, blue, and green, while an artist will tell you the main colors are red, yellow, and blue, does not mean that colors don't exist. 2. We know to a certainty that there's no such thing as a pure human race in the world today. While this may be the case, it still does not mean race does not exist. You can still be 90% race a, or 90% race b and you would be considered to be part of that race. Using the color analogy again; just because no pure red, pure green, or pure blue does not exist (let's just pretend it does not exist naturally), this does not mean red, green, and blue do not exist. These colors still exist, they just make up the other colors. 3. There has been no known entity as a pure human race any time in human prehistory. See above. Let us pretend pure RGB does not exist, but colors do exist. I can still place an RGB color code on all the colors that exist and call the ones that are majority red ""red"". 4. Only about 15% of human genetic variation occurs between races. 85% of such genetic variation occurs within a race. That is still 15% of variation, which is significant. And this fucking question implies race is biological?!Also, this woman claims that 2 people will be placed in the same race just because of skin color. SO this argument goes out the fucking window if you're putting sub-saharan Africans, Aboriginal Australians, and Southern Indians together in the same race when you do your study. 5. The definition of what kind of person "counts" as being part of a race changes with historical context. Sure, because race is subjective. See above analogies about color. What is red to me, might be orange to someone else. Why is every major fucking anthropology website telling me race is purely a social construct? Why is there no concrete studies on racial differences? I can't even find the ones to support race being social. There's just no studies. The only fucking website I can find that tells me race is real is Amren. What the FUCK, anons.
(228.10 KB 500x385 skulls2.png)
(332.57 KB 1100x354 Skulls.png)
(48.22 KB 599x413 image2.png)
(99.90 KB 684x840 1577223240277.jpg)
(149.93 KB 1000x900 1567334737402.png)
>>>/library/147 >Why is it that *every* fucking anthropology video I find about race says that race is a social construct Because they have infiltrated every university. Anyone that dares to go against the 'narrative' quickly finds themselves canceled
https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=_BvB0182xag First principles makes it obvious that almost all interspecies animal friendships are caused by captivity.
>>35332 >Why is it that *every* fucking anthropology video I find about race says that race is a social construct. Because academia is pozzed. Will need massive purges that will make nazi book burnings look like a summer camp fire to correct the amount of pozzing.
(245.90 KB 619x682 1521359631583.jpg)
(167.60 KB 1024x841 one race.jpg)
(289.52 KB 866x878 worldIQ.png)
>>35332 The answer to your question as to why scientists who basically study race (crime victim identification, anthropology in general, biology and likely many more) cannot understand what that means in a broader context is that they do not see that about individuals. Individuals are the only group (lol) that has charismatics, you can only learn about an individual by interacting with that individual so all other measuring of what broader group that person is in is probably bigoted. You can know that a black person is identifiable by their skull shape, genetics, bone structure etc even 50 years after they die but they do not care about that because looking at the big picture is autism. They simply see "an individual victim was identified as a black individual" and do not draw any other conclusions from that. What the real interesting part is that far left (critical race theory following) people in those fields must constantly fuck their own problem solving over as they are not as conditioned to see only individuals. I would like to understand how a person who believes in critical race theory can rationalize that with the understanding that changing form changes function AND the fact that we are all identifiable by group through mere sight, even when the skin is all gone.
(261.44 KB 1280x722 thumbnail_DSC_0093 (1).jpg)
(99.24 KB 800x1151 s-l1600.jpg)
>>35332 >Why is it that *every* fucking anthropology video I find about race says that race is a social construct because videos are tools of propaganda? pic related is the chart from March Of The Titans by Arthur Kemp, and the the picture of the book is where the information for the March Of The Titans book took the information from. I ordered the History and Geneology of Race and should have it next week at some point. If i find anything worthwhile to report back il return with some photos
>>35332 Race exists but op definitely isnt caucasian
>>35332 You live in the USSA and everything allowed in public is basically fake, nigger. Obviously race and sex and age are all real. You can tell all three from skeletons alone LOL.
(42.03 KB 599x382 zebra_domesticated.jpg)
>>35332 The jews organized the takeover of this area of science after WWII, in order to prevent any white resurgence. It ended up very effective and the impact of these low-key communication efforts are still felt today with most people older than millennials being completely sold on the idea that the human species is only one race and that only skin color is different between races. But amusingly, modern genetics have completely destroyed all their weak arguments, which is why there is now another push-back to try to prevent racial realism. It is vowed to fail though, and these retards keep on pushing normies onto this question again with all this white privilege shit. If you are interested to understand how did they do to implant these ideas in white's consciousness, look into the following kikes: >Lewontin's paper from 1972 The jew Lewontin published a fake study pretending that race has no genetic basis. Even at the time when genetic data was scarce, this was such bullshit that other scientists published a paper titled "Lewontin's fallacy" to destroy all their arguments. The jewish component of this was not perceived at the time. >Jared Diamonds book "Guns, Germs and Steel" They shilled this book like crazy in the early 2000s. This jew argues that niggers didn't create civilization only because they didn't have the right plants and animals to domesticate etc... Basically white people only created their civilization because they got lucky: don't think you are a superior race goy. They also pushed a lot of weak science, sociology etc... mostly made buy jew scientists (rabbis that is) that argue that all differences in civilizations stems from culture or education, not genetic factors. Spreading confusion. Lots of french jewish researchers, such as Claude Levi Strauss. Everywhere you dig on this subject, you will find the jew.
(50.87 KB 480x760 boat.jpg)
>>41346 > Guns, Germs, and Steel I remember a lot of "smart" people having this book on their reading list. That's how they get 'em indoctrinated: appeal to their ego, those people that want to feel "smart". Having these "smart" books in your library or coffee table is sure to impress visitors. ;^)
Assuming a person is ethically deficient because of melanin status is wrong just as is assuming a person is morally superior due to skin color. Both are a form of bigotry and contrary to the objective fact of individual variation.
>>41816 Fuck all nonwhites.
(347.77 KB 1196x658 inbreeding global stats.jpg)
(95.21 KB 960x720 Milk consumption 2.JPG)
(542.33 KB 2504x1587 3rd world subhumans.png)
(553.51 KB 1317x1652 evil_racist_IQ_stats.png)
>>41816 >le race is about skin color ! >but not about genetic, anthropology and behavior differences ! Egalitarianism is escapism at best and suicidal altruism at worst. The reality will always kick you in the groin at the end and not amount of NAXALT cope will save you from other competitive races/peoples who wants to rape, murder and rob your race/people.
>>41752 I've read it. It's still interesting to know environmental determinism position, so things make sense. However, it's just one of the sides, it opened debate and I read/watched through its critique as well in terms of genetics and culture just omitted there. All in all, book + its rebuke make an individual more knowledgeable.
>>35332 Anthropology is a hilariously jewed scientific field, read about its history. If you want a real genetically-informed view on our pas, read this book: http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=C6A3379DD8893E0DD23405667A776F20
(3.96 MB 1488x5824 IMG_20210306_060129_780.png)
>>41816 Do you understand that melanin concentration in the skin is simply a strong correlate of thousands of other genetic differences, and that added up these differences result in large disparities in developmental trajectory, gene expression & regulation, and this results in different phenotype that is associated with one or another race ?
(64.04 KB 750x752 IMG_20210306_062548_066.jpg)
>>41941 very nice image, saved
people actually watch antropology? dont they just go to streets and shoot each other and impregnated the trees?
(96.02 KB 615x804 1594644399773.jpg)
>>35332 It's the (((same narrative))) as it was 6 years ago. Also since you're interested in human anthropology read the following study: https://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?paperID=19566 Short synopsis: Whites and Blacks genetically don't even have the same ancestors in our dna, so we aren't equal, genetic data shows we had seperate racial development on earth and many other interesting pieces of evidence showing that the white race is actually discernably older(as in existance) than the black.
(129.62 KB 1058x1447 race and intelligence.png)
>>35332 The regime has to uphold the central axiom that human groups on average have no neurological diversity, it's a keystones of the regime. If belief in this axiom is weakened the regime's dream of universal prosperity collapses in on itself. Since all regime's offer a standardised reality interpretation framework, destroying this axiom renders the regime unsustainable in the short term, as it no longer offers anything useful.. Hence it must never admit or promote knowledge of human biological neurological diversity, as it's a one way valve against the regime's power. Note you can study human intelligence, even group intelligence, your just never allowed to conclude the two positions a) intelligence is genetic b) standardised tests are a representative test for intelligence. At best you are only allowed to state one of these conclusions tentatively, but even that will land you in trouble. Anyone who has researched these topics knows a and b are both true. So the regime has one last trick up it's sleeve... Raising the goalposts. That's how we got from "IQ tests might be culturally biased" to "you have to know what every single gene associated with intelligence does to infer any heritability" in mainstream journalism in just 20 years
>>35332 Read this book The Invasion by Book-Anon has advanced and detailed information on race, IQ, genetics and intelligence. Also see attached pdfs https://archive.org/details/the-invasion
(1.79 MB 1920x1200 6997119-fallen-in-battle.jpg)
>>41948 I need to marry that ginger queen I need to marry her right fucking now all I can think about is having billlion babies. Why did the hooked nose clan take this from me
>>42312 Shes a cam whore and she wouldn't want you any way faggot. If you define everything as social based instead of physical base then you can justify any sort of measures to correct it. It's a power play for social control and forcing propaganda on people.


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