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(87.25 KB 1280x720 Chimpout.jpg)
(16.75 KB 460x259 chimpout2.jpg)
LIVE CHIMPOUT STREAMS Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 17:51:21 No. 35478
Breanna Tailor Riot addition. I'm reading one cop got charged with 3 misdemeanors but the news live streams seem to be delayed or that info is false. This is the best non news stream I have so far. I got new shit and lost all my good streamer links. https://youtu.be/bEuBfnZEiyc
>>35478 Thanks Anon, Will likely merge post with "OogaBoogaLoo General" if thread stagnates. Also https://dlive.tv/HAPPENING.CENTER is a great aggregator. C&C generally streams 24/7 multicast style from jewtube/faceberg/twitch sources
>>35480 That's a great stream thank you. Regg just got shut down by youtube btw.
Ya, the streams generally run for hour or two, then on the ground streamer stops to recharge etc. , so having an aggregator is nice. C&C has a bit of a community and Anons in chat send him links to keep things rolling. He also has a couple Anons on west coast, that went behind enemy lines, and larped as lefties to get us some based streams
https://www.facebook.com/mathewballard/videos/10164053133625697/UzpfSTExNDA5MzA5Njk5OTQwODoxNzM3MzI3MTc3MDIxMTI/ Probably lefty narrator but at least you wont have to listen to some nigger commentator https://www.facebook.com/riotheartmedia/videos/1059509004507853/ Pro BLM/Antifa https://www.facebook.com/KatrinaHelmerTV/videos/1700281860131501/ Journalist for WDRB livestream (Kinda cute, pro RGB, not /ourgirl/, stated battery starting to get low)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt2Yso0IkK0 After action report 15.8K subscribers Stream sniper and playing some previous highlights from earlier, judging by unmoderated chat, this is /ourstream/ >Monitoring many streams and cutting to where the action is >BLM & antifa protests and sometimes riots and looting nationwide Seattle, La Mesa, Portland, Louisville, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, Kenosha, Rochester. September 23, 2020. >Follow us elsewhere: https://www.facebook.com/aftertheaction https://twitter.com/after_theaction https://www.twitch.tv/after_theaction https://streamlabs.com/after_theaction


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