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(24.85 KB 690x388 termination.jpg)
How banning works in social media Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 05:48:55 No. 36187
This is a rare glimpse behind the scene of a major social network: http://web.archive.org/web/20200819175216/https://moultano.wordpress.com/2019/10/02/why-do-companies-with-huge-resources-still-have-terrible-moderation/ The author is a highly paid machine learning professional, likely with superior IQ and good education. He uses his sharp mind for evil, working for (((Page))) and (((Brin))) to train automatic classifiers that detect and ban our free speech. His thoughts are thoughts of a self-deluding superior IQ white race-traitor who has to use multiple mindtricks to make himself thinking he is on the righteous side. Read it, this is a learning opportunity. He clearly has a hard time, working against our linguistic ingenuity. Some excerpts: >So now, as you rewrite the guidelines, you’re providing a lot of links to urban dictionary and knowyourmeme. You’re explaining what 4chan is. You’re explaining what 8chan is. Your guidelines are becoming less and less general and more and more extremely online. You realize that they’ll all be obsolete in 6 months. 4chan finds new ways to be racist way faster than your legal department can approve new documents, likely faster than you can write them or the raters can read them. Rival communities are now weaponizing your “Report Abuse” button, so you can’t even get any indirect signal from what your users think in aggregate without becoming somebody’s tool. >On the next round you realize that they haven’t quite figured out what antisemitism looks like, and you need to explain the difference between “Jews have infiltrated the government” and “Russians have infiltrated the Trump campaign,” that one is a justification for mass murder, and the other is something that kinda, maybe, happened. So you update the guidelines. Legal and policy are all increasingly concerned that if any of the contractors leak the guidelines that you’re going to be hauled before congress. PR is worried about angry presidential tweets. You try again. >But there’s still a lot of stuff they’re getting wrong, so you try to explain the difference between “flashing an OK sign upside down at a gun range” vs “flashing an OK sign right-side up on a ski slope,” that one might be a white supremacist showing a “white power” sign, maybe, and the other is a guy enjoying his hobby. Most of your raters have never been to a gun range or to a ski slope, and may have never seen the OK sign. Now PR is sure that if any of this leaks not only will you get hauled before congress, but the general public will think you’re a bunch of loons. >This process can go on literally forever, and the ratings may never materially improve. The world of racism is full of euphemism specifically designed to fool onlookers, to allow people to be racist in public without detection, to be joking and not joking at the same time for plausible deniability. Racists have already inoculated their movement against exactly the type of social/technical system you are trying to design. My conclusions: 1. We have to make job for these traitors as hard as possible. Good way of doing this is designing our memes and slang to be very similar to normie speech patterns, the more cognition it requires to understand, the better. 2. We should cycle our slang patterns approximately as fast as they run their training pipeline, i.e. 3-6 months. 3. We can create SJW-like accounts (use sms-reg or other services via crypto to get anon phone numbers, and use a VPN to avoid getting caught) and provoke outrage at slightest failures these media platforms do in their moderation policy. Your thoughts ?
>>36187 Thank you for posting this. He is clearly somebody who has done well at his own indoctrination and conditioning. It would be a long time, even if he is smart, to undo his own programming in any meaningful way. I wonder when he's going to see that Communists are not treated the same as other "fringe" ideologies. I worry that any deliberate organized effort could easily become co-opted unless it had good leadership. It could also at least get tracked and infiltrated even if leadership is good and that may do more harm than good algorithmicly. If you attempt to disguise yourself as a progressive/communist/leftist you may also just be opening yourself up as a target. One thing I would heavily suggest is to have a board or threads about what would get you banned on a social media site. What trigger words do they currently have, and what is still considered safe at least for the moment. Always use archive sites of course, so you prevent doctored images and false positives.
(144.02 KB 654x693 edu_pgs_gwas.png)
(274.65 KB 1162x612 GWAS.png)
(116.47 KB 943x584 embryo_selection.png)
Imagine >Being born with 140 IQ >Studying CS and statistics >Using this knowledge to farm shekels at shekelstein's megacorp doing harm to your kind >All that instead of using this knowledge to study human genetics applied to white race, to make our grandchildren being born with 130 average IQ instead of current 100, ushering new golden age of prosperity & triggering expansion of white people into solar system Traitor.
(3.75 MB 320x240 15527862485.webm)
>>36189 >It would be a long time, even if he is smart, to undo his own programming It's worse than this. Such level of subversion and demoralization is basically impossible to revert. These people refuse to deal with reality, not even when it smashes directly on their teeth. These people are hopeless. Traitors and shabbos goy don't deserve salvation anyway, they should all get what they fucking deserve. Yuri warned us about this decades ago. Survivors of communist ruled countries are trying to warn us today, as they are seeing the globocommunist takeover of the West happening in an extremely similar manner as it did back then in their countries. No one is listening, the few that are aware are ridiculed, then harassed and persecuted by the System.
I don't see wealthy leftist boomers ever changing their views, even if they have high IQ. We should give birth to high IQ children of our own and raise them without pozz. Then we will have a chance.
>>36187 Good find, anon. >Your thoughts ? "weaponizing your “Report Abuse” button" is a new one to me. Good idea.
>>36190 You need 100 IQ people to do the menial work. 100 IQ is good for this. A good distribution of IQ points with a healthy average (~100+) is needed for a functioning civilization. A few below 100 but above 90 is fine as they'll do the jobs that people with 100 IQ are over-qualified for. You need to cover the spectrum with a good balance. And people with really high IQ and people with really low IQ tend to be sociopathic which is destructive to a civilization.
>>36442 No, we need as high average IQ as we can muster. For example, finns, have ~105 average IQ and thus they are overrepresented in science, technology and economics, given their miniscule population. Also they can support a very complex language.
>>36455 >nword jesus fuck you are a little underage redditor faggot.
>>36187 Good post. It annoys me that he came to all the right conclusions at the end but didn't follow through: >The bottom line is that people cannot effectively moderate a culture and a context that they are not a part of. -and- >maybe it means turning the problem around, and giving the power to the users. >Give communities the tools to moderate themselves at scale. >Give users (or advertisers) the tools to control their own experience at scale. The one thing no one does is once mentioned but never followed through. He's like *maybe that's the answer* but doesn't react to it. The person you're talking about already realized that his job is pointless and an uphill battle he can't figure out and thus win. The person that hired him is the correct address. Low costs and being legally save are the concerns why this person tries it with AIs and a cheap, foreign moderation team that's out of touch with the culture they've to moderate and thus don't understand. Make that explode with false positives and they'll have a problem that they can't remove. An example would be the OK sign, that Blizzard banned: the entertainment company only saw evil, didn't pay attention to context and alienated its own customers with the applied political correctness that was entirely out of place there. They ruined their own show and lost face with it. Basically hijack all the left uses as well as all that's commonly used and you can't be removed without having them kick out all the other users that they'd like to keep.
>>36187 >We can create SJW-like accounts (use sms-reg or other services via crypto to get anon phone numbers, and use a VPN to avoid getting caught) and provoke outrage at slightest failures these media platforms do in their moderation policy. Bros what VOIP services accept payment with crypto?
>>36190 No matter what, a traitor that gets a dose of lead asprin has their IQ instantly equalized to zero so it's all eeeekwal just like they wanted. Don't take that shit literally though. The average is always literally 100 no matter how much fucking Clown World Idiocracy shit ZOG actually is because it is calculated that way. They already weight mens' and womens' to both be 100 average. They would rate it by race too if they could make race stats accurately (so they won't because they have to hide the genocide). tl;dr don't be a tool and believe made up shit.
>>36190 At that point I think it becomes a point of choosing material pleasure over morality, but its up to you which one a more intelligent person would choose, if it matters.
>>36187 not following the rules there, fixed for you
>>36187 its simple OP. ALWAYS use their tactics and mannerism and twist them slightly to sabotage them, incite discord amongst them. They are too stupid to detect who is one of them and who is pretending to be just to fuck with them.t You can easily convince them to fight between themselves
>We have to make job for these traitors as hard as possible. Who's to say they aren't becoming /ourguys/ through these jobs? :^) <Pink text because it looks fun :0
>>38431 Im sure they exist, but why waste crypto on that- a gc will do fine, or perhaps a proxy db/cc will work fine as well. Privacy.com works for such services, though that does ultimately lead back to a bank, so the best solution for anything nefariously bought is a cash bought gift card.


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