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National Socialism was a cultural and spiritual renaissance Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 12:11:48 ID:afe4b1 No. 3613

National Socialism still lives on in those who know the truth, and we can still have it back, for our nations, and for our race. Heil Hitler.
USA is being fleeced dry by kikes and non-whites... if only Hitler won then the White Race could have a bastion where it could be safe
How so, OP? The Reich contributed nothing new to art or spirituality, they were all extremely limited retreads of state-approved ideas and art, basically the opposite of a renaissance. The occult ideas were all just appropriations of past religions just like the cheesy stuff that was vaunted as "high art" in the Reich. To be realistic is to admit that culturally and spiritually, National Socialism was and is just another symptom of Western decay and stagnation.
(119.86 KB 302x439 5675785589995.png)
Here's the deal. Music is my chosen art, so I'll explain why music deserves to retread old ideas. Music achieved its height during the Baroque through the Classical period. It featured complex instrumentation then and never became more grandiose and over-the-top. The Jazz movement introduced experimentation with atonality, which is unmusical, experimental garbage. The Nazis fought against it for a reason. It was evidence of popular music's decline and shift away from music worthy of an empire. Jazz was also started by negros. Ever since then, popular music has been declining in instrumentation and complexity and you can hear evidence of this in Billie Eilish's or Lorde's music. Music will become nothing but African tribal chants comprised of nothing but a bass line, a drum beat and rap/chant-like vocals.

The truth is that we need music to emulate the greatness of the higher-class again like Baroque music.
Is it you again, really?
You won't find weak minded fellows on fullchan.
So please kill yourself, Livestream would be apreciated...
>The Reich contributed nothing new to art or spirituality
There are several great philosophers and composers who lived under the Reich. Much better than anything the west has created post ww2. If you don't think the people were spiritually attuned in Germany at the time I don't know what to tell you.
>basically the opposite of a renaissance.
The renaissance was princes financing projects so not much different
> The occult ideas
Were not mainstream national socialist ideology. The movement was primarily christian.
(122.97 KB 480x360 34536367373778.jpg)
Everything I said is true. You really need to go shitskin
I think music experimentation, in general, is good. Music is not only about order and structure, it is sometimes a visceral experience. That being said, your post is pretentious. "Higher class"? Give me a break with all the peacocking. Humans are as defined and empowered by their flaws as well as their achievements and all the nobility fetishizing couldn't protect the supposed superiority of the Reich when the cold, hard reality of life came knocking.

Exactly, they lived under the Reich. They weren't fervent supporters, they were just there, they were not produced by the Reich.

The Renaissance was very organic outside of the finance as well. The ideas were also new and revolutionary on a continental scale and challenged and altered the status quo in all fields, National Socialist culture was entirely derivative and contrived and thus achieved none of these things.

As far as spirituality you support my point about National Socialism NOT being a spiritual renaissance. It did nothing to alter or empower the Cross like the actual Renaissance did and was emphasized as a societal cornerstone and political tool instead of an intellectual endeavor. So no, I don't think the people were ACTUALLY spiritually in tuned because there is no evidence to support that statement unless we want to start counting Reich propaganda as "evidence"...
(163.06 KB 407x598 6856544.jpg)
Music has been experimented with to the limit. There can be no more "new" music. This is what you fail to understand, and yes, the higher class music should be the popular music: Baroque era through Classical era musicianship and complexity.
People were in tune with the National Socialist state of "constant revolution" which was evidenced in their sleepwalker's immunity in the face of one practical problem after another - it completely changed their state of mind. NatSoc changed peoples' ideals and nearly everyone proclaimed loyalty to the state and the Fuhrer.

How many times does it need to be said that National Socialism is not a Christian movement, nor should it be. You think because Constantine came along and popularized Christianity that National Socialists should be Christian or you're out. They were spiritually in tune in the sense that what mattered to them is what happens on Earth and the construction of a paradise free from Bolshevism. What is important is what happens in this material reality - not what happens when one dies - not what morality a god imposes on a people. Christianity and the Cross can be used for political pull, but it's not a cornerstone of National Socialism.
Music has not been experimented with "to the limit". That's not your place to say, nor is that objectively verifiable (got a time machine, can you see the future?) Good music should be supported, I agree, but you've gone from art to idolatry; "because I say so". Impressive.

Don't put words in my fucking mouth, I never said NatSoc was Christianity exclusive. Everything else you say is about survival and yes, life and death does make for elevated feelings, but that is not spiritual renaissance, that is psychology. NatSoc is a secular religion, it is ascribed the term "spirituality" because NatSocs know nothing of authentic spirituality and they confuse their sick idol worship with Deus Ex Machina. I don't care how many legions of mediocre human beings subscribe to your idol worship and false gods; The True God, the Overpowering One, destroyed your degenerate man-worshipping paradise and has cursed you with eternal failure in exchange for your hubris. You are a malignant cancer upon our Race.
>they were just there, they were not produced by the Reich.
What's your point here? Was the state supposed to produce music? When has this ever been the case?
>National Socialist culture was entirely derivative and contrived and thus achieved none of these things.
I don't think this is the case at all. Natsoc looked back to germanic heritage and romanism but it was pretty much its own thing. The renaissance was looking back to classicism (in a more liberal way) in a similar way.
>It did nothing to alter or empower the Cross like the actual Renaissance did
Sure, but the people definitely felt much more in tune with their families, communities and race. You have to remember that national socialism existed for a bit longer than a decade, much of that in war time, while the renaissance encompasses roughly 300 years. Its not really a fair comparison.
>NatSoc is a secular religion, it is ascribed the term "spirituality" because NatSocs know nothing of authentic spirituality and they confuse their sick idol worship with Deus Ex Machina.
I agree with you in that there were elements in the natsoc regime that were pompus occultists that wanted to take the regime in a totally horrible direction. I believe Hitler was catholic and I believe his ideas were authentic. Hitler didn't want national socialism to be a religion, it was simply a political idea that fought off jewry and tried to tap into the race creativity of the people. Rosenberg was a rambling brainlet and Himmler was a traitorous megalomaniac.
(125.78 KB 419x508 8579989595.jpg)
>Music has not been experimented with "to the limit".
Yes it has.
>The True God, the Overpowering One, destroyed your degenerate man-worshipping paradise and has cursed you with eternal failure in exchange for your hubris.
What proof do you have that a god intervened? Where is the proofs
>Rosenberg was a rambling brainlet and Himmler was a traitorous megalomaniac.
You'd better watch it, because people who are National Socialist are those who want to climb a new hierarchy, and as I've said about Hitler and the other top Nazis, they were criminals through and through; at least they are considered as such since they didn't win. I have no qualms about it. I am a criminal for being National Socialist. Himmler was a product of the hierarchy. He ascended because he was the best candidate for the role. Himmler was traitorous, but if you spread this, it will only make National Socialism look bad. The National Socialist movement is criminal in the hopes of creating a better world by the end of it.
Exactly, that's what I'm saying. All of this is so paltry, it's inaccurate and a bastardization of the term "Renaissance" to deem it as such. It doesn't deserve the title.
"The proof is in the pudding"
I invite you to view two juxtaposed forces, your "gods" (National Socialism) and my God (manifesting as brutal reality).
Your gods preach egotistic superiority, striving towards nobility, rigid and oppressive morality and self-domestication. Your pantheon rose and thought itself an apex of righteousness. God laughed. An empire of fools were quickly decimated, Hitler's cherished ideal of willpower was annihilated by ignoble viciousness. His effeminate, puritanical society gang-raped by the less scrupulous. Whether you interpret cause and effect in a secular fashion or otherwise, the writing is on the wall about your idealogy. The tombstone is next.
(171.89 KB 220x180 jewrubbinghands.gif)
You've essentially said nothing. Hitler was in a good position to win the war, but he, following Napoleon, decided to invade Russia in the winter. He was a bungler. What you're saying is that the Enlightenment was God's will, that the South losing the Civil War was God's will, and the Nazis losing was God's will. He doesn't seem like a very good god. Most certainly not my god if all he wants is to see me destroyed. Christianity turned morality completely upside down. In ancient Greece morality was viewed differently. The beautiful, the powerful, the noble, the rich, the healthy and the strong were seen as blessed by God. The sick, weak, ugly, and poor were viewed in the opposite. Christianity turned this upside down and has bred a weak, submissive white race. This Christian god doesn't seem like someone a white person should follow. Your religion expects weakness and cowardice from the white race, and it is inherently nihilistic. Nothing in this material universe matters; just that you behave yourself and don't cause any trouble so you can get into the afterlife. It is the very definition of weakness and submission to the powers that be. National Socialism expects rebellion against the oppressors, as Hitler pointed out. And the Jew continues lying to sway the goyim to continue his inaction
Christianity: The Original Jewish Psyop
>Christianity: The Original Jewish Psyop
Kys and leave this board. You faggots ruin everything.
> decided to invade Russia in the winter
No he didn't
>He was a bungler
No he wasn't
>Christianity turned this upside down and has bred a weak, submissive white race.
You're getting your knowledge of Christianity from /pol/ memes. Your posts always reak of ignorance and I have no idea why you're showing your face because you're becoming the poster boy for larpagan low-iq, unread natsoc. We don't want you. Hitler was christian, national socialism was christian and 99% of the people who fought and died for it were christian.
(217.46 KB 434x650 4747890-0-0.jpg)
>You're getting your knowledge of Christianity from /pol/ memes.
No I'm not. I read Nietzsche just like Hitler did. I've said that Christianity is needed for the masses because most consider themselves Christian, but it is not needed for the elite. Immorality is the natural state of humanity. Christianity attempts to keep it in line. You're a shill, because my posts reek of excellence and knowledge.
>No he wasn't
Yes he was a bungler.
> and 99% of the people who fought and died for it were christian.
Hitler himself expressed primitive Hindu views. He once said that life sprang from death. The guy was the superior Nazi - do you really think he was a Christian slave? He was also into eugenics and evolution. Once as a young man he asked women if they would accept sperm from tall, robust, handsome men.

If anything what I'm doing here on 16chan is giving you insight into the mind of a National Socialist leader. The truth is much different than what is presented to the public.
PLOT TWIST: I'm not Christian or anything Abrahamic!

Hehe, you NatSoc cripples can't have any discussion without da Joos. "You said nothing" Actually, I did, you're just too mentally deficiencient to put up a decent fight (like Hitler). If I were you, I would thank da Joos for keeping your pathetic substitute for a religion alive. Tick tock, weaklings...National Socialism gets more boring every year, it's only a matter of time before the sands of time entomb it in a silent death : )
t. Schlomo Jacob Goldstein
>You're a shill, because my posts reek of excellence and knowledge.
lol btfo.

For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, no explanation is possible.
Russia was invaded in the summer. If you read Hitler's Revolution, Hitler was given incorrect intel on the strength and capability of the USSR. There is also evidence that the German resistance had infiltrated officer ranks, and this incorrect intel might have been purposely passed along.
Extraordinarily low iq posts.
>If anything what I'm doing here on 16chan is giving you insight into the mind of a National Socialist leader.
Buddy. You're understanding of Christianity, nietzsche and Christianity reads like /pol/ inforgraphics. You keep regurgitating that you've read Nietzsche and I guarantee that's almost all you've read.
>Immorality is the natural state of humanity.
Wow you're about a insightful as a angsty 16 year old. 1500 years of the greatest European minds didn't think about this I guess.
>do you really think he was a Christian slave?
He said he was. Unless you think he was a lying kike.
>He was also into eugenics and evolution.
Which don't contradict with Christianity in the least.
He doesn't even have the most basic facts about ww2 down, but fashions himself a natsoc intellectual because he's read Nietzsche.
(69.99 KB 411x309 546478999.jpg)
Yes, I know that, but the mud and the winter is what did them in. It doesn't matter. He lost like a buffoon because he assumed command of the entire army in an attempt to prove himself a military mastermind like Napoleon. He should have given his generals more power.
You need to stop posting. Whenever someone comes along who explains the entire thing, there are always a few of you guys who like to test the leader.
>He said he was.
He also said he believed in reincarnation.
>Which don't contradict with Christianity in the least.
Confirmed low IQ poster. No ability to lead. For the love of National Socialism, can you please stop shilling your Jew religion on 16chan? Take that to 4chan
>Yes, I know that, but the mud and the winter is what did them in.
Sure you knew did. I guess the army should have just walked back to germany in the winter than.
>He lost like a buffoon because he assumed command of the entire army in an attempt to prove himself a military mastermind like Napoleon.
This is literally a meme. You're regurgitating a jewish perspective on Adolf Hitler.
>He also said he believed in reincarnation.
No he didn't
>Confirmed low IQ poster. No ability to lead.
Not an argument.
sure you did*
>This is literally a meme. You're regurgitating a jewish perspective on Adolf Hitler.
You are frustrating to be honest. Who knows what the real history is? No one can tell anymore. It doesn't matter. He's dead. He lost.
>>He also said he believed in reincarnation.
Yes, he did. He said he believed in evolution and that life springs from death the way the world goes through cycles. I don't remember where I read it, but it was in a book I read while I was in prison. I would remember it because I also read the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads around the same time. What he said made me read them actually, and I came to find out in the preface of the book that the Aryans were the ones who brought their ideals to India which led to the creation of the Hindu religion. I am very much interested in Hinduism for this reason.

>Michael Burleigh contrasted Hitler's public pronouncements on Christianity with those in Table Talk, suggesting that Hitler's real religious views were "a mixture of materialist biology, a faux-Nietzschean contempt for core, as distinct from secondary, Christian values, and a visceral anti-clericalism."
(92.01 KB 1000x1000 1519282840289.jpg)
I wouldn't say Hitler lost. That's a very black and white view of history. Hitler destroyed the largest empire in human history and severely crippled the Soviet Union. Perhaps you have him to thanks for the failure of global communism more than any free market pie in the sky bullshit. Many of the current events and the eventual destruction of the American empire can also be viewed as a consequence of the aftermath of WW2. In short, the allies fought for evil and it backfired on them tremendously. When I think about what Hitler had to play with, and what he achieved, I can't help but think that he was the real winner of WW2.
Say what you want about negroes, you can't fault them when it comes to being extremely musical people. Just a shame about the way the jew has latched onto this fact and harnessed it to make some of the most subversive propaganda known to man.
Also, you are not the Fuhrer, you're a very naughty boy!
this autism eh im bored also what you think is "natsoc nazis" is skin head tier faggots national socialism is not about shooting up drugs and acting retarded anon if you are truly white you will see the light of national socialism or he but down like the dog you are with the rest of the capitalism scum this time it will not be a movement it will and is slowly starting to happen a complete white revolution many MANY have tried to start one and many have already dead with the influx of new jewish trash/degeneracy many whites have been woken up.you can escape the day of the rope
No, NatSocs are effeminate, virtue signaling losers. I'm not with anybody except White people, so shut the fuck up. I don't worship any political or economic system. NutSacs are some of the dumbest human beings I've ever seen in my life and are basically SJW's with opposite, puritanical morals. People were naming the Jew and being nationalistic long before that retard Hitler was born. National Socialism is weak, cultist garbage and NutSacs do nothing but hold back White advancement. National Socialism has no future because it attracts only the stupid, it is Asian to the core and lacks all the things that made Europeans unique: creativity, dynamism and curiosity. National Socialism does not have a future because it never had a past, it is a regurgitation of a domesticated populace that is empty at the center. It is a utopian drug for the fearful, the bitter and the dim-witted.
(57.47 KB 414x427 1518109950537.jpg)
Fuck off, moshe. You're not fooling anyone.
Its Marxism mixed with a warped understanding of white tribalism. Only
free people with hope of pursuing their
own goals make a nation succeed.
It is not the state or leader that maters, it's the people. An unfree people acomplish nothing, dictatorships fall eventually. Free societies are different, the people invest in them and will fight for them. Socialism will always fail it puts an imaginary collective first rather than the true collective which is each individual in the nation. If you do not focus on the individual and individual freedom then your collective collapses. Walls are made from bricks, mistreat the bricks and you mistreat the wall, it will collapse.
I agree. Hitler's Germany was the only free society that ever existed.
>>5745 LMFAO, what a fucking sub-Saharan response. Why would Jews want to kill the golden goo$e of (((National Socialism)))? You cock suckers aren't shit but $capegoats and puppet$ who singlehandedly prevent any progress from being made for White people. All you inbred pieces of shit do is hold our fucking Race back! The only good NatSoc is a dead NatSoc, so be good! Some White folks are sick of your sorry asses!
(484.23 KB 3831x2554 Hands-typing-on-keyboard.jpg)
>that entire post
One wonders if patriotic soldiers will go rogue and give equipment to the rebels when Civil War 2.0 starts.
(11.21 MB 768x432 đź”´_RED_PILL.mp4)

If you truly listen, you will understand the truth about the last 100 years.
"If only you would listen to the gospel of Hitler! Your soul would be saved! Worship!"

Everyone knows about the Jews and their influence, you think that's information I'm not aware of? You really think I'm new to this scene you fucking idiot? Enough of your failed heroes and ineffective actions. NatSocs have been given enough time to prove their worth and yet you all continue to lay nothing but failure and embarassment at the feet of our Race. No more chances! You are all dead weight that needs to go!

Im not even going to argue with you or call you a kike but you do realize the degeneration of western society would have happened a lot quicker and it would be a hundred times worse right? Before he came into power berlin was the most degenerate capital in europe and the communists would have taken over if it weren't for him.

I know you are angry, so am i but don't don't blame it on people that fought for the same thing we fight for today.

We have to work together and we have to make due with what we have now, im certain that everything will be set right soon.

I wish you all the best in your struggle.

Heil Victory Anon
No, enough of this Marxist answer to the problems we face. No authoritarian bull shit we want freedom , only by uplifting the individual can you uplift the collective. Chimping out like Hitler will do nothing. Allying ourselves with other ethnic nationalists even Jews will build a movement that offers something beside death and destruction to all but our own. Instead of killing we need to start learning and building.
I appreciate the gracious words, if you don't wish to argue I will not pursue it and peace be upon you. For the other eyes; I used to believe in unconditional unity, but that has given way to hunger for advancement. I have reached the end of my patience and acceptance for those that are stagnant, ineffective and counter-productive. Results matter and the Nazi/Right-Wing/Conservative umbrella is stagnant and intellectually impotent, it is far too utopian and lacks depth.

I am White; I was born to transgress, challenge and change. The old guard are too limited. Those who keep wind out of the sails need to be thrown overboard, or at the very least silenced and hidden from view. Do you all know what separated our people from the rest? The constant destruction and creation of ideas, we never stopped changing until now; frozen in time while the world marches without us.
You dipshit. National Socialism is aspiration toward the truth. Essentially what you are advocating here

>I am White; I was born to transgress, challenge and change. The old guard are too limited. Those who keep wind out of the sails need to be thrown overboard, or at the very least silenced and hidden from view. Do you all know what separated our people from the rest? The constant destruction and creation of ideas, we never stopped changing until now; frozen in time while the world marches without us.

It was about fighting Marxism as well as unbridled capitalism. Was it limited by the fact that it didn't explicitly make solidarity among Whites part of the forefront of their message? A bit. But consider where you are at, if you are a shill. The truth wins out over any falsehood, and your beliefs concerning the labels we ascribe to ourself such as 'National Socialist' show that you are ignorant of our philosophy.

Lurk two years before posting, newfaggot, and neck yourself if you're a paid shill.
Bitch, what truth? You keep bullshitting about people not understanding National Socialism, what the fuck is so hard to understand? Hitler was for the race, against economic exploitation and for a virtuous population.

What's the truth? Trying to flex on the Jews? That's the whole gameplan? Speak up, boy! Bitch, please, Israel wants people like you...predictable, dumb and boring. Shit, I bet they encourage (((National Socialism))) if anything.
>Allying ourselves with other ethnic nationalists even Jews will build a movement
>Allying with jews
Yes, it will work this time! Forget the 109 examples on why we shouldn't associate ourselves with jews.
(964.20 KB 1280x720 1556330086920.webm)
Again, your knowledge is thin.
National Socialism is simply the application of science to the human condition, you stupid hotheaded shill nigger.
That's it. Everything else is mutable, because that is the very definition of science- use the best you know exists, and when an idea shows itself to be the truth, apply it.

If you disagree with the above, you are the blackest monkey nigger I've ever seen on this chan, and deserve to be repeatedly banned for your absolute idiocy.
Hmm, I after reading Mein Kampf and White Power, my knowledge is thin... No, you're fucking talking shit. Hitler nor any of the founders were scientists, stop with the dog and pony bullshit. I want you to tell me right now this fucking truth you keep fucking hiding. You've been getting stepped on for almost a hundred fucking years, so come on bitch, give me the best sorry ass excuse you can muster. Tell me how fucking great (((National Socialism))) is sitting behind your keyboard at the mercy of a world that could snuff you in a moment.
>le non scientists cannot use the magical scientific method meme

Again, your knowledge is thin. I am saying that whatever label it takes for us to win and conquer as Aryans is the one that is fine with me, but National Socialism is literally the application of science to the human condition. That's it.

What alternative do you propose, that hasn't already been proposed before? Enlighten us, O leader.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up and get off our board. National Socialism is what made me the man I am today, and stands as a first-hand example that things can always be made better.

And before you start with any 'based jew' shit or 'le based black guy' shit, fuck off, we all know it's because you're embarrassed the kike company you sold your DNA to outed you as a member of the long-nose tribe.
>implying hitler was the aggressor
national socialism is a peaceful ideology
If the weak, feeble etc etc are to be viewed as immoral by the grace of godly judgement (greek), then 9th of May, 1945 does condemn natsoc. The judea christian God is the one of the two who could forgive natsoc based on intent. The one god you (and the guy you respond to) propose as the most morally sound, condemned natsoc to rape by communism. Hope higher education is free where you live. Otherwise you should apply for a 50 % discount, based on result (Tip: judea christian god would grant it, greek god would just continue to laugh at you).
Really? "based shit"? Do you see those ID's? Am I saying or implying anything about "based" non-Whites? Stop saying "again your knowledge is thin", you're trying to obfuscate how simplistic your religion is.

When you say shit like it's "the application of science to the human condition", back it up, articulate it, don't just claim self-evidence. See, this isn't science; you're trying to make a point, but you're not putting in the work. Rub those brain cells together and make some fuckin' sparks, White Man.

I'm dealing with a member of my race who can't do anything to defend himself except call people kikes, but I'm supposed to lead you? To propose alternatives for you? You need to go, people like you just keep getting more oppressed and more shit on by society. You guys just don't have what it takes to improve the situation of our race, so you need to go, that's step 1. The more you guys die, lose your jobs, get thrown in prison, that's just improving the gene pool. Multi-cultural Whites aren't replacing themselves, now the next ones that need to go are the domesticated, bitched out Whites like you who worship a vegan faggot who would've told you what you're allowed to say, hear and read. Yeah, take that Asian soul of National Socialism straight to hell with you, weakling.
>Hitler was the real winner of WW2
I think it's safe to say that getting invaded, having your armies destroyed, having your cities flattened, shooting yourself and then having your surviving military unconditionally surrender so that your nation can be occupied and dismembered counts as a defeat. Indeed, Germany lost WW2 far more than she lost WW1.
Actually, Germany lost WW2 harder than almost any nation in history ever lost a war. Very few wars end in unconditional surrender.

As for America's empire, no. America before WW2 was an isolationist naval superpower. America after WW2 was a semi-global empire. The same is true with the USSR except without the navy. Before WW2, the USSR was isolated diplomatically. After WW2, it was a semi-global empire with tentacles stretching across the globe.
My god shut the fuck up faggot. I can tell just by the way that you type that everyone in your actual life, friends, family and associates, wish you would die. I’m being serious, you sound like the worst kind of loser
(44.73 KB 1280x833 WWII Casualties.png)
No, I would say defeat would be to not have fought against British and communist tyranny, or to have fought poorly and given up. They fought spectacularly and, in the end, their enemies were defeated. Their empires and ideology were destroyed. That's victory.
(719.20 KB 2560x1600 vintage-photography-beach.jpg)
If you want me to shut up, maybe you shouldn't bump the thread and say things that might get a response ; )

As for the rest, I'll have to take your word on it because I am grateful for everything and everyone God has graced me with and all the good that they bring. Despite the challenging nature of life, each day seems to usher in something new and better, and if this is "losing", then I consider myself fortunate and hope it continues...
You’re a faggot dude you will never transgress(gay af and not even a white trait I think you mean transcend), challenge, or change anything. Just bang your fist and pretend to be a great thinker some where else
>Getting completely obliterated is victory because you fought
That's dumb.
Victory is winning.

>Literally posts casualty statistics as an argument
Are you 12? Serious question. Are you around 12? People usually grow out of the KDR phase in their teenage years. Only noobs and Vietnam War generals don't understand that KDR is irrelevant so long as you win.
War is not about killing enemy soldiers. It's about seizing control of your objectives. You could lose zero soldiers and kill ten thousand in a battle and still lose if at the end of the day, your men ran away and allowed the enemy to seize control of your nuclear silos and threaten your country.

Also, triggering though it may be, Hitler didn't need to fight and lose against the British. All he had to do was not invade Poland. He could have had a united Germany but he chose to throw it away for a fucking empire.
(99.65 KB 960x757 Churchill (2).jpg)
(70.56 KB 417x463 Churchill.jpg)
(48.37 KB 1257x848 English empire.png)
(293.43 KB 639x329 1506451503816.png)
You're just a disingenuous retard. You keep repeating they were obliterated, because you really wish that were true. But as I showed you, they killed far more than they lost, destroyed both the French and the British empires, and put a nail in the coffin of international communism, an once ascendant ideology before Hitler and WW2. Communism was mortally wounded by Hitler and slowly bled out for 45 years, never able to compete with other powers that were left untarnished, before collapsing. You're here to repeat the dogma that you've been fed rather than examine what really happened. Both WW1 and WW2 were entirely manufactured by Britain to knock out what they saw as a rising opponent and maintain their hegemony over the world. I would say Hitler imposed a crushing defeat upon them since the exact opposite is what took place. They lost everything and are now a Pakistani colony.
(19.84 KB 294x320 quicksand_hand.jpg)
No, I mean trangsgress. I don't consider myself a great thinker or aspire to be...

Transgression is absolutely a White trait (not in you though, you are without originality or a soul). Awareness and a brief glance through our history would make that evident=look how frequently and rapidly our status quo changes, that is the nature of transgression.

You keep wanting me to leave so you may be left to your masturbatory echo chamber, unfortunately for you I have been given a little time to kill, so I am here challenging your power level (dissapointing) and poking around (also disappointing)...

...and change is inevitable, your struggle against it is futile.
>You keep repeating they were obliterated, because you really wish that were true
If America "won" the war against the Taliban as much as Germany "won" WW2, America would be an Islamic country run by the Taliban.

> they killed far more than they lost
>Therefore they won
So in your world, Carthage won the Second Punic war.

As I pointed out before, communism before WW2 was isolated and largely contained in Russia. After WW2, it was literally everywhere. Including Germany (the "winner" of WW2), I might add.
(162.22 KB 900x1200 Hijab.jpg)
>America would be an Islamic country
Pic related
>communism before WW2 was isolated and largely contained in Russia.
You know nothing about the history of communism.
>Pic related
Great! We're winning!
Though we still haven't won as much as Hitler did. That would require Trump to commit suicide and our military to unconditionally surrender to the Taliban. Then they need to occupy our country, rape half of our women, give parts of it to Canada (which they also will occupy because Canada will win too), burn our constitution and replace it with a Koran, and brainwash our entire population.
Oh and to top off our winning, America will be divided in two. One half will be run by the Taliban and the other half by Al Qaeda. That'll go over well.

>You know nothing about the history of communism.
I do and that's not an argument. If you think that the USSR was not in a more powerful position after WW2, then you are the one who knows nothing about the history of the 20th century.

Oh wait, then again, you probably think that becoming a global superpower is actually losing.
Are you Justin Trudeau by any chance? Your country sucks.
(65.32 KB 774x866 1516151501701.png)
You're just a pretentious faggot with nothing to add to the thread. That's why they tell you to shut up.
(158.07 KB 797x1200 Dv8EFnrVYAA5sFP.jpg)
You're just repeating yourself and creating a straw man because you have nothing left to say in the face of all the points I made. My point from the beginning was always what each side started with and what they lost. Go fuck yourself, zionist slave.
Is that why I keep getting replies? You guys are so lazy...this place is like Pornhub for Nazis and you're mad at getting your circle jerk interrupted. Other than that, you boys are wimps. Can't do anything but sling memes around, god forbid you try to use that rock between your ears...

Don't know the relevance of your picture, I'm not a Bernie supporter. Eh, I guess that's the kind of shit you post when you're just an empty bag of meat.
(10.76 KB 846x347 Lgbt acceptance.png)
Must be sad when all you can do to fight fascism is bait replies and name call on an anonymous internet board. Meanwhile, our channels, publications and personalities just keep growing, and you lose influence everyday. Are you sure you're not the one being played? :<)
>My point from the beginning was always what each side started with and what they lost

>Starting position; Independent nation
>After WW2; Invaded and occupied

>Starting position; Independent state, some influence in other nations, mostly isolated
>After WW2; ALL of Eastern Europe under their control. ALL of northern China under their control. East Germany under their control. No longer isolated diplomatically. Communist support skyrocketing in China, Indo-China, India, Africa, and Latin America

>Starting position; Powerful but not supreme
>After WW2; Semi-global Empire

You keep shrieking at me but your definition of victory is losing and your definition of defeat is conquering the world.
I don't understand this behavior. I think you're just trying to cope.

Let's examine how much each one of those men won
Committed suicide while his army surrendered unconditionally
Executed after being raped and tortured (sounds like winning!)
Allowed to continue serving as nominal head of Japan after surrendering unconditionally to the Americans. The Americans (who sure did lose!) got to take over his country and use it as a glorified aircraft carrier to this day
Never ruled his country
(So he won too.)
Why not Francisco Franco? Is it because Francisco Franco lost the civil war by defeating his enemies?
Well, I'll give you that. The communists won the Spanish civil war ALMOST as badly as Hitler won WW2.
I will admit, he was indeed executed.
Well, idk about winning (aka losing) but Poland won WW2 ALMOST as badly as Germany did so I'll give you that one.
>Hitler wuz just a good christcuck like me
Hitler spoke volumes about how he despised the jew cult in his personal life. A devote jew slave worshipper wouldn't castrate the church and promote "positive christianity" as a politically expedient replacement for the jew cult. Also look at what Himmler said in public about the kiked church (not to mention all of the SS materials that expose it). Surely a good christcuck wouldn't let his right hand man bash yeshua out in the open like that.... right?
Dude your post Make you sound like a self-aggrandizing faggot. No time in history of white people has transgression been revered or objectively good(see Christianity). Kill yourself you pilpulling faggot status quo changed only through conquest
You don't even include Britain and France on your "analysis", the main powers of the world at the time. This just show what a dishonest faggot you are. Losing the largest empires in human history is not worthy of mention in your narrative. Most of your analysis is wrong too. Like calling Germany an independent state after the Treaty of Versailles, and thinking the USSR benefited greatly from the war just because they inherited some control over a few war torn, low value territories, despite losing almost 25 million people, and losing immeasurable amounts of material wealth.
If the USSR gained so much and was such a great power, why did they crash and burn in 45 years? Is that victory according to you?
Also, about those personalities who you tried to slander: sometimes great heroes must make great sacrifices to destroy evil people like you. I'd say they done very well, and I thank them kindly. It's better to die fighting for your people than to die like a shriveled, cowardly husk grasping at the last straws of your existence. The fact that communism was ultimately defeated is a sweet testament to their valor.
Clearly, you're not reading what I've been saying. What is my stance? Why do I think Nazis are weak? Your post is a good example, what does LGBT shit have to do with this? I don't support that shit. As for namecalling, don't even go there, my posts are one of few in this thread with actual substance, although you all seem to lazy to refute them.

How am I losing influence? I have no influence and you have no idea what you're talking about. My ID's are c4cb40 and 1dc940, go back, read my posts, stop being lazy by trying to pigeonhole me into a category and let's see if you can come back with some original thoughts.

Just because someone speaks in a different manner than you, doesn't mean they're self-aggrandizing. You sound insecure. So, you don't think transgression is good? How about when it changed the perception of the Earth being flat to the Earth being round? That was considered highly transgressive, changed the status quo and did not come from conquest.

If you want to see a faggot who should die, all you have to do is go stand in front of a mirror. For extra credit, bring that whore you call a mother and the piece of trash she fucked to make your dumb ass...
(108.54 KB 600x699 Nazball.jpg)
You and all these kids did not fight. The entire world was not against Germany, Hitler had allies (the Axis). Nobody is pissing their pants then or now (keep dreaming, wimp). Actually, maybe some people did hide under their beds, like all the White Polish, Greek, Belarusian women and children who were murdered by German forces...
>You don't even include Britain and France on your "analysis", the main powers of the world at the time
Alright. Britain and France after the war lost their empires. Though not as completely as Germany did.

>Germany was not an independent state after the Treaty of Versailles
>The USSR didn't benefit from WW2
Stupid shit like this doesn't deserve a response. You like in your own little fantasy land. Those of us who actually care about history laugh at you.

If the USSR gained so much and was such a great power, why did they crash and burn in 45 years? Is that victory according to you?
It is according to you. If Germany won WW2 by being obliterated, then the USSR won the Cold War by being defeated.
Also, this is what you sound like
>If the Roman Empire gained so much and was such a great power, why did they crash and burn in 400 years? Is that victory according to you?

>die like a shriveled, cowardly husk grasping at the last straws of your existence.
Isn't that a victory according to you? If getting your cities leveled and your people enslaved is victory, then dying a shriveled husk is the acme of success.

>The fact that communism was ultimately defeated is a sweet testament to their valor.
This is an insane and hilarious position
You maintain that Nazism won WW2 by being defeated because communism went on to die too.
(39.45 KB 700x466 Flammenwerfer.jpg)
You sound like an angry child. Show us where the evil natzees touched you.
(11.32 KB 200x235 1550019156198.jpg)
Jesus, you've modified so many of my quotes so far. You also claim I said things I never did like "nazism won ww2". Just search that on the thread and you'll see the only person who ever said that was you. You just can't stop lying, you evil kike.

You claim things are too stupid to deserve a response and yet don't even try to respond to them. That's just a silly trick because you don't want to respond. There's also a great difference between 400 and 45 years. Again, you're just a bullshit artist, and a bad one at that.

>ou claim things are too stupid to deserve a response and yet don't even try to respond to them.
Yeah. You're sitting here shrieking that Germany won WW2. A claim so stupendously stupid that it doesn't deserve a response.
The USSR must have won the Cold War and the Nationalists won the Chinese civil war.
(75.91 KB 834x600 1517002480665.jpg)
I also never said Germany won ww2.
Press ctrl-f.
Type "germany won ww2".
The only person who said that in this thread was you.
You just can't stop lying. Do you even know what we're talking about? You're some low IQ nigger, aren't you?
>When I think about what Hitler had to play with, and what he achieved, I can't help but think that he was the real winner of WW2.

>Y-y-youre a nigger! ANd a kike! ANd a -a-a a JEW! And a FBI!!!
(304.44 KB 994x1042 1517002587933.png)
There you go, for once you quoted me properly in the entire thread, without modifying the quote. And what I mean by that quote is that, given the circumstances, and the terrible odds Hitler had to endure to fight for the freedom of his people, he actually did a pretty good job, and despite losing the war, his opponents as a whole lost more than he did. They lost their colonies, they lost more material, they lost more people. That's it.
The one modifying your quote is you. You said
"He (hitler) was the REAL WINNER of WW2"

And once again, see >>6644 you fucking idiot.
Winning means winning.
Not getting your cities flattened and then surrendering unconditionally. No one gives a shit about KDR except 12 year olds and neocons. And even they know that KDR is meaningless. They just talk about it because they needed to cope after the Viet Cong defeated them
Just like you need to cope because surrendering = losing and everyone with a brain already understands this.
Nah, it's pretty meaningful how many people die and how much you lose in order to win. You're just being a retard because you want to be right.
great job just waste those digits

GLR btfo you before you were born, kike. Your arguments have no power here.

You are illustrating nothing, and you are acting as nothing but a foil, doing nothing but honing our arguments and strengthening our arguments for the Truth.

Do you wish to continue? In either case, it does nothing but help. Continue if you will.
Back to 4cuck faggot Jew
The Greeks knew the earth was round over 2000 years ago. No transgressions needed and what did Galileo actual change in his society with that revelation. Nothing. You’re just s pilpuling jew kys
>This shit again

National Socialism was never a Christian movement and it is fundamentally impossible for it to be so. Hitler and some others made noise about being Christian in the earlier days (so many NSDAP members, especially members of the SS, left the churches starting in the mid-30s that a word was coined to describe it: gottgläubig) and was willing to play ball as long as the churches were but they refused to knuckle under and they were smashed just like any other obstacle. Hitler may well have considered himself a Christian, I don't know - he said as much several times but he also said the opposite and he mocked the professed religious beliefs of people like Himmler, Rosenberg, etc. and rightfully slammed what you would probably call "LARPagans" as dilettante cowards playing dress up. I personally believe that Hitler (like many people) had so much Christian baggage that he kept the trappings and awareness of the divine while effectively throwing out virtually everything that would be recognizable as "Christian" by a third party. Hitler was also neither infallible nor always correct and to blindly take his word as gospel on every issue means that you are a Hitler cultist, not a National Socialist

Whatever the rhetoric is you must set it aside and look at the actions of the NSDAP and the reactions to those actions both from within and without. Kirchenkampf, Positive Christianity, the occultism of the SS, active de-Christianization, Mit Brennder Sorge, etc. all testify to the un-Christian nature of National Socialism. Hitler himself took a realpolitik and utilitarian attitude towards religion and removed or subverted the churches because they would not conform but past that he really didn't care what people believed - including atheism - so long as they believed in National Socialism first because National Socialism is the belief system that matters. Individuals like Himmler went a step farther and attempted to construct a synthetic folk religion that drew from Germanic myth and pre-Christian beliefs and from what we know Hitler either didn't care or rolled his eyes at the pageantry. Regardless of the spectrum of religion in the Reich, the fact remains that Christianity and National Socialism are mutually exclusive because both are playing for the brass ring and nothing is capable of changing that. People have tried, of course, and that's how you end up with pathetic clusterfucks like Christian "ACHKSHUALLY white people are the real Jews" Identity. There is no unilateral National Socialist outlook on the divine. An atheist can be a National Socialist, a heathen (in most cases, though certainly not all) can be a National Socialist, and even an animist or a pantheist or an agnostic or what have you can be a National Socialist but someone who claims to be an Abrahamist and a National Socialist is lying about one or the other and as such is either ill-informed, stupid or malicious.

In closing, I will leave this fascinating tidbit collected from one of the all-time great threads on 8/pol/. Have a pleasant day.
>it's pretty meaningful how many people die
This is a pointless sentence.

We're talking about who won the war. Hitler shot himself and his army surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY. His nation was destroyed, carved up, occupied, and brainwashed. That's losing.
Trying to nitpick and say "Oh well more people died on their side" is a coping mechanism.
>nat soc wasnt christian
>what is the iron cross
>hitler shot himself
if you unironically believe this you need to either leave or lurk for 2 years before posting
I already escaped the system. I might be on the ragged edge, but I live. I can have outhouses all I wish, and I can have all the animals I wish, but I may not have running water other than the spring that runs on the property.

Anons, it is possible. I would say it is easy, but it must not be for those accustomed to the luxury of our modern society. I did it, absolutely.
>shortcut to finding yourself in a privately owned prison doing slave labor for pennies a day.
The epitome of laziness and mental impotence.

What did Galileo actually change? Is that a joke question? The way people view the entire Earth, does that not mean anything to you? He was hated by many for it and suppressed. Our history is characterized by transgression, look at the way we transgress against the status quo of today's society. Transgression is not inherently good or bad, it is just a mechanism for change. Do you need more examples?
It didn’t change the way anyone thought about anything and he died right before a forced confession, very transgressive am I right. stop pilpuling just admit you’re anti-white and your words are meaningless
To be honest with you, I'm not really sure what pilpuling is, just not very active on imageboards to know, I guess. We'll have to agree to disagree, if you don't think going from a version of a flat Earth to a round one in significant portions of the population is change, you strike me as insane.

As far as being anti-White, that claim is also insane, not to mention an outright fabrication. This thread seems to have run its course as you and your umm "superior master race NatSocs" seem unable and unwilling to engage with any ideas outside of your very small scope of thought. You shining beacons of intellect should have your own /NatSoc/ board separate from /pol/ where you can be quarantined...err placed into a safe space where you're not exposed to anything that deviates from your comfort zone.
Something you can do today to spread freedom is to train someone how to use a firearm. You could also go to gun shows and buy guns and ammo to give away as gifts to as many Americans as you can.

Banning guns won't be easy if everyone is a gunowner.

One reason Americans are tolerating tyranny now is that they have food, AC, and beer. Once the guns are outlawed, Communists are elected in 2020 or 2024, or the US Ponzi economy pops and people are starving in the street, Civil War 2.0 could start.

Time is running out.
If the government can force you to buy insurance, what's to stop them from forcing you to buy snowblowers and boats, too?
If there is a communist leader elected, I WILL assassinate them. Death to communism.
Yes I am comfortable with food. Kinda need it.
It was controlled opposition by freemasons, idiot:

>suspicious nose
3R literally erased all the degenerate Weimar shit. It was a true Renaissance 2.0, with support for spiritually elevating art, the same that came to be in Italy.
>>4444 (checked)
>Hitler didn't want national socialism to be a religion
There's literally a quotation out there wherein he mocks people who don't see that NS is more than political but was chiefly spiritual before anything else.
You cannot repair a people, a White nation, without reestablishing a real connection to the Supreme Godhead.

>look, ima gonna cut the gospels into two parts and sell you the jew-free version

>Immorality is the natural state of humanity. Christianity attempts to keep it in line.
A typical christcuck who thinks that without his Jesus kult, mankind would devolve into sinful barbarians. Aren't we all sinful anyway, according to this sick religion?
We don't need it, we never did. It was forced on our ancestors and defending this alien religion is the apex of spiritual cuckoldry.
That article is a joke. Rosenberg was Jewish, said (((Franz Szell))). And Hitler was Jewish too.
German bitches don't like hearing the truth, you have to worship a failure or you get nowhere with them. What a fucking shitshow.
>SS = Jews
>Gestapo = bad

<Is BoomerBot, normally it's comments are purged for being off topic, but as noticed by others, much of it's output is pasta.
>Gathering a collection of it's posts for creation of filter
Thank anon
One jew in the sky = Pollution.
All Jews in the sky = Solution.
Thanks anon, that bot is so annoying
(254.06 KB 1080x1350 1564582665929.jpg)
(144.25 KB 1920x1080 1459257909945.jpg)
>NatSoc is a secular religion
Clearly you did not look closely. They worshiped the old gods.

>Music has not been experimented with "to the limit".
<Yes it has.
You have asserted such twice, both without proof. I disagree with said assertions both on principle of logic and on the grounds that the Tibetans and Egyptians clearly knew things about harmonics that did not survive in exoteric understandings of music, not even to the rather esoteric revival of German national-socialism.

>Hitler [...] decided to invade Russia in the winter.
Hitler had to mop up Mussolini's spaghetti spilling ego and was 6 weeks late.

>Nazis losing was God's will.
The Germans made a tactical retreat to Antarctica, where they have contained the jews on Earth, fending off invasions (operation highjump) and nuclear attacks (e.g. the "anomalous" nuclear explosion of August 1963) -- they didn't lose.

>Committed suicide while his army surrendered unconditionally
Proven false, the body eventually turned over by the russians, after almost 2 decades was female and of the wrong height. Combined with the fact that the CIA spotted Hitler in Argentina in the 1950s.

>To be honest with you, I'm not really sure what pilpuling is
Lurk 2 years before posting newfag.
Americans are so batshit insane now that they scream the reason Communism was so successful in the USSR was because Russians are white.
>The Germans made a tactical retreat to Antarctica, where they have contained the jews on Earth, fending off invasions (operation highjump) and nuclear attacks (e.g. the "anomalous" nuclear explosion of August 1963) -- they didn't lose.
There is so little evidence at all about that. It's cringe stuff. Already Hitler escaping, his body being faked with that of a woman, etc. The evidence? Quite sketchy.
Spotted in Argentina? We've see the shopped picture of a moustache-less Hitler.
Then, science fiction (Serrano insane and silly fanfiction inside). So if Jews are contained on Earth (a very good thing), does that mean there's something in Antartica that opens a path to other parts of the galaxy?
Nazis are gatekeepers but aren't doing shit aside from just deflecting any attempt at invasion?
Completely delusional.

Any plans for /sudpol/ material?
You claim there is "little evidence" and that it's "cringe" when I brought forward multiple citations, you are arguing in bad faith in blatent ignorance of the facts at hand and providing no supporting facts to your position what so ever whilst dismissing all things opposed, and end it all with at ad hominem, highly jewish argumentation style.

Get butt blasted you shill.
That Goebbel's quote is so based
You know the US is doomed when Americans would rather attack those who defend freedom instead of criticizing the government that is enslaving them.
The Buache map isn't even accurate in the slightest and wouldn't even account for any possible rise of water levels or extra ice.
The typed letter is so badly formatted it cannot be taken seriously. It's also full of typos and is not even proper English you moron.
As for the supposedly authentic NS map — which has never been authenticated as a matter of fact — tells that a hole full of water, under the ice, would lead to the inner surface world.
No centrifugal force would push the water outwards to counter gravity because the hole is on the rotation axis. The only point of equilibrium where water would stop falling towards the Earth center would be when enough matter on the southern external hemisphere (above the hole) would generate enough gravity to counter that of the other half of the planet/shell. This only happens very close to the core, but in such a place everything would basically float, nothing would settle.
Also, the temperature and pressure would never the less be high, and before you think air could maintain water inside the pole's conduit that links inner and outer surfaces, such a pressure would actually push air through the hole while the heavier would take its place. As for the light, in order to get anything like what we have on the surface, it would need to be almost as bright. But that's an intensity, a quantity of power that cannot escape. Thus the inner realm would be a true oven unless there were almost no inner star to lit it up.
Keep being a dupe, believing in Fourth Reich nuclear flying saucers while reading NOS and the LGBT EL/ELLA so precious to the Chilean cultists. Stupid, delusional and full of shit.
>I brought forward multiple citations
Where? Which ones?
Very good from an environmentalist position.
Now with a spin:

One jew in the sky = Judaism.
All Jews in the sky = Aryanism.
If you are a law-abiding and responsible person who doesn't have any debt, you might totally lose respect for the government and laws if you get fined $30,000 for having an illegal flagpole.
(32.12 KB 503x345 1387335295447.jpg)
>arguments based on jewish science
You clearly are still using a kosher concepts of gravity and physics in your thought. Even the foundational premises of your reasoning are lacking, is it any wonder that you can't comprehend?

Newton didn't factor for how the apple got up there in the first place. Now we have proof of how
Arthur Ramthun: Plant Electrotropism
>Using voltage recordings, ohm measurements, the strength of Earth’s electric field from references, and assumptions, electrical forces were then calculated using basic electric force equations. Two dimensional electrical forces with assumed angles were reduced using vector analysis to a resultant force at the branch tip, as an example. From the vector analysis, the resultant electric force vector and the branch tip is strong enough to define its direction. As the branch tip grows, lignin forms and structurally holds the growing tip direction. The branch tip growth eventually forms an “electric line of force” in all parts of the woody plant strong enough to resist gravity and other mechanical influences.

And Einstein is jewish mental and mathematic masturbation calculated to cripple the Aryan scientific mind, verified false in 1925-1926 by Dayton Miller with his more extensive ether drift experiments which followed in the vein of the Michelson–Morley yet where far more comprehensive.
>Miller's work, which ran from 1906 through the mid-1930s, most strongly supports the idea of an ether-drift, of the Earth moving through a cosmological medium, with calculations made of the actual direction and magnitude of drift. By 1933, Miller concluded that the Earth was drifting at a speed of 208 km/sec. towards an apex in the Southern Celestial Hemisphere, towards Dorado, the swordfish, right ascension 4 hrs 54 min., declination of -70° 33', in the middle of the Great Magellanic Cloud and 7° from the southern pole of the ecliptic.

And relativity continues to be blown the fuck out:
Stephen J. Crothers on Non-existence of Black Holes & The Failure of General Relativity.
And here is the presentation itself

Dr. Ed Dowdye: Solar Gravitation and Solar Plasma Wave Propagation Interaction
>Dr. Edward Dowdye is a laser optics engineer and former NASA physicist who argues the case for classical mechanics in attempting to explain observational quandaries that had hitherto remained the province of abstract theories like Einstein's Relativity. In his presentation this year, Dr. Dowdye tackled one of the most widely touted predictions of General Relativity (GRT), namely the bending of light paths by massive objects. He presented compelling empirical evidence that the direct relationship between light and gravitation in vacuum space does not exist.

You clearly must be an untermensch if you're not an outright shill.
(32.74 KB 500x430 hitler-antartica.jpg)
(352.23 KB 624x619 ancient-world-map.png)
>does that mean there's something in Antartica that opens a path to other parts of the galaxy?

There's definitely *something* down there that the world governments (aka da joos) don't want us to see. It's heavily guarded.
Do Americans think living in a police state is acceptable if the rest of the world suffers under tyranny, too?
You're citing sources you could not even understand. Just as much as pointing out the well known Jewishness of Einstein and the fraud he was doesn't miraculously make your fantastic claims valid all of sudden.
Yeah, smoke less, think more.
Regardless of what theory you use, mainstream or not, mass and gravity are strongly related, the behavior of the latter easily predicted.
Are you done name-dropping and throwing random science?
>more of theory of relatively being destroyed
And? Care to actually link that back to your silly UFO, ice-base and hollow Earth spurious claims?
>light, gravity, vacuum of space
So we're back to the "vacuum of space" now? Where's the ether?
This does not invalidate gravity lensing, nor does have anything to do with our topic at hand, unless of course you actually rub two brain cells and start proving it.

And I forgot: the German letter is laughably bad.

>There's definitely *something* down there that the world governments (aka da joos) don't want us to see. It's heavily guarded.
And you, obtuse LARPer, you do of course know of this secret so you can come in this thread and entertain us with your wild stories too?
There is a thing called evidence which would be welcomed here.
Think of it.
this board is full of shills
>You're citing sources you could not even understand.
And what proofs do you have? Nothing but nay saying and torfagging.
<What is asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.

>you done name-dropping and throwing random science
I name the aether drift exbperiment to illistrate how it's been empirically demonstrated how the flow of the aether directly effects the concept known as gravity, and how in places in which the aether is flowing in distinct and/or powerful ways it most certainly would result in effects that defie Newtonian or Einsteinian notions of gravity (or the now "common sense" understanding there of).

>So we're back to the "vacuum of space" now? Where's the ether?
So you're asking for even yet more spoon feeding now? You can't get any more pathetic and underhanded and you are clearly arguing in bad faith. But let me feed the troll no more and instead banish with light.

>>13266 (witnessed)
Praise Kek
May the shill's be smitten.
Damn, after all these months this shit is still going. I just don't understand this Hitler dick sucking bullshit. REAL men don't need "heroes".
>And what proofs do you have? Nothing but nay saying and torfagging.
Just reading the way you use them as part of this appeal to authority you try to build for you silly claims.
>ether-drifturr.... Miller!
You have not even begun linking any of this to your hollow earth theme.
>I spoke of ether but got back to vacuum because I'm a sucker
Know the concept of contradiction, retard?
Part of the reason Americans love the police state is that the government made Americans dependent on the government.

The government steals money from taxpayers to give to the lazy and outlaws feeding the homeless and starting a business.

The government bans guns so Americans must rely on the Gestapo for protection.

No one dares criticizes the government if they will lose their food stamps, Obamacare, Obamaphones, and Section 8.
(309.43 KB 600x712 goyimcaptcha.png)
They sometimes crackdown on gardening. Also you need a license (and a plate) to drive (chip for modern mobility).
I am not a Hitler worshiper. However, having heroes and Great Men whom we aspire to be like is not a bad thing. It drives us to improve ourselves.
(211.32 KB 993x765 pepe jew.jpg)
100% agreed
/pol/ says fuck u
bots be there
mods, you've got a situation
Is /pol/ being /pol/ got a problem with it faggot?


no cookies?