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(1.35 MB 800x804 1600252511699.png)
2020 election Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 15:12:06 No. 35348
If Biden wins the election, will that mean that America will fall into the hands of the Communists/ Muslims under the leadership of the deep state aka Obama?or is this a retarded conspiracy theory spread by the boomers?
>>35348 The two party system is just two sides of the same coin... Trump is not our savior. Yes that is a retarded boomer conspiracy theory. Obama had a Jewish mother
>>35350 /thread. If anything vote biden and end this shit. Let the whole fucker collapse.
(22.54 KB 600x600 naziwojakwithelmet.jpg)
>>35354 Trump is the better accelerationist choice as the dems have openly organized to get the left coast to secede if he wins a second term. A civil War in the US COULD provide opportunities for those on the legitimate right to work their way into the mainstream and be legitimized.
(130.96 KB 1024x768 1600458789553m.jpg)
So if we vote for Trump, then we can have a irl fallout? Sweet! Trust the plan and vote for Trump -Q
(2.12 MB 1024x1024 image.png)
>>35360 I concur. The far left is much more incitable than the far right at this point.
>>35360 When it comes to "acceleration" you must remember that the enemies have better organization, more resources, and generally better connections. This means that any collapse will lead to their favour in the short term. Look at the pandemic/lockdown and see just how much big businesses have gained and capitalized on it. Things will only progress when average people realize the threat and start banding together. The biggest thing is to keep it in the open for everybody to see. Trump helps accomplish that, if Biden/Kamala wins then everything will be swept under the rug like it was with Obama having a "no scandal" presidency. The existing institutions must be ridiculed and their actions archived. While at the same time people do their best to make parallel institutions that are resilient to censorship.
>>35374 The far right attempted to work with and within the confines of the conservative structure and the Trump administration was the result. So they basically just ditched him and are fine watching conservatives self-immolate over face masks and Iran. There is no reason whatsoever for anyone who considers themselves "far right" [actually far right, with a social-continental outlook] to get involved in anything concerning America or its institutions and future at all.
>>35380 >The biggest thing is to keep it in the open for everybody to see. Trump helps accomplish that Couldn't disagree more. If you don't understand how Finkel-think works at this juncture, you're not viable. >Biden/Kamala Have no real functional differences from Trump at all. Harris literally dropped illegal foreclosure investigations into Trump administration Treasury Sec. (((Steve Mnuchin))) in exchange for campaign contributions when she was DA.
So there's a good chance that we might see a rise of another Napoleon in the world, especially here in America one day?
(51.63 KB 548x505 us_zion.jpg)
>>35348 >America will fall into the hands of the Communists/ Muslims America is ALREADY in the hands of the Zionist Archenemy. Communist or Muslim rule might actually be an improvement. Remember that the Jews want you to DIE. If you are a descendent of the Roman nobility (and if you're white it's likely that you are, via Charlemagne), they consider you the "seed of Amalek" that needs to be wiped out and "blotted out from history" like their Talmud commands. They want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny. The ONLY reason they do not kill us outright at this very moment is because we still have the numbers to be a danger to them should they attempt an open genocide. The Zionists are working toward the ascension of their King and the establishment of a formal global jewish empire with Noahide Laws in effect. They've been working toward this for well over two hundred years - read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The white race might survive under secular communism or as dhimmis under an Islamic caliphate. It will NOT survive under the Jewish Kingdom. All other threats are secondary.
(65.07 KB 536x794 image0-7.jpg)
>>35475 unironically voting for chris chan
(160.61 KB 552x678 1600825438182.jpg)
It seems like the confederacy was a good idea. Too bad that the south lost the civil war.
>>35348 It doesn't matter who wins. Both sides further zionist control. one does it better than the other but the outcome is always the same.
(54.39 KB 900x900 photo.jpg)
>>35360 Highly doubt. donald trump is the slow burner route. if you are going to accelerate the madness then you need to let the left do their thing.
>>35384 Then explain to me how keeping these issues of biological race and sex suppressed will help the general public? Trump just declared in an executive order that Critical Theory cannot be taught by any federal contractors. Of course this is likely just to win some extra support for the election, he is at least willing and aware of what the reality of the situation is. This is infinitely better than the international elite's useful idiots like Bush, Obama, Biden, and Harris. Any civil war will result in HUGE gains for the international elite in the short term. They print the money, run the companies, and the government. What else are people gonna do to combat that? Guerrilla warfare is all you've got.
>>35348 >if Biden wins the election, will that mean that America will fall into the hands of the Communists/ Muslims >is this a retarded conspiracy theory spread by the boomers? Yes. Biden is not a communist. He is a neo-liberal. >>35350 is correct. >>35360 This is wrong for several reasons which I will try to explain as simply as possible. 1. Republicans (Whites) will never revolt against a Republican president. They are pathologically incapable of recognizing ZOG if it wears a red tie. 2. California is not going to secede from its own country. The judeo-left control every institution in America. Grug brain leftoids want to secede but without support from the establishment, they never will. 3. Even if the kikes were suddenly afflicted with extreme stupidity and actually decided to revolt against the puppet GOP, this would actually be horrible for White people since this would automatically make most Whites side with the controlled Republican party. With (((neo-conservatives))). That solves nothing. Kill the source of evil.
>>35380 There was more (defacto) White organization under Obama than Trump. >>35457 If you're pro-White, you better hope not. Napoleon was a fine leader, but he was no savior of France. He wasted away the lives of millions of Frenchmen, he pissed away the flower of French youth in wars against EUROPEANS which the jews benefitted from. >>35524 I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by this. However let's not fall for the democratic delusion. When Trump leaves office in 2024, literally every single thing he did will be overturned within the first year by the new Democratic president. His fence will be pushed over (if not by the wind) His executive orders will be rescinded His SCOTUS judges will either bend the knee (as they have done before) or they will be suddenly proven to be rapist, murderer, terrorist, WHITE SUPREEEEMACISTS and arrested. Or they'll just pack the courts. Playing the jewish democratic game leads nowhere because Republicans do not play to win. Trump does his little show and it is fun to watch. But if he actually gave a shit about what he is doing, he'd be using his time in office to pack every institution with White nationalists and other dissidents. He's then go after the jewish media and indoctrination centers.
>>35532 >He's then go after the jewish media and indoctrination centers. that's something I expected more of tbh. There has been very little packing and even less work on the media and "institutions" as I would have hoped.
>>35524 >Trump just declared in an executive order that Critical Theory cannot be taught by any federal contractors. It's not relevant and it is not serious. You already know that, which is why you tried to inb4 as an election stunt.
>>35533 >that's something I expected more of tbh. Why? That's who Trump works for. The entire point of the Trump administration was to try to harness disaffected White Americans with disingenuous rhetoric and then direct them back towards PNAC foreign policy and replacing China with India as entrenched capital's trade deficit sink. Trump does not like White Americans, he does not trust them, he does not want them around in any capacity except soaking up bullets on behalf of israel. It's so obvious that the only conclusion I can draw about the people who find their way to places like this and still don't understand it, is that they are shills who are playing dumb.
>>35532 >There was more (defacto) White organization under Obama than Trump. More white hate of Obama sure, but I think there is more 'Us' now in opposition to BLM/Antifa. It seems more 'conservatard boomers' are seeing eye to eye with /our/ guys as well. Even Ol' Bill sounds pretty redpilled these days
>>35538 >"Verbotene means forbidden in German" kek >"Something really really wrong, going on" Something for Boomers to think about
>>35538 George Soros is the approved taboo for conservatives.
(300.82 KB 920x594 bill2.jpeg)
>>35540 Not saying we are 'there' yet, just maybe, moving in the right direction with redpills.
>>35541 You're not getting it. Soros is an approved vector for public scrutiny/outrage. The system requires designated poles to bat between. Again, people who are acting like they don't understand this at this point -- especially having found their way here -- are being deliberately disingenuous.
>>35544 And your ignoring the fact that this wasn't just "about Soros", but also the fact that mentioning his very name was considered antisemitic™ and normies are being redpilled to this fact. If they realize its not really antisemitic™, then maybe other things such as the 'great replacement' and those behind pushing the downfall of the west are just facts as well.
>>35545 No, I get it 100%. That's not what is being attempted here by Shill O'Reilly -- who shilled EVERY DAY for catastrophic civilization destroying foreign war and israel adventurism. He's trying to paint the anti-semitism charge as a red herring and trying to divorce Soros' agenda from his jewishness [in which his agenda is entirely rooted] and bring the framing back to "far left" instead of on judaism. Normie conservatives are irredeemable. They are entirely wedded to the systems of jewish rent-seeking and cannot divorce themselves from them, nor do they want to. They will not part with their rents.
>>35546 Point taken, hadn't really thought of that angle.
>>35547 >>35546 Still it 'may' help wake up a few to the bigger picture
>>35538 that first picture is based af
>>35538 that first picture is based af
>>35533 >that's something I expected more of tbh. idk why anyone would expect this atp. Is there even one Republican politician of integrity in the entire party? And Trump is a New York Democrat. Not even a real Republican, whatever the hell that even means.
(22.05 KB 237x346 1600819651876.jpg)
OP here, after reading the thread so far, all I can say is that in the end it doesn't matter, we all are screwed in the end.
>>35575 Unironically; How? Let's say that your worst fear comes true; Biden wins. He dies 2 seconds later. Now Kamala Harris is president. She says "Eeehhaaanng! As my first act as president, I hereby declare America COMMUNIST FOREVER!!! Prepare your anuses for collectivization!" Americans would fucking finally revolt. The communists would lose. We would kill every one of them. That is a good thing, anon. You afraid of blood or somethin'?
>>35576 im not op but how I see it in how your vision of events plays out we would have the same Zog system.What I see happening is trump winning the communists start shooting and we revolt take both groups and win.But add in the factor trump has said he won't abdicate twice it so their no way to know what will happen I personally feel like this will play out like the 1960s sense trump has bought out the niggers so who knows something might happen or not everything it kind of mild nothing trully major has happened except communists burning towns and cities
(200.37 KB 862x1024 1593735251378.jpg)
>>35575 That just means this will be in a important part of history and it will be recorded unlike many great mens acts who everyone benefits from today but, no knowledge of why. You yourself are only here because your ancestors didn't fight for a better day tomorrow, but better days for the their children and race they won't see. Stop being a cowardly defeatist faggot White Men of today have their chance for legendary glory. Odin, was a man and so was Thor you celebrate these men weekly to daily without realizing you invoke Thors name every thrusday and Odins on Sunday, they died thousands and thousands years of ago but, their heroic acts became legend we don't even know what exactly they did. Odin seemed to be a scribe, Chieftain, champion and a wiseman. Thor was much of the same and defeated a massive group of invaders(most likely asians) from settling in to Old Scandinavia (Northern China).
>>35576 Kamala Harris is team jew just like Trump.
>>33579 nobody gives a shit about muh race and muh Odin shit. Maybe if we will be lucky enough to get a Government issued black girlfriend under biden. I'm ridin with biden.
>>35608 Go back to your discord faggot
(166.64 KB 870x1024 1600950502314m.jpg)
OP here and all I can say is that you all are a bunch of faggots. I'm going to not give a damn about the 2020 election campaign and go back to playing video games.
>>35620 Seethe more faggot
>>35540 Soros is a small fry, he's the fall guy for the really big players. He got saddled with being the bitch boy because he fleeced other members of the tribe during WW2 and is considered a traitor and a nazi collaborator (something kosher conservatives who think that Soros is The End Boss Of Globalism will make sure to remind you of).
(54.49 KB 607x599 march erigrub.jpg)
>>35620 That's probably the most healthy, conscientious and productive thing you can do in this election. REMEMBER, NO MATTER WHO YOU VOTE FOR, IT'S Z.O.G. FOR PRESIDENT. Pic related.
(140.15 KB 600x461 march of tyranny.jpg)
>>35659 Fuck, wrong pic
>>35518 The confederacy was largely created to prop up the failing slave system so that slave owners (80 percent of which were Jews) could continue to LARP as feudal aristocrats. It's a real shame that half the country got dragged into a hopeless war because of it. The whole war plan was to hold the world cotton supply hostage so that the ZOG powers of the time (Britain and France) would come in and defeat the North, which was idiotic since said powers merely expanded their own cotton production in Egypt and India rather than risk getting into a greater war with the US as well as Germany and Russia. Then some half Jew named John Wilkes Booth (his father was Jewish, look it up) shot Lincoln before he could ship the nigs back. It was a tragedy all round.
(139.84 KB 1254x260 soroskoshermythology.png)
>>35658 That's just a narrative. They don't consider him a Nazi collaborator at all. The system requires objects be put up for attention to focus on. It is more effective when objects are on "opposite sides".
>>35660 >wrong pic You can self delete post and pr unlink files if you haven't cleared you cache Also why the hell do you have that pic saved?
>>35661 They even had a grander plan called the "Golden Cirlce", that would include annexing most of Mexico and the Caribbean to create a mestizo-mulatto super state based entirely on farming cotton and bananas. We should have let them leave instead of infecting the rest of our society with their cultural norms.
>>35578 >What I see happening is trump winning the communists start shooting and we revolt take both groups and win. But with a (((Republican))) stooge in office, the great majority of cucked Whites (Republican voters) will never revolt. Tell me I am wrong. Please give me some hope that Republicucks possess the mental capability of revolting against a neo-con puppet. This is the most depressing thing about being politically awake. So long as the president has a fucking red dot over his name, the people whom the system kicks around 24/7 will actually defend it. This must be how Marxists feel when normal working class people don't join their parties. Though I am already making the assumption that marxists possess the ability to self analyze. > I personally feel like this will play out like the 1960s That's horribly depressing since the jews won in the 60s and GLR's legacy lost. >>35580 Yes. And she is also a nigger. Can you understand why I would rather a jewish nigger being the poster child of White Genocide instead of an orange Anglo-Saxon?
>>35669 >But with a (((Republican))) stooge in office, the great majority of cucked Whites (Republican voters) will never revolt. They aren't going to revolt period. There is a refusal to recognize in nationalist circles what conservatives actually are and what their interests are. This leads to bad conclusions.
>>35669 Mhm only ten percent of a population usually revolts the republicans would side with the republican government and would not revolt the leftists how ever will revolt let the leftist's handle the heavy work and clear out both but if such would happen I fell like it would not go down like that this is a better explanation on what I meant on" What I see happening is trump winning the communists start shooting and we revolt take both groups and win."
>>35672 I understand what you are saying. However, unless one can compel at least a sizeable percentage of oppressed White people to (at the very least) support overthrowing the regime, it is difficult to picture any insurgency succeeding. >>35681 > the leftists how ever will revolt let the leftist's handle the heavy work This is a terrible idea for several reasons 1. You and I both know that the current leftist agitation, despite their grandiose claims, are not actually trying to burn the system down. Pea-brained grunts may think this, the useful idiots always buy into whatever cult their elites profess. But the majority of this rioting is supported and directed by the jewish elites. Thus, they will never actually overthrow their own system and do the heavy work for us. All that they can do is piss off White people. Which is a good thing. 2. If by some miracle the communist shitbrains actually did manage to outsmart their jewish leaders and accidentally seize power God that would be hilarious this might be a bad thing for us since they would now have institutional power and we would STILL be starting at rock bottom, attempting to overthrow an existing and entrenched regime. Though, I will also admit that I believe that a communist regime would be easier to overthrow than a capitalist jewish democracy. For one thing, the first thing that the marxists would do is destroy the economy. An economy in freefall is a revolutionary's ideal environment.
>>35707 In all likelyhood "nothing ever happens" There is a chance that the leftist do something stupid, that really gets the ball rolling. Maybe like gets caught red handed setting huge fire the spreads and kills a ton of people. (like in a city, documented by MSM, unlike the wildfires where they were able to run defense of being natural fires)
>>35707 Yes it is directed by the Jewish elites that I believe they are tempting to do is revolt win and make America communist or this is all a smoke to let the republicans gain more power and more vote and sympathy to straighten the the jewish hold on America.I really fell like theirs going to be a communist revolution more then half of all young people want socialism and believe capitalism and the current system is evil this is reinforced by their teachers and the people they watch in the news so I think they will replace the current system with a communist one to destroy the white race faster sense the frog is waking up and realizing it is boiling but again we will have to wait for October.Now on the scenario where talking about when it comes to our counter revolt we will be in the front lines fighting while the republicans cower in fear just like what happened in Ukraine we will win but just like in Ukraine the government might be given to the right wing instead of us this time we should force our hand and take power and replace the government with a national socialist one the people will be angry if the government is a autocracy so the government should be what Rockwell wanted of course this is all speculation on what might happen and the things we wish to happen most likely wont
>>35709 the only place the White race is on the brink of extinction is the capitalist world. everyone behind the old iron curtain is living in a functional ethnostate. the former soviet/warsaw countries who are closest to the US military [or directly under hostile occupation, like Germany] are the ones seeing the fastest erosion of the demographics they maintained under soviet rule.
>>35711 the communists want us to die faster
>>35713 no, they don't. talking with anglosphere conservatives is a waste of time. you can't think right.
>>35714 thats a complement anon ;)
>>35715 it isn't.
>>35716 I know it isn't I just didn't fell like making a worth while post.Anyway I don't really know what to say I did post something else but then deleted it because >>35711 is stupid under a communist country instead of promoting race mixing and degeneracy they can force it
>>35717 those aren't communist goals. those are jewish, liberal goals. jews don't want a communist country. the last time they had one they got blown the fuck out and then started up the cold war over here. the society jews want is the Anglosphere. they want liberalism, which conservatives like you help them preserve. if you lived in a communist country immigration would be practically non-existent and you'd have a free apartment, school, and healthcare.
>>35708 I despise that meme. I understand it, but things do happen. It's Fukayamish. Unfortunately, I suspect that you are right. >>35709 >I believe they are tempting to do is revolt win and make America communist That would be great. But let me ask you; Why would jews want to make America communist when they already wield total power? Communism would be a step down for jews since capitalist democracy allows them more flexibility and is more destructive to their racial enemies. I "pray" that the enemy is stupid enough to try to force some massive economic shift or gun confiscation. That would probably herald the end of the regime and would make Revolution possible.
>>35719 They already did a massive economic shift. It started in the 70s and 80s and conservatives cheered.
>>35718 >conservatives like you help them preserve >conservative explain why im a conservative yet I want to fight them and the communists at the same time >immigration would be practically non-existent and you'd have a free apartment, school, and healthcare. I already know this tard and in all honesty 1980s soviet Russia was good for the people and was not as oppressive as it once was I have seen a lot of slavs wanting a soviet styled government back mainly in countries that were not oppressed as badly.But what im saying is communism is more destructive because it can force racial mixing and degeneracy
>>35720 The 80s were "productive" in the sense that most people were on the upward swing. Start tearing the system apart and confiscating the land and property of what passes for "the middle class" these days and you will get violence.
(504.88 KB 1379x1287 943ureiowsb.jpg)
(378.40 KB 829x1475 fgdjksdsbds.jpg)
(132.54 KB 525x930 47937fdhshg.png)
(554.58 KB 909x923 5793254diasfi.png)
(99.02 KB 822x960 arabs_jews_serpent_seed.jpg)
>>35473 communism is a creation of the jews, and muslims are an alien race of sandniggers as semitic as the jews, nice try moshe
What a cohencidence that right as the debates are airing. Qtards start coming out of nowhere trying to flood the board. Voting really doesn't matter when kikes control the government and have full control of the Electoral College and shipped wetbacks and other immigrants to stuff votes. The real question is when will whites wake up when both candidates are: controlled by kikes, associated with pedophilia/pedophiles, and have no care for whites?
(98.98 KB 940x788 498239udih.jpg)
(813.85 KB 1800x1382 EKuXXQSXsAECcEZ.jpg large.jpeg)
(1.20 MB 1500x2772 berlin_cathedral-1500x850 .jpg)
>>35725 Yeah, but neither of them are as big a threat as direct Zionist rule itself, which is what we have. You don't have to tell me that Wahhabism is Muslim Zionism, I fucking know all about the true origins of (((Tjen Shulman))). Read and learn. https://fas.org/irp/eprint/iraqi/wahhabi.pdf
(328.42 KB 937x1211 1601618820870.png)
POTUS and FLOTUS both tested postive for COVID19 after a staff member tested positive earlier.
(298.59 KB 500x373 Laughing Octopus.gif)
Link on Zion Don and his wife testing positive https://archive.is/m5MNH >>35781 >migapedes are now scared after seeing their kike loving orange infected with a kike made virus >corona is known to kill mostly boomers and niggers This means Pence could become president (unless he is positive for Coronavirus as well) and this election could come to a big derail. Might actually be a sign of the US collapsing.
>>35782 I doubt he will even develop symptoms, but this is a blow in his campaign for sure. MIGApedes on suicide watch. Also, are the nigger riots still going on or did they magically stop to not endanger Pedo Joe's campaign?
>>35783 Willing to bet none/mild symptoms too. Yes once polling groups showed Biden down due to Riots they tapered off. There was small flare up for Breonna ruling but not much, Some on going in Portland too.
(69.99 KB 617x733 1601631320658.jpg)
Imagine, Trump, entire administration, Cheifs of Staff and most of Congress and Senate giving each other the coof. US collapse and right wing death squads might be just around the corner
RWDS Standing By....
retard conspiracy, although 8 years of king nigger really did a lot for the spread of social marxism and SJWism. His stacking the courts would be the biggest issue for me, but his extreme stance on gun control would make me hopeful for more cities and sheriffs departments becoming 2nd Amendment sanctuary cities and potentially a favorable SC decision but my heart tells me DC vs Heller is the last pro-2A decision we'll get out of them, they ignored a lot of 2A cases this year
>>35794 Many hope that if Barret makes it on court, they will start hearing cases again. >In Kanter v. Barr, 919 F.3d 437 (7th Cir. 2019), Barrett dissented when the court upheld a law prohibiting felons from possessing firearms, rejecting an as-applied challenge raised by the plaintiff, who had been convicted of mail fraud, a nonviolent felony. The majority upheld the felony dispossession statutes as "substantially related to an important government interest in preventing gun violence." >In her dissent, Barrett argued that while the government has a legitimate interest in denying gun possession to felons convicted of violent crimes, there is no evidence that denying guns to nonviolent felons promotes this interest, and that the law violates the Second Amendment.
(371.45 KB 1186x768 ueryiuw3ya.png)
(362.21 KB 1024x1024 8993u4oieo.jpg)
(208.98 KB 1024x856 47328yeiysah.jpg)
(61.01 KB 650x766 89432sdjfhish.jpg)
(724.88 KB 1000x2000 5798439rehfj.png)
>>35776 communism is direct zionist rule itself and islam is evil and antiwhite, your nose is showing moshe
>>35800 Fucking sand dune niggers. Islamophobia is literally the truth and people really got intelligent when acknowledging what Islam is capable of. Fucking Arabic low-life boxcutting scums.
>>35805 Muhammadeans have been trying to take over Europe for centuries, they were defeated decisively at Tours and Vienna, but now the Jewish-Masonic control of our lands has allowed them to take over without a shot fired.
(204.32 KB 1024x868 1601595687162.jpg)
If there was another crusade, can we go to the land of the rising sun and get some qt Asian waifu and just not give a damn about the 2020 election.
>>35866 Go back to your discord faggot
>>35348 I refuse to vote as both parties are two sides of the same coin. Voting legitimizes this fraudulent system.
(99.12 KB 950x633 Bidens Oval Office.jpg)
>>35348 >If Biden wins the election Yeah, that's not going to happen. He might be able to steal the election through voter fraud, but he will never win the election.
(107.55 KB 960x720 3428yeidahi.jpg)
(204.25 KB 926x694 5439urioeur.jpg)
(243.05 KB 800x531 5892ifhdsfihisd.jpg)
(269.55 KB 878x829 7439yrieufia.jpg)
(94.45 KB 720x720 7593uroweo.jpg)
>>35805 shut the fuck up hamal
(91.74 KB 572x858 8043ireorjwo.jpg)
(200.15 KB 2014x806 34268eyddsa.png)
(150.93 KB 1053x900 43278dsgadg.jpg)
(390.81 KB 760x640 592839uidhiash.png)
(427.75 KB 1150x571 2389428yddsa.jpg)
(249.70 KB 998x768 9847392yuei.jpg)
(188.64 KB 1200x1483 1589562361-4.png)
(140.41 KB 1024x791 1589562408-0.jpg)
(873.66 KB 1260x796 1592317169-0.png)
(109.04 KB 1288x1862 61FKZe7HzQL.jpg)
>>35964 Now is a good time to bet money on Trump predictit.org
(66.22 KB 418x594 83jdfhfh.jpg)
(497.85 KB 720x1090 87349fiosdhf.png)
(929.61 KB 1460x911 mass-german-protests.jpg)
>>35866 whites don't mix with rice niggers nigger
>>35711 miscegenation with euroasians was rampant in russia under the rule of communism, that was a state policy encouraged by the marxist goverment
>>35971 not really
>>35972 look at russia now
>>35980 yeah, and? 75% russian.
>>35980 >>35981 Not only 75% Russian, but the people are less ZOG'd than Americans by far. Russia has it's problems. But they are yet still capable of the the bare basics of human behavior and keep faggots from raping children in public.
(61.30 KB 615x400 03035426.142081.3738.jpeg)
(141.35 KB 473x473 brezhnev 02.jpg)
(63.97 KB 395x395 57315.jpg)
>>35981 >75% russian 50% of russians are mongrels
(269.04 KB 1366x1975 dfpdopdgp.png)
>>35983 ok, russian guy
>>35794 >he actually thinks 2A sanctuaries are a thing You poor, dumb retard. None of these "sanctuaries" ever hold out. The state simply denies them all sorts of grants and funds until they cave and comply. Same thing the feds did with raising the drinking age (why all the highways in the South are shitty), but on a state level. Watch it occur real time in Virginia as an example.
>>36007 It's funny, Brezhnev face to face told Nixon that Russia and the US should cooperate for reasons of White racial solidarity and Nixon's response was to get the ball all the way rolling on moving American industry to China.
>>35983 >But they are yet still capable of the the bare basics of human behavior and keep faggots from raping children in public. The conservative American focus is how they can harness kid rapers into lower marginal tax rates.
>>36008 >You're a Russian if you don't join (((us))) in D&Cing Okay kike. I doubt that accusing people of being a Russian will do anything other than convince us that you are a kike. But keep trying.
>>36014 Yet more reason why conservatism is death.
Can a kind anon link me up on a "biden dementia/senile compilation", which contains recent gaffes and is composed of just the juciest tidbits (few mins) for maximum propaganda effect. I'm sifting through jewtube in vain.
(11.58 MB 971x546 biden.webm)
>>36061 Don't have senile compilation. This predator comp is really good though
>https://gtv.org/web/?videoid=5f94837c7de25667c0fe0c5e#/VideoPlay_UI Posting link to Hunter Biden's foot-job. Apparently, more videos will be posted to GTV.
(303.32 KB 2048x1364 1603343796646.jpg)
>>36061 >maximum propaganda effect Biden being senile isn't that good propganda, it just makes him look like a lovable old grandpa compared to Trump who is literally Hitler and going to put gays and trannies in camps, for real this time. You'd be better off trying to expose his Ukraine corruption, though most Dem NPCs are already trained to dismiss that as just another repeat of "but her emails" cooked up by the Russian Hackers who coded Gentoo Linux. You just gotta accept that there are some people you just can't reach while the mainstream media system is up and running.
(2.16 MB 1549x2017 1603895322462.png)
(714.24 KB 992x800 1603894404273.webm)
(1.19 MB 2595x1871 1603748197350.jpg)
(842.87 KB 1536x2049 1604073094903.jpg)
(244.94 KB 1422x1044 1604075508053.jpg)
(77.88 KB 766x696 1604073356739.jpg)
>>35380 And no collapse will keep them... exactly were they've always been? I know, maybe another 6 million years of red-pilling a shrinking white population will do the trick!
>>35524 I seriously, SERIOUSLY don't understand this line of thought. What exactly do you fucking think the "International elites" gains are NOW? They're SHORT TERM! They've ALWAYS BEEN short term. By what measure do you account "HUGE GAINS"? "Oh no, I can't go to work today, the International Elites are gonna make a KILLING on my taxes!" Like what the fuck are you even talking about! Lmfao.
>>35546 Fucking agreed. 88 Precepts: Number 27. "It is not constructive to hate those of other races, or even those of mixed races. But a separation must be maintained for the survival of one's own race. One must, however, hate with a pure and perfect hatred those of one's own race who commit treason against one's own kind and against the nations of one's own kind. One must hate with perfect hatred all those People or practices which destroy one's People, one's culture, or the racial exclusiveness of one's territorial imperative." Zogbot "Conservatives" get the fucking bullet, no matter how "Redpilling" and "Totally Crypto" they are. They're one step behind race-mixers on the Treason bracket.
>>35983 I'll take the Rampant Alcoholism and Mafia Corruption just so I can live in a Russian Provence that outlaws the Homosexual Agenda. Looking for new KGB officers, Comrade?
Saying this here because I'm banned from /fascist/ on anon.cafe. I voted for Biden and abandoned fascist ideology. This was in part motivated by the El Paso shooter. He didn't convince me or other Mexican-Americans to leave Texas he only strengthened our resolve to stay and ensure Texas goes blue one day. If any of you try pulling that shit here again you're gonna get smoked we've armed ourselves this time.
>>36433 KYS SPIC. You have no right to be in the USA! WHITE countries for WHITE people.
>>35348 Nothing much
>>36433 Hope you catch a bullet on the coming battlefield. One less retarded jew pawn, the better.
>>36433 Keep dreaming your going to get your Reconquista wetback.
>>35457 God i fucking hate manlets. They all have the same face with greek noses and are angry always
>>35457 >>36439 Just look at the face of the horse he is on. Its tells you everything
>>35348 You either vote for satanists (Biden) or Luciferians (Trump) Whoever wins, humanity loses, Rockefellers enslave humanity with eugenics and 5G / 6G psychotronics. https://youtu.be/_sCtvbEaYnQ
>>36433 Wow you really convinced me anon, I didn't even consider that some half jew killing some random mutts in a mall invalidated my entire beliefs worldview doctrine and ideology. I am now a Cruz Missile.
>>36443 Exactly. Both are cock sucking jews,that should be obvious but somehow it isn't.
>>36444 trippy Very good argument. /fascist/ has a little running problem with mass shooter shills, perhaps due to BO's leniency towards such things since he's fan of nein himself. Unfortunate but at least 99% of the board is rather free of that shit. NOTE : first time I get a Tor ban on this board ("kys faggot", apparently some cunt thinks it's edgy over here or something?)
(107.47 KB 709x350 Luchsinger-Mackay.jpg)
(68.38 KB 1024x752 OP is retarded .jpg)
OP is a retarded faggot, Islam is not compatible with Communism and vice versa.
>>37083 thats why the plan is to create one mixed raced multicultual society. Trump loves immigrants as much as biden as long as they are legal. why build a wall when you can help mexico and reduce all immigration?
>>36368 gtv promotes multiculturalism, and focuses on china instead of ZOG https://gtv.org/video/id=5f94837c7de25667c0fe0c5e#/VideoPlay_UI " It doesnt matter what country you come from what ethnicity or color you are or what party you belong to. the next person to be abused may be your daughter wife sister so there are no paty or ethnic borders when it comes to eliminating the ccp. "
>>35575 hi jew
>>35374 American left = literal right wing fascists everywhere else
>>35374 That didn't age well.
Defending the government just gets tougher everyday.
>>35531 > Republicans >(Whites) that's about to change pretty quickly, bucko
>>39746 Tyranny increases until men stop it.
(674.28 KB 666x666 joe versus the vor putin 4.png)
>>35360 > the better accelerationist choice kek
>>35659 Im very weirded out that you have that pick searching up the name of the jpg it brings up "homestuck" stuff i dunno what it is even tho I have seen my cousin looks at a shit ton of that stuff and she even cosplayed once as a "homestuck" thing I dunno very weird my only guess is that your a woman and if not seek help now
>>43067 it's some gay webcomic in a fake video game format from what i saw (like isekai anime), i tried the first chapter or whatever a long time ago then stopped.
>>43068 thanks for the explanation mate
>>43100 The problem with the american regime is that, as an oligarchy, it is incredibly stable. I would not be surprised if it takes 40-50 years for the american version of Caesar to appear: and even then there is no guarantee this man will know what system he wants to replace this regime with. Thats the important task for now- knowing what to replace it with, not how to replace it; once you know what the how becomes trivial.
>>43103 That was a post from "gookbot" you are replying to
>>43103 See >>42913 for gookbot explanation
>>43129 okay chinkbot, will there be a civil war or a genocide? is it a war on white people or a war on "the poor masses?" will it be limited to the united states or will it span most western countries? maybe you should fuck off.
>>43129 Based
>>43143>>36521 >voting I don't think you belong here republicuck


no cookies?